12 Ethiopians dumped in Lake Malawi

By Karen Msiska

MALAWI, SOUTHERN AFRICA — Twelve Ethiopians believed to have been illegally crossing into the country via Lake Malawi from Tanzania were dumped in the lake after dying of hunger, police have said quoting the other immigrants.

About 106 Ethiopians set off for Malawi on boats in what is a sign of desperation to get out of Ethiopia and arrive in Malawi but only 94 were intercepted by police at Sanga in Nkhata Bay Monday night.

“The dead bodies were dumped in the lake randomly as they did not die at the same time,” said Nkhata Bay police spokesperson Martin Bwanali in an interview on Tuesday.

He said the 94 Ethiopians have been charged with illegal entry into the country contrary to Section 21(36) of the Immigration Act, and that figure takes the number of illegal entrants arrested around the area to 183 over the past week.

He said police have also arrested a Malawian identified as 36-year-old William Banda from Chanthomba Village in TA Mankhambira’s area on suspicion that he has been coordinating movement of the illegal entrants by providing them with information on security presence on docking areas.

“Our investigations indicate that the boat the group was travelling on was dumped on the lake after those operating them got information that police officers were waiting for them in the area,” added Bwanali.

“We arrested Banda and told him to keep telling the group to dock but they responded by saying that they had information that he had been arrested. The transporters dumped them and are believed to have returned to Tanzania.”

He said the group was met by some fishermen who noticed that the group could not converse in English or any local language and pulled their boat to land.

Banda has been charged with aiding and abetting human trafficking.

Police say most the Ethiopians immigrants are now taking advantage of Tukombo’s closeness to the hills and the lake which allows them to quickly get into the bushy hills after docking. Police arrested 89 of them in the area last week.

Source: The Daily Times

11 thoughts on “12 Ethiopians dumped in Lake Malawi

  1. Tezebet on

    Simply it is a sad news the misery of the country continue for the next generation in the worst forum

  2. This is exactly why TPLF/Weyane/Meles AND Shaebia said we will give Ethiopians 100 years of misery. Are there any one, Ethiopian (Diaspora lawyers, journalists, Ethio representatives who are making this aware to the international community and exposing TPLF/Meles regime why mass Ethiopian refugees and why Ethiopians’ life has become cheap, etc?? Anyone or should we continue watching until there is no more Ethiopia? When do we stop perpetuating Ethiopia’s plight?

    • Eritrean on

      you must be stuped to say that shaebia want to give ethiopians 100 years of misery. you Etgiopians wake up your real anemy is weyane not Eritrean people or its leadership.

      • Tezibt on

        Hey Eritrean:

        Stop cheating and lies for once in your life. Who gave us Woyane ? WASN’T shabea the culprit that trained and armed woyane? Cheat me once shame on you, cheat me twice shame on me. You can’t tell me god made smart and made me dump. A six years old knows this. You better come up with a good solution than to lie till the cows come home. I am thinking than the pain you thought you gave us may end up being a thorn on your ass that may bleed you to death. STOP LIES because we are too smart for that. What you can do is correct the situation instead of being stupid only to call others stupid.

        • Anonymous on

          well said! It is that racist Isayas who trained and groomed Meles. It is because of the two evil blood cousins why Ethiopians are in the worst situations than ever before.

  3. If they are that much strong, they can join OLF or ONLF and fight back the Woyanne government.

    • Yigermal on

      Amare why are you here? You have no right telling those people whe flee weyane’s tyreny and died in the condition they ended up.Why do you expect them to join OLF and G7 I’m sure they knew better than you do.
      At any rate RIP my people.

  4. Negist on

    How come nobody set up some kind of legal business yet for the men to go out the country and work just like the women do all over Arab countries? Our brothers are dieing left and right inside and outside Ethiopia. Somebody please design some kind of in-house work for our men can do in Arab countries or anywhereelse even Africa so they do not end up dead. The men have a loose loose situation ,we women atleast can be domestic workers but the men as we seen it from our dearly departed brother teacher Yenesew Gebre and these 12 people.

  5. menzaw on

    Nigist I totally understand your frustration, I’m one of the brothers I’m like you miserably hopeless about reading the Ethiopians unfortunate adventure all over the globe, all start out by drought and hunger some thirty five years ago, since then” that Ethiopia” known to pride itself with good histories, of Independence, Social, religion tolerance, harmony among a Mosaic of ethnically diverse population find itself in the impasses, incapable to reverse the trend of misery that started with the late King Haile Selassie I.
    The Military junta who rule for 17 years starved the country from its elite highly educated young human assets and left by worsening the countries’ overall situation.
    Well insult over injury the successor of that powerful military killer machine is another stealthy murderers who doesn’t have any nationalistic aspiration, with a very narrow ghetto like mentality, start out by slashing the country dividing it through ethnic boundary, forcing people to organize by fraction of ethnic group against their will, above and beyond acting as international realtor, unprecedented anywhere in the world selling the countries land to its neighbor in exchange a guaranty securing against any uprising. Rendering the country land locked, operation land grab, sale and 100 years lease accelerating for foreign bidders through a total public ignorance. Where the money goes, well, the so called golden state and people are the lucky beneficiary in the expense of the rest of the country. The people are denied any land proprietorship and are considered as settler forced to abandon their old property in exchanged a lease term on periodic payments based market rate.
    So all these is not enough for our people to unite and rise with unison against these colonizer who look like us but not one us, act as an enemy that Ethiopia never faced before through the its entire history. The so called liberation front, like the Ogadeon front even though they fight the occupier, they still not for one Ethiopia, they are the product of the same occupier and they precisely advance the occupier agenda.
    The saddest one big very advantageous thing for the success of the occupier is the OLF, I’m an Oromo, and this is my disclosure, but I’m first an Ethiopian and then an Oromo and I refuse to a divided Ethiopia and be an instrument of an occupier malicious agenda, my country is not the portion that is purposefully demarcated in recent time by these occupier, my country is the one that was known beyond and during the foundation of the former League Nation then United Nation, that Ethiopia was rightfully one the founding member. Beyond and above that one Ethiopia my Oromo forefathers died to protect it for centuries from multitude of colonizer, so ambitious to control the many natural resources our mother land hold for us that we are still not wise enough to profit from it “like the Arab states once starving while the black diamond “petrol oil” was abundant beneath their land”.
    When that day comes, the OLF “FULLY TAKE CONCIOUS” about the divisive malice used by the so called Tigray Liberation front who illegally occupy Ethiopia and declare unequivocally “ United one Ethiopia or death” that is a day of celebration and T L F’s death won’t be far. Until then our Ethiopian children men, women alike will die suffer inside their country or they take the risk to cross border their destiny is like the Malawi case inhuman treatment, not the first time it happen in the golf of Eden, in Yemen, in Libya, Arab golf countries, they dying without nobody raising a finger, like homeless people, all the respect and pride we enjoyed for being an Ethiopian vanishing adamantly thanks for the Melesse occupying rule and the lack of one trust worthy unifying front to confront the enemy. The victory of ADOWA shouldn’t be forgotten.
    United we win, divided we perish; it’s been told and proven time and again.

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