Tesfaye Gebreab demolishes Bereket Simon’s new book

Author and journalist Tesfaye Gebreab has written a review of Woyanne propaganda chief Bereket Simon’s new book that was financed by Saudi-Ethiopia billionaire Al Amoudi. In the book review, Tesfaye points out several falsehoods and exposes the writer for what he is — a {www:charlatan}. Read the review here.

21 thoughts on “Tesfaye Gebreab demolishes Bereket Simon’s new book

  1. solomon on

    Demolish is the wrong verb here. He was not the old Tesfaye. This is one write up he was not able to impress me.

  2. What a wonderful review of the book! Thank you a million times!! We all know the content of the books is a heap of refuse. Thanks again for sorting it out.
    Ethiopia shall prevail!!

  3. Solomon on

    Tesfaye gebreab is the one who give the right critics for the killer berkit Simeon new book.

  4. Ejetaw ! on

    The title should be disqualify instead of demolish? Demolish is for something physical structure. You do not demolish a book? A book is not a house or bridge or any other construction. Tesfaye Gebreab disqualified the book or called it as a heap of chaffs or straw or called it something worthless or called it debook instead of book?

    • weyGud on

      Ato Ejetaw,

      Please read about SIMILE and METAPHORE in figures of speech.

      If I say “you are a lion”, I am not making you a lion as in the animal lion, but your courage is than of a lion.

      I and also say “you look like a lion” doesn’t mean you have any of the animal features of a lion.

      Both sentences are grammatically and logically correct though.

      In my opinion Elias gave the article a very descriptive topic, which in figures of speech is simile.

  5. Meyesaw on

    “YE HULET MIRCHAWOCH “WOG ” silu Ato Bereket semeon (Mebratu Gebrehiwot be ewenetegna semachew ) Atekarachewin yaketewun metshaf ketalaku yesene tshuf sew Charles Dickens, “A TELL OF TWO CITIES” gar liyamesaselut ena nexus impress liadergun sabre kehone bimokrut beteshalachew neber .Minew kaltefa title yen meretu!? Addisabeban yanqeteqete…yemircha ersha, yemircha bona sabotage,Akel mircha,transformational wushet ….bizu neberelachew.comtentun begrdfu endayrhut fitsum mizanawinet yegodelew new .wodefit anbibe betechebatch lasreda emokralehu.Be hasetna tilacha yepoletica bahil west tenekrew yadegut bereken yemiyamnachee honor andem yeleyelet woyane/shabia or yabede bitcha new

  6. Tilahun on

    Tesfaye is right about his name. I am from Gonder and new the guy and his father. It should be known and be abundantly clear that the people of Gonder do not consider the people on this side of Mereb or the other side of Mereb different. Gondar is waiting and waiting for the Wayane’s to come to their sense and be sober

  7. sami13 on

    I thank maberhatu g/ hewate (Berket semeon) at this point he was confesed by meles and sebhati,i.e advisors of maberatu( berket).the book indicted that the capacity of EPRDT/TPLF pathological lairs and looters of eritrean bloody groups.
    THe looters must to go!!!

  8. Herods on

    Mebratu G/Hiwot is a living pathological lier and a dangerous criminal who in no way has the moral capacity to write a book (de book)or the usual woyanne ento fento that only directed for the woyanne cadres sympathizers and cult members not to take masks on as the struggle changes its moves which will be flammable in the near future and the so called akeldama and Bisrat amare (de book)as well, is a new strategy ala woyanne to challenge the Ethiopian peoples home and abroad and the show up of the handicapped tplf prime sinister by the rubber stamp to talk about Sweden journalists and Abbay damming all goes in the failed seen before it starts even.

  9. Zalambesa on

    you are trying to split hair in this. Elias can employee the term demolish .For instance,he can say the reviwer demolished the argument contained in Bereket simon’s book.Which is the same thing as saying the reviewer refuted the pile of lies presented in the book.commenting on the issue,although, I have not read the book I know Bereket Simon.He was known then as Amberber. During those days he fluently spoke Amharic as well as Tigrigna. Of all his outregious acts,What amazes me the most is this-his unwillingness to speak Amhaic since he arrived Addis.Has he not claimed to be an Amhara ,then how does he finds it hard to speak it.Ofcourse we are not expected to raise these questions;simply said he is a fraud.TPLF’s foundation is sand;It is only awaiting a unified movement to dismantle it.Its appearent strengthe is only until the arrival of this momentus hour.

  10. Over all the review is very educational. I like to point out a couple of things.

    Berket dedicated the book to his brother and wrote down his brother’s full name. In other words, he didn’t hide his dad’s name therefore, if he chooses to keep his assumed name, everyone knows him by with, I think it is his choice and personal business.

    The friendship he has with Alamoudi seems obvious and as a friend Al took him in and out of hospital. What is the the problem with that? Tesfaye/others may not like their closeness, but why should it be looked at as something negative?

    Bereket’s sisters were one an Ambassador and the other a reporter of EPLF/Eritrea. His brother was born in Eritrea but died fighting as EPRP/Ethiopia.

    Very interesting, it shows how the two people and leadership are intertwined with blood/tears through thick and thin. And yet they worked hard to separate. For what?

    • The problem is the guy is a chameleon and pathological liar. He would kill, lie and change his name to survive. He became an Ethiopian to survive and sold Eritr eans. He is a sick and perverted devil who will do anything to survive. Almodin an illiterate who does not think before he says and does something. He has put himself in a grave danger by becoming a vesssel for their money laundering sheme. Sorry for him.

  11. the mountain man on

    That is a bizarre revelation for this “kurbet – fit” (face ) and thief who steals some ones identity the same way he steals public property on a broad day light. The illiterate Mebrhatu G/ Heywot who can not think beyond the tip of his nose shows once again writing a book is not as simple as killing Ethiopians as he always does .His fragmented approach to putting his ideas in a book form illustrates that he does not grasp the art of literally writing . He thinks writing a book is just as simple as killing some one with AK 47, who opposes the way these thugs are running , and corrupting the country.

    It would be much better and coherent if he writes a book on how to kill innocent Ethiopian who do not agree with them, instead of the out come of the past two elections.

    Talking about money the thugs have amassed millions of dollars and deposited every penny he stole from Ethiopians in foreign bank account under Bereket Simeon’s name.

    I wish the real Bereket Simeon who now resides in France could have withdrawn the money where ever this impostor, and murderer, Mebrhatu G/ Heywot hides by selling Ethiopian lands to foreign land grabbers.

    That will surely teach them a lesson not to steal some ones identity and run with it. Hope it happens.

  12. Hannibal on

    Tesfaye did not know one of the two Tamrat that the infamous Bereket is referring to. He is the owner of Addis Fortune, Tamrat Gebregiorgis. Every body knows Bereket and him are very close friends. It was Tamrat’s newspaper, in its gossip column, during the 2005 election, that, for the first time, broke the “news” that Dr. Brihanu and Anna Gomez had an affair. I personally knew that some people gave him a hard time for this allegation. Woyane uses Addis Fortune, instead of or in addition to the Ethiopian Herald, as a means to send messages to the Diplomatic communities residing in Addis Ababa. Meles sometimes writes, using pseudonyms, on Addis Fortune. Sometimes he even uses the name of Tamrat Gebregiorgis to write on it. Tamrat Gebregiorgis does not go further in his education. He does not have the ability or knoledge to make the analysis that appears in his name. Like Meles and Bereket, Tamrat is an Eritrean.

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