Lebanese men kidnap Ethiopian woman in front of Ethiopian embassy

They drag the Ethiopian girl by the hair in broad daylight in front of the Ethiopian embassy on a major street full of people, throw her in a car and take off. This is a great shame on us Ethiopians more so than on the Lebanese thugs. We should ask ourselves, once a proud people, what we have become to allow such indignity and brutality against our women and children. The incident happened in front of the Ethiopian embassy and no one from the embassy staff bothered to save the girl. Saudi agents Al Amoudi and Meles Zenawi are currently exporting 25,000 Ethiopian girls to Saudi Arabia, as reported here. Those girls are facing similar terror in the streets, neighborhoods and jails of Saudi Arabia cities.

77 comments on “Lebanese men kidnap Ethiopian woman in front of Ethiopian embassy

  1. Tedla Asfaw on

    I want you to watch the video footage of “Barbarism in Lebanon” against defenseless Ethiopian woman. Someone has to be held accountable for this crime sooner or later. It is a shame and disgrace Lebanon is still in Barbaric Era. I hope once Syria is cleansed from Bashar Al Assad which was and is a master of Lebanon for many decades Lebanon might join a civilized world. No wonder Lebanon learn such brutality from its master Syria.

    Ethiopians who watched this video will never forget this brutality and we are calling the international community to held the Lebanon Government accountable for this brutality.


    Tedla Asfaw

    • የሳባው አግአዚ on

      ሚያሳዝን የኢትዮጵያውያን ስደተኛታት ታሪክ ትምህርት ሰጪና እና ኢትዮጵያውያን እንዴት አርገው
      ችግሩ መፍታት ይችላሉ? መፍትሔው ዞሮ ዞሮ መለስ
      ኣላሙዲ እየተባለ ያንን መንግስትና ደጋፊ የተባሉትን ብቻ በማጥላላት ሁሌም እንደተሰቃየን እንኖራለን። ይኼ ግን በዚሁ አያልቅም። ይኸንን ጉዳይ እስከ መጨረሻው ለማደረስ መንግስ ከረዳን ደግ ካልሆነ በግልና በቡድን መደራጀት ነው። በሰፊው እንወያይበት ይብሰል። መጨረሻ ተግባራዊ ስራ ላይ እናውለው። ህልውናው ያልጠበቀ ማንም አይጣበቅለትም

    • Lebanese on

      To Tedla Asfaw

      I agree with you that this is an indecent and shameful display of brutality…
      However, do not blame and condemn all the Lebanese people because of the action of one stupid bastard.

      There is more than meets the eye in this incident: could YOU explain why the gates of YOUR consulate remained closed while this women was crying for help. Please, wonder why!

      This video shows that the passerby did not agree with the assailant… He filmed the aggression and he posted on the Internet

      By the way, this alone shows YOU that this Lebanese had the guts to commit an act of freedom of expression unavailable in your country.

      Last but not least, Ethiopians who work in Lebanon and across many Arab countries are victims of their own country inability to provide them with a decent life and income.

      So start sweeping in front of you OWN door..

      • menzaw on

        Yes are absolutely right, we have a puppet government that doesn’t care a bit to its people. For your information Ethiopia always been welcoming state to all Arabs, before the petro-Dollar boom in the Arab world. In very short period of time, today the Arab cities are well known to be very hostile to any foreigner who venture looking for work there, the abuses are very rude, harsher specially on any Christians people,I’m a over 60 old man, on my childhood, as I grow older I witnessed that almost all the low paying job in the capital City of Ethiopia and other big city there was performed by Arabs immigrant, nobody question their Muslim religion or how and where they practice it,even male laborers never experienced such barbaric,inhuman on defenseless young woman exhibited on this video clip, you seems to be proud about it and pretending how civilized people you are, forcing poor peoples to convert to Islam, calling others “infidels”?.. what infidels to what? amazing, dragging a woman with her hair while she pleading for help, that’s one a hell of civilized society. Believe me this time will change, Ethiopians will reclaim and recover their identity and dignity and will prevail, its a matter of time. Till then please don’t let nobody to enter your country or treat any human being with the basic respect that you were provided any where in the world, your petrol might run out one day, think about it, we have the water.

  2. Chalew on

    It is not just the TPLF regime you are part of the great problem too.If you become content as reporter and contribute for the overall struggle in that capacity that was oake.However,you want and aspire to be a politcal leader and activist.It is not that I have any thing against you,but I see a problem with it.Not every one is called to be leader or can be a leader.This applies to you. After I have wcthed you for many years I am convinced that you are one of the few who are unwilling to learn from past mistakes.You know very well these form of reporting will not bring solution to the problem of the country.Unless the many I know it all sinners,acknowledge their sin and repent and become recounciled with GOD we are in trouble.because there are many mad men who are in responsible postion who are not willing to serve the public but instead demand the public to serve them.

    • peace on

      Wey guuud, some people’s thought process is amazing. So you don’t believe in making us aware of this in order to stop the abuse of these women? Have you seen lately the West? Not even abuse but any of their people is under danger, the campaign against and even attack is imminent but then you are advising us to watch this and just accept it? Is this even good for Lebanon? Why not tell them to be human and respect women by telling them to stop this? But the goal should be and foremost to stop the abuse of our people by Arabs and TPLF regime. This is the whole depopulation project in Ethiopia with the support of outsiders nothing less and nothing more. So it starts with humiliating Ethiopians and Ethiopian women.

    • Common Good on

      You seem to be blaming the editor and I believe you are looking at the world through the snakes eye.You can not have it both ways….;criticising the eiditor and the Woyane regime at the same time.You are lacking some knowledge of COMMON GOOD for every creature on the face of the earth.Some one has been tampering with your thinking process.Who ever that some one is,He or she is not interested in the welfare of Ethiopia or Ethiopians but rather its destruction.My advice for you is that..;In order to answer this stange dilemma you are in,you must first of all get your thinking straight.Clearly one overriding fact of life is that there is always a price for survival.You need to learn how to take a stand and start paying that price…And you can start to supporting those who put thier neck out for us.Show your love for these people through financial,moral support or any other means.God helps those who help themselves.

      • peace on

        wow Common Good,
        If you are even unable to identify my comment that is directed to Chalew and not to editor, then your thought process is doomed as well.

        • Common Good on

          Oh Nooo…


          No! My comment was also for chalew.Yes it is posted next to your comment but I think that doesn’t mean it is directed at you.I clicked the REPLY TAB at the end of Chalew’s message to post my previous comment and your comment was not there when I had been writing to chalew.Sooo take it easy.Do not rush to judgement.Thanks

  3. Tesfaye on

    Don’t blame the abuser. Blame yourself. Amhara and Oromo are the worst people on the earth. They are coward and gave their land to the invader Tigres. 
    You Amharas and Oromos can’t protect your sisters at all. You are discusting  people. All the jobs in Addis and other cities are taken by the Tigres. So, our sisters becomes unemployed and are forced to immigrate to the Arab countries and end up in this situation. 
    Don’t except the human right watch will save your sisters, it is you who can solve your problems. Get up like a man, get organized , and fight the enemy Tigres. Get back your country and your land against the Tigres. And give a job for your sisters and these all problems will be solved. Otherwise you are humiliated sub human which is the servant of the low life Agames and Eritreans.  Do you know what name they gave you? SHINITAM. Any body who can’t save his sister is of course SHINITAM. 
    Amharas and Orlmos, shame on you.  

    • peace on

      The OLF who claims to be standing for Oromos and enjoying the funding from outsiders is all about itself. While crying Amara did this, they end up losing their land in Oromia to Arabs, Chinese, and African dictatotrs. Their brainwashing of hate to Oromos against Amaras serves the division and the goal of TPLF and Shaebia and outsiders. They are part of it. Some Amaras not all yes indeed are working with TPLF against their own people. The pride of Ethiopia is over when Oromos and Amaras start doubting eachother through these dividers. What makes Ethiopia Ethiopia is the union of Oromo and Amara. They are not systematically being eradicated by TPLF, Shaebia, OLF and outsiders. If this doesn’t wake the true Oromos, Amaras, Diaspora and entire Ethiopians, I don’t know what will. I hope ESAT will broadcast this. But it won’t because it has support from Lebanon I think.

    • Shabia's Master on

      You shabia sub**man you are not in the same league as the free and proud Amaras and Oromos who worship no one under the sky. But you are at least one step below them, you Talian worshipper. You are slave. Free yourself first and raise yourself to their level before you can even think to look straight at them, let alone insult them.
      That you used this sad occasion to spit your venom shows that you are a very hateful person.

    • Good on

      Agreed Tesfay. Failing to solve one problem ended up us with several problems.If we were able to remove TPlF, we would experience no problems i the arab world.

    • Lily on

      Lets not forget TPFL has a mission to destroy our history and Identity. No need to be influence by thier bad attitude. One Ethiopia, thats what our forefather pass it to us. we have a responsiblity to pass it to our children. Divide and rule Lemanem ayebejem. So please please ye weyane tebabari anehun yenesune hasebe tegbare laye eyawalen. instead lets help each other.

      Ye sewledje kebre alew bekebre tefetrenalena. We should focus on how to resolve the matter.

      Chere yegetmen


    • Anonymous on

      i have never seen a stupid person like u may be you r one of the ministers of Ethiopia

  4. Kiros Messele on

    Medehanelam Yitarken . Felt sad after I watch the video. Hopefully Leaders of Ethiopia will say something.

    • Mekonnen on

      To Kiros,
      This brutality happened in front of the Ethiopian embassy. My guess is the victim initially went to Her Embassy for help, and denied help as a result may be kicked her out. And of course the awaiting terrorists caught up with her at outside the office. When the time comes she is the only one who will tell the story. Otherwise what business does she have to hang out by the embassy? if it were not for seeking some assistance. As you have watched on the video, the ambassador or his clone was giving a statement saying that he was watching it happen ( OH my GOD, like there was nothing else he could do; I wonder what if that victim were his daughter, would he have said the same thing? “He hopped a police would come and rescue her.” Oh Lord, if situations like this does not force us to unite and protect our people, free them from abuse and embarrassment, what will???

      • peace on

        I am telling you, TPLF is actually the one who is doing this. Those people accusing Arabs and Muslims, TPLF is ordering them to abuse the women. The ambassador knows this he is more of her enemy than the Arabs. There is nothing like the enemy within. Let alone your own country woman, I would even protect anyone who is bein abused. The ambassador is faking it and he is incompetent. TPLF got caught in sex trafficing of Ethiopian women through the Ambassador. That has been the job of the Ambassadors I guess they facilitate the sex trafficing. The question is are Ethiopians are going to demand where this girl is? Why is the abuser giving interview , is he walking free”? When are we in turn going to humiliate TPLF regime by staging protest throughout the world with banners “Stop selling our women and children!”

  5. Haile on

    Let me tell you something from this video what one can deduce, what Israel is facing in that part of the world becomes as clear as crystal to the world, those are barbaric people that want to destroy civilization for no apparent reasons.Now I do not hesitate to say: Long live the cause of Israel for ever, God Bless Israel for letting us know the hidden barbarism which is detrimental for existence of civilization.

    If the Ethiopian government or Alamude, as you mentioned in you article,has his hand in good faith or not, it is time for us( including able Ethiopian Americans) together with him to think about solving the problem by creating something for them at home.This is painful.

  6. Shifetoch on

    Really this can happen in 21 century? wow it is shame. woyanne is the reason for these all thing. the dealer is the agent which directed by Azeb Gola who ship the girls to the middle-st she is the main actor. where is their religion, moral here when they drag a little girl on the street.These wild boys they do not stop doing it more than these unless we the people take step, the step is treat the cause. the cause known we have treatment in stock.the cause is woyane so how to get-rid of it by mobilize the people. If we come together like one person for one big aim no body stop us. To save our sister, our little girls, our country from woyanne we need to lesson each other first.God bless my country.

  7. Talaku on

    I couldn’t hold my tears waching this. We should do the same in Addis to the Arabs so they learn. The Ethiopian Embasy should be responsible to find the where about of the Girl.

    The war should start.

    • peace on

      You see, when your leader respects its own people, outsiders respect you. There is always a women behind a man. They are sending a message of humiliation to Ethiopian men. Who are they? TPLF, Shaebia and foreign agents. This is part of depopulation program and neoliberalism. At the core of this is TPLF and Shaebia and OLF orchestrating it.

    • tetaw on

      what a stupid thinking you’ve got, as long as we have morons like you we will never develope. you’re type of thinking is the reason for our failure. it makes me sick to think that there are people who think like you.

    • rishan on

      the war should start with TPLf,not with arebes.this is all the result of this goverment .we ethiopians were proud peoples.but naw we are dragged like animal on the road.Oh!my god i coudent even sleep welll after i saw this veadio,it is so penful to see my peoples are treated like this infront of the world.

  8. peace on

    This post should be viral like Kony 2012! Ethiopians should be right now spreading this all over. I have a feeling they are going to accept this because they do not want to “offend” their Arab friends. Oh definitely, you will hear nothing especially for TPLF regime. This should be sent to human rights watch, etc. to the State Department, so on. Although I have a feeling this all of the sudden the flood of Ethiopians’ abuse is part of the whole globalization for a scramble for Africa and the leaders of Africa. But then we should focus on Ethiopia first, let us tidy up our own backyard before even talking about other Africa. Wey gud!

  9. Ewunetu Bogale on


    “Amharas and Orlmos, shame on you.” You wrote Hmmm… :)

    Your comment is a soft version or an understatement. AMHARAS AND OROMOS, GREAT SHAME ON YOU. Incompetent people each sitting in its dirty medieval hut and crying endlessely while their human and material resources are willfully plundered deep down to its bones. What a shame of all shames and total lack of any visionary transformational leader leading the country across the troubled water and in to the bright common good for all.

    • Stola on

      I am confused, what does his go to do with being Amahara or Oromo? Is this in reference to the girls ethnicity or her co-tormenters or rather her exporters from ethiopia? Some people are so twisted and obsessed with this narrow tribal thoughts, they automatically link any issues raised to ethnicity. This vedio and discussion is about simply humanity, period. This people with this sick obsession and degenerate thoughts need some sort of therapy.

      So long psychos.

  10. Atse Bakkaafaa on

    5. Haile,

    Stop your out of place stupid empty propaganda and divert attention from the main issue. The problem is home made right in Ethiopia and cannot be corrected by cursing the slave owners but stoping the slave exporters from the source in Ethiopia.

    What the hell are you doing yourself when the young and the bright Ethiopians are forced to flee their rich country country and go to sell themselves in to slavery and brutality. Blame your lazy dumb self too for the predicaments of these Ethiopians.

  11. trekat kemayewedew on

    We should start the clean up from home. We should send a message loud and clear. I never like the Lebanese. They think that they are white American here in the west. Bunch of kiss asses.

  12. Hagos on

    This thnig hapen in front of “Ethiopian Embassy”.Where are the “diplomat” ???? Please VOA ask them !!!!!!

    • peace on

      If you saw the Ambassador in Lebanon, he was shaking with fear when he commented. We have such losers representing Ethiopia. TPLF/Weyane shows its muscle on Ethiopians and we let them but they really obey like slaves to outsiders but they call Ethiopians of Amaras and Oromos SHINTAMOCH

  13. eyob on

    Please send an e-mail to the Lebanese ambassador, who serves your country of residence, noting that this disgusting behavior is not tolerable. Ask the ambassador to forward your message to the Lebanese government. Ask the government to do her outmost in order to ensure the release of the ethiopian woman and to bring the kidnappers to justice.

  14. Anonymous on

    These f**n Arabs should be punished. We need to retaliate on those who resides in Ethiopia.

  15. Belachew on

    You peaople should stand up be counted .We should fight fire with fire .We shoulf pay them with the same treatment they are treating our people .There are plenty of thier people in addis abeaa to start with.Thees People understan the language of playing rough.We can play rough abd dirty too.

  16. Anonymous on

    This video is simply maddening and disheartening. My heart goes out to the young girl, her mother and her family. It is absolutely impossible to even imagine the nightmare this young Ethiopian girl went through. the coldblooded dictator Meles is making sure the Ethiopian people that rejected him are disrespected and used less then animals in and outside of Ethiopia. All the Woyane heartless Ambassadors around the world are Meles’s puppets and they don’t have an ounce of concern for the safety of Ethiopians and never show concerns when young girls are mistreated, raped and beaten. What a great shame to Ethiopia and Ethiopians that the country millions gave their lives to is being run by a bunch of hoodlum cruel woyanes.

  17. Abegaz on

    Arab people are always like that. They do not know civilized discourse. I wonder what Syria would become if America decides to liberate them. They come around and start attacking. Look at iraq how many years it took to civilize these thugs. And look at Egypt – back to square one. Do not bother about democracy in the Arab world. I do not see the need for Americans to die for unpredictable people.

  18. It is easy to blame as someone said above the owners of the slaves but the issue is who sold them the slaves. Ethiopians of all group need to get together and do something about this from all corners not just directed at Arabs. Beleve me, TPLF ordered them to do it as a revenge. Spread this video to everybody especially in Ethiopia. Embarss and humiliate TPLF by spreading this video viral and they will not flinch a word because Lebanon is their masters as any foreigners and would not dare challenge them. Spread this video to the interntional community. Investigate every agents in Ethiopia who are taking these women to Arabs and how they are sending them false dreams. Who and what organization is involved in transporting these women. Phillippeans warned Arabs to treat their women right and now the Phillipean workers have more privilege and in fact, Ethiopia is the worst. I am sure no Ethiopian women after many incidents would want to go to Arab countries. However the TPLF regime might be forcing them to leave Ethiopia.

    When we blame, we have to look ourselves in the mirror first. This has been going on for years now and we are waiting until it gets worse that bodies, or raped women on the streets of Arab countries which in fact we are decensitized from it. It requires action both inside Ethiopia and outside.

  19. Anonymous on

    what happened shame on all the famillies of those girls back home who send their kids just for the sake of more money,they are the parisites.some of this people you you might have come accross with them acting as abusiness man.they do not care and,do dare to tell you that sent their girls in a place like this.when you see those morons please spit on them.these are morons and they are like an animal feeds on caracess.

    • Clueless #21 on

      The shame is on you, moron! how dare you blame the desperate families of the girls who send their daughters to work and earn an honest living. You said they are sending their daughters FOR MORE MONEY, that shows your insensitivity and how clueless your are about the struggle and the sufferings of Ethiopians to have one meal a day let alone to get more money. You have zero understanding why these girls leave their country to be a maid in foreign countries. If you live in the Hell hole of Woyanes and see your parents struggle to make ends meet, I bet you will try everything to get the Hell out of that woyane hell hole. Only woyanes like you who eat and drink five to six times a day, live in a million dollar homes, drive expensive cars on stolen Ethiopian Tax Payers money, blame the parents and the desperate Ethiopian girls. Shameless Woyane! People like you literally make me sick!

    • peace on

      Ananymous, TPLF/Shebia agent,

      There is your proof, could you blame past Ethiopian leaders and parents where Ethiopians were respected and not mass migration? Why are you blaming on parents today, what changed. It shows your ignorance, poverty breeds migration, poverty is the cause of mismangaement and lack of leadership. Your proof is compare other countries to Ethiopia. It shows the incompetence or hatred that TPLF regime shows on Ethiopians that is your answer. How nice that you are transfering blame on the victim. That is a tactic used by many dictators and elites by the way.

  20. Eyob on

    It hurts and is very painful to see these savages do this to the young girl(our sister). It is a shame to all Habesha to be humilated by this so called Arabs. The solution is to stop the process of sending these innocent young girls to these countries. Eritrea has stopped the process 100%. They found out that Eritrean girls were been abused and taken advantage of and completely scrapped the whole process, they will not give any exit visa to Arab coutry in the so called sponsered entry where the immigrant is always at the mercy of the employer. I wish the so called Ethiopian leaders follow the same as what we did here in Eritrea.

  21. Jamal Bariso on

    People, emotion will not help us to be healed of our chronic disease. May be this is some thing new for you, but for me as an exiled person for almost over 30 years it is not some thing new. I have seen many Ethiopians regardless of their ethnicity brutalized by Sudanese police, by Egyptian police, by Saudi police, by Kenyan police and even by the tiny Djibouti police. Even today this brutality is becoming more and more in many countries where Ethipians are present. So what i want to let you know is that so far we do not love each others regardless of our ethnicity back groud in Ethiopia, our agony will continue for ever. Because this is the results of our enemity to each others which in return left our country in poverty and under developed. Don’t blame only the TPLF for this problem, believe me or not, even if tomorrow Ginbot 7 or OLF embarks on to the power, if there is no love and respect among us, the problem will continue. Actually it is very gruesome to see the Ethiopian girl humilated by strangers like bullshit Arabs. Our fate of defending our country and people depends on our respecting, loving and recognizing each others and then UNITY follows.

    • Angry on

      @ Jamal Bariso,
      what kind of “love and respect” are you talking about moron ?

      You can hardly find any other place in the world where there is that much love and respect among different ethnic and religious groups as in Ethiopia. You must be blind not to know that or you have hidden agendas. There would be neither that much inter-ethnic marriage nor would be the relationship between the christian and muslim groups so harmonious to draw the attention of others like president Clinton if what you said was true.
      It is because of people like you we have tribal and religious problems in Ethiopia. And how dare you mention terrorist OLF as candidate for power in Ethiopia ? You did not hear about the atrocities of OLF in Bedeno and Arba Gugu against native Ethiopians ?
      If people like you can’t admit their mistakes and apologize to the Ethiopian people for messing with Ethiopia after living 30 years in foreign lands i tell you you can not be helped.
      And forget your “love and respect” nonsense. There is no ideal or perfect condition anywhere in the world. If you dont like conditions in Ethiopia you better go back to where you came from(Kenya or Somalia) and see how you like things there.
      Take care.

      • Jamal Bariso on

        So if you don’t like peace, go and swallow a bomb and explode. The Ethiopian people who are longing for the peace and stability will establish the peacefull system on your and your likes graves. That will come soon.

        • Angry on

          how come you dumba** so easily lose your mind after 30 years stay in a foreign land ?
          Hard to believe.

          And what is your ranting ?
          My point was clear. Your demand of “love and respect” are not achievable goals in this imperfect world.
          But as i already said in this regard Ethiopia does well compared to other countries.
          Freedom, equality, democracy , justice and the likes are also illusions.

          Instead of those foreign concepts that misled that most stupid generation in Ethiopian history (the ones who are now in their late forties to late sixties like Mengistu,Meles,Berhanu,Esayas,et al)it is helpful to be guided by simple ideas like how best to feed,house, educate and protect ones people.

  22. Itege Taitu on

    next to 10#. Stola,

    “I am confused, what does his go to do with being Amahara or Oromo?” you wrote.

    People are correctltly telling you two sweat head dumb bickeres to the effect that if the major Ethiopian influential groups, Amharas and Oromos, were/are wise enough to form unity within diversity in order to bring about genuine democracy, egalitarian welfare, justice for all, good governance and sustainable development could have prevented foreign land grabbers but instead promoted education and employments for our youth and through that again prevented wide spread desperation, refugeeism, human traficking and increasing shameful slave trade, revealing itself in the form of this poor Ethiopian girl’s case which in fact is just the tip of the ICE BERG.

    The clear mark and badge of good community and humanity is to bring about positive social and political change which benefits both the community and the individuals within that community.

    If you broaden your views just a little bit I am sure you will be able to see the fact that everything is connected to every thing in the form of cause and effect as well as other forms and do away with your understanble confusion.

  23. Zemen Tegefa on

    The darkened age has been continued by those who love it and hate humanity at all! This act of perpetrators explains a lot about their innermost poisoned content of themselves.Unfortunately, this poor woman ended up in carnal hands. But how many of you do think this tragedy far away from you? If you are not ready to fight it back now whether you believe it or not it is coming to your door step. Who is next?

  24. Gobese on

    I,dont know what to say …. I dont habe problemes with Lebanon have gut Friends….. But in this Case wanted to
    Send all arebs Out of ethiopia…

  25. Anonymous on

    habesha as a race is a failure of humanity. our diversity, hatred for eachother is the cause for whats happening to us right now. metezazen yamibale neger bemehakelachen yelem, and because of that our living situation has gotten so bad that its driving our sisters to foreign lands. we should stop blaming others for our problems and work together to achieve our goals. what we saw today is nothing compared to the we habeshas treat eachother just because we have different background. i’m sadddddddddddd

  26. Tito on


    “…But in this Case wanted to
    Send all arebs Out of ethiopia.” you wrote. LAUGHABLE TO SAY THE LEAST.

    And then you think that the multiple Ethiopian problems are solved?

    Oversimplification seems to be your brand of trade mark.

    For your information Lebanon is a country of both Christians and Muslims.

  27. Surafel on

    As sad as it is, this is not the worst that happens to Ethiopian women in the Arab world. We are outraged by this because it happened in public and the whole world witnessed our shame. This is also outrageous in that it happened in front of the Ethiopian Consulate and the staff were watching through their windows and did squat.

    Apparently the TPLF and its minions are tigers when it comes to killing unarmed civilians and little girls like Shibre on the streets of Addis, but gutless and toothless when it comes to defending their citizens abroad or asserting one of their sacred diplomatic duties, which is to protect Ethiopians like the girl in the video.

    By exporting these maids to the Middle East, the TPLF is benefitting in two ways. First they are the middlemen and get a kickback from the agent in the Middle East and second they benefit from from the remittance these poor girls are sending to their families back home, since they own all the banks and have cornered the black market for hard currency in Ethiopia. By the way, sending women out of the country for domestic service and prostitution is not new to the TPLF or Shabea for that matter. They used to send their women to the Sudan and other Arab countries and the men used to act as pimps collecting money from the Johns, to fund their guerilla warfare in the 70s and 80s. Azeb Gola used to walk the red district of Gadariff before moving to Dedebit to type Meles’ propaganda pamphlets.

    The abuse of Ethiopian women in the Middle East is a known fact to everyone including those living in Ethiopia. You may ask why are the families of these little girls allowing them to go there. The answer is simple, they cannot afford not to. Just like they cannot afford not to let their daughters walk the streets of Addis at night in the hope of attracting men. Most probably the father has been out of work for decades and the family has depleted all their means and everyone is walking hungry day in day out. In a situation like this people really have no choice but take a chance just like the men we read about boarding the leaky boats and risking their lives to reach Yemen or braving the Sahara, in the hope of getting to one of the Mediterranean countries.

    One thing we need to understand is this: it is very hard for Ethiopians to find a job in Ethiopia today unless you are from the golden race or their spy. If you have been to Ethiopia lately, starting at the air port you observe that all the people working there are from one ethnic group. Starting from immigration officers, baggage handlers, security checkers all the way to the guards at the exit belong to the golden race. It is the same if you go to any of the hotels, starting from the concierge all the way to the house maids are from Tigrai, also doubling as spies in most cases. The process is repeated if you happen to be in any of the government offices. And this is systematic, TPLF has been disenfranchising all other Ethiopians save their ethnic group and now they are telling us the country could not be governed by no one else since they are the once with the bureaucratic experience.

    There is only one remedy for this and that is for all Ethiopians to UNITE and get rid of the CANCER that the TPLF is.



    • peace on


      You seem to know the issue and well said. You see that is exactly what they want you to be, meaning this is the work of TPLF and Shaebia to humiliate Ethiopians and in return it is double whammy, they make money. You become what your leader is not because you want to be thug like them it is because, TPLF implements the policy for corruption, child trafficking and women selling because they enforce it because they are the ones with military and money getting from foreigners.

      Ethiopians must unite and find out , investigate the whereabouts of this girl and get her sponsor to come to the West and tell her story. I am sure many women are made sure they never leave Arab countries so that they don’t tell the truth. However it is very worrisome with indifference of Ethiopians especially in the diaspora. When internatinally we should stage protest to humilitate TPLF and Shaebia (secret controller of TPLF) we have to have a banner saying “stop the selling of our children and women” througout the world. Demand Arab countries the abuse of Ethiopian women. Action must come from us, we know TPLF is the enemy and blaming is like throwing on deaf ears.

  28. EyesOnLebaneseInAddis on

    One observation:
    woyanes and arabs are blamed but not yet the americans and other westerners who made possible these atrocities and humiliations against Ethiopians of the last 20 years in the first place.
    We should have the courage to remind their responsibility too.
    What we should know is that the targets of these attacks are not just the victims but also Ethiopians at home and abroad. And that is very likely planned by the masters of woyanes. Lets be clear that what they have done the last 20 years against Ethiopians is mental or psychological torture, and that by intention.

    They let woyanes fire Ethiopians from their jobs who oppose their ethnic apartheid policy or they do not employ them in the first place.
    As jobless people and because they have to survive those Ethiopians become prostitutes,beggars, they will be forced to send their daughters to arab countries like this girl and in extrem cases they will be forced to sell their babies to westerners for adoption.
    Do you know why westerners so often report about Ethiopian kids adopted by westerners ?

    So try to see the whole picture. Those who plan and let implement these attacks and humiliations are westerners.
    Satanic forces entered Ethiopia in 1991 with the woyanes. We should be clear about that.
    @ peace, you should be more precise about depopulation because we can not read your mind.
    And lackeys like Abegaz are talking nice about america when that is the country that is responsible for crimes like this one.

    Finally ESAT must be pressured to broadcast this video, and repeatedly.
    If ESAT’s goal is to overthrow woyanes this video will contribute a lot to that end. The suffering of these innocent Ethiopian girls won’t be in vain if we make maximum use of this video to solve the root cause of this problem: woyanes and their western supporters.

    • peace on

      Right,When TPLF and Shaebia came, they didn’t come alone. They promised many of outsiders neocolonialims and neoliberalism. So it started. The blame goes to all of course with Western influence as well. tPLF and Shaebia promised so that they can stay in power forever: West wants neoliberalism and neocolonisation, in order to do that so that corporations can come, they don’t want a united Ethiopia so depopulation means another form of genocide, to force citizens out of the country so that these foreign corporations can live in peace without attacks from jobless Ethiopians. TPLF promised Arabs of course for the same thing and most what they always crave for, Ethiopian women. It used to be the Ethiopian women used to be hard to get under past leaders today…they are abundant.

      The blame should also go to the greedy Ethiopians who don’t care but their comfort. The blame should go to the indifferent diaspora also. I was shocked to see when this video posted, no one wants to comment which indicates, they are in fear, selfish, it statrs from us to make the West, Arabs and most of all TPLF accountable for crimes being committed on Ethiopians to change the geopolitics of horn or Africa Ethiopia’s abusse is part of it.

  29. Ezana from Toronto on


    First, let express how much I am disturbed by the content of the video/audio clip. It(the clip) horrible.No one should be exposed to such pain and misery.

    However, I also would like to remind those of you who tried to associate this clip to the government; or those of you who assumed this atrocity was committed to the lady just because she was Ethiopian. Women of all race and religion has been exposed to such brutal reality in their day to day life. What you see in the clip may not be a common news, but it happens all the time to women of all country. As irony as it may sound; i know a Lebanese woman who is victim of a similar, if not worse, brutality. What makes her different is that it is happening in Canada and by her own husband of Lebanese decent. Based on my research this phenomenon are common among Lebanese communities both at home and the diaspora.

    If we are genuinely concerned about this unfortunate realities, we need to, first, clean our own home. How many of us men in our communities are innocent of such or similar crime? And the next step should be let’s organize to protect the right of women all over.

    But if we continue using the issue to fulfill our political agendas, we are only worsening the problem. Blaming Ethiopian Embassy in Beirut or barging about how proud of a nation we were does not help our cause. As far as our great shame is concerned, it is not Meles Zenawi or Sheik Alamodi who started it. When Imperor Haile Selassie and his regime failed to feed, their people, is the day we became a nation of shame.

    God bless Ethiopia!!

    • peace on

      Of course Mr. applogist for TPLF, you keep going to the past to continue the crime of TPLF regime today. Shame on you! So you are avenging against Ethiopians because of what happened in the past. Very good wisdom you have. Kilettam! Past leaders are prove enough we were feared and respected under those leaders in the past. TPLF produced the most Ethiopian refugees in history of Ethiopia today, not past. Keep trying…to divert TPLF’s crimes.

      • Anonymous on

        I’m not sure if your article is directed to against mine; if it does, I am not sure what to make of it as I don’t’ see any relevance to what I said. The issue here is women living in our patriarch and archaic world that has not been fair to them. There is more about TPLF as a response to the matter than even the man who is directly involved in subjecting this unfortunate Ethiopian lady.

      • Ezana from Toronto on

        To “Peace”: I think your response to my article is out of place, shape and order. Please read my post again before you decide to call me or,accuse me of being, Mr. apologist. If you have a problem reading or understanding what is written in the English language, I will be glad to write it out, next time, in Amharic using the Geez writing system. If that doesn’t do it, in case you happen to be not-Amharic speaker, I will be try in Afan-Oromo, Harrari, Tigrigna and/or Somali.


  30. chalew on

    Peace and common good both of you have read much which is not in my opinion.The main reason we are in this predicemant ,among other things,is we have many politcal organizations leaders and civil organizations who still have problem of forming some form of cooltion.To top it all some of the news organs are strictley cattering to these politicl Organizations.So much so in many occassions they refuse to post critical voices. When some of of thes news organs censor ideas and demand as trict organizational conformity for their view to be psoted we are ascribing to politcal fiefdomn and not democrcy.There fore whether we like it or not we have host of unresolved issues witin our community.The reason we are at the same chair we sat decade ago is because these issues have not been adressed adequately.We need to learn to accept criticism.No one will,I repeat, make me a puppet;I always will speak my mind.

    The Ethiopian people are not pasive they are ready to defend their freedom.However,with the exception of CUD and UDJ leaders there is problem with some leaders.They need to hear what the rank is saying why we are not forming cooltion?That is what the public is demanding.Ignoring the major organizational problem at hand and lashiing out when suc humilation occurres is not the soltion.

  31. Tigist on

    counting with a million numbers Ethiopian are waiting to travel the evil Arab counties, that is the good indicators of TPLF economic growth. I am sorry God will change our story one day. My hurt is broken when I saw this video. please! don’t go to Arab countries! they are evil, they do not have God.

  32. What is the status of the girl, is she back to Ethiopian now , we need to be able to do something about this and from what I’ve seen so far there is no information about Te kidnaped woman what’s her name , what date she was kidnaped , there are a lot of capable ppl out there who can help, please provide more info about her an the kidnaping . Arguing and calling names doesn’t help anyone

  33. Anonymous on

    Ethiopians don’t have representative around the world. The TPLF Ambassadors get paid by Ethiopians tax payers, but they careless what happens to Ethiopians. These woyanes are a bunch of inhumane, hateful and heartless people Ethiopians have ever seen in the thousands years of Ethiopian history. The desperate girl went to Ethiopian Embassy to get some kind of help, instead, they let her dragged like a piece of doll and probably let her get raped by a group of men and beaten. These is the Meles administration doing, selling Ethiopian girls to Arabs to be sex slaves. Woyanes have brought great shame to our people and our country!

  34. Anonymous on

    this is a call for all ethiopians to take their hands on Arabs .STAND WITH ISRAEL .arabs are enemies of ethiopians.this savaegery should be dealt by ethiopians all over the world.

  35. Abba Tobia on

    ደጉን የኢትዮጵያን እናትና አባት ቀዳማዊ ሃይለ ሥላሴን, ለኢትዮጵያ የቆሙትን 60 ባለሥልጣኖቻቸውን በውሸት ወንጅሎ መግደል ከዚህም ይሁን ከዚያ አጠፋ አይኖረውም ብላችው ነው?

  36. Ethiopia on

    TPLF is responsible for our sisters lost life. How many years we
    keep writing comment on any website. Why not we get up and put our
    acts together? why not we fill a sense of commitment to our country
    and people. When we keep fighting each other, was it for power,
    there is no room for other ethnic group, every chair is taken by the
    Tigres. Was it to save Ethopia as a nation? Every TPLF strategy has
    been to destroy history of such an ancient nation, your land is given
    way to Indians,Arabs and chinese. You are slave, don’t you get it?
    The longer TPLF is in power, the more destruction we are facing,
    Every day put Ethiopia on your to do list,make a commitment,support
    opposition group you believe.

  37. ye Massawa lij on

    We all should ask: why are both Ethiopians and Eritreans at the bottom of everything in the Arab world.
    Why are the Arabs so evil this much to look down and disrespect any Ethiopian or Eritrean?
    This year alone hundreds of Ethiopians and Eritreans have been kiddnaped, raped and murdered or taken hostages … by Arabs in kuwait, Yemen Saudia, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Lebanon and Egypt …
    How many Eritreans and Ethiopians were their vital organs stolen in broad day light,such as Kidney and liver in yemen, Libya and Egypt?
    Why are Arabs treating Ethiopians and Eritreans, to mainly the christians, in this disgusting and inhumane manner?
    Why are Ethiopians and Eritreans not facing such evil death in other African countries such as Kenya, Uganda or South Africa? why?
    Someone wrote in the other page: an Arab approaches you only to rape your sister or wife, or to take your money. They are very selfish and opportunistic.
    Arabs despise any black african. Arabs “marry” any black moslem girl but an Arab will never allow his sister to marry a black moslem Eritrean or Ethiopian. Never!
    Do you know, how Arab leaders despise to Issaias and Meles, even if they try to speak Arabic in their stinking azzes? They see them as beggar slaves.
    Do you know how much Arabs were scared of Haileselassie and Mengistu?
    Because Hailesellasie and Mengistu knew how to respond in kind.
    Mengistu used to send his Mig aircrafts to bomb Sudan and their camels, every time an Ethiopian or Eritrean was robbed at the border by an Arab.

  38. Abegeneng on

    Please let us do some thing. These Morron Arabs SOBs should not do this barbaric action on helpless woman.
    We got to do some thing!

  39. archume on

    this is the situation of reality in LEBANON most of our sisters suffered by STUPID ARABS but there is a time may be after the fall of ASSAD things will change in the middle East Lebanon may destroy as a whole or partly INSHAALLAH and some stupid Arabs may learn a good lesson from becoming refuge to other country.
    i am very sad by this cruel act of video for the sake of our beloved sister at the end she lost her life R.I.P.

  40. Ethiopia from New York on

    Again it is me.

    Dear brothers and sisters who expressed your emotions and feelings
    about your country and people,as I went through your comment you wrote
    related to the tragedy of our sister. I am distrubed, it is horrible she lost her life. Let us not be enemies of one another,instead let us organize. If we get rid of TPLF we is the responsible party to all of this destruction, we can save our people, religon and history of our country.

  41. Anonymous on

    cela est un scandale impardonnable.J’ai été pendant les vacances de février et j’ai été frappé par l’arrogance de certaines personnes.
    Des je m’enfoutiste et le non respect d’autrui.
    il faut faire condamner ces personnes.Une être humain ne peut pas être
    considéré comme du bétail et même aujourd’hui ce dernier est respecté.
    Je suis Libanais vivant en France et j’ai honte devant de telles agissements.

    Je demande pardons au peuple ETHIOPIEN .

  42. FoolEthnicists on

    There are many uneducated,emotion-driven and easy to convince fools who fell into the trap of shabians,europeans and arabs with hidden agendas and now we see the result.
    The arabs,shabians and europeans took possession of our land,made us refugees and as this case shows are killing us.
    We were supposed to be suspicious of those evil foreigners and all their publications and be aware of the fact that we are each others keepers.

  43. Ahmed on

    Compatriots, making loud noise alone is not enough. Our sister lost her life.Blood has been shed,so the time is for an eye to an eye.

  44. dega riyo on

    this video is very heart breaking, and the thought that no one did anything is disquesting they should be ashmed of themselves.i think that it is not all arabs but the ones the do the crime should pay the for the crimes in which they commit.

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