Ethiopians for Herman Cain

In light of Barack Obama’s total neglect of the issues important to Ethiopians in the U.S., we need to switch our support to Herman Cain, whose family and social values are not only in line with most Ethiopians, but also he seems to be willing to overhaul the U.S. foreign policy to {www:disfavour} genocidal dictators such us Meles Zenawi. I like to hear your comments. – Elias Kifle

77 thoughts on “Ethiopians for Herman Cain

  1. Itiopiyawi on


    After living in the U.S. for so long, you should know better. Whether it’s Herman Cain, Obama, Bush, Romnney, or whom ever the American people elect, it will not make a difference on human right conditions in Ethiopia (or anywhere for that matter). I feel so inclined to get into detail as to why the US’ foreign policy (and overall international interest) won’t make a difference for democracy or human rights anywhere in the world, but then again, like i said earlier, you should know better.

  2. Herman Cain has more credential to be president of the U.S.A. than of the other candidates, and particularly Obama whose is a total failure. Even if he doesn’t make it as a Republican nominee, he will be a major player in the U.S. politics for a foreseeable future. So it’s a smart idea for Ethiopians to support him at this early stage.

  3. Delu_Kerb_New on

    I would say it is a great idea expect Herman Cain does not have a shot at the republican GOP. What we are seeing so far, is that, the republican party is pretending to care for their One black contender, and it is more like a joke if you ask me. They are not taking him seriously. I don’t think any one is. That does not mean, those who have been underdogs, or thought of they never will make it, ended up making it big, case in point is Barack Obama. When Obama started, even Clinton thought of him as a joke, and he ended up winning. But honestly speaking, Herman is not like Obama, and his chance of defeating the other republicans and becoming the front runner for the republican GOP is next to nill. because come on in the end, who is gona vote for him. let us be honest here, the republican Tea party is bunch of racist group, and they are bent in getting rid of the first black leader they have in office and they are not going to replace him, with another black. We have to accept, there is an inherent believe by whites that blacks are inferior to them, and they are not willing to give us a an equal chance. Obama was just a token and they are dying and happy to take that right from him. So what I suggest is, we need to be patient and let us wight and see, first until the republican peak their nominee, who ever it is most likely will be either Mit Romeny or the guy from Texas, their governor perry i think is his name, one of the two or a combination of the two will be coming in, in the end. so then we need to put all our collective wight behind them. But in all honesty, democrat or republican is just a front name, to create drama for the American people and an illusion to make them believe that there is a freedom of choice, when in fact they are the exact same thing with just minor words differences. Year after year, a new leader comes but no fundamental changes come, just the same garbage in and same garbage out. So let us not put too much focus on who comes or not, we need to put all our energy to work together and just get rid of the midjet that is harming our people. No American politician is gona come between the interest of the state department and another country. Melese is a great toy who listens and does what his masters tell him to do, he is the best servant they have, why on earth would any American leader want to replace him, unless they find a better servant than melse, and i am quire sure, it is not that easy to find on that is loyal and who can bend as much as melese with a proven track record of 20 years of selling his country and people. so weather we vote for herman, obama or not vote at all, does not truly matters as far as Ethiopian politics is concerned, let us keep the heat on the midjet and get rid of him once and for all.

  4. Elias
    who cares about some one elected in the US! What that has to do with my country! I do not want any one, let alone any country to meddle in my country’s politics!

  5. Mr. Elise, we have seen a lot in this short period of time . The solution is this ” for us it is only us”. Do not trick your self and the others . We have been lined up for several outside leaders , supported them . But the result is as you know using ethiopia and Melese as they wanted . So, what do you think they want from you . To be honest we are tecnically under colony. Therefore, do not ececpt to get your freedom from your masters . People, the only way out is unity , be in one idea, that is the Ethiopian people and Ethiopia. The rest will solve it self .

    Thank you .

  6. After his lecture in Istanbul, Cairo and Ghana President Obama has been indifferent to dictatorship and democracy in Africa. Starting form early days of his presidency he has shown to be not such different than Bush regarding foreign affairs. In fact when it comes to Africa President Bush provided road-map for South Sudan independence and money for HIV/AIDS.

    MR.Obama as black president has missed his opportunity to stand up and show his concern for Africans who languish under dictatorships and struggling for democracy. He has ignored what is going on in Africa under dictators such as Ethiopia’s devil Meles, Somalia and Uganda. He rather want to be a guardian of the dictators like Meles and Mussevini by giving financial and arms support. In my opinion he has lost the credibility.

  7. Anonymous on

    OMG! What is that you like about him? His 9-9-9 plan? You got to be kidding Elias, I hope and pray you are joking. Unlike Meles and his thugs, Ethiopians always taught to look out for their family and for those who are less fortunate than they are, at least, that is the way I was raised. If the majority of Ethiopians have the same family and social value with Herman Cain, then I am not an Ethiopian anymore, thank you very much!

  8. Weygud on

    Huh! Ask Ereterians and they will agree with many of the comemntators that it does not make any difference who is elected for the White House. He/she will always does what the system dictates him to. If the system advices him to bomb Addis or Khartum , you got it they shall be bombed with no reason whatsoever. After all, why would the only Superpower cares or needs a reason to do what ever the hell it damn desire to? Isn’t that exactly what we are witnssing?

  9. alekoretkum tessfa on

    I agree with Delu_Kerb, let us wait and see. I know it does not make any different regarding our Ethiopia, but it does not hurt to wait and try what we think is best. Tessfa Mekouret ayegebam. There is time for all.

    Thank you for the idea.

  10. Danger on

    R you serious? This man has no or insignificant experience in politics, he is business man. Did you get his pizza for free? What makes you believe he is the right person? I believe he is politically immature. One more term for OBAMA!

  11. Whether they vote for Pery,Mary or Mike Tyson no one will change the situation in our country except us.So let us unit and find a way to get rid of our tyrant instead of putting our hope on some body else.

  12. I respect ur opinion but we don’t have to get in to rush conclusion. Also we r the one we have to bring a change for ourselves!!!!!

  13. Selam on

    Solution comes from within , who gives a hoot about Obama … omama what ever his name is !

    Ethiopia …… Yeayatochachnin miKKr tten …… yewuchi limena ! Yasazinal .

    Ke atse Tewodros besteker ……… Yohannes lemene ,Minilik lemene , hailesilasie lemene , ….

    mengistu lemene , chuwawam Iyelemenenew …… WEY ETHIOPIA !

  14. abyssiniangirl4life on

    In case you haven’t noticed, Americans are only FOR democracy in theory. In reality, all they care about is that their interests are protected. As long as you do that for them, it doesn’t matter if you are the devil himself…they will applaud. All american leaders, regardless of party affiliation, share this view. Either way, I honestly believe that the only people that will solve Ethiopian issues, be it political or economic, are Ethiopians.

    As for Cain, 1. He is not getting anywhere near the presidency because the tea party (aka KKK) would rather die than elect a Black person to the highest office (or any office, for that matter). 2. If miraculously, he makes it to the general election, there is no way middle class Americans will vote for him. Have you looked at his domestic policies: Immigration? He wants to build an electric fence to fry up illegals. Tax code? 9% federal tax????!!! I come from a state with 11% State tax already. Add 9% and it is downright unbearable and there are so many other states that have it worse. I’d rather move to Canada…at least there you get free healthcare and quality education. So my friend, at this point, if you are in the states, what should worry you are his domestic policies. Think about it, if he is president and you are not in the top 1%, you won’t have enough money to feed yourself let alone send money back home. And they way Republicans are blood thirsty, who knows, they’ll probably start another war which you’ll have to fund on top of it all!

  15. Anonymous on

    It is a brilliant idea by you to propose the idea of Mr. Cain as a viable alternate choice for Ethiopians. Herman Cain is old school and a straight shooter. His faith, values and work habit make up for his inability to communicate like his white counterparts. It is hard to imagine Herman Cain being charmed by Meles Zenawi, but then again who knows. He might figure what Zenawi is up to and push for fundamental changes that favors the majority Ethiopians where, as of today, gas price is $19.50, inflation and cost of living is so high, even educated female Ethiopians with college degrees flee en mass to Arab countries to work as servants and where one-third of the country so far ha been sold to Non-Christian Asians and Arabs as free for all land grab. Obama has the intelligence and the focus to know the likes of Zenawi but thanks to the dynamics of the Horn of Africa, the War on Terror and the gullible U.S Intel, there is nothing he can do even if he wants to. Herman Cain is survivor of colon cancer that lodged in his liver six years ago. As a result, he’s lost one-third of his intestine and seventy-percent of his liver, according to the Washington Post. Obviously, apart from his health issues there is the question of confidence in handling of the demands of presidency which presently has downed if not shaken Obama himself. Who knows, God may give him the spirit, where the others Lacked and may bring, against all odds, miracles not only to America but to Ethiopia. Yeah, where he lacks in language, cleverness and the like, he may have what it takes: to be the ONE.

  16. The strategist on

    Good thinking but very narrow. How about beig heard by both? Go againest obamas policy on Eth then both republican and democrats will think twice about the issue. Use both if not you always be enemy of the other use them both. Just mobilize the people to go againest the current Policy one man can not do anything many will. Make the parities fight for your vote. Take sides to get your issues across not to burn your bridge. The leverage is your vote so unless you mobilize the people against the policy attaching Obama will hurt you because Obama is still popular and most Ethiopians like him so don’t b at adds with them by going personal with him

  17. Herman Cain remind me my father — hard working family man who has succeeded against all the odds. I second Elias’s call to support Cain for president.

  18. Anonymous on

    I agree, I will support any Republican than the person who lied to world about democracy, jest to be a presidant. I am very disaponted with Obama who suport the most disliked person in the world. Mr. Obama you will never get any of my family vot. Not again

  19. ilula lemmma on

    Who ever will be the president ,there is nothing he/she can do. It is US policy to support dictartor Meles need to be changed. Do not be fool, if it upto OBAMA ,Hosni Mubarek will be still in power. It is people force that removed him from power. Let us rely on ourselves. Do not depend on others to remove the dictator. When we start doing something,
    they will change their policy in 24 hours…

  20. Elias lol thats why your website is the firs I check when I log onto my pc. I being following Herman Cain, the only thing good about him is his almost always honesty which includes the hint of his very little knowledge about world politics. The only thing he may be good at is administration with in the country concerning policies that refer to business not even moral and ethics.

    He is clearly not a politician by his own admission that anything he could say right now means nothing when he starts working in a political office.

    SO my brother Elias me and you both knew Obama wasn’t going to do shit for Ethiopia so the fact that you refer to his not delivered promise should be revisited based on your experience following U.S politics.

    CAIN, Obama , Bush or Clinton, forget them . Ethiopians must stand for Ethiopia, stop referring and or expecting anything from U.S politicians ever again. A clear example is Mrs. Clintons visit to Libya, they side with the winner of the time. SO LET US WIN AND SEE WHERE THEY STAND>

    EThiopia shall prevail

  21. EthioAmerican on

    Have campaigned, contributed, and voted for him in last presidential election. All people I personal know have voted for the current president. I admired his speech about dictators. I thought that he would stand by his word. Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya have shown words are not dormant. However, I found that his continually pumping resource for Ethiopian dictator Meles is a contradiction. Yet, I thought might be because former president Clinton admired and praised the dictator while he was in power and since family Clinton continues to be in power that contradiction will conflicts the stated state of the dictator Meles. However, executive branches Second election is dependent on deeds of first election. Hard decisions may have been differed. Second term may bring further alliances with people rather than funding and sustaining dictators. Therefore, even so I have stopped campaigning, contributing, and supporting him since, I am thinking of resuming my support. On his next term, his hands will be free to do the right thing for humanity against those like Meles who have continuously yearly accused of human rights abuses by state reports. For there is no third election that depend on second terms deeds for second term may differ for better towards speech. However, if there is the same person heading the state Clinton does early admiration mistakenly calling a dictator a new leader may cause continuous support of the dictator. To campaign, contribute, and vote is becoming harder this time around, for speech has contradicted deeds.

  22. I don’t think Cain will be the nominee for the Republican Party and he was i would not think he will make a difference for Ethiopia/Africa but one thing I know for sure no more Obama for me.

  23. Agree 100% on

    This is why I like Elias. Always pushing the envelope.

    Obama unfortunately is not a good leader. He is smart. A nice guy. Good speaker. Good intentions. But he is not a good leader. He just does what the “wise old white men” tell him is the “responsible” thing to do. So he perpetuates the establishment whether in economic policy, banking regulation or foreign policy.

    I voted for Obama and donated money as well. Obama has been horrible for Africa partly because he is insecure that people will accuse him of being a closet pan-Africanist (funny how Kennedy felt completely comfortable about his links to Ireland).

    So it is time for Ethiopians to take their money and votes elsewhere. But now it is Romney time. Obama has been horri

  24. Anonymous on

    Here is my take on that.First of all thank you for your courage and perseverance.Your cause is worth fighting for.

    Obama had said something we all wanted to hear well before and after he came to the white house and even his VP has vigorously tried to put pressure on Bush to exercise direct leadership role on Ethiopia when he was in the senate and this happened in 2006 while the entire Kinijit leadership was in prison.Let’s just hope this two guys will live up to their promise some day and vote for them.I really don’t think Herman Cain will be the republican nominee though and after all be it a republican or democratic president they had done nothing in the past to disfavour our current dictator.Yes we need America in the end but we Ethiopians are 99% the solution.Let’s get together and rally around on some common agenda to bring the radical change we need for our country….

  25. One love on

    I respect your opinion but this guy never gonna be even close to be there and does not seem to be that person

  26. Lemma Ketemma on

    I am not sure you have convincing reasons. We = Obama and Obama = us.

    Herman Cain is Neo-Con and he’d want to see Meles Zenawi punish Ethiopians. This is not a time to let our guard down, the Obama administration is staying away from Meles Zenawi, and TPLF ia at its weakest.

  27. Addis Man on

    I think Melese can do a much better job than Obama. Just get this man out of the office. He does not belong there. I kind of like 999

  28. Mekuria on

    I think the only nominee who thinks outside the box is Ron Paul. But his chance of being elected is very low. As to the rest of nominees, the end result will be the same old, the same old.

  29. Beley Zeleke on

    ለመሆኑ መለሰ ዜናዊ ሥልጣን ላይ እንዲወጣ ያደረገ ማነውና??? ዛሬ ኦባማ፣ቃየል(cain)እያልን ጌታዎቻችንን የምናመራርጠው። ይቺ የእኛ እገር እኮ ቅኝ ግዛት ከሆነች ከራረመ።መለሰ ዜናዊ ከገዢዎቻችን ጉዳይ አስፈጻሚነት የበለጠ ሹመት አለው እንዴ?? ወንድም ኤልያስ ኦባማ ተመረጠ ወይም አህያ ለኢትዮጵያ የሚያመጣው ለውጥ የለም።በኢትዮጵያና በአሜሪካ መንግትስ መካከል ባለው የዘመናት ግኑኝነት ፣በአሜሪካ ግፊት በኢትዮጵያ የመጣ መሰረታዊ ለውጥ የትኛው ነው??ግን ጀርመንን ልብ ብንል በሁለተኛው የዓለም ጦርነት ከወደቀች በኋላ በአሜሪካ marchal plane ዛሬ የደረሰችበት ደርሳለች።እንዲህ ያለው ጉዳይ ለኢትዮጵያ የማይታሰብ ነው።የአሜሪካ ፖለቲከኞች መስማት የምንፈልገውን ይነግሩናል።በተግባር ግን ለአገራቸው የሚጥቅመውን ያደርጋሉ።በአሁኑ ጊዜ መለሰ ዜናዊ ትዕዛዛቸውን ሁሉ ይፈጽማል።ምን ምክንያት አላቸው ከሥልጣን እንዲወርድ የሚፈልጉት??የትግል ጓዶቹ የሚባሉቱ “ተንበርካኪ” የሚል የቅጥል ስም ሰጥተውታል። ዛሬ ትግላችን ከምዕራብ ዓለም ፓለቲካና ኤኮኖሚ ጫና ነፃ መውጣት ሲሆን ፣መለሰና ቡችላዎቹ የምዕራቡ ዓለም ጉዳይ አስፈጻሚዎች በመሆናቸው፣በነጻነቱ ማግስቱ ይደበዝዛሉ።ስለዚህ ለእኛ ነጻነት አምጪው ኦባማ ሳይሆን እኛው ከእኛው ጋር ብቻ ነው።ለነፃነት የቤት ሥራችንን ማዋቀር ያአለብን እኛው ብቻ ነን።ኦባማ ከአሜሪካ መጥቶ ለእኛ ነጻነት አደዋን ወይም ማይጨውን አይዘምትም።

  30. The truth Shall set you free on

    Obama is a lost cause for me too. I stopped supporting him after I read the wikileaks documents where he ordered Zenawi to support the Climate change conference I believe in Denmark. Obama bought Zenawi and used him to influnence other African leaders to support Obama’s agenda at the summit. Also, I resent the fact that US aid to Zenawi increased during Obama. In fact even usaid gives lucrative contracts to companies that are closely associated to Zenawi. It is not like Obama does not know who Zenawi is. When he was a senator he supported the HR bill ( I forgot the number) that tried to limit the rights of Ethiopian officials in the United States.

    Obama deliberately betrayed the Ethiopian cause. We are such a poor country. we can be easily sacrificed for potential political gain.

    During an interview after the successful mission to kill Osama, he was asked what he feels about the operation. He explained his feeling and related the story of how he was so worried and anxious when one of his girls was sick and has to be taken to a hospital. I also remember how I wanted to tell him that Ethiopian parents fell the same way about their kids everyday for the suffering their kids endure because of their ruthless leaders.

    Where can we go to appeal our case. I hope the Almighty LORD our God relieves us of our pain. Expecting to get justice from mere humans is becoming a thing of the past. People suffer everywhere and there is no end in sight. Human understanding has solved nothing only increases our suffering.

    Brothers and Sisters lets not walk in our understanding. Let us submit to God and seek mercy from him. Lets us approach God in fasting and prayer. He promised to hear us. He said “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place.” 2nd Chrn. 7 14-15

  31. neqniq on

    true none of the nominees will care for Ethiopia. however our participation in an organized manner will demonstrate our interest and the potential that they could loose our vote. they know the value of a single vote to be elected or not. attracting their attention towards your vote is crucial. what matters is not whether they change their policy towards Ethiopia or not, but the value they gave to your vote. then definitely they probably reconsider they policy.

  32. neqniq on

    vote not just for voting, but to actively demonstrate your interest in a visible manner. while you vote you must show them the reason you are voting them for. define your interest and sell it to the nominees. i propose all Ethiopian oppositions and civic organizations define common agenda and their expectation, then organize meetings with representatives the parties at local chapters in all major cities. as Ethiopians priority should be aligning to the party which is ready to translate our interest.

  33. Haile on

    Although disappointed with the performance of Obama during his first term, I still have hope that he will do what is right in his second term. He is the only person persidetn who understands Africa and African dictators. As he had too much problems to deal in his first term, we should not blame him for doing enough for Ethiopia. Don’t forget the Arab spring, it was obama who encouraged it. We have to lean from that, work hard and make our people to stand up and fight for their rights. If we mobilize and organize our people, there is no reason for getting the support of Obama and others. BUT if we just blame others for everything, I think we miss the point.
    For that reason, I am still for Obama.

  34. Sintun -Tazebnew on

    Eliase : The solution to Ethiopia’s problem is not the person who will become the next president of the USA !!!! Tight your belt brother !!! We the people of Ethiopia as one nation(not divided by ethenicity)are the solution for our problems.Teach your people Ethiopianism ,How unity is strength,how hardwork is important,how democracy is important,how to fight dictators,how to be disciplined,how to respect good social values etc.. These are the basics brother !!! For now bye !!!!

  35. Tolotolo on

    Hi Guys,

    Obama is the best thing that has ever happened to Ethiopia. If you guys knew how he is pushing the world in a direction that is free of dictatorship, you would be amazed. Of course ours is a tough situation and we need a fast solution. But alas, the world does not work that way. For most who live in the US or follow US politics, it is not hard to know how presidents are almost squeezed from different directions. Obama has to cater to China’s influence, EU problems, Iranian and Arab influence when he considers steps on Ethiopia. He also has to think about his own re-election. But look at his bold stand for freedom and democracy in difficult conditions as in Egypt. If Bush or the clueless H. Cain were in power, things for the Arabs would have gone the Cheney way. You cannot trust republicans for Ethiopia because Meles knows how to freak them with the terrorist card. Get OBAMA reelecated and give him a chance to do things in a free hand. Don’t just be restless even if the situation drives us that way. There is no one that can stand for people power if anything happens in Ethiopia today than Obama. His second term would bring more dramatic changes in the world. the fact that he is an ordinary person at top of power is empowering to ordinary people. that by itself is a hidden energy.

  36. When Obamamania hit the Ethiopian community, I commented like others
    not to get caught in this bubble like fever. American policy is not maniuplated by such kind of move. Ameriaca stays the same whoever is the president. They will tell you what you want to hear to grab the office. Simple. Elias, you better know at this time. You sould apologize for campagning for Obama last election. You don’t want to learn a lesson from your mistake. The success part is only for those on Obama campaign management team who created perfect fever which make everyone in the globe to cough! and go after Obama. You & me ? They were laughing at us who were sleepless to help the chariot roll bringing Obama to office. End of story. Do not ever start again this rubbish politics. Let’s Ethiopian people decide their own fate without any foreign meddlers as one of teh comment says in here.

  37. Anonymous on

    Is it true that Meles contributed money to Hillary Clinton when she was running for president? If it is found to be true then we know why…

  38. For Ethiopia, it doesn`t matter who is in office. Obama or Cain or Romny…they will work to the interest of Americans, not Ethiopians (rightly so). Mubareck was their best friend. After his power started shaking with wikileaks initiated arab spring, the west started to lean towards the movement. Slowly, they sided with the arab spring…so the discution should be how to mobilize Ethiopians against the dicrtator. Once the people start to meaningfully act against the dictator, whoever is in power in US or Europe, will follow and support the direction the power is leaning. So, its nearly irrelevant whether the nearly insignificant number of votes from Ethiopians in US goes for a republican candidate or Obama…and I do not know why the editor singled out Cain from the republican candidates; Romney seems to be leading if that is the bases.

  39. Ethiopiayawi on


    It is not the US president who works for our country. In my opinion, the citizens along with a democratic government are the ones who have to work hard for the betterment of our country. I think the current government is doing its best for the nation’s development in terms of economy, education, infrastructure and in democracy. There may be some weaknesses, but still we have seen a lot of developments in the past two decades.

  40. komiche on

    i tnink name doesn’t matter that much, what ever democrat or repuplican elected i didn’t see that much difference in the middle class. believe or not we are under the rule of modern slavery, working without complaining any thing, so i am not worrying about cain or obama different people unlikely the same idea.

  41. Mikael on

    Good discussion topic. That’s it!
    Otherwise don’t fool yourselves or waste energy. Shifting the proverbial musical chair did not save the Titanic from sinking down. Why streatch arms to others instead of being self- confident and self-reliant?
    If you want, do what the Libyans did or confront Obama as to why he is sleeping with the dictators who sipply him Drone-base and whose hands are blood stained and still dripping on his watch. It’s Joke!

    Better stretch Arms to God.
    Psalms 68

  42. wey gud on

    Selam Elias;
    I am one of your supporter in almost every point when you exposed corruption, thugs, hit nerve of weyane; your ambitious desire to get freedom from the yoke of weyane. I admired you when you predicted Obama will win in the primaries. etc..

    This is the first time I see your erratic political stand. Herman Cain is not any different from Bush or any other republican administration.
    Please do not jump on the trigger swiftly when it comes as such complex political, economic and social problem pres. Obama received from Bush reckless administration. He is trying to get Jobs bill but republicans say no, He passed health care which 6 presidents could not pass but still he is criticised by very organized insurance complanies and their representatives, republicans. He is with the people’s side when it comes with egypt, syria, libiya, .
    The Obama administration is the smartest administration america got for a long time. When it comes Ethiopia we have to blame only our selves, especially the opposition leadership. They split the opposion by fake wall some are for unity and lable others as if anti unity. The leadership of the opposion fail Ethiopia for not pulling resources to approach western countries, as other countries’ opposition does, to hit weyaned diplomatically; but only fruitful if and only if all are united and distribute of duties.
    So please do not be naive by choosing Cain our problem will be solved.
    Obama can help us when we are ready to help ourselves.
    wey gud

  43. It is time for Ethiopia on

    Libyans themselves brought the end of their dictator with a little bit of help from the outside world.

  44. Dr. Solomon on

    Yes we have to support Herman Cain fully. We can not vote for Barrack Obama after years of neglection he showed towards the voice of the Ethiopian people.

  45. kentibaw on


    It is madness to think that Cane is gone win the republican nomination.His rating is up due to the right wing extremist disguised push to promote their agenda. Cane’s support by the republicans will not go more than a month.Republicans wont to show that they are standing for black man if and only if he is their puppet. Do not be fooled by this kind of game.We saw this kind of game on last election in support of Clinton against Obama by right wing talk show hosts.

  46. I feel bad that I wasted my time in helping obama get elected in 2008. no more, I just lost confidence in the whole process and I promised myself not to waste my time in organizing or even voting in next election. For sure the next election I will be voting for a republican or I will just not vote at all. Obama is worst than Bush and I just learned that no matter who is in the white house US foreign policy is the same.

  47. United We Stand on

    Ato Elias, i’m sure you are aware that all the American poleticians play different tunes on the outside campaign stages but when it comes to their national interest they sure cruise on the same boat far away from the public eyes & i think that’s what concerned citizens suppose to to for their common beloved country. President Obama on his 2004 Democratic Convention Speech put it well: “In whatever package we came, at the end we are all Americans”. This is such an admirable working principle that all nations especially Africans should heed and emulate. No wonder people like immigrating from all over the globe to America. I think to be taken serioulsy as genuine equal partners how about doing our home work by cleaning our back home junky yards. No question, UNITY is the foundation of building UNWOUNDED NATION. Again Elias, as #1 said, you should know better.

  48. Anonymous on

    Aya Engida, Dear Ethiopians , No matter who ever comes to be president of
    America he put America first, and the national policy is based on Americans first.
    So please do not expect any thing from the elect of America.
    Who put Meles Zenawi to be pm of Ethiopia? Who is helping him in the name of war on Terror?
    Who cares for the dead fish, except the fisher man.So for Ethiopia ethiopians are the only who can liberate from the Meles ethnic based terrorist regime.We Ethiopians should understand Americans cannot liberate us from our own home grown dictator.Be organized cooperate, pick who is the enemy first think reasonable, listen your country fellow what he says towards our unity, respect one another who ever he is.Stand together as Ethiopians. No matter from which ethnicity one belongs , one should be judged by his character.
    Give our women and young ladies accounability, give them chances to take part in ethiopian politics give them leadership, let them take part at large. Let women lead our politics. Women are much better because men have been for centuries and at modern times women have shown that they can lead us to stability.
    this is for today .
    See you later.
    Aya Engida

  49. ethiopia on

    I elect the candidate that I think shares my values and ideals. It is laughable when people lump up everybody together and say “we Ethiopian should vote for this or that…” Why is a collective call required? Don’t step on my toes, I do whatever I want. It is foolish to think a US president will alter his policy toward Ethiopia inorder to please his ethiopien constituency.

  50. What is with the short attention span and premature ideas? First of all, why do we assume just because Herman is black he will do goo thing for Africa or Ethiopia? I think we/ER /Elias are still like kids who don’t know how politics work. I am concerned also for such premature support for Cain, etc we must really becareful when it comes to Ethiopia especially if we are really sincere in bringing peace and change in Ethiopia. Let us admit, ER/Elias has been in spot light therfore this site could be scrutinized that affects our aim to save Ethiopia! So what we post we have to becareful and don’t just say things to satisfy our ego. If this site is sincere really to save Ethiopia, it has to grow. What I am saying is that as it stands right now, Obama is still standing strong and there is no guarantee the poll shifiting, some say Obama will be one term, some say no, he will be like Bill Clinton. In fact, Obama has been following almost all the steps as clinton and he could succeeded like Clinton so why jeopardize Ethiopa’s situation? What we must do instead is that especially those experts that are good in Western politics and the diaspora should approach the strongest candidates or their representative and convince them, Ethiopia’s situation is dire and need peaceful regime change and we should show them all the proof. We should keep campigning for Ethiopia. Of course TPLF will pay the richest american law firm to lobby for itself and scare American officials. But we must tell them TPLF itself has been in terrorist organization can’t be good for Ethiopia. We should also need protection from Shaebia asap as Ethiopia is doing regime change because due to the fear of strong Ethiopia that Ethiopia could demand reannexing Eritrea or take Assab, Shaebia can quickly attack Ethiopia and support TPLF. We should give America option, do they want failed Ethiopian state as Somalia or safe and leader and the horn of Africa. Of course Americ wants regime that can easily be persudaded by America’s advice. We will work on such differences after Ethiopia is safe from TPLF. Some say it is us who should fight not outside. Yes it is true. There is also consequences for being supported by outside and later they could demand so much of Ethiopia. However, they are aleady involved in direct suppression of Ethiopians through TPLF by providing support, advice, and mililtary that is suppressing Ethiopians. So indeed Americans need to support us to stop this oppression. However us ourselves must do the struggle at the same time. As we are campaigning for regime change like Libya in Ethiopia, we are doing this struggle of course. We should mobilize friends of ethiopians as well. So let us /ER grow up and do our home work before jumbing the gun! By the way again, it doesn’t matter republican or democrat, I think they all could be good or bad for Ethiopia it is our job to show why Ethiopia should be the beacon of hope once agin. Of course many may not want strong Ethiopia as TPLF/Meles is advising the West that if Ethiopia is strong Africa is strong due to the history of Ethiopia therefore the West doesn’t want that as it is on its way to fight china in Africa through its Africom and Nato and reclaiming Africa once again for its resources. That is why we should campaign and convince ONLY for Ethiopia and let us bring Ethiopia’s freedom from tyranny.

  51. Emye-Ethio on

    Mr. Elias, it is very funny that you turn your face always for help; ISAYAS AFEWRk, OBAMA, And now Cane. It is luck of self confindence that makes you depend on others to bring change in Ethiopia. I think, it is because most activists including you are unable to bring the people of Ethiopia in Diaspora together, and this shows you cannot bring change in Ethiopia. I think it is time for you to realize that keeping silent might even in some way help than expecting someone to hand you power. If you keep dreaming Either Obama, Cane, or Isayas will get you power in Ethiopia, it is insanity.

    Another thing is, Woyane are very well known for their opposition to external interference. Most of the opposition leaders in Election 2005 including Dr. berhanu, Brtukan, Eng. Hailu, Ldetu where very hopeful that pressure from Ethiopians in diaspora, European Countries and America will set them free sooner even if they get imprisoned. To the contrary, all of us know this didn’t work and Meles released them by his own will.

    So, either tell us that we don’t have hope of bringing change in Ethiopia, or go for another options based on Ethiopians!

    Ethiopia for Ethiopians

  52. Anonymous on

    I am waiting to see some open letter written to President Obama, asking him how about Ethiopia?
    Obama can not change the world by himself. I will still vote for him, but I am very disappointed when it comes to dictator Meles and others like him who are still abusing their power. President Obama should have pressured the likes of Meles to step down. How I wish Ethiopia was enriched with oil like Libya, then the oppressed Ethiopians could have gotten some attention.

  53. Elias,

    This simply shows me your total inefficiency in diplomacy and US foreign policy. If you have kids and family here in the US, please make sure their future affects your voting decision than a wishful thinking of Cain or Obama helping Ethiopia. They both follow a very well established US foreign policy. If avoiding Zenawi’s regime serves their best interest, you don’t even have to beg them to help you. They will come uninvited, organize you, fund you, equip you and have you fight Meles. This is not the question of Obama or Cain, it is the question of US interest. How can you not know this after more than 20 years in the US. I know you are a slow learner, but I’m talking 20+ years!

  54. Elias,

    Cain will never make it to the white house. Even he dose what matter to him is not Ethiopia but the interest of American. As long as Melse and the Weyanes playing the Terrorist card they are in for long whole. The best thing to do is to bring all opposition groups to work together for a common goal. We don’t have strong oppositions and the white house, regardless of who is in power will only listen to Weyane. Oppositions have to show that they are capable of stabilizing the region by hook or crook just like Melse dose. The entire East African region has been labeled as unstable and breeding ground of terrorist. Don’t expect the white house to handover power taking away from Zenawi to some incompetent political oppositions who don’t even agree to work together. Until miracle happen by the grace of God Weyane will have no problem sucking Ethiopia to the bone. The only hope I personally see is the youth movement of Ethiopia. They are the only one with clean conscious. I hope they will bring everyone together for a better change. The rest are good for noting. 20 years and noting to show.

  55. Yilma on

    You and the Ethiopian opposition’s political leadership failed Ethiopia and Ethiopians with your misguided leadership, and Mr. Obama cannot do your political job, it is you and the leadership are the one who have problem and The TPLF Men like Meles manipulated your weakness and kick you to the curve, how long you are acting like a parasites and wants foreign nations to do your job. Do not blame Obama blame yourself

  56. Elias, I understand your problem with the Obama administration. The Obama administration condemned the Isayas Afeworki’s Eritrean regime for the latter’s brutal human right violations and its continued support to international terrorists. The Obama administration also pushed through the UN Security council to pass a resolution to to put sunction on the Eritrean Regime and its top official. And decissions for more sucntions are being worked out at the Security Council. I am sorry brother, but that is just your problem; don’t mix it with Ethiopian affairs. I am not crazy to even think to support a political object put to decorate the republican stage. Why did you choose Mr Cain among the candidates when he did not give any promise for East African countries (for any country for that matter). Just for the color? Crazy.

  57. Elias: your suggestion proves that you are uninformed about American politics. Cain has a 0 chance of winning the Republican primary. The recent surge in poll is nothing more than being the flavor of the week. Even if you think he might prevail, he would not change the Obama’s adminstration policy regarding Ethiopia. Keep in mind the policy wonks in the State Department have significant influence in guiding the new president about foreign policy. America is not a dictatordship. It is a democracy. The new president will not impose his belief without taking into account precedent. If you really are interested in changing American policy towards Ethiopia, work through the Stsate Department. That is where the meat is, if you keep asking where is the meat after the Obama election.

  58. Elias,
    By just putting this article you are going to hurt Obama. I am sorry I lost you why you could not understand how the congress and the white house works especially with black president. It is better we organize and call him or VP Joe to show our force for their reelection. Before any thing else the diaspora has to be united. Then Obama can help us like other countries like Libia

    There is no one close to us than Obama. This is fact.


  59. abebech on

    it is about time to assess the political landscape. throughout the world people are struggling dictators and global financial oligarchs.
    some dictators are thrown out of power by the people, some are being thrown out by, ironically, the global powers. These global powers are trying to lure the Arab Spring movements, while the 99 percenters are trying to rearrange the society. both meles ans the republican Cain serve the globl powers, more so Cain. So what is this question from Elias,once again poping ridiculous ideas while never mentioning the global struggle against the global tyrants? Is Elias a 99 percenter or a wannabe 1percenter like the right winger Cain?

  60. Anonymous on

    It is an eye opening idea. Look Obama has a super majority democrat congress both in the senate and congress. He could have helped us a lot. But he followed all the other presidents. I can’t count a single fever he did for us. I am planning to organize Ethiopians in VA for Herman Cain. If I will have Elias in our side it will be great. Obama failed us miserably. He did a lot of things for gays and his friends in the Wall Street. That is why he got the biggest donation every from the Wall Street. He is a symbol of a failed hope. “Hope and Change” is a joke. Ethiopians should be wise in our voting behavior. We should not give our important votes without a concrete deals or guaranties. The democrat think all blacks should vote for them, then does nothing for them other than a good speech. Wake up Ethiopians just like Elias.

  61. Barack Obama is the most African of all high level American politicians current and past. In fact he is an east African. And his father being from the Luo tribe in western Kenya just across our boarder, he is like a home boy for Ethiopia.

  62. after 20yrs we still axpect others to do for us.people stop blaming others without doing nothing.lets do something and see what america say let give them a choice they don’t have choice other than woyanne

  63. Nothing wrong with Obama.every country president has to stand for his country interest first if we have a good president he or she will do the same.don’t blame others just learn from this north africa and midle east country. lets start something others will help us.

  64. Queen Elizabeth on

    Dear Elias,

    Are you for real! Although I have had varying opinion with you in the past I always thought you had some common sense or you had ideals for Ethiopia and the World.

    Sorry buddy I now lost every bit of respect for you. If you can sink this low to think that Herman Cain can help Ethiopia….. I am in tears and wondering if it is due to the big laugh I had or for the total sadness that I have for my county. …

  65. Tinbit on

    Elias, I like your trailblazing approach to politics and I support you in your call for Ethiopians to support Cain. If you start such a committee, count me in please. Keep it up.

  66. Tazabi on

    Are you stupid or something? Why did you expect Barack Obama to make a change in Ethiopian politics. He was not elected to lead Ethiopia, Africa or Black people. I am sick and tired of hearing people complaining about what President Obama Did not do to their particular groups issue. He is the president of U.S.A. Not a president of black people or president of Africa. Just because he is black it does not mean that he owes us special favor. I suggest you should support this candidates based on what they can do for U.S.A. Because you live here, And The decision They will make can help or affect you. In this case you should think about 999. Elias, Based on Your opinion I am certain that You are not capable of earnning six figure salary. So 999 will be a problem for you and so many low and middle income families in America that includes we Ethiopians. Not to mention where Herman Cain stands the issue of immigration. Elias, this Ethiopian will not follow your lead.

  67. Afro American on

    Are you kidding me? Ethiopians for Herman Caine? Please be nice to America and President Obama. Otherwise, we will bring democracy to your country :-)

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