Tamagn Beyene speech at the Timret – OLF event in DC

Tamagn Beyene, Feb. 19, 2012, Washington DC

37 comments on “Tamagn Beyene speech at the Timret – OLF event in DC

  1. Babar on

    The most important part is not the talking alone but the balanced walking and making it happen.

    You can only make effective balanced political walking if you are able to broaden the basis of the alliance, reduce opposition and increase support and move towards the set goal with strong and united front.

    Else it will only become like building the Tower of Babel.

  2. guttu on

    doroon siyataliluat bemecaanya xaluaat. He tamang is eliquent speaker
    but there are history that he tells us to forget it.i hope if he is in our[oromo] shoes he wouldnt mention all that story.he hated OLF until recently and even hated his picture being under olf flagon some websites . in contirary ,in the past wrong has been done and forget it.
    when to this minute oromo from all walks of life paying price for thier
    opinion and rights under the so called or inforced ethiopia ,should we forget and accept as it was the past?i believe and dis agree with his points. oromo people sufering is going on for 140 yrs under ethiopian empire and has to stop. The right of self determination article 15 of united nations law should be practiced .if not ,the country will face un pridectable crises in such velotile more diverse population.

  3. Anonymous on

    Why Tamagne my hero, why do you always address one of the worst brutal dictator with respect form Ato and Irsew? I wonder what is your reason to give respect a subhuman that has slaughtered countless number of Ethiopians, left Ethiopia landlocked, robbed the country blind and sold the most fertile land of Ethiopia…?

  4. Yohannes on

    well as usual you got a lot of great points and I thank you for telling TPLF people as it is, but the Eritreans despot never had compassion to his own comrades in arms and I do think our pilot will survive the Eritrean prison at all because the nature of the Eritrean beast is obvious….

    • Anonymous on

      Ato Yohannes,

      I guess your killer pilot, is better off in the jail of Asmara… at least he’s eating, sleeping and treated humanely, though he don’t deserve it… DO NOT FORGET THAT THIS GUY WAS CAUGHT TWICE, I SAY TWICE…

      • Yohannes on

        Well we can discuss this issue for hours but I do not want to waste my time on this non-sense if you want to know the Eritrean beast character how about checking the Egyptian desert? How about checking the Eritrean prison, it holds the Eritrean freedom fighter for good, how about checking the Eritreans who are nowhere to go and robbed their organs by some crazy inhuman people.. etc but I am telling you, the beast nature is obvious so I do not expect anything good from Issias regime sorry!!

  5. Harfuka on

    In Ethiopia, we have seen many many drum beaters for many years, but no one has come out for the true and balanced dance. So, Obbo Tamagn, are you really out witting us( the Ethiopian peoples )or yourself ? It is in our interest to walk hand in hand honestly.

  6. Poverty-Legacy of Woyanne on

    Thnak you Tmagne!

    Honestly I could’t hold my tears back but kept crying through out. Your presentation was sensational and makes me emotional when I was litsening to the tragic stories happening in Ethiopia masterminded by TPLF leaders.

    You are an icon where ever you got involved. Whether in Art or politics. Last time when you fall sick and being admitted in hospital one lady said in amharic ‘wondochu hulu alkewu ande ante betekeren tetamemeben, menewu medhanialem le Tamagnema yeh ayegebawum tolo fewusewu kehulum kehulum lemerezegna Woyanewoch des endayelachewu’

  7. Hillu iluu on

    I listened to only the first 5 or 10 minutes of the speech and I would like to make a short comment.
    1. From reading the posted comments I gather the speaker is some kind of celebrity to Ethiopians but as an Oromo I really do not know what he is famous for. I am sure most Oromos do not know who Tamagne is and this is very signicicant. In every field of human endevour Oromos have celebrities and they generally do not share them with Ethiopians.

    2. Temagne asked “if there is law why can’t we all live together under the law in the same country?” I am surprised any Ethiopian would ask this question beause there were laws under all past and present Ethiopian regimes. Those laws were not made by the people or their representatives. I don’t think Ethiopians would ever agree to live under laws made by the people or their legitimate representatives. Ethiopians do not know how to relate to legitimate representatives of the Oromo and other peoples. One simply has at what Ginbot-7 is doing to understand my point.
    3. Tamagne says “we should forget history” and I would agree with him under the following conditions:


    If you are not willing to do the above why would you ask us Oromos to forget our history of suffering under syccessi e Ethiopian regimes?

    • Anonymous on

      My dear Hillu,
      I assume you are a woyane, regardless, do yourself a favor and find some way how to free your mind and heart from hate that was fed to you by Essayas and Meles to divide Ethiopians and dismantle Ethiopia. Try to find it in your heart, to wish the same peace you wish yourself and family to all Ethiopians also. No country in the world is free from ugly history, including the mother of Democracy itself, United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Romania, Egypt, Rwanda and others that had gone through much worse dark Civil and Human Rights history than Ethiopia, and yet these people have chosen to move on and live side by side in a civilized world to build their country. There are more mixed Ethiopians than there are so called pure Amhara and Oromo race in Ethiopia. In my own family alone, one can find almost every ethnic group by blood and marriage. And, I know my family is not alone. For millions of Ethiopians, separating Ethiopia is like cutting one of our arms or legs and throw it away. No leader is perfect, but no one has ever been as bad as Mengestu that came from Oromo father and Amhara mother and the worst of them all, Meles that came from Tigrea and Eritrea. EPLF and TPLF have worked for decades together to spread hate and brainwashed non Amhara Ethiopians to hate and put all the blames on Amharas alone. In the last 40 years, Ethiopians have gone through so much horror at the hands of two evil men. It is time for all Ethiopians to unite and stop the 40 yrs of human sufferings of Ethiopians and send Meles and TPLF puppets back in the woods. Loving God means loving others.

      • Hi Agree with your excellent comments and That Mengestu the Oromo man killed Amhara and Tigrans this is fact. He was an evil Oromo.
        But we will forgive him.
        As we know all Oromos came from other Country therefore, they may go back to their Country.
        Why they are complying Ethiopia is not thier homeland. Jsut go way.

        • Girar on

          Oromos are Kush and owner of horn of Africa like others Africans. But who are those Habesha ? Semitics, Judas who crossed to Africa from ASIA or middle east . Go back or shut your mouth and live on African continent.

      • hydra on

        Mr. Anonymous,

        your definition of mixure is senseless. Do you believe that the impurity is superior to the purity ? Your changed genetic or mixed is not better than the pure Oromos or Amharas. The mule which is half donkey and half horse has nothing than having a bad character and aggressiveness. You want to create a monster human being which is the mixure of Oromo and Amhara in your laboratory and give them a country may be which is called OROPIA or Amhapia. I am sure that identity complex is making you crazy and keeps you anonymous as you have named yourself. Such inferior creatures can not decide on the fate of Oromo, Amhara or others in Ethiopia.

  8. Harfuka on

    I wonder how Tamagn so simply and easly rolled and finished up the century long confilict between Oromo and Habesha within 10 minutes.
    In case of Mengistu, if he is really an Oromo as he calls himself, he
    hasn’t rule Ethiopia under the Oromo system, otherwise under the controll and guidance of Neftenyas. Tamagn and his like are not harted and humilated like Oromos in the hands of invaders like Ras Darge, Walde Gabriel and others Abyssian invading army. We are who are mutilated,
    conquered and humilated in our home Oromia. Mr. yet you have to go a long way to ajust youself more better. Any way this is a starting not the end. I anticipate that you will talk more than this the in and out of confilicts which are smock screening the whole peoples of Ethiopia, and specificy that of Oromo which the centra-nerve of Ethiopia.

  9. Minale on

    I really feel very sorry. We are letting ‘Woyane’ live longer as we keep on arguing on history, endangering Ethiopian unity. I do well understand Tamagn’s good intention of unity and equality; but his argument is not good enough to address the real question of the Oromo people that was very well explained to all of them by Amin Jundi, who clearly indicated the way we can succeed together. It is very sad to see such lack of a political will (even among the opposition group) to recognize the identity of the Oromo people and their human rights.

    I can see a difference between the Ethiopia of Tamagn Beyene and the Ethiopia the Oromo people are asking for, at least, as much as there is a difference between Tilahun Gessesse of Tamagne and Ali Birra of the Oromos. If we ask an Oromo: who is known Oromo singer? Tilahun Gessesse might never come to their mind. So should we argue that Tilahun is the best oromo singer? There are obvious reasons why Tilahun is the best Oromo Singer for Tamagn: Tilahun sang mostly in Amharic that Tamagne can easily understand, Tamagne worked with Tilahun and used to be friends, Tilahun sang about Ethiopia and the kings, etc. Then, the problem is that Tamagn identified Tilahun as a representative of Oromo. But what the Oromos are fighting for is for the right to be represented by the person and organization of their choice. Tamagn is disconnected from the real problem of the Oromos, at least, as much as he is disconnected from Ali Birra or other Oromo singers.

    Please, Please, Please, Tamagne and G7:

    Be prepared to listen to the people’s interest, and act accordingly. That is the only way we can live together under the banner of unity and equality. We should not die arguing about Ethiopian history. It is very clear that Ethiopian history normally has been celebrating people like Tilahun Gessesse as an Oromo, but the history of Oromo may celebrate another person. Can’t we create a new Ethiopia where history of Oromo, as authored by them, can be integral part of the history of Ethiopia, and Oromo’s best personalities constitute part of Ethiopia’s best personalities. Why is it so difficult to recognise the identity of Oromos and respect their right for self determination other than it’s implications on Ethiopian history? Please, you appear prisoners of history instead of OLF. Be honest and break the chains of history.

    • Bortola on

      Dear Minale,
      Who is this Amin, you appointed as speaker/representative of the great Oromo people to Ginbot 7? Do think you have a business to assign an oromo Ambassador to Ginbot 7? How come a high school drop-out who can not even speak for himself you think represents Oromo people in any forum? I am not demeaning anybody for their academic achievements but to speak for others you need to understand what you are talking about which in turn depends up on your backgrounds. Here we go again: Meles hand-pick Kumma, who himself was a 10th grader, before he joined the military and you guys are following his foot-steps in picking this dude and call him a representative of the Oromo people. Basically wrong.

      • Minale on

        Dear Bortola,

        I think you are out of context. At this point what matters is not the persons academic profile but what he said on behalf of the organization and people he stands for, at least as he/they claim to be. If you are asking about legitmacy that is a different thing.

        I know you wanted to get me saying unnecessary things about Tamagn’s academic profile. If you have read my comments carefully you would understand that I argue about the right of all Ethiopians to be leastened to, even the illitrate farmers.

        At least, in light of the Oromo question, you can not deny the difference between Amin and Tamagne or Dr Birhanu or Dr Aregawi, etc. and between G7 and OLF, which I tried to illustrate with the difference between Tilahun Gessesse of Tamagn and Ali Birra.

        • Bortola on

          Dear Minale,
          Your idea of legitimate representative very well sits with me. But quoting the likes of Amin as speakers for the Oromo people is simply unacceptable.

  10. Kumara on

    Dear Tamagn,

    Because of the struggle OLF made to aware Oromoo people about all lost human right, their identity, culture,language, political ruling system you start to recognize outwardly. But you start wrong calculation about Mengistu, half Oromoo and half Amara!So you say we share half,half what so ever you intend to share. But you forget one banda oromoo Gobana, general for Minilik who cut, breast and hands of Oromoo! Today Junadin Sado and Abbadulaa is working for Meles in similar way.
    Oromoo will never be represented by the bandas had been working with Oromoo colonizers, the habeshas. I wish you don’t call me wayane. So your calculation is just help you for a very moment so that you get hand clapping. I wish such kind of calculation will never heal Ethiopia. Oromoo is not counting genetic lines but want to have free fathers land as it was before Minilik. Don’t forget also that many amharas have been scarifying for the freedom of Oromoo with OLF as all tribes living in Oromia belongs to oromoo. Oromoo has no culture of hatred. You know ‘gudifacha’it is only from oromoo who love humanity. because of our love and compassionate we became slave to habeshas rule. I wish you witness yourself. All oromoo bests contributed as you said to colony name ethiopia not to oromia this is because they were under colony. So at least you can live in oromia, don’t go against oromia we need our freedom back at any cost. hand clapping with betrayals will be bring more damage to our mutual benefit in oromia. Talk at at least thousands of oromoo students are suffering in oromia without any help from other so called habeshas and others. Why you mouth shut about suffering and died oromoo student? Because they have no the name ‘Ethiopia’ on their tongue? You know the hidden agenda of TPLF for all tribes?

    I actually respect you as human being, in spite of you motives. But Oromoo need freedom! Do talk to reduce this human and God given right! by covering up by very little truth. If you recognize Oromoo were colonized by habeshas for 130 years and accept to reverse this then you are as one of best oromoo son and welcome to new Oromia!

  11. Anonymous on

    Dear Anonymous,
    In reference to my short comment shown above, you wrote “your reply is nothing but hate” but you did not give any explanation as to why you felt it was so. For whatever it may be worth to you, I now state in no uncertain term that nothing in what I write is based on hate. Telling the truth, even if truth is not pleasing to your audience, is an expression of profound honesty and personal integrity and I urge you to be truthful in all your dealings with peoples — even if you feel they are your enemies.

    Your assumption that I am a woyane is wrong and I am not sure there is anything I can do to prove it to you but I will try this: I do not a know a single word of Tigrigna, I have never been to Tigray, I have never had a friend or relative who traces his/her lineage to Tigray, and I have never belonged to any political organization other than Oromo Liberation Front. Given these facts, I doubt you can prove even to your admirers that I am a Woyane.

    I agree with you that the history of many countries is tainted with ugly events of one sort or another but as far as I know none of the countries you mentioned chose to forget their history. The Germans did not forget their Nazi past nor do they have a statue erected for Hitler anywhere in Deutschland. I was in Ruwanda three years ago but nowhere did I see statue erected to honor the perpetrators of the Tusi massacre. In short history is there to be remembered and learned from not to be forgotten. If you want to convince us that Oromos ought to forget their history, you should forget yours and one way of doing so is by demolishing the statues of your leaders who committed atrocities against us. Call us by any name you want but I can assure you neither current nor future generation of Oromos will ever forget their history.

    Regarding the ancestry of past and present Ethiopian rulers I will say the following. During his life time, Emperor Haile Selasse was known as “Moa Anbesa, Ze Negeda Yehuda” but after his death Ethiopians are telling us he was “half Oromo”. During his Reign of Terror Mengistu never spoke about having Oromo background and now that he is overthrown and discarded, he tells us he is half Oromo. Those who think such declarations, regardless of whether they may be true or false, would influence Oromo decision making on their future political destiny are either out of their minds or they are fooling themselves. It beats me to imagine why they think Oromos would not ask “Why is it that Ethiopians give us the dead bodies of their leaders?”

    It is interesting to note we are observing history repeat itself. Menelik colonized Oromia using prisoners of war like Gobena Dache as collaborators. The TPLF is currently raping and pillaging Oromia with the help of prisoners of war handed to them by the Eritreans. Amhara politicians organized under Ginbot-7 hope they will be able to occupy and rule Oromia using traitors like Kemal Gantu as tools. They will never succeed…

    • Anonymous on

      You can’t be Anonymous, it is obvious, you are Hillu iluu. Anyhow,
      thanks for proving my point that, you’re indeed brainwashed by Essayas and Meles and filled with hate and rage. I still believe you are one woyane trouble maker. Goodbye!

  12. Haimi on

    Now Tamagen is becoming friend with OLF? OLF who slaughtered thousand Amharas? He is really confused and doesn’t know what he is doing.The most desperate person in the world.

    • Tadele on


      can you explain how,where and when the OLF has killed thousands of Amharas ? May be in Gojjam or Gondar. But there is no OLF in that regions. OLF operates only in it’s region Oromia. If it has happened in Oromia, it only because they have rised guns to fight Oromo people or their vangurd. Not only OLF, but the Oromo people has the right of defending themseve on their own home land. Contrary to your statement, it was the Amharas who has killed millions of Oromos, sold millions of Oromos into slavery, stolen millions of cattles and burned down uncountable properties by fighting for and supporting Menilik.

  13. Girar on

    Mengistu is not diffirent from Mohamed Ali Pasha the Albanian, but who has governed Egypt and Sudan during the Ottoman Empire, Alexander the Great the Mecedonian, destroyed millions of human beings and conquered part of Asia, Africa and Europe under the Greek system, Adolf Hitler the Austrian who has committed historical human crime under the guidance system of Germany. Any Oromo who has served in Ethiopian politics has done it by himself by being brainwashed and under the Amhara elites guidance to serve them as a puppet. They can not represent the Oromo since they are not choosen by Oromos. It is not surprising that the Neftenyas are still not more civilized than their perimitive forefathers to come forward with the out dated tricks. The Amhara Neftenyas are the cause of Ethiopia’s chronic political disease, or in other word the root of Ethiopia’s problem.

  14. Tilgar on

    GIRAR, i completely agree with you. Shabia, Woyane, OLF or Oromia are the results of stone-headed Amhara’s ruling elites. Shabia/Eriterea has gone, Woyane/Tigiria and OLF,OPDO/Oromia are preparing themselves to go their ways if the Amharas provocation will continue. There is no other way.

  15. Abishee on

    Deal All,
    It is very interesting to observe the very cordially dialogue among our citizens having different opinions for common understanding based on respect in building a tolerance society in searching a common solutions for our very complicated political affairs.Thanks indeed includig Ato Elias too.
    As far as Timiret and OLF concerned, the the OLF of Br. Kamal has only 7 members even from those Amin J. already abandoned the train and the rest may count only the time when. So what ato Tamagn Beyene was speaking was a moral make up than the reality what is going on. As an Oromo-Tigre I was supporting the true unity of alliance, but when Ginbot7 tried to hijack the show,unity supporters shifited to the OLF hardliners and the Kamal group/Group6/ labeled as the new Gobanaas and hence in a such way no power on earth can win the hearts and minds of the Oromo nation any more.The true reconcilation should come one day among all our nations and nationalities as a trustful society aganist all odds for justice and rule of law. By the way Mengistu is not an Oromo, but a Kambata

  16. Anonymous on

    People need to understand that oromos do not hate amharas just b/c they are amharas. Oromos dislike the system amharas are contiue to give momuntan for. Oromos want amharas understand their past and present grievances and coporate in creating the ethiopia that treats everyone equally. Amhara elites are trying to tell oromos to forget their history and build amharas new history where oromos have no saying in it. This delibrate elits action would not help oromos healing process rather it agrivates it. As long as the amhara elites down play the oromos suffering under successive ethiopia’s regimes, things will not get better. Oormos had learned a big lesson from their past history. They know what is good for them and they will not be a p art of the system that goes against their will. People like kamal gulchu have no capacity or the thourghly understanding of the oromos psyche.Oromos have exceptionally excessed that sort of short sightness. It is only through matual understanding that oromos and all oppressed people can build the united ethiopia that will be the mother for every body. Short speech from some core ethiopians will not change oromos quest for self determination. Amhara elites do not try to be in oromos shoes even for a second, if they would, they will feel the pain oromos have had gone through.

  17. Elemo on

    Dear the Editor,
    Thanks for bringing in such timely issue for common voice agsinst the racist TPLF regime who is not only selling our country to the neocoloniazers, Somalia too by the mask of fighting against terrorism when in fact the worest terrorist in the Horn is the Meles regime in the history of the Horn. Paradoxically, when we were in a good progress to come together as a unity of historical alliance between Oromos and Ahmaras agsinst injustice confronting our country, Ginbot 7 destroyed that dream by interfering in the internal of the Oromo affairs by miscalculating its consequences which in return sparked the Oromo nation around the globe to end that eagered allianc as a legitimate protest such move is against the Oromo interest.
    Artist Tamagne Beyene really lost an opportunity to be a true peacemaker and mediator between our concerned nations and nationalities rather than singing the music of one sided approach is a public witness how he was delivering the unbalanced issues for the audience . For too long time both the Oromo and Tigray nationalists blamed his hateful sentiment towards the two nations is a clear reality from his infamou speech of this time in DC. His comment on OLF was beyond his understanding about the true authentic of the OLF, the mosaic of the Oromo nation contrary to the Kamal Gantuu group/ group6/ seen as the worest OPDOs who never ever represent the Oromo nation by any measures.It was not the strength of Meles what keeping him on the throne, but the weakness of our unity should be blamed always hijacked by the neftegnas which should no be allowed for the interests of the minority.This is the true drama what is against our mass interest. To builde a United forces,we should to be honest and trustful alliance for equality and justice otherwise we are the one who helps regime to kill us!.
    As the criminal mutans becoming Oromos, I will not surprise when one day Meles to becoming an Oromo!

  18. Risaa Oromiyaa on

    To all the so called Oromo nationalists, before pointing your one finger to others, you have to look at the four fingers which are pointing back to you. How can you accuse others when you are divided on the lines of religion, region and even on the distircts lines ? Before you come out to clean the yard from the fleas and chiggers, it is better to start from inside your home to clean your beds and chairs from the blood sucking bed-bugs. If you yourselves are once clean, cleanig out side is very simple. Otherwise the question will be a dillemma: WILL YOU UNITE, OR DIE OUT ?

  19. semere on

    Oromos prefer weyane to neftegnas.Neftegnas think they are soo smart they think they can fool the Oromo forever.the tigtres have inadvertly or purposely woke up the sleeping giant.tekebabro menor yichalal but we all have to admiet the wrong that was committed on the oromo and other nationality.No need for hate no need for extremism but if one is denying past agressions and crimes he/she is not ready to heal wounds and move forward.It is like a white person telling an African American slavery was a good thing.
    forget it? really??

  20. ዳግም ፍቅሩ on

    ውድ ታማኝ እውነተኛ ሃቀኛ እምነትህ የማይቀዘቅዝ ሚዛናዊ አመለካከት ያለህ ብርቅዬ ታጋይ ሃገሩን ህዝቡን እና እምነቱን ወዳድ እና አፍቃሪ የኢትዮጵያ ጀግና ነህ ። ላንዲትም ቀን እምነትህ ጎድሎ የማያውቅ ሁልጊዜም ቢሆን በአምላክ የምታምን ተስፋህ የማይጎድል በመተሳሰብ የምታምን የሰውን ልጅ በሰውነቱ የምታከብር መልካም ሰው አልያም መልካም ስነምግባር ያለህ ኩሩ ኢትዮጵያዊ ነህና ክብር ላንተ ይሁን ።ሁላችንን በኩል አይኑ የሚያየን ልኡል እ/ር እድሜና ጤናውን ይስጥህ። ደጋግሜ እላለሁ አምላክ በጥበቡ ይጠብቅህ ይባርክህ። በእውነት አዋቂ ነህ ለኔ ጀግናዬ አንተ ነህ። እውነትን በአደባባይ የሚናገር ስለፍቅር የሚጮህ ስላንድነት አብዝቶ የሚለፍፍ ጀግና ካንተ ወዲያ የት ይገኛል። ሁልጊዜም ቢሆን ንግግርህ ማስረጃ ያለው እውነትን የያዘ ሃቅ የሆነና ለዛ ያለው ነው። እውነት ነው ንግግርህ ላንዲትም ቀን ተለውጦ አያውቅም። ታማኝ እንደስምህ ታማኝ ነህ ። ዛሬ እኮ የሃገር መሪ ነን ብለው በዙፋናቸው የሚኮፈሱት ያለሳቸው አዋቂ ያለ ማይመስላቸው የእውሸት ፋብሪካው ሃላፊ ወይም ጠ/ር እንኳን ጠዋት የተናገሩትን ነገር መልሰው ማታ በማይደግሙበት ሃገር ላይ እየኖርን እውነተኛውን ስናገኝ ለምን አናከብረው? ለምንስ አናስጀግነው?ስለዚህም ያው ለኔ ጀግናዬ አንተ ነህ ። ውድ ታማኝ ዛሬ የብዙዎቻችን አመለካከት የተቀየረ ይመስለኛል..እርግጥ ነው እድሜ ለቴክኖሎጂ ሃሳባችንን እንደልብ እንድንገልጥ እንጠድንወያይ እንድንማማር አይምሮአችንን እንድንመረምር ዙርያችንን አገላብጠን እንድናይ እረድቶናል። እድሜ ለታላላቆቹ የሚዲያ አገልግሎት ሰጪዎች በነሱ ምክንያት ብዙ ነገሮችን እንሰማለን እናያለን እናነባለን። ከዚያም እንወያያለን። ለዚህም የሚዲያም ጥቅም ቀላል የማይባል ነው። ለማንኛውም ውድ ታማኝ በርታልን ብዙዎች የኢትዮጵያን አንድ መሆንና ነዖነትዋን የሚናፍቁ እድገትዋን ለማየት ሌት ከቀን የሚደክሙ እና ራሳቸውን መስዋት የሚያደርጉና ለሃገራቸው ለባንዲራቸው ለህዝባቸው ሊሞቱ የተነሱ እንዳንተ አይነት ብዙ ታጋዮች አሉና ለነሱም ክብር ይሁን። በዚያው መጠን ደግሞ ለሆዳቸው የሚያድሩ የኢትዮጵያን መፈራረስ የሚናፍቁ ኢትዮጵያ የሚለው ከእ/ር የተሰጠን የቃልኪዳን መሬት ስምና ባንዲራ ለነሱም ምናቸውም ያልሆኑ የወያኔ ጭፍሮች በገንዘብና በመደለያ ጥቅማጥቅም ተይዘው የሚሰሩትን የሚሉትን የማያውቁ ያስተሳሰብ ድሆች እና ጭፍኖች በወገናቸው ሬሳ ላይ ቆመው በገንዘብና በጥቅም ሚደራደሩ ሃገር ሻጮችም ሞልተዋልና ለነሱም ይህንን ለማለት እፈልጋለሁ። ነገን ኢትዮጵያ በሙሉ ነዓነት የምትንቀሳቀስ ሀገር እነደምትሆን የግድ ይላል። ያ ቀን ያ ሰአት ሩቅ አይደለም። ያኔ ደሞ ማነን ብላችሁ እንደምትመጡ ጉድ እናያለን። “ውሻ ባየበት ይጮሃል” የሚለው ተረትም ያኔ በናንተ ከሃዲ ወያኔዎች ለይም በትክክል እነደሚሰራ ሙሉ እምነቴ ነው። አበቃሁ። አምላክ ኢትዮጵያን እና ህዝቦችዋን ይባርክ። አሜን:

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