Ethiopia’s Waldeba Monastery monks cry for help (VOA)

The Woyanne junta is preparing to destroy 18 churches and the historic Waldeba Monastery in Gonder, northern Ethiopia, the priests and monks in the area told VOA. Concerned Ethiopians are organizing a protest rally at the Woyanne embassy in Washington DC on March 26 at 9 AM to help stop the destruction of the historic churches. Listen to the VOA interview below:

44 thoughts on “Ethiopia’s Waldeba Monastery monks cry for help (VOA)

  1. Anonymous on

    This is beyond destruction of Churches, TPLF are determent to destroy the peoples spirits, religion, culture and everything that brings Ethiopians together.

  2. matt on

    I don’t know what is wrong/going on with us anymore? I am wondering where are the thresholds to stand up against an apartheid regime for one’s country and people?

  3. During Geranh Mehamed and Yodit Gudit maney Churches were destroyed. History repeated itself now Ethiopian Churches and its history is destroy by woyane every day.

  4. Birara on

    I suppose, just may be the TPLF group of terrorist are planning to sell the area and the arab muslims needed the area to be cleared of anything to do with Christianity including people, which they may either export them to modern day slavery like the way they do with the women folks to the Arab countries or kill them. Well, what does one expect from them. They took the land from Gonder and now they are going to demolish churches.

    In a country, were power is through the barrel of a gun, most of all, where the country is a leaderless and in absence of patriotic concerned people in the past, what we have now is the former territories are now the absolute rulers, who can do anything they pleased to do including creating a modern day slavery.Just wait, there is more shocking things to come

  5. Mekonnen on

    To all those who say, enough is enough. I can’t take this any more. Please share my views or come up with better and meaningful ideas. Here is mine.
    Let us use this forum only to focus on the enemy. Meles and his clones! If we want to make a difference, we have to isolate the enemy,and help towards the common struggle to remove NAZI meles and his clones. Here is what I suggest,
    1) Any sad news we here,of course,it is OK to vent our anger or sympathize or show concern, but we should not dwell in it, instead we suggest how we can help to ease the problem at least with what we can.
    2) From a long term point of view we have to star brain storming to form a net working system that will evolve to a force that can respond to a short term disasters and rescue efforts like what happened to our sister Alem in Lebanon. And also to be a back bone in supporting the ones who are wrestling with out fear of their lives in the fore front against the terrorist and murderer meles.
    3) Thanks to this great technology, we can suggest strategies how we can play our part in the struggle to stop this misery. At least we will fill part of the long term solution.
    4) Remember, there are paid melese’s servants
    who enjoy throwing mud in the forums some by pretending as one of us and idiots by just being rude. we should not even bother to respond to any of the likes.
    I may not have said my thoughts eloquently, but I think feelings are loud and clear.
    Please forward ideas that you may think will work. I will share my plans if I get at least one audience.

    God, bless those who challenge and fight nazi meles everyday with out fear of their own lives.
    God, help those that seek for solutions to end the misery and grief for our people back home and in the middle east, and help us to be part of the solution and to love and care for one an other. AMEN!

    • Kaba Tamrat on

      I appreciate your encouragment, I like your openion and initiative. That is how we were supposed to react. Go ahead! I will follow you.

      • Mekonnen on

        Thank You Kaba Tamrat,

        Here is what I think we can do.
        1) To discourage writers who undermine others because they think they know better.we do that by not replying to their non sense. This forum should not be to find fault or disagreement among us. Even a woyane tultula’s garbage opinions should be ignored. We just focus on learning from each other to explore new ideas that will help us go one step ahead. Our focus is to get rid of the cancer.
        2) As far as what can we do to help today?
        Here is my suggestions.
        We can help!, by committing a monthly contributions to the visible groups that we all know are not resting to fight and expose the BANDAS everyday.

        Here are the ones that I believe are currently helping the movement.

        1. ESAT
        2. The worriers at Ethiopian review.
        3. Emergency fund for the purpose of reaching the Ethiopian victims in middle east and elsewhere

        And here is how I think the distribution of the fund to be.
        40% for emergency fund
        35% for ESAT
        25% for Ethiopian Review.
        How do we do this? I suggest all contributions be directed to Ethiopian Review. Just because A) I don’t know them personally, because of the love and sacrifice they do I trust them very much. And besides If this idea works, it will be to the credit of Ethiopian Review, where the whole thing started.
        If this idea suits you me and you can start. And we will contact the editor Elias, I am hoping he will embrace the thoughts.
        Thanks again for your response.

        • Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

          And help like Ethiopian review financially not just say the word do it to day without delay..freedom is not free!!!

          I challenge my Ethiopian brothers sisters. to talk the talk and walk the walk..let your action speak!!!

  6. Mangiest on

    Whoever considers himself/herself as Amhara should be ashamed of being silent on everything that is happening in Eth. My mom told me on the phone that pepole have chosen to die of hunger than to stand up against Meles. People are afraid, but they do not realize that they are already dying slow painful death. Ethiopian people should not expect a miracle to come and expect some diaspora politician to free them, they have to stand for themselves. If people are united melees will be scared. Look what is happening with muslims in ETh. Because they stood up together, they gove’t is unable to crack them down. Unity is strength.
    Be United, and stop any further action against our culture and religion. Waldeba is the oldest monastery in ETh and should be saved at any cost.

    Death to dictators.

  7. Zera Yacob on

    Abet gud, abet gud, yihe demo leyet yale new. I guess this is woyannes time to go. Messing with the untouchable. God, i know you exist, why did you forsake your people. I know we are paying for our sins but what if we cease to exist at last?

  8. Samnv on

    I am hoping weyane will fulfill it’s plan but i am 100%sure weyane will taste the wrath of GOD soon.end of weyane is very soon not by the will of christian man and woman but by the will of GOD.people we need to repent to god the end is near,look around things are going the wrong way every where and that is the main sign for the second coming of christ.

  9. MULUGETA S. on

    Even they hanged and buried the son. The bible says they will try to destroy you but stay faithful and take an eye for an eye. If they destroy this churches we need to destroy their mansions in Addis Ababa.

  10. Assta B. Gettu on

    Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) is getting his instruction directly, perhaps, from his master and lord, the Saudi king who recently ordered all Christian Churches in the Arab-Muslim world to be completely destroyed. This urgent Islamic edict may also include the destruction of famous and historical Ethiopian Churches and monasteries.
    Ethiopian monasteries are like Harvard and many other renowned universities that have given indispensable learning to many Ethiopian leaders, and they have been the retreating places for those who want to spend the rest of their lives in these serene monasteries. Ethiopian monasteries are not just for the anchorites; they are also for many young Ethiopians who have been getting their Church education. One of these young Ethiopians was Emperor Thewodros who went to Mahbere-Selassie Monastery in Gondar and got his early Church education there.

    There are numerous monasteries in Ethiopia, and one of these historical monasteries is Abba Samuel The Waldiba Monastery in the Welkait-Tegedie area. Waldiba is unique from other Ethiopian monasteries. At Waldiba, the monks are vegetarians, and they spend most of their times in prayer, fasting, and in educating the young. They are very serious about what they do; they lead a very ascetic life; there is a saying in Amharic: “Some times, there is laughter even in Waldiba.” This Amharic saying tells us that the monks at Waldiba are, most of the time, quiet and silent, and they perform their duties quietly and diligently.

    Waldiba Monastery has been also a resting place for those Ethiopians who wanted to be buried in this holy place. I vividly remember when Memhir Belai Mersha, a well know high priest in Ethiopia, buried his mother in Waldiba Monastery. For example, one can find the tombs of ancient kings and queens of Ethiopia in the Lake Tana monasteries, Gojam, and the crowns and garments of these Ethiopian kings and queens can also be found in these majestic monasteries. Thousands of ancient books are also found in many of Ethiopian monasteries.
    How can a mad person, like Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi), crafts an evil plan to destroy the ancient heritages of the Ethiopian people – the Ethiopian monasteries? I cannot believe that he can do such demonic act to the Ethiopian Christians. I think he is testing the patients of the Ethiopian people: first, he weakened their physical bodies by starving them; second, he sold their fertile lands to the Saudis; third, he sold their daughters to be the slaves of the Arab people. Now, he wants to weaken their spirits by destroying their ancestors’ historical places, the Ethiopian monasteries and Churches.

    If he is really bold enough to destroy our ancient monasteries, then may the Almighty God, who destroyed Communism in Russia for destroying the Russian Orthodox Church, utterly remove him and his entire cadre from power and bring all of them to justice!!

  11. Anonymous on

    Irri beye Ethiopia, irri beye ageraie
    lejogish tegelew meretish sikema!
    Igzio beye Ethiopia, irri beye ageraie
    lijogish taseru, demachew fesesse betweledubet badgubet botta
    cheriso liyatefash, liglesh tenestoal ya molacha leba!

  12. KIDI on

    I just can’t believe they are doing this and i just can’t believe we are sitting and letting it happen. People our country is being distroyed from the root. Remember Ethiopian Orthodox religion means the history of Ethiopia and if that gets distroyed there WILL NOT BE A COUNTRY CALLED ETHIOPIA. We really need to do something that can catch the eyes of the world. it is about time the world notice our struggle. instead of protesting infront of the embassie, lets take it over. this is just too much and i don’t know why we are so passive about our country. MOT LEWOYANE AND JELEWOCHU!

    • Temesgen on

      Kidi, I support your ideas, Woyane is number one dictator. But, do not relate Ethiopia’s history with Christian Orthodox only. Remember, we are saying “We, Ethiopians”, do not make it your own country… we are peace loving habesha people with other religions too… I am not meant to offend.. Just let us be wide hearted and think as Ethiopian, not only Orthodox or Amhara only. The dictators did this in Gondar on Orthodox church, it does not mean a Muslim in Oromiya or in Gambela is unconcerned about it. We all are concerned. We all cry for our people’s freedom. We all need to stand against our common enemy. It is in that way that we will get rid of them. Dont rush to say,… Ethiopia will not be a country blah blah… government cannot kill country. WE are letting them kill it though. I guess Meles is famous than Ethiopia this time. He is another Hitler. So please, say we Ethiopians, not we Orthodox, or we Amhara or things like that. Why do you try to limit the spectrum of Ethiopia, endezih senel new eskahunem be aremene mengestat le zemenat senegeza ye ager meceresha honen yekerenew.. ye Ethiopian tarik ye Amhara ena ye Orthodox tarik lemareg anemoker… yehulum ager naat… lemechew tewled, yenebrenen astesaseb anawursew… egna, abren yetewelednew astesaseb selehone moten esknalk laytefa yechelal.. gen yezenew enemut… yeseletene ager menorachenen le economiyawi lewut becha sayhone, le astesaseb lewut enargew… Ethiopia needs to see its all people in freedom and love for the ethernity.

  13. Anonymous on

    How can we expect any less from an evil man that has locked up, tortured and killed law abiding Ethiopians…given and sold the Ethiopian land…robbed the country blind…completely controlled the entire country by one minority ethnic group for the last twenty years? This is issue is not only for the Gondares, every Orthodox Christians from East to West and from North to South of Ethiopia need to be concerned by what is happening in Gondor province and should stand with the people of Gondor. Woyanes are in the process destroying our religion, culture and history and it should be taken seriously. I’ve no doubt that the Muslims and the Evangelical Christians might be giving support to Meles on this matter, I know for a fact most Evangelical Christians see the Ethiopian Orthodox Church as a cult religion. This is a very serious matter my friends, don’t stand on the sideline and see our culture, religion and history get destroyed by a bunch of hoodlums that hate Ethiopia and worship the mighty dollar.

  14. Chalew on

    [Assta B. Gettu],

    Inadvertently or not it sounds to me you are giving out the blue prints for weynes to blunder these churches.I know you live in the west and may mean to express your freedom of speech.However,please use descretion to express your ideas and dont give out much info about Lake Tana monastries.I myself have seen Waldeba and know their manner of diet such as dried Banana,but I am not here to say much about it.

  15. Asther on

    I happen to be evangelical christian and strong Ethiopian . I believe meles and his supporters should be eliminated from the face of the earth.

    • Anonymous on

      No one is questioning The Ethiopian Evangelical Christians love to their mother land Ethiopia and despise tyrant Meles that has spilled the blood of countless number of Ethiopians and looted and sold the country. At the same time, when it comes the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, I know enough that, the Ethiopian Evangelical Christians have taught to believe that the Ethiopian Orthodox Religion is a cult, and obviously, the Evangelical Christians who rejected the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, have no concerns to what happens to the Orthodox Christian historical monasteries around Ethiopia. The main goal of Evangelical Christians traveling to Ethiopia is to convert the Ethiopian Orthodox Church members(cult worshipers as the think of us) to their true Christian religion. Recently, an evangelical Christian woman who didn’t know I was a member of an Ethiopian Orthodox Church member, was so delighted and shared with me to read about 5 million Ethiopians who have been converted to Evangelical Christians in the last five years alone.

      • Mekonnen on

        Mr/Mrs/Miss Anonymous,
        Should I say you are naive or do you really feel more Ethiopian than others? Ethiopia belongs to all Ethiopians equally regardless of their faith, ethnicity and gender! You went out of the issue just because.
        Today we only have one common problem where by all Ethiopians have to come together with respect and love to get rid of the DIRASHAM meles and his clones. The Evangelists, the Muslims,the pagans, the Atheists of Ethiopia are all brothers and sisters. And they all equally care for our historic Waldeba Monastery. Again We have one Enemy. Meles and his clones! Don’t shift the FOCUS please.

  16. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Chalew #14,

    Thank you for your great fear and concern about the Lake Tana monasteries that hold many religious secrets which have already been cataloged, copied, translated, printed, and exhibited by many western Church history scholars, and some of them can be found in the western libraries or museums. I myself have visited the Lake Tana monasteries, each one of them, and I was puzzled by what I saw in each of these amazing monasteries. Since you have told me not to reveal what I know about the Lake Tana Monasteries, I will respect your words. What about that?

  17. attn no #13 on

    #13 – How sad it is to read such an irresponsible and imature comment? I am an evangelical Christian who is irritated reading your ignorant and close minded comment. Evangelical Christians never invade or destroyed any monastry or historic site. The perpetrators are the sons and daughters of Tigray who are 99% Orthodox Christians. They proven their support by their silence while the monastry is being destroyed. Why don’t you blame them instead of evangelicals who have no role in such historic destruction? Too sad!

  18. teklu on

    TPLF is now clear, is in a mission to destroy Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet. Any one associated with Woyane is the enemy of Ethiopia. It is Time for Tigrians to be with the people of Ethiopia or face the reality. “BEKA”.

  19. Chalew on

    You make several comments on each article.It is not evangelicals who convert people but the living GOD Jesus Christ.Beside the leaders of all churches in Ethiopia Ortodox ,Chtolics,Evangelicals together sett up what is called the Ethiopian Bible Socity.To that entent they have translated what is called the Ethiopian Bibler Socity translation version.Beside each one of themn they have a translation of their own.The leaders of the church are in concord because they accept what is called the fundamentals of Christian faith.Why do we the believers have atemndency to quarall? Let us walk in love together dont dewell in our differences emphasize our unity and GOd will bless us as people.

    • Anonymous on

      I rest my case with you. U said with your own words, the Ferenjes came and translated the Ethiopian Bible to fit the Ferenjes religion. I will never forget what one Evangelical Ethiopian woman who I know very well said once, when she heard the passing of her devoted Orthodox Christian father, “she was sad that her father died without accepting Jesus Christ”. As a member of an Orthodox Christian, I was stunned to hear and learn that. I wonder who thought this woman such things, that the Orthodox Christians do not accept Jesus Christ as being the son of God and that God has given his only begotten son to die on the cross for all our sins. I wish you peace and Goodbye!

  20. Anonymous on

    Please read my comments again to see where I am coming from. I recently saw on MSNBC on Rachel Maddow show, how some Evangelical Christians who are also members of US congress convincing some Evangelical Christians in Africa, in this case, Uganda about the sins of Homosexuality and as we speak, Homosexuals are being slaughtered in Uganda. Even though, I do not agree with the life style of Homosexuals, what they do in their private time and space, should be left between them and the Merciful God. And one of those US congress men, also mentioned how close he is with the Ethiopian leader. If the Ethiopian Orthodox are seen as cult worshipers by foreign Evangelicals, who knows what kind of support Meles is getting from foreign Evangelicals, to destroy the “cults” monasteries to convert them to true Christianity. Coming from many generations of Ethiopian Orthodox Christian family, this matter has affected me in profound and disturbing way. FOR ME, the memories of my Orthodox Church celebration of Timket, Meskel, Genna, Fasting, Fasica, kiristina and other special church traditions and ceremonies has given me the culture, history and everlasting memory of being Ethiopian.

    • I think you are not Orthdox Christian. You are a liar and demonic woyane. How on earth you want to destroy our culture by advocating homosexuality in Ethiopia. There is no Orthodox Christian who support that. Homosexuality is practiced by white people and woyane while you guys were in bush. It never been a culture for Ethiopians let alone Orthodox believers. Please stop posting as you are corrupt and disgusting.

      • Anonymous on

        You’re one of those who are twisting my words, I never advocate Homosexuality or accused the Ethiopian Evangelical Christians committing the arson. But no one should be massacred as the Ugandans have been committing mass murders on Homosexuals. We are all sinners, God has given us a free will, their personal life style should be left between the Merciful God and themselves, these people are someone’s sons and daughters. We are all sinners, how about people who break the ten commandments everyday of their lives, should those people also massacred? In that case, no one will be left to live on this earth. Come on, now!

      • Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

        i think you miss the point read it more closely,he is not advocating homosexuality it carefully…

    • Mekonnen on

      Please Guys, Don’t respond to this nonsense.

      I think he is one of those BANDAS pretending to be one of us and sneaking his poison to shift attention. Down with Banda meles and his buchilas!

      • Anonymous on

        I careless if you or other people respond to me or not! But you are dead wrong to think that I am one of those coldblooded senseless murderer woyanes. Or a supporter of that hateful racist Essayas. I speak the truth and sometimes when the truth comes in the open, it becomes controversial. Why then, when I tell Evangelical Christians that I belong to Ethiopian Orthodox Church, they try to convert me to their religion and telling me to accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior. Who said Ethiopian Orthodox Christians don’t accept and believe in Jesus Christ? Give me a break! I’m telling the truth and you know it!

  21. demas on

    When I listen the voa amhric radio the complain of the great monastery waldeba monk about the dicision of farming this holy places. I thought as i am the onley person who greatly sad ,but in the morring at the church when the flyer delivered to the people to influnce the bad decision of ethiopian president . I feel happy becuse if every people involve to stop these bad action by the side of monks and priests to keep our holy places, churches,and cultural places, our religion and culture hav a chance to sustain life long.Production is vital for such country but not like this, it seems to destroy the holy places to weaken our religion. who knows there may be some eslamic group who envolved in this evil activity. When I say me only am not saying others persons concern but in that time i hav’t any one to share this unexpected news, and i had a chance to visit and stay in these monastrey places so that still the place is in my mind, it was a great holy places no one feels to eat and drink. Even though there is one great father monastery place, there are numrous sub-monastery places where many monks lives under them. people now our brain holy place is hammered so far it may not be serious like this.But i belive one thing praying of those great holy monks brings answered from GOD SOON.bekerb ken serawene yeseral,yekal kidanu botanewna.hulachinem betselot enberta.Let us take praying is our tool to cease such and others……

    • Anonymous on

      You are twisting my words, make a note of it, I never blamed the ETHIOPIAN Evangelical Christians committing these horrible arson. At the same time, there is no doubt that those who left the Ethiopian Orthodox Religion and joined the ferenji religions would care to what is happening to the CULT religion as you have been taught by the converters. As I said, if a few of the US members of congress Evangelical Christians go to Uganda and convinced the Evangelical Christians to get rid off the homosexuals by every means of necessary and the Ugandans massacring the homosexuals, who knows what the same congress man, who is an Evangelical Christian, that claimed to have good relations with the leader of Uganda and Ethiopia, given his support to dictator Meles to get rid off the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian historical monstrosities to get rid off the CULT religion? You are lying if you deny that the Evangelical Christians don’t consider the Ethiopian Orthodox religion as a cult religion.

      • Mekonnen on

        Just focus, on the BANDAS that are bleeding our people and the and that ou for fathers paid a price that can not be even a comparison to what is happening today. They went through hell with the hopes the future generation will live better.
        We today have responsibility to keep the will of our ancestors. Our country is in big trouble. Our focus should insist to be meles and his clones.
        Let the writers vent out their anger in any way they want, no matter who that person is or what he/she believes. No personal issues please. It is not who you like or hate. It is who we all as one Ethiopian commonly despise. No one else but the Nazis of Ethiopia. If we believe we all have only one concern and we all target at that we will win. All will be good when the country has a good governance. Leaders that care! and blessed by the people.

  22. chalew on

    [Anonymous], to me you sound a character from conney island which in the Dutch language is -rabit island.Whether you like it or not it is clear you want to traverse from one controversial topic to another as you have done above-relgion and now this.Be sincere! You are the one who twist matters not the other way around.

  23. Anonymous on

    If telling the truth is controversial, then be it! I’m not jumping from one issue to another. It is not a mystery for anyone, when you see three Orthodox Church Monasteries set on fire intentionally to destroy the Ethiopian Orthodox Churches and demoralize and kill the spirits of the monks and the Church members. There is no doubt, that coldblooded killer Meles won’t abuse the people or burn the Muslims’ Mosques or the Evangelical Churches, because of fear of outrage from the outside world. The tyrant knows darn well, he probably get praised and support for trying to destroy the Orthodox Churches from both sides than outrage.

  24. they need jesus on

    oohh! what a MEZMUR at the end of all that BAD NEWS. may GOD look in their direction and protect them froM ALL EVIL, they need hin NOW !!!

  25. Welkaitew on

    Have you guys noticed during the VOA interviews both in Tirigna and Amharic, how the administrator of Maay Tsebri (Tegede) kept emphasizing that the holly monasteries of Waldiba were located in Tigray region? They (the Tigrayans) think they can change the identity and history of Welkait just because they keep repeating the same fake and untrue facts. Welkait Tegede is NOT and will NOT be part of Tigray. Very soon our land and history will be returned to its true owners – the people of Welkait Tegede and Telemt. And the humanity of the people of Welkait Tegede and Telemt will once again be restored.

    WARNING TO THE TIGRAYAN SETTLERS: We will make sure you leave our homeland sooner or later. We’ll never forget all the atrocities you have committed against our people. And you will pay for it dearly.

  26. Anonymous on

    If anyone doubt, the fact that fat woyane Patriarch is not a fake one, as they say the he proof in the pudding, that fat woyane puppet Patriarch living in a multimillion home drinking whiskey and eating stakes, allowed and watched the Religious Historical Monasteries and their surroundings burned to dust and interrupted the daily duties of the Monks from giving praise to God and his son Jesus Christ. If this is not the work of evil, I don’t know what is! FOR ME PERSONALLY, what Meles and his puppets are doing to My religion, history, culture, tradition, and the lifetime memory of my childhood of the religious ceremonies, family gatherings during Genna, Timket, Meskel, fasica and other ceremonies, now seeing everything that has given me identity, being destroyed, has disturbed me and affected me deeply. May the Loving God give the Monks that have given their lives to serve Him the strength they need at this critical time.

  27. Anonymous on

    You people, Weyane and Meles could have been destroyed in few days time, if we show unity and understand, respect and love one another. THis what we did not grow up. we were told other people from ethnic background or religion. Now, weyane is using that… But is time to rise up weather you like it or not to save the whole nations from a disaster. By the way, this anger and determination to die ahve been igniting in many parts of the country and are now demolishing weyanes camps and killing Weyane Cadres. It is horro to come….

  28. Mihiret on

    What are you people talking about? Somne times saying that protestant followers are behind the raid. At other times saying that muslims are behind the raid. Next time accusing ethnic Wayanes cleansing Amhara relics inorder to take part of Amhara land. Very confusing. Why speculate about cats and dogs rather than just rushing to help those asking for help? Typically Ethiopian? Very funny!

  29. Tedla Asfaw on

    I wake up early to go to Medhanealem Church. My mission was simple. To distribute colorful flyers for tomorrow Monday rally, in support of our religious community at Waldeba Monastery, in New York City. There were more than 75 adults including the young around 90 people. I met some of our people there. The 60 copies of 11×18 colored flyer with the faces of our holy people was copied by Sammy and we are all grateful to his professionalism. The flyer was flying from my hand.

    Church members were grabbing it from my hand because of the powerful image of the flyer. This was an easy day for me because “customers” were “attracted to me”, I did not say too much of a sale for the cause of Waldeba. Waldeba’s spirit was in all who came to Medhanehalem Church. Those who stayed for lunch might tell us more on what they heard during lunch time.

    The effort I made to contact the priest yesterday was not successful because of a non working telephone I got.However, I talked to him after the mass and he thanked all who worked on the Waldeba awareness and he promised to do his part. I contacted Sammy by phone on what was going on in Mariam Church. No doubt the flyers reached all.

    I personally felt great when I see our community’s reaction to the danger of Waldeba Monastery. In fact one elderly woman encouraged us to contact Bill Moyer of PBS13 who has in office in Riverside Church. She also suggested to contact UNESCO to protect this national and international treasure from destruction.

    The only negative thing I heard from one woman whom we met in April 2011 rally in Harlem. This woman by accident she came to our protest rally her goal was to join the Woyane meeting. She went back after being ashamed by our presence there. She told me that the issue of Waldeba has been settled,. I told her nothing is settled until the Sugar Lords of EFFORT stop bulldozing the traditional land of Waldeba Monastery.

    Tomorrow is the big day. VOA might try to call on our rally. We will have two pages about the history of Waldeba and why we are protesting written in English to be distributed on our rally. If anyone has material relevant to this protest please bring it with you. See you tomorrow on a mild spring afternoon. No rain at all. Blessed by holy father at Waldeba.

    I would like to thank Current Affairs and Assimba websites for posting our rally. Thanks ER for posting the VOA news on Waldeba for all to hear, comment and participate.

  30. Demsew on

    Thanks to God!!! This is miraculous. I think the prayers of the Monks of Waldiba and of course ours too is working. For me this is beyond imagination. I can believe He is doing his job. Two out of three. you know what I mean, it was almost three out of three and thy will be done.

    But, but just wait the last one may soon will join them. Its always greed and power goes with politics. The greed is still here. The late apartheid nazi meles with the master mind, his agent Dr paulos, with his body amudi were with the greatest plan to destroy our people, culture, religion, history, and of course our unity and overall, country.

    gobez this is the time, LETS STAND UP!!!

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