Preparing for transition from the Woyanne era is long overdue

Tinsae EthiopiaEthiopia currently is exposed to extreme danger as a result of 20 years of misrule by the Woyanne/EPRDF regime. Woyanne’s ethnic policy in particular is an existential threat to our country. However, there is a way we can protect and preserve Ethiopia’s freedom and unity. Tinsae Ethiopia Patriots Union believes that we must setup a transitional council in exile that will act as a caretaker government once we overthrow Meles Zenawi’s junta… [read more]

20 thoughts on “Preparing for transition from the Woyanne era is long overdue

  1. Poverty-Legacy of Woyanne on

    The idea of transitional council is commendable though its is an overdue as has been said earlier.

    But it is only when we do have strong armed force in parallel to make our dreams comes true.

    Some woyanee supporter are saying ‘titke tigel yefara newu’ or in english ‘they are those stupids committed/dedicated to armed struggle’.

    So according to their context to be smart some one should have to avoid armed struggle and allows woyanee to stay on power for centuries.

    Any way Libyans, Egyptians and other brave youths of Arab nations are not stupid but brave.

    So we have to think on organising and supporting our heroes committed to sacrifice their invaluable life to their mother land and they would make themselves and the entire nation proud.

  2. A discussion should begin on all internet sites to promote this .the de facto transitional council should be a rallying point that gives focus to the liberation struggle. It should aim to gather support and recognition form the international community, leading political figures and governments. Ethiopian Review has started the ball rolling

  3. Not only it is overdue but it is also ashame to have such thugs respresenting Ethiopian people on planet earth. Weyanes and their supporters must be eradicated from the face of Ethiopia and the world.

    • Eritrawi on

      I said AMEN to that!!
      Gib’ate meraetachewn yasayen.
      I will bring my drum at their farewell from earth celebrations.
      just to pay my respect and say “you were good for nothing”.

  4. If we do that you will start fighting over the top positions right from now. That is why we never get anything done. Remeber Kinjit!!!

  5. Ethiopia Negash on

    The creation of the “Government of the New Ethiopia in Exile” what a Fantastic Idea.
    The idea and practice of forming an exiled government was widely practiced in Europe during the second world war in many countries like Netherlands, France, Poland etc.Recently the two exiled governments recognized by other countries are the Tibetan and Polisario governments. Recently, an East Timor exiled government successfully took power in their country and they are still leading their people with freedom and justice.

    In Ethiopia the government in power is formed by force at the beginning and it conducted a pseudo-election process to give itself some kind of legitimacy to stay in power for 20 years. Other dictatorial governments have done it too in other parts of the world.

    Why do we need an Ethiopian Exiled Government is an obvious thing but just to mention a few, the current government
    1- used force to come to power and still using force to stay in power
    It is an occupying power by an army and political leaders of one ethnic group.Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic Country with equal rights to share the resources of the country.
    2- Did not accept a defeat by ballot box, and used bullets to suppress opposition
    3- agreed and gave part of the country away without a fair political process that was not conducted by Ethiopians
    4- made the day to day lives of the ordinary Ethiopians difficult to survive due to economic hardships.
    5- has a policy of divide and rule that is not accepted by the majority of the people. the policy is just a dream of ex-communists who think they know better than the other Ethiopians
    6- Arbitrarily arrests puts innocent people in jail, tortures them, labels them as terrorists and humiliates them to make them not to fight for their freedom again
    7- its leaders are continously humiliating and tarnishing the history of the country and its people
    8- has lost trust of the majority of the people in general

    Therefore the creation of an Exile Government
    > gives a chance to the people to see and know the opposition leaders how they function
    > future problems could also be avoided earlier before taking the real power back home
    > the Ethiopian people have enough of this government, so it is wise to get prepared before they rise up to lead and fulfill their dreams of being free

    The exiled government matters only when it is recognized by other countries and if possible as Number One commentator said a certain part of the country should be in the control of the exiled government.
    I can see some people are scared of having a government for fear of fighting between opposition members. But that is why we need to see them now united, wise, responsible and genuine leaders.

    We have to take this government seriously, respect its policies, its leaders and embrace it as our legitimate representative.Otherwise, it
    would be a mistake to dismiss its necessity as eccentrically titled pressure group. Events in Ethiopia can quickly change. We need a government that will have a central place in the country’s politics, economic and social life. And it will be an honored place in the history of modern Ethiopia.

    Long live Ethiopia, she will be free by her sons and daughters again. All of them from all ethnic groups are her children who care a lot about her.

    • meysaw on

      Really fantastic idea!

      Let’s come to convergence! Let’s stand for freedom, let’e stand for justice, let’s stand for the voice of the millions, let’s stand for unity, let’s stand for history, let’s stand for our dignity, let’s stand for our culture, let’s stand for our religion, let’s stand for our economic rights, let’s stand for our social rights, let’s stand for our FREEDOM.

  6. Dhaanii on


    Unfortunately enough I am forced to agree with your pessimistic assessment even though I am an incurable optimist by my natural tendencies.

    All the endless barrages and other similar Feel Good preachings by Dr. Birara and some hard core Amhara elites empire builders who are conspiring day and night behind the scenes to bring about the same old centralized Amhara elite dictatorship with tokens of weak Oromo groups and individuals and others sprinkled here and there for bitter sweet public propaganda relations to say, ” here we are. We deserve the state while others deserve their bad fate.”

    Look what they have done with a tiny and weak olf splinter group whom they have selected as a partner only because the group is weak and can easily be dominated and used a propaganda token. Any new even remotely winning opposition group having even very remote possibility of sustained success must necessarily be broad based and inclusive from the top to the bottom. This type of organizing and organization framing must necessarily based on cold blooded and far sighted balanced calculations and mutual understanding.

    Else it it amounts to an attempt to build the modern day Tower of Babel. This does not mean that I am saying that the project may not succeed. I am only saying that segregation, exclusions, power mongering and infighting may kill the baby even before it is being born and hardly start sucking mother’s milk from the mother’s breast of course with my supposed blessings and protection from the Wayane evil eye and cursing spree. :)

  7. This is a great idea but you should be very very careful not to disappoint the people once again. You should try your utmost best to filter out the infiltrators and make sure you have enough freedom to have lively debates within the council so that things do not stay malignant. You should carefully plan your future, what you will do and what potential obstacles you might face and what you would do to overcome those.

    Simply forming the TC might be psychologically rewarding and might mobilise the dormant population temporarily. THIS SHOULD NOT BE YOUR GOAL. The T.C. should be able to PERMANENTLY mobilise the population and should plan itself such that it can support itself financially even when the apathetic populace is not willing to support. How can this be done? May be you can own liquor stores? gas stations? or other legitimate businesses like the Eritreans used to do back in the days. This will free yourself from constant uncertainty though you should be carefuly NOT to be so arrogant as to take the population for granted.

    Take Care,

    Good Luck and Success.

  8. To Elias kifle
    Why you don’t talk about a situation about Ethiopian Muslim it is hot topic in Ethiopia
    I don’t know your agenda if you try to reach all Ethiopian it is helpful to remove weyane, I don’t think you are doing the right thing, I am sure you are not believe Ethiopia as a Christian land, do you?

  9. tatiana on

    I don’t see the benefit of forming a government without having a mechnism of removing the current regime. How do we remove the TPLF regime is a question that must be answered first. The Transitionla governement comes after that. Otherwise, given our culture of disagreement, the Transtional government we form becomes “transitional” forever!

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  11. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    I have never seen or heard a tyrant living power willingly,until we have an armed to strike with nothing will work, yes it is god to have transitional government in case TPLF LIVE POWER,BUT MY questions IS HOW DO WE DO THAT wITHOUT ANY ARMED FORCE? ,
    AS FAR AS I KNOW,ETHIOPIA have been Free because, Our forefathers payed the ultimate Pryce with their Blood…Freedom Never free!!!

  12. Anonymous on

    Yes, at least 16 years overdue!

    Ruling the country with iron-fist and gripping the country with fear and intimidation, torturing, looting, incarcerating, selling tens of thousands acres of Ethiopia’s land and mass murderers is DICTATORSHIP!

  13. I don’t trust Dr Eshetu! After listening his interview it is clear that he supports the Woyane education policy 100%. He did not give clear reasons why we should remove Woyane but rather he defended Woyane’s education policies while he was quick to criticize the diaspora. His verdict is the diaspora’s struggle has been ineffective.
    This is a gay after getting his medical degree for free, went straight to business with out treating a single patient, sold his college to Alamudi for 60 million and offered Azeb partnership on a joint venture to form African Women’s University.This gay is mad because the Royal family ( Ms and Mr Zenawi ) rejected him either to join in joint business venture or to be adviser to the PM.
    We should be wary of this gay until he tales us why he want to join the struggle but from the interview he did not give any convincing reason. Probably, probably he might be very high paid Woyane implant sent to dismantle the anti-Woyane movement here in the US.

    • #13 It is ok to be cautious about such initiatives given our history. Dr.Fisseha’s suggested a process (at least sound at a high level) by which diverse positions could be accommodated to serve a common end. Time will prove even the most incurably sick conspiracy theorists wrong or right.

      He is an upright and trustworthy individual. He meant what he said in the interview. Just work with him and his friends in your area and find out for yourself.

      Accusing him of not serving his people is ridiculous. There are many living witnesses who can testify to his service I do not say more.

      If nothing comes out of this initiative it will be because of our cancerous contemporary political tradition. I just hope enough people have grown out of it.

      I rarely am optimistic about such initiatives but at least in this case I know there is a purity of motive and a willingness to assume an optimal learning posture. That is what is needed.

  14. Mulugeta T. on


    Whay guarntee do Tinsae Ethiopia Patriots Union have to ensure The Ethiopian National Transition Council that is now proposed by the founder of Unity University, Dr Fisseha Eshetu, will not penetrated by Woyane?

    What guarantee does Tinsae Ethiopia Patriots Union have the Hailu shawel-KINIJIT history will not be repeated again by this council?

  15. Selamawit on

    To be prepared for what comes after the demise of Woyanes is a responsible thing to do, all Ethiopians and friends ought to work hard to make the transition as smooth as possible. However, we must first deal with the Woyanes and that process on its own will create leaders that have won the respect and trust of the people. In short, it’s not something that can be bestowed on selected individuals, but earned through competence and sacrifice.

    Individuals such as Judge Birtukan and many other have paid dearly in the struggle against the government of the bandits. But how do we make sure the next leaders are not in the pocket of foreign interest groups? That is the question every individual who would like to see a prosperous and stable Ethiopia, rise from the ashes.

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