Saudi embassy protest (photo, update)

10:30 AM TUESDAY 21 FEB. 2012 — Concerned Ethiopians and others are currently holding a demonstration at the Saudi Arabia embassy in Washington DC to demand the release of 35 Ethiopian Christians who are jailed for praying in their private residences.

Those of you who cannot participate in the demonstration can call the Saudi Arabian Embassy in your country and ask them to release the prisoners.

United States: (+1) 202 342 3800
Canada: (+1) 613 237 4100
United Kingdom: (+44) 207 9173-000
Australia: (+61) 2 6250 7000
Germany: (+49) 30 88 92 50
France: (+33) 1 56 79 4000

Ethiopians protest at the Saudi embassy in DC

Ethiopians protest at Saudi embassy in DC

42 thoughts on “Saudi embassy protest (photo, update)

  1. I called to Saudi Arabia Embassy in Washington DC to ask for the situation,however I got an explanation that these Ethiopian were arrested for being the country illegally. I was also explained that there are many American Christians in the country who pray and do what their belief expects them to be. What is your take on this response from the embassy?

    • Dawit,
      You raised a good point. According to the answer you got from the Embassy, the issue is about the Saudi law not religion. In fact one of the reasons Osama was against the Saudi ruling family was because they let the “Infedals (Americans)” come in to the holly land. I have a hard time believing that the Saudi government intentionally will arrest Christians because they pray. I understand some anger towards the Saudis because of the land grab in Ethiopia but it is Woyanne pimped by Alamudi who let them in. Some are Islam phobic and they get angry when they see Mosques in Ethiopia and blame the Saudi for it but they forgot that about 40M of us are Muslims and we are not from Saudi. We have the right to build Mosques in our country ETHIOPIA!

      • Mohammed on

        You are very wrong. Saudi Arabian Monarchy’s security and survival depends on the protection of America. You are trying to equate American Christians with Ethiopian maids and servants. The whole world knows Saudi’s don’t allow Christians and followers of other religions to practice their religion. In stead of sympathizing for the victims you are trying to cast doubt on them. I heard one of the young women who is prison on VOA about two weeks ago that, the Saudi police officer put her finger on these women’s vagina to search for hidden items. As far as I know women, their vagina is not a punch to hide things. The Saudi authorities are doing these to humiliate and shame the Christians. In addition to these, there is no relation between Saudi’s illegally taking Ethiopian farm land and the situation of these Ethiopians in Saudi Arabian prison. It is not only Saudi Arabia that is taking Ethiopian land, but also, the Indians, the Chinese, the Turks and others. There is no correlation between mosques in Ethiopia and the suffering of Ethiopians in Saudi prisons.

        • Dear the previous message writer the so called Mohammed do u know the way u talk & your thinking how so stupid. Please try to learn your self how explain your idea in wisely….be smart guy.

      • Hi Amina,
        Thank you for your explanation! But, I have some questions about you take on. first, what do you mean “…the issue is about the Saudi law not religion.”? what does the law says on this specific issue and what about the religion? is there any law in Saudi which goes against its religion-Islam? What is the base of the law of Saudi Arabia?(I wan to learn…) Second, do you think that all the people are on demonstration based on hoax story? finally, don’s you think that it is a non sequitur to connect the demonstration vis-a-vis the land grab in and Islam phobic in Ethiopia? how could you verify that? Thank you!

      • Assta B. Gettu on


        Your name reminds me Muhammad’s mother, Amina, who abandoned her baby Muhammad for some times, and Muhammad was nursed by another Muslim woman – Halima, and that was one of the reasons Muhammad believed that women are inferior and should not be trusted and treated as equal with men. He hated woman and allowed Muslim men to beat their wives and enslave them.

        You have completely forgotten that your ancestors came to Ethiopia as refugees from Mecca when their own people, the citizens of Mecca, persecuted them for accepting Islam and naming their god after the name of one of the 360 idols in Mecca. The Ethiopian Christians accepted your ancestors kindly, and their number was just less than 20 Muslims. Now, as you claim, and I don’t accept your claim, the Muslims in Ethiopia are 40 million. You are a great threat to the indigenous Ethiopian Christians, to their way of life – believing in Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. You are a heavy burden to the Christian kingdom and there is no enough resource to support you since you produce too many children in one day and there will be no enough room for the real Ethiopians – the Ethiopian Christians. You have filled the Christian land of Ethiopia with the houses of the devils – the Mosques. There is only one way to deal with you, i.e., to expel you and send you to your original home, Mecca. Since you support the ugly-looking King of the Saudis, you go either to the Saudis or to the Sudanese.

        You have no right what so ever to build any Mosque in the Christian land of Ethiopia: you are foreigners, living in Ethiopia under the generosities of the Ethiopian Christians. For 1400 years since you have been in the Christian land of Ethiopia, you have produced nothing to the Ethiopian Christian Communities except importing Wahabism from your mother land, Saudi Arabia.

        Yes, we blame the Saudis for providing the means to the Muslims in Ethiopia to build thousands of useless Mosques in the Christian land of Ethiopia. You are defending the Saudis for humiliating the Ethiopian Christians in that cursed and unholy land of Saudi Arabia, the sources of all evils. I don’t blame you for defending the Saudi monster, King Abdullah, who profited $214 billion in oil revenue last year alone, and I am certain some of this money will go to some of the Ethiopian Imams to help them convert the Ethiopian Christians to Islam and to encourage the Muslim women in Ethiopia to produce more children and to over populate the Christian land of Ethiopia. And the rest of the Saudi money will go to the terrorist organization to blow up Churches, Synagogues, and Temples all over the world. You can be enlisted in one of those terrorist schools, earn huge money and become a martyr. Unfortunately, you will not be one of the virgins of Muhammad’s false paradise to have love with the Jihadists in that fake paradise.

        Once again, I want you to believe Ethiopia is not your country: Saudi Arabia is, and your cousin or your lover, Al Amoudi, is in the same category as you are, a foreigner, and both of you and all the rest of the Muslims in Ethiopia are no use for Ethiopia. If one day, a Muslim fanatic like Gragn Muhammad attacks the Christian land of Ethiopia, you will be on his side to attack the Ethiopian Christians as the Muslims in Ethiopia did during the Gragn Muhammad war. We will never, ever, trust you any more! You better leave our Christian land in peace before we wage war against you and force you to abandon our country. We will never ask you to pay us for using our Christian land for 1400 years freely without any charge.

      • Mohamed on

        We are Ethiopian first. Defend Ethiopia. Not Saudi or Israel.
        No body said bad thing about Islam . Love Islam and Ethiopia
        Do not wory about Saudi .

    • Londoner on

      You are contradicting your self – The problem is any one who is not an Islam follower is an ‘Infidel’ – ‘unbeliever’, that is why they persecute them. The reason why they can persecute the Americans is because of the American pressure. Why is it Mosques are alowed in Europe and America and churches are not allowed in Saudi Arabia? Why is it Moslems are intolerant when any one critises Islam where as it is OK to do it to Christianity. Does that not tell you some thing. I think ther should be a proper debate about these issues.

  2. Kumsaa on

    All participants on this demonstration,

    Your act is really commendable. This is how we Christians protect our citizens from medieval thinking, intolerant and barbaric Saudis! They are curse on humanity. They have exported intolerance all over the world. When many Muslims were dying of hunger in Ethiopia, the assistance that Saudi provided was Koran, while christian countries have provided emergency aid that would save human life.

  3. Son of David on

    Thank you very much Ethiopians in DC. The Saudis must learn that Ethiopians respect the life of its citizens the way Israel respect the life of its citizen. One thing that made Ethiopians weaker is that for many years we gave them the impression to oppressors that we are people who luck solidarity to our own citizens. This is a very good start that Ethiopians ignite and protest everywhere in the world when other Ethiopåpians are ill- treated. They must learn that we do everything possible when our citizens are brutalised, we are as fierce as others and as dangerous as others. Everyone through out the world must learn that we Ethiopians are as powerful as the children of Israel to protect our selves when an enemy is brutalising us mercilessly.

    Amlake Israel Ethiopian Yitebek, Lijochuan Yibark!

  4. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    I hope the Ethiopian Muslim Will not Sail there Country in name Of Islam, if that is the Case i am having a 2ND thought A bout Islam.

  5. i am not going to demonstration at saudi embasy i belive saudis did right thing those in saudis prison i belive they are criminals selling liqure do prostitution so thanks saudi keep goin

    • Sirajj on

      Seid (comment #7) you must be Woyane. you represent nobody, you are Nejasa. Next time when you go to do the Hajji in Saudi, the Mutt’ewa (the police) will call you “Abid” or (slave) and will tell you to go back to your country. When this happens to you you will understand the situations of these imprisoned Ethiopians.

    • Seid, you are one arrogant idiot individual, even though I have really good Muslim friends whom I love so much, your kind of Muslims sometimes make me generalize everyone and be taken in the stereotype of hating Muslims as a whole but then I know that you can’t by any ways represent many good Ethiopian Muslims who are sympathetic about these kinds of cruelty. May your soul be damned asshole.

      • ሶፊያ on

        በተራ ቁጥር 7 ላይ አስተያየት የሰጠህ Seid አንተ እነዚህን እህቶቻችንን ለስራና ለእንጀራ ባህር አቋርጠው ከቤተሰባቸውና ከአገራቸው እርቀው የሄዱትን በጸያፍ ስድብ “ሴተኛአዳሪዎችና መጠጥ የሚሸጡ” ብለህ የፈረጅካቸው አንተ እራስህ የወንድ ሸርሙጣ ነህ። እውነትም ከላይ አንዱ አንደጻፈብህ ነጃሳ ነህ። እነዚህ እህቶቻችን አረብ አገሮች ውስጥ ተቀጥረው የሚደርስባቸውን ስቃይና መከራ ተቋቁመው እራሳቸውንና ቤተሰቦቻቸውን ለመርዳት ሲጣጣሩ ቢያንስ የሞራል ድጋፍና ትብብር ማድረግ ሲጠበቅብህ ባልተገራ ምላስህ ጥላሸት ቀባሃቸው። እነዚህ እህቶቻችን ሰርተው ለመኖር በመፈለጋቸው ብቻ በአሰሪዎቻቸው ይደበደባሉ፣ ይሰደባሉ፣ ይዋረዳሉ፣ይሰቃያሉ፣ የወሲብ ጥቃት ይደርስባቸዋል። ለእነዚህ እህቶቻችን ቢያድልህ ኖሮ ልትጮህላቸውና ልትታደጋቸው በቻልክ ነበር ግን የሳኡዲ አረቢያ ኢምባሲ እንኳን ኢትዮጵያዊያኑ የታሰሩበት ምክንያት “በህገወጥ ሁኔታ የተገኙ” አላቸው እንጅ “ሴተኛአዳሪዎችና መጠጥ የሚሸጡ” አላላቸውም። ታዲያ አንተ ከየት አምጥተህ ነው እነዚህን እህቶቻችንን እጅግ በሚቀፍ ስድብ ያዋረድካቸው? ሸርሙጣ አንተ ነህ። ያውም የወንድ ሸርሙጣ ፣ ኡመክ፣ ሁማራ፣ ቡሽቲ ነህ። የማታውቀውን እንግሊዝኛ ከምታበላሽ እንደእኔ በምታውቀው ቋንቋ በተጠቀምክ ነበር።

  6. Observer on

    First I say to all of you-Moslims and Christians- take a deep breath. Easy on the tone of religious intolerance.
    It’s good that Ethiopians speak out and condemn any authority that imprisons and tortures their fellowmen/women on the basis of faith. We all should strive for a world that embrace any religion.
    Having said that, let’s also not deny the fact that Ethiopia is a country that’s made up of christian and islam faith. These people have lived side by side as citizens of Ethiopia for over a century. Some of the commentators here, using some biblical notations, are trying to paint a different picture of Ethiopia, as we know it today. the comment by “son of David” can be cited as one example that invites a type of fanaticism that brought the world in the mess it’s in today. Fanaticism, extremism, which ever direction it may come, is a cancer to any society and should not be tolerated.
    If we care to see a world where our children and grand children live in peace without fear, we must, first and foremost, embrace eachone’s faith and work to protect it. Let’s look at the positive aspects and the beauty of having a diverse religion and culture.

  7. S. Ghadi on

    Thank you, well done.

    Why are the Arabs so cruel to Ethiopians and Eritreans everywhere …
    The examples are so much in Yemen, Libya, Libanon, Sudan and Egypt … and now the self appointed center of Islam Saudi Arabia …
    An Arab comes to your house only when he needs refuge as nebi Mohammed did and or when they want our sisters as concubines …

    An Arab would never give his sister or daughter to our Ethiopian or Eritrean moslems because they disrespect us all. The fact is Arabs see our own moslem brothers in Ethiopia and Eritrea as inferior and worthless.
    Every Ethiopian christian or moslem should condemn these opportunist Saudis.


    proud Amhara Jeberti,

    Saliho Ghadi

  8. estienimokaker on

    As far as i know christians in saudi have that brown ID card and they are allowed to work and live as christians.
    Next you have to know that there are two polices in saudi 1- the regular police (which works with licence,crime and immigration …..)
    the second police is the MUTAWAA – which check adultery,drugs,khat, alcohols,anti-Islam acts or dresses……..
    let me tell you one unbelievable thing that you don’t believe *** if MUTAWAA get you with a girl or woman, this woman have to be either your sister(mother) or your wife. Otherwise you are not allowed to walk with a girl that you don’t marry.
    I remember i had a fake marriage certificate with my girlfreind and anytime they ask me i showed them and we are safe.
    Now when it comes to this case first i want to tell you that those ethiopians were praying or celebrating gena or fasika.
    -even if they are Christians they cannot be in the same room with the woman whom they didn’t get marry(adultery)
    -if they find a glass of alcohol(areke or black label alchol) everybody in that house will get arrested even the roommate.
    -when they rent the house may be they use islamic ID card(Iqama)
    -some ethiopians went there as muslims just to find the green card and find job as a servant.
    After telling you some hints about saudi now i’ll tell you to thank your lord coz if it was pakistani or afghan who did those crimes he will be beheaded infront of lots of people.BEHEADED.
    we Ethiopians will not beheaded but we will have that (80 or 40 jiraf) they call it jildah every friday after zuhur prayers and once you finish those you will get deported.
    I lived in jeddah for lots of years and i dont even walk in to someones house coz the rule is so disgusting and we ethiopians have a bad repetition by prostitution,khat,alcohol and drug.
    GUYZ please try to read a lot about saudi.that’s 16th century there.

  9. Ethiopia need cultural revolution such as that of stali and moa ; to save it from backwardness and move it fast farward to the 21st century.

  10. Tezibt on

    In the eyes of the Saudis. It doesn’t matter if we are Muslims or Christians, we are all abbids. Of ourse citizens of powerful nations have any thing they want(liquer, mariwana and women). They protect the corrupt regime; therefore, they are over looked. Ethiopian Muslims or Christians should be very careful. We are talking about the most hypocritical and racist society that is worst that the worst in the middle east. One really need to understand them very well. I think the devil works harder close to holly places. Any ways, I couldn’t make it to the demo serration but I called and learned that this will be a power show down for the Saudis. Every country who has messed with the poor in Ethiopia will face misery and disability. If you don’t see a distabilized Saudi I. The coming months and few years, it will be surprising. Mark my word, god will punish them. Sooner or later the corrupt elements will pay the price.

  11. Dear Gettu,
    You are Woyanne or delusional who is in denial or both. In Which planet do you live Bro?
    Yes, 40 M Muslims. It does not matter if you believe or not you are in denial. Hear me out one more time: We have the right to build a Mosque in Ethiopia including in Axume.
    Let’s do the math, Oromo is the majority in our country, ETHIOPIA and there are more Oromo Muslims than Christians. You are welcome to follow the Felashas anytime and it is your right. I am not defending the Saudis but it is sad people like you are turning the issue in to a religious war. I am sure there are thousands of Ethiopian Muslims in Saudi prisons for various reasons but no one is talking about them.

    Gettish, gone is the days of One Ethiopia-One religion. All I can say to you is Lemedew lemedw hode kengede kirich zemede. Welcome to the 21 century, to the face book and twitter generation or Yezareyetoo Ethiopia.

    I do not want to talk about the insults because that is what angry people do and it is very low.

    Dawit, I am not a lawyer or I do not claim to be expert on Islamic law but you said you called the Embassy and they told you that they are illegal, and this implies a law issue.

    Mohammed, please have some sanity.

    What is the contradiction? “Why is it Mosques are allowed in Europe and America and churches are not allowed in Saudi Arabia” get the Embassy number from Dawit and ask the Saudis.
    Aselamu Aleykume !

    • Chhalltuu on

      I 100% fell the pain of Awwalia School students in Ethiopia. There are a lot of human rights abuses in Ethiopia. Muslims, Christians, Oromos, Gambellas and others suffer too. People should be free to practice the religion they want. I for instance, was a follower of Islam before, but now after I marry my American husband who brought me to the free country of the USA, I am a Buddhist now. I changed my name to show my ethnic heritage which is Oromo. GOD bless America!!!

  12. Assta B. Gettu on

    Amina #15,

    Amina, one of the multiple Muslim harems or concubines of a satanic Saudi Muslim, enjoys life in Saudi Arabia as the property of her slave master and her abuser who, according to the Islamic law, beats her every now and then; even the 9-year-old Aisha was once struck on her chest by her old husband Muhammad the false prophet, a well-known thaumaturge.

    Arab Muslims are addicted to telling a lie because their Jihadist Muhammad had told them to lie. Case in point: “Hajjaj said to the Apostle, ‘I have money scattered among the Meccan merchants, so give me permission to go and get it.’ Having got Muhammad’s permission, he said, ‘I must tell lies’ The Apostle said, ‘Tell them.’” (Ishaq: 519)

    As the offspring of Muhammad the false prophet, Amina tells a lie, stating that there are 40 million Muslims in Ethiopia and the majorities of Oromos are Muslims. There may be at least 20 to 25 million Muslims in Ethiopia, and most of the Oromo people are Christians, and the rest of the Oromo Muslims are on the process of being evangelized. One day, I am sure, Amina will be baptized and become a Christian. Then she will be liberated and will have her own Christian husband who cares for her and for her children. She will not have to share one husband with hundreds of Muslim concubines, and she will not be beaten up with a green branch as the fake prophet Muhammad commanded his followers to beat their wives with a green branch (Quran 38: 44). In fact, Muhammad himself had said: “A man will not be asked as to why he beats his wife” (Abu Dawud 11, 2142). Muhammad had taken Muslim women to the lowest level when he asked: “Is not the value of a woman’s eyewitness testimony half that of a man’?” A woman said, “Yes.” He (Muhammad) said, “That is because a woman’s mind is deficient.” (Bukhari 3, 48, 826)

    May be a Muslim woman’s mind, like Amina’s mind, is deficient but not a Christian woman’s mind like Mother Theresa’s.

    A befuddled Amina must listen very carefully that the Muslims in Ethiopia have no right to build any Mosque in the Christian land of Ethiopia unless they get permission from the Ethiopian government or from the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. The reason is simple: Ethiopian Muslims are still foreigners; they are not like the indigenous Ethiopian Christians. Do you get it?

    There may be thousands of Muslims in the Saudi Jail as Amina stated; to me, all Arab Muslims must be confined to jail because most Arab Muslims are violent people. These Arab Muslims are the descendants of Jinn/Devils who accepted the teaching of Quran, and that is why they are violent. Listen carefully what Quran 72:13 says: “So, since we [Jinn/Devils] have listened to the guidance (of the Quran), we have accepted Islam….” The fundamental reason the Jinn/Devils accepted the teaching of Quran is that the Quran had originated from them. These Devils have never accepted the Holy Bible because the Holy Bible came from the mouth of the Almighty God, Jesus Christ. I am so sorry for Amina who supports the Saudi Sunni Muslims, the most violent Arab Muslims who descended from the Jinn/Devils.

    Amina, one of the true adherents of the Saudi Sunni Muslims, advises me to follow the Felashas and to apply for Alia so that I could immigrate to the Holy land of Israel. She must be very happy when thousands of Ethiopian Black Jews left Ethiopia for the state of Israel. She might have thought she would possess the properties of those black Ethiopian Jews who left their mother land, Ethiopia, voluntarily. Unfortunately, Amina, the greedy Muslim woman and sister of Fatima, couldn’t get anything from the properties of the black Ethiopian Jews. I am glad they left Ethiopia so that they could protect the Holy City of Jerusalem from Amina’s pugnacious Arab Muslims. Those Ethiopian black Jews have two duties in Israel: to protect the Christian land of Ethiopia and the Holy City of Jerusalem from the invading dirty and sissy Arab Muslims. So I don’t mind if I will follow my Ethiopian black Jews, but I cannot leave the Christian land of Ethiopia for the worthless Ethiopian Muslims. My future plan is to bring my Ethiopian black Jew back to Ethiopia and expel all the Arab Muslims from Ethiopia and send them to Saudi Arabia where they came from.

    Indeed, it is a curse to be a Muslim in this modern age: Who do you think invented the Internet, the computer, the face book, the twitter, and the many other electronic gadgets? The bright children of the Christian world invented all these wonders of the world while the Arab Muslim world is still living in the Stone Age, worshiping the moon-god, allah, raping small children, burning Churches, and slaughtering the Christians every day and every hour.

    Whatever the Muslims in Ethiopia say or plot to do against the Christian kingdom of the Ethiopian people, Ethiopia always remains as a Christian country with one religion, with one flag, and with one language.

    • Anonymous on

      Gettu , I admire your interest in the teaching of Islam though twisted. I am wondering why are so angry. You sound funny and may be an Arab man most likely Alamudi did something to you .I wouldn’t be surprised if you are a frequent flyer to Sheraton Addis. You sounded like you were hurt. Good thing you live in the west and you have the right to do whatever you want with your body.

      Getish, you said we are foreigners. You reminded me of a song about the Native Americans, “Cherokee will return”. Do you really think the Kennedy’s will go back to Ireland any time soon or Mario Como to Sicily for that matter? That is what the American Indians used to say 200 years a go. This is really retarded and delusional. May be we will have something like the Indian reservation for you in the north where you have access to yetela happy hour everyday for 10cents, for breakfast, lunch and dinner somewhere close to your beloved church . Does this sound generous to you?

      Get used to it, emeyeethiopia is done. Dream on… 3000 years of backwardness is over. When did the last time you were in Addis, I mean to visit Alamudi? Did you notice a change in how people dress? It is hard not to notice and that is why you are burning. I am not kidding, I thought I was in Medina until I heard someone spoke Oromegna and reminded me where I was. Soon you will pray facing Mecca .By then we will have enough Misjeed for each Muslim.

      You said one country one language. Go to Oromeia Kilil and see if you can a buy a loaf of bread or go to HAWASA Langano, Harmaya, Adama (I am warning you do not say Nazeret they will kill you) .You don’t get it do you?

      Regarding the Flashas, you are dead wrong they were sold to Israelis (Operation Solomon) by the brother of Mengistu Hilemariam for 30M.A pathological lire to say the list.

      Kuntu, you also said they went to save Jerusalem, kikikik…. Is that why the Israeli Armey trashed the blood the Felashas donated for the Armey? Do you know that the suicide rate among the Felash is very high and your friend advised you to go to Jerusalem? She must have seen something on you and wanted to help you find a good place to hang yourself in the “holy land”.

      In regards to the Internet and Face book, The Islamic world is using it to revolutionize and to depose dictators while you cry about the Saudis while hiding under Alamudi’s skirt.You are really a habitual lire: Jack Dorsey the inventor of Twitter is not associated with any organized religion, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg the inventor of Face book is atheist not a Christian. Bill Gates is agnostic not a Christian. I can not stop you from lying to yourself.
      I refuse to comment on Christianity because Isa (PBU) is a prophet of Allah. Trashing others religion is not my style I will leave that for desperate people like you.

      Aselmu Alykum !

      • Assta B. Gettu on

        Anonymous –Amina,

        It looks you are scared to death, and you don’t want to reveal your real screen name – Amina – instead you are using Anonymous as your new screen name. You may change your name hundred times, but you will never change your crooked Islamic character you inherited from your evil Muhammad (curse be upon him), the fake prophet.

        My body, unlike your defiled body, is the temple of God, and the Almighty God, Jesus Christ, has full control over my body, but your dirty body that needs wudu now and then is under the control of the rapist Muslim Arabs; you have no right on your own body, because your Muslim brothers or uncles can rape you every single night or day, any place, any where, and that is why you need wudu; even wudu is not enough to clean or heal your damaged organs by those wild animals, the desert donkeys – the immoral Arab Muslims who cannot control their sexual urges, and that is why the Saudi King does not allow the mingling of unmarried Muslim men with Muslim girls.

        Amina, tell the truth! How many times have you been raped by your brothers or cousins or uncles? Committing incest has been the badge of honor in the Arab-Muslim world. Muhammad the prophet himself had raped Zainab, his step-daughter-in-law. He also used to suck on the tongues of young boys and girls; he loved to put on women’s clothing, and he would tell his followers: “Muslims will be ‘busy deflowering virgins’ all day in paradise.” He was so deeply involved in sex, he, one day, slept with a dead woman and had sex with her in her grave. Amina, don’t think your busy body will rest after you have died; Muslims will do anything what their evil man, Muhammad, the false prophet, did while he was on this earth for about 62 years, murdering the Christians and the Jews and raping their girls and boys. They will not deter from going to your grave and digging your dead body and making love to it, and that is what the pedophiliac Muhammad did, and what the dead-woman-fucker Muhammad did must be followed by his adherents. Muhammad had allowed his Muslim followers, mostly, the Muslim men, to do anything they want when it comes to sex. Quran 33:51 says: “you may have whomever you desire; there is no blame.” This means a Muslim man can rape a 6- or 9-year-old girl as Muhammad did. A Muslim man can have sex with his sister or cousin as Muhammad did; a Muslim man can have sex with a dead woman as Muhammad did, and a Muslim man can beat his wife as Muhammad struck his child wife Aisha on her chest.

        There were four Muslim women who gave themselves to Muhammad to satisfy his sexual desire, and these women were Omm Sharik, Maymuna, Zaynab (a third one), and Khawla. In addition to these sex-volunteer Muslim women there were other women such as Khadija, Sawda, Asiya, Omm Salama, Halsa, Zaynab (of Jahsh), Jowayriyi, Omm Habiba, Safiya, Maymuna, Fatema, Hend, Asma (of Saba), Zaynab (of Khozayma), Habla, Asma (of Noman), and his two concubines/slaves: Mary (the Christian) and Rayhana. Not sexually satisfied with all these women, Muhammad continued to kidnap girls and boys and to rape all of them, and he finally raped the 9-year-old Aisha.

        To a Muslim woman to be raped by a Muslim man is considered as a blessing; therefore, to receive such a blessing, Amina must have been raped or sodomized by over hundred Muslim men because Amina believes the more she is raped the more blessings she would get from her Muslim lovers, but I don’t think Amina is a perfect woman with whom most sexy Arab-Muslim men fall in love. The Prophet Muhammad had said: “There are many perfect men but there are no perfect women except May, Asia (Pharaoh’s wife) and Aisha (Muhammad’s wife).” (—Shahih Muslim 31.5966)

        I hope Amina is one of those perfect women whom Muhammad admired, instead of admiring the glory of God, Jesus Christ, who created heaven and earth; however, poor Amina will never get married because she is not wealthy; she does not have a family that has a high status in the Muslim community; she is not attractive to Muslim men and her religion is shaky. The prophet Muhammad once said in the Hadith, “A woman is married for 4 things: 1) For her WEALTH, 2) For her family status, 3) For her beauty and, 4) For her religion.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol. 7.27)

        Notice, Muhammad’s priority here: it is not status; it is not beauty, and it is not religion; in fact, religion is at the bottom of the list. What was Muhammad’s number one priority? It was WEALTh! Muhammad fought all his life not for Allah but for WEALTh, to get rich easily and to be famous by forcing all men and women to submit themselves to him and to pay him a large sum of money, so that he could be one of the richest Muslims in the world. Muhammad had never been a spiritual man, and the same is true with all his Muslim followers, including the poor Amina who has none of the above qualities. She is just a lost creature in the jangle of the Muslim-Arab world. I am trying to get her out of that dark jangle if she allows me to do so.

        Yes, Amina, all the Muslims in Ethiopia are foreigners and foreign agents, and they should leave Ethiopia as soon as possible before they get hurt. The Kennedys, the Italian Americans, the African Americans, and the rest built America and rendered it as the only supper power in the world, and they should not leave America whom they had conquered and defeated the Native Indians. The Muslims in Ethiopia came as refugees, as beggars, and as homeless not as conquerors, and Ethiopia gave them home, food, protection, and education. What Ethiopia got from these shameless Muslims for her limitless kindness is insult against her mighty kings, her ancient cultures, traditions, and faith in Jesus Christ! The Muslims in Ethiopia have even gone farther by burning the Christian Churches, ridiculing the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, the pillar of the Ethiopian Christian kingdom; therefore, these mendicant, the so called, Ethiopian Muslims must be evicted from the Christian land of Ethiopia or be baptized and join the Christian communities wherever they are.

        The only reason Ethiopia is lagging behind in science, in exploration, in invention, and in any modern technology is simply the Muslims in Ethiopia have no room for modern technology; their religion Islam does not allow them to be scientists, philosophers, inventors, and explorers. Their backward religion, Islam, allows them only to train Imams, sheks or Fukras, and those imams must train the Ethiopian Muslim children how to be Jihadists and how to burn Churches and Synagogues and Temples. Islam does not allow them even to be friends to the Christians and to the Jews where they can learn modern education. It was Muhammad who said: “Believers, take not Jews and Christians for your friends…” (Quran 5: 51).

        Amina, we know you always pray facing Mecca because your moon-god, allah, is limited to one place only, and he cannot get out of Mecca. In the first place, he was one of the 360 Meccan idols, and I don’t blame you praying toward Mecca where the 36o idols are located. Nevertheless, we Christians pray toward any direction: East, West, North, South, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest, and from any place to any direction, because we Christians believe our God, Jesus Christ, is a universal God; he is not limited in place, in time: he is everywhere and at any time, but your allah cannot get out of Mecca. Too bad!

        You are panicking about the great progress the Ethiopian Black Jews are making in the Holy City of David, Zion. You are alarmed by their presence in the Middle East. It is true, they have become a big threat for your survival in the Arab-Muslim world. Voluntarily or unwillingly, Operation Moses had brought them to Jerusalem, and Operation Moses was the will of the Almighty God. You like it or not, they will be there until the Lord Jesus Christ comes, and if your womanish Arab Muslims try to attack Ethiopia, they will be back to Ethiopia to defend their mother land. We Ethiopian Christians are blessed by their presence in the state of Israel, but we are very sad by the presence of millions of Muslims in our Christian land of Ethiopia and, by any means, we must expel all of them, and the sooner the better!

        You cannot find any Muslim man in the invention of modern technology, but to your surprise almost most of the technologies we all enjoy in our daily lives have been invented by the hard-working, bright and intelligent, Christian men and women not by the wudu-lover Arab Muslims who spent most of their times praying five times a day and washing their bodies almost every hour and sexually assaulting women and children.

        • You said I am scared? Why would I be sacred?
          When your ancestors were dehumanized, when your uncle was thrown off the clef because of who he is and when Woyanne humiliates you everyday 24-7 for the last 20years you did nothing But You were busy under Almudi skirt. Am I supposed to be scared of you shintam coward?

        • Assta B. Gettu on


          You are indeed scared to death because you are a Muslim: Muslims are always scared, and that is why they kill any person who lives Islam and join another religion. What does your dirty Quran say? It says, “If they turn back from Islam, becoming renegades, seize them and kill them wherever you find them “Quran 4:90). You kill them because you Muslims don’t want your secret and abnormal worship of the idols to be exposed to the world by those who reject Islam as the dirtiest religion in the whole world.

          Muslims are always scared to death, and that is why they beat their wives because they fear their wives may leave them. Bukhari (72:715) reports: “A woman came to Muhammad and begged her to stop her husband from beating her. Her skin was bruised so badly that she it is described as being ‘greener’ than the green veil she was wearing. Muhammad did not admonish her husband, but instead ordered her to return to him and submit to his sexual desires.” Again, Bukhari (72:715) tells us: “Aisha said, ‘I have not seen any woman suffering as much as the believing woman.’ This is Muhammad’s own wife complaining of the abuse that the women of her religions suffer relative to other women.” Further, Muslim (9:3506) states: “Muhammad’s father-in-laws (Abu Baker and Umar) amused him by slapping his wives (Aisha and Hafsa) for annoying him. According to the Hadith, the prophet of Islam laughed upon hearing this.”

          Muslims live by threatening the non-Muslims – the Christians, the Jews, the Hindus, and many others. Your prophet Muhammad (May his wicked soul never gets out of the eternal hell or Gahanem) says: “But those who reject Islam and are disbelievers, denying our Signs and Revelations –they shall be the owners of the Hell Fire” (Quran 5:86). This kind of message is a message of big threat from a threatened Muslim prophet to the confident Christians and Jews.

          In fact, Muslim women are the most threatened creatures in the Arab Muslim world: some of them are not even allowed to show their faces to the public because the Muslim men fear that the infidels may flirt with them. In Islam most Muslim women are destined to suffer here on earth and in heaven. It was Muhammad who said in several places in the Hadith: “I was shown the Hell-fire and that the majority of its dwellers are women.”

          It is this kind of message that has kept the Muslim women in bondage, and they will never be free unless we outlaw Quran and Hadith and burn them to ashes.

          Amina, as a frightened and as an unwanted Muslims woman, is very comfortable with a Muta system that says: “Keep a woman for one night and kick her out the next day.” God knows, how many days or nights Amina has been kicked out; may be throughout her Muslim life, and for this reason I ask her to be baptized and join Christianity.

          I have never met the rich man, Al Amoudi you mentioned several times; I think you may have met him for one night, and then he might have kicked you out because you do not have the beauty, the charm, and the sexual energy that match the other women’s beauty, charm and sexual performance; therefore, you remain for the rest of your entire life as a neglected and abandoned Muslim woman and that is the way it is in the wilderness of the Arab-Muslim world.

        • Assta B. Gettu on

          Amina, am I right or wrong that Muslims, whether they are in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and in many other Muslim countries, condemn to death innocent Christians?

          Read the following Articles:

          “White House Condemnation of Iranian Death Sentence for Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani

          “Pastor Youcef with his wife.
          The Mullahs of Iran are at it again. No, its not their nuclear aspirations. It is their violations of any decent human values. The Mullahs of Iran have been persecuting religious minorities for ages. They have been destroying the Baha’i burial places as well as historical places and worship houses. Christians do not fair any better in Muslim Iran. Christian converts keep fleeing to outside Iran. The Mullahs think they are invincible. Lately, the evil judicial system of Iran brought a death sentence to pastor Youcef Nadarkhani. Reason: Apostasy. This evil ruling shows Islam’s true colors. There is no freedom of religion in an Islamic country. Do not believe the nonsense that western Muslims try to convey to you that a Muslim is free to leave Islam and change his religion, or become an agnostic or athiest. This is not the case and Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, made it clear when he said “whoever changes his religion, kill him”
          The ruling against pastor Youcef brought international condemnation against the Iranian government. So far, CAIR has been silent on pastor Youcef’s case. We would like to see CAIR condemning the Iranian government in the strongest of terms, and tell the Iranian government that the evil perpetrated by Iran’s Mullah’s against an innocent man – pastor Nadarkhani – has no place in civil society.
          Below is the White House press release regarding pastor Youcef’s death sentence. Pastor Youcef is married to Fatemeh Pasandideh, and they have two sons, ages 9 and 7.
          The White House
          Office of the Press Secretary
          For Immediate Release
          February 23, 2012
          Statement by the Press Secretary on the Case of Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani
          The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms reports that Iranian authorities’ reaffirmed a death sentence for Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani for the sole reason of his refusal to recant his Christian faith. This action is yet another shocking breach of Iran’s international obligations, its own constitution, and stated religious values. The United States stands in solidarity with Pastor Nadarkhani, his family, and all those who seek to practice their religion without fear of persecution—a fundamental and universal human right. The trial and sentencing process for Pastor Nadarkhani demonstrates the Iranian government’s total disregard for religious freedom, and further demonstrates Iran’s continuing violation of the universal rights of its citizens. The United States calls upon the Iranian authorities to immediately lift the sentence, release Pastor Nadarkhani, and demonstrate a commitment to basic, universal human rights, including freedom of religion. The United States renews its calls for people of conscience and governments around the world to reach out to Iranian authorities and demand Pastor Nadarkhani’s immediate release.”

    • Ethiopia Ejochiwan wode Mecca Tezerigalich !

      I said , I refused to comment on Christianity because Isa (PBU) is a prophet of Allah. Trashing others religion is not my style I will leave that for desperate people like you. However I would like to say this about the bible, “The word of god” that the Gospels (found in the New Testament) were not written until about 65 years after Jesus died. All the four canonical gospels share one source called ‘Q’ which has been lost. The bible is composed of half arsed, non verifiable myths collected by the nomadic Middle Eastern bronze age tribes who had no knowledge of the world beyond their deserts. Rumours spread for about 60 years after his death and the Gospels were written around about then. No one actually met Jesus who wrote the Gospels. And you think the bible treats women any better? Read on…
      In the Bible’s book of Deuteronomy it says that if a man marries a woman and then decides that he hates her, he can claim she wasn’t a virgin when they married. At that point her father must prove she was a virgin. (How is not explained.) If he can’t, then the girl is to be stoned to death at her father’s doorstep.
      If you see a pretty woman among your captives and would like her for a wife, then bring her home and “go in unto her.” Later, if you decide you don’t like her, you can simply “let her go.” (Deuteronomy).

      Paul points out in New Testament Romans that “the natural use” of women is to provide men with sex. (Romans)

      • Assta B. Gettu on


        You are Amina now, not Anonymous! You are inconsistent as most Muslims have been because the Prophet Muhammad had told them to be that way in order to deceive the Christians and the Jews, and that is why the Arab Muslims created the word “taqiyya.” Even the President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, has been saying he is a Christian, but in his heart of hearts, I suspect, he is a true Muslim. According to the Islamic tradition if a baby is born from a Muslim father, the baby is considered a Muslim even if he becomes a Christian later on.

        You are absolutely wrong Jesus Christ has never been the prophet of the moon-god you call allah. Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God as the Apostle Peter declared: “You are Christ, the Son of the living God” (Mathew 16:15-16). Also, the Gospel, according to St. Matthew confirms Jesus is the Son of God: “Then those who were in the boat worshiped him, saying, ‘Truly you are the Son of God’” (Matthew 14:33). Further, one of Jesus’ Twelve Disciples, St John testified: “I have seen and I testify that this is the Son of God” (John 16:34). Jesus is not just a mere prophet as you, misguided Muslims, always believe: Jesus Christ is more than a prophet; he is the creator of the universe who came to this world to save it, and no one saves the world except God, and that God is Jesus Christ.

        Your refusal to comment on Christianity is well recognized because Christianity is beyond your comprehension. Christianity is for those who fully accept the divinity of Jesus Christ, not for the Muslims who believe Jesus Christ is not God, and he was not crucified on the cross. To deceive some Christians, you simply say you accept Jesus Christ, and the uneducated Christians think you are believers in Jesus Christ. You never say that you don’t believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ, and if you say that you know what will happen to you: they don’t stone you or behead you; they simply reject your message and run away from you, but you don’t like such things to happen to you. How treacherous you are!

        First of all, the Bible is not like quran; you must capitalize the first letter: you should write the Holy Bible. It doesn’t matter how and when the Holy Bible was written: What matters the most is that the Holy Bible is not a myth or a fiction like quran, and the source of the Bible is the Holy Spirit: “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” (2nd Timothy 3:16).

        You are again wrong that the four Gospels writers didn’t get their sources from an unknown source called “Q” and you said that source was lost.

        The Gospel of Mark was the earliest Gospel written by Mark about 38 to 48 A.D. and this Gospel was the main source for the other two Gospels: Matthew and Luke. The three Gospels have more or less the same massage, the same language, and the same style of writing; therefore, they are called the Synoptic Gospels; synoptic means the same.

        The Gospel according to John is the fourth of the canonical Gospels, after the synoptic Matthew, Mark, and Luke. It was written about AD 90; St. John’s Gospel is very hard to understand, especially for lay people and the Muslims. St. John, unlike the Synoptics, talks in detail about Christology, Logos, the Divine Word, the Divinity of Jesus Christ; he says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men” (John 1:1-4). John is clearly talking about the Divine Jesus Christ, who came to us and took our flesh and died for us.

        Only the Muslim quran was written on rumors, not the Holy Bible; in fact, as Aisha reports some verses of quran were lost: “the verse of stoning and of suckling an adult ten times was revealed, and they were (written) on a paper and kept under my pillow. When the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) expired and we were occupied by his death, a goat entered and ate away the paper.’ (Sunan Ibn Majah, Hadith 1944)

        The quran and the hadith were compiled within 200 years after the death of Muhammad the false prophet; by then all the quran reciters had been perished during the wars against the Christians and the Jews, and no body was left to tell the exact life history of Muhammad the fake prophet. What we have now in our hands is a fiction some Imams wrote for a living and called their fiction a quran or a hadith. In addition, “mar said, ‘Our best Quran reciter is Ubai. And in spite of this, we leave out some of his statements because Allah’s Apostle himself said, ‘Whatever verse or revelation We abrogate or cause to be forgotten We bring a better one.’” God knows how many verses had been abrogated and how many new verses had replaced the abrogated ones.

        Yes, Deuteronomy 22:13-22 discusses about the trust in marriage and if the elders found out a convincing testimony that the girl had violated the marriage law, she was stoned to death according to the old Jewish custom; however, the Jews do not do such things today. Only the backward Muslims continue to follow the old rules since they believe in dehumanizing Muslim women. We Christians respect women as the Apostle Paul states clearly: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28). However, in the Arab Muslim world, Muslim women are the properties of Muslim men: “The Muslim said among themselves, ‘Will Safiyah be one of the Prophet’s wives or just a lady captive and one of his possessions?’” (Bukhari: V5B59N524) And when Safiyah was taken by Muhammad to be one of his properties, Abu Sufyan angrily denounced the lusty Muhammad and said: “That stallion’s nose is not tob restrained?” (Tabari VIII: 110) Here is another evidence that women are the properties of Muslim men: “It is well known that Muhammad kept the Coptic Christian Mary as a slave after he had raped her and never allowed her to go back to her native land; later, she died as a slave woman in Muhammad’s house in 637/638 A.D.” (al-Tabari Vol.39, p. 22)

        St. Paul never said the purpose of a woman in this world is to be used as a sex object to her husband; however he denounced gay men and lesbian women in Romans 1:18-32 – men who are burned in desire to have sex with other men and women who are burned in lust to have sex with other women. Other than that he counseled the Corinthians: “The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband” (1st Corinthians 7:3). In verse 4 he further says, “The wife’s body does not belong to her alone but also to her husband. In the same way, the husband’s body does not belong to him alone but also to his wife.”

        We Christians follow what our Holy Bible teaches us; a man as a Christian should not have four wives and should not approach his wife while she is in her monthly period:
        “Do not have sexual relations with a woman during her period of menstrual impurity” (Leviticus 18:19). But the Muslim Prophet Muhammad had broken the law. Aisha narrates: “If any one of us was having her menstrual period, Allah’s Messenger ordered her to come to him for sexual intercourse while she is on the peak of her period.” (Sahih Muslim, Vol. I, page 590)

        Good luck with your backward Muslim faith, a fake prophet, a fictitious quran, an empty Mosque, and unfulfilled dream to build a grand Mosque in the Holy city of Axum!

        Don’t forget Amina, the Bible doesn’t say what you wrote at the heading of your sentence: you are distorting the truth. What it says is: “Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hand unto God” (psalms 68:31).

        • When you go to the tela happy hour you might run in to your nefese abat, please talk to him with respect, chances are he could be your real father.

        • Assta B. Gettu on


          Amina, let me ask you one question that your prophet Muhammad had left unanswered: What is wrong with drinking Tela, Tej, Areki, and any other beverages on this earth, and why is it right to drink a lot of wine in Muhammad’s paradise?

          The following false promises are found in Muhammad’ fake paradise and these promises include not only rivers of wine but also rivers of milk, honey, and a lot of virgin girls:

          “Those of the right hand-how happy will be those of the right hand! …Who will be honored in the Garden of Bliss; Qur’an 56:13 “A multitude of those from among the first, and a few from the latter, (will be) on couch-like thrones woven with gold and precious stones. Reclining, facing each other. Round about them will (serve) boys of perpetual (freshness), of never ending bloom, with goblets, jugs, and cups (filled) with sparkling wine. No aching of the head will they receive, nor suffer any madness, nor exhaustion. And with fruits, any that they may select: and the flesh of fowls, any they may desire. And (there will be) Hur (fair females) with big eyes, lovely and pure, beautiful ones, like unto hidden pearls, well-guarded in their shells. A reward for the deeds.” (Quran 56:8)
          “Unending, and unforbidden, exalted beds, and maidens incomparable. We have formed them in a distinctive fashion and made them virgins, loving companions matched in age, for the sake of those of the right hand.” [Another translation reads:] “On couches or thrones raised high. Verily, We have created them (maidens) incomparable: We have formed their maidens as a special creation, and made them to grow a new growth. We made them virgins – pure and undefiled, lovers, matched in age.” (Quran 56:33)
          “I heard Allah’s Apostle saying, ‘From my followers there will be a crowd of 70,000 in number who will enter Paradise whose faces will glitter as the moon.”’ (Vukhari: V8B76N550)
          “Fruits, Delights; they will be honored in the Gardens of Pleasure, on thrones facing one another. Round them will be passed a cup of pure white wine, delicious to the drinkers, free from ghoul (hurt), nor shall you be made mad or exhausted thereby. And with them will be Qasirat-at-Tarf (virgin females), restraining their glances (desiring none but you), with big, beautiful eyes. As if they were (sheltered) eggs, preserved.” (Quran 37:40)
          “Faces will be joyful, glad with their endeavour. In a lofty Garden they hear no harmful speech.” Qur’an 88:12 “Therein will be a bubbling spring, raised throne-like couches, drinking cups ready placed, cushions set in rows, and rich silken carpets all spread out.”(Quran 88:8)
          “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘The first group who will enter Paradise will be glittering like the moon and those who will follow will glitter like the most brilliant star. They will not urinate, relieve nature, spit, or have any nasal secretions. Their combs will be gold and their sweat will smell like musk. Their companions will be houris [virgins]. All of them will look alike and will be sixty cubits (180 feet) tall.”’ (Bukhari: V4B55N544)
          “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘The believers, after being saved from the Fire, will be stopped at a bridge between Paradise and Hell and mutual retaliation will be established among them regarding wrongs they have committed against one another. After they are cleansed and purified through the retaliation, they will be admitted into Paradise.”’(Bukhari:V8B76N542)
          “(Here is) a Parable of the Garden which those who fear and keep their duty are promised: in it are rivers of unpolluted water; rivers of milk which the taste never changes; rivers of wine, a delicious joy to the drinkers; and rivers of running honey pure and clear. In it there are all kinds of fruits with pardon from their Lord.” (Quran 47:15)
          “As for the righteous, they will drink a cup of wine from a spring, making it gush forth abundantly.” Qur’an 76:19 “And round them shall serve immortal boys of perpetual freshness, never altering in age. If you saw them, you would think they were scattered pearls.” Qur’an 76:21 “Upon them will be green garments of fine green silk and heavy gold brocade. They will be adorned with bracelets of silver; their Lord will slack their thirst with wine.” (Quran 76:5)
          “The righteous shall be amidst cool shades, springs, and fruits – all they desire. Eat and drink to your heart’s content.” (Quran 77:41)
          “Verily for those who follow Us, there will be a fulfillment of your desires: enclosed Gardens, grapevines, voluptuous full-breasted maidens of equal age, and a cup full to the brim of wine. There they never hear vain discourse nor lying – a gift in payment – a reward from your Lord.” (Quran 78:31)
          “The believers will be in Delightful Bliss: On couch-like thrones, gazing, their thirst will be slaked with pure wine.” (Quran 83:22)
          “For those who believe and do good deeds will be Gardens; the fulfillment of all desires.” (Quran 85:11)
          “I heard the Prophet saying, ‘From among my followers there will be some who will consider illegal sexual intercourse, the wearing of silk, the drinking of alcoholic drinks and the use of musical instruments, to be lawful. Allah will destroy them during the night and will let mountains fall on them. He will transform the rest into monkeys and pigs and they will remain so till the Day of Doom.”’ (Bukhari:V7B69N494)
          “The Prophet said, ‘In Paradise they will not urinate, relieve nature, spit, or have any nasal secretions. Everyone will have two virgins who will be so beautiful and transparent the bones of their legs will be seen through their flesh.”’ (Bukhari:V4B54N476-544)
          “Verily, the Muttaqun (those who fear) will be in Gardens and Delight. Enjoying the (bliss) which their Lord has provided, and their Lord saved them from the torment of the blazing Fire. ‘Eat and drink with glee, because of what you used to do.’ They will recline (with ease) on Throne Couches (of dignity) arranged in ranks; and We shall join them to beautiful Hur (female maidens) with big, lustrous eyes.” (Quran 52:17)
          “Those who believe and whose families follow them in Faith, to them shall We join their offspring: Nor shall We deprive them of their works: (Yet) each individual is in pledge for his deeds. [Imagine that. Wives and children will be joined with husbands and fathers who are cavorting with virgins. That ought to be entertaining.] And We shall provide fruit and meat, anything they desire. There they shall pass from hand to hand a (wine) cup free of frivolity, free of all taint of vanity or cause of sin. Round about them will serve, (devoted) to them, young boy servants of their own (handsome) as well-guarded pearls. They will advance to each other, drawing near, engaging in mutual enquiry. They will say: ‘We used to be afraid (of the punishment) in the midst of our families, but Allah has been good to us, and has delivered us from the torment of the Scorching Wind and Breath of Fire.” (Quran 52:21)
          “For him who lives in terror of his Lord are two Gardens containing delights: shade, two fountains flowing, fruits in pairs. Reclining on carpets lined with silk brocade, fruits hanging low. In them virginal females with averted glances (desiring none but you), undeflowered by men or jinn. Is the reward of goodness aught but goodness?” (Quran 55:46)
          “And beside this, there are two other Gardens, rich green in color from plentiful watering. In them will be two springs, gushing forth, and fruits. And beautiful companions, virgins cloistered in pavilions, undefiled by men and jinn, reclining on green cushions and rich mattresses. Which of the favors of you Lord will you both deny?” (Quran 55:62)

          Amina, my friend, are you ready to join those virgin girls in Muhammad’s paradise, but the problem is that the virgin girls in paradise are undefiled, sexually un assaulted, and no man or jinn has flirted with them; however, you have been molested several times by either Al Amoudi or by one of your cousins; therefore your are defiled and unfit to be one of those paradise girls. Poor Amina, I am so sorry for you!

  13. Daniel on

    We Ethiopians , Christians and Muslms , We have
    Been brothers and sisters for centuries . We lived
    together , respect and like each other . Our churchs and
    Mosks in the same neighbor hood with no problem .
    Some times they share the same fence ( Anwar mosk and Ragurl
    Church) . What Saudi Arebia is doing is , building Mosks to teach
    Wabihsm . Wabhism teaches to hate Christians . They call christins
    Infedol. Please let us pass to the new generations a country where
    Moslems and Christians live together with love , respect and together
    fight thiefs/murderers Woyane. We have our own Moslem teachers. We
    don’t want teachers from other countries.

  14. Ethiopia and Her Children on

    Unity is Power. God is always first. The Natural resources makes the Saudi Royals and its Citizens extremely wild. I desperately felt so sorry for our Ethiopians whose went to All kind of Arabic Countries and lost their Soul.

    I’ve noticed that most Arab shows all kind of disrespect, even those who are selling eggs on the street when they seen any immigrants.

    The royals are welaware of about any criminal activites, also everything hads been ordered by them too.

    The truth the matter is, we live in the 21st Century and can fight for our people from the beggining to end. Whever we are, we are watching you and the consequence will be tripple.

    This is not about Muslims. This is about God, who made us Christians. You are pushing our Buttom for no reason. If you don’t release our people, we will continue to fight with God will forever. Watch your self dud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Are these ethiopians religious crusade? or are the american missionaries? If they are in Saudis, it in search job; not freedom, not democracy, not free speech,

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