1 million people live in the streets of Addis Ababa (video)

This documentary highlights the abject poverty in Ethiopia’s capital where over 1 million people are homeless and tens of thousands of children survive on trash dump while the khat-addicted dictator spends hundreds of millions of dollars to buy military hardware.

10 comments on “1 million people live in the streets of Addis Ababa (video)

  1. Chombe on

    Very sad situation … Greed, selfishness, and tyranny are the causes of all these problems … If we had a good government, it would have not been difficult to solve all these problems ….
    Fight for good government and all will be gone …

  2. Meyesaw on

    These people are the ones that have been evicted from their houses by the Tigrean Woyane mafia group. Their houses have either been demolished and the land sold to the Arabs and Indians or their houses have been confisicated by woyanes, because these people are Amharas, Oromos, Gurages, etc. The Woyane Tigreans who came from Mekelle and Adwa took their jobs their businesses and live in the houses these people built. But how long?

  3. it is not only sad, it is hurting bad. What is wrong with Ethiopians?
    What is holding us back? What are we waiting for. Pleas, let us rise

  4. Binyam on

    It is really sad to see these beautiful people unders such horrible situation. I don’t expect good from this government, we Ethiopians have the responsibility to help these people. There has been a lot of blaming going on around, let us stop that what is right to these people. Let us show some interest to do something. Let us start to talk about it within our family, friends and the communities we belong to. Let us brainstorm, we may be able to do the unthinkable.
    Our young children has the potential to contribute, let us give them the opportunity to express their feelings. I strongly believe we can address the issue in a manner beneficial to our beloved people.

  5. Andargachew on

    It looks there is a very big problem, but instead of focusing on the problems, lets focus on the solutions!

  6. Millions of the children of Ethiopia are left to leave in the dump while the “royal” children of tegadays entertain life and education that we cant even imagine. This is unfair by all standards.

    Lets die as a dignified human than live in the dump.
    Enough is Enough.

  7. Eventhough they came from the jungle and had nothing twenty years ago now a days the children of TPLF’s junta are studying abroad, Mele’s children are studying in London while the ethiopian masses are starving.

  8. Very sad…!!shame on u meles!! Meles’s family and friends drinking Wisky and eating ….. our poor people, who has no food, no shelter, no hope…..Oh God Blessed Ethiopian death for Meles !!!!

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