Woyanne invades Somalia again (video)

Ethiopia’s khat-addicted dictator is once against embarking on a military adventure in Somalia. The 2006 invasion ended in total disaster and defeat for Woyanne, causing the slaughter of over 30,000 Somali civilians and displacing 2 million people. This time Meles Zenawi is joined by Kenya’s corrupt dictator Kibaki who is unable to feed his people and yet has the resources to invade another country.

2 thoughts on “Woyanne invades Somalia again (video)

  1. Susan Rice puppet and his weyane thugs are continuing to play with Ethiopian and Somalian blood but rest assure they will be accountable in the whole region of Africa for many generation to come!!!!

  2. Money talks on

    Meles doesn’t have an ounce of conscience to care enough for Ethiopians to live in peace, let alone to bring peace to neighboring countries. Meles only cares for that mighty dollar at the cost of the lives of Ethiopian soldiers and at the same time, weaken the Ethiopian army not fight him in the future.

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