Woyanne claims more military strike against Eritrea

EDITOR’S NOTE: The military phase of Woyanne’s campaign to topple Isaias Afwerki has started. Woyanne is being assisted by some Eritrean intelligence officers who want to remove Isaias and normalize relations with the Eritrean regime in Ethiopia that is led by Meles and Bereket.

(Reuters) — “We’ve carried out further attacks on targets inside Eritrea. This time it’s in the north section around Badme,” a senior Ethiopian government Woyanne regime official told Reuters on Saturday.

“We were once again successful. This strike was part of our plan to take proportional measures that included the attacks in Eritrea’s southeast.”

Ethiopia Woyanne announced on Thursday its troops raided three military bases in Eritrea which it said were used by Ethiopian rebels, several weeks after accusing the Eritrean government of planning to kidnap Western tourists.

The official did not give details about who the troops targeted, but said Ethiopia’s government Woyanne would make a more detailed announcement later in the day.