German gov’t official denounces jailing of Ethiopian journalists

(APO) — A group of Ethiopian journalists and opposition politicians were sentenced to prison terms of between 14 years and life. In this connection Federal Government Human Rights Commissioner Markus Löning issued the following statement:

“I am appalled by the convictions. Freedom of the press is one of the foundations of every democracy. The Ethiopian Government has taken notable steps to take their country forward. To be sustainable however, any development needs to go hand in hand with respect for human rights. It is vital for the freedom of the press and freedom of opinion to be safeguarded in Ethiopia.”

Journalists Reyot Alemu, Woubshet Taye and Elias Kifle (in absentia), ENDP leader Zerihun Gebre-Egziabher (Ethiopian National Democratic Party) and opposition supporter Hirut Kifle have been found guilty under the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation and Criminal Code of offences including the “planning, preparation conspiracy, incitement and attempt of terrorist act”.

“Like the whole international community, I am personally gravely concerned about the future of the freedom of the press and of opinion in Ethiopia in the light of the numerous arrests and trials of journalists and opposition politicians under the Anti-Terrorism Code.”

7 thoughts on “German gov’t official denounces jailing of Ethiopian journalists

  1. semere on


    With all due respect i could not get your message about as we Ethiopian completely another view

    Ethiopian Government has taken notable steps to take their country forward

  2. Simon on

    It an attested fact now mrshal Legese Melese Zenawi is taking que from Joseph Stalin.He is practicing Stlin
    ‘s art to the pont.

  3. Gabriel on

    Concern byitself is not sufficient the German Government should take punitive measure.

  4. kuchu on

    As Gabriel said expressing concern is not enough.Rather,the German
    government should openly denounce the Woyane dictatorial bandit and
    take practical measures.

  5. Tizibt on

    Where have you been Mr. Human Rights Commissioner for the last several months, years? Have you just woken up? CPJ has been listing Ethiopia for several years as one of the worst countries which persecutes journalists.
    If you are really concerned about the actions the autocratic government of Ethiopia has been taking against journalists – do something about it!

    • Tizibt on

      tes, says
      Why 40 years? Do you really think Meles will still be around? Or are you wishing he will be around? What is the life span for dictators now-a-days? Anyway no one lives for ever.

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