Theft of the year

Twenty-five-thousand-truck loads of coffee disappeared from the government warehouse this year and Meles Zenawi’s explanation was: “let’s forget about it, but don’t do it again.” Of course he knows, and we all know, who stole the coffee. It’s none other than his own wife, making the act the most {www:brazen} theft of public property this year. Watch Meles Zenawi’s explanation below:

20 thoughts on “Theft of the year

  1. Rule of Law on

    Zenawi’s body language talls it all in this clip. He has some thing to hide indeed!

    • Dawit Eliffe on

      The Rule of Law is trancparency,accountablity and responsiblity.
      This Rule of Law also applys to every Ethiopian who have forfeited and relinguished his/her national duty in restoring order and dignity of the nation.God gave Ethiopia a hand to work with and be self supporting not for paraying for alms.

    • Dagnachew on

      Yes It looks like that Mr. Melese lose his confidense to clearly talk about it. 90 KG of Gold from the national reserve, 10000 tones of cofee, 13.o billion dollars in external bank…………………..OMG.Give it to some one even to bereket or someclosefriend so that they can work with new energy of beibng a primeminester

  2. one love on

    Come on! Ethiopians, this could feed the entier ethiopians. Let us leave it there! LOL, robbery or governing?

  3. Anonymous on

    Well, what else we expect from professional thieves who came to rob, to torture and kill?

  4. In the early days the woyane gujile, dismantled factories in Akake, in Harar and in Addis Abeba, and transported them to Mekelle. In those days they gijile were not sure how long they would be in Addis Abeba and they rushed to smuggle anything they thought useful to Mekelle.

    Now a days, everything is the personal property of zenawi and his cadres.

    • Dawit Eliffe on

      Do you know the reason why?Let me save you the time it takes to process it.The only reason is,you have surrendered your dignity to the devil incarnate demon woyanes.That is why.Otherwise,this wouldn’t have happened.I challenge you if I am not in accordance with what is morally right or good.


    MISS the prime funtion of a CEO
    CEO: ‘The company is broke but i made $400 million. I must admit, i do my job quite well. Time to go back to my golden castle full of antiques in narnia.’

  6. Zenawi watch on

    The crime LIKEMEKUAS has indeed made a partial admition about the stolen coffee and it is not hard to follow the trail where exactly the loot went as he seems to acknowledge by the use of this catch phrase”EGIACHIN TENEKAKETOAL”.While this admition discloses the extent of the involvement of the government’s hand in it, he tried to implicate lesser officials in it by saying,”ENANTEM DERSHACHUN ALSERACHEHUM ENGAM EYAYEN ENDE ALAYNE ALEFENEWAL”

    But who will believe this explanation? No other individual ,under TPLF nose, can steal and diverted this amount coffee without the full knowledge of the regime’s inner circle. Had that been the case there could have been an immediate arrest to those individuals. We know his closing statement says it all, let us not do it anymore-big jock of the year by the chief tug .So, if it is easy for the crime chief to excuse the disappearance of Ten thousand Metric tons of coffee under his watch, why then he,the DIRBUSH LEGESE,has sentenced the former defense chief for six years for under pretense of corruption as in bellow.

    “Side was arrested in July 2002, accused by the Federal Ethics and Anticorruption Commission of abuse of office by aiding his associates to unfairly obtain bank loans and buying state properties. He was afterwards charged with two specific acts: that he had pressured the state-owned Commercial Bank of Ethiopia to provide loans to his brother, Mihretab Abraham; and that he helped Mihretab obtain a 19% discount for 15 trucks he purchased from AMCE, a truck-assembly plant in which the Ethiopian government owned a 30% stake.[3] In a hearing, the Federal judge, Birtukan Mideksa, set Siye free for lack of evidence, only to have him arrested the moment he left the building and imprisoned for six years.[2]

    On 11 June 2007, the Ethiopian Supreme Court dropped the charge that he had pressured the bank to give his brother loans, while convicting him on the charge that he helped his brother Mihretab get discounts on seven of the 15 trucks. At the same session, Mihretab was sentenced to five years imprisonment and a 1,000 Birr fine, along with a number of their friends and relatives who heard their sentences at the same time. ”

    I am not a supporter of Siye,the point that I am making is this- the husband and wife team are daylight robbers of the Ethiopian wealth with immunity. To this end, they have transformed TPLF to be crime ring and mafia organization that will promote, defend and preserve the financial interest of the occupying clique.
    Finally, TPLF boss may cover up what happened to the 10,000 metric ton stolen coffee.However, we, the people, know and will require every bit of our stolen property from the robber barons. 1 ton = roughly 1000k.g
    10,000tons= 10,000,000 k.g
    1 k.g coffee sells for $25.00USd.
    10,000,000k.g = $ 250,000,000 USD that is a quarter of 1 billion dollars that Legese and his crime syndicate need to be hold accountable for.

  7. Surafel on

    This has to be THE MOTHER OF ALL LIES! Listening to Ali Baba’s stutter, you would think he just lost and/or misplaced a wallet with some loose changes or a wristwatch that was snatched by a kleptomaniac and he doesn’t know who did it or when and how it happened. The thing is, people can’t smuggle a six inch camcorder through Bole without one of his custom thieves laying his grubby hands on and here we have ten thousand tons of coffee evaporating into thin air, and none of the his officials has a healthy nose even to smell it? Our country’s problem is bigger than we ever imagined it and something has to give pronto.



  8. The Zenawi dynasty have produced grown up kids demanding to be like their parents overnight. The kids of Meles Zenawi and Andreas Eshete are responsible for this robbery. These children are on a roll to rob the country cold until they capitalize like their father and mother did.

  9. This is blunt confession. He is not even good at it. I mean there is no sophistication in the way he presents him self. Is this utter ignorance or he just looking at the Ethiopian people down saying ” yes we robed it and go to hell!”

    I dont know what to think of this ugly guy. He is just ugly in and out.

  10. wossen seged on

    this is what i tell you people there is NO government in ethiopia. no control and direct policy at all.
    just few weeks a go i was @ sheraton addis about 11 am meet friend having coffee. and we try to leave with my gust then i learn we had to wait coz 1 of the TPLF high rank show up he took almost 20 minut before he get in. we just wonder what was the delay for us to leave they told us he just run in to closed friend .
    just for my own info i try inquire the identity of this human being well he was just commander of subdivision of an army .i feel so sorry for people go through this evryday ..
    i run in to 1 star and 3 star us high ranking millitary official @ hotel looby and few other places i never see obstruction blockage NO
    never we can make it there but there is million of ethiopians this days i see they have nothing as i see only few control ethiopia yung prostitution on the rise we see the case few black american get busted video taping yung girls PLAY BOY type for as low as 4 handred ethiopian birr this is ethiopia that we all think we care NO i born and grew up in wollo i never thought i see this the only reason i go to ethiopia to see my vary oldest familly other than that if any one tell me ethiopia is good you must be blind without regard for others and i call it full of selfishness

  11. bisrat on

    what’s with the hand meles? lol looks like you are struggling to hold your laughter kkkk

  12. Gobenna on

    What about the GOLD. Is it the second or the first may be we have a lot more frustrating.

  13. Fikade on

    10,000 TONS ? Twenty-five-thousand-truck loads of coffee ? I don’t know how anybody can get access to this much coffee or trucks . This must be a lie. The coffee is still in the warehouse . It is just the Meles Zenawi’s way of confiscating the coffee by saying it has evaporated and let us not mention the coffee anymore.

  14. BEDRI on

    This is not the first time the government’s coffee warehouse had been robbed. During the Tesfaye Gebrekidans time right after Mengistu Hailemariam left the country all government warehouses were systematically robbed of their coffees.

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