Woyanne presents ‘evidence’ at Elias Kifle et al hearing

Woyanne prosecutor presents what it claims as audio/video ‘evidence’ at Elias Kifle et al kangaroo court hearing in Addis Ababa on Wednesday, 16 November 2011 – DW Radio. Listen below:

3 thoughts on “Woyanne presents ‘evidence’ at Elias Kifle et al hearing

  1. Nebyot Ferrede on

    Folks: Let us not get destructed by the attention diverting tyrannical grossly human rights violating minority dictator’s and their big and small crumb collecting cadres including the Wayane tycoon Al Amoudi whose routin tasks have always been arresting, killing, jailing, robbing, starving, displacing from homes, communities and country for the last 20 long years. And people like Elias who actively expose all of these inhuman crimes have always been direct and indirect target of this deeply frightened tyrants, especially after they have seen as to how Qaddafi’s eternally omnipotent and omnipresent system of extreme dictatorial governance have been smashed to the ground by the popular uprising and the leader himself chased, captured and with his closest aids slaughtered like wild pigs in broad day light.

    These are the things that forces these tyrants to jump on every one’s necks, shoot at anything that moves, starve and rob fertile farm lands from the 80 million people so that the poor people keep thinking of their stomach and daily bread rather than their nature given rights and freedom that paves the road for control over their resources and well-beings.

    Unity within diversity from the ground up across regions, ethnicity, religions, political affiliations, generations, genders, etc. and fighting for once freedom and justice for all in a new way for the new Ethiopia is the answer both for individual and group liberty and freedom. All else is an endless exercise in an endless and fruitless self torture.

  2. Ethiopian on

    “Ejachew yaleteyazew Ato Elias Kifle”, that’s one funny thing to say, very wishful thinking, I wonder what they wanna do to you if they ever accomplish that lol. Gegema woyanne hulu beka gira gebaw aydel.

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