TPLF gunmen open fire on Wollega University students

Meles Zenawi’s federal and local police opened fired on students in the western Ethiopian town of Nekempt to disperse a protest, according to VOA.

Students in Hossana, southern Ethiopia, and Addis Ababa are also staging protests demanding respect for their rights… [read more in Amharic here]

34 comments on “TPLF gunmen open fire on Wollega University students

  1. Gezaee H. on

    The time is coming slowly. I want to see Meles Zenawi gone in 2012. That is my dream to go home and enjoy life.

    Did you hear, high school students in addis making their own Tahrir square. They have refused to go home from their high schoools. I hope the Universities take up the brilliant ideas and make the Universities Tahrir Square.

    Did you read, Meles wanted to sell Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopian commercial bank, Ethiopian telecom, Ethiopian insurance,… there is a saying in Tigrignea. Ezadawa etemtseo alewa. In amharic, yech yemtametawa neger ale malet new. The bible says pride, arrogance, ignorance comes before downfall. Tiebit kemewdek befit malet new.

    While we are already about the selling of the land of our people. The band want to make sure everything is sold before he dies. His will to Ethiopian people is land, national assets, its people sold for penny. What type of prostitute of the century is this man?

    Elias, you do not have to ally with shabia and olf, onlf, … you can mobilize your citizens from high school and univeristies. Do not rely on foreigners or bandas like shabia. Have confidence, respect all your people regardless ethnic, tribe and mobilize them with patriotism. You do not need armed struggle for 20 years. you do not need blood for freedom. you can achieve it without the loss of a single idea. I have always said there is away to do things if one things. I called upon Ethiopian long before the Arab spring to wake up and do civil disobedience by refusing to go to work and school and universities without facing any cadres or any gun carriers. Now my dream is coming soon.

    If high school students refuse to go home from their schools, I can not hold myself how I am happy. Changing all the schools, universities and offices to Tahrir square until Meles packs and leave Ethiopia with his wife. This is my dream. I want to see Meles packing and leaving infront of the Ethiiopian people and becoming refugee somewhere. This is my hot dream for Meles. I Hope this be realized soon before he sells the Ethiopian airlines, Telecom, CB,… Meles is not an old crazy devil who is hell bent to sell Everything. I hope the Ethiopian revolution is now on.

    • Heroes on

      Good News

      “Meles sold Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopian commercial bank, Ethiopian telecom, Ethiopian insurance,…”
      It is a done dell. What can you do about it. Keep on talking and writing about it. We(X-Marxist?) will accomplish “our stretch Goal” i:e Sell and/or destroy any ting and every thing synonymous and /or have the name Ethiopia. Thanks to our paid henchman, Military and police our goal will be met soon.

  2. goodu on

    Do I sense that Meles/Legesse/Abebe, Mebrahtu G/hiwot, and the rest of the weyanes representatives chained together to the Ethiopian people justice system. The time is ripe and this time around Susan Rice miniskirt may not be large enough to shield the murderers, the looters, the thugs, the slaves, and blood suckers of the horn of African communities.

  3. Gezaee on

    I was so baffled when I saw the utube when Gadaffi was facing wood in his anus. I said what type of barbaric human they are to such thing to a fellow human.But I realize it was not the people who became behaved like animal or wild beast to him. They become wild beast like and tore him like a wild beast. But I see now who made them like that. It was Gadaffi himself who pushed them to such high level of anger. They could not hold their anger. And they stoned him to death with no mercy. They became monasters like Dinasors. They could not allow to take a breath annyore. I see now what made them like that.

    Meles is pushing us to the edges of our tethers. I would not get surpise if Ethiopians does not become even worse now. I am almost lik the Libyans now. I am angry and I am impatient. Meles is preparing very well Ethiopian for such scenarios.

    1. He landlocked the 91 million people
    2. He betrayed 100 000 souls and took Ethiopia to Europe
    3. He massacred Gambelans
    4. He imprisoned, chased, assassinated everyone who have different idea.
    5. He took the land of Gambelans and gav it to Arab and Indian
    6. now that is not enough for him, he selling Ethiopian airlines, Ethiopian commercial bank, Ethiopian Insurance, Ethiopian stationless shipping line and Ethiopian telecom.
    7. He sold babies
    8. He is selling girls
    9. What is wrong with this man? What is left in Ethiopia that is not sold? I cannot believe Ethiopia leader for 20 years with these type of high level idiotic. I canot believe Ethiopia gave birth to such scum of our history. Yeterk Atela. Wow, this type of high level stupidity transcends human understanding.

    Tigreans accusing other Ethiopians or accusing amhara oppressing them? Hey, what will the Gambelans will say who lost thier beloved ones and who lost their land? Are they not human? Are Tigreans bandas entitled to sell other people’s assets and property.

    Are Tigreans going to complain affer now even Ethiopians get upset and do what they feel. I cannot people from Tigray are allowing thier country to be raped my Meles. Meles is raping Ethiopian. God help us to remove the enemy of our country.

  4. Gezaee H. on

    By the way, I knew Everything was ready for sell. I knew two years ago that Ethiopian commercial bank will be sold to City bank of Ney York after they gave a bribe for Meles. Telecom by itself a trillion coorporation, that generates many hunddred billion dollars each fiscal year. But the banda, rotten, smoker and drug deal is selling everything at the price of a cigatette. If his father did not have property and wealth why doe he think everty Ethiopian has to be like his father? He pride will get him to his end. He is digging his own grae adn pushing Ethiopians to the end of their tethers.

  5. Nigatu on

    Hope the people of Ethiopia will catch, sodomize and drag this evil Woyane on the streets of Addis and then bring him to justice. My fear is that Meles/Legesse/ Zenawi will be as lucky as Gadafi. Although we want Meles/Legesse Zenawi dead or alive.

  6. Mechachal Yawwatal on

    Here is the rising golden chance making itself available to us all, and we MUST stop our parochial endless divisive petty bickering and solidly stand together shoulder to shoulder to support the budding peoples struggle helping them network effectively, support them financially, materially, strategically, etc., etc.

    It is high time to covert our diversities in to creativity and the new innovations to bring about the new democracy and justice for all across religions, regions, ethnics, gender, etc.
    Ethiopians have nothing to lose except their poverty, hunger, wretchedness, landlessness and holding the title of being considered as a planet’s branded constantly hungry folks living on the shameful handouts of international leftover donors.

    Ethiopians have to take back their dignity, property, liberty, etc. and convert that troubled country in to an island of peace, new democracy, justice for all, sustainable development and vibrant welfare and well-being. The human, material, strategic resources are more than abundant to make the country as great as any democratic country if not more. It is ONLY up to the Ethiopians to pull their scarce resources together and help make dreams come true for 85 million Ethiopians. Silence and apathy is NOT an option!

    ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’ Edmund Burke

  7. Tammirat Bogale on

    Gezaee H.’

    Elias is a seasoned and balanced person who knows how to network beyond traditional medieval physical, political, social,religious, ethnic, psychological boundaries to advance the interests of Ethiopians with all Ethiopians by moblizing and treating all the diverse population if the uprising has to have a winning effect. Your types of narrow minded segregationist petty bitter cave tyrant will never ever win even the basic needs of your belly let alone advice Elias and lead all the Ethiopians to victory like in Tunisia and the other countries.

    Inclusiveness and alliances across all the diverse Ethiopians and supports from all the willing regional and international entities are sure elements of victory. You bitter and traumatized scum needs to keep sitting in your dirty corner and keep licking your dirty wounds rather dividing Ethiopians and crashing their budding uprising for democracy, equality and justice for all.

  8. Gezaee H. on

    Agree! Leave alone Ethiopians who are the same race or colour, my compatriots, even white and black in South Africa are working together now. If we tell you what the whites did the blacks you would not believe a human being can do those things to another human. Can you believe that white South Africans used to wed their dogs to black women? Can you believe me that awhite man in South Africa enslaved South African for 400 years was no pay. And when the white south African get bored the white men in South Africa were used to be thrown to lions and they watch when lion eating them as game. Feeding a black man to a lion was a pass time game for South African white farmers. Imagine, this is ontop of slavery. You are a slave and you are thrown to be eaten by lion.

    A black main in awhite family after finishing work used to be forced to have sex with their dogs. Do you believe this? And they did not even try to hide it, they tried to do the same for refugees in 2004. White police feed refugees to dogs at the borders and these few years ago.

    Now the black people say they do not want to be as stupid as the whites. They say they far better than them. They we can not do such thing to them because it was wickedness and backwardness. They do not believe reveng will have benefit. If they can do that, what do we have that really keeps apart? why are wasting time accusing each other in the name of amhara or tigrie or oromo or gurage? what is the benefit of hate or ad infinitum schism? what is the benefit of hating amhara? hating Oromo? what is the benefit of hating Eritrean? what is benefitting ? no one, it is just waste of time. We have wasted the past 20 years insulting each other. We never scared Meles from doing wrong things to our country. He spit on us and continue to rob the dignity of our people for money.

    It is high time now and I ask you brotherly all of you to buy a new discipline and to respect every Ethiopian which or who has a breath as a human. Leave alone an Ethiopians human, I ask to respect an Ethiopians insect or bacteria. Because without an Ethiopian bacteria, Ethiopia will be gone. That is why we are condemng Meles Zenawi because he is not only selling our land, our national assets, he is destroying our microflora and microfauna. I want to tell you if a land used by multinational cooperation like Katuri and Almudi, they will put high input fertizers to produce high production and they will kill the entire microflora and microfauna and the land will be useless forever. I am talking about the invisible damage TPLF is doing to our country. If the primitive bacteria, fungi, … others which live in the natural soil are killed, then the soil will be a desert inside and cannot be used by the next generation. Meles and his Almouldi will make money but the next generation Ethiopians will more hungry than the today’s Ethiopia.

    Unite, focus on civil movement strategy and do not waste you time on armed struggle. Armed struggle is very expensive in terms of human lives and material resources and time. Armed struggle takes long and involves alot of distruction. You cannot give freedom by taking freedom for whatever reason. The struggle must be civil movement by sensitizing and mobilizing schools, universities, and other social institutions. Civil movement is faster soluiton. If we unite we can do it in one day even. What will Meles do if all the taxi, school, buses, universities close. A year and so ago before the Arab spring I said we need silent revolution. That is a revolution of doing nothing but boycotting schools, taxis, buses, universities. For instance we an sensitize Universitiess students to refuse to go out of campus like Tahrir square. Refusing to go to class. What are the police going to do? Are they doing to force students to go to class every day? Such civil movement can serve very well without any bloodshed.

    I personally I am done I wanted TPLF to go like derg. I have enough stupidity so far. The people Ethiopia must decide their destiny than one man who is hell bent to destroy the country. We have begged the man for the past 20 years. He has no any good intention. I do not believe Ethiopian would have cared how long Meles stays in Arat kilo. Every Ethiopians is tired of his antiEthiopian personality. He invent every year things that can upset Ethiopians. He is not even willing to talk nice words to Ethiopians leave alone to do good things. I can not understand what type of human being he is . I do not understand at all. Why do everything against the country all the time? why? If he is fond of money, why he talk about people? why he did not become a refugee somewhee and make money than selling the property of 91 million people ? What type of human greed is this?

    Why is it not possible to work with citizen instead of with Arab, Indian,…? why are Arabs entitled to take land but amhara’s defined to be the enemy? Meles woudl prefer to work with Indian and Arabs than with amhara? why is that? he would prefer to work with outsider than with his own comrades even? that is why he chased his own life long commrades.

    Anyway, it is time to wake up and to focus on the problem than wasting time chewing tribal, and ethnic name. All the tribes need peace, and respect by one law. The reward must by merit instead of by ethnic or tribe or nepotism or cadrism.

  9. Gezaee H. on

    Dear Tamarat,

    Tamarat really you sound very strategist and even very seasoned, principled, with doctrine, and who know alot about democracy, equality, justice, so and so, and because of that you are insulting me? Insulting people one of you doctrine? if you believe in democracy, equality how you ended up insulting me? do you think that supports what you said now? Look Elias can accept my opinion or reject it. But insulting people for just give him an opinion is far from becoming a revolutionary. I can smell Tamarat can be worse than Meles. If you get a chance, I am telling you leave alone democracy, you can eat people alive. I can smell you. You cannot get meat from hynena. To be democract you need to practice what you preach right from here. But you have exposed yourself who you are by your own will. There is no even point talking to you Ato Tamrat. I do not want to comment about Elias for now. But I can assure you, if Elias gathers only people like you, it will be another 40 years. Then Meles Zenawi’s duagher will be in Arat kilo. Reason, people like you cannot get anywhere because they are driven by hate and have no directoin except robbing the dignity people whom they perceive them their enemies imagined or real. Anyway, good luck with your democracy of hatred and insult. How are you going to work with demoracts like this. Which democractic countries is going to support people like you? you will expose your empty head before even they cross check you. Any good luck man. I must not repeat you statements because I do we are galaxies apart. It is people like you are keeping the country in vicious cycle of conflict. If there was people like you, we would not have people like Mengistu ,Meles. People like you are actually becoming burdens to the country and to the poor people by asking money every year wheer there is no auditing and their struggle gets no where. I must tell you people like you will only prolong the rule of Meles Zenawi. You do not know probably but you are unpaid soldier of Meles Zenawi. Meles has many soldiers. Those who are paid and those who are not paid. You are the type of a soccer play who play against your goal. That is what you are doing right now.

  10. United We Stand on

    Well said Gezie,
    However, having said that i must vent my disapointment at you in a good way taking advantage my democratic right of expression, thanks to ER. For instance, in one of your comment u said, i think responding to ato Yilma’s piece ‘Ethiopians would end up stateless like the Palestinians unless get united’ which every peaceloving agrees(why not infact the whole region/beyond hopefuly as ato Elias stated in his enterview, peacefully and reponsibly some day); but is this really neccesary going such extra miles offering us the sorry but true example of the Palestenians predicanment?
    Fuck No! b/c You have rich example at your own very back yard that affects the whole region negatively; thax but no thax to the bad governance of woyane’s prime misnster of DIVISION, CORRUPTION, ENDLESS CONFILICTS/STARVATION, TERRORISM, ENVASION, EXPLOITATION, DOMINATION,etc. Such instance forces one to raise questions “well, well, well, ato Gezaee might as well be secret idolizer and Private-Eye of the DEdebit Boyz in norht America”.
    As you very well know more than me, one of the ricks hired puppets play is singing and abusing the sweet lofy ideal word of UNITY, DEMOCRACY, RULE OF LAW, HUMAN RIGH, as if they corncern more than the people who dedicated thier entire lives to achieve it even caring above Alah/God himself, while they have no goddamn love of it. It’s just poletics as usual until reaching the promised land of fortune and then showing off the real toxic color. Lets hope you’re not one of them missing the adage of “A LIAR MUST HAVE FANTASTIC MEMORY” amen&amen!

  11. sintu on

    It is quite disappointing to hear students in several universities staging protests related to food quality. I look back to my college years and compare them with the then patriots. How on earth would a young man bark for his belly at a time when he should have fought for his basic human rights?

    Any ways, meles the tplf mafia boss is building several universities across the country which will become his grave yard someday. He will end up like Nikolae of Romania.

  12. Now is the time the Diaspora must act. The sacrifice of students and Ethiopians like Yenesew? should not be in vain. More funding for the support of the struggle must take place. More funding for security of Ethiopians and its borders must take place, most the diaspora must come out protest for the world to support Ethiopians, more diaspora should organize what each one of us can do, more diaspora must go like the Egyptian protesters to Ethiopia and show how they care for Ethiopia. mOre diaspora should make reconciliation and coordinate on grievances of other Ethiopian ethnic groups. More. more… Dont’ just watch the news what will happen in Ethiopia, don’t just write comments like I do.. The journalists should write and post all over the main media telling the World how Meles/TPLF is killing Ethiopians.

  13. Gezaee,

    We shouldn’t return violence with violence. This will create circle of violence that will never end for the next generation. Ethiopians should not be like Rwandans. Look, the evil Mengistu is living in Zimbabwe palace after he massacared so many Ethiopians, our king and left us for another Wolves, TPLFs. Of course, we must fight until Ethiopia is free, most of all those who committ crimes against Ethiopians and Ethiopia must face justice. So, we have to calm down on emotions.

    What can you do? You should mobilize Tigreans to join their Ethiopian brothers and sisters otherwise they will experience with never ending wars.

  14. Gezaee,

    Meles is a chat addicted individual who landed on the leadership of Ethiopia through the support of outsiders and some greed diaspora oppotunists and some Eritreans. So obviously he just doesn’t give a hoot about Ethiopia unless he is taken care of and his stooges. As he said with his fellow Eritreans they will give Ethiopia 100 years of suffering. Therefore, indeed that is what they are doing.

    The so called globalization is really weakening countries and neoliberalists are taking advantage of it that individuals who got opportunities in neo liberal world or West are really selling out their native nations by being spies, promoting uncontrolled privatization to the point of supporting outsiders rather than supporting their own people. The greatest danger of nations are not outsiders but home-grown individuals either they must be tricked in so called “democracy” which it should be a message to them that the U.S and Europe are no longer democracy therefore, they should not be following their policy. So yes, the greatest danger to a nation such as Ethiopia is their own people from Meles then on… is that what we the diaspora left our nation for, to betray her rather than develop her? Bringing neoliberal attitude to Ethiopia is the greatest danger. What is worse is that they are being advised by neoliberalists: world bank, Imf, etc how to run nations.

  15. Gezaeee H. on

    Dear united we stand,

    If you really wanted to agree with me, you need honestly to liberate yourself from biase, prejudice and sliding to tribe or ethnic or any such sort. You are complaining to me about TPLF. You are talking to the wrong person. I had and I have no and I will not have anything to do with TPLF. You are failing to separate a perceived Tigrignea speaker from TPLF Meles. This is a big problem among Ethiopians. Ethiopians quck jump to condemn a person without even knowing anything about the person but just by being biased and prejudice.

    As you have read, do you think people like Tamrat will bring change in Ethiopia? Never, change is not such easy. I sometimes admire Meles Zenawi for ability to manuever his way to anywhere. Meles has the ability to navigate with perceived enemy or friend. That is why he is able to manipulate the 91 million people. If he ingenuity could have for the interest of Ethiopia, if he acuteness would have paralled with a love for the Ethiopian people and for respect for its people and its land, I can tell you Meles could have ruled for his entire life. Meles Zenawi’s enemy is himself.

    To come to my point, please treat me as an individual human like any human being. I do not like being put anywhere because of language or whatever. You can have your beliefs, but you must not impose your biase on people. you have to understand your views or opinions can be wrong in the eyes of others. At the same time, I do not condemn you because you can only say something you have. What I am saying, try to see from different angles before categorizing people.

    This is the main reason I do like to work with young Ethiopians who are rational and open minded who have no interest to talk about amhara or tigrie or oromo. I am not interested to be honest with diaspora politicians who believe white house put them in Arat kilo and who are charged with revenge for hatred.

    I am out of those. Even if I do not like TPLF. I have no intention of shooting them one by one. This applies to every enemy of Ethiopia. I do not believe in violence, or revenge or killing, or murdering or putting in prison. I do not support even keeping people in prison for whatsoever crime. I do believe in healing and educating people. I do not know from life experience that punishment can only make more bitter, wounded and injured. I seee human soul and brain, instead of external factors of fear. You may not agree with me, I do believe if there was justice and a high moral law in Ethiopia. Even Mengistu Haileramiam should be allowed to go back to his country right now. I am sure you will call me crazy, but my craziness goes beyond that. I do believe in peace, harmony. I do not believe fighting, insulting, degrading, punishing people can do anything good.

    I do believe if Mengistu can admit mistakes done by him and he could be used to educate Ethiopians. He could contribute alot for his country if given to live home. I know many Ethiopians would want to kill him for revenge. But healing is far better than revenge. I do not believe Mengistu did all those bad things by reason. He did them by ignorance and arrogance and pride. These a culture in Ethiopia. I do know in Ethiopia everywhere, a man who is physically strong can not obey law. I have seen these in my life in Ethiopia everwhere. Mengistu, Meles came from such society where bullying is rewarded. If I did not travel out of Ethiopia, I might ended up like mengistu or Meles. My point is that in Ethiopia it has been the role of natural selection where the strong survive, rape, steal, eat, screw, and kill and go away with it. This exactly what Mengistu did and what Meles is doing.

    I do believe now there is no hope from the old guards. The old guard like Tamarat cannot even listen to other different opinions if it doesw not fit their narrow field.

    We need the younger generation, more preferably those who have learnt how to coexist with other humans. Like the young Ethiopians in Canada, Europe and anyhwere else. The young generation in Ethiopia is ethnicized and they live in ethnic or tribal world. I do not believe highly polarized and hate charged like Tamarat has the ability to shape and handle such complicated human set up. It is true Meles has given to oppositions a hard job to do. Leave alone to remove him, they cannot even recruit members from different ethnics. Do you think people like Tamrat can unite people? you cannot unite people by degrading, insulting, intimidating, scaring, …

  16. Gezaeee H. on

    Dear Yes,

    I do agree with you man. You sound more rational. I am the kind of person who believe I can do and we can do. It is possible to do anythng as long as there is committment. I mean genuine commitment based on priciples and pure reasons. The cardinal power I believe in is based on good conduct, responsibility and accountability and under a rule of law.

    It is possible to go further, but we have to liberate ourselves before thinking of liberating others. This includes myself then we can work to liberate others. First thing first and the second thing second, and then third thing third, and then 4thing 4th,… that is how problem is solved in real time. One cannot solve problem without indentifying the problem variables and set up the formula. There is no book that says you can solve problem without knowing the problem. I may right here 1000 times. But if there is no target, goal and objective and with the variables to be taclked, then it is like Gedelmamito, like shouting in a cave huuu huuu. Let us keep the discussion alive and educate each other. Who knows what can come out.

  17. Gezaeee H. on

    one more piece, why you ask me to mobilize Tigreans? what about you? Tigreans joined Kinjit and Kinjits started scaring Tigreans and Tigreans fell back to Meles. Trust me, if you are a good model, trust me, Oromos, Tigreans, Gurage, … all will join you. But you must set up yourself as model. You must not be an Oromo to mobilize Oromo. You must not be Amhara to mobilize Amhara, otherwise, if you believe in such thing, you have fallen into the world of ethnic politics.

    I said earlier many times, let us have a national civil movement that represent every Ethiopian where no Ethiopian will feel left out and excluded. Then all will join. Now the missing point is that there is no nuch thing. Even those who call themselves democract are trapped in that ethnic world without knowing it. For instance, you do not attack Meles’s policies, they attack Tigreans.

    Let me give you an example from Ato Elias himself. Elias put up men of the year for 2011. He said that the Bird which caused the death of the TPLF singer is called Alula. First, Giving the name of a hero to a bird will perceived by Tigreans as an insult to the entire Tigrean. Second, despite Tigreans do not like Meles, I do believe the majority of Tigreans have a great love for the TPLF singers. When Elias came up with such bizzare new year resolution. I guess it plays against his revolution.

    As I said many times, if we unite all of us, it will not take even one month to bring change. However if we continue the path of Tamarat. I am affaird, the next Prime Minister will be Semhal Meles, his daughter. You may not agree with me, but that is going to happen if we follow a blind hate politics that does not get anywhere.

  18. Lemlem on

    #12. sintu,

    “It is quite disappointing to hear students in several universities staging protests related to food quality. I look back to my college years and compare them with the then patriots. How on earth would a young man bark for his belly at a time when he should have fought for his basic human rights?” you wrote

    It is totally out of place and VERY FUNNY for you to be disappointed because Ethiopian 21st century University students protest about bad, dirty and unhygienic food while during your patriotic college years (19th, 20th century?) things used to be different. First of all your collage years of the last 20th century when computer and information/telecommunication technologies did not is very different from the 21st century era as well as the generation gap with every generation rightly having its priorities for itself and the society in which it it has found itself.

    Additionally, why the hell should the young students be satisfied with eating dirty and unclean contaminated food that makes them sick and weak constantly while the tyrannical elite ruling dictators rob their parents fertile virgin agricultural farm lands from under they feet in order to feed and enrich foreign mafia land grabbers?

    If you are saying that you graduated from a university I expect that you NEED TO UNDERSTAND the very fact that food constitutes as basic human rights and classified as belonging to one of the most important category basic human basic needs. Bad quality or lack of food or starvation may often trigger wide spread protests that leads to escalating demands and protests that may finally overthrow corrupt bad government. You should never downplay and belittle the struggles of citizens fighting for their rights.

  19. General Kemal on

    see! how easy it would have been if all people stand up together? We still stand to the guns and rootless oppressive government knowing we soon overcome. My message to our friend Tigrians,amhara, southern nations is simple y this. stand up with Oromo heroes. that sourly show we are together but if you sleep when we are fighting and just talk the talk not walking the walk it is shame on you and we will win any how and we are sure of it. be part of the history, there will be no freedom without blood shade. if you want unity start unity in fighting otherwise, at the end of the day when the day comes we will ask you what you have done when we are spilled out of school, out of our home and killed and poisoned and this is the fact like it or not

  20. Gezaee H. on

    General Kemal,

    What can a general think than bloodshed? You are telling us no freedom without blood? The whole world got freedom by selling blood like you?

    Death to all bloodthirsty human beasts who are stone headed. What is the meaning of freedom if you take away the lives of many for it? Are you not against freedom when you say blood has to be shed? Did Eritrean got freedom by fighting Ethiopia 30 years? No, you do not need to kill people to get freedom. Did Ethiopians got freedom after TPLF shed and Shabia for that matter even OLF,… after bleeding Ethiopia? My brother Kemal Geltu, there is no point talking about freedom while you are telling us killing people is good. You can not achieve good via evil. Evil act bring evilness. The blood you shed for whatever reason will not allow you to get profit out of it.

  21. Gezaee
    i will never ever advocate for one single bullet to be discharged in the land of Ethiopia. not only OLF all Ethiopians have been trying to do just that. who is blood trusty? who shade 200 innocent’s people in the street of Addis Ababa /fenfinnie? who keep killing student with gun? you will never learn if you don’t know this, you will never see if you haven’t seen these. we are decent cannot be lowered in your egocentric view of our people

  22. Gezaee H. on

    Love or Kemal,

    you said there is no freedom without blood? I told you it is not true. you ideals are bloody one. I did not say killing is good. I did not advocate for any one who kill people. But because of your irratinality you have no reasons to defend your points, apart from jumping on me telling me about people got killed? so people are killed in the past and present and who said you have to kill also? if I am stupid person, do you have to be stupid? if I am killer do you have to be a killeer? That is what you are saying now.

    I said TPLF, Shabia , olf, onlf, … have been killing since the existed, but they never gave freedom to people. Do you think you will be different? NO, a bloody person is bloody? do you believe Meles and Issayas can be demoract ? do you think Meles will handin power? do you think Issayas will hand power to civil leader? no, they will not. They are used to bloodletting. It does not really matter if they kill or make people bloody. Reason, simple, they have lost all the moral, sympathy for life. It is like becoming a drug addict. The same principle apply. If you believe you have to kill people to get freedom? where the freedom? because you are taking lives. There is no such type of democcracy. There is no such type of freedom. Freedom respects even the freedom of criminals. Criminals are judged by law.

    Come up with reason why you have to kill people for freedom?

  23. Tigist on

    #23.Gezaee H.,

    So you think that resisting killers and dictators like Hitler and his assassins by eliminating them through killing them is not really up to any moral standard because the resistant is taking life but not freeing life. You may kill organized criminal killers, genocide perpetrators and murders to stop them from killing other people and bring back security and peace. All democratic governments kill at sight all murderers and criminal human rights violators if they can not be brought under control by all other means. If these is new to you you must be either smoking some thing too much or part of criminal gangs that kills and robs while preaching to the other side the theology absolute pacifism. Where on earth does that exist? What would you do if gangs enter your private home and start oiling and raping your wife and fornicating you underage daughter while you are at home and with them? “well done, well done, go on I am a pacifist smoking and enjoying my life and saving life too?” May be or may NOT be but don’t recommend that sort of buuull Shiiit for others. Okay?

    Dumb like a dung shovel! :)

  24. Gezaee
    I have stop to lower myself with you. for the reason being you being you
    Tips. when you have reasonable or not argument do not attack the person but be sure to attack the idea and that is what we call rational otherwise IQ shows.

  25. Anonymous on

    The only way to stop the killing spree of Meles and his puppets is the UNITY of Ethiopians!

  26. Gezaee H. on


    thank you for the comment and plus your insult. Do you know crime? you may not know? But to let you know that you are criminal. I know you do not realize it. Insulting,degrading people because they think differently from you is a crime. The type of crime you are committing now is called verbal harrassment and assault and abuse. In the country where I live this can land you in prison for two or more years. I can even now lay a charge against you for a criminal assualt and drag you by your nose.I am 100% you would not say this infront me?

    First, you completely do not understand what I was saying. Following you started committing crime while you appeared to condemn crime?

    Anyway, I will not repeat what you said here. But next time.You need to understand before jumping to insult people. Do not jump to insult whom you perceive people have different idea from you.That is shallowness and immaturity. I did not even talk to you. you jumped in and started firing your untamed long tongue? They saying the most lethal weapon on earth is the tongue of human being. Most do not realize it but human tongue is more dangerous than atomic bomb. Many has perished because of it. Nations, tribes, ethnics,… have been destroyed because of human tongue?I hope you next control your dangerous weapon?

  27. well said Tigist, some times it is ironic and unfortunate to have people like Gezaee to advocate for peace

  28. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Gezaee H.,

    I have known Elias Kifle vicariously for a long time now, and I can voucher his integrity, fairness, self confidence, and his expertise in modern journalism. Elias Kifle has never allied himself with Shabia to betray Ethiopia to a foreign country – Eretria – as the Jews betrayed Jesus Christ to the Romans. It is true he has worked tirelessly to bring the two countries – Ethiopia and Eretria – together and live in peace for generations to come. In his continuous effort to solve the existing problem between Asmara and Addis Ababa renders him as a great peace maker, a distinguished diplomat, and an exceptional journalist, not an ally with the Shabia as you have shamelessly characterized him.

    On January 3, 2012, you scribbled intentionally or unintentionally: “Elias Kifle, you need to grow up, man. If you were doing the right thing, by now you must have succeeded even to remove TPLF. The fact that you are still talking about TPLF is because you a policy (sic) which is not better than that of TPLF Meles.”

    Elias Kifle, as far as I know him through his widely read Ethiopian Review, has been doing the right thing: He established the Ethiopian Review, which has become the great source of valid information about various issues such as political issues, economic issues, religious issues, and social issues. Millions of Ethiopians have been able to freely express their political views about their country through the Ethiopian Review, and Elias Kifle is doing the right thing in founding the Ethiopian Review. He travelled to Asmara, interviewed the President of Eritrea, encouraged the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters there, and gave us the opinions of Isaiah Afeworki about Ethiopia, and that is the right thing Elias Kifle did. That is not the only thing Elias Kifle has done so far: he has invited several doctors, professors, archbishops, teachers, Muslims, Christians, and Jews to his web site to express their views about our beloved country, Ethiopia. I don’t have time to list all the marvelous things Elias Kifle has contributed to his country he loved.

    Therefore, who are you, Gezaee H., to criticize this bright, young Ethiopian journalist, Elias Kifle as if he were doing the wrong thing when you said: “If you were doing the right thing, by now you must have succeeded even to remove TPLF”? Why do you have to put the responsibility of removing the Woyanne regime on the shoulder of Elias Kifle alone? Is Elias Kifle the only person responsible to liberate Ethiopia from your country man dictator, Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) and from his wife Jezebel (Azeb)? To my understanding of the word unity, we all Ethiopians must be united for the cause of our country and work hard to remove the Dictator from Ethiopia. We know the Tegaru are not on our side, and I know, since you have dubbed Elias Kifle as Shabia, you are one of those Tegaru who are milking Ethiopia, eating its flesh, and drinking its blood. What is more! You have annexed Thelemt, Adiarkai, Telelo, Wolkait, Tegedie, Humera-Setit, and some parts of the Wollo province to your arid or parched land, the so called Tigray Abay.

    Are you sure, Gezaee H, you are more matured, more educated, more cultured, and more civilized than Elias Kifle when you stated, “Elias Kifle, you need to grow up man”? I think, Aiga, Tigraionline, Tigrainet, Ethiomedia, and Abay media may have a good reason for banning you from their web sites and never to see your face, never to hear your voice, and never to post your comments. They may have banned you from their web sites, but Elias Kifle may rusticate you; therefore, you owe Elias Kifle an apology to allow you to continue commenting on his web site. This is my friendly advice to you, Gezaee from the province of Abay Tigray!

  29. Assta B. Gettu on

    Mr. Ban Ki Moon’s galvanizing speech may harbinger the coming of democracy in Ethiopian, and I hope Meles and his cadres will listen very carefully to such ennobling speech by the U.N. Secretary-General:

    “U.N. chief: Syrian president must stop violence

    BEIRUT (AP) – The U.N. secretary general demanded Sunday that Syria’s president stop killing his own people, and said the “old order” of one-man rule and family dynasties is over in the Middle East.

    By Hussein Malla, AP
    U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon speaks during the opening session of a conference on democracy in the Arab world Sunday in Beirut.
    In a keynote address at a conference on democracy in the Arab world, Ban Ki Moon said the revolutions of the Arab Spring show that people will no longer accept tyranny.
    “Today, I say again to President (Bashar) Assad of Syria: Stop the violence. Stop killing your people,” Ban said during the conference in Beirut.
    Thousands of people have been killed in the Syrian government’s crackdown on a 10-month-old uprising, which has turned increasingly violent in recent months. The Syrian regime blames the revolt on terrorists and armed gangs — not protesters seeking an end to nearly four decades of Assad family rule.
    Arab League observers began work in Syria on Dec. 27 to verify whether the government is abiding by its agreement to end the military crackdown on dissent, but the bloodshed has only increased. The U.N. says about 400 people have been killed in the last three weeks alone, on top of an earlier estimate of more than 5,000 killed since March.
    Opposition and army defectors meanwhile have increasingly been taking up arms to fight back against government forces.
    Ban acknowledged challenges facing Arab states in the wake of the uprisings sweeping the Arab world, in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria.
    “Democracy is not easy,” he said. “It takes time and effort to build. It does not come into being with one or two elections. Yet there is no going back.”
    He encouraged Arab countries to usher in real reforms and dialogue, and to respect the role of women and the young.
    “The old way, the old order, is crumbling,” Ban said. “One-man rule and the perpetuation of family dynasties, monopolies of wealth and power, the silencing of the media, the deprivation of fundamental freedoms that are the birthright of every man, woman and child on this planet — to all of this, the people say: Enough!”
    The U.N. chief also urged an end to “Israeli occupation of Arab and Palestinian territories. … Settlements, new and old, are illegal. They work against the emergence of a viable Palestinian state.”
    On Saturday, the leader of Qatar was quoted as saying that Arab troops should be sent to Syria to stop a deadly crackdown on anti-government protests.
    Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani’s comments to CBS’ 60 Minutes, which will be aired Sunday, are the first statements by an Arab leader calling for the deployment of troops inside Syria.
    Asked whether he is in favor of Arab nations intervening in Syria, Sheik Hamad said that “for such a situation to stop the killing some troops should go to stop the killing.”
    Excerpts of the interview were sent to the Associated Press by CBS a day before it was to be aired.
    Qatar, which once had close relations with Damascus, has been a harsh critic of the 10-month crackdown by Assad’s regime. The wealthy and influential Gulf state withdrew its ambassador to Syria in the summer to protest the killings.
    Since the Arab Spring began more than a year ago, Qatar has taken an aggressive role, raising its influence in the region. It contributed war planes to the NATO air campaign in Libya, tried to negotiate an exit for Yemen’s protest-battered President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and has taken the lead in Arab countries pressuring Assad.”

  30. Anonymous on

    Assta, you do have a right to admire, follow, or defend Mr. Elias. I also have a right to say something about him as long as I am not mudsliding on him. I can not see Mr. Elias they way you see because you and I are different people. Do not expect me to be Assta. I am Gezaee. What I says is only from Gezaee view.

    You want to me to believe you Mr. Elias wanted to broker peace between Eritrean and Ethiopian. Haha, that is a noble cause if it is true. Even if Mr. Elias yewaha, and even if the majority of Eritreans are yehawoch, I do not believe wedi Afom or President Issayas has such thing in his brain. Mr. Afeworki told us he was marching to addis through Mekele via Dessie, via Debre Berhane right to Arat kilo, today he is sitting in Sawawa he did not even manage to handle badme and you tell us Mr. Elias want to do such unthinkeable peace brokering? kkkkk

    Is Mr. Elias more influencial than world governments like USA, Rawnda … others who begged Mr. Afeworki to with draw from the areas he occupied befor the war started? Did not he refuse until he was defeated and until he was packing to Saudi Arabia. Does Mr.Elias has magic wand? like the type of Moses’s staff? where Mr. Elias touch the shoulder of president Afeworki and turning him to a holy and peace loving one? Ethiopia and Issais Afeworki will only be separated by mortality, not by peace. Reason, simply pres.Afeworki is born to destroy Ethiopia and he is born to bleed it. Leave alone Mr. Elias Miskin, even Meles who served Eritrea with 100% loyality is not a friend of Mr. Afeworki. And the saying that Mr. Elias would bring peace between Eritrean and Ethiopian is just a joke.

  31. Assta B. Gettu on

    Anonymous – Gezaee H. (31),

    Jock or reality, Elias Kifle has done his best to bring Ethiopia and Eritrea together, and he will never rest until the job is completed instead of your invalid criticism and heart-breaking discouragement against his endeavors for peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    You have crossed the line when you said, “Does Mr. Elias has magic wand? like (sic) the type of Moses’s (sic) staff ?” Moses’ staff was not a magic staff like witchcraft’s staff; it was, rather, a divine staff given to him from the Almighty God to show wonders and miracles to the Egyptians as well as to his people, the Hebrews. With that divine staff Moses was able to rend the Red Sea and to let the Hebrews cross the Red Sea on a dry land. With that divine staff, Moses was able to split the dry rock and from that dry rock water gashed out in abundance and the Hebrews quenched their thirst from that water.

    Yes, it is possible; Elias can have Moses’ staff because everything is possible for God. The Holy Scripture says: “Is anything too hard for the LORD?” (Genesis 18:14)

    The bottom line is you don’t like Eritrea to join Ethiopia and you don’t like people, like Elias Kifle, who work hard to bring reconciliation between Ethiopia and Eritrea. What is wrong with you, man? The people of Eritrea are the same like the people of Ethiopia: they are our brothers and sisters, and we don’t want to live forever in hostility with the people of Eritrea, our people, our neighbors, and our cousins. If you have a personal vendetta with them, you can burry your hatred somewhere in the province of Abay Tigray.

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