Zenawi to buy respectability by hosting forum

By Bernama | Malaysian News Agency

ADDIS ABABA, March 1 (Bernama) — Ethiopia Woyanne will be hosting the World Economic Forum on Africa in May 2012 here in Addis Ababa, reported China’s Xinhua news agency.

Mekonnen Haddis, Chief Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia Woyanne, and Elsie Kanza, Director for Africa World Economic Forum, on Wednesday told reporters at Sheraton International Hotel that Ethiopia Woyanne would host the 2012 Forum in the coming May.

In organising the event the Ethiopian government Woyanne junta has formed a national Committee led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said Mekonnen.

By following multi stakeholders approach “we are closely working with businesses and the media,” he added.

“Ethiopia is in a best position to receive some of the world’s powerful business leaders, government leaders, and civil society to be able to mold Africa’s economic transformation. At the same time we visualize the forum to create opportunity for our local investors to have networking opportunities,” he said.

Kanza said the Forum will be focusing on three main issues including strengthening leadership, accelerating investments, and scaling up innovations in Africa.

About 700 people are expected to attend the Conference which will be co-chaired by seven people, she said.

It was noted on the occasion that the Forum is an annual event.

14 thoughts on “Zenawi to buy respectability by hosting forum

  1. peace on

    It is just a place like dubai where the rich host their economic forum nothing to do with respectability of a nation’s population. This is nothing to do with development where the rich gather and how to exploit the populous that is all. It has become a competition between the rich.

  2. BEYU on

    Indians, Arabs, Pakistanis, Chinese, Saudis and all those who are being handed Ethiopian land for free by TPLF will be the majority of the participants of this so called economic summit. We know why these guys want to have their meeting in Ethiopia with TPLF.

  3. Tedla Asfaw on

    Shame on World Economic Forum on Africa 2011 !!!! By Tedla Asfaw
    Posted By aklog On May 18, 2011 (8:55 pm) In Ethiopia

    I was dismayed to hear that the next WEF on Africa will be held in Addis Ababa on May 2012. Surprisingly I got this news after I read UNDP study this week on how African despots are stealing foreign aid and sending it “express” out of their countries. Ethiopia in the last two decades according to the study 8.4 Billion Dollar is moved out of the country and stashed in foreign banks.

    WEF on Africa is partnering with Meles Zenawi to show case his “economic development” for next May in Addis Ababa. Millions of Addis residents are living a miserable life behind high rises built by so called “investors”. These same people have also huge wealth out of Ethiopia which is now documented by UNDP study. Ethiopians in the diaspora staged huge rallies against the criminal regime of Ethiopia last month in North America and Europe and will mobilize the diaspora to denounce this shameful act by WEF.

    Ethiopians at present suffering due 30 percent inflation, farmers are removed by foreign land grabbers who will acquire up to 6 million hectares of land sold by the regime for 1 dollar per hectare officially but at higher rate under the table.

    Public rally in Ethiopia is illegal, the last one Ethiopians had six years ago more than two hundreds innocent people were killed in broad day light, no one was held accountable. Ethiopians are living in fear and without any freedom. In short Ethiopia is Saudi Arabia without oil, huge land and water potential to be sold for the benefit of the ruling mafia.

    The uprising we witnessed in North Africa and Middle East surely is on its way to Addis Ababa. This week strike by taxi drivers is the beginning of the Addis Tsunami which is dubbed as “Beka” meaning ” Enough “.Those who promote tyranny in any form by organizing a conference the one planned by WEF in Addis Ababa next year will be judged by our people.

    Article taken from Abugida Ethiopian American Information Center – http://www.abugidainfo.com
    URL to article: http://www.abugidainfo.com/index.php/17987/

  4. Bubu on

    Is the TPLF welfare government hosting an economic summit? My @$$ economic summit. Tplf is hosting this so called summit for nothing but to beg for some more corn that they use to oppress the Ethiopians.
    And a banda leader who didn’t earn respect from its own people wouldn’t get it from his masters! where in the world a master give respect to his own slave? No where, Period.

  5. Silu Semtta on


    እዒ ሀይለስላሴ የ OAU መሪዎቹን ሲጠሩ ተሰምቶልኛል ! ወግነው ሲዳሩ ማልቀስ አለ ያገሪ ሰው lol

  6. Dehab on

    Dir moderator(s),

    Do I have to know something to pass the ‘Clearing house’?

  7. Anonymous on

    Can anyone buy true respect with money? You earn a ‘RESPECT’. It is like a father who goes every night drinking with his friends without providing money for his wife and children for food, clothes and shelter. Every night your drinking buddies may praise you every time you order a round of drinks, but when you reach home your wife or your children have no an ounce of respect to you. Meles cannot even see his own people the citizens in their eyes and discuss their problems in all the time he grab the leadership of the country for more than 20 years. What does he knows about Africans when he did not even know what the farmer in Aduwa looks like. Meles who is surrounded by security agents 24 hours, 7 days/ a week and 365 days cannot claim he knows the people and their economic situations. Just because you have a mail ordered diploma from England University, does not qualify you to be the expert. The only expertise Meles has mastered is the art of begging, and no one has prospered by begging. In these so called “World Economic Forum” is where the rich countries of the world pay bribes in millions and billions to the fake leaders of Africa, in order to exploit the resources for paying nothing. Meles has going to these forum for decades and what change has he brought back to his country or Africa. On the other had the leader of our neighbor country does not west his time on those drinking sessions. His country is standing on its feet, whereas Ethiopia and the rest of the Horn of African countries still prowling in the feet of the rich countries year after year for Aid money to feed themselves. Please ER readers watch the following video. True leadership, knowledge and ‘RESPECT’ is derived from the people.

    • Tezibt on

      As much as I see this, it is flattering the president. This guy is just allowed so much time because he was a preplanned agitator. We know the drill, what do you expect from the third world. I don’t think this qualifies as an example to show the respect for leadership or democratic rule. Why would you have thousands risk their lives trying to escape through mined border to Ethiopia and and other countries. Is that also respect for leadership? Come on, don’t be a fool.

      • Anonymous on

        The people crossing to Ethiopia and other countries from Eritrea does not explain the lack of democracy and bad leadership in a country. Millions Mexicans cross to U.S and Canada risking their lives to harsh deserts etc. Many think there are better opportunities in America and Europe and risk to reach there. Many Eris cross to Ethiopia as stepping stone to get visa to other destinations. Many countries do not have Embassy in Eritrea. Others are trying to avoide the military draft, just like 100,000+ Americans crossed to Canada during the Vietnam war in 60s and 70s. As to your comment a ‘preplanned agitator’, I don’t have the experience of planting or being planted for a government propaganda purpose so by watching a vidio I cannot tell you if he was planted or not, but you may smart to have such wisdom to watch a picture and interpret as to the motives of the speakers. I was not one of those cadres planting or planted for the DERG or Woyane rullers. For years we were told that the Eritrean Liberation fighters were a bunch of hooligans, who did not have the support of their people, hired by Arabs of various countries, communists or imperialist etc by successive Ethiopian government and supporters, but at the end all the propogandas was unable why they defeated a massively armed Ethiopian army? What you observe in the picture is Eritrean or African style democracy where rulers and people meet and discuss issues and problems on the ground.

  8. Balcha Gebeyhaue on

    Experts say Meles has tried to get respect since his childhood. By joining the TPLF, so they say, he tried to get respect as a war hero, but the outcome has been very disappointing!

    After making it to the top of the TPLF leadership, and the ruler of Ethiopia’s “Nations and Nationalities” for the last twenty years, the reality in the ground is that he gets no respect from his own ethnic group and the others can not wait to get their hands on his face/ him.

    He has lost several elections, faced a number of embrassng moments …just to get respect …when every attempt failed he has turned to terrorizing not only the citizens of Ethiopia but also its landscape. The so called forum is another market place to sell fertile land…..& bringing the much needed cash/busniess for Alamounin’s hotel!

    In a nut shell, unless the progressive forces come up with quick action there is no end to Meles’s national betrayal and creating more hardship to the long suffering citizens of Ethiopia.

    May God/Allah brings long lasting UNITY to put an end to dictatorship in Ethiopia!

  9. Tezibt on

    What is good for Ethiopia in gathering the rich and their employees? Lets see.

  10. Replacing Ethiopian government with Woyane is right, but we have to replace the names that look Amharic with Tigrya names as well. They are all Tigrian lossers!

  11. Lemin on

    Why are we all reacting to Melese’s every moves? Think well ….he goes a step ahead and with herd instinct all reactions pour. Doesn’t that make us Reactioneries? Shame shame.
    Regardless of what the good – for – nothing – tyrant does – just organize and fight the frog and his masters on your own turf and term. That is what Menelik and our revoltionary heroes did in the True Adwa some 116 years back!! Think outside the box and take the step ahead.
    Say – no to reaction and say Yes to Revolution like the others did as recently as last Spring and doing it Now!

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