Gaddafi’s last hiding place before he was captured (photo)

Gaddafi was captured inside a tunnel in the town of Sirte. As the freedom fighters approached the tunnel, he shouted, “Please don’t shoot!” “Don’t shoot!” He begged for his life. He didn’t show mercy for others during his 40 years of bloody rule.

Gaddafi's last hiding place

29 thoughts on “Gaddafi’s last hiding place before he was captured (photo)

  1. Haile on

    It is difficult to imagine that the end of dictators who choose to cling to power to the last minute at any cost would be different from what mated Gaddaffi earlier today. Sooner or later, there is no slightest doubt in my mind that Meles and his henchmen will be mated by the same fate. This comes with the territory for for brutal terrorist dictators like Meles. It might take 22 or 42 years but it sure will come. It is as clear as the day and night. As to the brutal terroris Meles, he can cintinue to keep terrorizing the entire population of Ethiopia and rule under cloud of fear as long as he is in power, but when that day comes even hinding under a tunnel of a high will not save him. Should he so choose, which I doubt, he can change the course of history. Today is a day of victory for democratic forces. However, this very day is a day of terror in Meles’s family, inner circle and camp. The time is ticking louder and louder, and, alas, Meles and his cohorts are not hearing it.


  2. The Ethiopian tyrant is thinking right now, it is almost bed time but he can’t sleep. He is sat right up on his bed and thinking carefully.

    He is saying to himself, if they try to get rid off me, I have put up a fail safe mechanism. The Ethnic tension I created is one tool I can always use. I can always bomb one group and blame it on another, while they fight, I will safely escape. What else did I put together to keep me safe? …. he says to himself ….. right….

    And thus he will be up all night, restless, thinking of ways to keep his bloodthristy self floating…. He is definitely calculating.

    Little did he know Gadaffi was also playing one tribe against another to this date.


  3. Wow! lucky Libyans! on

    Congratulations to all Libyans!I am thrilled for them, at the same time I envy them. The Libyan mad man that tortured, killed and looted his people and country died with humiliation, as all dictators do die with humiliation. It might not be today or tomorrow, that day will also come to Gaddaffi’s adviser dictator Meles. God please hurry and bring that day for Ethiopia!

  4. goodu on

    I wonder what would be going on in Meles and Bereket’s brain as of now!! not 200 tanks or plexy glasses or the whole of Adwa thugs will protect them when the wave of justice comes toward Arat kilo. Until then enjoy the slaughtering of Ethiopians, Somalians, and Eritreans.

  5. Balcha Gebeyhaue on

    Fellow Ethiopians,

    The only differnce is at least dictator Kaddafi had a place/Sirte to run to and the population “protected” him for a few weeks! That is not going to happen for the mini dictator Zanawi. Even folks in Adawa, and the patrotic Tigrians who are under his chain now will hunt me down….that is assuming he makes out his Arate Kilo tunnel.

    His supporters are very few corrupt groups from every so-called “nations & nationalities” that will disappear in minutes. It is time for Meles & Bereket to think twice about their future, instead of the Nile Dam or how much more money to steal from the poor citizens of Ethiopia. The cloak is thicking

    God/Allah Bless Ethiopia and may her enemies continue to die or fall one after the other!

  6. Eyaasu on

    Next is Meles, the begger Tigreans can not save him from the hands of the Ethiopian people.

  7. Amare101 on

    The days of meles are numbered. All his lackeys shiver at the site of the death of Gaddaffi. The stooges will pay for all their evil deeds. Azeb Guale and Genet Zewdie are shuddering when they look at the boly of Gaddaffi. Both of you wait for the day payment for all of what you have done on poor people.

  8. Melese Zenawi on

    I read all yours comment about me but I am diffrent from those dictator.
    1 I am elected prime minister.
    2 I do not jailed because of a poletical diffrence rather a tererist.
    3 There is no economical problem like other country rather our economic growth 115 and my people eat at least once in a couple days.
    4 this is my last lidership unless my party force me like the privious election i am tired to lead 80 million people and I have so many reserch which I want to published books how to solve our ethinc problem.
    If you have some concern let’s talk openly and frankly if you convince me you are a tererist.

  9. demelash on

    Before talking about change in Ethiopia, all Ethiopians must go to UNITY SCHOOL to learn about the UNITY, ONENESS and ETHIOPIANITY. We have to learn the diffinision of all above mentioned words. It paves a way for standing together in hand-in-hand.

  10. Anonymous on

    Gaddaffi called the freedom fighters RATS and he was found in a rat hole dirty and scared begging for his life, the same way his victims begged not to be tortured and killed. God works in his own timetable, let’s hope and pray that the end of tyrant Meles who called Ethiopians Koshasha, Balegaie, Worada… that DAY to come soon.

    Probably, if it weren’t for Isayas, Ethiopians wouldn’t be divided, tortured, killed and robbed by a subhuman tyrant and his tugs who were trained to be merciless killers by your own hateful racist dictator Isayas who is also abusing his power in Eritrea as we speak.

  11. teddy on

    You all saying that Meles is next….but as I predicted before when the demonstration to remove him was being talked about early this year….we Ethiopians do not have the stamina and dedication to do what is necessary to remove this tyrant.

  12. Haile on

    It is difficult to imagine that the end of dictators who choose to cling to power to the last minute at any cost would be different from what mated Gaddaffi finally. There is no slightest doubt in my mind that Meles and his henchmen will be mated by the same fate sooner or later. This comes with the territory for brutal terrorist dictators like Meles. It might take 22 or 42 years but it sure will come. It is as clear as the day and night. Look at what happened to Chau Chesko, Sadam Hussien, Bin Ladden, Aliwati, etc. Terrorist Meles is even much worse than these brutal terrorists who once lived on spilling and sucking human blood. Terrorist Meles belongs to that axis of evil and it is only a matter of time before he joins them in hell. Until his turn comes around, brutal terroris Meles is seems determined to escalte his terrorist activities against the entire Ethiopian people as amply demonstrated in his recent action in throwing peaceful citizens to his dungeons and parading them in front of his sham court. The steam of revolution is gathering momentum once again in Ethiopia. Meles and his lackeyes are blinded and do not see it. Meles has convinced himself and the gullibles he surrounded himself with that what happended in the Arab world recently will never happen in Ethiopia and that he is here to stay. His fellow dictators Gaddaffi and Mubarak had said the same thing days before the revolutions started in their respective countries. Look where Gaddaffi and Mubarak are today. Meles and his gullible cohorts are denying the writing on the wall at their own peril.But when that day comes even hinding under a highway tunnel in or near Adwa or Mekelle will not save him from being caught as a rat. There is no shred of doubt that he will finally be brought to justice or justice be brought to him. Should he so choose, which I doubt, he can change the course and be on the side of history. His gullible henchmen do not have the gut and manhood to tell him that it is duskin on him. They only dance to his tune without questoining his motive. What is happing right in front of our eyes a victory and inspiration for democratic forces and freedom loving people. However, for terrorist Meles, his family, inner circle and camp, it a day of reckoning and sleepless night. The time is ticking louder and louder, and, alas, Meles and his cohorts are not hearing it. Where is Meles’s Sirte going to be? Dedebit, Adwa or Mekele? The choice is going to be only Meles’s but I am certain about one thing. The gallant and self respecting Tigrean people will say – NOT IN MY BACKYARDS.

  13. The chimp in 4 kilo is with out a doubt next.the might that Gadaffi had can dwarf woyanne to zero ,woyannes survival was not because its cleverness but the west double moral like the Bush junior and some Ethiopian enemies or individuals like jeffery sachs ,josepf stiglitz and till his last day the woyannes minilik palace enabler Paul Hinze
    and ofcource some Dictators like muammar Gadaffi who has been helping woyanne since their jungle gorilla time. Having said that to topple woyanne is the simplest think at all only with a small sacrifies and the fear that the Ethiopian peoples adopted staring from the military regime till now by these shiftas from the northern part of the county in a way only during facist Italian invasion experienced has to defeat the fear and by a minimal sacrifies to cure the nation from these (Ager bekel) animals and be part of a globalized world and join the civilized continents around the in which Ethiopia would have achived had it not been these jungle monsters and if it was true Ethiopians as it was very much capable unlike artificial fassade

    Ethiopia for sure will prevail in short
    Woyanne gangsters will pay the price for the 20 years crime

  14. Abesha on

    The next time will be Meles our mercenery dictator leader. Come on Ethiopians let us stand together just like the Libyan people and start the revolution and fight for our freedom just like our grand fathers did it in Adwa.

  15. Anonymous on

    The crazed and corrupt Muammar el-Quaddafi:

    1. He was called “The head of the snake” long before Osama bin-Laden for his insane terrorism, extremism and deadly operations beyond Libya’s borders.

    2. He blew the PanAm aircraft and its almost 300 passengers over Lockerbie, Scotland. He may have been responsible for a lot more bombings and sabotages than the ones in Germany and Italy.

    3. He unfairly imprisoned the seven Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor for almost a decade, ridiculously accusing them for infecting 400 Libyan children with the H.I.V virus, and eventually releasing them after accepting about 7-billion Euros. Why 7-billion Euros? Because he paid out about $10 billions to the victims of the PanAm and it was his way of getting his money back.

    3. He was a godfather to both Afeworqi and Zenawi, who somewhat copied his style minus the drama, thus indirectly affecting the two respective countries: Eritrea and Ethiopia. He literally enslaved Chad and Mali to the south.

    4. As of his death, the Libyans know the $160 billion that he took from the country. That figure may be in the trillion.

    Good riddance!

  16. our dictator melse and greed wife Azeb here comes time for you, I now for sure you can’t sleep lately well, thinking now who will be next , is’t true ist happening ??? Oa yea !!! it’s real it on the way to you.their is a say what ‘s goth round it come’s round ,you know what our people suffer abused soo much once they start nothing can stop them,they coming to you starve,abuse,brother ,sister,father,mother ,uncle and unte etc..the deal with you for 20 years under your dictator government now enough is enough they stop you they make sure that, they throw you out with your tugs for first and last time with help of the almighty god!!! god bless ethiopia and ethiopian people . long live ethiopia

  17. KUCHU on

    Historical enemies of ethiopia are paying the price for what they have
    done on our country for the last 50 years.Others are waiting thier turn
    including woynnes and shabias.Did you see the ultimate fate ofdictators
    I am eagerly waiting for the time when i cut off the ears of Meles ,Azeb and Bereket.

  18. The clock is ticking, the downfall of the Meles regime is approaching. Meles’s and Isayas’s right-hand man Gaddafi is gone. Now it is our turn to hunt down our evil dictators. The successful revolution in Libya will be repeated in Ethiopia. Meles and his clique will be arrested alive and will face the court.

  19. Anonymous on

    time is over Meles and Azeb . I now for sure you can’t sleep lately well, thinking now who will be next , is’t true ist happening ??? Oa yea !!! it’s real it on the way to you.their is a say what ‘s goth round it come’s

  20. Anonymous on

    Kadaffi was a Great and Brave Leader and now if the lebiayan people are thinking that they find the freedom so Absoultaly WRONG……
    Becasue now they creat the Actual Problems.

  21. Don't worship Satan on

    Anonymous #24, you are an idiot, most probably you’re another woyane who doesn’t know the difference between dictatorship and Democracy. Listen moron, Libyans were under dictatorship ruled and robbed with iron fist by the blood thirsty tyrant Gaddafi for 42 miserable years. Nothing can be worse than what they have gone through for the last 42 years. Even one of our own Ethiopian young woman have ended one of hundreds of thousands victims of Gaddafi family. You must be one of those TPLF beneficiaries who are enjoying life at the back of 85 million Ethiopians and ignoring the suffering of Ethiopians. As Libyans, Ethiopians have been under dictatorship now for almost 38 years, ruled with iron fist, first by the heartless dictator Mengestu, and at the present time, being ruled and robbed with iron fist by another heartless tyrant Meles Satanawi. God takes his time, trust me, God will bring Meles down. The blood and tears of Ethiopians won’t go unnoticed by the rest of the world.

  22. “I will mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy.”
    MLK Jr.

  23. Azma says; on

    i want to ask to mengstu hailemaryam welde that he said ”eyassu u will be the next to be dead” u mean to say is Essais afeworqi or u have other iyasu if u mean for our president essias is dont dream about him ok just keep on hide ur self ok””

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