Police arrest several Adama University students

Several students have been thrown in jail after a riot broke out yesterday at Adama University, 100 km south of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, according to Ethiopian Review sources.

Adama University riotToday Woyanne police is still rounding up students who are suspected of participating in the riot.

We are unable to ascertain the cause of the disturbance yet, but one student told Ethiopian Review correspondent in Addis Ababa that fighting took place between students who are supporters of the regime and opponents before police arrived.

Heavily armed police are currently watching the campus from a distance while campus police are patrolling.

17 thoughts on “Police arrest several Adama University students

  1. For the war and violence mongers, this is really a good news.
    For the people who love to see a developed Ethiopia, this is nothing except a white lie created by virtual people represent as ‘Ethiopianreview’s intelligent untits’. It is funny!

    Last time, when there was some problem in gondar university, you said revolution started. How about today, is your revolution started?

    Day dreamers!

    • Because you are living in the woyanne world you will face the peoples tsunami in unexpected time and manner ,your Bosses are now
      suffering contineous sleep less nights and all the reaction of the shifta cult leaders like akeldama and and bereket simons (Mebratom G/Hiwot)anto fento the so called book with no single truth except fantasy and covering his inside worries and to show his very few followers to go on their supports and the other killers who has been supported by the alkoholiker and father of all the woyannes and you the local ferfari collecter tries to cal us day dreamers.I on my side only tells you to stay tune

      • Waka #1 on

        Not only that, too many young people kidnapped and disappeared in all over Amhara areas. The kidnappers are civilian clothes wayanne armies.
        It was not enough what sad things they keep doing; they recruiting young Ethiopians, without police uniform, they murdered them on their way. When they do not have enough time to kill all, they passed them secretly for Arabs to abused them and not to pay them their salaries. They told Arab Governments, “We brought Amharas. Use them. Kill them. Ethiopian government is on your side”. In Amhara Area, Toxic gasses and biological weapons sprayed at night time when people slept and gathered. Virous injections has been used too.

        Enough is Enough! For Nazis TPLF!

  2. This was an incident waiting to happen for quiet sometime. Everyone agrees Adama has shown numerous growth whether in the farming , tourist service , industrial and other types of businesses.Eventhough we saw economic growth the transformation is profiting very few individuals leaving the local in worse poverty than ever. Most of these people profiting are not concerned in solving the socio-economic problems as long as they keep geting cheap labor and ample natural resources for themselves.This made the earning a living in that political situation very hard to all.The student council is correct as always in starting this long due fight.

  3. Mulugheta on

    Hello Elias Kifle the great,
    we are all behind you in your struggle against the TPLF-minority regime of Ethiopia. I am deadly sure that Ethiopians will win this bitter fight against tyranny. Woyane is dead from inside but it needs a last punch. Our mother Ethiopia is bleeding day in and day out and it needs our help, NOW. Let us fight those beggars from the north who are looting the country. It is time for genuine Tigryan-Ethiopians to join hands NOW before it is too late. Unless, I am afraid that the genocide in Rwanda will repeat itself in Ethiopia.
    A peaceful Ethiopia (with itself and its neighbours) will prevail.

  4. Congradulation . I hope you are happy now. But cool down and control your emotion. Nothing will happen in ethiopia for 2 reason.
    First, there is people interst for riot. Second, in case it happens we have strong government who will manage it easily. I am 100 percent sure that you will not post this comment but atleat you may read it.

    • Anonymous on

      People like you are ignorant and pulling down the people of tigray to their grave. Haven’t you yet noticed how tigreans are dispised by millions of Ethiopians because of woyanes racist policy. You are hated both by us and Eritreans and you need to ask yourself WHY?

      • Tedros on

        MY freind, don’t lul people. No body dislike Tigrains, it’s you only. Sugestion, chack your brain it’s these people brought this beautiful change of this country.God bless them and we will see a lot of change in the near future.

      • mahmood on

        There is nothing to worry, the gallant Tigreans are more than enough for you narrow minded and chavanist Amharas. Remember it is a matter of time, otherwise, Eritreans and Tigreans are brothers and sisters by blood.

  5. observer on

    Woyane is going to continue to rule us with arm-feast, a bitter truth that we will have to swallow.

  6. Ethiopie on

    Dear Ethiopians, we owe Yenesew Gebre’s due responsibility to librate our motherland from the Tigrean minority gangs. But, no one has to burn him/her self alone this time; we should take atleast one Mafia woyane from any level (starting from Village cadres to the theft masterminds) with ourselves which will leave a clean world to the next generation indirectly.

  7. Mammo Kilo on

    I wish the Woyane media outlet and all those Woyane supporters have a fraction of Elias Kifle’s liberal attitude.May god bless you,Mr Elias.Keep it up!

  8. support said on

    Mubark and Gadaffi and Ali of Tunisia never believe what happen to them. Anti they all storm by people and nothing they can do to servive. Samething for wayyane Mafia and its tugs. They will dream, cry, lies and do anything to hold power. But never going to be for every, those wayynes and thire poppet should swallow it

  9. I read from another source that that the conflict (or rather the pre uprising revolt) is between Oromo students who ask for FREEDOM and Tigray students who need status quo. Putting in perspective it is between ‘Taharir Square Youth (Egypt)-Oromo’ and ‘Secret service men of Mubark’! Time is ticking…tick..tick..tick..!

  10. i can not tale you how i am prepared for any thing if any thing happen back home we will sacrify every thing we will fight weyan not in the bush in addis ababa.i will go!!! i will go!! i will go !!!!i will go!!!!!!

    and free my country from blood suckers….
    am only waitting for any thing to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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