35 Ethiopians languish in Saudi jail for celebrating Christmas

The Ethiopians were celebrating Christmas in their private home in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Twenty-nine of them are women. They have been beaten and many of them are sick now. Ethiopian Review calls for a protest rally in front of the Saudi Arabia embassy in Washington DC next week. Time and date to be announced.

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  1. Eden1 on

    1. In DC metro diplomatic community most likely receives the washington post news paper in circulation. If it can be posted ASAP there, the ebarrasement to Saudi Embassy within the metropolitan and thus internationaly could be a good awakening.

    2. Sauidi embassy is within the reach of seveal Ethiopian Chistian churches/orthodox/Protestant within the tri-state area.

    3. If this web site or any other comes up with a standard letter ( that can be copied) to be faxed and/or emailed,pre-demo, it might help as well. Actually, this very page and video needs to reach people beyond the readers of this site.

    Well such are ideas. The Woyane rep is either naive / ignorant or he came to screen if it was his people. If they were not, to discourage them. His remark sounds awful.

    May the protection and mercy of God be with them.

  2. Reader on

    For the record, the script of end of the video: In the hope that it makes paper circulation easier.

    35 Ethiopian Christians are imprisoned in Saudi Arabia ( Riyaah), while they were gathered in a home to celebrate Christmas in December 2012.

    From these innocent prisoners, 29 of them are women some of whom have left their children behind.

    These Ethiopians are beaten and some of them even have been killed because they are Christians.

    They are jailed in a small room (10 meter by 5 m.) together with 400 prisoners. Because of this heavy suffocation many of them are sick and three people have died. Since there is not enough space they are forced to sleep, standing up or sleep on top of each other.

    Even worse the young ladies are abused in many CRUEL & INHUMAN WAYS. Specially the ladies were demoralized and raped.

    To defy these types of cruel activitis, we sincerely request the international body to remind government of Saudi Arabia of this crime on human.

    We urge the international humanitarian bodies together without color, race & religion differences and save these people; provide medic support and urge the government of Saudi Arabia to respect International Law.

  3. Weygud on

    Folks, enough of these bastards dehunizing our people. What is the criminal government that is ruling our people doing about this. Man, this piss me big time. Fuckk those b’astard Arabs.

  4. Tezibt on

    i don’t think that we should worry at all. The harvest from the saudi farms in Ethiopia will get to the prison in time. Definitely, they won’t starve. Can we move on to some other critical issues like…

  5. peace on


    Of course you are paid agent.

    Let me say this,

    Alamoudi is making the Wollo Muslims especially extremists. So many mosques have been built through out Ethiopia and more in Wollow. Of course, Wahabists are told to come to Ethiopia to spread their extremism. I am stopping to criticize TPLF now because of course they are obviously working out to destroy Ethiopia of course we have been criticizing and TPLF is getting stronger and stronger day by day. So, of cuorse with the blessing of TPLF the goal is to destroy the Orthodox christians. Look around the world, the Orthodox christians have been persecuted for many years. Genocide being committed on Orthodx Christians throught the world: there was genocide on Armenians the Greekds under Turkey, genocide on Russians under communism, genocide on other Eastern Europeans under communism including the war in Kosovo, Serbia in the 90s, genocide in Egypt. So there you have it. The goal is also to destroy Ethiopain Orthodox christians through the means of radicalim of Wahabists, Pentecostals, protestants, etc. Of course, the dehumanization of Ethiopian women in Arab countries is on purpose and is through order of TPLF, Shaebia and other foreign countries bent on destroying Ethiopia. All I have to say is shame. We need to form an organizations of “Stop persecution of Ethiopian domestic workers or immigrants in Arab countries” Let us keep sleeping…

  6. Anonymous on

    This is outragious! Ethiopian Evanglical Christians should inform their Frenji pastors, the Pat Robertson and the likes. The story of these Ethiopians and the secret of Religious perscuation in Soudi Arabia should be known around the world. People, please write to BBC, CNN, NY Times, and other major news medias around the world, even Aljazira.

  7. Anonymous on

    Saudi Arabia: 42 Ethiopian Christians arrested for prayer meeting

    If Muslim migrants were subjected anywhere in the world to the injustices Christians and other expat workers face in Saudi Arabia, it would be front page news. By contrast, these stories quietly trickle out and go largely unreported.

    Even so, behavior like this from the Saudis does not create the image of a strong, confident faith. Their paranoia conveys a sense of fragility and fear. Even by “winning,” by trying to show who’s boss, they lose. “42 Ethiopian Christians arrested in Saudi Arabia,” from Persecution, December 17:

    International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that Saudi security forces arrested 42 Ethiopian Christians at a prayer gathering in Jeddah on Thursday. The location of the detained Christians is unknown.

    On December 15, Saudi police and security officers raided an evening prayer meeting at the home of an Ethiopian Christian in the Al-Safa district of Jeddah. Those attending the service were reportedly beaten and threatened before being arrested.

    Just for fun, someone should tell authorities that a man of Jewish background has slipped into the country and, according to local reports, is in the habit of joining these gatherings “wherever two or three” come together. It could make for a good all-points bulletin, not to mention the subsequent headline: “Saudis desperate to find Jesus.”

    Security officials broke [into] the house and captured . . . beat and threatened them for death. . . They divided the men and the women and they are torturing them [in prison],” an Ethiopian and Eritrean Christian immigrant community living in Europe wrote in an urgent appeal for help to the ambassadors of European embassies in Riyadh on Friday.

    Two Ethiopian fellowships in Saudi Arabia informed ICC that they will temporarily postpone services until the situation calms. Christians in Saudi Arabia, most of who enter the country as foreign workers, are not allowed to practice their faith openly. Saudi police have been known to raid private worship gatherings in homes, arrest and deport congregants, and confiscate Christian materials, including Bibles.

  8. Anonymous on

    My call is to all Christians of all faith including Orthodox, Catholic, Penecosatal,Prostent to all peace loving people of the world to condemn this act of medevial,savage act against Ethiopian Christians living in Saudi Arabia .We should also ask any kind of support to US Christians assist us in this stuggele. Saudi are barbaric and savage people. All of us are ready this savage Arabs to show them who we are .Down with their fanatic religion.Let us show up at the Embassy.

  9. peace on

    The prejudiced Saudi Arabs do not allow church to be built in their country so, why do we allow mosques in Ethiopia? They have a tactic to increase a nation’s populations by marrying 4 times so that they can populate and say oh we are many more so we have to build Sharia law. Even Quran may not say that the intolerance of Arab muslims of other relgions is amazing. They are forgetting that Mohammed love Ethiopia and it was christians that accepted islam whereas, people like “Ahmed Gragn” come to Ethio blogs insulting christians particulary copts. Notice this attack against the Orthodox and not even on other chiristants such as the imported protestant or pente costals. So this makes me think Ahmed Gragn might be tolerant to other christianity but not Orthodox it makes me think.

  10. Anonymous on

    Where is the outreage from activists, from church lreaders, from the media concerning our brothers and sisters who are imrisoned in a desert of Saudi Arabia ?? The editor with all respects I have for writing the article about the Chriistians prosecution. God will free like he did Isralities from Egypt bondage.

  11. Was Christ born in December or January like this so called “christians” were celebrating? No he was not. Christmas is a holiday designed by businessmen to wipe people’s pocket clean in the name of buying gifts , trees and so on. It is just a tradition that serves the merchants and needs to be corrected everywhere because Christ was not born nowhere close to christmas day.So do not blame the Saudis because they know what they are doing unlike the so called “christians” who are in jail.

  12. Anonymous on

    I read a few years ago that Saudi Arabia spends a billion dollar a year for PR firm in US, by today’s market, they probably spend over two billion dollars to fix their inmage. What Saoudis are doing to peaceful Ethiopian Christians should be known around the world. What the Saudis did to Ethiopians, had happened to some of their Arab citizens, Saudi Arabians and the rest of Arabs would have raised hell. Our religious leaders, Ethiopian Orthodox Christians, Ethiopian Evangelical Christians and Ethiopian Muslims should stand together and protest against the religious persecution in Saudi Arabia.
    People–let us always remember that, the source of hate is SATAN and the source of LOVE and KINDNESS is GOD.

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