Norway to deport 400 Ethiopian asylum seekers

By Lyndsey Smith | The Foreigner

Norway has signed an agreement with Ethiopia[‘s dictatorial regime] enabling nationals to return home, officials say.

The new deal means will enable around 400 paperless Ethiopians living in Norway illegally from authorities’ point of view to go back. Deputy Minister of Justice Pål K. Lønseth encourages them to return to Ethiopia voluntarily, giving them 40,000 kroner.

“We will not be using the option of forcible returns before the 15th March, meaning they have the opportunity to apply for a voluntary one soreturn. So the can return to Ethiopia under general conditions,” he tells NRK.

According to him, 15,000 kroner is “if they choose to reintegrate themselves in Ethiopia”, the rest is financial support towards measures after their arrival.

Approximately 100 Ethiopians went on hunger strike last February, locking themselves inside Oslo Cathedral, in protest against their treatment by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

Those demonstrating at the time felt their lives were in danger because of Ethiopia’s political situation. The hunger strike lasted a week and the protesters gathered support from people in Oslo and Stavanger.

Calling the new agreement following 20 years of negotiation “good for Norway”, Deputy Minister Lønseth is now hoping deals can be made with other countries, and that “police and immigration authorities use it effectively.”

However, watchdog the Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) personnel express concern about how the government has handled matter, particularly regarding children.

Secretary General Ann-Margrit Austenå says, “A number of Ethiopian children have lived in Norway for quite some time, and we believe their situation must be addressed. The government must postpone cases and make a new assessment if it is serious about their best interests.”

“I fear we will see some incidents of imprisonments [when Ethiopians have returned], and at the very worst torture, as well as destruction of individuals and families.

Ethiopia’s regime is extremely authoritarian, with human rights violations having got worse over the past year. Many of them have been engaged in political opposition whilst living in Norway, and it will have consequences for some,” she concludes.

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    • URmaster on

      are you shabia or norwegian ?
      How dare you say things like that about Ethiopia ? As a shabia you lack even the human quality and freedom to look at Ethiopians straight in the eye let alone insult us.
      And what is the nonsense link you posted ? Even Europeans tell you that they are the unhappiest people, and the northern you go the unhappier the people are. Do you know that suicide rates, unknown in Ethiopia,Africa and the rest of the global South, are the highest in western countries and in particular in scandinavia ? Do you know that most people there are either under psychological or psychiateric treatment or were in such treatment before? And that most consume drugs on a daily basis and consider their stay in the global South as the happiest times in their life and also the most memorable ones ?
      Do you know a ten year old in Ethiopia or Africa might have more fun and laugh in his life than most Europeans in places like Norway in their entire life ?
      Grow up man, dont trust everything published by sources like Forbes.You should know that they publish such nonsense as a defense strategy,but we all know the reality.

  2. daniel on

    That is the most shocking agreement for a country giving NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.They are angry when Ethiopians living in Norway for more than 15 years without residence and work permit and they went into church with hunger strike.Specially the way the news broke didn’t make Norwegian officials happy. Now they take revenge!!!!!!!

    What a pity

    • Sir,,,pls let’s not 4get how many Ethiopians r living in Norway with a paper! Don’t just say enemy,,,,sew beager,,,,ybal yelem

  3. Dabat on

    What a great shame on the country Norway! These days money has legs and talks and some people will do anything for that mighty dollar. Meles has every penny of Ethiopians money at his disposal, and Meles uses that money as he pleases and also to bribe foreigners to harass and deport Ethiopians. SHAME ON NORWAY!!!

  4. Norway on

    This is good news for Tyrant Zenawi. He has managed to kill quite a few Ethiopian Immigrants who returned to Ethiopia for TImket Celebration.

    The same will be the case for some of these poor people in the totalitarian sh*t we call Ethiopia.

  5. Anonymous on

    Ke sew belaw meles shesheten hiwetachine lematerf Ye selam hager Norge Norge mengest gen le sew belaw mengest asalefo seten. BETAM YASAZENAL.

  6. peace on

    Things are getting worse for Ethiopians and developing nations. Rich countries are reforming their immigration policies all over meaning they no longer host refugees. The issue is if they don’t want refugees, they should stop supporting dictators such as TPLF so that we don’t have leave our country. I think the dark times of 2012 is coming for Ethiopians. This may even continue in U.S and other countries. The issue is why is Norway that is good for accepting refugees is now turning against them? Is it only Ethiopians and not other refugees? Can Ethio lawyers all over the world investigate and appeal for them? Has there been a deal, strike done between TPLF and rich countries so that the TPLF can squash Ethiopians that is critical of TPLF? TPLF is threatening Ethiopians so that they leave the country, when they flee the country, if they are lucky, they go places like U.S, Scandinavian countries, if they are not lucky, they end up dying in Libya, Saudi, Yemen, other African countries, drown in oceans, etc..

    • peace on


      What the tactic of TPLF now is that, as the policies of rich West is changing especially U.S etc.. TPLF is using this as an opportunity how to get rid of its critics that is, they now go after rich nations who are accepting the refugees for example the recent killing of foreigners in Afar, arresting the two Swedish journalists, etc. What TPLF is doing that, we will do this if rich countries don’t stop accepting refugees. As refugees go back to Ethiopia, TPLF will lock, kill or chase them again to leave. TPLF wants the Ethiopians to flee to Arab countries rather than to rich countries because they know that in Arab countries, the refugees either get persecuted or killed so.

  7. Thank you Norway for giving money to the departing Ethiopians. No other country did such kind of benevolence. Our country Ethiopia is also fast developing and we need to live there in peace with ur people and government.
    Thank you

  8. Anonymous on

    Ethiopians, please send letters to the Norwegian government, UN, HRW, and Amnesty International and other organization in behalf of these desperate Ethiopians not to be send back to Ethiopia to their deaths chamber.

    • Anonymous on

      Yes you are right. Please do, Ethiopia my country is not a safe place to leave………….

  9. Debtera on

    It is really shame for Norwegian government to return Ethiopians because its selfish interest not to share their wealth. Norwegian government claims to be democratic but the hatred over the needy asylum seeks who have been denied protection for many years shows the undemocratic nature of the its governance.

  10. bekele on

    I think Ethiopians all over the world need to recognize one fact. HUMBLENESS:: If you guys think that you are special from all over africa,no need to leave your country. If you leave your country because of problems, you need to accept the standard rules without arrogance.

    For one year ago one arrogant(balege) Ethiopian appear on norwegian TV and said’fuck norway,fuck your shelter…….”,How can one expects mercy with such level of arrogance.

    • solomon on

      Yes but just one angry and scared man said that on TV you shouldn’t do such terrible things to the helpless majority. It was in the first place shame on Norwegian TV to portray the rest of the Ethiopians are the same.Everyone knows the decency of Ethiopians if u like. !

      But how on earth a government of one of democratic nations becomes so upset and angry? It is just made them look simply annoyed and do everything they can to revenge.

  11. YOMIRE on

    Norway has full right to deport any foreign nationals at any time provided that:
    1. such nationals/deportees are danger or threat to Norway’s national security;
    2. Provided that international regulations and norms under international laws are met, such as:
    a. whether if they are deported there would be probable persecution and human rights violations; b
    b. whether it is based on comprehenssive arrengements between recieving and deporting countries and etc.
    c. it is encumbent up on Norway to safeguard and secure the safety and welbeing of peoples expected to be deported etc…
    3. The time and procedure of deportation needs to be planned and organised as opposed to haphazard actions… e.g. at least pre-deportation reasonable period, 2 years, :) shall be given;
    4. Deportees’ kids, incapable (physically), and critically ill persons interest should not be put to danger, hence on humaniterian grounds Norway shall consider such cases EXCEPTIONALLY.

    The rest, Long live NORGE!

    • solomon on

      YOMIRE ! akam jirta abbe ! just a load of nonsense as usual ! So in your educated analysis on which part do those Ethiopians falls? The question is not whether Norway can deport them. In fact given its money and influence together with the dictator in Ethiopia Norway can do everything they want. But the question is does this in line with the democratic and human right value they claim to embrace ? Or does it only applies to NOBEL PEACE prize winners?

      Can Norwegian gov guarantee if those pple are not going to persecuted , tortured, or abused in any way due to their political view, ethnicity, religions or sexual orientations?

      Their is no way that they justify their decision to deport except that they felt angry by the hunger strike and ABOVE ALL THEY DON’T CARE FOR THOSE HELPLESS DESTITUTE.

  12. yegermal on

    Whether you like it or not if Norway can go with its decision to deport forcefully the rest of European countries do it next week !

    We all have human obligation to help them!

  13. Eloid on

    What`s the big deal hear. Out of this 400 how many of them are truly ask asylum due to political conditions? Most of them did it just because of their economical conditions and if they got 40,000 kroner I guess it`d be enough to live and work back home.

  14. Anonymous on

    It is shame for the Norwagian government. Ethiopia has the most repressive and intolerant govt at this time. Norway should stand with Ethiopia and help it’s people at this challanging time. They must understand that, these asylum seekers are the most vulnerable people and jail and prosecution will be their fate back in ethiopia. Norway has the most developed and modern society of the world, has been contributing a lot for peace and security of the globe. This generiousty and support should continue for the seek of the peace and security humanity. It is even shame to ask the government in addis on such issues because they dont represent our nation,they are killers and abusers. It disturbs me why the world failed to support this historic and beautiful nation, we are witnessing disappointing betrayal against Ethiopians.

    • Excuse me, but Norway’s regime is extremely authoritarian, with human rights violations left, right, and centre. Nobel peace prize, has got nothing to do with the Norwegian law, and government.

  15. YeMin-Edl NewA,Oslo on

    I am one of them and I will never back go home becouse I am in Norway not for monay but for the politic pure reason.I am tired and fedup for nowday Ethiopia pilitic under the brutal regim Woayne.The Norwagian regim have no any moral to send the Ethiopia people to hell and the who graunt us to live full peace life there?
    And atlast but the first what is the 40 NKR 000 for us?15 000 are 2000 dollar and in Ethiopia have no vulte at any time rate or level and I miss 5 years of my age and lose many times from life.

    • bekele on

      you ”missed” 5 years of your age in norway,,, think how many real refugees who can not come to Norway missed their entire life in horrible african refugee camps.These guys can tell specifically what happened to them with their tears and scars while some of your ‘funny’ friends say ‘aba dula gemeda’ as a leader of an opposition group for which they were imprisioned and left the country.

      After the interview your friends recognize their failure and directed their anger to Norway…If you tell and convince no one has right to send you home.. but if you are after cheap sympathy no one will help you. please note that the primary task of the people who see your case is to follow a day to day happenings of your country….

      Good luck gentle man!!

      • solomon on

        Bekele how can i tell you Mrs.Bekele ? How on earth you blame the whole Ethiopian for a mistake one angry and scared man made on TV?
        You know what u remind me my old village nomads where if a driver with white car killed his goat or camel and escapes without paying next time THEY SHOOT ALL WHITE CARS going in that road.what u r saying is as blind as that !

        • Sorry solomo/n if my comments seem a sort of selective abstraction(example of highlighting only one line from one big book) and thanks for your civil answers on the above discussions.

          I may share some of your concerns but the cases have to be individual and specific. group cases have never won and will never win the age of reason unless it is in times of group catastrophies that demand the attention of the world( example,vietnam boat escapees(flyktning)…..,sunami victims,…..)or a group of people who escaped group murder because of one time(or several times) happenings.

          Nice to show your voice as one but never and ever forget individual screening.

          If you think in group forgeting individual cases ,how can you differntiate a wel positioned part of your society’s children who sold their (or family properties) and came to north for a better future and real refugees who need protection.

          So nice to go(follow) with the international refugee laws and protection rights.

          Good luck!!!

  16. Have any of you asked how many Ethiopians they have given asylum to? I don’t know exactly but for sure its more than 400! We can’t blame Norwegians! Upto some point I do understand what the 400 brothers and sisters ,,, must be going through!I hope the government finds a satisfying solution for both side soon!!

  17. thanks to Behring Breivic !!! He should of kill thousends of bulshit Norwagians,,,,like what Nazi did to,,,,,,

  18. sol on

    Dear mr bekele forget the so called rule of norwegian asylum case handling or so called the geneva convention 1951.the fact that what we experince here in norway is unfair treatment of refugee ,that means the govermenment is not follow what is written on G CONVENTINON ARTCLE 2..1 A ,……RATHER WE SEE a policy standing and a very dirty political standing for some ethinch for the purpose of there long term exploitation within ethiopia and in some areas of horn of africa. I smell in your comment those bad spices .

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