Meles Zenawi’s obsession with Eritrea

By Elias Kifle

Meles Zenawi and his Woyanne junta have a disturbing, and some times comical, obsession with Eritrea. They blame the Eritrean government for every bad thing that is happening to them. They like to call their opponents, such as myself, Eritrean. I am not Eritrean, but many of the Woyanne top leaders are full or half Eritreans. So one may ask, why are Woyannes extremely obsessed with Eritrea? The answer: 1) They consider Eritrea as the biggest threat to their rule, 2) As mental midgets they suffer from inferiority complex; and 3) Since Meles and many of the top Woyannes are Eritreans, they feel that their “Greater Tigray” plan must involve Eritrea.

The following is a list of Eritreans in the top {www:echelon} of the Woyanne junta.

Meles Zenawi, half Eritrean and naturalized Yemeni, the grand wizard of the TPLF junta

Bereket Simon, full Eritrean, the unimaginative Woyanne propaganda chief who keeps a copy of Joseph Goebbels’ Propaganda Manual under his pillow

Debretsion Gebre-Mikael, half Tigrean, half Eritrean, TPLF politburo member, radio, TV, and Internet jammer

Samora Yenus, half Sudanese, half Eritrean, Woyanne military chief of staff

Tewodros Adhanom, full Eritrean, TPLF politburo member, health minister

Tewodros Hagos, full Eritrean, TPLF politburo member, supervisor of the Eritrean opposition groups, head of political affairs for Tigray region (nothings happens in Tigray without his knowledge — president of Tigray Abay Woldu reports to him)

Isayas Woldegiorgis, full Eritrean, Woyanne chief assassin (carries out Meles Zenawi’s assassination orders), deputy head of national intelligence (but has more power than national intelligence and security chief Getachew Assefa)

Fasil Nahom, half Eritrean, half Jewish, legal adverser to Meles Zenawi

Neway Gebreab, full Eritrean, economic adviser to Meles Zenawi

Yemane Kidane (Jamaica), full Eritrean, former TPLF CC member, became multimillionaire over night, currently personal adviser to Meles and Azeb Mesfin, invests their loot abroad

The above is a partial list. The Woyanne security apparatus particularly is filled with full or half Eritreans.

(Source: Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit)

170 thoughts on “Meles Zenawi’s obsession with Eritrea

  1. Megersa on

    That’s how Elias banda behaves. whenever he is mad at woyane, he fabricates news every five minutes. lol

    • Tolosa on

      Elias you are an eritrean trash rejected from Ethiopia. You are no longer one of us. Go to Asmara

      • Yigermal on

        Tolosa do you use an Ethiopian name to insult Elias? you the weyanes are not Ethiopians but hired foreign mercenaries’

  2. As a person who strongly believes in greater Ethiopia, I care less as to whose mother or father is Eriterean. What I care is, who is contributing for the development of Ethiopia.

    • That is bull. The article 39 should tell you there is no guarantee in Ethiopia’s peace and development. That is naive thinking.

    • Anonymous on

      Great point and that isn’t the way we used to be either but what makes Elias and others point out to the ethnicity of those in power is the type of disdain some of them have towards the status quo of Ethiopianess. Pragmatic, utilitarian, comminist and Darwinian actions of these gov’t are causing this it to be demonized by the idealist and god fearing Ethiopian society. Of course you are witnessing the propagation of issues by people like Elias to the extent of exaggerations sometimes. Don’t worry too much about the chef who wants to stay in the burning hot kitchen unless you are one of them.

    • HAILU. on


      One more thing to add, Meles is a person who envies Enver Hoxha and at least for sometime he has idolized him. If you are tending to protect him, I feel sorry for you. He is getting attacked because of his policy (actually his government’s policy I would say all the extra stuff is just sugar coating the attack. Honestly speaking I don’t believe that either Elias or anyone else really care about his ethnicity.

  3. Baba Babor on

    The persons, personalities and their positions tells a lot of histories in the past, present and far in to the future. The opposition have a lot to digest, ingest, analyze and form conclusions based on various alternative scenarios. It looks like that of Qaddafi’s secret committees. Hmm…

  4. Upper Egypt on

    Guy/gal number 1 above. Come on! Do you know that Meles have been working for the last 20 long years for foreign interest to the extent of completely forgetting the Ethiopian people until they start totally starving and dying in mass and foreign donation groups/humaniterain groups rushing in to save miserable. Meles was simply busy serving external interests of others not only as an individual but as group.

    This is to say that your angry accusation and finger pointing amounts to that of the clay pot calling a stainless steel black. Agree? Of course! :)

    • Romeo on

      I’m seeing u’r angle. Meles is nothing but a hired gun/lobbyist for the west. He must be so good or addicted to power, for them to use him as such degree in the horn. The west couldn’t imagine such an evil genius and suppresses anyone who stands his way. To make it even better, he is unpopular minority ruler which comes handy when they want to pressure him. He has conducted and continue conducting so many favors so he can continue his crusade. It’s not his party wanting him stay in power, but it’s the west who want to use him in order to control and protect their interests. They know he has no soul and will sell anything if asked. Just look at the demarcation issue with Eritrea. Both leaders doesn’t want demarcation to happen. Meles will anger Ethiopians who might revolt and rebel his rule due to the huge sacrifices that was paid. He almost lost it when letting Eritrea partway then started deporting to ease tension. Essayas will even face greater challenges since his excuse has been that “we are at war”. Essayas even said that he won’t up held the constitution till the demarcation process finalized. The constitution would of enforced him to face election. So what did the west do in order to keep those assholes in power, they stopped the security council from finalizing the demarcation process. We could of been like Canada and the us or peacefully, off course without those greedy bastards. But instead there will be another problems like the two Koreans, India and Pakistan, two Sudans.. They want us to hate each other and stay dependent, ignorant and poor.. so they can keep using us. We should be proud and embrace our brothers and sisters in East Africa if we want better life and peace for our children. United we stand and divided we fall.

  5. Anonymous on

    Elias I would like to commened you for vivdily showing that Ethiopia is ruled by Eritreans masked as Tigrean origin.There was a time I was angry with some of the comments you make ,but I truly believe now that you are concerned Ethiopian misunderstood by many Ethiopians because of distorted information made against you.I urgue you to make yourself understood by some Ethiopians.I am amazed to know that we are a colony of Eritrea where true Ethiopians are considered as second class citzens.May God Bless you.I will pass the word about these treasure of information.

  6. The - ETNEGER! on

    (FYI: Neway Gebre-Ab is the older brother of former Ethiopian Press Enterprises manager Tesfaye Gebre-Ab, an EPRDF official who was in charge of all state-owned publications like Addis Zemen, Ethiopian Herald, the Oromo-language Berisso, the Arabic Al-Alam, and many more quarterlies entirely under the control of Bereket Simon. Tesfaye was also author of the Terarawochin YanKetekete Twild, a book which talks about TPLF military achievements the credit of which finally flows like a river toward Asmara’s EPLF. After he quit Ethiopian Press Enterprises, Tesfaye was “laid off” by EPRDF, and started as executive manager of Efoyta, an Amharic magazine which entered the Ethiopian market in the mid-‘90s under the cover of “private ownership.” Actually Efoyta, whose editor was also Ethiopian-born Eritrean Arefayne Hagos, was enjoying enough government budget. Tesfaye fled Ethiopia in 2001 during the TPLF split, when Meles was as vulnerable as a trapped mouse then-powerful TPLF officials accused the prime minister of being an Eritrean mercenary. Tesfaye convinced himself there was no way Meles would survive the TPLF threat, and fled to Kenya. He was wrong: Meles took swift actions against TPLF dissidents who were later purged and imprisoned. But Tesfaye had no regrets as he had already bagged a public fund amounting to half a million Birr. On top of that, his older brother, Neway Gebre-Ab, is still the top official who has the strongest say on Ethiopia’s national economic policies, which last week bore the fruit we now know as the $200,000 Yara Prize).

    Eritreans come and go in key Ethiopian political life. One such Eritrean activist was Yemane Jamaica, who joined TPLF from inception, and finally in 2000, headed the Ethiopian delegation to The Hague. Documents and maps were passed to the other side, even showing the flashpoint of the two-year-old War, Badme, being in Eritrea. Yemane felt “Mission Accomplished,” and with wife and family in London, he basks in the after-glow of an affluent life extended into retirement years. His wealth was accumulated over “years of service to Ethiopia.” Yemane has no regrets as Eritrea hasn’t run out of her children who play the game pretty well in the Ethiopian power house.

    Ethiopia has now entered a new chapter, a chapter by the rule of the gun. Ethiopia pins its hopes of survival only and only on the united action of its children – and no room for political squabbling should be left between Dr. Merera Gudina’s UEDF and Engineer Hailu Shawel’s CUD. Now, it is not a matter of democracy; it is a matter of rescuing the nation from a direct plunge into what some observers say: “A Military Rule by a Perfect Enemy.”

    A perfect enemy rules in Ethiopia
    By Mulugetta Ashenafi

    • Tesfaye Gebreab is not related to Neway Gebreab. They just happen to have the same last name. Tesfaye himself told me so.

    • Tadesse on

      No, that is not true. How come you just make them brothers since they have similiar fathers name. We have to write something real not bogus, so that we can seriously communicate through Ethiopianreview.

      Next time, Please do not say Dr. Birhanu Nega, Sibhat Nega and Eskindir Nega are brothers.

    • This is a good information. Let us keep all these information in file. As ER said, they may not be brothers however Elias, becareful of the Eritreans you also need to back it up with additional research if it is true or not. Just because he told you it doesn’t mean it is true. After all, they want to be safe and not tell you things to protect themseves. That being said, it is a good thing to research on such individuals who are living in comfort by Ethiopia’s blood money in other part of the world

    • tekat kemayewedew on

      I am an Eritrean who was born and grew up in Addis. I have never questioned my Ethiopian nationality until 1998. Regardless, generalizing that being of Eritrean origin as pro Meles is simply pathetic. When you talk about Eritrean Ethiopians you should not forget that Martha Mebratu, Zerai Deres, Aman Andom, General Andom, Abraha Deboch, Moges Asgedom, General Bahta Assefa and etc were true Ethiopian heroes…

      • Heroes on

        I agree with you Mr. Tekat.
        Eritrean’s will be part of their mother land as soon as the dirty political game of Isais and Meles is over. I strongly believe that the people of Ethiopia will be joining their hands and celebrate their victory together.

        • tekat kemayewedew on

          Mr Hero,
          Don’t you think it is up to the Eritrean people to decide their own fate. And it seems that they did in 1993. We have to move on. I wish it did not happen, at least it would have been good if they were to resolve it through federation, however, what I can I say, but Ethiopia was not gifted with a good leader. Mengistu had the chance. He killed the dream when he sloughtered Aman Andom. Or do you question Aman’s Ethiopianess like Mengistu?

        • Anonymous on

          Dear Tekat,Sensa assb,Eyob,
          “…personally Ethiopia is going to be mother Ethiopia for me, I love the people dearly and it is my wish for every Ethiopian to live freely and with peace.” Tekat
          “..You might have been enjoying being an ethiopian but for 99% of eritreans being an ethiopian was/is hell and by no means they will go back for unity with the hell.period.”Sensa
          “….As for the last point you mentioned I would challenge you to do your homework by asking Eritreans who lived in all parts of Ethiopia. I was blessed to know many many Ethiopians from many different ethnic backgrounds and they are just hospitable and beautiful people. Amazingly, there was not a place in Ethiopia whereby you would not find an Eritrean. I knew Eritrean whose primary language was Oromo. I am not making it uo, trust me.” Eyob
          We have to find a middle ground to come out of this crisis of trust. We are battling each other and unable to unleash our talent and energy to dismantle our arch enemies. We keep going back to our dark days in our history, yes, we had horrible leaders and government. Did we have to do the same thing? I hope not. It seems we have vested interest to live freely, happy and prosperous. What does it take?

      • Anonymous on


        why did you change your nationality? it is amazing for you to say”I have never questioned my Ethiopian nationality until 1998″ why if you were born in Ethiopia?

        • tekat kemayewedew on

          Mr Hero,
          To tell you the truth, I felt betrayed when weyane uprooted the Eritrean Ethiopians or rather the Ethiopian Eritreans for no apparant reason but for having Eritrean blood. By chance there were many EritreanEthiopians who lived in my neighbourhood and almost 90% of us were members of EPRP. I am talking about from league to cell level. We never sympathatized with ELF or EPLF. As a matter of fact, when EPRP was split, there were some EriEthiopians that happened to be in the so called Anja group and we severed our friendship because of that. Basically, I just wanted to let you know that we considered ourselves 100% Ethiopian. However, 1998 was a different story. Probably one of the worst things woyane has done in the Ethiopian history. As I have told above, being in the EPRP and also being imprisoned and seeing the vicious atrocities incured by Mengistu to fellow members, I dispized Mengistu, however, when I compare him with woyane, he was a gentelman by all means. He never sidelined Eritreans by race. I hope you are with me so far. Otherwise, personally Ethiopia is going to be mother Ethiopia for me, I love the people dearly and it is my wish for every Ethiopian to live freely and with peace.

        • sensa aseb on

          your selfishness drove you blind to realize how the Eritreans not only sidelined but also were mass killed,tortured imprisoned,pregnant women was kniefed just for being Eritreans,what happened in 1998 was nothing comparing to what the Eritreans suffered from the ethiopian leaders be it haile or mangistu.that’s why eritreans chose independence from Ethiopia.
          You might have been enjoying being an ethiopian but for 99% of eritreans being an ethiopian was/is hell and by no means they will go back for unity with the hell.period

        • Dera Densa aseb,
          I don’t know about Hailesellassie’s record on mass murder. However, basically, what I was trying to point out was that if the Ethiopian government was to respect the federation during HaileSellassie or Mengistu, the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea would have been way out there in development. The only thing that came out of the long war was poverty and backwardness. But we have to admit the truth that Mengistu was not racist. His personal doctor was a Tigrean (Dr. Markos from Adwa) and most of his trusted generals and colonels were Eritreans. Last but not least, the damage we Eritreans inflicted amongst each other was as deadly as Mengistu’s war atrocities caused on our people. As for the last point you mentioned I would challenge you to do your homework by asking Eritreans who lived in all parts of Ethiopia. I was blessed to know many many Ethiopians from many different ethnic backgrounds and they are just hospitable and beautiful people. Amazingly, there was not a place in Ethiopia whereby you would not find an Eritrean. I knew Eritrean whose primary language was Oromo. I am not making it uo, trust me.

        • Asmarino on

          @Tekat While you were enjoying your Ethiopiawnet,Eritreans were going through hell for decades by successive Ethiopian rulers.It is sad you have to be forced to be Eritrean by weyane what a crying baby,if you don’t know where you came from you don’t know where you going.But as a lost soul(son)Eritrea will be there for you as a loving & caring mother should be with out any condition.

      • Banda Geday on

        And add elias kifle as a good eritrean, because he protects eritrea more than ethiopia. if u comment aganist the banda in eritrea he usualy decline to posted it.

        • tekat kemayewedew on

          Dear Asmarino,
          You are mixing two different things. Fighting for Eritreas independence is one thing, and I bet you anything that you were not at the field or even near the field by all means. On the other hand, over half a million Eritreans were living and still lives in Ethiopia. If you happened to have lived in Ethiopia, I would not have wasted my time explaining the truth. However, I am a testimony that by and large, Eritreans were not mistreated in Ethiopia. Some even dared to talk about their emotion without anybody saying anything to them. My problem with the leaders of Ethiopia was on the approach they took to solve the problem. Hailesellassie did not listen to many advisors that were against annexation. Mengistu resorted for force and weyane is aspiring to be the sole superpower in the region. So, my dear brother,listen when elders like me talk. You will learn a lot. You think you know a lot but you don’t. If you dare, ask you father or close relative that is above 65 or 70, if they had opted to be with Ethiopia if Ethiopia was to respect the federation? Come up with the true answer and then we can chat.

        • Asmarino on

          Dear brother tekat you have already lost the bet about my age & my history about the field. All i could sense about your new found Eritrean nationality is ,like confessing to your current dear wife that you have to settle for her bacouse the woman that you really really loved have dumped you.Any ways welcome to the Eritrean family you can’t go wrong.We love you,

        • tekat kemayewedew on

          Dear Asmarino hawey, I had been out of the motherland Africa more than 20 yrs ago. For me, anybody who had lived outside Eritrea more than 15 years should not be entitled to talk about Eritrea as an Eritrean. You know exactly what I am talking about. If we were not to be selfish you know where we had been 20 yrs ago. In my part, I don’t presume to be a catholic more than the pope. For me I am as coward as any one can be. I don’t know about you. The million dollar point now is on how to help our country on the development program that is on going. With God’s blessing, it is my wish to go back home and contribute my 5 cents with my proffesion. Other than that, there is absolutely nothing I expect to get from Eritrea. Until then egziabhere yenege sew yebelen. Or ab godana harenet tseba or beer nemestay yabtsehana!

  7. Ethiopie on

    A great piece again Elias, each one of them will be hanged at Meskel Square in public. They may think they can get away with all what they have done are doing to our people….they will pay the price including their …scramblers starting from forum boys and girls to …..agazi and fereral members….the new ethinic investors……only because they are members….they will cry in the near future any reasoning can not save them….

    • When a day comes when these ruthless individuals are caught and ready to be hanged, I will be standing right next to you cheering. And, I am not even Ethiopian. These criminals have done as much damage to Eritrea as they are doing to Ethiopia. They are responsible for keeping peace in the region as a hostage. Why can’t people see beyond “bloodline” and acknowledge that these thugs know no boundry when it comes to committing crimes. They are engaging in heneous crimes in Somalia as we speak. They have dealt with peaceful protesters heavy handedly in the 2005 election. They waged a war against Eritrea and continue to be obstacle to the progress underway. Regardless of blood, no genuine Eritrean with conscience would cause so much pain and suffering to his/her fellowmen as these thugs did. Some of the arguements certain commentators are making also defy logic. How’s it possible the same people who are working day in day out to see the destruction of Eritrea also be accused of protecting Eritrea at the expense of Ethiopia? It’s these same people who defy the EECB border ruling and continue to occupy Eritrean land. It’s these same thugs who are trying to harm Eritrea’s economy by calling for sanction on a basis of false and fabricated reports.

        • I’m Eritrean both by blood and spirit but do not have the qualifications required to be shaebiyan (i.e principled, determination, dedication, ultimate sacrifice). You get my drift?

      • HAILU. on


        They are your family and you can talk talk to them in your ways. Please take them because they fit better with you.

        • Asmarino on

          It doesn’t matter if they are Eritreans by blood they are not our family they belong to crooked heart & backstabbing,conniving,lying low life tgrayans ship them to Mekele.

  8. Isayas on

    There were times I disagree with Elias ,but this time he is 100 % true. I do believe you will get blablash by suppoters of the regime because this information a very crucial and timely .Ethiopians should know who is in power as Elias vividly showed us we are under Eritrean colonial occupation.I would to read anyone disagree with the validity of this information to proof it for me.Cursing ,insulting ,degrading the person don’t solve the issue.

  9. Elias also you need to look at deeper in their extended family on the Eritrean side the Fact is this TPLF ba***rds they are rejected and hated and not considered as Eritreans (based on their personal greed, loyality and trust etc….) you can imagine what kind of psychological damage that played in their unfit mind and what kind of misery they created to the region

    • We have to becareful that just because these groups are greedy they have ultimate agenda it doesn’t mean Eritreans or Tigraians will reject them if they campaign successfully. That is naive thinking. Why would the West believe in PRE EMPTIVE STRIKE? If there is one piece of evidence that will endanger their country they will destroy it. That is how Ethiopians should be thinking right now and not be indifferent that it is only a few greedy, indeed it is extended through Tigreans and Eritreans and Tigreans for the agenda although only few may not agree for the agenda. Nothing should be just looked at and watch, the time to act is now. I believe you are Eritrean that is why you said this. If opportunity knocks where TPLF will provide you better life than Ethiopians I am sure you will take it even though you may not like TPLF right now.

  10. and Berket Simon is the chairman of ANDM , another poodle organisation they woyane set up in the name of the amhara. they could not get the amhara to set up ethnic based organisation, so the woyane set up their own organisation and put Bereket Simon as the chairman to represent the amhara. there you go!

    In every ethnic based organisation the woyane have set up, there is a TPLF cadre behind the scene controlling everything.

  11. Correction: Samora Yenus is half Wolkait, half tigrayan and NOT sudanese as you’ve indicated. Nevertheless, a banda from Wolkait and deserves to be hanged.

    • ya u r correct kifle all those u mentioned have not identity thay have problem in theier identity thats why they didnt care about the ethiopia people and his terittory the onlobtion that we have remove the guangsters and hunging them in meskele squre if u agree with me support me and write a comment on me

  12. Anonymous on

    Some labelled as full Eritrean are in fact from Tigray, but grew up in Asmara or/and born in Eritrea to parents from Tigray. That I know for fact…. So I urge you to really dig deeper… or take this information with a salt of grain…

    • “Some labelled as full Eritrean are in fact from Tigray, but grew up in Asmara or/and born in Eritrea” as if it makes a difference

  13. Kandahar on

    Well done Ethiopian Review! If I may add, just calling them Eritreans makes them feel good – it’s a compliment for them, since they face cripplingly inferiority complex towards anything Eritrea/ns. I suggest you stop using the word TPLF and start calling this organization for what it is. If you haven’t noticed, it’s a one man tyrant show in Ethiopia. Genocidal dictator Meles Zenawi is the constitution, the law, and the head of state. Go after the head and the body will rot is an old Chinese proverb. Stop attacking the lifeless body and go after this dictator in Addis Ababa.

  14. United We Stand on

    Well bro Elias, the back stabbers woyanes are now made it thier #1 fortune-making career in overthrowing thier once honest shepherd by shopping more devide & rule clilist puppets of their onother left over kitfo hunters to add extra fuel in the unfortunate hood of ours, hoping the real Ethiopians like yourself would be decieved to sanitize thier crime stained hands and allow them milking for more years to come. Indeed, the woyane crooks do not believe in the time tested wisdom of responsible deversified investment. By putting all their rotten eggs in the basket of brewing more terrorists they are keeping hostage the wheel of mutual development, genuine democracy by applying good governance and respecting human rights. Needless to say, it’s high time that the ordinary Tgreans should realize sooner than later that they are being used as a punching bag by their elites which is making them hated and should united with the majority for justice and equlity for all.

    • Any differnce weither tigrean or eritrean? Don’t foolsh! The contribution to damage ethiopian unity is same, if not more!

  15. Could some one tell me what is wrong with Greater Tigray? Why don’t you create your Greater Amhara or Greater Eritrea instead of opposing Greater Tigray?

    • I don’t think anybody else would oppose the idea of a Greater Tigray in Ethiopia. A growth in one area promotes the growth of the larger Ethiopia; but the idea the Meles gang would like to put is not like this.
      The Meles banda group has the following clear and specific purpose.
      1. To cheat the innocent Tigrian mass in the name of false growth to make them its supporters. This has already failed; the majority of Tigreans know this.
      2. To divide the Ethiopian people. This has also failed. Now all Ethiopians are united. It is ruling by force.
      The bandas themselves know this.
      3. To secede and make Tigray the last hiding place when its days are over. What they don’t know is; no one else is more Ethiopian than the Tigrians. The Ttigray people will be waiting the criminals and will entertain them in the gallows for the crimes they committed against its children and its country.
      We support the idea of Greater Tigray, Oromia, Debub, Amhara ….. in Ethiopia.
      Long live Ethiopia!

    • I am Tigrean ,and I completely disagree of Abby Tigrai simply this theory is inspiered by Shabia or Eritreans as well as hodam Tigreans like you who don’t even know how to spell or pronounce words ,you might be on of the wolves covered in a lamb skin.go to school and educate yourself.We will free all Tigreans from this kind of mentality.

  16. Hey Elias Kudos to You! Keep your eye on what is taking place inside 4 kilo. I think that is what most of us want to know. You show us how you fight tyranny. I suggest you compile selected articles, interviews and videos and other highlights of 2011 in Ethiopian politics for the upcoming new year. It will be good time to celebrate the holiday season and do some fund rising.

  17. Elias, goood reporting as usual. Just wants add: Sebhat Negga (advisor to the PM) is the king of the eritrean gang that has been terrorizing the ethiopian people.

    • Amoraw on

      Elias you are a sick man. You and your Eritrean buddies are the ones with the inferiority complex.

    • HAILU. on


      Refute with evidence. Avoid being defamed by providing the list of who is and who isn’t.

  18. Anonymous on


    Why are you giving the TPLF in your forum room to propogate. You are the only avenue they have and you are allowing them. Why fight them if you are going to give them a breathing room? I don’t get it.

    Please put to rest this contradiction.

  19. Mikael on

    You are totally wrong Elias. The Woyanne hyenas you mention are not Eritreans. Just because their mothers and fathers were house servants and listros (shoe shiners) in Eritrea it doesn’t mean they are Eritreans. For example Bereket Simon’s mother was a prostitute in Asmara. But she was an immigrant from Tigray. So does Bereket qualify to be called Eritrean? Please set the record straight!!

    • I beleive the Tigreans from Eritrea have been really abused in Eritrea and perhpas they want pay back, who knows. you know, sick mind and abused people act the way they act that is why they are a threat to themselves and to their people and to Ethiopia and ERitrea. Perhaps their dream is to revenget that after Greater Tigray (which the word Eritrea will never be there and Eritreans definitley will oppose this so the war is already starting witth this.) If they are forming Greater Tigray with intact Ethiopia, then I am for it, if not then, I won’t support it. But there should also be no revenge on Eritreans. Let us admit that Eritreans themselves have their own identity crisis and such ego has done them bad as well as to Ethiopians. They themselves blame Tigrayans with identity crisis. Tigrians were never colonized so they can’t have identity crisis. The only ones could be those abused Tigreans in Eritrea. I remember one Eritrean told me the dirty and low job that is done in Eritrea is by Tigreans and Gurages that Eritreans only do the better, prestigious work. That is when I realized Eritreans really have complex. That is why Haile Selassie gave them high postion and economic position in Ethioia which they have been enjoying so that they leave this inferiority complex, apparently we have seen by what they did to themseves and to other Ethiopians and creating inferiority complex to other Ethiopians by forming TPLF, OLF, ALF, ONLF, etc. Naive these Liberation Fronts, they continued, but TPLF benefited from this

      • Tezibt,

        Isn’t Woldeab Woldemaraim- the so called father of the Eritrean movement- of Tigrayan parents but born and raised in Eritrea. What about your Master Isayas – do you know where he is from ? study your history. The reason why you people are acting like mad dogs that bite every one- today tigrayans, yesterday Amharas, tomorrow Oromos etc.. is because your brain is stolen by shabia- whose brain was stolen by the Arabs and the Italians. When you search real history of yours- that is when you will start to get peace and tranquility and then you will stop biting everyone- including the breast that fed you -Ethiopia.

        • Anonymous on

          The shaebian cadres are responsible for putting fales pride in the Eritean heads. I remember during the 80’s shaebia was serculating a movie entitled staring wedi shawel ‘eti kal’e quenat(the other war)’ which advise eritreans not to entermary with the Ethiopians excluding tgreans. The Aficans mix each other freely but when you have tribalist leaders like meles and his cousin eseyas and thier mentor wel/wel, peace would be always elusive in our region until thier demise.

      • Tezibt on

        Your analysis is wrong because if you were right, does it mean that just because Italians colonialist abuse Eritreans terribly, Eritreans would be the most abusive people ?

  20. helen angesom on

    who cares what background they have look the u.s.a justice and finance system is controlled by Jewish…if u go to Eritrea 1.Isyas Afeworki half tigray half Eritrean
    2.Defence minster Sibehat Ephraem (my cousin) half Gojam half eritrea
    3.Yemane Gebreab Half tigray half Eritrean
    4.yemane Gebremeskel half tigray half eritrean……its on and on what we have to fight for is the injustice in our people. thank u

    • ALMAZZ on

      Wrong Ms Helen.Isaias is from pure from Eritrea hama,Sibahat is fm Bardea Hamma,Yemane is fm Seria and Yemane Chrlie is fm Akoleguzai,but you ferget your cousins Hagos Kisha and Gen Abrha Kassa.

  21. Elias thumbs up for compiling a list of Eritrean mercenaries who have been bleeding our country for the last twenty plus years.

    It never ceases to amaze me how TPLF mercenaries think and operate. They try to tell us that who ever they like we must like, and who ever they do not like we must also not like. Ones up on the time, TPLF and Shabia were two sides of the same coin. They killed and looted together. However, things have changed.

    According to many sources around 45,000 Shabian mercenaries entered Addis Ababa to facilitate the TPLF occupation of Ethiopia. Shabia not only the created (God Father) TPLF but also led the thugs to Menelik palace.

    After Eritrean independence, Eritrea was the largest coffee exporter in Africa. We know nothing grows in Eritrea leave alone a coffee. Then, where did the coffee come from? Not from Tigraye. Who, then, let Shabia Steal the coffee and export it? I hope you guys won’t say either Elias Kifle or Ginbot7.

    After the independence Eritrea, the current Crime Minister of Ethiopia let Shabia use Ethiopian Airlines services for free. For example, when ever the Crime Minister traveled outside Ethiopia, he would make extra efforts to stop by Asmara to give a ride to current Shabia leader who was his best buddy at the time. They used to enjoy the free service of an Etopian Airline, which was one of their loots.

    We all remember what Tamerat Layne ones said about Eritrean. He said,” if anyone dared to harm Eritrean, we will use all our forces our disposal to fight the party.” Back then, who ever tried to harm Shbiana (Eritrean) was the enemy of TPLF.

    After independence many Eritreans were sent to serve as diplomats in foreign missions while Ethiopians were languishing in the head office at the Ministry Foreign affairs. The real Ethiopians were given such names as OLF, Neftegna, Dergu, and were left in the head office to work under the supervision of Tegadalyes who could not read and write.

    Then, the two thieves (TPLF and Shabia) went to the opposite direction after a serious disagreement over the sharing of their loots from Ethiopia. Since then, TPLF mercenaries have been telling us that Shabia is the number one enemy. Who ever tries to be a friend with Shabia automatically becomes the enemy of TPLF? Therefore, TPLF knows who is good or who is not good for Ethiopia. This is what TPLF rats have been trying to tell us. LIKE WHAT WE LIKE. HATE WHAT WE HATE. In other words, when TPLF was a friend of Shbaia it was not ok to condemn Shbaia.

    However, these days TPLF is no more a friend of Shabia. Those who say positive things about Shabia are the enemy of TPLF. TPLF knows what is good for all Ethiopians. If TPLF does not exist, Ethiopia will not exist. Such is the fairy tell the TPLF cockroaches try to tell us.

    They try their best to reinforce their distorted world outlook on others so that others would follow them. Ladies and gentlemen, this is an utter nonsense and is no more than a school of thought followed by “Dedebit” graduates.

  22. ELIAS,

    The entier leaders of woyane are 100% Tigrean. Some of them might have born in Eritrea like JAMICA the back stabber whose parents are from Tigray. Don’t forget MUSIE BARAKI who was born in Eritrea from Tigray parents was one of the earliest associate of tplf. We Eritreans know who is who. Even the woyane junta gurru meles zenawi mother was an immigrant beggar from Tigray.

    • Lameak Tewelde,Sweden on

      Not Mussie Berkai but Mahari Tekle.Read book by Tesfia Gebreab”Terawoch Yanketekete Tewld”

  23. ajewjew on

    First of all, most of your information is wrong. Samora Yenus is pure Tigrean from Axum by father and his mother from welqait..

    Secondly, what is wrong even if they are eritrean? Most of the top shabia leaders are Tigrean as well including the president who is 100% .

    Thirdly, what is your obsession with Tigray getting bigger? Even you qondaf adgi and many of your likes who have no language or border commonality with eritrea have gone there tried all what you are good for.

    Fourthly, no one gives a hoot if you are eritrean or shewa amhara…all of you the same diqala thus Lowlife.

    • HAILU. on


      You said “qondaf adgi” and it says a whole lot about you. You never say that to a human being unless you consider your self qondaf adgi.

    • Tekezze on

      Ajewjew, how can samora be pure tigraway when he’s half welkayt? Just because welkayt was forced into tigray kilil does not mean we believe in it nor do we consider our selves tegaru. So get your facts straight you chauvinist tigraway.

  24. Samson Shawel on

    They are fainting because they are facing mental health diorder for creating a giant prison by invading in the name of badmay war and accusing for UNSC sanctions.

  25. Eritrawi on

    To all ethiopian, I am eritrean, abey tigray is dead. Finish.
    We eritrean say no to abey tigray

  26. Weygud on

    Firstly, I wonder why some commentators resort to insulting. Hate begots hate. As an Eritrean, I do not hate Ethiopians just because they are Ethiopians. I am against their various government who caused a lot of damage to my country and people.
    Having said that, Elias, that is a good start, but is not 100% accurate. Many of the people you mentioned are NOT ERITREANS. They were born in Eritrea after their, or in some case a parent migrated to Eritrea primarily during the Ethio Eritrea Fedration. Now, if they wouldn’t be so determined to see to it that Eritrea gets destroyed (because of incurable inferiority complex), they legally can be classified as Eritreans by birth right. But, since they are crooked, they would rather back stub to the country and people that reared their ugly head. But, that is fine if they chose to be Ethiopians, their parentage line. What I don’t like is they want to be “Tigrean” first and only Ethiopian when ShaEbia beats the crap of them.
    Elias, all you have to see is, if these criminals were Eritreans, they certainly wouldn’t dream of destroying Eritrea. Would they?
    But I have to give you they like to pretend to be Eritreans and many times more Eritrean than the Eritreans like me.

    • Andargachew on

      Because Elias is saying they are Eritreans doesn’t mean they say so. If you believe this is true, you are as ignorant as him. Why do you imagine these people will be interested to be Eritreans. There is one fact; the Tigreans and the Eritreans are very related by culture, by language, and by blood.

      And Elias is crying because the Ethiopian government exposed his terrorist activists in the documentary film. He is crying now and again to cover this fact.

    • why would i be proud of being Eritrean, a colonized nation? You guys only have this unrealistic pride in order to mask your own inferiority complex that Tigreans want to be Eritrreans, are you kidding me? You give yourself too much high standard than who you really are. History really tells us that no dogs or Eritreans were allowed in Italian restaurants. So where are you getting this prestigious from, again you should be thankful no where other than Haile Selassie, who gave you to reclaim your identity that you are Ethiopian, who gave you high prestigious positions, economically advantage. That is why you are way over your head that everyone wants to be Eritrean. Damage to your own idenityt crisis that you even reject this high prestigious life that Haile Selassie gave you at the expense of the rest of Ethiopians particularly Tigreans. Your goal then became to take as much resources as you can to turn Ethiopia into low life while Eritrea became Singapore. Fortunately for Ethiopia this stopped through the war. If TPLF agenda is to re annex Eritrea as part of Tigray then more power. Unfortunately the TPLF has this ethnic and evil agenda that they are really showing Eritrea’s-brainwashed identity crisis on Ethiopian people.

      • Bahta Abatmer on

        1) First Eritreans never said that they are better than anybody but are damn proud of themselves. Have u any issue with that?
        2) Some colonizations have posetive sides and Eritreans were beneficiary of Italy. R u envious about this matter too?
        3)If Tgreans claim never colonized, how come they were ashamed of thier Tgrean accent and try speaking in amharic when they were visiting Eritrea for seasonal labor and when visiting Adis Abeba for higher school or government employment used writing back to their ilitrate families in amharic to show off their civilization? It’s natural one to have regional dialect and i believe the Tgrian Tgrigna is an ancient langauge that has direct connection to Geez that should make you proud guys.
        4) The Eritrean sewra jebha/shaebia revolutions what they did before teaching you how to press the trigger was to have complete pride in your twisted selves. You see buddy, you were indirectly benefited from the expriece of bad/good colonilizations after all but since you rule by terrorizing force you don’t want to admit this to the Ethiopian people fearing they might loose respect of you. So, pls don’t hate us b/c we were once better than you.
        5)The emperor had a hidden ajenda offering handful of Eritreas opportunity so do same what woyane is doing right now. May be the stick route did not work or felt guilt for the Eritreans guiding them all the way to the magnificent Menelik Place and want to pay their overdue debt hopefully with hefty interest probably to save them later from the freedom hungry Ethiopians.

        • # Bahta

          1) Eritreans say they are number one people in the world (there is no people who is like them as Isayas and the other HGDEFs always say), and this is more than pride, it is ignorance. It is leaving you behind the world. You will see its consequence.

          2)The colonization by Italia may had some positive effects in areas like road construction, and in developing Asmara. But, you know you were not even allowed to go to the cafeteria (Hagos Suzinino, the actor has done some short film about that, and you can check that). And moreover, you know what was happenning to your mothers and sisters…Everyone knows that.

          3)Tigrains have never been ashamed of their language, and they always wanted to speak it. But, they were forced not to speak it, and they were forced to speak Amharic. While the Eritreans were allowed to speak Tigrigna, it was not allowed for the Tigrians during Haileselassie and Degrgue. It was not even allowed to use a bible in Tigrigna, not to name a cafe in Tigrigna, and a lot more. You Eritreans had more preivilege than the Tigrians. This was one of the reasons that the people of Tigrai decided to fight against these unfair and dictator past governments, and they finally successfully accomplished it. So, don’t be arrogant to tell us that they were ashamed of their language. The fact that Tigrians want to speak their own language now in Addis Ababa partially reflects the fact that they are proud of their language, and they always want to speak it.

          4)About the thing teaching how to trigger the gun, it is right that there were cooperations for a common goal. I always say that Shaebia would have been extincted without Woyane, and things would have been very difficult for woyane without shaebia. It was a cooperation based on a mutual ism. The purpose was to defeat the dictators, and that is all. It has nothing to do with pride or something. Don’t fool yourself.

          Now and again, I can tell you that We Tigrians don’t have any inferiority complex, and never would be. One thing is true; Tigrai has been the center of all the battles and wars in Ethiopia, and this has affected the livelihood of the people, not to mention the negligence of the previous governments to this people. And even now, the government is focusing on the other part of Ethiopia leaving Tigrai aside. Whatever, We know what your agendas are as an Isayas mercenaries. Good for you!

        • Anonymous on

          It’s true that like their handler shabia, judging the woyanes their deep resentment toward the central government while in the bush they would love now making tgringa the ancientland’s national langauge. however, as a minority they just scared it might backfired at them. Infact, it was what they were advocating had they have their own abay tgray(greater tgray). But when they entered Adis, it didn’t take them having young addis konjos as mistress to emprove their amharic accent to help them accomulate wealth and power.

      • Anonymous on

        Look friend! blind can’t lead and just admit benefitting from the eritean revolution beacuase of the italians colonising them in the posetive side. Having Eritreans for setting higher bar like singapre whows still your inferiority complex.

      • Anonymous on

        by the way ato Eyob, if shaebia could be decimated w/out the help of woyane, how come they did not do so during the Ethio/Eritea war of 1998 with all the help they got? underestimating your enemey is dangerious, you know!

  27. Weygud on

    Firstly, I wonder why some commentators resort to insulting. Hate begots hate. As an Eritrean, I do not hate Ethiopians just because they are Ethiopians. I am against their various government who caused a lot of damage to my country and people. Having said that, Elias, that is a good start, but is not 100% accurate. Many of the people you mentioned are NOT ERITREANS. They were born in Eritrea after their parents, or in some case’s a parent migrated to Eritrea primarily during the Ethio Eritrea Federation period, although many of them were also there during the Fascist rule. Now, if they wouldn’t be so determined to see to it that Eritrea gets destroyed (because of incurable inferiority complex), they legally can be classified as Eritreans by birth right. But, since they are crooked, they would rather back stub to the country and people that reared their ugly head. But, that is fine if they chose to be Ethiopians, through their parentage line. What I don’t like is they want to be “Tigrean” first and only Ethiopian when ShaEbia beats the crap out them.
    Elias, all you have to see is, if these criminals were Eritreans, they certainly wouldn’t dream of destroying Eritrea. Would they?
    But I have to give you that they like to pretend to be Eritreans and many times more Eritrean than the Eritreans like me.

  28. Woaynes are Eritreans and Elias is Eritrean so what, how about all you you get lost with your beloved junta Issias Afrowki

  29. Nebelbal on


    TPLF miscalculated the LOYALTY of the Ethiopian, Eritrean & Somali people & endlessly ended up waging wars all over Ethiopia, Eritrea & Somalia.

    Finally, the paranoid panicking TPLF is feeling the heat of it’s own making.

    Too bad, TPLF constantly barking against Eritrea to blackmail & deceive Ethiopians ain’t going to save & preserver TPLF’s TIGRAY APARTHEID in Ethiopia.

  30. Selamawit on

    Elias, I don’t know about the ethnicity of the individuals mentioned in your posting. But, if our collective objective is to rid Ethiopia of the apartheid regime that is in power, then why can’t we forget about the ethnic origin of individuals? Both the opposition and the regime in power seem to focus on a region that opted for separation some twenty years ago. It is not a new thing, in fact, S. Sudan recently separated and we all know about USSR and many more examples of such but we have a hard time accepting the fact that Eritrea has been independent for two decades, many Ethiopian teenagers have no qualms about this issue. This situation provides the regime in power with an opportunity to divide Ethiopians and deflect due attention to the burning issues such as land grab and genocide among other atrocities being committed in the name of Ethiopians.

    • Selamawit, I don’t have any problem with any one’s ethnic background. The reason I wrote this article is because the Woyannes keeps calling their opponents like me “Eritrean,” even though many of the Woyanne leaders themselves are Eritreans. I am not Eritrean, and even if I am, I do not see any thing wrong with it. I like Eritreans. They are proud, hard working people. My intention with this article is to show Woyanne’s hypocrisy.

  31. Anonymous on

    OMG! according Yonas Elias is an Eritrean! What is to be done Yoni? Should you disown him? Don’t be silly Elias is as Ethiopian as any one of us, probably MORE than you Yonas.

  32. Eritreawi on

    Elias; you sound insulted because Woyannes called you Eritrean, we Eritreans know you as Ethiopian, your ethnic background means nothing to us.

    Ethiopians as whole have ethnic problems that are deeply rooted and that precede the tribal Woyanne regime, unfotunately Ethiopia is not blessed with visionary leaders who treat all of Ethiopia’s ethnic groups with equality, instead your political leaders be it Woyannes or their opposition are trapped in ethnic politics.

    Just by posting this article you managed to get many Eritrea haters out of the holes to spew their hatred against the people of Eritrea. First and foremost the people you mentioned are not Eritreans but Ethiopians of Tigrayan origin, some of them grew up in Eritrea (because the largest immigrant group in Eritrea are Tigrayans). Plus there are Eritreans who betrayed their people and worked for Ethiopians regimes, that doesn’t make them Ethiopian, they are still Eritreans who betrayed their people.

    So Elias, cool it with ethnic baiting and work for uniting Ethiopians because when people like fail to unite the people you claim to belong your country will end up like Somalia is today, fractured beyond recognition and people killing each other because they simply belong to a different ethnic group.

    • HAILU. on


      Thanks to Menistu Hailemariam for where we are today. Ethiopia may be in pain but it will recover. Your prediction won’t matter.

  33. Michael on

    Ethiopia is still ruled under its enemies. Number one is Meles and the others are his associates who have taken the key governmental positions for 20 years including the security and intelligence units. All of them are half/full Eritreans. They work relentlessly to dismantle our country into pieces of ethnic regions as possible as they can. Looting its natural resources and money is their daily motive. They divided the country into Kilill based on language and ethnicity because of this system is easy to control any anti-government resistance to avoid. Since the people are divided according to language and ethnicity have no power to rise up in unison. This kind of tragic system is designed by both our country historical enemy’s Weyane and Shaebia. Nowadays, Both(Weyane and Shaebia) looks like enemy for each other, but this is their hidden internal system that many Ethiopians don’t understand their evil behavior. It is very surprising me when I hear Meles insults opposition parties like Andnet/Medrek, and Elias Kifle, “Yeshaebia-Nechlebash.” This is a tactic that Meles uses to cover his agency of Shaebia(Eritrean),if his words are true meaning if he doesn’t work to favor Eritrea on the expense of Ethiopia, why not he” nulls and voids” the illegal Alger’s agreement? “God Bless Ethiopia.”

    • please read to response I gave to someone earier which may highlight some of your concerns. Your argument that both Shaebia and TPLF have some kind of anti-Ethiopia hidden agenda defies logic. True, both cooperated in getting rid of Menghistu and Eritrea was liberated. What transpired after that was the works of Meles and his thugs-call them half Eritrean half Tigrean or whatever. By hook or crook, they’re ruling a country the world knows as Ethiopia.
      As to your last statement about the Algiers Agreement, your leader Meles, in his wicked diplomatic way called it”null & void”.
      As an Eritrean, I personally believe that he should (and he eventually will) comply with the Algiers agreement and accept the EEBC decision fully without ifs and buts. He should do so for two reasons. 1. The treaty clearly spells out that both parties, meaning Ethiopia and Eritrea, must accepts the boundry verdict as final and binding. 2. Badme and its environs are Eritrean territories occupied by Woyane-Ethiopia. Do you have a problem with that or are you one of the chouvenists who still deny the existence of independent Eritrea? Do you have anything sensible to say about the topic instead of bashing Eritrea and Eritreans? Does it bother you that Eritreans are allowed to have their say on the subject on a genuine Ethiopian website?

  34. What about others??
    1. Sebhate Nega –Half Eritrea
    2.Kedsen Nega—Half ERitrea
    3. Abay wolde- Tigray presedent–Eritrea

    God bless Ethiopia!!!!!

    • Andargachew on

      What a white lie. All of these people are Tigrians. If you have problems with them being tigrians, just face it. Otherwise, why don’t level all Tigrians are Eriteans. The fact is, if we go back in history, most Eritreans are from Axum (that is what Isayas said when asked about his ethinic back ground).

    • Fishekta Ameley on

      I guess everybody is Eritrean then. Is there any Ethiopian(by blood) left in this world??? As an Eritrean, I would say thanks for claming to be Eritrean but no thanks we don’t need you.

  35. Blessyou on

    Thank you Elias for the information. You should post the names of all of the high ranking
    officials who are from Eritrea, such as the late Kinfe G., Seyoum Mesfin,…

    The information will help build a bridge of understanding between Eritreans and Ethiopians who are suffering under both regimes. It also help Tigreans who blindly support the regime.If a serious study be conducted, we may probably find that both countries are led by very close relatives who are doing everything they can to stay in power.

    Just like most of you, it does not matter to me who rules over me as long as they are working for me! The problem is when I am governed by a group of people who do not have my best interest at heart, and probably do not like me for a good reason or no reason at all. I like to choose who should lead me, and it starts with knowing who the person is. I know many Ethiopian Eritreans who have very good intentions for the citizens of both countries. In fact the majority of all Ethiopians and Eritreans want to live in peace given the chance. But what has been done for the last fifty years continue to hurt the well being, and even survival of both nations.We must talk to each other and negotiate based on facts, and long term interests of both countries. Forget the fake agreement.

    Back to my point.To add to your list, let us look at the so called “AMHARA REGION”
    If you find any Amhara in ANDM including Addisu Legesse, and Tamirat Layne, do your homework and show me the proof. Almost all are close relatives of Legesse zenawi, mostly from his eritrean side of the family. You could say the same thing about TPLF’s high ranking officials. Almost all are from Eritrea like ANDM’s.
    When it comes to ANDM,almost all of the high ranking officials and high level cadres that operate in the region are members of EPLF and TPLF. Some high level cadres are non-Amhara, mostly from other ethnic groups. One thing in common about these high level cadres in the Amhara region: they hate …

    The children of Tigrai who think they are ruling Ethiopia are selected exclusively for their very low IQ. We also know that EPLF, and TPLF use the same low IQ criteria to choose other Ethiopians who held public office.

    If you are Ethiopian and you can think for yourself, and act according to your conscience, you will have little or no chance of doing your job right. If you do, it is a matter of time before you are dead, imprisoned, demoralized,or exiled. The majority of Ethiopians are languishing in their little prisons. They are doing what they have to do to survive.

    By the way, both EPLF and TPLF, are sworn enemies of Eritrea and Ethiopia. Judge them with their fruits. They are still and will remain best friends pretending to look like enemies and do not mind to wage propaganda wars, or sacrifice innocent citizens in a war game as long as it helps them remain in power.

    For all Ethiopians and Eritreans, may God Bless You!!!
    Our way out from these deep rooted economic, social, and may be psychological problems starts with prayer, and doing our part to secure our freedom, in particular to make sure that the next government(s) are elected by the people for the people. Above all if you get a chance, then elect citizens who firmly believe that their primary source of knowledge is the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. If you have no option, pray daily for who ever is elected by the people.

    One strategy to dislodge these ruthless tags is to pray for them! Lift up their names in prayer everyday and let them get the attention of the Almighty God, who can either change them for the better or remove them.

  36. I can see how this site has turned into an Eritrean room. It is becuase of your love and cooperation with them while you hate the Tigrians, and you delete their comments.

    About your post, most of them are lies, and of course there may be some people who are related by blood to Eritreans, but what they are doing and their feeling matters. They fought to free the oppressed people of Tigray and other Ethiopians for 17 years in the mountains and hills of Tigray. They paid a very huge sacrifice to accomplish this for Ethiopians, and they realized it. Whatever you write from behind the computer is a very simple thing for these brave fighters. They did a very miraculous thing during the fight against your favourite govenment (derge). And after that they are doing the best they can to change the country. If you are really Ethiopian, if you think they are dumb, ignorant, and if you really think the Ethiopian people are under oppression by woyane, why don’t you come and start fighting against them in jungles as they did unless you are doing some business? That is what these people did, and you have to know they were far better than you academically, and they could have gone to America or Europe and live a luxurious life. But, this is not what they chose at that time.

    You many not post this (while allowing the Eritreans to post whatever they want), but it doesn’t matter. At least, I know you or your friends will read it.

    Now and gain, they are not Eritreans (as many of your Eritreans fans confirmed in here). And evern if they were, it is their feeling that matters a lot, not the blood.

    May God save Ethiopia from people who don’t think about its people!

  37. Dagnew Haile on

    The fascist and racist dictator Meles Zenawi embraces and favours the Tigrigne speakers from the highlands of Eritrea because he believes that they are more superior in all aspects. Many Tigrayans accuse Meles Zenawi of crowning persons of Eritrean origin in many of his key government positions. The top invisible managers of Meles Zenawi`s business giants in the EFFORT are Eritreans and this is helping Meles to keep the secrets of his business empire. Meles also relies on Eritreans for advice and guidance because he finds more knowledge and competence in them. The Tigrayans who are known for their notorious hatred against the Amharas and envy against the favoured Eritreans can not do anything about it. They still prefer Meles because they believe that he is their only insurance and garantee against their enemies, the Amharas.

  38. samhar on

    @ Damo #23.

    Stop you blapping about Shabia Did this and shabia Did that In ethiopia after the liberation, you are lucky shabia didn’t flatten Ethiopia after what ethiopians did to Eritreans for 30 Years, if Eritrea were to sue Ethiopia for the damage done after 30 years Ethiopia would have all its natural resources empty today and still owing Eritrea for what it did.

    Elias Don’t give those worthless Tigrayan the Honour to be associated with being Eritrean, They are not Eritrean they wish they are they are merely Tigrayan who were born or raised in Eritrea due to their parent Migration, They love nothing less but to be called Eritrean even Today new fashion among them the “Half Eritrean half Tigrayan” Crap, The only one who is half eritrean is samora younis who his mother Is eritrean and father is from Tigray. To the Non tigrayan Ethiopian this Inferiority complex by the tigrayan is because for the last 500 Years the tigrayan who are Rejected to be Associated into the “Kebessa” Tribe have created a fantasy to Belonging or even associating with the Eritreans, even Meles Daughter “Fiona Shrek” Claims she has an eritrean Blood while every one knows she wished she had one drop of Eritrean blood running through her vein. To all the amhara/Oromo and other Non tigrayan Ethnic group in Ethiopia say hello again to the tigrayans, people who you would Help for decades and will kill you back when they return the favour, their twisted Hearts is famous for that.

    • Anonymous on


      “you are lucky shabia didn’t flatten Ethiopia after what ethiopians did to Eritreans for 30 Years”

      Hey you, the only way shabia can flatten Ethiopia is when it gets help from Mengistu Hailemariam who has killed 55 of its generals and thousands of its patriotic people only leaving the eritrean agents with in its rank to feed state secrets to shabia. You must be a low IQ to imagine a country as big as Ethiopia to compare it with one small part of itself (the Eritrean province)which was adulterated and subjugated with the worst type of colonialism. Yes we feel your pain for living in a deplorable human condition for 60 years and any bullshit you spit needs to be tolerated because of the traumatic experience you went through and we really deserve your desdain fro ingoring our blood brothers. Other than that your empty bravado doesn’t even qualify to feed your foolish pride. The future of Shabia is the future of illusion, confusion and devastation. If you think yoiu have a better IQ level of 50 or above, work on aquainting yourself with reality. Then you can say I am living in the real world.

      • Samhar on

        It’s you who have an low IQ, But guess what the joke is on you. How could a small tiny nation have 30,000 Soldiers occupying Addis from 1991-1993?? No need to talk about IQ here because we all know how well your people Fare when it comes to “IQ” SOME ACADEMICS EVEN comparing the score to the smartest Monkeys. Mengistu Ended Running from his country Lets not forget that, I don’t know how old are you but i Guess not old enough to know the chanting of ” Jegana Shabia” In addis Streets in 1991, But then again its not about Quantity But quality so you can think all you want the fact remains that when shabia had the chance they were big enough to leave you in the hands of a certified Greedy twisted Tigrayans.

        • Tazabi on

          why did Eritrea loose the 1998-2002 war against Weyane miserably? why coulden’t you now repossess Bademe , a dusty town awarded to you by the UN boundary commission ? Your mumbo-jumb is far from reality and lacks credibility. However it is clear to see you have been severely hurt psychologically , physically and economically by Weyane/ Tigray. They managed to humiliate you like nobody else in history.

  39. wey gud on


    the 5 year development plan is actually to form Greater Tigray. We Ethipians have not been doiing our homework keepping eye hawk on both TPLF and Eritreans. If ER what you post is true, I am afraid it is very concerning for Ethiopia why an Eritrean who wanted independence from Ethiopia are rulling Ethiopia. How can Opposition groups and ethiopians fail to make this public to the world, ethiopains and their supporters, West. This is very dangerous and it should not be taken lightly. They can actually accomplish this now that they have amassed billions of dollars and development. When are we going to wake up? Eritreans have experience being independent and they know that they are not economically viable without being part of Ethiopia so indeed they will be more than happy ALL Eritreans will support this agenda.

    wake up, wake up, wake up. being silent will not take us anywhere. Are we goig to resist when they are finally on the way of forming Greater Tigray, which by then will be too late? The reason they don’t like Isaayas is probably for minor reason and there is no guarantee that Issayas and Meles are not going to make amend. Read the Indian Ocean News where it says Issayas and Meles are in secret talk. Either Issayas will be part of the plan or he will be out. It is true for him, it is better if he is part of the plan.

  40. Mengistu on

    Non of the bastards you mentioned above are Eritreans. They are all Tigreans who at one point in their life begged on the streets of beautiful Asmara.

  41. Anonymous on

    This is indeed another tragic incident that the mercenary group is using to kill real Ethiopians and filling the gap with new breeds of the same people that its telling us is fighting against. How ironic is that they are bringing more Eritreans into our country on a daily basis and at the same time labelling and killing Ethiopians as Eritreans???
    The best think that ever happened to Ethiopia under this cruel and Mafia regime is the disagreement of shabia and weyane on who loots more and what, followed by their full scale war. Remember that the war has nothing to do about territory or defending Ethiopian interests. It was all about looting Ethiopia, its economy, jobs, investments etc. I just can’t forget how the Eritreans in Addis used to slander and do what ever they want against Ethiopians in hour own home, and get away with it, which they are still doing by the way. The whole TPLF Mafia are eritreans and only there to destroy what is left Ethiopian and build Eritrea. Under no circumstance would an Ethiopian, after such terrible war that perished hundreds of thousands innocent Ethiopians, allow and finance Eritreans again to roam in Ethiopian universities while millions of Ethiopians have no access to one meal a day.
    TPLF never even raised the issue of access to the sea during their arbitration, so how could a sensible person believe these thugs are fighting against shabia to protect Ethiopia?

  42. Anonymous on

    I know for sure for a long time Bereket Simon is 100% Eritrean. What amased me about this guy is hearing his aticulate flawless tgrigna comand in dmsi woyn/VOA radio. It just sounds exactly the accent of hard core shaebia cadres such as the Askalu Menqerioses and Abdu Alis. Even the one of shaebia’s top diaspora propogandist Sophia Tesfamariam does not speak like him neverthless the fact that both of them grew up outside of Eritrea. By the way, they are also both from the same village of Tse’azega, a walking distance of the Asmera suburb. It’s the home of the fearless Zeray Deres, the pride of all oppressed people!

    • Anonymous on

      you are right, but his mother is suspected of tgrean parentage. Chief Abera who joined the the Ethiopians to fight against the facist italians was also from that village. The fact remains the ovewhelming Askaris and kumandus were from the Eritreean kebessa region particularly the hamassien province.

  43. It does not matter as such who is Tigrean and who is Eritrean.
    What matters most for me is that what recent history and fact is witnessing is that most of Tigirigna speaking northerners,both Tigreans and and Eritreans,are indeed so problematic peoples and causing and creating such tremendous chaos and destruction to the rest of the innocent and peaceful populace.And hence i am not as such happy with all of them and i do not trust them.They are usually acting as treacherous stooges for foreign forces.They are writing such a shameful and tragic history for generations to come ahead.That is what is most meaningful and significant fact for me.

  44. Eritrawi on

    To my ethiopian friends. It is time to stand up & fight these son of b.
    We eritrean have no love for this guys. It is time to join hand and finish them.

  45. #39 — You are right this site is becoming an Eritrean website. By allowing the Eritrean Isayas followers to talk as if they were disciples of peace, by cooperating with them to harm Ethiopia, Elias is proving himself that he is doesn’t care about Ethiopia. This why many Ethiopians doubt your real Ethiopianess, and they are right (even if you are not).

    To the Eritrean Isayas supporters, I have this to say to you. It is known that Eritrea first ivaded Badme, and this has never been an issue for you blind supporters. Isayas sword that the sun would stop its natural cylcle if its military could be defeated and you know what it turn out to be. After you were defeated by the gallant Ethiopian fighters in badme, barentu, tesenei, and sen’afe, your master immediately called for a cease fire, and a peace agreement to be signed in Algeris. Of course, Meles committed a big mistake at that time to accept the deal, because Isayas was running to save his ass. Your dream to be a strong milirtary power in the horn of Africa has been broken once for all. And that is why Isayas always tries hard to distablize Ethiopia, to make Ethiopia weak, so that what you dream can be true. And it is sad that Elias doesn’t realize this fact, and he is cooperating with you guys (knowingly or unknowingly) in the pretext of fighting woyane, and that is why the woyanes lable him Eritrea or Eritrean agent.

    For Elias, it is your right to stand against the current government of Ethiopia. But, please be with Ethiopians who believe change can come by Ethiopians only. There are many options to do it rather than cooperating with the Eritreans. Just forget them, they have chosen to live alone.

    • to #39 and #49
      maybe you should leave this website alone
      and go back to your websites walta and

    • Samhar on


      What Gallant Ethiopian forces??? Hace you been to bademe before, Let alone derg with their mighty army couldn’t hold it against few ELF fighetrs with rifles, americans would have a hard time defending bademe against Alshabab fighters on a back of a pick up truck, bademe is flat you can’t defend bademe, the fact that it held for 2 years was even suprising eritreans themselves, From bademe to the Terrian of barentu its undefendable, That is why when the ethiopian forces broke through they discovered that only 6 platoons were defending the line there and the real force were stationed and set up a line just after barentu, why don’t you talk about what happened in barentu 3 days after bademe? you lost close to 8000 soldiers in less than 10 Hours and turned back. What happened In adi quala?? Tsorona?? Asseb??

      PS ethiopian forces never made it to senafe stop lying, the whole central region the ethiopians didn’t even move an inch, for ethiopian army to reach senafe you would need at least 1 million dead ask mengistu he had nightmares fighting illy equipped elf soldiers

      • Reppi on

        Small minds can not see the big picture, which is the recolonizing of Africa by people who became dependent on Africa’s resources.
        Instead of uniting and preparing for the coming invasion of our continent we squabble over our differences.
        Despite the differences between Africans,We(all Africans) have one thing in common; we are targeted for occupation by external enemies.
        What this external enemies are looking for is to play on group against another. Why don’t we set our differences aside and create a united front until we stop the west from recolonizing the continent again.

        • hey semhar wake up and smell coffe.u say the badame war won by eri? u live in denail world. that is ur culture. weyane is sitting more than 50 kilometer inside eri after war for many years now.i didn’t see any sawa chikens comin and kick them out .just lick ur wound and live with it.

  46. Why are Erireans furiou about being the modern colonizers of Ethiopia. There will be a time that Ethiopia being ruled by true Ethiopians who care about the national integrity as well as unity of Ethiopia.Ethiopians will accept anyone no matter of his ethnicity who believes in Ethiopian unity .I don’t know why Eritreans want to fool Ethiopians again .

  47. Weslata woyannee! on

    It is not hard to figure out that Meles and his cronies are not Ethiopians. These TPLF mafia group are in Ethiopia to rob and make themselves rotten rich and leave some left over crumbs for Ethiopians. And they have been doing just that for the last 20 years. If they were Ethiopians and love their country and fellow Ethiopians, no way in the world these penniless woyannes could have become multimillionaires and billionaires over night running one of the poorest countries in the world. It is just impossible! If they were Ethiopians, and love their mother land Ethiopia and their fellow Ethiopians, they could have improve the lives of Ethiopians in many ways, the school system, the health system, work towards to eradicate hunger, etc. and they wouldn’t have taken the struggling country to unnecessary war, torture, kill, loot, give and sell the most fertile land to foreigners.

  48. well don’t cry now. Amharas time is over and it is tigres time now. Get use to it or hung yourself. I am Eritrean myself, I wish we get meles and you take Isayas.

    • Anonymous on

      Your weak argument shows that you are uninformed individual and definitely one of those Eritrians who got brainwashed by the most racist dictator Essayass. In the past, Amharas never controlled every department of Ethiopian government as your TPLF cousins control Ethiopia at the present time. Did you even know that Haileselassae came from a family of Amharas, Guragaes, Oromos and Christians and Muslims? Do you know that Mengestu is not 100% Amhara? FYI–just because people communicate in Amharic, it doesn’t mean they are Amharas.

    • #53
      You are stinking woyanne who wanna be eritrean. Elias is right, we all know you woyannes suffer from inferiority complex so bad.

  49. Elias: you hit the thugs again as usual; the whole faray behind weyanes, “Eritrea this and Eritrea that or shaebia this or shaebia that”, is to look as they are true Ethiopians who now hates shaebia when the whole world knows ones upon a time they were Eritreans and shaebians. They are running out of lies and Susan Rice is now becoming the person who protects weyanes thugs from the wrath of Ethiopians, Eritreans, Somalians, and soon Kenyans; HOWEVER, THE BLOOD OF INNOCENT ETHIOPIANS, ERITREANS, SOMALIANS, AND NOW KENYANS WILL HAUNT THEM FOR MANY GENERATIONS TO COME.

  50. Berhane Gebru on

    As an Eritrean, I take offense when it is suggested Esias Woldegiorgis to be Eritrean.No true son of Eritrea will exhibit the immorality, brutality and shameless cowardice to his own people like this idiot.He is from Adwa. His main religion is hatred of Eritreans. His hobby is extortion of wealth from any Ethiopian. The International Court of Justice must have a fat file about this coward.

  51. Legese Gebreslase on

    When we talk of Ethiopia we mean Tigray, Amhara, Oromo, Ogaden Somalia, etc… So why du you bother if we take care of Eritrea to be part of Tigrai by organizing the Eritrean Opposition and take over the administration in Asmara as part of Tigrai. We are gaining not losing. That means again Eritrean will be part of our ruling body. Just be silent do you jobs in the USA, canada or Europe. Give us time. we will show you how to play politics of Abai Tigrai including Eritrea. Elias and his web-site will deminish when his dream are remain dreams. …

    • Legese you are dreaming big time, we know your master got to aratkilo by talking like you not by working hard. You wait for your day of crying to come.

  52. Adanech on

    These woyane leaders have an identity crisis. They fought for 29 1/2 years to divide their country Ethiopia, so know they become the victim of identity crisis. Since these two evils woyane and shabia came to power we are living in darkness, but this eclipse darkness will be for ever.

    • Adanech on

      These woyane leaders have an identity crisis. They fought for 29 1/2 years to divide their country Ethiopia, so know they become the victim of identity crisis. Since these two evils woyane and shabia came to power we are living in darkness, but this eclipse darkness will not be for ever.

  53. Amare101 on

    Elias, thank you very much for the info. We need more info like this. Keep up the good job.

  54. Abebe Tamru on

    Legese a Tipical Tigai thinking, is a war hunger. Let us live for the future. Elias is exposing Woyane´s identity crises, he is right.
    Eritrean are ruling Ethiopia. On the other hand they are bleming Eritea ( Essayas ). I can see the struggle is between Eritrean in ERitrea nad those with Woyane.
    In their drama played in E-TV, Woyane is undermining the Iteligence of Ethiopians by claiming to be the right hand of Eritrean Esayas Shabeaya

    We have to show Woyane we can changes his regime and built a true peoples Government either way.

  55. Asmerom on

    Non of them are eritrean by blood. they parents migrated to Eritrea. today is the biggest day for them since they were called Eritreans which they yearn to be all their life

  56. Anonymous on

    I’m really loosing all the respect that I had for these people called tigre. When are they going to wake-up and restore their dignity the dignity of our country? Once proud heroes who never surrendered to white colonizers and Ethiopian enemies are now being played by these evil mercenary Italian leftovers. Their ignorance has destroyed everything we used to be proud of. Addis Abeba is again filled with new Eritreans just like 91. We should know that those Eritreans who are studding in our universities on the expense of the starving Ethiopians will be replacing bereket, meles and all other mercenaries. Its a well calculated plan to continue bleeding our country. Its beyond me why Ethiopians atleast question this grand evil plan. Eritrea is now a neighboring country just like Somali, Djibouti and sudan. Whey is TPLF sponsoring thousands of Eritreans in Ethiopian universities? Why not for the others? Don’t we have close to a million somalians and hundreds of thousands of south Sudanese? ?? When are we going to unite and destroy these Mafias before they completely destroyed us?

      • Bewnetu on

        It does not burn any sane individual to have an Eritrean whore & Shabia spy as a wife. Even Derg’s military officials and politicians used to shag these hookers in Asmara in exchange for state secrets. This is why Derg lost many important battles against Tigrain-led Shabia.

  57. Anonymous on

    Dear Elias,

    I have observed that you promote the shaebia propaganda that Tigreans suffer from inferiority complex. If Tigreans do suffer from inferiority complex, no other ethnic group in Ethiopia, including eritrea,the renegade province of Ethiopia, can claim superiority. Look, Tigreans invented Ethiopia; so the notion that Tigreans are inferior is simply fallacious, and can only stem from people who have broken hearts and felt deeply hurt by the Tigreans in power.

    Tigreans never mention of being superior or inferior. Inferior people cannot dare to take State Power. Listen to Professor Tesfation Medhane’s speech, if your eritrean wife can help in translating Tigrigna to Amharic.

    If you cannot think for your self, then you cannot claim to be an independent media outlet. If you want to be taken for an independent person, think for yourself, don’t just repeat the same boring shaebia propaganda.

    Tigreans cannot feel inferior, especially to those who were their subjects for millennia.


    Your reader.

  58. Ali Salm on

    Elias do you know your bos Issayas Afewerki is from Temben in Tigray. The rest Yemane G/Ab, Hagos Kisha and Abreha Kas(Gojjamie) are all from tigray. Take care. You have to know were you land your leg. Teregabi

  59. I agree 100% with what Elias is saying. It is threat, inferiority complex and “the Greater Tigray issue”. It is true Elias is not Eritrean, and the people mentioned can be Eritrean or as I read on the comments above half Eritrean half Ethiopian.
    As a history student I say, this people are the same people, Abyssinians. Especially, the people of the North. Also if we follow the recent history (The last 40/50 years when the military moved to the Northern part of the region) we observed a new generation with mix race. This can be good or bad I don’t know. So, who is calling who Ethiopian, Eritrean, Eritrean Ethiopian? THINK! This shouldn’t be the point.
    Eritrean issue is not the different peoples issue, it is the colony issue. Go read the UN record, Go read the AU/OAU agreement. The people had the right to do what they wish .
    It was the miss handling of the Etio. Previous leaders caused the bloody war before, and it was almost forgotten. Well, now Mr. Meles wants to create permanent Enemy not only Eritrea including others.
    Guys, he is having a conference in Awasa this week with people against Isaias to organize them how to fight Isaias. So, what is wrong if Berhanu Nega talked with Isaias? Sorry, His Poor Psychology is not going to take him any where.

  60. weditigrai on

    NO ifs or Buts….

    if the Tigreans who invented Geez Fidel, built axum monument, destroyed Elias’s forefathers, and the shabian, felt “inferiority complex” then there is no one who can claim superiority in Ethiopia/eritrea and in the black race in general::

    Did you forget guys? when TPLF marched to Addis from all directions, so many of Elias’s bro and sis,had started to claim they were “half Tigrean” yeap thats right!

    ene eko “be enate Tigre negn” that was the famous sentence.

    • tezibt on

      Even TPLF admitted that if it wasnn’t for the help from the Amhara farmers TPLF would never make it to ADDIS. So do you have two passports, Ethiopian and Tigrayan. I though we are all Ethiopians and brothers and sisters. Please educate us more. doubt it though if you really are Ethiopian.

    • That is exactly right Weditirai. We never have an inferiority or superiority complex. We are just proud and brave Ethiopians, and we will always be, and this is big challenge and nightmare for Elias, and the Eritrean isayas Supporters. To the true Ethiopians, Tigrians are known to be the true Ethiopians. This is the solid fact!

    • Samhar on

      “if the Tigreans who invented Geez Fidel, built axum monument, destroyed Elias’s forefathers, and the shabian, felt “inferiority complex” then there is no one who can claim superiority in Ethiopia/eritrea and in the black race in general::”

      Tigrayan Neither invented Fidal lita Nor are agazians, how could you invent a writing system that was used 2000 years before you learnt how to write it??? how could you claim you are agazian when you didn’t speak the language prior to 400AD??? YOUR are beggars adopting something and claiming it as yours, Even halisalise said it the writing, langauge, Culture and early hitory belong to those from Eritrea.

      One more thing Please stop speaking tigrigna 500 years and you can’t still get used to it stick with your ancient habesh mother tongue Leave the Geez for the agazians. Tigray is and always will be remmebered as the slave centre for the habesh yemeni’s, even today yemeni in Tigray are regarded as kings while In Eritrea as a foriegner and an ancient Foe of the agazians, Habesh had a deep inferiority Feelings towards the agazians, what we seeing today is the Tigrayans who are a an agew wannabe Habesh feeling inferior to the Eritrean mainly Agazians, Tigrayan habesh adopted geez to speak while abandoning their sabean Tongue, Tigrayan habesh adopted the fidal lita and stopped using their own sabean scripts, Tigrayan habesh even adopted tigrigna which was created by one of the mightiest Agazian Clan the belew kelew, and Today Elias Made them Hear what they have been wanting to hear for the Last 3000 Years, They are of agazian Blood, of The mighty Old Himyarite Clans…One thing to say though THEY F******ING WISH.

      • Tazabi on

        Tigray is the origin of Ethiopia and Habesha culture in general. Geez was indeed from Tigray and was invented by Ethiopian Orthodox church which undeniably started in Axum. The Your mumbo-jumbo means nothing but a delusion of grandeur. You can not create fact. There is no country called Eritea until Italians came in the late 1880. Before that Tigrans were your masters. Alula established Asmara and he was a fearless and harsh ruler of Bahre NEgash. Then Italians became your colonizers. All Tigrinia speaking people in Eritrea are migrants from Tigray and some of them even have Amhara origin from Gondar. Muslim Eritreans aka Jeberties are all Tigreans expelled and/or persecuted during Emperor Yohannes and many still claim their families in Tigray.

        It is you Tigtrinia speaking people who are confused with an identity crisis. Tigrians now rule both in Ethiopia and Eritrea (Issayas Aforki and all his surrounding stooges are good Tigrans).

        A colonizer and a ruler can not suffer inferiority complex. But in the opposite those who had been abused by their colonial masters -Italians and Tigrians – do suffer such psychological disorder .

        It is however easy to understand your pain and agony. Tigrins in Ethiopia humiliated you like no body else in histry. They humiliated you in war, Confiscated all your ill-earned property and expelled your compatriots form Ethiopia and now they are keeping you hostage and strangulating your tiny country both economically and politically.

        LAST thing, Things have changed for ever and nothing will bring back those days prior to 1998.

    • what is the difference? on

      Help me to understand. What is the difference between a pure Tigray (perhaps like you), a pure Eritrean or a mixed one? I do not see any difference at all. Nowadays, most of them are merceless, cruel and selfish individuals who profit from the suffering of other Ethiopians or Africans. They do not have a bit of simpathy, sense of belongingness or vision of nation building. I wish I would be wrong!

  61. United We Stand on

    Ladies and gentlemen, lets not bulshit each other, ok? Whether the shaebia and woyane cadres like to believe it or not we have hard evidence of historical commonality no matter our minor ethicties and religious differences. That means our honorable ancestors were busy hooking up inside their humble hdmos/gojos or under the shady of trees/caves accompied with fresh natural air when the world was borderless. Quite frankly, i miss dearly such eras with full of freedom without dummy poleticains and crooked puppets.
    My point is entermarrying across the lines of racial, tribal and religion is good move for it evetually brings humanity closer to peace. After all, isn’t the habesha dicks and pussies having it hot&heavy as we speak in all over the globe blessing us along with more cute mullato kids? This shows the earth is getting smaller for the better folks. My priceless advise to the new generations is ‘hell with the racists, just bring on and enjoy responsibly your tiny existance on this cruel planet of ours while it lasts. Remember, variety is good!’
    I think we need to concentrate about beneficial to society other than digging out one’s ancestory unless ofcourse some wicked anti unity entities are wishing to cash on from our meaningless differences.
    Believe me, only asswholes with narrow minds, the ones gratuates of the Dedebit School Of Deceptions love discusing in such a silly issues to say the least.
    As far i’m concerned, as long the Big-Chair holder governs good without any discrimination, corruption, human right violation ,etc…who the f”k cares regarding her/his background.

  62. samhar
    Please, stay in Sawa!!

    Elias, I did not realize that your website has been infested by agents of Shabia until I received a compliant from one of them. This website is supposed to be a forum where Ethiopians discuss their internal issues, and find a way to eliminate TPLF parasites from the yolk of our people. I do not understand why Eritreans are interested in issues
    that do not concern them. There is one other web site that I frequently visit. Unfortunately, that web site has been infected by TPLF parasites. Please, Elias, ask the Shabian to stay way from this site. Otherwise, I will consider you as half Eritrean and half Yemeni. And you will be added to the above list of Eritrean mercenaries.

    • Samhar on

      @ Damo

      When Eritrea is being mentioned we have the right to be here, Our fathers Paid blood for us to be in this position, If you don’t like it well you can start by asking Elias not to associate these a**me with Being Eritrean, Its disgusting to labell Tigrayan as eritrean, One more thing Damo Nothing wrong with Sawa, better than shipping your kids to Pedophile around the world or even Having your daughters become the cheapest Maid/sex slave in arab countries.

    • Gudus on

      “I do not understand why Eritreans are interested in issues that do not concern them”

      What a stupid comment. Mr. Damo, go back and read the title of Elias’s article first and determine if it concerns Eritreans or not. Elias implicated the Eritrean background of the thugs who are “mis”leading Ethiopia. And, Eritreans have every right to respond to the article. If someone dumps a bagful of garbage in your backyard claiming it’s yours, you can’t just sit idly and suffer the consequences (i.e illness from the contamination). You must prove to whoever is dumping the trash that it doesn’t belong to you and see that he clean up the mess. Considering the physica and psychological harm they hav and continue to inflict on Eritreans, I know I was too kind to label the Woyane thugs as “garbages”. But, that’s the only name I can come up with everytime I think of. One last thing, Damo! Don’t get irritated and insult Elias for allowing people of different background to express their view on a given subject, including Eritreans like me. In other words, GROW UP!!!!

  63. aberra on

    Elias, I think you heard your accusers wrong. They never said you are Eritrean; what they repeatedly accused you of is working for the government of Eritrea or in Meles’ words working as “nech lebash” for Asmara. You could dispute that but that’s the exact accusation.

  64. letme ask on

    Dear readers

    who is Ethiopian by the way? can someone define plainly Ethiopianess? And who is working hard to incorporate the whole region? What is the meaning of UNITY? is it territorial or sharing resource or what …? could some one explain to me? by the way I was born in Adu Genet(Ethiopia) and Evicted in 1998 cos my origin is from Eritrea funny huh(kingdoom of Ethiopia..that is my believe). Before you point your finger please watch out on the rest of your finger..

  65. Tazabi on

    Ato Elias,

    No body really thinks you are Eritrean (not sure about your wife). It is only being said you are pro Shabia and promote their agenda to achieve your own political objective.

    Apart from this , the issue is not whose father is from Gondar or whose mother is from Saudi-arabia, so you are missing the main point here. And I can assure you the information you gave about the identity of Weyanes is fatally wrong, except Meles and Bereket. But is Issayas Aforki of Eritrea 100 % Tigrian- including most of his ministers and Generals).

    The issue between Tigrians & Tigrinia speaking Eritreans is both complex and very simple. This people share same heritage and history but have developed different identity over time. The animosity between them originates mainly from their desire to dominate the entire region economically, politically and militarily. And guys like yourself are stuck somewhere in the middle. At the moment Tigreans appear to have the upper hand as a result Eritreans are suffering physically, psychologically and economically.Remember it is only Tigrians who deflated their ego and unsubstantiated self-pride which is backed by nothing other than their sub-ordinate colonial history. Tigrians humiliated them in wars, confiscated their properties and expelled them from Ethiopia and now working 24/7 for a UN sanction against their country. Diplomatically they have managed to alienate Ertirea and succeeded in labeling their country as a terrorist sponsoring nation linked to Alshabab and AlQaida.

    Hence , If there is an issue of an inferiority complex, then a rational person would assume it is the oppressed, colonized and defeated people who can suffer from such a psychological disorder not the opposite.

    • Anonymous on

      After reading all the comments I came to the conclusion

      Woyane is anything to anybody to do the bidding of Arabs that hired it.

      Shabiya is the extension of the Italian fascists’ Askaris that did not forgave Ethiopia for humiliating defeat.

      There is no Eritrean but Tigrans speaking people under Italian occupation

      There cannot be pride in being Eritrean like there is no pride being under a fascist colonial rule that consider the people subhuman, unless Eritreans accept they are subhuman and pretend everything is good and dandy.

      Woyane can not represent Tigrians unless the people accept they are traitorous Bandas of a foreign enemy that have no regard for their people and country.

      What we experience in Ethiopia is Bandas mostly from Northern Ethiopia ruling the country with the help of the Fascists and the Arabs to rewrite history of Ethiopia in their favor.

      What we see on this forum are the cadres of Shbiya and Woyane Askaris that make sure the Fascist and the Arabs succeed in their aim to destroy Ethiopia again. And anyone that believe there is two countries and Shabiya and Woyane are liberators than hired mercenaries is a. ignorant of who he is b. he is a mercenary paid to do his job c. inferior to believe he is anything but Ethiopian.

      Therefore, there is no need to waste time and energy going back and forth with worthless individuals that pretend to be something that does not exist by making up stories and history to accomplish what they paid for.

    • Anonymous on

      You are wrong Tazabi. (If you are the same person as Tizibt) People who have been colonized and opressed fight to get rid of the opressor developing a strong sense of identity and belief in their ability to free themselves. In your haste to denigrate Eritreans, you belittled your own Weyanes. I thought the struggle of the people of Tigray was agains the opression and the neglect they experienced from Ethiopia’s leaders, Emperor Haile Selassie and the Derg. By your logic, since the people of Tigray experienced opression, they feel inferior too!

  66. Anonymous on

    all self declared current Ethiopian officials are killer, mercenaries, ignorant, inhuman…They all deserve Qaddafi’s fate.

  67. Mulugheta T. on

    Hello Elias (the Lion),
    you are absolutely right. Woyane has a an Eritrea-phobie. Even if a child do not want to go school there must be Shaebia behind it for Woyane. Meles and co. have a mental problem and I am sure they lay the whole night awake in case Isayas does not come personally in their bedroom. But they forget one thing and that is that the Ethiopian people are heroic people and will give Woyane soon what they deserve.
    Ethiopian are peaceful and intelligent people who can see far beyond their noses. And as such, I am deadly sure that we will live in peace with all our neighbours and work together for the betterment of the whole people in the region. And this can only be achieved without Woyane. Woyane has looted our country and enough is enough.
    We must follow the example of YENESEW. His death must not be for nothing.

  68. Anonymous on

    Must read !

    One of the forgotten aspects of land investment is the preferential treatment that Tigrayans seem to get when
    it comes to land investment. The governing party, the EPRDF is made up of representatives largely from the
    Tigray region. When the Derg fell in 1991, the Tigray Peoples’s Liberation Front (TPLF) took control, forming the
    EPRDF and setting the stage for preferential treatment of the TPLF cadres and other Tigrayan elites ever since.
    It is widely perceived that the Tigray receive beneficial treatment in relation to investment, are given land freely,
    and receive preferential access to credit. All but one of the domestic investors that we visited were from the
    Tigray region, and several spoke of the ease of acquiring land and of securing credit. One regional government
    official in Gambella estimated that 75 percent of the domestic investors in Gambella were from Tigray. Many of
    these Tigray investors seem to have limited, if any, farming experience. Many of them seemed to be engaged
    primarily in land clearing and charcoal production activities, while others were farther along in production. There
    is also a perception that Tigrayans are being given land across the lowlands in order to crowd out indigenous
    populations, to build EPRDF support in the rural areas and eventually dominate regional government offices. In
    many of the regional government offices that we visited in the lowlands, Tigrayans held most of the positions.
    In those regions most of the businesses are owned by the Tigrayans (and other Highlanders to a lesser degree),
    and almost all of the domestic agricultural investment lands are held by the Tigrayans.


  69. wisdom on

    Top 10 reasons why woyane TPLF junta doesn’t care about Ethiopia.

    1. They sell Ethiopian babies for $10,000.
    2. They sel Ethiopian land to any bidder. The latest I heard was Nigeria.
    3. They are destroying Ethiopian culture by Allowing gays/homosexuals to gather in addis to gain UN AIDS fund.
    4. There are over 100,000 prostitutes to serve the OAU monkies.
    5. They have destroyed ethnic clensing among ethiopians (AMARA, OROMO e.t.c)
    6. They made all this fake NGO companies to deplete ethiopian wealth.
    7. They never claim Eritrea is Ethiopian.
    8. All the thugs (TPLF leaders) are Bastards of unknown father with no identity
    9. They all have very low inferiority complex of Eritrean.
    10. They rig all the elections to favor the thugs.

    God Bless Ethiopia

    • Anonymous on

      to answer your #5 list, i can recall my classmate back in college telling me how lots of money he used to make by hooking the Adis girls with any diplomats especially Africans. I guess, you can honestly say that he was being corrpt like the woyanes.

  70. Dear Elias, it is true that Tigraian have Obsession with Eritra and they suffer inferiory complex BUT you can not call them Eritrean or Half Eritrean most of them were born in eritre, they are son of B…and they used to beg during the DERG era on street of Asmara and they were already Shi.., they used to spy eritrean in Asmara pro Mengustu regim…keep them in Ethiopia cos. they are Eth.

    • moses kiing on

      MIMI, treat them with some respect since now they are in positions of government

  71. Anonymous on

    The TPLF politburo is full of Eritreans where are the Tigreans. It is shocking to see this…

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