Another sign of worsening repression in Ethiopia – IFEX

In another sign of Ethiopian Prime Minister dictator Meles Zenawi’s worsening repression, a U.S.-based journalist was sentenced to life in prison on anti-terrorism charges, while two other journalists were given heavy prison sentences, report the Ethiopian Free press Journalists’ Association (EFJA), the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), the International Press Institute (IPI) and other IFEX members… [read more]

5 comments on “Another sign of worsening repression in Ethiopia – IFEX

  1. Tezibt on

    It may sound insane and useless but this tactic, when and if the convicted is not prepared for it, will have a negative impact on him or her by effecting their activity and by making them lose their bearing. I advice you Elias, that do not allow any change of behavior that will alter your daily activity. They do know they can’t get you but they are attacking you psychologically by making you feel important, convicted, confused, divert people’s attention on you, and ultimately alter your behavior by making you paranoid. Hung in there, don’t give a s8@t about it.

  2. Hulemenay on

    Candle Light Vigil at White House in Washington DC: February 5 2012 Sunday at 5 pm . We welcome the participation of all individuals or groups that share our goals and wish to work with others on sheding lights on the crimes being commited against humanity in Ethiopia.


  3. Visitors on

    Singular-Plural and rural situation is defined as white houses, Obamas,ELias Kifles, and many more in blessing[s]. Man became many!

    Negesses, Gesseses and Tilahun Gesseses conspiracy…

  4. Anonymous on

    Ayeeeeeegud! ya tota betam tegebe, totawe tegebo anbesa nege ale. Meles is doing all these intentionally, to discourage other foreign journalists not to come to Ethiopia and find out the HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE, the poor health care, the food shortage, the land giving, the starvation and the looting woyanes are doing. Meles has a lot to hide, period!

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