Woyanne claims more military strike against Eritrea

EDITOR’S NOTE: The military phase of Woyanne’s campaign to topple Isaias Afwerki has started. Woyanne is being assisted by some Eritrean intelligence officers who want to remove Isaias and normalize relations with the Eritrean regime in Ethiopia that is led by Meles and Bereket.

(Reuters) — “We’ve carried out further attacks on targets inside Eritrea. This time it’s in the north section around Badme,” a senior Ethiopian government Woyanne regime official told Reuters on Saturday.

“We were once again successful. This strike was part of our plan to take proportional measures that included the attacks in Eritrea’s southeast.”

Ethiopia Woyanne announced on Thursday its troops raided three military bases in Eritrea which it said were used by Ethiopian rebels, several weeks after accusing the Eritrean government of planning to kidnap Western tourists.

The official did not give details about who the troops targeted, but said Ethiopia’s government Woyanne would make a more detailed announcement later in the day.

110 comments on “Woyanne claims more military strike against Eritrea

  1. tezibt on

    Even Isayas himself knows that his intelligence agency is infiltrated long ago. His ego was crushed a while back when Gadaffi lost.
    I hope that people on both sides live peacefully. Who cares about uselsess dictators. Surprising to see that dictators never let go of their power. I hope both dictators go. Fools believe that every thing is fine and dandy when they are sitting on a magma that is ready to explode. I don’t want to be them on that fateful day.

    • Anonymous on

      Isaias is not the one who is selling your land, your sister and your mother. Isaias is respected and loved by his people unlike your leader Meles hated by every ethnic groups including his own tribes in Ethiopia. Your leader Meles was as good friend to Gadafy may be more as Isayas. Let the Eritreans worry about their leader.

      • sami on

        you say that let the eritrian worry about thier leader…so leave us alone and we will worry about our leaders too.

      • anti anonymous on

        anti -anonymous ,hello bro you still thinkin in dictatorial way son of jiganu remember me i will make every presence where evere you go !stop !what did you say ! oh i can’t take out all those bad words , you can say it go go ….happey !!yeah! anonymous! good job !honest and be pride in facts!see you .hope will see you change .i know you had one 20 some years ago ,but move on from there now.change anonymous,you can make it budy . at least in thinking .sure you do !!!stay positive.

    • ASMARA-BOY on

      Back home I hate Ethiopians but in USA i got a chance to meet
      some of them wow how stupid we are. Eritreans and Ethiopians
      are the closest communities to each other. Come on any time I
      hear this bull shit I see to my new Ethioian brothers. Fuck politics.

    • weygud on

      You think you are smart tring to change the topic by saying isayas this isayas that. Weyane said they attack ethiopian freedom fighters in Eritrea. It is not isayas attacking our brothers. It is weyane who is killing our troops in somaliya too. You seem you care more about isayas than our pure soliders who are attacked by your boss Meles.

      • Mark on

        How could these Eritreans commenting in this website tell us that Isayas is a good leader. He is an ignorant leader, totalitarian same as his frined Meles!

        • John on

          ISSayis is a Hero For ethiopia and eritrea and the eritrean people the problem is not him but TPLF on eritrean land when that is finish the eritrean people will move ON …

          we tried help ethiopia but you guys dont respect are help

        • jegina on

          I think melse is so much supirior to esayas so that he can lead a country with complex structure and important in the face of the active world. the same thing applies to Ethioians and Eritreans. If the Eritreans could lost judgement, here is the fact; Ethiopians are the colonizers of Eritreans and we keep an eye on them as do the UK on Zimbabuwe, Ghana..you name it.

        • dany on

          Two different people .

          one sell his land the other does not .
          one uses ethnic divide the other does not.
          one can`t face his people the other dances with them.
          one steals by the billions the other does not .

          facts ? the fact is the midget can not even walk the streets of addis . hahaha !

      • Pure Not on


        Your so called pure soldiers are as pure as those original woyanes like Meles and Bereket….,they are probably one of the worest offenders and deadly enemies of Ethiopian people.We have to regard these soldiers as a grave menace to our further existence as Ethiopians on this planet.This people are subhumans or humanoid and we need to recognize them as being closer to the animal kingdom.Whether we realize it or not,they are our mortal enemies.Any one that fails to excrete its waste soon dies and imagine Woyane’s soldier as a waste in your body. It is the task of every one of us out there to make our community acutely aware of this fact.The whole collection of Tigre,Amhara,Oromo,Gurage,Kembata,Hadiya,..etc are distinctly NON-Ethiopians if they are currently serving within Woyane’s Army.Thanks

    • BEDASO on

      I thought you guys fighting against woyness regime Isays well protected by his people worry about the midget and TPLF to stop genocide on your own people. It melese who killed those 200and plus university students in 2005 election in vein,by generalizing i don’t think your know enemy good that help to solve the current problem. As far as the aggersions on Eritreans will handle it professional the messengers will be dealt accordingly

      • Anonymous on

        Isayas is going to be eaten alive by the same TPLF dogs Isayas trained and groomed. I hope and pray, they finish each other.

      • muleta on

        well isayas qefow ..if he is man enough or suri ketateqe here is his chance to show the world and gim like you he is a man of his words or jegna new, let him respond accordingly..eritrea is a sovereign nation and it was attacked..the response should be swift with equal magnitude…it is a well known fact weyanea help and orginze eritrean oppostions in ethiopia let him attack those posts..that is..wend kehone, suri ketateqe, shintam kalhone,shirit kaladerge..the eritrean youth so far mishig kofrew mekeberiyachewun azegajitewal..endawum recently i heard yekoferut gudguad ..be semean wede yemen derso..bedebub degmo ..addis tekarboal alu…

        • Helmi on

          One little woyanne by the name jegina reallity shifta says that the chimp in 4 kilo is supperior than his creater president Essayas who is much loved by his people and working day and night for the progress of his tiny land with a good hope unlike the chimpanze or the slave for the west like his ancestors for Italian and the most hated tiny and ugly monster by the 80 millions of Ethiopians except the primitives and illitrates like jegina (Dedebit rat) whom their master will live them behind and runaway but he can never hide

  2. Aye Isu on

    It is surprising that Isayas knows his capacity this time. Imagine how nice it could have been if you had this attitude before you start the badme war. This is ethiopia which you thought was dead when u declare your provice as a state. Shame on you and bravo true ethiopians like seeye abraha who tought u an important lesson for the rest of your life.

    • buchulla on

      The truth is, it is the Afar Rebels, not Isayas, who were targeted by Zenawi. Eritreans should make this clear to the world.

      • beit on

        buchulla, realy? are u just a naive? let isu shoot a single bullet and he will get it. The fact is he knows it but u have not yet or u have a cheap hidden agenda.

  3. Mulugheta T. on

    Hello Elias Kifle the GREAT (Keep it up),

    Elias, today you are challenged to take a clear-cut position in the war between the Woyane beggars and Eritrea.
    I challenge you to tell all Ethiopians (especially Amharas and Oromos)to desert the army. Let the war be what it is, a war of WOYANE. This is our time to get rid of them.

    A Peaceful Ethiopia will prevail.

    • sami on

      dear mulugeta..
      this is the war of survival, it was fought at haile selase and derge time too. so till ur master issyass behave like any other decent country leader ,the war will be on your land and that will destroy Eritrea.and you ask elias to take clear cut in this matter…he take clear cut a long time ago when he nominate issyaass for man year of award….

  4. weygud on

    Our first problem right know is Ethiopians were attacked by
    Weyane inside Eritrea period. Weyane addmitted twice. They are crossing borders, attacking Ethiopian soliders and on top of that
    telling as about it as if it is a good news. So our first question
    should be why our solider are targeted?

  5. Kumsaa on

    A desperate despot trying to deflect the attention of Ethiopians and the international public, from the ongoing misery in Ethiopia as a result of 20 years of mismanagement by TPLF junta. This tactic will certainly backfire and may cause the demise of Meles and his murderous mercenary army.We hope, pray and fight that the demise of the Nazi regime of Meles comes sooner or later!

    • Kasa on

      I agree completely with you. It is a way of diverting the situation in Ethiopia.There will never be a war between these brotherly countries. The war mongering going on her are wayanne losers to fulfill GREAT Tgray,!!!! fantasy dream. What a joke.If war starts no Ethiopian blood
      should be sacrificed for these narrow minded Wayanne leaders. Enough is enough. We lost 120,000 young Ethiopian for nothing during the last war. I lost an intelligent brother during last war.I don’t want to see such tragedy anymore for any true Ethiopian family.My bothers Wayanne are not Ethiopian anymore.They are enemy of Ethiopia.

  6. This on

    Isayas’s dream to becoming militarily stronger in the horn of africa has been over 12 years ago when his soldiers where defeated by the brave Ethiopian soldiers. This time, he has no option but to accept he is weak. RIP Eritrea, as someone said above!

    • Issu on

      I know u writing by emotion by chewing chat like your PM. You don’t know how war is means shabaia know very well. Nobody on the earth fought like shabia. They know how the war is .Above all loosing one Eritrea solder means a lot for Eritrea because they are expensive. One person Eritrea soldier equivalent to 1000 one ethiopian solders. So, this is a war not a game. Thugs like u and ur PM don’t understand how war is. of course woyanie shows us during 1998 – 2000 war how they are using innocent 120,000 ethiopian as shield at battle field as human wave like WWI style. Despite Ur PM backed by western the patriotic Eritreans will make it. Not numbers has impact on the battle field it is dedication and patriotic.

      • Hi Issu

        Issu, a brother of Isaias, I am sure you were one of the soldiers who escaped and survived from the 1998-200 Badme war. You said “shabia knows what war means and no body on the earth fought like shabia.” What does this mean? Where was the battle ground and with whom did you fight and won to be awarded such heroism? Whis earth are you referring to, may be the “earth” you have created in your dreams. Do you know the fact that shabia did not hold Asmara until wayane reached Addis? It was after wayane’s control of Addis that the derg forces left Asmara for shabia. If shabia knew war why did they take 30 years (one generation) to realize their long dreams.

        You should not deny facts about Eritreans. Eritrea was under colony for over 1/2 century, the Italians did this through defeating you/not by bargaining.Eritreans were servants and dishwashers for the whites. For what reasons are eritreans expensive? You are giving measurement scale to yourself and recognize it yourself. What a surprise! Pls note Eritrea youngmen are thinking these days to find holes to flee to neighbours, rather than to fight.

        If you were heros, you wouldn’t have run away from your trenches of Badme you built for over 7 years and you would have died to your seoverignity. You know the strong arms of the Ethiopians. Let alone the tiny/chicken legged eritrean forces, noone else would have the courage and strength to invade our lands. What the shabia knows is to dig trenches and sleep inside like a rat. When the battle starts, they would be finally burried inside the trench dug by them.

        If you are heros, pls come on, come on, we will give you the second and ever stronger lesson that would ultimately be more devastative to you and the pro shabians. Then after you know where you are on the earth.
        Ethiopians have everything better than the tiny eritrea, arfey kuch betel yishalehal, alebelezia wagahen tagegnaleh.

        Eritreans are now living the worst life on earth and Eritrea is the largest open prison for its nation. A person with bachelor degree gets 500Nakfa as salary which can buy a small chicken only. I don’t know how the people survive. It must be by some magic. This may be where you are expensive.

    • haylay on

      U fool can’t even imagine how big your country is but can’t feed it self coz of 200 years of war,do you think Meles is smarter by waging war in Somalia Eritrea he is fooling people like you. think for your next generation

      • one love on

        hailay and isu. did you forgot what the hamasen media and diaspora were talking before 10 years. crap looseres

      • Anonymous on

        how many centuries had you been out of war and what did you achive ? pride pride …….wow i am sorry for you people .it is ‘only and if only ethiopia is peacefull that the horn of africa will have peace ‘if some thing wrongs with ethiopia everything will goes messed up !!!giant country with giant people ,actually weare not worried about eriteria if we shout you are in red see swimming and sipping oxcygen to servive .we will not close smmelba ,we are not crul like you !

  7. reader on

    here comes civil war. The junta from tigray waged war on ETHIOPIANS .it
    is time to wage war on litches from tigray who sucking the blood of ethiopians in addis and other states.time to ship or chase them out of
    oromiyaa,amhara,and southern. while they kill other ethiopians, they are doing bussiness on our land by the costy blood of our yound and old citizen. time to say no to the tigray empire and thier decent.

  8. Anonymous on

    Was the said military raid on rebel base based on the recent information discriminated by Mr. Musse Tegene on ethiomedia?. Just curious.

  9. Gezaee h. on

    If TPLF is striking to take over the ports, then we will support the move, however, if TPLF is just doing this to betray another 100 000 sous, then it is aimless and objetive, TPLF game of playing with the blood of Ethiopians. I think Meles Zenawi loves to see Ethiopians bleeeding? It is difficult to know TPLF will change its antiEthiopia mind? can they love Ethiopia? I do not think so? We will see ?

    • ehtio candle on

      I dont think you have any idea what can eritrea do to woyane. on the other hand woyane depend on Ethiopians help. Today no Ethiopian with right mind will help woyane. you Adwa like you can help only on keyboard, no skill no vision. the moment things change around you will be acting(weha wst ygebach ayet) woyane plan to fulfill His master wihes in ethiopian, eritrean, tigray,and somales blood and money, which he won’t be successful.

  10. Ethiopian on

    I hate Woyannes so bad that I feel nausea by just thinking about them but these attacks against Eritrea gives me some relief. I love my Eritrean brothers and sisters who are up for co-existence but Isayas and the ones who are responsible for the separation must be met with severe punshiment and if woyannes proceed and claim back our lost province (Eritrea) with our ports, i will officially accept woyanne as my government and will forgive whatever they did. Caring for the people and caring for my country’s sovereignty and culture will create healthy relationship between Ethiopians and woyanne.
    Dear Elias, i don’t expect you to applaud this confrontation but i beg you, be on Ethiopia’s side or remain neutral. This is highly sensitive. It doesn’t matter who the leader is, when Ethiopia is at war with her enemies, our traditional unity matters.

    • final thought on

      you clueless Ethiopian wanna be tigrean
      when are you going to get it ? By weyanes own admission
      the attack targets were ethiopians not eritrea. so obviouly
      elias is going to be on ethiopian side not on the side of
      ethipian enemy which is weyane,

      • Ethiopian on

        “Final thought”, I might be wrong in my views but I am not a “wanna be Ethiopian” but in fact I am an Ethiopian through and through. And I am not Tigrean. And for your info, being Tigrean doesn’t mean not being Ethiopian. So, please get that right. I have a huge mistrust against woyannes but I said “IF” they reclaim our land, that makes us best friends. As for Elias, i know for a fact that he is a sworn enemy against woyannes and a sworn and dedicated Ethiopian who is sacrificing his life for his country. So quit name calling and act civilized as I have my own right to interpret politics in my own understanding and as much as I have a chance of being wrong, you do have the same chance of not being right. Even though I highly respect Elias, I have always been critical of his decision to use Eritrea to attack woyannes, I have been worried to the extent of fearing for Elias’ life in the hands of Issays’ henchmen. Isayas and Shabia are worthless worms that must be wiped out of the face of the earth along with Meles and his bandits. The only chance Meles got to normalize his relationship with us Ethiopian is if he decides to get our ports back and redeem himself in various political stances.

        • final thought on

          To clueless,
          You really are clueless and lost in the horizone
          Elias met issayas, had lengthy interview,few years back
          it is meles who is hunting for Elias head not Issayas.
          and your master Meles has said it many times that
          “asab is Eritrean port not Ethipian port”. So dont expect
          him to fight for Ethiopia, he never has.

        • ethio man on

          Wow! I wonder which parking lot you work at. I tried to follow your thoughts but I got lost quick. Next time, just make your point. No gibburish

    • Buchila Abarare on

      do you really understand what you saying and were you are saying it? in Cass you have no clues this is ER you Fugger it out.i feel sick just thinking about what i am going to tell you, but then i got sick….

  11. weygud on

    Why are this weyane cadres talking about Eritrea this Isayas that while
    weyane is targeting our soliders who are defending and working to get rid of the one and only one weyane who is killing our people inside/outside and burning/cutting/selling our beutiful Ethiopia.
    As Ethiopians we need to stand together hand in hand and save Ethiopia and Ethiopians from the evil weyane and cadres. Let us focus we know who our enemy is who is killing our poor people by the name of terorist. We need to help who ever is fighting against weyane anywhere
    in addis abeba, Dc, brusles, australia most of all the ones at the borders of ethio-eritrea who are ready to die for mama

  12. Bekele on

    wayane is preparing his eternal grave, the result will be very dangerous to our people but at the end both people will remain in peace.

    • የቀይ ባህር ልጅ on

      As these two fools kill each other, the Arabs are buying our boys and girls, raping them, selling them, degrading them, burning them, selling their kidneys to another Arab.
      Both Meles and Issaias are killers. Issaias keeps thousands of people in jail including EPPF members so does the evil Tigraian Meles.
      Both are selling their boys and girls to the worst of the Arab killers.
      Both are Arab slaves. Both are greedy.
      Both are cold blooded killers.
      Both are Arab trained fascists.
      Let them finish each other, Tegbewal!!!
      Both are blood suckers.

      Death to both Isaias and Meles.
      Long live the unity of both the Eritrean and Ethiopian people.
      May God protect the people from Arabs and their slaves.

      • daniel on

        These two names should not be used in the same book let alone in the same statement .

        melelse Isaias

        land sold to arabs, indians, china , etc -protects people and land
        begs for food -refuse to beg , but works hard
        can`t fight with out the help of ferenj -have no room for ferenj
        runs country on ethnic killil -unites every ethnic , no killil
        80 % of the people have no pure water -80 % of the people have pure water
        no health care for the people -health care for the people
        no free school -free school
        one ethnic group runs all -all ethnic group have a say
        worst place , aids , malaria ,etc -high accomplishment on aids , malaria , etc
        resources for few and outsiders -resources for the people
        can never face his people -dances with his people in festivals
        can never walk in the streets of A.A. -the only president who walks with few security on earth
        Lies , day after day after day -what he said in 60 ties & 70 ties still true today
        have billions to steal -have sandals to serve his people
        corruption is the norm -ministers working & riding their bike is the norm

        to be continue ,

  13. Truth~ on

    My prediction:

    As I said in the past, Esias will be overthrown and Eritrea will be divided into ethnic-line like Ethiopia. In the new world order, no country/leader survives unless is willing follow orders from abroad. Ethnically fragmented country is always at war with itself. We told blind Esias long time ago, the break up of Eritrea is the beginning of the end for both, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    TPLF supporters tell us that the fall of Esias will bring back Eritrea to Ethiopia. Utter non-sens. Ethiopia is in verge of collapse and disintegration from within. The ethnic wall erected in 1990 is getting taller with each passing day. Ethiopia is on life support from outside till her ethnic disease spread and contaminate the whole continent. The neighbors will be its first victims.

    • i tgtaly agree on

      that is the truth you said it all unless both the people of eritrea and ethiopia start to work together for the best interst of their both nations all of us will lose. there will not a dream of the united states of africa.

    • Anonymous on

      i will tell you that, no one can disintegerat ETHIOPIA you do not know nothing about ethiopia ,any country can go through that direction but ethiopia is a gift of GOD !you can dream day and night it will never happen !!!!

  14. Lema on

    The UN, US and EU urged both sides to restrain! What the f…..!
    It is Eritrea who is invaded! The condemnation should go squarely to Ethiopia.The African command of the American machine is in full swing in Africa this days. They want to finish Al Shabab, Joseph Kobe of Uganda and now they are drooling on Asmara!
    The woyane regime which is dependent on foreign aid or survival will not launch a was across an international boarder with out a tacit approval of the US.

    • Dear Lema & all haters,

      Did you say? “The Woyanne regime which is dependent on foreign aid or survival will not launch a war across an international boarder with out a tacit approval of the US.” Your master, Isaias Afewerki doesn’t want to retaliate for the action of the gallant Ethiopian military action. Wow, how peace loving Isaias does not want to revenge. This time he very well understood the reality of the world. No one is around to finance his military exploration around his neighbors. His masters are depleting one by one. His master Gaddafi is gone for good. Mubarak is on stretcher counting his days. The Syrian leader is on rope. The Iranians are facing financial crises. No one will bail him out during his crisis. His friends in Somalia (Al-Shabab) are losing control of their bases and territory. Therefore, it is becoming more and grimmer to the one man in Eritrea. The demise of Esayas is becoming very soon. All Weyane haters, if you are thinking Wayanne is preparing his eternal grave, you are absolutely wrong. In fact, you are the one preparing you eternal grave with you master Esayas to occur very soon. Time is becoming very difficult for Esu and his dogs Berhanu Nega and Andargache. Death to all of you, haters! Long live mother Ethiopia!

      Yours, AT

      • Lema on

        You confused cadre of woyane, what I am saying is your puppet master is enslaving himself to do whatever his masters order him-now he want to oust the person he once said he admires the most.I was not taking about the woyane apartheid regime who controlled everything from the Church to all the cashier jobs in Ethiopia( it will ultimately fail since it is not a viable regime like his idol’s regime in Asmara). I was talking about the militarization of Africa which is designed by a narrow western interest to exploit Africa.Now the American war machine in the name of AFRICOM using your boss to do the dirty work.If you think the fall of Mubarak who was also American puppet like your boss is good for woyane and it’s masters you will be surprised very soon you clueless naive.

  15. Ewunetu Bogale on

    This is expected cunning WAYANE minority CALCULATED tactical political and military move to provoke war and violence in order to divert attention, divide the opposition from the inside and the outside to block the fast building political pressures similar to the uprisings in the surrounding countries.

    The cleverly designed division is aimed at the Amhara and the Oromo so that these groups keep fighting each other while Meles goes to stand among the G-20 begging huge amounts of cash and kind for the war economy which he will cleverly deposit in his party’s and private secrete bank accounts just similar to that Democratic Republic of the Congo(ex-ZAIRE) master tyrant, Mobutu Sese Seko, who was also a master DARLING of the G-20 who constantly fed him tremendous amounts of cashes and kinds which the tyrant simply deposited in his private secret bank accounts around the world until he came to be known as one of the richest black man on the planet.

    Since diamonds are said to be the only everlasting element, the mighty Mubutu sese Seko was chased from power by popular resistance, asked asylums in Morocco as a refugee and died and buried also in Morocco with all his stolen wealth spread all over the world while his own people are/were starving to death and being sold in to slavery in a country blessed with all kinds of material and human resources beyond imagination.

    If possible Meles’s tactics are also partly for rounding up the Ethiopian youths, specially the Amhara & oromo, again and sending them to war fronts and himself (commander in chief?) massacre them in there so that there will never be anything left to struggle for the better future and justice for all similar to that of Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, etc.

    Perhaps Wayane companies like EFFORT are running out of gas and out of cash and may not able to sustain tplf domination for too long.

    War on Eritrea, war on Somalia, war on Southern Sudan, war on Northern Sudan, war on Kenya,etc, is not what Ethiopians need.

    We want war on poverty, ignorance, disease,foreign land grabbers, injustice, tyranny, inequality, dictatorship, etc, evils.

    We were/are a war loving and war carnival enjoying and mythologizing country but what it all boils down is a divided and hopelessly impoverished starving beggar country which is fast descending to the bottom of the drain with no sea port and no peace effort.

    The culture of endless war and endless aggression just keep in power a few tyrannical elite aggressive land grabbers for making money at the cost the people must stop. ):

    • Anonymous on

      “division is aimed at the Amhara and the Oromo so that these groups keep fighting each …. ”
      This division is being narrowed by the groups and their leaders at this historic time. Meles and his accomplices know that. Thus they have to dismantle and destroy before it gains popular support inside and out side of the country. We Ethiopians and Eritreans shouldn’t fall through the viscous propaganda and fascistic act of communist Esias and Meles(Putin) for their power thirst.

  16. Garii on

    This is nothing attention Diversion. Woyyane is suffering daily loses of his agents in every corner of the country. The peopls ation against Land Grab make woyyane mad. The burning of Fincaaha suger, the killling of Chineese in west Shewa, the buring of Kuruftu Resort, the buring of Bedelle shuger, the buring of Tractors in Wollega etc. So many spies have been killed and Woyane Militia has stopped going in to villages. This is some of them and it contnuied in every states like Gambella, Benshangul and Afar.
    Woyyane knows that it is in big trouble that is why he try to divert attention to Eritea war. But this time nobody care about others while they are losing their anccestorial land. I one way or in another the end of Woyyane rule is coming.
    Action is better than words, do something instead of just denouncing woyane. Help the peole who fight Woyane. a lot of meeting and seminar in dispora have no much effect on woyyane. Cutting Woyane roots makes them to float on air ( kill the spies and their leader). in my state, my people are doing this.

  17. abyssinian on

    I hope this time they will bring back our port & maritime facilities!! otherwise, annex our small northern province! most Eritrean want to come back to the mother land any ways, so let them join & have a greater Habasha community! the more we split, the weaker we become around the horn!I think our biggest problem is a deep rooted mis-trust among different ethinicities. hope the new generation will disregard ethinic division & emerge as strong & unified Ethiopia!

    • temali on

      hi Abyssinian you said annex our small…. . it is not new to eritreans to hear such words.Haileselase did it mengstu did it but you and others like you never learn.Please ask some mothers,sisters,wives and daughters who lost their lovely one. You are in front of your computer screen and eating your burger commenting to annex small province.who will die for that port? why do not you go today to bring back that port.

  18. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    I think Eretria should open it is frontier for those Ethiopian freedom fighters with out any precondition, cos i know with all my heart TPLF would not last a year!!!

    • sami on

      All opposstion groups or so called freedom fighters will be eaten by issayass one by one. he use them to destroy ethio..did u know what happen to arbenoch genbar..? all of them disapear or killed one by one. Issyass even didn’t allow his long time friend who passed away a month ago In london to get buried in his home country Eritrea. so how you trust this lunetic man?

  19. Anonymous on

    What make the Ethiopian– wayens win this time?? Don’t forget there are 4.5 million Isaias all over the world.

    You have been trying for the last 60 years to fight against Eritrea with all your supporters but you never win! and you will never win; you are always losers and the poorest nation on the planet!

    • Forget eritrean boys. stop crying. you want to lecture us how shaebia knows war when you know what happened a decade ago. Just deal with it. That is where you belong! defeat and shame! We only want our assab port. no more no less. you as people and as province, go and go for ever. as far as we dont get our port, u will always have unfinished war with us.Meles has been in between us so far but he will leave power soon and ethiopia will fall in the hands of its true sons that is the game start.

      • Samson Mamo on

        Losing 123, 000 soldiers is victory. Any human being wont consider this victory by using human shield as WWI style. Always ehiopians are die hard you dont swallow the bitter truth instead taliking every bar and tela bet.

  20. BEDASO on

    Dear brother and sister ethiopians, Eritean has sick leader and the peopel of mentaly unstable people in the world. my advise to all ethiopian do not thnink about eritrean and do not waist your time with them. Let SHAIBIA RULE THEM FOREVER

  21. Casablanca on

    The heat is driving the beggars banana. It is all distraction! The structural damage the beggars inflicted on Ethiopia and the neighborhood is incomprehensible. They are losing the mask by the day. It is all in due time.

  22. Surafel on

    This war is a scourge on both Ethiopia and Eritrea. God knows both Ethiopia and Eritrea cannot even afford to feed their own people let alone wage a costly war on each other. And yet here we are, Meles’ mouthpiece- Shimeles Kemal, bright as a button, telling the world about his regime’s war exploits and successes and a promise of future escalation of the conflict.

    I have no sympathy for the Issayas Afeworki’s regime. God knows he hated Ethiopia and Ethiopians, even though he was one of the elites who graduated from Haile Selessie I University. He has a full scholarship including full boarding and clothing allowances at the expense of Ethiopian farmers. Since adulthood Issayas has been plotting with the enemies of Ethiopia in the region and afar to undermine and destroy it. And finally he succeeded in 1990 through its puppet the TPLF and the traitor Meles as its head honcho. The illegal secession of Eritrea from Ethiopia, facilitated by Boutros Boutros Ghali, will remain one of the black marks of the UN. Obviously Mr. Ghali was taking his marching orders from western diplomats as a revenge for 17 years of Mengistu’s anti western tirade and from Mubarak, an arch enemy of Ethiopia whose country’s survival depends on a waterfall from the Nile.

    The frame work of the secession and the secession itself including the fake referendum was so lopsided, its analogy will be a one sided divorce with one spouse deciding on the proceedings while the other spouse is muzzled with hands and feet handcuffed and powerless. This is exactly what happened to Ethiopia in the 90s, with both Meles and Shabea looking out for the interests of Eritrea and Ethiopia left open for plunder and dismemberment.

    The thing is, tin pot dictators like Meles, whose governance is so corrupt that their economy is not able to pay civil servant and military wages without supplemental aid from foreign donors, have no right and moral authority to take a nation of 80 million into a misadventure, such as a war of choice with Eritrea. Let’s just think about this: Meles is a leader of a country whose citizens rather face abuse in the hands of strangers or even die than return and live there. Things are so bad in Ethiopia today, we saw a 33 years old healthy beautiful mother of three, Alem Dechassa, chose DEATH instead of returning to Ethiopia. Ladies and gentlemen, Meles is presiding over a country not fit for its citizens save his minions and corrupt cadres. We have only one thing left and that is to unite and get rid of TPLF and its cancerous head Meles.

    Long Live Ethiopia!



  23. Dehab on

    Aren’t the solgiers wearing the Ethiopia’s military uniform, childrens of Ethiopia?

    Why did this website treat them as enemies?

    Is this website more Ethiopian than those children paying in blood and soul?

    • Anonymous on

      WOYANE is the one spilling Ethiopian Blood,Woyane is the one selling Ethiopian women and children to Arabs,woyane is the one who is selling Ethiopia land next to nothing to his foreigner masters.woyane is the one giving Ethiopian land from north to South all the way to the Kenyan boarder to Sudan. so mom what are you talking about???????????????????????

    • Helmi on

      Dehab woyanne is not Ethiopian rather no 1 enemy of the country and there is no woyanne as such rather (Melese Sebhat gang)

  24. Assta B. Gettu on

    War I hate! Peace I love! War with the Eritrean people, our people, is not justified at this time and at any time in the future because Eritreans are our blood and our flesh; they are our brothers and sisters.

    When the king of Judah, Rehoboam, mustered about a hundred and eighty thousands fighting men to go to war against Jeroboam, king of Israel in Samaria, the Almighty God commanded Shemaiah, God’s man, and sent him to Rehoboam, king of Judah, with a message: “Say to Rehoboam son of Solomon king of Judah and to all the Israelites in Judah and Benjamin, ‘This is what the Lord says: Do not go up to fight against your brothers. Go home, every one of you….” The people of Judea and Benjamin listened to the word of God and went home without fighting against their own brothers and sisters, the Israelis in Samaria (2nd Chronicles 11:1-4).

    I hope, this time, the merciful God, Jesus Christ, would send a man of God, like Shemaiah, either from Eritrea or from Ethiopia, to tell Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) not to go up to fight against his brothers and sisters, the Eritrean people, and the home of his own mother.

    What did Ethiopia and Eritrea gain by fighting against each other for a piece of land in 1998-2000 where over 100,000 people perished in that horrifying war of a brother against his own brother? If both dictators start the war and go to the battle field, they may never come back safely, and God has always a reason when he wants to get rid of a dishonest leader.

    Do you remember how God got rid of Eli’s two immoral sons, Hophni and Phinehas? When the Israeli army was fighting with the Philistines, the Israeli elders at the battle field wanted the Ark of the Covenant of God to be sent from Shiloah to the battle field so that the Israelis could win the war. Who do you think must accompany the Ark of the Covenant of God? The two immoral priests, Hophni and Phinehas, had to go to the battle field with the Ark of the Covenant because God wanted the two evil priests to be killed in the battle, and they were killed (1st Samuel 4:1-22). Therefore, who knows, this time, it might be God’s will to remove the two oppressive leaders, Isaiah Afeworki and Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) from power that they have been abusing for a long time. If that is God’s will, let it be so, and let the Eritreans and the Ethiopians be free from the two ruthless leaders.

    • ehtio candle on

      I would say don’t mix religon with politics don’t poison God’s word, it is perisiouse!!!. you are a mersener we know your hidden agenda we don’t need your lecture of a fandamental idea (pentacote shit). we ethiopians and eritreans know how we solve our problems with out your fake chistan hiden agenda. we don’t need u

      • Assta B. Gettu on

        Ehtio candle,

        I wish you knew how to write a complete sentence in the English language: Your run-on sentences don’t make sense at all. As dim as your writing is, your understanding of politics, religion, and the word of God is absolutely hazier than your naked thoughts.

        You are neither Ethiopian nor Eritrean because you do not care about the 100,000 Ethiopians and Eritreans who lost their precious blood in the meaningless two-year-war waged by the two dictators – Meles and Isaiah. I assume you want another war between the two sister nations, Ethiopia and Eritrea, but shame on you; it will never happen again, and God is not as cruel as you are: he will hear the prayers of those peace-loving Eritreans and Ethiopians who detest war and its consequences.

        You crack head, politics and religion always go hand in hand; for example, when your Muslim cousin, Lij Iyasu, wanted to be the king of Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church anathematized him and stifled his chance to be a king. Here we see religion interfering with politics, and when Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) removed the legitimate patriarch of Ethiopia and replaced him with Aba Paulos, his home town boy, we see here politics interfering with religion. It has been that way throughout human history, idiot!

        How obtuse you are when you stated: “…don’t poison God’s word.” God’s word is not like the dirty food and the dirty water your father and your mother eat and drink every day, and the food and the water your destitute parents eat and drink can be easily poisoned; however, the word of God cannot be poisoned, cannot be defiled, and cannot be powerless: it always remains pure, undefiled, unpolluted, and powerful forever and ever. Do you understand, Mr. candle or Mr. ጥራዝ ነጠቅ (mountebank)?

  25. Anonymous on

    comment to 23- sometimes talking like Ethiopian sometimes like Eritreans what ha pend Anonymous (ilyas) .

  26. gasse qola duddu on

    No matter how our common enemy talks war,marches towards war,and brags about war;make no mistake,this enemy of ours is gravitating itsself to emenient fall;the fall that leaves our common enemy crush into complete deafeat.

    The Khat and blood addict,terror boss Zinawi,as the world and millions of Ethiopians know,Zinawi began his criminal career as a bandit and a robber murdering and robbing of citizens and banks in different places and at different time.This robber,formerly known as Legesse,and now and called by the nickname, Meles is still at large.

    This robber speakes few languages-he speakes killing,he speakes looting,he speakes hatred,he speakes division, and he speakes the distruction of Ethiopia.When the robbers came into Ethiopia in 1991,they had a lot guns and bullets to murder and loot Ethiopians;time favored them and invaded Ethiopia.They did not waste time,they moved into villages,towns,cities, and neighborhoods;they then borke into homes and vandalized the lives of families.

    Today,everything and anything that is available below and bove the lands,in Ethiopia is woned,controlled, and run by Zinawi and his families,men and women surrounding him,and all those who support and help run the the suppressive and oppressive regime.

    All Ethiopians make efforts and keep your committements to take the struggle angainst our common enemy one step ahead on every success that gained and build another success on the success that has been already achieved and make the existence of Zinawi’s regime history.

  27. Zebegnaw on

    I do not trust the whole story of war propageted by Woyane rulers. It is just a pretention of war. There is no evidence where the alleged attack took place. We have phoned to the areas in the vicinity of Badme. The people have never heard a noise of hyena, let alone bombing in their village. We do not know how they[Woyanes] fabricated this white lie. Another place to be claimed by Woyaneas a target is in the Southeast of Eritrea, the villages of Afar, it is untouchable as well and safe. Perhaps Woyane has droped Bomb in the bushy area. But it is not yet confirmed by the local inhabitants of that area.
    Eritrea is talking about its border demarcation and Woyane is claiming attack against rebels supported by Eritrea.
    It is not a conflict. it is rather another coordinated cheating by two power-mongerers. Eritrea is not yet concerned about its violated airspace and landscape.
    Eritrea has almost forgotten about border issues for the last three years. But it raised now the border issue just to trick the international community.
    The Eritrean opposition that roam around Addis Abeba and another big cities have no guts to liberate Eritrea from economic and political supression. So the Eritrean government is not afraid of “Eritrean opposition” supported by Woyane regime in Addis Abeba.
    All in all, this drama of war is either to buy time to stay on power conducted and arranged by the two sides.not less not more.


  28. Anonymous on

    Number 23
    In which world are you live in, we already know how many ertrians are tired of Issayas and his supporters. Do not full yourself.

  29. Dear Lema & haters,

    Did you say? “The Woyanne regime which is dependent on foreign aid or survival will not launch a war across an international boarder with out a tacit approval of the US.” Your master, Isaias Afewerki doesn’t want to retaliate for the action of the gallant Ethiopian military action. Wow, how peace loving Isaias does not want to revenge. This time he very well understood the reality of the world. No one is around to finance his military exploration around his neighbors. His masters are depleting one by one. His master Gaddafi is gone for good. Mubarak is on stretcher counting his days. The Syrian leader is on rope. The Iranians are facing financial crises. No one will bail him out during his crisis. His friends in Somalia (Al-Shabab) are losing control of their bases and territory. Therefore, it is becoming more and grimmer to the one man in Eritrea. The demise of Esayas is becoming very soon. All Weyane haters, if you are thinking Wayanne is preparing his eternal grave, you are absolutely wrong. In fact, you are the one preparing you eternal grave with you master Esayas to occur very soon. Time is becoming very difficult for Esu and his dogs Berhanu Nega and Andargache. Death to all of you, haters! Long live mother Ethiopia!

    Yours, AT

  30. honesty say on

    Number 23
    Mr. Anonymous
    Which part of the world are you living or just dreaming by saying there are that much Essayas in the world. Most of them are tired of him so please weak up.

  31. Honesty say on

    Number 23
    In which world are you live in, we already know how many ertrians are tired of Issayas and his supporters. Do not full yourself.

  32. Mogus Teshome on

    Elias, are you still nostalgic for Isaias?
    You are still fond of Isaias after he had liquidated your beloved Arbegnoch Gimbar.

    According to Ethiopian time-tested culture, We Ethiopians protect our guests, those who seek custody and refuge in our land. Such has been part of our sublime history and heritage.

    One wonders why your heart bleeds for an Eritrean Leader who had killed our Tourists. I have begun to doubt your Amhara identity, for the Amhara people are known to firmly uphold the culture of hospitality, a noble Ethiopian national character.

    I simply cannot believe you are an Amhara breed

    Mogus Teshome

  33. Shenqute on

    They are both Arab slaves selling their own young citizens to Arabs. Both have blood in their hands. So nobody cares about their lies anymore.
    After all the free services they provided to Arabs, they are still called black slaves or “Abeed” by the Arabs.
    They will still kill more innocent Ethiopians and Eritreans until they are both overthrown.

  34. workish on

    here it comes again ….war!!!….no one benefit from war….both Meles and Isayas are ignorant leaders who want to stay in power for generations…..we should all stand against these potential criminals….
    let the people of Bademe decide which side they want to join…what is the need to start war again….

  35. The midjet who is now invading Eritrea has nothing to do with Ethiopia rather an occupying force supported by the west as we have witnessed by the election 97 after being rejected K.O it is his masters like the U.K who has saved his butt and helped him to stay in power as their plan has not socceed after 15 years and at the same even though they have been donating money like no other country in the planet they were only showing a short lived lip service followed by buisness as usual after a while or start a new plan that Zenawis destructive constitution comes one after the other to all this missery of Ethiopian peoples (go and watch ESAT interview with the Ethiopian journalist who very sharply and precisely put the truth about Meles Sebhat gang) that is 100% fact in which Ethiopia is inside by now all the rest assumption is nonsense to mention some of zenawi advisors jeffery sachs and Joseph Stiglits this are the two who has invited him to columbia university and the so called G/8 that this idiot participates is the prize for his destructive work by the U.K and some from European countries and the U.S with out forgetting the arabs and Indians and chinese who are beneficiaries from the destructing process

  36. Samson Mamo on

    We need to open our eyes see the conspiracy behind this recent attack on the opposition groups in Eritrea. Most people think that it is Meles plot to overthrow Issayas. Please don’t be fooled again. These two snakes have one common enemy, Ethiopia. Essays only use these opposition groups as a bargaining chips to workout some kind of settlement with Meles. I heard that there is a secret negotiation going on between Meles and Issayas. I think this might be the result of their negotiation. As the leader of the Ethiopian Patriot said, the opposition fighters are placed within few kilometers of Ethiopian borders without any Eritrean soldiers guarding the border. Time will tell but my hunch is that Meles has a go ahead from Issayas to attack this groups. Both of these evils don’t want a strong Ethiopian state from coming to reality. Issayas has shown that by killing and imprisoning pro-Ethiopian groups which he helped form and train. I have no quarrel with Eriterians. We were brothers and still are. But we need to overthrow this two evils and bring prosperity and freedom to our people. They have brought starvation and death to our people. We Ethiopians and Eritrean should unite and fight to get rid of this evils and bring change to our people before they bring us more death and destruction.

  37. Anonymous on

    You forgot to respond about “the poorest nation on the planet!”

    Ref. your history for the last 100 years always you are losers and poorest country on the planet. B/c you waste your resources and wealth on war instead of building your own country and improve your people wellbeing. By the way for the last 100 years you have never went to war without support of your lords so if you start war tomorrow we certainly know who will support you but on our side we trust and believe on ourselves and in our leadership; we don’t worry even the entire world will be/ is behind you.

    PS. You will never achieve at list in your lifespan the confidence we Eritreans have in ourselves, in our government and in our leadership.

    Just friendly advice you guys don’t waste your time looking on someones property or wealth. Just try to work hard ma men and learn to collaborate with your neighbors instead fighting with all your neighbors.

    By the way I am not interested on reading your website or Ethiopians opinion because 1st it doesn’t matter what YOU the hungry Ethiopian men think… first feed yourself and your people then if you will have surplus go to war but not at this time. Second I checked your website because of the Agamis’ war news.

    Best wishes building your country and feeding your people! e nial dinek give us peace to build our country ass holes.

    • Anonymous on

      you are surprising anonimos ,you build your confidence after 30 years of ”walking on the clouid struggle ”ha i bet it wouid takes you thousendes of years had it not been for your hidden master meles who gives you everything for free fre free free….. any time all your empity pride will go to hell …….LLLLLL.actually your hidden master also showed you how to curb your anger and false show off .still you do not have the gut to regain back your 25km land back sad for you .i will pray for you ‘if god will help you to think normally .your craziness is nutness.remember me !

  38. Ambabi to # 71 on

    Number 29, 32 & 34…

    You forgot to respond about “the poorest nation on the planet!”

    Ref. your history for the last 100 years always you are losers and poorest country on the planet. B/c you waste your resources and wealth on war instead of building your own country and improve your people wellbeing. By the way for the last 100 years you have never went to war without support of your lords so if you start war tomorrow we certainly know who will support you but on our side we trust and believe on ourselves and in our leadership; we don’t worry even the entire world will be/ is behind you.

    PS. You will never achieve at list in your lifespan the confidence we Eritreans have in ourselves, in our government and in our leadership.

    Just friendly advice you guys don’t waste your time looking on someones property or wealth. Just try to work hard ma men and learn to collaborate with your neighbors instead fighting with all your neighbors.

    By the way I am not interested on reading your website or Ethiopians opinion because 1st it doesn’t matter what YOU the hungry Ethiopian men think… first feed yourself and your people then if you will have surplus go to war but not at this time. Second I checked your website because of the Agamis’ war news.

    Best wishes building your country and feeding your people! e nial dinek give us peace to build our country ass holes.

    By the way I’m an Eritrean.

    • Abee on

      Who is the hungry once and crowded , offloading you into Ethiopian? Ethiopians are not the once who’s dagging a built flooding into Eritraia looking for food to eat? Ethiopians are not going vacation into Eritrea with EU, US and Canadain Passport ? You Ertrians amazes me with your empty bravado still hasn’t learned after twenty years. Ehiopia with all her problames is a million years better than you. We don’t stand in line to get loaf of bread but you do.

      • Anonymous on

        Ethiopians die with hunger waiting on rain for rifraf of bread to arrive from the surplus US or Europe. Eritrean line up for a bread that they produced with their sweat in their dry land. Visit any church compound you will see how Ethiopia is fed.I visited a large compund at Churchil street last Deceber where beggers are monitered by police on how long they will be allowed to beg on the street! There are NGOs with programs sending children to collect money selling coupons for the so called feeding stations!

  39. Peace man on

    dear Friends,

    whether iseyas leady eritrea the right way or the wrong it is the sole responsiblity of the eritrean peaple and the ethiopian regim was supposed to administer ethiopia and ethiopians why did the woyane regim keept silent while lebanon fired and crashed down ethipian plane killing 100s of inocent ethiopians was it becose it was given bonnes from usa isn’t is worth to protect and respect your citizens before respecting and protecting other citizens while 100s of ethiopians were killed woyane kept silent and now becose 2 foreigners are injured woyane is trying to open war against eritrea this is shame full I consider woyane like agroup of criminals not a government see also what happend days a go in lebanon one lady was abused infont of ethiopian embassy so this government who can’t protect his citizens is saying to us he is trying to protect and retalate for 2 foreigners fuck to woyanes shame on you you disgraced ethiopia during the drgu regim though the dergu was criminal too but it did respect and protected his peaple and its embassies were functional not like now ethiopian embassies are like small super markets at the moment.

    shame on you woyanes

  40. psycology on

    ”ALMOST ALL PLAYING CARDS ARE RUNNING OUT ”and tplf is forced to use the already nill strategy .the time is coming so fast -the end -of tayranny i will tell you that .now, war! we are tayerd of it ,dividing oromo and amhara not working any more -we are merging in the same lane and soon tigrians ,somalians and all other will follow us ,oh religion what they did to the christians against there will come to muslimes now ,so let us join together(christians and muslims)we have more in common in our social life example :go to merkato we pray in few distance together ,we pay tribute to muslim holyday and viseversa ,we are doing business together ,this is alwayes possible in ethiopia !fellow christians go help muslims from tplf division give power for true cause .yes REVOLUTIONAISE OUR THOUGHt. keep all playing cards dry quick.by doing so you are part of the greater ETHIOPIA PROUD CITIZENS !!be aware of those people who uses oromo name to insult amhara or any other. do not let play on us ,do not jude based on who belongs where ,judge the ideas .something SPECIAL any one can trick our true cause of freedom ,justice stay calm learn the pattern ,use your gut to criticaly evaluate and give something ”POSITIVE ”DO NOT shout on somebody’s negative or unfavourable comments .care only to bring change !do not talk trash !information is power update yourself ! take small actions and keep building !this will have a ripple effect on encouraging more participants to come in and run out of playing cards .scary ha !i will say it Revolutionary! funny but true !commite your time ,knowhow all your resources ,encouraging ,mobilising ,actions ,praying ,anything you have ,to minimize ,informe the world about this brutuall regime ,-scared them ,stay strong !we will build our country from any where ,at any cost , but take those actions today !NOW ! we have rich culture !awesome country !beautiful people !strong very strong identyty!patriotic !tic tic tic .that inspired africans !latin americans !and asians !for africa go to mandela ,for latine america go to jamica ,for asians go to korea !little but real if you want dig more !you will learn more .update your self ! do not argue in vain ! argue to inspire ”in real terms -based on facts !”to dissiminate information about our BELOVED COUNTRY PEOPLE EVERYWhere.if you see somebody againest your positive ideas ,do not wast your time .you have more to do than to simply serve your ego !MIND YOU TO ”revolutionize”let your self be known that you are a real ETHiopia WITH WELL equipped moral ,action .methodes to address issues with determination and honesty !revolutionaize!! ,comon men ,women no + or – no come together ,help one another ,teach and learn at the same time .inspired and motivated by gerat ETHIOPIANS and do something GREAT YOURSELF !!!do you want to be known ?hahha for me do something great and feel it in your heart -it is there that matters most -do not afraid nothing ”we are strong 90,000,000 million ETHIOPIANS .where are you my people ? i am here an oromo genuine ETHIOPIAN to contribute .ready part of the solution !part of the change !part of the enlightenment!!ment !ment! i cultivated all the patience to deal with all kindes of attack ,you can insult me ,i am not going to insult you ,you might hide facts ,i will reavel it ,if you try to demolrize Ethiopia i will be there for her to give honer ,today after long haul start working for it (Ethiopia).let me tell you my revolution thesis ,if i see an amhara excellent job he is my bro ,if i see an oromo bad job -it is obvious he is not my bro,i have never been thinking like that before ! nice and simple action! by the way take your action and sahre it ! i will proud of you and then i will be proud to be an Ethiopian ian ian ,come on we can do it .leave no room at all . no bickering,no hatred, no disrespect among ETHIOPIANS ,LOVE, CONNECTIONS ,HAVE DREAM !WORK HARD !TRUST EACHOTHER !SHARE !UPDATE ! BE HOLISTIC ! APPRECIATE OTHERS !LISTEN TO THERE MUSIC !USE THERE LANGUAGE !something -go learn gebrehiwote baykedagn history ,even if you are an oromo or amhara it doesn’t matter -you know what i mean ?hope you do ! evaluate and analize scripts to bring a positive change ! in those areas where problems existed open up for disscution and forward ,do not stop or held back -that is a danger area your foes want you stay in the mysteries !move on to the next step -that is what matters most -be revolutionaize be civilized !solution ion ion on !!!!leave no room for stupid argument you are run out of time !!!!!leave no room for your enemies ! do not ansewr negative comments ,however: if you should say it in acadamic manner ,that is what your foes afraid -scare them ! that you have the tool! never argue only take actions remember you start revolutionize and draw a new character to ethiopianism !thank you for to day i invite you all country men women who happen to read this page to listen ‘habtom gebremariam ,ethiopian’na ‘madingo afework -ethiopian music – and jambo jote oromo patriotic songs .geletomma !love you all !!!from east to west ethiopia to north to south ethiopia !!!!!love ,peace!

    • ethio man on

      @psychology well come aboard we are greateful to see an oromo to advocate for Ethiopia ,since ethiopia is nothing lessthan oromo-ethiopia= oromo+amhara+ tigre+ gurage+ somalie+sidama+welayta+g+gambela+++++.i like your music so profound.berta !!!!

  41. funny man on

    I read most of the postings and they all sound the same. most ideas are old and boring. nothing new and fresh ideas. No one is speaking of present days let alone future days.Ethiopia maybe a poor country but has natural resources like farming land and water. I bet few countries would like to get a hold of that. But they can’t come unless Eritrea let them. of course, if Eritrea let them, eventually they also want to control Eritrea too after they are done with Ethiopia. You fools think about the long run consequences of the ongoing conflict.

  42. ethiogirl on

    here is an idea, why not get rid of both of them? God that would be the day! saying that i suggest we Ethiopians focus on our own problem, if Eritreans do not want us to interfere why do we? and also we have enough of our own problems, let’s just wish them the best, and if they want to keep Isayas, let them. he is their leader not ours.

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