Ethiopian Review’s 2011 Person of the Year to be announced

Ethiopian Review’s 2011 Person of the Year choice will be announced next month. Person of the Year choice has been Ethiopian Review’s annual tradition for the past many years. The criteria for selecting Person of the Year is that the individual must have made a significant contribution to the cause of freedom in Ethiopia during the past 12 months. You are invited to participate in the selection process by sending your nominations. In the run up to Person of the Year selection, we will also have the following Top 20 Lists. One list will be posted every week starting next Monday:

* 20 Most Influential Ethiopians
* 20 Dumbest Politicians
* 20 Best Friends of Ethiopia (foreigners)
* 20 Worst Enemies of Freedom in Ethiopia
* 20 Smartest Ethiopians
* 20 Richest Ethiopians

30 thoughts on “Ethiopian Review’s 2011 Person of the Year to be announced

  1. Elias here is my pick
    *Most Influential Ethiopians-NONE -All oppostions are only talk talk
    *Best Friends of Ethiopia (foreigners)-Wikileaks-They exposed Agazi
    *Worst Enemies of Freedom in Ethiopia-DONNER NATIONS to Woyane
    *Smartest Ethiopians–Havent found yet
    *Richest Ethiopians–EFFORT (Richest Non Ethiopia Mafia)

  2. Zeleke on

    In my personal opinion most individuals that made a significant contribution to the cause of freedom in Ethiopia during the past 12 months and are still alive made their contruibutions annonymously in fear of prosecution.

    The ones that made their contribution openly are dead the second after they made their contribution being killed by the genocidal government killling squad . So I say let us just award the person of the year award to the dead and the annonymous contributors without nameing names . Let us leave atleast the first five awards to them then start awarding to the ones with names.

  3. samson on

    Ethiopian Review’s 2011 Person of the Year should be Ethiopian patriot hero teacher Yenesew Gebre & all political presioners in Ethiopia innocent men and women Mr. Prime Misery Meles/Tplf fascist regime have taken hostage.

  4. Here are my choices
    a. Yenesw gebre
    b. All opposition groups in Ethiopia ( this does not include g7)
    c. None
    d.Melea zenawi and his cronies
    e. All journalist who decide to fight for people
    f. none because money earned by cheating and looting does not give the right to b included in this category

  5. melbournian on

    Brother Elias

    Thanks for giving us this chance to nominate person of the year of ethiopian review 2011. It is my personal choice hopefully it doesn’t offend any one else. Without any hesitation PM Melese Zenawi is person of the year for 2011 we like it or not.


  6. 1 Diasspora activists who has been exposing woyannes dedebit mafia plan damming nile to zero and Esat management

    2 Hailemariam desalegn ,Aboy Sebhat drankard old woyanne,Melese Zenawi chat addicted want to be intellectual but in the eyes of Ethiopians street smart and a slave for some Ethiopian enemies in which his existence depend on in 20 years he is rewarded with 40 billion to go on with his distraction and not a single truth in his 20 years minilik palace,the diabetiker bereket simon (with forged name)Redwan hussein belly boy selling his concious and soul for dinar,melese zenawis wife who is busy on 24 hours looting,President Girma a real dumb,you can put the whole woyanne gang as dumbs of all dumbs with a slave function.

    3 prof Stanton,Honourable Ana Maria gomez observing chief of 300 from European union during election 97,prof jospf vestal who knows Ethiopia better than the traitor woyanne gang.

    4 joseph stiglitz,jeffery sachs,DLA piper,British intelligence agency,British politicians like the representat of Ethiopian aid in European union ,BBC bradcasting service

    5 All young Ethiopians who are recently taken to woyanne prison who has been creating sleepless nights for the woyanne shifta group with either their pen or with their Ethiopian courage (freedom activists) Vs shifta gang with ammunition
    6 Elias the richest person is not that important or irrelevant as the shifta group is on enriching yesterdays dedebit farmer to a millionar overnightthat means these rich peoples are a local thieves not more not less.

  7. Person of the year: Yenesew Gebre
    *Dumbest Politicians: Desalegn Hailemariam
    *Best Friends of Ethiopia (foreigner): Wikileaks
    *Worst Enemies of Freedom in Ethiopia: Meles, Azeb, China
    *Smartest Ethiopians: Those who did not buy land from Woyanne
    *Richest Ethiopians: TPLF leaders

  8. My Nominations on

    Person of the year – Yenesew Gebre
    Dumbest politicians – Those who participated in woyane’s sham elections
    Best Friends of ethiopia – Oromo
    Worst Enemies – Eritreans , Tigrayans and the USA
    Smart Ethiopians – The BEKA camp – still alive by the way.
    Richest Ethiopians – Azeb and her chat addicted husband.

  9. Ezana ! dani on

    Amin Jundi, Secretary of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), said reducing the quest of the Oromo people for democracy and justice to “secessionism” was unfair since “secessionism” has never been the agenda of the Oromo people

  10. Zewdeneh on

    Brother Elias,

    Nice questions and survey. but i strongly suggest that the questions exclude weyanne elements. For instance, the dumbest politician should exclude weyannes. Also worst enemy of ethiopia for obvious reason is weyanne and you are asking the obvious. The questions should help the opposition to do some soul search. for instance i will chose Yenesew Gebre as person of the year since he gave his life for the cause. this sends a message for those celebrity wanna be ethio opposition leaders that they seriously have to consider about sacrifice than the usual rehoteric. Coming to the question, here is my selection

    1 – Yenesew Gebre (most influencial)
    2 – Dumbest Politician (Paltalk mouth gyminsts and some radio personals)
    3 – Gregory Stanton (Best friend of Ethiopians)
    4 – Weyanne (worst enemy of Ethiopians)
    5 – Andargachew Tsege (Smartest Politician)

    Note : The paltalk army of lazy politicians are cancer and parasite to the ethiopian politics. those are disfunctional and unemployed hords who have the luxury to talk 24 hours over the cyber for 365 days of the year and almost 15 years by now. Such talkatives promoted the talk culture and it seems no one is action oriented. Like Yenesew Gebre, Ethiopians should rally behind action oriented individuals to make any change.

  11. Black Rhino on

    I nominate Ethiopian Patriot Yenesew Gebre for the prestigious 2011 Ethiopian Review Person of the Year Award.

  12. Assta B. Gettu on

    A person who purposely, for the first time, introduced to the Ethiopian people a Buddhist culture – self-immolation (setting oneself afire) should not be by any means man of the year. If the Ethiopian Review recognizes the death of such a person who broke one of the Ten Commandments as a hero and as a man of the year, then the Christian world, the Muslim world, the Jewish world, and the Hindu world who abhor suicide as a great sin and offensive crime in the eyes of the Almighty God must condemn the Ethiopian Review as a promoter of sin since killing oneself is a sin.

    I will nominate the Ethiopian journalists who received the death sentences and who some of them are in jail and some in exile as men of the year. Among these journalists condemned to death and sued by Al Amoudi is Elias Kifle.

  13. Asseta, You think you can full us by trying to abort the revolution started by Our HERO YENESEW GEBRE. You can not probablyyouare working for woyane. Emperor Tewdros take his own bullet, Does that mean he brought Buddhism to Ethiopia? your fullsih argument does not hold water.He burnt hims self for your freedom unless you are woyane and not enslaved like us who live under extrem poverty in addis, with a closed mouth deprived of basic rights treated below animal standard

  14. eyociyos on

    <<>> Yenesew Gebre gives his life for all of us , i nominate to him , person of the year lol

  15. Elyas in this particular time no one deserves to be man of the year other than YENESEW GEBRE and dumbes are woyannes and their sympetheisers who are very illitrate and some who sold their concious for dinar,the worst enemy British a friend of Ethiopia Dr Gregory Stanton smartest Ethiopians ESAT Management and yourself the

  16. Anonymous on

    Person of the year is Yenesew Gebre. Am not sure on what criteria other nominations are suggested. AKLOG BIRARA

  17. Assta B. Gettu on

    Abdi #16,

    You are mistaken: the suicidal Yenesew Gebre did not start the revolution; the May 7, 2005 Ethiopian heroes started the Ethiopian revolution by sacrificing their precious blood on the streets of Addis Ababa. You are wrong again: the great unifier, Emperor Tewodros of Ethiopia (whose nick name was Tatek), shot himself to death for he didn’t want the British invader, Napier, capture him and take him as a prisoner, and by killing himself he saved Ethiopia from disgrace and infamy. If you remember, the biblical Saul, king of Israel, killed himself because he didn’t want the uncircumcised Philistines end his own life. Such kinds of deaths to me, personally, are justified, and indeed they are heroic deaths; however, self-immolation is a cowardly death condemned by the Jewish and the Christian Bible, Deuteronomy 5:17; even Muhammad’s Quran 4:29 condemns suicide, and it is a haraam.

    Some of the Christian Church Fathers, such as Clement of Alexandria, Jerome, and St. Augustine of Hippo denounces suicide.

    Clement of Alexandria (ca155-ca 222) tells us that suicide “is not permitted” for the believers in Jesus Christ. Jerome (ca. 345-419) ‘stated categorically that Christ would not receive the soul of a suicide.’ And further more, St. Augustine “condemned the following motivations for suicide: 1) because of guilt over past sins; 2) because of a desire for heaven; 3) to avoid or escape from temporal problems; 4) to avoid or escape from another’s sinful actions (including doing so to preserve chastity); and 5) to avoid sinning. The only conceivably justifiable cause for suicide, Augustine said, would be the last, yet even the sin of such a well-motivated suicide would be greater than any sin that one might avoid by killing oneself.”

    Yenesew Gebre had already killed himself because he didn’t want to face the severity of the Ethiopian problems most Ethiopians have been facing, and we cannot bring him back to life, but we must work hard to prevent other Ethiopians from imitating Yenesew Gebre’s self-immolation. If we nominate him as man of the year, then we are encouraging other young Ethiopians to do the same deplorable and shameful act.

  18. Shinktu on

    * Most Influential Ethiopians-Yenesew Gebre

    * 25 Dumbest Politicians-Bereket Simon & Zenawi and thier followers

    * 25 Best Friends of Ethiopia (foreigners)-Hillary Clinton listen AAU Speech

    * 25 Worst Enemies of Freedom in Ethiopia-Donor Countries

    * 25 Smartest Ethiopians-not now
    * 25 Richest Ethiopians-TPLF by robbing the wealth of Ethiopians.

  19. Andinet!!! on

    The most influential 1. Heroic Yenesew Gebre 2. Dr. Birhanu Nega 3. Artist Tamagn 4. Professor Alemayehu 5. Journalist Eskinder Nega

  20. Ana Maria Gomes Best friends of Ethiopia, she is always with us 2005-present to establish new democratic ethiopia!!!!!

  21. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Elias Kifle, Editor in Chief,

    #21 is a Note I posted for my second comment in reply to #17, and you posted the Note, but you left out the comment for which the Note was intended to correct the verb- agreement error.

    What is wrong with you? Perhaps, too much work and sleepless nights, or may I say you are angling or fishing for nominating the self-immolator as man of the year! If you do that, then you are breaking one of the fundamental Judeo-Christian ethics.

  22. የተንቢ on

    1.ተመስገን ደሳለኝ (ጋዜጠኛ)
    2.ሽመልስ ከማል
    3.አና ጎሜዝ
    4.መለስ ዜናዊ
    5.ብርሀኑ ነጋ
    6.አዜብ መስፍን

  23. Mulugeta on

    Well, most people nominated Yenesew Gebre. I totally agree with that. However, As a second nominee…How about Teddy Afro who saved the life of Asmerom Hailesilassie from the beasts of Puntland.

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