African thieves and mass murderers gather in Ethiopia

The 18th ordinary session of of the so-called African Union is being held in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa and in the attendance are heads of state and government from 53 African countries.

Out of the 53 African leaders — with the exception of Ghana, South Africa, Botswana, Tunisia, and a few others — most of them are the worst criminals in the face of the earth. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia, a murderous tyrant who is responsible for genocides in the Ogaden and Gambella regions of Ethiopia; who eliminated the independent press, arresting and forcing into exile numerous journalists; who, along with his wife, stole billions of dollars from Ethiopia’s treasure; who massacred hundreds of peaceful protesters after he stole elections… to mention just a few of his crimes.

2. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, the 84-year-old blood-thirsty tyrant who lives a super-lavish lifestyle while 99% of the people in the country struggle to eat 1 meal per day.

3. Mwai Kibaki of Kenaya who refused to give up power after loosing elections, causing the death of thousands of Kenyans.

4. Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan who is indicted for genocide. A warrant for his arrest has been issued by the ICC, but he is being protected by his fellow African tyrants.

5. Yoweri Museveni, a tyrant who ruled Uganda for 25 years and has no intention to give up power.

These Africa tyrants and the others not listed are vampires that suck the life blood of Africa. It would be a great relief for African people if the new Chinese-built headquarters where they are meeting collapses on them and they all go to hell.

44 thoughts on “African thieves and mass murderers gather in Ethiopia

  1. Ben Ali of Tunisia – 23 years – 1988 – 2011
    Hosni Mubarak of Egypt – 30 years – since 1981
    Moummar Gaddafi of Libya – 42 years – since 1969
    Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast – 11 years+ – since 2000
    Mbasago of Equatorial Guinea – 32 years – since 1979
    Jose Santos of Angola – 32 years – since 1979
    Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe – 31 years – since 1980
    Paul Biya of Cameroon – 29 years – since 1982
    Yoweri Museveni of Uganda – 25 years – since 1986
    Blaise Campore of Burkina Fasso – 24 years since 1987
    Mswati III of Swaziland – 24 years – since April 1986
    Omar Bashir of Sudan – 21 years – since 1989
    Idrissu Deby of Chad – 21 years – since 1990
    Isaias Afewerki of Eritrea – 20 years – since 1991
    Yahya Jammeh of Gambia – 17 years – since 1994
    Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia – 20 years – since 1991
    Pakalitha Mosisili (Lesotho) – 13 years – since 1998;
    Ismail Omar Guelleh of Djibouti – 12 years – since 1999
    Mohammed VI of Morocco – 12 years – since 1999
    Abdoulaye Wade (Senegal) – 11 years – since 2000
    Paul Kagame (Rwanda) – 11 years – since 2000

    • Teddy on

      Do not include Wedi Afewerki in this list. I know it is hard for people to understand but for us Eritreans it is as clear as it can ever be.

      • Anonymous on

        Wtf, why do u read Ethiopian review, its talking about Eritrea why don’t you live us alone, let’s do our home work please live us alone

    • Anonymous on

      People choise preisedent H.E Issayas Afeworki lion of Nakfa and a founder of Sawa.

      They call him a dictator yet he lives a normal life among his people not as a ruling elite.
      They call him a dictator yet he doesn’t send his children to EU or USA to get educated in private schools like most African leaders rather he send them to a public school and to Sawa (national service) to fulfil their duty like as all Eritreans do.
      They call him a dictator yet he doesn’t own a private jet, a limousine or a mansion like all African leaders do rather he lives in two bedroom house as ordinary citizen.
      They call him a dictator yet you don’t see his pictures all over the city like another Africa leaders.
      They call him a dictator yet he doesn’t own or run big business under his wife or family name as all African leaders do.
      They call him a dictator yet he doesn’t close the street when he pass or guarded by hundreds of soldiers but rather can see him in the street walking or having a coffee as a normal citizen.
      They call him a dictator yet no one ever accusing him( Even our swore anemies) of corruption, having a bank account or owning a holliday mansion in the west like all African leaders have.

      • Tezibt on

        your story may have been right back then but now the story is contrary to the way you portrayed your man.

      • Anonymous on

        Ofcourse, That’s why is Eritrea peacefull country. We love our leaders!
        Eritrea is not more Africa.

      • Anonymous on

        The best decription one can give to wedi Afewerki. Well done man!!!
        If people say contrary, that means they dont know him or they are myopic.Headsup for the writer.

      • Asmarino on

        On my visit back home i have witnessed all that you said i saw him playing billiards(pool table)with the ordinary guys joking & having fun,i met him not in a fancy place but in a working class coffee shop, walking in the street relaxed & worry free.becouse he have not stolen from the mouth of Eritrean children.He is not attending the gathering of GREEDY thieves African leaders,he would rather visit the hard working Eritrean farmers & encourage them .

      • Mangoshala on

        Huh…Mysterious Essayas, i didn’t know this all, Mr. Anonymous, then why on earth do Eritreans flee in thousands if not millions from their country which is led by such a humble, selfless and beloved leader? We must have misunderstood him then. Worst of all a great number of you are heading to and seeking refuge in Ethiopia a country whose leader you stated as otherwise. Hey…there must be something confusing here.

        • Asmarino on

          You should read carefully before you comment. People leave their home in search of greener posture. Like every where else Eritreans are not different. No one said economically Eritrea is rich and that life is easy. All the people who commented about the president of Eritrea said was that he is a great people’s leader. Given time all the people that have left will come back home. Home that is ruled by selfless, dedicated and patriotic leaders who are transforming the country into prosperous, peaceful and rich country.

      • Yemane on

        Don’t be foolish! Isn’t it Shabia now sells Eritreans to the Bedowins. Isn’t it the majority of the Eritrean people now are in prison. What do you mean! Isayas has a mental illness he is not fit to become a leader. And also his cousin Meles is not normal either. Both leaders should step down from power and see their veterinary doctor to get treatment. I wish in future Ethiopia and Eritrea to become one country and the people to live in peace.

      • As an Eritrean, I am very surprising to see that some people come to this website to defend the well-known dictator. All the world know that Isayas is against the will of our people. He is a totalitarian, where he is controlling the activities of every individual in our country Eritrea not to talk something against its governance. Eritreans are under harsh conditions, and that is why there are many Eritreans including the patriarch in prison. There are many Under ground prisons in all over Eritrea, and people are flowing away by any means possible to save themselves. People are trying to cross every boundary of Eritrea that takes them out, including to the country Ethiopia which the government says our enemy.

        Isayas doesn’t show himslef to the public as he was doing before the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea broke out in 1998. He has changed is residence from Asmara to Massawa, and he is under heavy security. It is surprising that some people say he plays billiards in public places. This is false!

        I hope these dictators go sooner, and the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia live in peace.

        • Asmarino on

          To Ab Are you talking about your coward boss the midget Meles?I just wrote what i saw with my own eyes,do you think every body lyes out of habit like you WEYANEs.It doesn’t matter haw much you try to dehumanize P.I.A. you can’t change the truth. A bunch of imposters why don’t you be yourselves instead of claiming to be Eritreans.The biggest incurable sickness belongs to Weyane SELF HATE,INFERIORITY COMPLEX etc.etc.

      • People choise preisedent H.E Issayas Afeworki lion of Nakfa and a founder of Sawa.

        1-They call him a dictator yet he lives a normal life among his people not as a ruling elite.


        2-They call him a dictator yet he doesn’t send his children to EU or USA to get educated in private schools like most African leaders
        rather he send them to a public school and to Sawa (national service) to fulfil their duty like as all Eritreans do.


        3-They call him a dictator yet he doesn’t own a private jet, a limousine or a mansion like all African leaders do rather he lives in two bedroom house as ordinary citizen.


        4-They call him a dictator yet you don’t see his pictures all over the city like another Africa leaders.


        5-They call him a dictator yet he doesn’t own or run big business under his wife or family name as all African leaders do.


        6-They call him a dictator yet he doesn’t close the street when he pass or guarded by hundreds of soldiers but rather can see him in the street walking or having a coffee as a normal citizen.


        7-They call him a dictator yet no one ever accusing him( Even our swore anemies) of corruption, having a bank account or owning a holliday mansion in the west like all African leaders have.



      • Anonymous on

        The problem of Eritrea isn’t those those qualities you mentioned. The problem is that the nation is built a round one person; nobody is built or seen as capable of leading the nation. It is the deification of one person as god or only good person that lead the land. Africa’s problem has always been the quesion of leadership, the issue of succession. But the true leader, as Mandela and Azikiwe have shown, is to build leaders that will lead the country and continent. Four, eight or ten years are okay for that. No matter how good you are, it’s time tio give way for others.

  2. HURSO on

    Make no mistake. They all will face justice. We just do not know when. You remember Ghadafi?

  3. Maferia on

    Unprofessional and a sadist comment! I don’t agree or have a particular symapthy for any of the above dictators but I just don’t want to sit and dream such kind of unrealistic and yet undemocratic wishes…

  4. Dagna on

    It is one thing to seek justice to deal and punish dictators, but it is completley insane,and A dispicable wish of murderous act to want a building that will serve a lot good now and in the future to colapse and kill many inocents ethiopian citizens and other nationals who has nothing to do with the crime of their leaders, to be condemend to deserve yorr wish of twisted mainded blood salivating masacar seen.



  5. with cheap materials or technology used to build, there will be no chance that building will last longer.the collapse is unpredictable.

  6. Bogale Ewnetu on

    These so called leaders are not only a gang of thieves, but shameless traitors to their people and the whole black race.The presidents of Ghana,South Africa, Botswana, Zambia,are duly elected leaders but will still be blamed for joining a gang of thieves.That all of them one by one will share the fate of their boss Gaddafi there is no question. But it is their people that will punish them not God. He has better things to do.Wedi Afeworki will not attend. He is busy torturing his people.Viva Africa

  7. anonymous on

    This pretty sums it up why Africa in general, and Ethiopia in particular, is the most backward and hopeless places in this planet. Adds Ababa is the hub of African despots, womanizers, and thrives.These people are zombies who have no sense of shame whatsoever.

  8. Stoned Peter on

    After you watched the next link I am sure you will say what?! I have never heard this thing in my life I am shocked again. I have watched more than 12 times I am still going to watch it again and again. I am really shocked will you be shocked like me.

  9. My Man Elias, You used the right words to describe “African Leaders”…thank you. I felt satisfied with the way you describe them !!!

  10. Ali Jamaa on

    Brother Elias:
    I politely ask you and the audience to correct one of them on the list who is the current ruler of Djibouti and who is a member of my own clan. He has been in power since that country’s independence in July 1977. His fatherly figure and uncle was the ruler before him. He was born in the same city of Dire Dawa where I had my secondary education. His uncle ruled from 1977 to 1999 and passed the mantle to Guelleh then. And he is not going anywhere until his diabetes and Hypertension suffocate him to death and he should be very thankful to AL-Qaeda and Shabaab just like this Jack the Ripper who traumatizing our people throughout Ethiopia. I read a comment by a gentleman on this website not too long ago calling these two terrorist groups (Al Qaeda and Shabaab) pawn shop and bail bonds for Meles. It sounded funny but it is all true. If there is no terrorist threats in the area, do you our friends in the West would spend their tax payers’ money to prop up such blood suckers? We would have seen 2 or 3 coup d’états by now. Meles, Guelleh, Afewerki and now Museveni would keep the winning card combinations to themselves as long as they are able to do so. They would go into Somalia all at once and wink at each other and stop. It would be followed by a long lull and then they move again with a span of 5-10 years between each move. If Al-Shabaab is gone today, then Meles will be in deep and insurmountable creek tomorrow. I have told you this reality in one of my comments on this website in 2006 and it is also true today. Mark my word for it. We should all pray for the absolute demise of Al-Shabaab and we will see the beginning of the undoing of the despotic regimes in Ethiopia, Djibouti , Eritrea and even in Uganda. Shabaab has been a huge lucrative market for these rogue regimes and Kenya seems to acknowledge this opportunity. And we all saw it jumping on the band wagon as a late comer. These regimes are having the time of their lives with the reward money they are getting from the West for ‘going after’ Al-Shabaab. What a lotto!!!!!

  11. LEBELEBE on

    China has built a Zoo in Addis ababa Ethiopia to atract visitors for Close look those 53 countries animals Leaders. They are not beter than gorrila or other spieces. They are not yet developed as human to be concidered as leaders. They half human half animals.Cruels,grredy,notorious, marderors.For they are so none human that new Hall can be as Zoo.

  12. Banda Geday on

    Meles Zenawi of Tigre not Ethiopia. Please correct u r statement. Meles never been or would be an ethiopian in appearance or by dna nor by any standard of muserment that nothing connect him to ethiopia. he hate ethiopia even while he was in the woumb of his mother.
    did u hear what he said to southeren sudan last week? when a south sudan deligation consult him thier intention to build oil pipeline through ethiopia to dejibouti? he was angry beyond recognition: he said no audiobly to them and said firmly “u must continue to export the oil through north sudan”. But the Kenyan said to south sudan”u are welcome to construct a pipeline through ourland for free….” the south sudan deligation felt sarrow for the people of ethiopia and they said:we knew the culture and atitude of ethiopian since the king days but this one (meles) is totaly hard to connect with ethiopia.

    he is spending 850 million to use foriegn port and at the same time he is begeging 3 billion a year from foriegn masters.

  13. goodu on

    As the gathering of these murderers goes on in Addis I can picture how the beautiful Ethiopian sisters and brothers will be abused by weyanes pimps/prostitutes for a week or so by all the herds of the so called African leaders. Weyanes thugs will line-up young girls for these thugs to be used for pleasurable reasons only 9 months after we will witness the out come these rapes that will take place in the name of African Union; and Meles/Abebe/Legesse and his boss Mebrahtu G/hiwot will preach how Eritrea is a terrorist state to all the African so called leaders/killers at the new in augurated building.

  14. Berhan on

    The AU should have met in a Tora Bora like cave. If there was the real USA and NATO that are real champions of democracy and justice, the AU headquarter should have been a legitimate target of a drone and cruise misile attack, let alone collapse on its own. It should have been completely destroyed by precision 50-Ton bombing just at the inaugural session after all these blood thirsty dictators filled the quorum. No one on this earth except their terror and genocide accomplices will shade tears for their elimination. Rather joy and festive celebration. AU is the union of tyrants and mass murderers and should never be recognized as a legitimate organization in the civilized world. Currently the #1 agenda number under a closed-door discussion among these thieves will be how to quell the impending African spring that is threatening their grip on power or even of their personal survival. The AU is just like Alqueda because the majority of the individuals supposedly representing their respective countries are nothing but blood thirsty criminals. AU is the house of thieves and criminals. Most of these thugs came to power by brute force and terror. Most of these thugs including Zenawi regularly steal election by unleashing terror on the subject population of the concerned African countries. The African Union shamelessly tried its best to save the dictatorship of the now defunct tyrants Gadafi, Mubarak, Beni-Ali etal. These tyrants meet on regular basis as a show of solidarity and mutual legitimization of their repressive rules. It is a shame our country is a regular get together venue for terrorists and blood thirsty criminals and provided a lavishly built auditorium. This new auditorium should be called “Dedebit Adarash”, because Dedebit symbolises dictatorship, suffering, genocide, vote rigging, the worst diseases inflicted by these tyrants. Dedebit gave birth to the tyrant Zenawi who represents AU in most of the meetings of the G8, G20, etc carrying the plight of these blood thirsty criminals.

  15. Amberber on

    all of u are chickens. if u had a drop of ur country’s love or courage in ur body u would be fighting in ur own countries rather mumbling on some damn blog.

    • Adanech on

      These evil leaders Isayas Afeworki and Meles they don’t even learn from the ousted dictators like Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. Shabia and Woyane II (which doesn’t have any similarity with the 1943 uprising in Tigray – Woyane I) are terrorist regimes. They came to power to destroy our country. I hope this year we will be liberated from these two evil dictators and we will come out of the darkness.

  16. Mulugheta T. on

    Hello Elias Kifle the GREAT (keep it up),

    Yes you are right, the thieves of Africa have gathered in Addis Ababa. Alle are yes-men of the USA.
    Africa has a became the hopeless continent because of these corrupt and selfish Gorillas. Kindergarten functions better than the African union (union of thieves), because at least children can say what they think and want. African leaders are puppets of others and the African union is a puppet theatre to me. All African organisations are ZERO because they never function independently.
    IGAD, for instance in our region, is an extension of the OAU and, as such, it is a toothless organisation. Look what they are doing to Eritrea, a small country which is not dependent on others. They want its government to be corrupt like them.

    Generally, African leaders come to Ethiopia just to sleep and do what they like with our beutiful sisters. Believe me, they come for nothing else. To verify this, you need only to go to big hotels in Addis Ababa and you will cry for what you observe.

    Nevertheless, I hope that Africa will be free and then decide and take its own decisions without interfering from others. But as long as we are made to beggars by the Woyanes, we will not hit this target or, at least, it will be delayed.
    In order to do this we need at first to remove away the TPLF-beggars from Addis Ababa. This is the first step towards realizing our dreams, the dream of all African children – FEEDING OURSELVES.
    We, Ethiopians, have lost our dignity and Woyane is the cause of all our problems.


  17. Most of these comments tell us how much some of the extremist diaspora hate their own country. They don’t have any respect for the people of their country. As far as you think like this, you will end up crying. Elias is the master of all of your losers!

  18. Haileselassie A. on

    Eritrea, like any other country in this world, has its share of quislings (traitors), so it’s not surprising for a few traitors to describe Issaias as a dictator. Believe it or not, he is a god-sent savior for the Eritreans from all the hungry shackals in their neighborhood. Truly speaking, Issaias is literally one of a kind – he is totally selfless, courageous and loyal to his principles. He hates traitors.

    Through hardwork and self reliance, the once arid and badly mis-portraited Eritrea, is now supporting fully its people with foodstaff, while Ethiopia and Kenya with all their blessings with extremely fertile land, abundant water and a lot of sunshine their people are dying of starvation, disease and lack of education. The reasons are obvious to any sincere observers. Those who doubt the exemplary and promising situation in Eritrea, however, they should only apply for a visa and visit the country for themselves. Furthermore, please do not get surprised when you soon hear thousands of those Eritreans in diaspora going back home to join in the miracle making.

    The Horn of Africa does also possess all that it takes to make a miracle. Yet, it should first be realized that minority leadership does not allow miracles to happen.

  19. Anonymous on

    Blame,blame Eritrea,for ur failer..Even the inept midget(melese) has blamed westerners and holds them responsibility for the famine,which is very loughable to see such kind of retarded idea from head of state.
    Eritreans we all knows weyanes blaming game wz Eritrea for him to servive on the power. If we would have throw a stone to evry weyanes dog that barks at Eritrea, stone would have became gold by now.

  20. Anonymous on

    I think Ethiopian revew only have problem with meles. But, I am romg. Now I know who has a problem. I am sure you know what I m talking about……..uh……uh……you are right!!!!!!!!!!!!

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