Dam Bond sale falls flat

Once again, the attempt by Ethiopia’s khat-addicted dictator to sale bond to Ethiopians in the Diaspora in the name of building dam fails to generate even 5% of the expected revenue, according to Ethiopian Review’s investigation.

The first campaign to sell bond in the Diaspora was launched a couple of years ago under the name “Millennium Corporate Bond,” which failed, according to the World Bank’s Sonia Plaza (read here).

The new campaign was launched under the name “Renaissance Dam Bond” with all the Woyanne ruling party apparatus lining up behind it. The problem is that even the Woyanne businessmen and cadres themselves are not willing to buy the bond. Because they know that it has no value and the project is fake. The Egyptians also know that it is fake. That is why they are keeping quite.

So far, the Woyanne junta has succeeded in selling less than $1 million worth of bonds after spending almost as much money for meeting halls, travel, and accommodations. For example, in Dallas, Texas, the Woyanne junta collected $100,000 from some opportunist businessmen who own properties in Ethiopia, but the delegates spent over $20,000 to organize the bond sale. In Minneapolis last month, they sold 0 bond after protesters confronted them. The cost for the Minneapolis bond sale event is also estimated to be about $20,000.

The “Renaissance Dam” project will cost close to USD $5 billion, according to Woyanne’s own budget. It will be impossible for Woyanne to raise this much money, and has no intention to do so.

“Renaissance Dam” has two objectives for Woyanne:

1. Propaganda, i.e., divert attention from the real problems facing Ethiopians; and

2. Collect money to pay for the junta’s machinery of repression.

64 thoughts on “Dam Bond sale falls flat

  1. wey-wey on

    Thanks elias for the investigative reporting. But opportunists or even gullible Ethiopians will always be taken for a ride by the con artists of the Horn.

  2. optimist on

    Hi elias give it a break about the dam man! You said the dam is fack, so why you care how much money they raise. The truth is it hurt you when weyane get more approval because they are doing something good to chnge the country. I suggest you focuse on another issues.

    • Anonymous on

      Hey dummy,
      first learn how to spell…hodam like you will pay a great deal when the time comes.

        • ermias on

          driving taxi is a job and there is nothing wrong with it but trying to belittle fellow Ethiopian is pure ignorant. just for your information, i rather live in a welfare than under the woyane repressive junta.

        • You are either cactus expert or simply doomed to fell on woyannes trap which is looting like Elias told you to pay for his machinery of repression ,if you are willing to get knowledge that is the fact and the whole topic is not for you if you are woyanne or ferfari lekami.That is for Ethiopians not even for the once who are financing woyanne for his repression machinery and who has been investing during the Ethiopians sufferance are in line with woyanne as traitors and will pay the price as ethiopia have had such peoples in its thousand year history like the ascaris during the italian invasion and many more and those peoples are the modern ascaris who are buying bonds from woyanne and pay the price in both ways now by woyanne and after freedom by Ethiopian peoples.

  3. Tolossa on

    Elias your idiocy and animal mentality is amazing. You just wont stop will you? You are just a nauseating disgusting bloodsucking parasite. Admit it. Just admit your another racist hodam burning in absolute jealousy at the fact that a non Amhara has been in power for nearly 2 decades. That Ethiopian flag on this website is not yours. You do not belong to the Ethiopian nation, for no child of Ethiopia goes and racially taunts, mocks and insults other ethnic groups especially the Tigray ethnic group the way your website is. Whether you like it or not, you losers will have no choice but to watch us Ethiopians build our country brick by brick stone by stone, while you like the Ascaris of 1935, cowardly flee the country and support our enemies.

    This article is another shame disgrace to journalism. Like the “top 10 richest” article and the “Eritrean leaders in TPLF article” no sources, no research.

    That link of Sonia Plaza actually says that the millenium bond sales werent as high as expected but that the new Renaissance bond has a lot of hope as conditions were made to facilitate details and ease restrictions. She said that it was even a newer better idea.

    But of course you ignored that. And you used the “Ethiopian review intelligence unit” as a source. We know all that is is you and your fellow lazy pathetic disgusting racists eating chips drinking beer with no females ever approaching you as you spend day after day on the internet praying for something bad to happen to Ethiopians in order to carry out the orders from Asmara.

    You forget the beating you recieved from Sheikh Al Amoudi for your lies and sourceless mockeries of journalism.

    Ethiopians for Ethiopia
    Parasites for so called Ethiopianreview.com

    We WILL finish the Renaissance Dam. Just watch us.

    Haters keep crying
    Ethiopians will never stop moving.

    Good night losers.

    • Tolossa

      Freedom of speech and expression is the most fundamental right that all citizens must have. Why are you angry at Elias and the Diaspora for expressing their opinions?

      • Gebre medhih on

        Tolossa r u tolossa? u better say hagos. but enjoy dreaming. but believe or not ethiopia will be free soon. we will talk then.

      • Anonymous on

        Well freedom of speech fundamental as you said it, yet again Elias and his likes are the ones denying freedom of speech even without having holding any sort of power. By looking at how they filter opinion of people and only want to feed their own opinion (modernizing as they call it)i sometimes worry what would these guys do when they hold on governing task. I mean being democrat is a state of mind, these guys haven’t got any bit of it.

        one other suggestion i would like to give is, Elias Make your stories reliable. if they went far and become irrational, rational people would find it a bit eh… put your emotion under control and try to write sensible stories. Otherwise you will not be any different from Woyane.

        • Esuyawkal on

          I think you are 100 percent right. Ethiopian review is full of false information. I have to stop reading this trash. I know there are a lot corruption in the govrnment of Ethiopia. But when it comes to
          Renaissance Dam we have to help to make the dream come true. What ever we can, we have to help for the sake of Ethiopia.

      • Elias you make me puik!! Why don’t u shat your big mouth!!!! F***k you! F******************k uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

    • Anonymous on


      Are you calling Elias an Ascari?
      Sons and daughters of Askaris are currently sitting in Menelik palace. You wrote this lie because you do not know your own bandas pasta keqa’i enqulal tebash history.
      And by the way the name Tolosa doesn’t fit you change it to Haile Selassie Gugsa which fits you best. Your days are numbered.

      • Tolossa on

        Shut your filthy mouth you disgusting diseased piece of trash. You can continue sitting in exile watching EPRDF building the country your despicable derg cadres destroyed. Ethiopians are behind EPRDF and you know it. You are just trying to create a distraction but nothing that happens on ethiopianreview will stop us true Ethiopians from building our dams you idiot ascari.

        • Anonymous on

          Tolosa…Hagos…Gerezghi whatever the hell you are…if you really think “Ethiopians are behind woyane” you must be lying to yourself, hell no! No true Ethiopian will ever stand by woyane’s side [hager shachi- kimalam kitta teftafi agame]. You and your likes staying in power is just a matter of time. We will take our country back from the bandas… Woyane and its cadres are ridiculously funny how they went to abroad to beg funds from the diaspora. We, the people who lives/works here contributing our salary is because we don’t have other choices but pay the money that has been used to torture and repress us. We are being robbed to build the greater tigray- woyanes future dream state.

    • Anonymous on

      Tolosa- first of all while you are a TPLF dog why you pretend to be Oromo by having a oromo nick? Identity crises and inferiority complex is your unavoidable cancer, right?

    • Tollossa (true name Berhe!)

      Do you believe that your relatives but our traitors would allow let alone insult like yours but a reasonable criticism of their behaviours on their websites? Ethiopianreview.com is a place where a true democracy along freedom of speech takes shape. Whatever we disagree on, we do not criminalise you for your disatifaction with Elias’s article. However, watch out what your criminal-gang relatives (led by thug leader Meles Zenawi) have been doing to the people of Ethiopia!

      Democracy in the making through cyber war!!

      Down with Racists!

      Down with dectators!

      Democracy will flourish in Ethiopia!

    • eritrea 1 on

      To Tollosa

      Please be brave and don’t change your name. we can tell you are woyanne. because your writing stinks from very far away.

    • Why dont you go to your Chenawi Websites. Whether you like it or not Elias is a hero for millions of Ethiopians… You are hypocrite there is no racist or Nazi than Woyanes. Nobody is allowed to post his opinion in your weyane website other than those who bash non-Tigreans. At least you should respect Elias for allowing your freedom of speech to spit your venom. For your info there is no ethnic group in Ethiopia who supports your Ascaris Woyane. You are saying that Elias is sent by Asmara Government but your memory is low who the hell died for TPLF during Derg regime it was your brothers mine sweepers.

    • Wanabe on

      Tollosa (Ye Hagos dog) that you changed your name to tollosa alone like all woyannes even your chimp boss was once call the voa by the name Abebe so to say it is your trademark there is no single woyanne from the bigger looter to the ferfari lekami like you who has self confidence to stand to what he is doing except decipt and planting different hidden conlict between ethnics religion and all the evil cards that the criminal group has been playing for the last 20 years does bring the herd not even an inch for 20 years the hated woyanne now after all more hated than the first day.

    • Hey Tolosa aka goytome Rather than going around begging not only their white master to feed their people, or build the fake dam, do you think they should have use the billions of dollars and Euro that find it self in the European countries ban….Follow the link to read it, since you have a pea brain and I will help you to see the other side. Or if you really have a brain, you could have gone on the Internet and could have google it….here it is and chew on it. Hope you will understand what you are going to read

      Economist Sarah Freitas of Global Financial Integrity (GFId….

  4. I have no problem contributing towards the construction of the dam but I see it being unrealistic. I see it, as said above, a propaganda, a try to divert citizens’ attention. Neither the dam nor the propaganda will work.

  5. Misgena on

    Regardless of what, if in deed the government of Ethiopia builds this dam
    and easy the ethnic policy and try to share the wealth and distribute as much as possible reasonably as I am not expecting them to be the right and perfect government I will be paying if requested. We have seen Hailu Shawl how disgusting and pathetic he is, so by far how evil it seems sometimes I have no choice but to support the current government, we don’t have choice SHOW to us damn Phds or the so called EPRP and Oppositions and have some consistent vision otherwise no body cares.
    At least Negasso Gidada and others fight the governments wrong deed practically and inside and they should be encouraged for their peaceful struggle.

    SHOW US A UNITED VISION CRAFTED ONE AND ONLY ONE CLEAR OPPOSITION then you will see not one, two or three but millions will march towards you if a party or unity stand for truth you will see …

  6. You are a coward Elias! Treasonous coward! It doesnt matter who build it. The fact is if built it would be put to use long after EPRDF is gone. Why protest the Dam?? Is it because it will perhaps win Meles political point?? Do you fight for your own? or For Ethiopian people. You are a coward!!

    • Ye Abe Ayne on

      Abebe don’t you see that there’s a long uncertain way between the permanent erection of the dam and the collection of the money for it. Abe you think the money will be raised by meles and will be put in place by that same meles who is gifting cultivatable 17 woreda’s to Sudan for seizing opposition through Sudan?
      Elias definately loves a dam in ethiopia but hates when the idea is brought-up to fool not just this generation but even the future generation will require a lot of convincing promotion before they contribute for any dam.

  7. Elias, I have been informed that Ethiopian Airlines employees have been ordered to give up one month salary for the dam. Most of them are resisting, but they are being threatened with losing their jobs.

    • Anonymous on

      that applies for all employees of both GO and NGO.
      TPLF people are the most stu*d people on the planet.

  8. Elias you stupid arrognat terrorist… stop your terrorism!!!!!! and be warned right now if the dam construction fail because of your propaganda you will be held accountable and face justice for treason and terrorism. We are warning you!!!!!!!!

    • Gebre medhih on

      Gorfu!! if u’re not blind, Elias is not in a propaganda. he is linking a tangable evidence since last month on this site. You can see a picture of the project site …what it looks like after a year of operation. Elias is not in a propaganda but in an informative move towards saving our money being eaten-up by an uncertain project by a failing dictator.

    • Fitsum on

      After reading the report be Elias that Woyannes are not buying the bond, I started to call some of the Woyannes I know here in Seattle. Since I am a Tigreans they did not suspect that I am an opposition. So I asked them if they bought the bond. I spoke with about 10 of them and not even one said he bought the bond. Some of these Woyannes are my relatives. Elias is right they are busy settling in the United States buying expensive homes and bringing all members of their families here. They have no intention to live in Ethiopia.

    • Meyesaw on

      Gorfu the Agazi!

      If Elias was living in Ethiopia you would have killed him right away.It is a good bluff. Your days ar numbered!!

    • Fairness on

      What’s wrong Gorfu,

      Elias is doing what his soul telling him to do. There is no world with complete agreement. If you Gorfu’s are building your dream dam, Elias has also the right to dream a democratic governance in his native country, Ethiopia. You spent 17 years in the jungle by believing you will free tigrean people and finaly freed yourself.

      Gorfu, Who gave you Ethiopia only for yourself, It’s ours, It’s Elias’s, It’s for all ethiopians around the world.

      All of us,Elias, me including yourslef(eventhough you denied publicly) believe that the existing system of government at Ethiopia, national and local level does not represent the interests of the vast majority in terms of public services, health, transport, education, housing and the environment. The system is democratic in name only. Parliament and the Justice system simply as rubber stamps for the powerful business and financial interests which impose their will through their Weapon.

      Therefore, the time has come to defend our right to vote by extending it to every area of society. We call for new, truly democratic bodies to represent the views and interests of the majority. These will guarantee basic rights to assembly, to work, to organise and strike, to justice and to asylum. These bodies will:

      Put people directly in charge of decision-making through local, regional and national Peoples’ Councils. Delegates to be elected on an annual basis to represent different sections and groups in society, from workplaces and communities

      Democratise ownership and control of major corporations to put their resources at the disposal of society. Place the Infrastructure, public transport, education and other key services under the control of those who work in and use them

      Make the protection of the environment a top priority to save the planet from destruction. End the abuse of our people,the motherland and our resources.

      ‘My Friends, Love Is Better Than Anger.
      Hope Is Better Than Fear.
      Optimism Is Better Than Despair.
      So Let Us Be Loving, Hopeful And Optimistic.
      And We’ll Change The World.’

  9. Desalegne on

    The woyanne thug using the alias Tolossa is a tegaru sharing the loot with his ethno-fascist leader, Meles Zenawi. Elias Kifle is the true citizen and son of Ethiopia who is devoting his material resources and knowledge to expose the crimes and deceits of the ethno-fascist Meles Zenawi. Thus there is no wonder that ato Elias Kifle is much hated and condemned in the rank and file of the ethno-fascists who are looting and bleeding Ethiopia. Courageous anti-woyanne journalists like ato Elais Kifle command a lot of respect and admiration among Ethiopians for their relentless efforts and contributions in the struggle against the TPLF ethnofascists.

  10. Yenegesew on

    How low can you go? You churn out the most imbecile article in a vain attempt to portray yourself as an “Editor.” The truth is you are nothing more than a conduit for the equally imbecile Shabia propaganda machinery. As siding with Shabia – Ethiopia’s traditional enemy – was not enough a damage on your overall persona, you now have the brazen audacity to lecture us on the mendacious claim that first the bond sale has gone flat and secondly the proceeds of the bond will not be used for the intended purpose. I don’t believe you have a bosom friend, for if you did, he would have placed you in the care of a good mental asylum.
    It’s high time that you came to realize that nobody thinks of you the way you might think of yourself.

    • weyGud on

      @ Yenegesew

      Why do you respond to articles that you claim to be imbecile? Your blood is thumping high for that Elias exposes your failures week in and week out.

      He is not in Addis, So funky weyane, burn till death for you can’t put a finger on him.

      you said “…Shabia – Ethiopia’s traditional enemy…”, and tried to demonize Elias for his association with them. If so, weyane and co bleed Ethiopia along with Shabia for 17 years. Hnece, you are more criminal than any one else.

      If some one will end up in a mental institution, you are the first in the queue. Elias is driving you nuts and you can’t do a thing about it.

      This phony dam scheme is no more viable. Your master has masterminded a new way of revenue, in selling the back of his cadres. Go wash your arse and get ready, for your turn is tommorow.

    • Anonymous on

      why don’t you woyanes go to aigaforum .or walta and write your blind support to’ your masters. Honestly, I don’t believe any ethiopian other than weyanes themselves support TPLF.

  11. The woyane gujile and their puppets live in a fancyful world. the reality is that ethno-fascism has come to a close.

    Woyane can not claim to stand for Ethiopian interest what ever gimmick it comes up with. over 20 years the woyani gujile have been bleeding, looting, murdering , harrassing and torturing the entire population.

    The so called dam project is the last throw of the dice for the woyane gujile trying to pretend that it is genuinely seeking to benefit Ethiopia.

    However, NO system of rule as rotten, corrupt and divisive, as that of the woyane gujile fuelled by hate,bigottery, violence and murder can go on for ever.

    The dictatorship of the woyane gujile CANNOT SUSTAIN ITSELF, it is a system full of contradictions, self destructive and we the people even do not have to do any thing.

    The woyane gujile ethnic politics is primitivt and is breaking at the seams as we watch. what ever the gujile try to do it is too late to save them.

    Instead of coming up with sham project like this, they should immediately release all political prisoners they have locked up and pave the way for democracy. that is what is most urgent.

  12. nazretta on

    Elias you cannot do any thing he now that i now your Ethiopian Review’s investigation or intelligence unit just need to get attention only you what i you get attention it is to much for you

    • weyGud on

      @ nazretta,

      I have seen the dumbest cadres sqeeze their pig brain to put a comment together on this very same place. some of them are really funny.

      What you have scribbled is not only corrupt in gramatical ways, but also depraved in all sense of it. This is an attempted murder on English language.

      Editor, can you please put up a tigrigna word editor, so that the donkeys from “Animal Farm” can write in their own language?

  13. ዋሴ on

    This is what I heard from a TPLF member who is friend of mine. He said the dam is just a propaganda tool. We have known each other for a long time he is well aware of my political stand. But he seems he is stuck and has to defend the system that he has has no belief any more. His hope is that there will be a peaceful uprising that will remove the few TPLF criminal family members and bring them to justice.
    he is proud of the struggle they wedged but sad about the result. And he believes most of the big projects are propaganda tools that has no value in elevating the lot of the people.

  14. Gidey G.Kidan on

    Elias you are a great Ethiopian Hero keep it up.Every time the truth is spoken there are looters who fume because they are exposed.They really have a twisted mined that is programmed to undermine the intelligence of those who differ from them in thinking, monolithic minded.

    At least the dam project needs to have some kind of framework, like milestones for the project lifetime if at all it is a project.When is the completion of the project,at least that is not even projected.Elias do you know these guys are just like herds of cattle which are guided by the words from the above not by their own minds. Look when the leadership says come and fight for Eritrean independence they wentand died in thousands then when their masters tell them to fight against Eritreans they went and died in thousands. What do you expect from these herds of mindless creatures?. Do you know Legese Zenawi once said it is better to listen to Issayas Afeworke for an hour than to read a thousand books.
    Now they accuse others of working with Eritreans you will see very soon they themselves will start praising Issayas in the media, wait and see things are in the work, then these people accuse others for not cooperating with the Eritrean government.They are known for political prostitution we know them for they have done with the Sudan and what they are doing now, They are digging their own graves deeper.

  15. Balcha Gebeyhue on

    Folks there will not be any dam. The money will go to Meles & Azeb’s foreign bank account and may be to some of the hodams for peddling this fake project of the 21st centuary.

    There is no shame in the TPLF’s La la land of day light robbery, the only thing to do is to chase out Ali Baba Meles & his 24 thievies out of Town!

    God/Allah Bless Ethiopia & please let the khat chokes the mini- dictator!!

  16. Observer on

    The Renaissance Dam is a reality. Unfortunately the current regime will take almost all the credit. Even thecnical expert who are against its construction dont have enough sound reasons. I have read enough of their comments and they just dont pan out.
    Lets focus on other issues to fight and take the regime down.

  17. maizaoud on

    Zinawi and Zinawians must eat what they cooked.Eveyday is a worry for Zinawi,the next day is unsure of what will actually happen to him,and the future is blink and dark for him.Dictators are like withered leaves falling to ground and turn into tenuous black dust.Where will he run to? To Nakfa cave or to china, when that day comes in with the fate of his to grab him by surprise? Can he fight his own mighty fate or simply he allow his fate to do whatever it wants to do to him?

    Zinawi, love it or hates it,likes it or dislikes it,accepts it or rejects it,Zinawi’s fate will crush him to deteat for eternal.Even tabloids told the truth,Kim Jong-il found dead while refreshing himself in a washroom in the train that he was travelling in.Zinawi an introvert and extremely coward a person;he doesn’t like driving around,he doesn’t like mingle with people,and he has fear of travelling in train and ship.Simply put it,Kim Jong-il did not resist arresting to his own fate.

  18. YEINESO on


    • Yeineso, you sound confused. Your own post reveals the bond sale is a woayne cheap plan to rob the diaspora and the Ethiopian people of their hard-earned money. How can a bond with the same face value be sold at different prices otherwise. It shows woyane is out there to rob and rob. Don’t tell us how to get a bond if we go to Ethiopia and obtain investment opportunity. What you described as a deal to get land and other investment opportunity is what here in the ethical diaspora call “robbery”. Aren’t you ashamed to come here and post this trash.

      Just that you know when we go to Ethiopia is not when we want deals from this cheap government. When we go Ethiopia is when we clean up the mess and get rid of parasites like you.

      Elias, I just sent my annual contribution to Ethiopian Review of $500.00. Hope you get it soon. I would rather buy cyberspace for Ethiopian Review than spend my money on a dream dam that cannot come to fruition under TPLF’s looter government.

  19. Mote lewoyane on

    For the last twenty plus years, Woyanes have proven themselves to be thieves and despicable criminals, how can we expect them to do any good for Ethiopia/ns? Can anyone squeeze blood from a turnip?

  20. Ageray on

    Tolossa is:
    1 his name is not Tolossa
    2 He admited that he is tigrian
    3 He does not even know that it is too
    4 He is talking about himself
    5 Ethiopians are so awaken to your tricks that people back home predict what will be on the news the coming week on waltainfo or aiga and they are on the dot
    6 His name is Gebru

  21. 2 ertirawi on

    U bastard shabias, ur time is coming 2 an end, shabia is on his life support machine we will soon swich the life suport machin.we r working on it.for ones and last time.wach carfully.

    • It could be said Hamas is Onion for Israeli eyes. It could also be said KKK is onion to Black people eyes. Ethiopia is ethnically divided and that is true and a fact. Today your enemy might be Meles Zenawi but what happens when there is truelly liberal democracy in Ethiopia. You might have to accomdate other political forces like OLF and ONLF. It might be an abstract notion now but if there is Egypt style revolution then there has to be true reconcilation from all sides. Let us not demonize one another. Let us not tarnish each other’s history. Sometimes Elias is guilty of that. I like to think He is a patriot but he could come off as someone who doesnt watch what he writes but i am sure he will accuse me of being a wayane agent for my modrate views.

  22. Berero on


    You can say whatever you like about Weyane but do not disrespect people who love to chew. What’s your evidence? Just U.S.A classified the plant “khat” as a drug doesn’t make it a narcotine. I love “bercha” just like people who love coffee. I chew it on my day off and as I need to. It never complicated my life as you expected to, instead It helps me in refreshing my mind just like any other stimulant. Please don’t be stupid and I know you are not. You know what? If you abuse anything, even any kind of food it will hurt you. Atleast It makes you obese. Right? So pls pls don’t be a dummy and disrespect “berchists” who like to chew for any positive reason or involve in any social activities. Peace to you my brother !!!

  23. Rule of Law on

    I don’t like Meles Zenawi’s domestic while I find his foreign policies are superb in the sense that he is well connected with the Iranians as he is with the Americans. But what gets me disconcerted is Elias Kifle’s sourceless and baseless reporting. This pseudo journalist has lost all his cerebral sensory to the point that his capability of decerning wright from wrong has been impaired indefinitely. EPRDF’s policies aside, I have the feeling that the Meles administration is going to have the last laugh as far as the construction of the dam is concerned because enough money has been raised that the foundation of the dam could be commenced soon. Off all the lies and anti Ethiopian poison that you have been spraying in this site, nothing was more laughable and autlandish than when you said Azeb Mesfin and Meles Zenawi have stashed a whooping combined sum of six billion dollars. That’s just a simple pethetic lie. We all oppose Meles Zeanai’s undemocratic regime but what got you in to this malicious and diabolical sense of hatred is some thing very hard to explain. You should appreciate the fact that this regime is trying to do some thing positive by attemting to bring the construction of this dam through locally raised fund. You have been calling them “beggars” for relaying on foreign aide haven’t you? They now are trying to prove you wrong by making this effort that is entirely free of foreign aide. I fill sorry for your parents because they gave birth to some one who’s sense of reasoning is still born. I don’t expect you to post this; so be it.

  24. Shshsh eshshshsh. keep quite. we are working. we have no time to waste here. we are building dams and wind farms. we are industralizing the country. You TALK and we WORK.

  25. Hello guys!

    I would appreciate, if you could tell me a site that writes true information and balanced information. In this site,I always read bad news of Ethiopia..like BBC ,,CNN write about Eth.
    I believe in Ethiopia, we have 50% bad thing and 50% good thing. Please consider to make sure everything what you right is correct before you published it.
    Have a nice holiday!

    • Wanabe on

      Tedy there is no single good thing by the woyanne except taking back the nation to the 18th century and 174 from 178 with the human development.

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