TPLF to Al-Amoudi: give me cash, I will give you public property

MIDROC Thrives at Privatisation Tender:

Al-Amoudi targets expansion of his companies’ presence in agricultural, mining sectors

By Elleni Araya | Addis Fortune

Companies under the umbrella of Mohammed International Development Research and Organisation Companies (MIDROC) Ethiopia and its affiliates appear to have thrived at the opening of a public tender to privatise close to eight state-owned firms, after they made offers to acquire more than half of the firms up for a sale.

The Privatisation & Public Enterprises Supervising Agency (PPESA) had offered Ethiopian Marble Enterprise; Coffee Processing & Warehouse Enterprise; Kality Metal Products Factory; Upper Awash Agro Industry Enterprise; Awash Winery SC; and Gojeb, Abobo, & Bilito Siraro farms up for privatisation through a public tender issued on January 9, 2012.

When the bid was opened on Thursday, February 23, 2012, MIDROC and its affiliates made an aggregate of 1.3 billion Br in offers to acquire five of the eight enterprises. MIDROC Ethiopia extended the highest offer of 860 million Br for Upper Awash Agro Industry Enterprise. It was the only offer that came for the enterprise.

The Enterprise is involved in the production and export of fresh and processed fruit and vegetables from its four farms located in Oromia and Afar regional states. Originally developed by a joint venture of domestic and foreign investors during the Emperor’s time, these farms lie on an aggregate land area of 7,049ht. It was nationalised in the late 1970s by the military regime.

Another subsidiary company of MIDROC that stood tall at the bid opening last week was National Mining Corporation (NMiC), managed since its foundation by Melaku Beza, a Russian-trained mining engineer. It offered 110 million Br, and an upfront payment settlement to acquire the Ethiopian Marble Enterprise (EME).

NMiC is not new to dealing with the Agency. It launched its operations in 1993, with a registered capital of 43 million Br, after acquiring Awash Marble Factory from the Agency for 45 million Br. The Factory had the capacity to produce 300,000tn of marble, limestone, and granite for export to the Middle East and Europe.

NMiC’s biggest prize came four years later, when it triumphed over a bidder from South Africa in acquiring the nation’s lone goldmine, Lega Dembi, in Shakiso Wereda, Borena Zone, Oromia Regional State, for 172 million dollars. With the government retaining a two per cent share, the goldmine was granted to NMiC as a concession for 20 years.

The concession coming to an end in five years, NMiC has positive prospects after its geologists discovered the largest gold reserves ever found in the country, in Tigray and Oromia regional states, two months ago. Managers of NMiC announced their plans to start production in three years, in hopes of raising total revenues of four billion dollars within 20 years of exploitation.

Its latest bid to acquire the Ethiopian Marble Enterprise, established by Italian investors in 1963 and nationalised in the late 1970s by the military regime, will bring it additional quarries located in Benishangul Gumuz and Harari regional states. The Enterprise has three branches in Nifas Silk, Bole, and Gulelle districts and made a gross profit of 3.3 million Br from its operations last year.

“There is a big gap between the demand and supply of marble in the country. We are trying to narrow this gap by further expanding our company,” Melaku Beza CEO of the corporation told Fortune. “Ethiopian Marble has a lot of resources that we can use,” Melaku Beza CEO of the corporation told Fortune.

Melaku also affirms that MIDROC is undergoing expansion plans, which explains its numerous bids that it had placed on Thursday.

“MIDROC is always on the move,” says Melaku, explaining that all its subsidiaries are undergoing expansion plans.

National Mining for example is considering opening a large marble factory, once it has finished conducting a feasibility study.

Two MIDROC-affiliated companies, largely owned by the Saudi tycoon Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi, are Saudi Star Agricultural Plc and Horizon Plantations Plc. Both offered tens of millions of Birr to acquire state-owned plantations, last week, as well.

Saudi Star, incorporated in 2009 with a capital of 500 million Br, offered 90 million Br to acquire Abebo Farms, located in Gambella Regional State, with 3,000ht of land and a cotton processing plant with a 65,000sqm premises.

If it succeeds in its bid, it will add to Saudi Star’s already vast holdings in the regional state, where it currently holds 10,000ht of land in Alwero area, for growing rice. Saudi Star, now managed by Fikru Desalegn, former state minister of Capacity Building, has pledged to pay 45pc of the payment upfront and settle the balance within four years.

Horizon Plantations Ethiopia Plc, run by [ name removed by court order ], as a deputy to Al-Amoudi, was the lone bidder for two of the other enterprises that the Agency offered for sale.

Horizon Plantations, owned by Al-Amoudi and [ name removed by court order ], also a prominent edible oil importer, was established in 2008, with a registered capital of 190 million Br. It is not new in acquiring properties from the state, as it bought Bebeka Rubber Plantation, located in Southern and Gambella regional states. Its main farm stretches from Addis Abeba to Dukem and employees 5,000 with a resident population of 28,000. It also acquired a 60pc share in a tyre factory, Addis Matador, and has been granted 85,000ht of land in Bench Maji Zone for a, Southern regional state in February of 2011.

Horizon offered 35.1 million Br, last week, to buy Gojeb Agricultural Development, a private farm during the Emperor’s time, which grows maize, banana, and pineapple on 1,400ht of the 1,800ht of land it owns near the border between Oromia and Southern regional states.

Horizon Plantations is also interested in acquiring the Coffee Processing & Warehouse Enterprise from Agency, offering to pay 228.2 million Br, out of which half is pledged to be paid upfront and the balance to be settled within two years.

The deal, if successful, could put Horizon in a better position than the other bidder, Ambassel Trade Works Enterprise, which has made an offer of 135 million Br, proposing to pay the amount in five years.

 However, the bids will have to go through a review process before winners are selected, according to Brehane Gebremadhin, the agency’s director and bid committee chairman.

“The bid committee will review both the technical and financial proposals, which all bidders have submitted, and shortlist winners to the board of directors,” said Brehane.

The Agency’s board is chaired by Tadelech Dalecho, former sate minister of Culture and Tourism (MoCT).

“It is true that MIDROC is undergoing an expansion plan, as it explained during the inauguration of Derba MIDROC Cement Factory,” [ name removed by court order ] told Fortune.

This is part of Al-Amoudi’s commitment to help achieve the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) in the shortest possible time, according to [ name removed by court order ].

“We bid on the Coffee Processing & Warehouse Enterprise from the Agency so that we could have our own sorting, preening, and polishing facility to produce export-standard coffee.”

The company has pledged to invest an additional half billion Br in Upper Awash, according to its technical proposal, [ name removed by court order ] revealed, speaking for MIDROC.

“We plan to use the farms to grow cash crops through irrigation,” he said.

It is a good expansion strategy that MIDROC is following if they manage to win the bids, according to Henock Assefa, consulting expert and managing director at Precise Consult International.

“Mining and agriculture are very profitable investments,” according to the expert. “You cannot go wrong with such investments, even if you have your eyes closed.”

Other bidders who appeared at the floor of the Agency, located on African Avenue, last week, were Ques Industrial SC, Morel Agro Industry Plc, and individual bidders, such as Mulugeta Tesfakiros and Tigist Deneke. They submitted offers for the acquisition of Kaliti Metal Factory, Bilito Siraro Farm Development, and Awash Winery SC, respectively.

Morell Agro Industry, a foreign company established in 2008, made an offer of six million Birr to buy Billito Siraro Farm in Oromia Regional State. The Farm harvests maize, haricot beans, and sunflower seeds on 3,270ht of land. The company has 10,000ht of land around the border of Somalia.

Mulugeta, who bought Langano Bekele Molla Hotel from the state for 80 million Br, in June 2011, after the original owners defaulted on a Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) loan, was seen last week bidding jointly with Tigist Deneke to acquire Awash Winery SC, offering 202 million Br.

The Winery, up for auction for the second time, has been in business since 1943, with brands such as Axumite, Guder, and Awash. It had been the lone operator in the domestic market up until competition knocked on its door, in the form of Castel Winery, a sister company of BGI Ethiopia, brewer of St George, Bati, and Castel beers.

The results of the current bid will be announced in less than a month’s time, according to Berhane.

28 comments on “TPLF to Al-Amoudi: give me cash, I will give you public property

  1. Gragn Ahmed on

    “TPLF to Al-Amoudi: give me cash, I will give you public property”.

    What is wrong our own man, indigenous privatization? The title is too sided with just politics.dy

  2. Poverty-Legacy of Woyanne on

    Very shocking and humilating for every Ethiopians to hear or read such strange bids which put the entir country for sale. All these bids are coming forward to our embarrasment. Then tommorow, I can give an assurance, Ethiopian Air lines, Commercial bank of Ethiopia, Martime, Medine Insurance company, Ethiopian Telecommunication and others will follow the same manner.These the first bids of macro economic elements are the test to measure our courage of every citizen whether the government could face strong protest or not. If we still kept silent TPLF will accomplish every thing before the next election and we will be left with nothing.

  3. Gezaee H. on

    We told you TPLF heart has swollen with pride and arrogance. If you do not stop your bullshit tribal politics. Meles will definitely sell the bank, the telecom, …. Mark my words, I have heard City bank of Neywork already working in the commercial bank of Ethiopia. TheIr staffs are already working in the bank Meles preparing them for handover. TPLF Meles has gone drunkard with garage sale money. He want to make sure everything is sold before he dies. What a curse of the century. What madness? Ethiopians really have many good reasons to hate this cursed organisation? what a cursed band? I cannot believe this happens in the 21 century? madness

    The soltuion again:

    To unite and wake up and stop bickering and chewing tribalism.

    After 10 years, Gambela will be the New Saudi Arabia in Ethiopia. Ethio-suadi Arabia. I do not even believe they will the name Ethiopia. They will call Gambela Saudi Star. We are not hearing anymore Gambela. We are hearing Katuri and Saudi Star.

    You are all hodamoch you know nothing than chewing tribalism. Meles will go on selling and you will go on chewing tribalism like Mira or chat. Meles is drunk with garage sale money and you are drunk with chewing his tribe. you have refused to think out of your tribal box and you are allowing the selling of the country. Woregna hula.

  4. Halafi Mengedi on

    To all writers and posters, can you kindly stop generalizing Tigray!!!

    When you say Woyane or TPLF you are referring all house hold of Tigray anywhere who live around the world because the fighters during the struggle were came from every house and family of Tigray and fought the bitter fight to the end to bring justice and equality to all human being of Ethiopians.

    What is going on today is not Woyane or TPLF making decision for the fate of Ethiopia and Ethiopians but the ADWAN cliques are making decision for all Ethiopians including for every Tigrayans in Tigray. Tigrayans do not have any power or right to make any kind of decisions for themselves and their AWRAJA let alone Ethiopia as a whole.

    Today decision makers are solely Diqalu ADWA settlers Meles and his followers in behalf of the 90 million Ethiopians. The real beneficiaries of their decision out comes are first their own families and relative beyond that the ADWA AWRAJA and some drops here and there AXUM and ADIGRAT, that is all no more no less stop complaining to all Tigrayans. You should pin point and tell the truth nothing but the whole truth.

    There are no anyone from Raya, Enderta, Tembien, Wolkait, Shire and Awlalo participating in the board room with the DIQALU ADWA SETTLERS making decision for anything what is going on in Ethiopia today.

    Why should Raya, Enderta, Tembein, Wolkait, Shire and Awlalo be included in the blaming game all the evil deeds of ADWA???

    Aren’t the above Awrajas the victims of ADWA themselves like the rest of the country???

    You tell me if there is anyone from Raya, Enderta, Tembein, Wolkait, Awlallo and Shire has an account and shipping Ethiopian resources and treasuries in to his or her accounts or selling Ethiopian fertile lands and mineral of the country just to get some kickbacks or bribes???



    • Anonymous on

      Hmmmm! Halafi Mengedi,
      You are one of those who labels all NEFTEGNAS as Amharas and blaming Amharas for everything going from one website to another. why is it okay for you to generalize all Amharas and put all the blames on Amharas? when you know better that Haileselasie was never 100% Amhara, Mengestu is not 100% Amhara and in the past, the entire Ethiopian government never ever controlled by only Amharas as it is now by TPLF.
      Halafi Mengedi, stop barking at the wrong tree! Stand up against the criminal dictator and his TPLF thugs who are controlling the entire country from the military to the justice department, the police department,the major businesses, banks. On top of it all, the human rights abuse being committed by TPLF by locking up hundreds of thousands innocent Ethiopians, torturing and killing law abiding Ethiopians and looting and selling the country. Truthfully, Ethiopians are so careful not to put all the blames on Tigreans. Try to have a heart and start working towards stopping the on going crimes against humanity and blame the criminals that are dragging and immersing your ethnic group in the innocent human blood.

  5. Ingocha on

    Halafi Mengedi and Gezaee H.,

    Instead to defense your tribe it is time to kneeling down your “the DIQALU ADWA SETTLERS ” or SS Meles and Co.. You brought them, you can catch them easier.
    Show us, if you are real Alula Abanega’s, or Atse Yoannese children.

    Suri matleqhen asaiyen!!!

    Ye Ethiopia lijoch tarik Yetsefalu were ayabezum!!!!

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  7. Halafi Mengedi on

    IMF and World Bank is the employee of the multi international corporations. If the vulture Multi international corporation wants to move in to a country for the first time, they order IMF and World Bank to make string loans to improve infrastructures like roads, telecommunication, electricity reliability, capacity buildings and privatize all public entities like lands, banks, telecommunication in order smooth set up their businesses and suck the country wealth. All the above infrastructures are not for the country but to expedite their future business in the country. That is the main reason Meles is spending all the loans on roads, buildings and Universities to train future workers for Multi international corporations.

    Ethiopia needs nationalist leaders to avert near future disaster to the country. Ethiopia is bleeding in our eyes right now, it is landlocked, its fertile lands are being taken from the people, and every public property is being taken by scavengers. Either anything left any Ethiopian to be proud of as Ethiopian citizen after all heroism and so much scarifice our grand fathers made to safeguard the country???

    BTW, the Adwans are in their DNA to betray and sale Ethiopian properties to foreign countries for a penny. When one of their grand fathers HAZO BAYRU was a Governor of Shire, he sold the entire western Eritrea to the Italians for pennies. Western Eritrea used to be an Ethiopian land belongs to Shire Awraja before the mother of traitor Hazo Bayru became the Governor of Shire after the death of Ras Alula and Ras Hagos (grand father of Issayas).

  8. Girum on

    Dear all Ethiopians we have been all naively and gullible in that what we have been all time aspiring and hyping has been bogus democracy.
    And such naive and gullible society deserves such selling off and all such nation assets and the inevitable consequential impoverishment.
    All of us like to talk and hype about bogus democracy.Derg was not giving us the illusion and fantasy of bogus democracy but to the contrary TPLF and global capitalism for the last 20 years till now has been giving us such perpetual illusion and fantasy of bogus democracy.
    The tragic paradox is that Derg was securing the economic interest of the mass,by nationalizing such economic sectors, while to the contrary those who are giving us the illusion and fantasy of bogus democracy are systematically depriving us of such economic interests and impoverishing us.The end-game of bogus democracy is such tragic events for the poor mass.This is what Capitalism looks like.IS it not so funny and crafty???Ok well done and enjoy our bogus democracy with empty mouth and shout about it till our death with our empty mouth.

  9. gragn ahmed on


    This message did not get published in in response to Assta’s insulting provocative comment.
    I am surprised you asking for evidence.
    Where is your evidence when you shout on this web site every day and claim Muslims are
    1. dirty in their mind
    2. are killers of Christians and Jews
    Where is your evidence when you say:

    3. Islam is the source of killing and murder.
    4. Ethiopia is land of Christians only.
    5. Ethiopian Kings did not force Jews animists and Muslims to convert to orthodox.
    6. That Axum civilization was christian based or Jewish based.
    7. Our Prophet was false prophet but Jesus is God.
    8. Bible is from God but Quraan is the work of Satan.
    9. Paul was not the biggest liar but was sent from GOD.
    10. AXUM has the ark of covenant.
    11. Mary has power of intercession.
    12. Tabot is not paganic practice.
    13. Orthodox is source peace to ETHIOPIA NOT SOURCE OF BACKWARDNESS, arrogance and misery.
    14. That Adwa victory is not victory of British too.
    15. Christians respect Muslims as equals and lived in harmony for Muslims.
    16. Elias Kifle, or Nazret or Ethiopian christian scholars treated Ethiopian history in balanced way by including fair contribution of Muslim Ethiopians.
    17. Ethiopian orthodox church did not curb the life of Muslims.
    18. Ethiopian civilization was only in the North.
    19. Ethiopian Kings were not cowards and womanizers. HaileSelasie deserved respect or Meneli and Atse Yohannes, and not Gragn Ahmed.
    20. Islam and Arab is the same.
    21. Islam is religion of lie and all Muslims are liars.
    22. Islam is religion of ignorance and backwardness.
    23. All Arabs are cruel, violent and uncultured.
    24. Muslims use camel urine to wash their bodies.
    25. Prophet Mohammed peace be up on him was a violent person.
    26. Jesus saved me and was crucified for me.
    27. Rape is Muslim way of life not for christians.
    28. Cheating is the way of Muslims.
    29. Muslims have more than four wives as a way of life.
    30. Ethiopian Muslims are Arabs and are guests of Ethiopia.
    31. Muslims of Ethiopia are unable to start revolution to remove Meles.
    32. Al Amoudin is Arab agent and does not care for Ethiopia and Ethiopian christians but favors Muslims by building church.
    33. Ethiopia does not discriminate based on religion.
    34. Ethiopia has more christians than Muslims.
    35. Harar belongs to christian highlanders.
    36. Axum Muslims are not indigineous.
    37. Ethiopian Muslims are enjoying luxurious life.
    38. Ethiopian Muslims not christians as business people steal money by lying from their clients.
    39. St Thomas was a Saint not a philosopher as proclaimed by catholics and you.
    40. Ethiopian Saint Gedel or deed was not a fabrication.
    41. Ethiopian orthodox was not founded by Arab saints.
    42. Ethiopian christians were not more Arabized and hence were not dependent on Egypt more than Muslims.
    43. Calling our Prophet a child molester is okay but calling Amhara prostitute requires an evidence.
    44. Ethiopian Kings were not dependent on christian Europe for help with wars with Muslims.
    45. Amhara is not a language of colonization of the south and was not used to promote the Church.
    46. Geeze was not borrowed from Greece or Egypt.
    47. Arabs are cowards.
    48. Copts are knowledgeable on Islam and are not blind believers.
    49. Copts are peace lovers but not fight lovers the last 3000 years against each other.
    50. Bible is not the work of scholars but saints.
    51. Ethiopian orthodox is superior.
    52. Arab Spring is christian influenced as Muslims are anti change to government.
    53. Fetawrari is sane person
    54. Meles did not import religion for muslims.
    55. Christians view Muslims as civilized and not geriba, shiretam, uneducated stereotyping and now as terrorist or wanna be terrorist, Arab sympathizer, Ethiopia seller, anti unity, divider, christian hater.
    56. Avicinna (ibn sina) was a christian Iranian or Kirgistan/or was not a Muslim whose name is used to name a moon in space and whose name is recognized by UNESCO lived during Islamic caliphate.
    57. Science is for christians only. But muslims like Ahmed from Egypt did not contribute to Islam when they received Nobel prize in chemistry?
    58. Muslims did not build the largest Library in Iraq in 12 th century.
    59. Muslim names are used to name physics centers like Abdu Salam center in Triestie, Italy. And Ibn tayimiya, the fonder of reformation of so called sufi Islam followed by his disciple Wahab was not a logician whose logic is today regarded as one promising new concept in computer programming is not a Muslim civilization?
    60. Wahabi is terrorism and not modern.
    61. Ah bash is modern and not terror.
    62. Muslims south needs Envangelization but not orthodox North.
    63. Christians do not need to apply the rules of Bibles in their lives.
    64. Bible has no errors and does not encourage pornography.
    65. King James was not homo.
    66. Islam is not peace loving but christianity is.
    69. Slavery is Islamic but Christianity frees slaves.
    70. Bilal habesha, the first muazzin or caller to Mesjid, a respected position, and ummu Aymen(Berkah, the first nanny of our Prophet, saw, were not Ethiopians.
    was there any slave or black person who is revered universally by all christians?
    71. Christianity is not about after life.
    72. Women are disrespected in Islam but are respected in christianity Bible.
    73. Insulting Muslims is allowed in Christianity.
    74. Christianity was not spread by sword, war and in the name of modernization.
    75. Bible preaches peace, love and not intolerance, jihad or sword.
    79. Men and women are equal in the eyes of Jesus as mentioned in the Bible,
    80. Islam only but not christianity wants to control the world?
    81. Amhara prostitute is adorable, and logical and respected.
    82. Copts don’t want to dominate or never dominated others in Ethiopia.
    83.I am terrorist, or fugitive on the run but you are peace lover, amicable, humble, cordial person?

    This is my last sermon.
    We Ethiopian Muslims can not live with barbaric copts.

    • Anonymous on

      Ante Islam aydelehime! You’re a true woyane trouble maker that is hired to instigate religious and ethnic tensions between Ethiopians. You always intentionally, change the subject to a religious matter, no matter what the topic is. How I wish, Elias banned this trouble maker from his website for the sake of peace.

      • Gragn Ahmed on


        49. Copts are peace lovers but not fight lovers for the last 3000 years against each other.

        Avicinaa was one of the only three Great Philosophers of our planet along with Cufiscion from China and Saint Augustine. St Augustine the Roman church philosopher borrowed and was greatly influenced by the Arabic books that were written by Avicinna who lived during the 12 century Islamic Caliphate. He was known to have expanded on Aristotles logic. He was also a pious practicing Muslim.

        Don’t hide you must be Assta or his brother. I have no time for Shabia wanna be agents who label people they don’t like Weyane. I am anti Weyane. Okay. Get life or accept some hard truth. Don’t call me what I am not. I am what I am a proud Ethiopian Muslim. okay???

    • Assta B. Gettu on

      Gragn Ahmed,

      You have tried to copy what I have posted on; however, the editor-in-chief of compared my comments with your comments, and he finally rejected yours because your comments are not based on evidence like the words in your fake Quran and Hadith. You have distorted my comments just as your false prophet Muhammad distorted the Holy Bible.

      Following are my comments I posted on, and let the readers see to themselves if you have paraphrased them correctly.

      Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
      Gragn Ahmed (Visitor),

      I see you going out of control and coming down to the level of a person who is suffering from myctalopia, and that is the main reason you couldn’t see properly, in the eyes of a highly educated person such as the impeccable Amhara Princess, what you have written and stated blindly so far and without any clear evidence.

      For example:

      1. What is your evidence when you call the most respected and adorable girl, the Amhara Princess a “prostitute”?
      2. What is your evidence that Ethiopia is not a land of Christianity?
      3. What is your evidence that Ethiopia did not defeat the Italians at Adwa?
      4. What is your evidence that Ethiopia is not a land of civilization?
      5. What is your evidence that Ethiopia is not the land of Kings and princes and princesses
      6. What is your evidence that Geez is not used in the Ethiopian Church services?
      7. What is your evidence that Ethiopia is not a land of great army?
      8. What is your evidence that there was civilization in Axum before Judaism?
      9. What is your evidence that Axum belongs neither to the Christians, to the Jews, nor to the Muslims?
      10. What is your evidence that the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church is not different from barbaric thugs?
      11. What is your evidence that Elias Kifle and never accept Muslims to be in power?
      12. What are your reasons that you wish someone would destroy Axum and the Harar Church?
      13. What is your evidence Muslim Ethiopians love flattering words?
      14. What is your evidence the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church attacks the Ethiopian Muslims?
      15. What is your evidence the Ethiopian Christians are not reasonable people?
      16. What is your evidence the Ethiopians have done something bad against the British people after the Italians left Ethiopia?
      17. What is your evidence that the Ethiopian King Haile Selassie didn’t think right?
      18. What is your evidence the only reasonable king was King Negash, who did not really exist in the Ethiopian Chronicles?
      19. What is your reason the person who has the title “Fitewrari” will not be fair to Muslims?
      20. What is your evidence that Muslims and Arabs are not the same?
      21. What is your evidence that Islam was dominant before Christianity?
      22. What is your evidence Jews were in high position during the Islamic Golden Age in Spain?
      23. What is your evidence everybody was fairly treated and respected during the Islamic Golden Age?
      24. What is your evidence the Ethiopian Christians are ignorant of Islam?
      25. What is your evidence that Arabic is not the language of the Arabs?
      26. What is your evidence that Arabic will be the national language of the Ethiopian people instead of the Amharic language?
      27. What is your evidence the Ethiopian Muslims defended Ethiopia against the Portuguese who defended the Ethiopian Christians during the Gragn Ahmad War?
      28. What is your evidence that Aba Jifar defended Islam against the Ethiopian Christians?
      29. What is your evidence that Atse Yohannes, Atse Tewodros, and Atse Menelik II did not defend Ethiopia?
      30. What is your evidence that Ahmad Gragn was the only one who tried to unite Ethiopia?
      31. What is your evidence Christian Ethiopians are opportunists and not patriots?
      32. What is your evidence that Ah bash is not an indigenous faith?
      33. What is your evidence that Islam is stereotyped in Ethiopia?
      34. What is your evidence that the rule of a Muslim-supported Caliphate is right and just?
      35. What is your evidence that one Islamic country will not attack another Islamic country?
      36. What is your evidence that Ethiopia will have peace with Egypt if Ethiopia is a Muslim country?
      37. What is your evidence that Israel supports Ah Bash financially?
      38. What is your evidence that Ethiopians are proud Muslims?
      39. What is your evidence the Western world was atheist in the first century until the Greek civilization came to the west?
      40. What is your evidence Muslims controlled the west for 500 years?
      41. What is your evidence the Christians drove out the Berber Muslims from Spain?
      42. What is your evidence Islamic civilization came before any Western Christian civilization?
      43. What is your evidence the Christian West lived barbaric and uncultured life?
      44. What is your evidence the Muslims passed the Greek ideas and their own to Spain?
      45. What is your evidence that the Bible didn’t come first?
      46. What is your evidence that Fitewrari must be a mad person?
      47. What is your evidence that the Ethiopian Christians react violenty?
      48. What is your evidence that all the Ethiopian Christians are ignorant?
      49. What is your evidence that St. Augustine did not live during the Roman time?
      50. What is your evidence that St. Augustine had barrowed most of his philosophy from Avicimna?
      51. What is your evidence that St. Augustine was a philosopher?
      52. What is your evidence that Avicinna, St. Thomas, and Augustine were the three influential thinkers in the 12th century?
      53. What is your evidence those three thinkers had borrowed Arabic translation of Greek philosophy?
      54. What is your evidence the Arabs contributed algebra to the world?

      Finally, knowing you do not belong to the highly educated class and that you have no clue about any subject on the discussion, you post on the web site any thing you want without giving any evidence to what you comment. Gragn Ahmed, why don’t you just stop commenting on this web site? Let the Amhara Princess do the Job. Out of your frustration and lack of adequate knowledge, you wrote the following statements:

      “I have no more words than saying that the Bible Assta Peter Paul King James and Amhara prostitute are one and the same dirty foul mouthed and assed. They come from the same source the evil satan who hates to wash his body and his mouth. Indeed, all christians dirty this planet with their dirty minds too. Amhara prostitute claimed not to hate Islam but she goes back to the same barrel the souce of Bible the satan of dirtiness. It is a disgrace.”

      Gragn, you do not represent either the Muslims or the Arabs; you do not have a place to settle, a job to perform, a new idea to share with others, and a Mosque to worship your allah. You are a fugitive on the run!

    • Assta B. Gettu on

      Gragn Ahmed,

      Posted on is my second comment that has pierced your heart, and that comment is the following:

      Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
      Mr. Al-Hashimi, the well-wisher of Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi),

      Muslims always talk to a Christian leader with a heavy heart, with deep hostility, and with taqiyya – holy lie and mistrust – in order to achieve their main goal, to dominate the Christian world, and you are one of those stony heart Muslims.

      Out of your deep concern about the freedoms, prosperities, and living conditions of your Muslim members in Ethiopia, you wrote a lengthy letter to a busy Prime Minister of over 90 million Ethiopians and you expected him to respond to your divisive letter that demands the welfare of some Muslim sects, excluding the rest of the Ethiopian people who have been suffering for over twenty years under Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) and his wife Jezebel (Azeb).

      Out of your ignorance of the Ethiopian glorious history, her tradition, her culture, and her faith in one God, Jesus Christ, you are not ashamed of dubbing her Christian Emperors’ famous tradition of ruling their subjects “infamous tradition.” Does accepting your persecuted Muslims and refusing to hand them over to their enemies in Mecca, during the 7th century, render the Ethiopian Christian kings’ tradition infamous? Herodotus, the Greek historian of the fifth century B.C., describes in his writing the good hospitality of the Ethiopian people in detail.

      You wrote intentionally to incite the Muslims in Ethiopia to rise up against the Ethiopian Christians: “…the present Muslim populace of Ethiopia is not only on an irreversible path of determination to establish and practice the Islamic way of life in today’s world.”

      What is the Islamic way of life in our time, in the Gregorian, Julian, and Lunar Calendars? I will tell you briefly what it is:

      1. Honor-killing is the Islamic way of life.
      2. Murdering an apostate is the Islamic way of life.
      3. Forcing a non-Muslim to become a Muslim is the Islamic way of life.
      4. Hating the Jews and the Christians is the Islamic way of life.
      5. Worshiping a moon-god, allah, is the Islamic way of life.
      6. Practicing Jihad, at least once in one’s life time, is the Islamic way of life.
      7. Telling a lie (taqiyya) to a Christian or to a Jew is the Islamic way of life.
      8. Dreaming for the Islamization of the entire world is the Islamic way of life.
      9. Subjugating women as slaves is the Islamic way of life.
      10. Burning Christian Churches, Synagogues, Temples, and confiscating their properties are the Islamic ways of lives.
      11. Stoning a woman for adultery is the Islamic way of life.
      12. Marring more than four wives and producing millions of children are the Islamic ways of lives.
      13. Beating a woman is the Islamic way of life.
      14. Raping minors, as Aisha was raped at age nine by a fifty-four-year old prophet, Muhammad, is the worst Islamic way of life.
      15. Dreaming to have a sexual relationship with the paradise virgin girls is the every day Islamic way of life as far as Muslim men are concerned.

      You continue to poison the strong and lasting friendships the Ethiopian people have had with the state of Israel and with the American people by telling the Prime Minister of Ethiopia: “I also caution you in listening to American and Israeli advisors: they are, in fact, your worst enemies, if you but only knew.”

      Your malicious advice to the Prime Minister will have no impact what so ever about the comfortable lives and freedoms the Muslims in Ethiopia are enjoying. The history of Ethiopia is the history of the Jewish people: Judio-Christianity has a long history in Ethiopia. The God of Israel is the God of Ethiopia, but the Muslim moon-god, allah, is the god of the dark Arab-Muslim world.

      I am sure you want a job in Ethiopia by telling the Prime Minister of Ethiopia idiotically, and this is what you bigot Muslim scribbled: “You should know that I am a writer and economist. I am currently preparing a manuscript for publication I have provisionally entitled ‘Christianity, Islam, and Socio-Economic Development in Ethiopia.’”

      We have many, many, Ethiopian Christian economists who can handle the economy of their Christian country properly, and the Prime Minister of Ethiopia doesn’t want to know you are a writer and an economist. Who cares whether you are publishing a manuscript about socio-economic development in Ethiopia or you are writing about the false history of your prophet Muhammad?

      Another taqiyya or lie you are blundering in the area you have no clue at all is that you have shamelessly stated: “…both The Bible and The Qur’an are in complete accord on the basic pillars of economic development….” In the first place the Quran is a fiction, and Muhammad himself had admitted he was bewitched by the devil when he claimed that he had a revelation from God. Evidence: “Magic was worked on Allah’s Apostle and he was bewitched so that he began to imagine doing things which in fact, he had not done” (Bukhari: V7B7IN66I). Also, Tabari VI:110 informs us: “The Messenger (Muhammad) said, ‘I have fabricated things against Allah and have imputed to Him words which He has not spoken.’” Therefore, Quran is a fabrication, a fiction, and has no connection with the Holy Bible, manifested by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, don’t try to deceive people by telling them that the Quran and the Bible are the same. They are not!

      What were you doing at the café house in Ethiopia, mingling yourself with the Christian girls? Were you there to drink a glass of coffee or to flirt with one of those lovely Ethiopian girls? Since Gragn Muhammad, the destroyer of many Christian Churches, we Ethiopian Christians do not trust Muslims any more, and Meles have done the right thing in sending thousands of Jihadist Muslims to Qaliti or Kerchelie Jail, perhaps, for life, and that is where they belong to. If you want, you can go and join your criminal Muslim brothers and sisters in the Qaliti or Kerchelie Jail.

      You wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia to release your Muslim brothers and sisters from jail, but you have not tried to write a letter to the Saudi’s criminal and ugly-looking King to release the 39 Christian women and 6 Christian men who are languishing in the Saudi’s notorious jail, and their crime is they have conducted a prayer at their house, closing their doors behind them.

      You, hypocrite, I am glad the Prime Minister ignored your letter, and I hope he will send you to jail if you go back to the Christian land of Ethiopia. Believe me, I will email him your letter with my comment.

      02/21/12 @ 15:30

      • Assta B. Gettu on

        Gragn Ahmed,

        I am certain you are in contact with the notorious Islamist Boko Haram, and the following article reveals what is in your heart for the Ethiopian Christians, especially for the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church.


        “[The words “Boko Haram” finds origins in “People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad[4] (Arabic: جماعة اهل السنة للدعوة والجهاد, Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati Wal-Jihad)]
        This Militant Islamist group, Boko Haram, has declared “war” on Christians in Nigeria, saying that they are planning coordinated attacks to “eradicate Christians from certain parts of the country”.. It is a terrorist group.
        A spokesman for the group, which has stepped up its violent campaign against Christians in the North since Christmas, said on Sunday (4 March):
        We will create so much effort to end the Christian presence in our push to have a proper Islamic state that the Christians won’t be able to stay.
        Boko Haram’s actions over recent months indicate that this is no idle threat.

        “The wreckage after a suicide bomber struck a church in Jos – Image source: Stefanos foundation
        Following a series of attacks on churches and other targets in five states over Christmas that left more than 40 people dead, the group on New Year’s Day issued a 3-daydeadline for Christians to leave the North. Unrelenting attacks have ensued, including the bombing of a number of churches and on individual Christians.
        “Most recently, on 26 February, a suicide bomberdrove a car into the grounds of the Church of Christ headquarter in Jos. The vehicle exploded three meters from the church building; two women and an 18-month-old child were killed, and around 50 people were injured.
        “The violence is having the intended effect of driving Christians from the North. Nearly 90%of the Christians have left Yobe State, where 20 churches have been torched and many lives have been lost.
        “Some are heading to the mainly Christian South, while others are crossing the border into Cameroon. The mass migration is precipitating a major humanitarian and spiritual crisis in Nigeria; Northern Christians who have been forced to leave behind their homes and jobs are in great need, while, as the Christian presence diminishes, the Church is being wiped off the map in the North.
        “Boko Haram has killed around 1,000 people since 2009 in its bloody campaign to establish an Islamic state in Northern Nigeria. As well as attacking Christians, the group targets police, security forces and politicians, and also Muslim leaders who oppose its agenda. Over 300 people have been killed so far this year.
        “The government has been trying to curtail Boko Haram’s activities, deploying military units across the country, and arresting and killing a number of members in recent weeks. But, issuing the latest threat, the group’s spokesman said that the government “cannot be prepared for what is to come.”

  10. Anonymous on

    Gragn and Assta, you guys are only helping Meles. The greatest problems facing Ethiopia at the present time has nothing to do with religion. Not only Meles and the TPLF puppets, also the Saudis and the other land grabbers work day in day out to remove the focus from them by sending people like Gragn and Assta to start a religious friction or war between Christians and Muslims, while Meles and his organized criminal buddies can abuse their power in every way they please and do their dirty job in dismantling Ethiopia, while you two fools keep on arguing about the two major religions in Ethiopia that have lived side by side for thousands of years. As we speak, the Ethiopian Christians and Muslims are being abused, incarcerated, tortured, killed, robbed of their money, land, culture and their ways of living by non other than Meles and his thugs, who came to loot and dismantle the country. And yet, you two have become major problems and headaches to patriotic Ethiopians who are working day in and day out to bring democracy and religious freedom to all Ethiopians. Please! Both of you stop your nonsenses distraction about religion. STOP IT NOW AND REALIZE THAT YOU ARE CREATING MORE PROBLEMS TO OUR COUNTRY AND PEOPLE THAN FINDING SOLUTIONS TO GET RID OF TPLF AND BRINGING DEMOCRACY, PEACE AND RELIGIOUS FREEDOM TO ALL ETHIOPIANS.

    • Assta B. Gettu on

      Anonymous #10,

      I am neither the messenger of Saudi Arabia nor the sympathizer of the Woyanne regime you pretend to abhor even though you shamelessly call me a fool for defending my Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. Let me make my point of view about the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church clear to you: As far as I am breathing, I will never, ever, be silent in exposing Islam, a great threat to my Ethiopian Christians and to the whole world. Meles may be a lesser evil than Islam, and my immediate concern is not about Meles but about Islam, the number one enemy of humanity; it is in the name of Islam the Saudis are coming to Ethiopia not only to take the Ethiopian land but also to convert the Ethiopian young children to Islam by hiring them to work in the field the Saudis took from the Gambella people. They will open a school in Gambella, bring the Saudi Mullahs, brainwash the Gambella children, and finally force them to be Muslims. When these Gambella children grow up as Muslims, they will become the enemies of the Ethiopian Christians, and the number of the worthless Ethiopian Muslims will double.

      It seems you recognize unconsciously there are two major religions in Ethiopia, and, when you say this, you sound like President Barack Hussein Obama, who ridiculed Jesus’ teaching on the Sermon of the Mount and who said that America is not any more a Christian country. Let me enlighten you there is only one, not two, not three, major religion in Ethiopia, and that major religion is Christianity!

      You are repeating the same old story, and, by repeating this old story, you are fooling the Ethiopian Christians, telling them the two religions, Christianity and Islam, have lived together for centuries. Go somewhere else and mislead other people but not the Ethiopian Christians. Yes, when the Ethiopian Muslims were one million, two millions or ten millions, they were quiet, peaceful, law-abiding citizens. We have now over 30 million Muslims in Ethiopia, demanding the destruction of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church and asking a permit from the Ethiopian government to build a grand Mosque in the vicinity of the Holy Church of Axum. Depending on their growing number, they have started burning Christian Churches; they have begun insulting the Ethiopian mighty and famous Christian kings and queens. What more, they have allied themselves with the Saudis, with the Somalis, with the Northern Sudanese, and with some other Muslims and Arabs.

      Torturing the indigenous Ethiopian Christians is illegal and inhumane; on the other hand, tormenting and jailing the Ethiopian Christians’ enemies – the Jihadist Arab Muslims in Ethiopia – is appropriate and essential. It is through such actions the Egyptian Muslims have the upper hand over the Egyptian Coptic Christians; the Syrians over the Syrian Christians; the Turks over the Turkish Christians; and the Palestinians over the Palestinian Christians. That is the way it has been working, at least, for the Arab Muslims of this world.

      You stated patriotic Ethiopians are working every day to bring democracy and religious freedom to the people of Ethiopia, but you are shy to mention who these patriotic Ethiopians are and why they have to bring religious freedom to the Ethiopian people. The Ethiopian people should not be told they don’t have religious freedom: they are free to worship Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, and they know no government has prevented them from worshiping the Almighty God, Jesus Christ. Those who are demanding religious freedom in Ethiopia are the Muslims in Ethiopia: I don’t want Muslims in Ethiopia to have religious freedom; I don’t want Muslims in Ethiopia to build Mosques in the Christian land of Ethiopia; I don’t want Muslims to spread Islam in Ethiopia; I don’t want Muslims to build schools, hospitals, eat halal meat, celebrate Ramadan as a holy day and use wudu every hour. I don’t want Muslim girls, covering their heads with their hijab, to go to school; I don’t want to hear Muslims’ superficial prayers every Friday; I don’t want to see Muslims boasting about their pedophiliac prophet who rejected Jesus Christ as the God of the whole universe. Above all, I don’t want to see an Ethiopian Muslim impregnating his four wives every year and producing unwanted Muslim children.

      My advice to you, Mr. Anonymous, is that before you get rid of the TPLF, you better get rid of Islam first; then there will be a lasting peace in Ethiopia.

      • Anonymous on

        Gran’s job is to provoke and push people like Assta to say very inflammatory remarks about Islam and the woyane servant Grah has just scored a great point and probably he got his paid raised by TPLF and Saudis.
        God has given us all a free will, if I choose to worship the sun or the moon, or not believe at all, thank God for that choice. If the end result of not believing in God and his son Jesus Christ is going to burning in Hell according to Christians believes, then that is the price for me to pay not yours. I’m a Christian, but I hate Christians and Muslims who push their religion in others people’s throat. Christians and Muslims need to be respectful of one another. The source of intolerance and hate is SATAN. Regardless, one is Christian or Muslim, one needs to know that believing in God means accepting others and loving them as you want to be loved and accepted by others. Praying five times a day as Muslims do or as Christians do fasting and praying so many days through out a year is not a way to HEAVEN with out kindness and love in our hearts, it is a waste of time. God knows what is in our hearts, let’s be kind and respectful to one another, don’t force your religion on me and I won’t force my religion on you. Let’s all lead by example by following in the footsteps of Christ, showing KINDNESS, LOVE and RESPECT FOR OTHERS whoever they might be.

        • Gragn Ahmed on

          Anonymous 10.

          “God knows what is in our hearts, let’s be kind and respectful to one another, don’t force your religion on me and I won’t force my religion on you.”

          You said that there is such thing? Then you must be fool. In history one religion forced the other. In Europe Muslims are forced not to wear hijab. In Ethiopian copts force Muslims to wear like them or they are terrorists.

          The world has risen against Islam. Why because it tells the truth as it is. Assta and his people hate to hear Islam and the truth.

          Only Satan and the people that are led by it are happy without truth.

          The world will be one day free from christian oppressors.

          No wonder Assta believes in his falsehood, the church of Paul. Copts dominated the Ethiopian history and abused Muslims and animists called them heretics, unbelievers, unreliable to Ethiopia, Arba agents, etc. if this is not the word of Satan whose word is it? Only Assta can say such insults. It is unheard before to hear copts speak against Muslims like Assta does. But we know copts get foreign support the true Ethiopians.

        • Assta B. Gettu on


          You are wrong Christians never force others to believe in Christianity and never murder those who leave their Christian faith and join other religion, but Muslims demand non-believers to submit themselves to the moon-god, allah, and, once a person has accepted Islam, he/she cannot leave Islam.

          Your logic is simple: don’t touch me, and I will not touch you; “don’t force your religion on me and I won’t force my religion on you.” You have no clue what is going on in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church is on the verge of being destroyed by the Saudi Wahhabis who are highly financed to force the Christian children to become Muslims. The difference between Christians and Muslims is this: Christians are to be killed and Muslims are to be the killers; therefore, when Christians prefer to be victimized and Muslims prefer to be the victimizers, then after certain times, the Christians will completely disappear from this earth while the Muslims, the killers, the victimizers, prosper and multiply. It is not the Christians who are forcing others to accept Christianity, the religion of love, but it is the Muslims who are forcing the Christians to accept Islam, the religion of hostility and violence.

          In this global age, there is no place for such a statement: “Leave me alone.” Every body has to fight for his survival, for his country, for his property, for his culture, for his tradition, for his history, and for his religion. If a Christian in Pakistan or in Indonesia says to a Muslim man: “Leave me alone,” the Pakistani or the Indonesian or the Egyptian Muslim will never leave the Christian man or the Christian girl alone. The Muslim man would say to the Christian man: “Submit to allah or else you will be slaughtered and your daughters will be raped.” Such horrible things are not far from being carried out by the Ethiopian Muslims against the Ethiopian Christians if we simply sit and say: “Don’t touch us and we will not touch you.” The indigenous Ethiopian Christians have the right to wipe out the Ethiopian Muslims as the many other Muslim countries have completely annihilated the Christians in their countries; for example, the Nigerian Muslims are doing just that: they have declared war to destroy the Nigerian Christians from Nigeria. Therefore, before such thing happens in our Christian country, we must expel the Ethiopian Muslims from our Christian land.

          Showing kindness to the Muslims who never know what kindness is, showing love to the Muslims who never know what love is, and showing trust to the Muslims who never know what trust is, in my opinion, is foolishness or weakness. You cannot show kindness to Muslims; you cannot love Muslims, and you cannot trust Muslims because their head master, Muhammad the false prophet, had taught them never to trust a Christian or a Jew, never to love a Christian or a Jew, never to respect a Christian or a Jew, and never to be a friend of a Christian or of a Jew.

          Yes, if you are a Muslim or a pagan, you are free to do anything you want: you can rape a nine-year-old child; you can burn a Christian Church; you can kill an apostate; you can lie to a non-Muslim; you can marry more than four wives; you can marry your cousin; you can beat your wife; you can buy a slave to wash your dishes, to prepare your food, to wash your car, to make your bed, and to be your sex object.

          But as a Christian, you do not have all the privileges the Muslims have: you are not allowed to rape a minor; you are not allowed to marry your cousin; you are not allowed to beat your wife; you are not allowed to marry four wives; you are not allowed to tell a lie; you are not allowed to break your promise, and you are not allowed to sell or buy a human being. In reality, it doesn’t mean I cannot do what the Muslims do, but is what the Muslims do beneficial for me? It is not! St. Paul writes to the Corinthians: “Everything is permissible for me”–but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible for me–but I will not be mastered by anything” (1st Corinthians 6:12). For example, as a Christian, I will not eat halal meat; I will not perform ablution or wudu; I will not pray, facing to Mecca; therefore, you may worship the sun or the moon as the Muslims do, but I am not free to worship the heavenly bodies because I know the heavenly bodies did not create me or brought me to this world. I worship only the one who created me and died for me, and that person is Jesus Christ, not Allah, the moon-god, the blood-thirsty god.

          There is no any middle ground between Christianity and Islam: the founder of Christianity is Jesus Christ, who has never committed any sin while he was on this earth. The founder of Islam is Muhammad the false prophet who has committed numerous sins and never repented for his sins. Hence, Islam and Christianity cannot live side by side in harmony. Christians and Muslims cannot live together in peace without waging war against each other because Muslims are always the number one aggressors.

        • Assta B. Gettu on

          Gragn Ahmed,

          You stated: “Assta and his people hate to hear Islam and the truth.”

          I assure you I always hear what Islam says and what the truth is in Islam.

          • Islam says: “Kill the apostate,” and the truth is the apostate will be killed, or he/she has to live in hiding somewhere on the other corner of the world.
          • Islam says: “A husband can beat his wife,” and the truth is Aisha was struck on her chest by her old and child-abusive husband Muhammad the prophet.
          • Islam says: “A Muslim man can have four wives or more,” and the truth is you may have four wives in order to respect what Islam says.
          • Islam says: “A Muslim man can marry his son’s – in-law-wife,” and the truth is Muhammad the prophet had married his daughter-in-law, Zainab.
          • Islam says: “Muslims should not be friends with Jews and Christians,” and the truth is almost all Muslims hate the Jews and the Christians.
          • Islam says: “The Angel Gabriel had spoken to Muhammad,” and the truth is it was Satan who spoke to Muhammad, not the Angel Gabriel.
          • Islam says: “A Muslim can lie to a Jew or to a Christian,” and the truth is Muslims have always been liars, cheaters, and deceivers.
          • Islam says: “A Muslim can break his promise if he finds a better one,” and the truth is Muslims never keep their words.
          • Islam says: “A man is superior to a woman,” and the truth is Muslim women have been treated like slaves by their Muslim husbands.
          • Islam says: “Muslims should not ask many questions,” and the truth is many Christians are asking a lot of questions why Muhammad is considered a prophet.
          • Islam says: “Jesus Christ is not God,” and the truth is Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God, and he is a God, and there is no salvation without Jesus Christ.
          • Islam says: “Jesus Christ was not the one who was crucified on the Cross,” and the truth is Jesus Christ was the one who was crucified on the Cross on Friday.
          • Islam says: “Muslims must pray toward Mecca,” and the truth is God is not just in Mecca; he is everywhere, and a person could pray in any direction.
          • Islam says: “Muslims should not carry their Quran with them when they go to a foreign country,” and the truth is many Muslims bring their Quran with them when they immigrate to America, England, Germany, France, and to many other countries.
          • Islam says: “A Muslim must perform Jihad, at least, once in his lifetime,” and the truth is millions of Muslims perform Jihad five or ten times in their lives.
          • Islam says: “There are over 70 virgin girls in paradise to perform sex with Muslim martyrs,” and the truth is there is no sex in paradise.
          • Islam says: “Deuteronomy 18 talks about Muhammad,” and the truth is Deuteronomy 18 pridicts the coming of Jesus Christ, not the coming of Muhammad.
          • Islam says: “Kill the Black Dogs,” and the truth is Muslims hate dogs and never raise them.
          • Islam says: “A camel’s urine has a medicinal effect,” and the truth is that camel’s urine has been scientifically proven that it has no value at all.

          These are some of the things Islam tells me to remember, and the truth is I remember them and share them with my Christian friends.

  11. Anonymous on

    For the sake of peace and intelligent thought provoking discussion about religion, may the loving God make it possible, for the two religious annoying fanatics, Gragn and Assta live together under one roof and destroy each other. That would be a good reality show!

  12. Anonymous on

    Every Ethiopian should fight for real Democracy, where every man’s and woman’s right is respected to worship whatever gods, or God they prefer, without being forced or fear of religious persecution. I assume, Gragn and Assta live in the United States and enjoy where the individual religious rights is respected, according to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. If more Ethiopians think and act like Gragn and Assta with one track mind, it is impossible to build Democracy in a country like Ethiopia…The wise man Patric Henry said once “Give me Liberty or Death”, that includes religious freedom my friends. Without Democracy, there won’t be religious freedom. Meles, the TPLF thugs, the Saudis, the land grabbers do not want Ethiopians to have Democracy and they send people like Gragn and provoke individuals like Assta to start arguments about religion. It is only in the countries, where there is no real Democracy where people are forced to join a false religion without their desires. IN ORDER TO HAVE DEMOCRACY IN ETHIOPIA, WE MUST FIRST GET RID OF DICTATOR MELES, AND HIS PUPPETS, period!

    • Assta B. Gettu on

      Anonymous #11,

      I am commenting against false religion, Islam, and I am not criticizing Elias Kifle and others who work diligently to bring democracy into the land of Christian Ethiopia.

      Christian Ethiopia has been not only the land of Christianity but also the land of democracy until the fall of His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie, defender of the Christian faith of the Ethiopian people.

      If more Ethiopians think the way I think, feel the way I feel, write the way I write, comment the way I comment, believe the way I believe, argue the way I argue, and fight the way I fight for my Christian country, Ethiopia, I adore and respect with all my heart and soul, Christian Ethiopia would be the true paradise on earth. Unfortunately, because of the multiplicities of the backward Muslim population in Ethiopia, because of the presence of some people who think, write, feel, dream, and curse the way Gragn Ahmed thinks, writes, feels, dreams, and curses, it is almost impossible for Ethiopia to be a democratic country other than to be like one of those cursed Arab-Muslim countries.

      The type of democracy Ethiopia needs is not the western type of democracy that allows a false religion, Islam, to flourish at the expense of Christianity, the only genuine religion on earth. Ethiopia needs its old democracy that recognizes Christianity as the only religion crafted and established by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, and no other religion should be tolerated in this Christian land of Ethiopia.

      When you said, “It is only in the countries, where there is no real Democracy where people are forced to join a false religion without their desires,” you hit the nail right on the head! In all Arab-Muslim countries there is no democracy; therefore, there is a false religion, and that false religion is Islam. On the other hand, in most of all the Christian countries there is democracy, and for this reason, there is a real religion, and that true religion is Christianity. For example, America, Canada, England, France, Spain, Holland, Germany, and many other Christian countries are now in a big trouble because the Muslims in these Christian countries are pestering the authorities of those Christian nations to establish their barbaric cultures such as the hijab, the Sharia law, the honor killing, the halal meat, the incest, the sexual immoralities, the taqiyya, and the buildings of thousands of Mosques everywhere.

      You may have heard about the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy: the American Muslims want to build a grand Mosque where the 9/11 Muslim terrorists demolished several buildings, killing over three thousand innocent people, and you may remember the American President, Barack Hussein Obama, has given his blessing to the American Muslims to build such a humiliating Mosque while those people who lost their loved ones still grieving; however, the Mosque has not yet finished because of the great controversy it has created. Perhaps, if Obama is reelected for a second term, the American Muslims’ dreams to build the grand Mosque will be fulfilled, and the Sharia law will be the law of the American people instead of the American Constitution.

      I still argue we must first get rid of the Ethiopian Muslims who are still complaining because they are not allowed to build a Mosque next to the holy city of Axum Zion. Then we can talk about real democracy. If we declare a democracy that allows Muslims to spread a false religion, Islam, we are purposely destroying our Christian culture, tradition, and the history of our fathers who fought Islam and gave their lives to protect their Christian land. Should we not first follow their good examples and fight our internal enemies so that we could achieve our goal – to democratize Ethiopia?

      • Anonymous on

        If one don’t have the right to worship whatever his/her heart desires, then there is no DEMOCRACY! Even when the Merciful God sent his son to die on the cross for all our sins, according the teachings of Christianity, he still gave us that free will, to follow him or not. Ethiopia is a country for all believers regardless, one is a Christian, Muslim or some cult religion. As the late Haileselassie put it: The country Ethiopia is for all Ethiopians, regardless whatever background and religion Ethiopians come from and choose to worship. “agere yegara newe, haymanote yegel newe” In other words Ethiopia is not only for Christians. I came from a long line of Christian heritage, but all the Christians around the world are not all cracked up to be. Look how they treat the president of United States because his color of skin, even though, President Obama happen to be one of the most highly qualified and one of the smartest president in the history of all US presidency. The Christians associates him with terrorists without proof, he said he is a baptized Christian, they still think he is a Muslim, because of his father’s religion. When did people start being judged by their father’s backgrounds? If that happens to you, Mr. Assta, how would you like it if people judge you by everything your father had done?

        • Assta B. Gettu on


          According to your understanding of western democracy, one is allowed to do any thing he wants: For example, he can worship the devil, and he can kill his own son and sacrifice him to the devil because he is free to do on his own child. After all, Manasseh, king of Judah did the following: “Manasseh also sacrificed his own son in the fire. He practiced sorcery and divination, and he consulted with mediums and psychics. He did much that was evil in the Lord’s sight, arousing his anger” (2nd Kings 21:6).

          Your type of democracy allows everybody to be free; free to kill, free to worship the devil, free to abuse a minor, free to lie, and free to build a Mosque for the devil.

          Fortunately, Ethiopia is a Christian country, and the people of Ethiopia who believe in Jesus Christ have their own democracy, made in their own image, not in the image of the western world.

          You are absolutely wrong Christians of the world have never mistreated President Obama because of his color; in fact, millions of American Christians voted for him in 2008, and I was one of them.

          However, my respect to Mr. Obama deteriorated after I heard him ridiculing Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and after I saw him bowing down to the ground when he met the Saudi king for the first time in Saudi Arabia. He never bowed down to the Queen of England, but why he paid homage to the Saudi King but not to the British Queen is beyond my comprehension.

          Jennifer Riley, Christian Post Reporter, makes the following statements: “Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama suggested Wednesday that Jesus Christ is not the only way to heaven during a campaign event, in North Carolina.” She continues to report: “While answering a question about his Christian faith, Obama said he believes that Jesus Christ died for his sins and through God’s grace and mercy he could have ‘everlasting life,’ according to the Los Angels Times.”

          You claim you came from a long line of Christian heritage, and, if it is true, your Christian heritage makes me proud of you.

          I don’t know what kind of Bible President Obama reads, but my Holy Bible tells me Jesus is the only way to heaven: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6).

          When President Obama says that Jesus died for his sins instead of saying that Jesus died for our sins, he is wrong because the Holy Bible says clearly that Jesus is sinless: “He committed no sin, and no deceit was found in his mouth” (1st Peter 2:22).

          On another occasion, bronxville reports: “EXCERPT: Barack Hussein Obama ignored Easter yesterday. He issued no statements of any kind, no “Happy Easter”, no nothing. By comparison he has issued glowing, effusive statements of praise for each and every Muslim holiday since he took office. Hasn’t missed one of them. So it is quite interesting that yesterday as believers celebrated the Risen Lord Jesus around the globe, that the God of Heaven who controls the wind and the weather chose to strike the White House with lightning. Excerpts from” (Free Republic 04-25-2011)

          His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie never thought his country, Ethiopia, would be flooded with multitude of Muslims and never imagined some Ethiopian Muslims would burn Christian Churches. Indeed, there was peace during his time and there was true democracy throughout his Christian kingdom. He was the only one who understood the value of true and pure Christian democracy, undiluted with Wahabbi Arab-Muslim teachings.

          I wish you good luck with your western democracy, and I am quite satisfied with my home-made Ethiopian Christian democracy!

        • Assta B. Gettu on


          Does President Obama really care about all Christians in the world? Read the following commentary.

          “COMMENTARY | According to the Heritage Foundation, President Barack Obama’s Agriculture Department announced that it will “impose a new 15-cent charge on all fresh Christmas trees.” I wonder if the purpose “to support a new federal program to improve the image and marketing of Christmas trees” is anything like Obama’s effort to re-brand the hallowed national day of remembrance of 9/11 as an ambiguous national day of service.
          In 2009, speaking in Ankara Turkey, President Obama said, “We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation” anymore. Despite all the “In God We Trust” and the “one nation under God” stuff — with the intimidation of the atheist left and the president’s efforts to eliminate observance of anything spiritual, we Americans are well on our way to becoming nothing more than another vague collective of religiously oppressed “nation of citizens.”
          Still, while Obama hasn’t observed the National Day of Prayer once since he became president, he did take time to host his third White House Iftar dinner in 2010 to celebrate the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and pay homage to Muslim Americans lost on 9/11.
          “In this season of remembrance,” the president said. “We must be the America they lived for and the America they died for, the America they sacrificed for.”
          Here are other instances that underscore Obama’s unwillingness to back Christians:
          * On the 10th anniversary of the attacks of September 11, prayer was banned at the official ceremony to honor the rest of America’s dead.
          * In Egypt, the army opened fire and armored vehicles plowed through crowds of Coptic Christians who filled the streets in protest of recent attacks on their churches. Dozens were killed. Obama said nothing.
          * In northern Nigeria, 150 people were killed in a series of gun and bomb attacks on Saturday. The Islamist Boko Haram sect claimed responsibility. Obama said nothing.
          * In 2009 and in 2010, Obama celebrated Hanukkah at the White House.
          * This past April, Obama didn’t even bother to send out the White House Easter proclamation to the nation, the liberal-loathed Fox News reported. But he did release an eight-paragraph statement heralding Earth Day and statements recognizing the observance of major Muslim holidays on Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, Hajj, and Eid-ul-Adha.
          Now granted, such presidential holiday traditions are largely perfunctory gestures that only those celebrating that particular holiday really care about. But, hey, just as little kids like having their parents hang their latest macaroni artwork on the refrigerator with a magnet, Christians like having their president recognize their special moments too.
          But judging by his own track record, Obama evidently hates Christians — and their holy days.”

          Obama’s behaviour has changed my thinking about his foreign as well as his domestic policies.

  13. mack on

    ” after certain times, the Christians will completely disappear from earth” assta how you believe in Christ if you think Muslim can destroys Christianity from earth. You need to know Christ more my friend.

    • Assta B. Gettu on

      Mack #13,

      I assume you have not read Church history, or you are not familiar with any secular or religious phenomena at all.

      My friend, Egypt was a Christian country; today Egypt has 6o million Muslims. There are only about 10 million Christians.

      Syria was a Christian country, but today Syria has 22.5 million Muslims; only 200,000 Christians are left in Syria.

      Jordan was a Christian country; however, there are only 400,000 Christians in Jordan while the entire population of Jordan is about 6,508,271.

      Palestine was a Christian country, and today there are only 50,000 Christians in Palestine out of 6 million Palestinians.

      Why do you think the number of Christians declined in those countries I have mentioned? Is it because the Christians in those countries do not believe in Jesus Christ according to your faulty logical thinking? Believe it or not, the same thing will happen to the Ethiopian Christians unless we all work hard to curve the growing number of Muslims in Ethiopia.

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