Dr Aklog Birara and Tamagn Beyene in New York – January 28

Ethiopians in New York are hosting a public meeting with Artiste Tamagn Beyene and Dr Aklog Birara on January 28.

Date/Time: January 28, 2012, 2:00 PM
Address: 550 West 120th Road, Room 501, New York, NY 10027

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9 thoughts on “Dr Aklog Birara and Tamagn Beyene in New York – January 28

  1. Hidassie on

    I think these guys are living in the 60s and 70s. You need to live NOW. Ethiopia is no longer the 60s and 70s. Mamma Ethiopia has finally gotten her esteemed leaders! E P R D F! Ethiopia is prospering forward with her leaders while the dogs are crying in a foreign land. I think these Tamagn et al donot know what they are doing and talking about! Guys you got to wake up and come to your minds. The 21st century world is moving fast at a pace even the hard working EPRDFits are not managing to cope with their hard work let alone with your dead tit for tat politics!!!

    • ET_hagere on

      Selam Hidassie,

      Thank you for your candid comment. NO, we don’t live in 60s and 70s. We live in 21st century, 2011 and 2012, the year of Arab Spring. Egiptians celebrated their first birthday yesterday. A day they got their freedom. Free of tyranny. Free of Mobarik’s 30 years of iron clad rule. We are working towards similar goal to free our Ethiopian people from tyranny under TPLF lead regime, free of ethnic politics, free of inequality, free of imprisonment, free of favoritism, free of being landlocked, free of giving away our ancestor’s land to foreigners, free of killing innocent people …… Have you read news from yesterday? Journalists were sentenced 14 years to life. One of them is a freeman, owner of this website, where you and I freely express our ideas with no fear!

      Don’t you think this worse fighting for? As a fellow Ethiopian, please get out of the ethnic politics and join us in this struggle. We are not looking for revenge as TPLF does. We don’t afraid of ideas. We don’t think by force, we use our mind. Bring it on we can discuss on our country’s welfare.

      So, let us make year 2012 Ethiopian Spring!!!!!!

      • HIdassie on

        Mamma Ethiopia has suffered enough thus far. What have you diaspora people do to Mamma Ethiopia. I am refering to the Temagn et al who are always barking and barking for their benefit. Go and help the young working hard making roads, bridges, dams, irrigations…etc. Go and invest and help one fellow Ethiopian get employed. The issue is that it is this minority of diaspora who think Ethiopia in its bloodies 60s and 70s. Ethiopia is under complete transformation. Tamagn et al was bluffing when his excellency Alamoudi took the Derba cement site four years ago. And here we are today with a gigantic cement plant ready to shoulder visionary EPRDF’s well calculated economic endeavoures. The little shoe shine boy on the street of Addis is the one who will change his county for better and not the Hotel auditoria where Tamagn et al are barking. Tamagn et al are engineered by the Western mentality that a political upheaval like the Arab spring is the bread winning tool fot he needy! This is the mentality you people in the diaspora should seat for a moment and re think about. Ethiopia is at its golden moment of history. Guys EThiopia is completely different from Egypt. The EPRDFites have realized that decades ago and implemented the Golden Developmental State model to eradicate poverity for once and for all. You talk about 2012,2013…..and then you come on 2025 and still bark bout Arab like spring in mamma Ethiopia!! This never happens in there. The long awaited political and economic questions of the people of Ethiopia are correctly answered by EPRDF. I gurantee you that EPRDF is and will be the favourite dream builder of the children of ETHIOPIA!

        Revolutionary democracy with developmental state model is the way forward for ETHIOPIA. History is at the perfect favour of ETHIOPIA at this era! the EPRDFites have noted that and working day and night so that the morning you wake up in your diaspora mansions you will hear a new development project…a new dam, a new irrigations, a new road, a new rail way….what have you. Mamma Ethiopia has learnt a lot from its 60s and 70s. we have lost our brothers and sisters back then. Now we need not some one like Mengistu H/Mariam but some one like His Excellency Prime Minster Melese with sharp mind, well read, pragmatic and wise leader! That is the way forward! China has not attained its present prestige by Arab Like spring! South Korea has not attained its present prestige by Arab like spring…

        We have witnessed the consequence of Western backed Springs in Libya, Egypt, yemen…..these people are living in unknown darkness…they are still in turmoil, they are in civil war, while Mamma Ethiopia is building its Hidassies Dam at their nose tip! The Tamagn et al wish to have that civil war in mamma EThiopia as they are opportunist to beneifit their selfish greed on the blood of the poor young.

        Guys go and invest your little money and help your respective citizen. Please do not bark here and there!

    • Belay on

      EPRDF is just a cover camouflage organization for TPLF or Woyane. 21 years of imprisonment, torch-er, killing and extreme poverty for overwhelming people of Ethiopia should come to an end. Enough is enough-Beka!


  2. Anonymous on

    Tesfa says:

    Mr. Hiddassie,
    What are you talking about? road….railway….bela …bela… and try to compare south Korea with the TPLF led Ethiopia. South Korea is a democratic country where a south korean (jounalist, oposition leader…) doesn’t want to stay a day out of his country.

    Please…know the reality and then forward your comments to share with the majority. But do not simply shout what you have been filled. I advise you to read about the politics and economic situation of south korea. This, i think, will help to regret and come back with the truth.

    Tamagn is a brilliant guy who knows (more than any one) the real situation of Ethiopia and presents every crime TPLF committed with evidence.

    egizabeher yimareh…betam…ye TPLF lekeft yizohal. amen!!

  3. Anonymous on

    Progress is a process. It does not come over night. Our brothers and sisters in Egypt, Yemen,and Tunisia took the first and most important step towards Democracy. Revolutionary Democracy is empty rhetoric, instead what we have in Ethiopia is an Ethnocentric, one man and one party state dictatorship by Melese Zenaw and TPLF. 21 years is not enough?
    Also, what kind of Developmental State you talking about where Meles and his friends looting the countries resources and deposit Billions of dollars in foreign banks, while the Ethiopian people starve to death.
    Multiparty democracy and free election is the only dignified way out of the current grave situation in Ethiopia. EPRDF is voted out of office as international and national observers witnessed it. Let me try to tell you again, Enough is Enough; 21 years of tyranny is enough- Melese Zenaw and woyane has to go.

    Government of Ethiopians, for Ethiopians, by Ethiopians, Now!

  4. Anonymous on

    I feel sorry for your soul! Thieves like You are created with no conscience to understand the sufferings of others and the real meaning of DEMOCRACY.
    When One ethnic group control everything and enjoy life at the fullest, at the backs of 85 million Ethiopians, in these hodam fool Hidassie and his criminal friends freaking, senseless minds, Ethiopians have nothing to complain about.
    Woyane style progress: The entire Ethiopian government is controlled by minority ethnic group and 85 million Ethiopians are being ruled by a dictator with iron fist—The Military, All major businesses and Banks are controlled by the ruling party—No freedom of speech–Press— No peaceful gatherings—Ethiopia is left landlocked—Millions of Ethiopians are starving to death–Ethiopians are being chased and their land have been given to foreigners—Countless number of Ethiopians are locked up with false accusations and being tortured as we speak—Countless number of Ethiopians have been gunned down in the streets of around the country—Countless number of Ethiopians have been masscared in Gambela and other Ethiopian provinces—Ethiopians have been robbed by woyanes and woyanes have stashed the stolen money in various foreign banks—etc. Impossible to list the crimes of TPLF, the nightmares and the horror continues in Ethiopia. When is ENOUGH is ENOUGH of these merciless, heartless, TPLF? How long Ethiopians have to suffer?

  5. Tamagne is a stage man. I do not think he belongs or claims to lead a political party. He was at best a good
    stage man among Ethiopian artist about 30 years ago. Sad to say, he tripped himself from show business and landed on a political stage. He was a shining star as an artist and perhaps could have made himself a successful comedian. Unfortunately, comedy and politics do not mix well for Tamaghe. I think I heard him
    say that he is not a politician, He steps in politics because he could not find good enough politicians to lead the opposition and his love for Ethiopia forced him to fill the leadership vacuum. He might have popular
    support among diaspora Ethiopians, though god knows how much. We know at least enough people come to hear his emotional outburst, lough at his redundant jokes and pay contribution for his travel expenses. Speculation aside, we know he is NOT official representative of any opposition group or party. He has never been elected. For me it is a shame the opposition leadership has sank to this low level. As an Ethiopian saga:”sar yelelebet yeshinbra zaf yemelemelal”. As for Tamagn, his talent as a stage announcer and beyond may be too late redeem. It looks like he is trying to walk between two parallel ropes (drama and politics). I
    do not take him seriously but wish him good luck.

  6. Tizibt on

    You poor misguided groupie – you think the world of your psychotic, mendacious and corrupt leader Meles who tries to fool the Ethiopian people but they are a wise people and know better. You are impressed by him because he uses words like renaissance, developmental state, revolutionary democracy, hidasse, bla, bla or whatever words he has dug up from Marxist’s books! We know that EPRDF is only a camouflage, and the ethnocentric TPLF is the dominant power.
    You think millions of people dying every year from starvation is eradicating poverty? Who is building the roads, bridges, etc. in Ethiopia? Last I heard it was the Chinese who bring their own laborers, so that Ethiopians cannot get work in their own country. A ruler that does not even fight for the rights of his people in their own country! We keep on hearing about roads being built in rural areas but there is no transport available for the rural people. They still have to walk long distances. What happened to the various dams being built? How come there is still no electricity in rural areas? There are a few new tall buildings in Addis, but most of them are unattractive and built too close to one another. Apparently several of them built without recourse to building regulations or codes. So, your advice is that we should invest our hard earned dollars in corrupt businesses? Are you kidding me? Where is the transformation in Ethiopia? Meles cannot fool the people all the time and get away with it. Why do you think the Arab Spring came about in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and elsewhere? It was because of the exact same conditions and situations that Meles has perpetuated in our country, i.e. corruption, lies and self-aggrandizement. There is a great difference, between Meles and Tamagne in every sense. Meles is a pathological liar and only loves himself and his buddies in crime. His mission throughout the 21 years of his rule is indicative of the fact that he hates Ethiopia and does not wish the Ethiopian people well. On the other hand, Tamagne is driven by his love for Ethiopia and is completely dedicated to his beloved country and her people. God save Ethiopia and her people from her enemies and the evil intentions of her present ruler.

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