Meles Zenawi’s henchmen harass Feteh Newspaper staff

Woyanne goons are intensifying intimidation and harassment against the editor and staff of Feteh, the only independent newspaper remaining in Ethiopia. Last night Feteh editor Temesgen Desalegn’s residence was surrounded by Woyanne police. Another editor, Hailemeskel Beshewamyele, was also harassed and his phone’s {www:SIM card} was confiscated by Woyanne thugs. The purpose of such intensified harassment is to shut down the newspaper. The following update is posted on Feteh’s website:

በትላንትናው እለት በ11/04/04ዓ.ም ለፍትህ ጋዜጣ አምደኛ ርዮት አለሙ መከላከያ ምስክር ሆኖ በመቅረብ የመሰከረላት የፍትህ አዘጋጅ ሀይለመስቅል በሸዋምየለ ከምሽቱ 12፡30 ላይ ቢሮ በር ላይ የደህንነት ሰራተኛ ነን ያሉ 3 ግለሰቦች ሲም ካርዱን ከነጠቁ በኋላ ከባድ ማስፈራራያ አድርሰውብታል፡፡
በዚሁ እለት ከምሽቱ 2 ሰአት ላይ የፍትህ ዋና አዘጋጅ ተመስገን ደሳለኝ እና ሀይለመስቀል በሸዋምየለ ከቢሮ ወጥተው ሲሄዱ በርከት ያሉ የደህንነት አባላቶች ሲከታተሏቸው ከቆዩ በኋላ ሁለቱም ጋዜጠኞች ወደ ተመስገን መኖሪያ ቤት ሲሄዱ የሚከታተሏቸው ሰዎችም አብረው በመሄድ አካባቢውን ከበው ያደሩ ሲሆን በማግስቱም /ዛሬ 12/04/04/ መከታተሉ የቀጠለ እንደሆነ ታወቋል፡፡ አሁን እየተደረገ ያለው ማስፈራሪያና ክትትል ከመጠን ያለፈ ከመሆኑም በላይ በስራቸው ላይ ጫና እያሳደረባቸው መሆኑን ለፍትህ ድህረ ገፅ ገልጸዋል፡፡

4 thoughts on “Meles Zenawi’s henchmen harass Feteh Newspaper staff

  1. Gangster lead by the ugly Azeb and the wicked Meles Seitanawi. We are their slaves! But we will not remain so for long.

  2. How Insane and Sick it is to sit back and watch these Idiot tyrant Uneducated bush Devils doing their dirty game and even to the least they do not deserve their names to be written on my texts. The time is coming, let’s unite and act as Elias is doing. let’s throw as much stones as we can.

    thank you Elias !

  3. Berhan on

    Get ready for the long prolonged fist-fight with the dictator. This is the end of the last bit of resembelance to the right to speak of the untold repression of the tribal regime.

  4. Assta B. Gettu on

    The Five Golden Rules Meles and his wife Azeb go to bed with

    For over two decades, Meles Zenawi (Seitanawi) has been intimidating the entire Ethiopian people except some from the northern part of the country. Intimidation, harassment, imprisonment, robbery, and dishonesty have been the golden rules of Meles Zenawi (Seitanawi) and his wife Azeb (Jezebel).

    Those Ethiopian journalists who vehemently oppose to Meles’ golden rules are not allowed to live safely and freely in their own homelands. They must leave their country as soon as possible or end up the rest of their lives in the Qaliti Jail. It seems most of the Ethiopian citizens have said unwillingly to themselves: “We can live with the Five Golden Rules of Meles Zenawi (Seitanawi) and that cursed woman, Azeb (Jezebel) of Wolkait-Tegedie.

    Using the Five Golden Rules – Intimidation, Harassment, Imprisonment, Robbery, and Dishonesty, Meles of Mekelle and Azeb of Wolkait-Tegedie can do anything they want with the unarmed and gullible Ethiopian people: they can intimidate them, harass them, imprison them, robe them, and lie to them. The lives of Meles Zenawi (Seitanawi) and his belligerent wife Azeb (Jezebel) revolve around those five golden rules of their makings. These five rules are golden only to Meles and to his wife who created them in order to survive, live longer, get richer by the hour, be feared, not to be loved, be respected, and become the champions of all evils.

    The five golden rules have put the mighty Ethiopian people under the crooked knees of the two monsters – Meles Zenawi (Seitanawi) and his wife Azeb (Jezebel) Golla for unlimited times. No one, whether he is a clergy, an Imam, a Rabi, or a patriarch in his/her right mind would say in front of Meles and his wife that the five golden rules are wrong, and, therefore, they must be challenged or tackled: those who tried to encounter and discredit the five golden rules have left their country, or they are killed secretly by the two nefarious Ethiopian leaders, Meles and his wife Azeb.

    As far as the five golden rules are active and in full force in Ethiopia, what happened to Colonel Muhammad Kaddafi of Libya, what happened to Mubarak of Egypt, and what is happening right now to the people of Syria are not the main concerns for Meles and his wife who always think they are safe under their five golden rules.

    Meles and his wife have purposely etched the five golden rules into the hearts of the young, the old, the educated, and the laymen and women of that beautiful country, Ethiopia, and because of these five golden rules, most Ethiopians walk in fear, work in fear, eat their daily bread in fear, go to bed in fear, and wake up from their beds with their nightmares of the known and the known fears. The known fears are the deaths of thousands of Ethiopians who have perished without leaving any marks or traces behind, and the unknown fears are the fears that many Ethiopians are not sure what will happen the next day to them or what kind of news Meles and his wife are going to announce sooner or later.

    Indeed it will be a miracle to see all Ethiopians are courageous enough to erase forever the five golden rules from their hearts, walk freely in their streets, and visit their neighbors without thinking someone is following them to know their destinations. The five golden rules have kept the Ethiopian people hostages for a long time, and it is now time to do away with those five golden rules imposed upon the Ethiopian people since day one, the day Meles and his wife took power without the wills and blessings of the Ethiopian people.

    May that first day Meles and his wife entered Addis Ababa be always remembered as the day of infamy! As soon as these two greedy spouses with their multitude of hungry Tigreans occupied the Menelik Palace and desecrated the articles Menelik and His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie left behind, the glory of more than three thousand years of history departed from Ethiopia and has never been restored since that gloomy day of Meles’ and his wife Azeb’ ascendancies to power.

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