Graphic video footage of Gaddafi’s capture and death

Libya’s madman Gaddafi has been killed by freedom fighters today. Gaddafi’s son Muattasim has also been killed. Ethiopia’s madman Meles Zenawi and other blood sucking dictators around the world deserve similar fate. Congratulations to the brave people of Libya who earned their freedom with their blood and sweat.

[Warning: Graphic content]

22 thoughts on “Graphic video footage of Gaddafi’s capture and death

  1. Tyrants never learn. The stupid blood thirsty tyrant in Addis Ababa is probably hatching plans to escape such fate. Little does he know, no amount of plans and plots will save him from his victims.

  2. A welcome death on

    I bet that subhuman Kadaffi sh*t on his pants, kikikikikikikiki… If am so thrilled for Libyans this much, I wonder how I would feel when I see the corps of Meles and his street thugs.

  3. Gadaffi some how had some sympetheisers on his side till the justice day comes but the begger chimp and his crimnal gangs are may be 10-15 individuals that survives till now by the help of their enablers to reach minilik palace like (Paul hinze and co jeffery sachs and Joseph stiglitz)and some U.S and British officials as the chimp does not have a single support from the Ethiopian peoples his military general is only a street boy with a high military official cloth and his security chief is surviving only because of a looted money and filled with jungle barbarians trained brutal system and some others bribed with again ferfari from a looted Ethiopian wealth and a sharp shhoter on their neck if they dont show obedience means one good organized rebel group can easily break the woyanne system with in a very short time as those peoples who are now doing this nasty job get relief and could join the rebel over night and good for guiding to some woyanne hidden places like they have been doing during woyanne jungle time going hose to house in addis and begging at the same time giving information for woyannes and lewach lewach

  4. Meles Zenawi on

    No one thought this would happen to Gadaffi. I hope Meles understands what this means to him. There will come a day when he will have to deal with a humiliating consequence.

  5. Anonymous on

    Dictators read the same books, books lacking consequences from premises.That makes no dictator learn and know better than others. They all end up losing their lives more or less in the same way.
    Next: Melese… ready big boy

  6. Abrhane Ayele on

    The people of Libya deserve appreciation. They have managed to get their freedom in a very hard work – through their life. For us (Ethiopians) to be our destiny’s master also need such a hard work and determination.

  7. Kebede on

    Congratulations to all us…this man and Sadam Hussien were the major financers of “Eritrea and Tigray Wenbedes” during our struggles of keeping the integrity and unity of Ethiopia.

  8. Daniel on

    I hope this would be a wake up call to the many tyrants. Unless the people embrace you for your good did, your crime will hunt you to the gate of hell. Time for reconciliation and time to show you are with the people.

  9. Tazabiw on

    You have to go against millions of people before your seek nightmare fullfills.I am glad that you(Elias) and your thug followers are not that influential to the the majority of people in Ethiopia.
    Go find a job rather than spending your entire time on a computer as an on line tiger.

  10. Ethiopia on

    Elias,you and your decibels are laughable.Your dream never and ever come true.Get a good sleep and be serious at least one day in your life

  11. bisrat on

    Gaddafi was a dictator, but what none of you guys don’t get is that he was a great PANAFRICANIST that none of the other dictators are. And the only reason why he was killed is because the all time enemy of Africa – the whites- didn’t like him…. Mob violence is not justice or democracy!

  12. teddy on

    i have a fate and dream . what occured in libia we will make it in Adwa!!!!!!!!!!!!! let us get together that is all meles doesn’t stay one day

  13. I hope and pray that this will teach meles&co a lesson. But I am at the same time afraid that meles&co after they see this, they will start stealing the peoples money and put it in foreign accounts so they will be ready to run when the day comes. believe me they know the day will come, because at the end of the day Meles is a human being just like all of us,so there is one day that it will be the end.
    I can’t wait for the end of meles.

  14. What can i say?i mean he is a tyrant there is no doubt about it.However he doesn’t deserve to die like this.Anyway,a ruthless dictator replaced by a new one i guess.

  15. abba tobia on

    we grew up hearing about terrorist activities of gadaffi. night club bombing in germany, the shooting of police in london, help to ira, the rebels in the phillipines, Pan Am bombing, the list goes on.

    though these allegations make gadaffi the best candidate to be taken to court, he was killed after being caught alive. i am saying something is very wrong here.

    my verdict is gadaffi was murdered and gadaffi is innocent of all charges excluding those he has admitted.

  16. Gaylord Munemo on

    When the rebels were in need of weapons to protest coersively against their president, France under Nicholas Sarkozy played a pivotal role saying the despot must be dragged into expulsion. Now that we have all witnessed that the Marshal Law has beyond reasonable doubt failed to ensure social security compared to the prior, where is France to their assistance? Be wise people, let not imperialists and blatant hegemony seeking countries conspire with you to destroy your own nation. Wearing in their heads the crowns of shame,they killed their good president and they shall live to mourn the good days of Gaddafi as the memories will never come to oblivion. Lybia is in a critical position their new fanatic and over ambitious leaders testify,NTC will never be the same again, their regretful statements they utter. Did u know that Lybians used electricity for free and now there is no electricity,Gaddafi gave interest free loans because of his islam tradition,now banks are closed;he introduced the world leading irrigation system that benefit most Lybians now its gone; he gave benefits upto 50 000 for newly wedded couples and now its nomore. Dont just say things you cannot justify, they killed Gaddafi because he safeguarded his nation in a pan afican way, too bad his people never understood, now their nation tattered and torn in the hands of those the rebels laid faith in.

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