What is Transformative Reconciliation?

Transformative Reconciliation is an attitude and a way of looking at reconciliation that emphasizes repairing the harm caused by human rights violations. When this is done using cooperative processes that include all stake holders, transformation is possible… [read more]

6 comments on “What is Transformative Reconciliation?

  1. Arege on

    Isayas Afeworki of Eritrea wants Dawid Ibsa of OLF out of Eritrea ASAP. Dawid lost control of members to Gelchu, and of no use but liability to Isayas. More soon…

  2. Visitor on


    I reviewed it and he said at the least 46% of Ethiopians/Addis Ababa Residents and/or special interest must have been fluent french speakers. Faile road and killed only at the age of Ten/1974 Addis Ababa, but AU transformed right.

    The Ethiopian Diaspora Triangle, the U.S Politics TRiangle and the Mother Fkers’ Triangle of conspiracy to getover their own bullshit app made three triangles of treachery and bully. It never did anything to visitor but made him the same Addis Ababa.

    Mrs. Kebede speaks French; Myth or Fact!?!
    Mr. Kebede plays soccre: Myth or Fact
    Mr. Visitor walks: Myth or Fact

    All that dollar is in that dangerous pagans’ account.

  3. Queen Babar on

    What relevance does your comment have with the topic other than playing Oromos against Oromos just like the tplf and other chauvinists seeking to divide and rule.

    Why should other people’s destiny needs to be in the hands of Eritrea unless these parties prefer to submit? What can Eritrea do for all of these groups other than keeping them there and periodically use them for its agenda, say, like the current border thing and the massacre and kidnappings of tourists just to intimidate the tplf a little bit at a time when the G7 and Gelchu 7 are saying something to do something together.

    Eritrea will NEVER let them or any one else do anything serious other than a little bit teasing the too fat and too rich tplf land grabbers hedonistically enjoying their loots with out Eritrea having a Lion’s share. And you just dance in the rain barefoot with dry lips and paining chest for nothing!

  4. Mimosaa on


    “All that dollar is in that dangerous pagans’ account.” hmmm…

    pagans have never been dangerous while in reality all the other religions that have sprung up from paganism and the pagan philosophy and practice have always been and still are very dangerous now for over 2000 years. “You are either with us or against us.Otherwise the clash civilizations(religions?) will take place and bring an end to the entire bickering civilization”

  5. Iteege Taytu on

    Absolutely Elias is on the right track. Whether we call it Transformative Reconciliation or Restorative Reconciliation it the single most effective method of building and empowering all parties and releasing their immense mental and physical energies to be transformed and for the positive and the common good.

    “people don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan.” as an old wise saying states. Taking that into consideration, there are times when all the planning in the world will not guarantee a desirable outcome but transformative reconciliation that takes all the parties in to consideration will bear fruits beyond doubt. Beside, rolling stone gathers no moss.

  6. mimossa on

    A pagan is not an Oromo as the conspirator wanted it to instigate murder and frenzy of hope by hoax and coax. Pagan is that mother mfkr who is a mterialist and associate eveything with the material world. 14th street, Arlington, Addis, Ababa and that same debur deboor are the conspirators. Islam, Christian and BUdha are religions and better thinkings. Pagan is the conspirator, who believes in torturing targets and get them executed by christians, muslims, budhists and so forth. Catholics are notorious punishers. Italy was downgraded for what it never committed but us.

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