ESAT special event in Washington DC – Oct. 30

Date/Time: Sunday, Oct. 30, starting at 2 PM
Place: The Sheraton National Hotel, 900 South Orme Street, Arlington VA

3 thoughts on “ESAT special event in Washington DC – Oct. 30

  1. A must support. its an obligation to support ESAT rather than local radio’s that only feed our ego’s. I spoke to people that came from Ethiopia recently and all of their views on ESAT is that ESAT is good but Woyana keeps taking it off air, ESAT while on air is loved and wanted badly by the people. SO that is why I will support ESAT with all I can.

  2. solyana on

    ESAT is the media of the Ethiopian people!!!
    There is no freedom of speech,freedom of free press and ESAT is our mouth and ear!On the 30th of October I will go and support ESAT!
    It is my least obigation to accomplish as an Ethiopian who is condemening ethno-centricism,one man leadership,dictatorship,tyranny and corruption as well as gross human rights violation!!!
    Death to Melese Zenawi and his thugs!!!

  3. Bekele on

    ESAT needs to list an email address for people to contact it. Also on the day of the event, can people call in and make donations. will you transmit the event online at the same time for people to hear.

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