Where are the Ethiopian religious leaders?

By Elias Kifle

Hundreds of Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans today gathered at the Saudi Arabia embassy in Washington DC to ask the Saudi king to release the 35 Ethiopian Christians who are languishing in jail for praying in their homes. Others who could not come to the demonstration have flooded the Saudi embassy phones through out the day. It is encouraging to see our Muslim brothers and sisters, who came in large numbers, standing with us to make their voice heard on behalf of the victims.

However, I’m terribly disappointed at the conspicuous absence of our “religious leaders” from the demonstration. There are over 20 Ethiopian Churches and Mosques in the Washington DC area and none of their leaders came.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the International Christian Concern (ICC) for sending their representative to the demonstration.

The Saudi officials at the embassy arrogantly refused to receive our petition letter.

We must continue to raise our voice until all the jailed Ethiopians are released.

Ethiopians protest at the Saudi embassy in DC

11 thoughts on “Where are the Ethiopian religious leaders?

  1. disappointed on

    Ethiopian churches in the diaspora are a joke. What do you expect from people who are negotiating with aba diabilos. The diaspora churches are being infiltrated by woyane stooges just like ESFNA.No wonder attendance is dropping in diaspora churches.At a time our Muslim brothers are becoming a possible threat to Melese’s iron grip at home, so-called diaspora church leaders are making a deal with the devil. In the midst of so much suffering and misery to millions of Ethiopians, their excuse is politics and religion don’t mix.The Ethiopian church is in the saddest state of mind.Time to show our displeasure by openly speaking up against these churches.CHEW LE-RAS-HE SITLE TAFETHE,otherwise you will be abandoned!!

  2. Anonymous on

    Thanks, to every Ethiopian who came to show their support for the Ethiopian Christians who are in jailed for their faith in Saudi Arabia desert. Saudi government has vivdly shown their arrogance , and ignorance by refusing to accept a petition and showing disrespect to Ethiopian people. It is time to expose this medivial and backward’s nation crime behind the curtain to the front burner.Proud with all Ethiopians. Shame on religious leaders who don’t even have guts to stand for injustice .

  3. Zera Yacob on

    Elias, please provide us contact addresses of the Saudi Arabia embassy, like e-mails, phone numbers and fax numbers. We will be flooding their system. Imagine, we Ethiopians in the US are close to a million if not more, if we all act together, we can force the main stream media in the US to cover the story and popularize it as a voice of all Christians in the world as well as good Muslims who are out to protect the name of Islam. We Ethiopians are the perfect example of peaceful co-existence. Let Ethiopian muslims teach Saudi Arabia about true meaning of Islam tolerance while Ethiopian Christians teach them peaceful demand of justice.

    Thank You

    • Here are some numbers:

      United States: (+1) 202 342 3800
      Canada: (+1) 613 237 4100
      United Kingdom: (+44) 207 9173-000
      Australia: (+61) 2 6250 7000
      Germany: (+49) 30 88 92 50
      France: (+33) 1 56 79 4000

  4. ET_hagere on

    Ethiopian Diaspora churches are in limbo. They want to stay like Island. They don’t want to be called they participated in “politics” They afraid of their income will dry out. The religious leaders don’t have power. The power is in the board members. If a priest mentions about Ethiopia in his teaching, let alone the current Ethiopian situation, he will be called politician. Oh! Aba zare poletikegne hounu. What a sick society. What a disgrace generation. The only time they name Ethiopia is only if it generates income like restaurants put Ethiopian flag to get customers. These people don’t know how Ethiopian church played a big role in keeping Ethiopia independent, in fighting the fascist. So sad.

  5. To Elias kifle
    Why you don’t talk about a situation about Ethiopian Muslim it is hot topic in Ethiopia
    I don’t know your agenda if you try to reach all Ethiopian it is helpful to remove weyane, I don’t think you are doing the right thing, I am sure you are not believe Ethiopia as a Christian land, do you?

    • nasir says,
      I doubt it very much if nasir is your name you should be m-nsir, Our Ethiopian Moslem brothers and sisters we are one and the same, if faith is a difference, it is no different than being Oromo or Amhara. But we all are Ethiopians with pride because of our diversity and unity. A unity that is always challenged by people like you and masters. Give it up. you won’t win. For your information for the last several days The ESAT television has been announcing how our Ethiopian Moslem religious practise being challenged and ridiculed by this satanic, ruthless, valueless master of yours. What ever goes wrong to our Christian brothers and sisters or our Moslem brothers and sister ,it is a common concern.

      Ethiopian people are all the sons of Abraham! and they value and care for each other.
      No power on earth can change that!

  6. Anonymous on

    I know a few of them were approached to be part of the demonstration. However, they gave a lame excuse. Don’t forget some of them, including newly appointed bishops in the DC area, have been manipulated by woyane operatives. They don’t want to be seen with opposition politicians. It is sad.

  7. So Sad on

    I am getting so tired of the religious leaders, to the point thinking to stop going to church and stay home and pray!!!

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