Saudi Arabia: Release the jailed Ethiopian Christians

Washington, DC – International Christian Concern (ICC) and the Ethiopian community in Washington DC will be holding another public protest demanding Saudi Arabia release 35 Ethiopian Christians arrested for praying at a private home on December 15. The protest will be held March 26, at 11 a.m. in front of the Saudi Arabian Embassy located at 601 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20037.

“The Saudis put us in the same cells with convicted murders. The convicted murders could hurt us and we are concerned about our safety. Please continue pressuring the Saudis to release us,” said one of the prisoners, speaking to ICC from Briman jail in Jeddah.

The prisoners have not yet been formally charged with any crime. The Saudi officials have referred to the Christians as ‘non-believers’ and ‘animals’ during interrogations.

“The Saudi Embassy and the Saudi government are not taking our demands seriously. Instead of releasing the innocent Ethiopians, the government of Saudi Arabia is providing us with different excuses to continue to keep them in jail,” said Kebadu Belachew, an Ethiopian-American human rights activist and one of the organizers of the rally.

ICC’s Jonathan Racho said, “The prisoners are telling us that their situation is getting worse due to lack of proper medical attention and healthy food. It is outrageous that the government of Saudi Arabia holds the Christians indefinitely. We urge our supporters to join us in the protest. We must put pressure on the Saudis to release the prisoners.”

Please sign this petition asking the Saudi Arabian government to release the Christian prisoners.

Call the Saudi Arabian Embassy in your country and ask them to release the prisoners.

United States: (+1) 202 342 3800
Canada: (+1) 613 237 4100
United Kingdom: (+44) 207 9173-000
Australia: (+61) 2 6250 7000
Germany: (+49) 30 88 92 50
France: (+33) 1 56 79 4000

For interviews, contact Jonathan Racho, Regional Manager for Africa:

37 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia: Release the jailed Ethiopian Christians

  1. Meharene on

    Why do Saudi Arabs and Arabs in general treat very bad to Ethiopians and black Africans in very degrading manners?
    Why are Ethiopians and Eritreans not facing such racist evil in other places such as Uganda, South Africa or South Sudan but only in Arab states?
    I had read somewhere most likely by a Moslem Darfuri that says “an Arab comes to your house only to kidnap your sister or daughter or to rob your land and cattle.”
    What kind of culture or religion is this that encaurages atrocities and slavery on other human beings?

    • Gragn Ahmed on

      Ethiopians insult Arabs. They evacuated Yemenis. So we have our own blood in hands. To evacaute Yemenis was a mistake. I still feel sorry for them.

      • Why Some Ethiopian muslims try to defend arab crimes towards black people? They will do same thing to you too just because u black!

      • rishan on

        If God Himself has given us a free will, why do Muslims force their religion on others? They mistreat non-Muslims like second class citizens, but God forbid, if the Muslims gotten mistreated somewhere in the world, the same as the Muslims have been mistreating the Ethiopians, God for bid, all the Muslims around the world would cry foul and suicide bombers would lineup to drop bomb. Where is the fairness?

        • weygezaaa on

          bechinklat weshet behod koshasha baege[on your hands]arekee ena tege beberela yezo kemezor sayshal aykerem rishan setanwa sewoch lemacherares behodish yalewen koshasha lemen tetefialesh alem bemulu beged sewen fetarye new blew endiamnu new.

    • Habesha on

      Its called Hate Arabs have towards black people They dont even hate jews as much as they hate black people who done nothing to them just poor guys trying make it.But they will pay for it sooner or later!

  2. Samson Mamo on

    We also need to write to Christian organizations in US. Because an attack on one Christian for his believe should be taken as an attack on all christians. The problem with Christians is that they are not as united in defending their religion as Muslims. If this has happened to a Muslim believers, the out cry would be heard from all over the world.

  3. Truth on

    Do we have their email? Those of us in Africa are short on coins to make the long distance call.

  4. TANGO on

    The Saudi Government treat Ethiopians like animal for doing this it was rewarded mellion acres of fertile land for envastement by tplf this shows how tplf hate Ethiopians, they are ruling the country not to defend the interest of the people but to steal the country wealth.

  5. Anonymous on

    Soudis come to Ethiopia as Masters and Ethiopians go to Soudi Arabia as servants, ‘Awkesh ketedefas biregtush aykfash’.

  6. bubu on

    our billioner almudin said in his resent speech at derba ,,,we export orgnic food to saudi five star hotel ,,,what a paradox they hate us but they need our land

  7. taba Dubale on

    Arabs see every black person as a slave. Every Arab kid’s first word in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Kuwait … is “Abeed”. Abeed means a black slave.
    It is common to hear kids shout “Abeed, Abeed …” when they see a black person in Arab streets.
    There are many Ethiopian and Eritrean moslems who hate their own identity, languages, history and traditions. Some of these try to pretend Arab more than the real Arab and they would like to speak only Arabic by burning their own African languages, but still when they go to Arab lands they are seen as Abeeds and considered not better than dogs.
    The best example the way Arabs treat a black person is Darfur. when Sudan killed more than half a million muslims in Darfur, and still doing, the Arab League said nothing. But look how the Arabs react when Ghadafi, Syria … started to kill their own.
    Respect starts at home.

  8. anti anonymous on

    @number 5 we ethiopians have never sayed we are not poor ,so why are you getting tired to tell us ,we really are honest for ourselves ,surprisingly enough thousendes coming from ertria !but we still do not proud ourselves as recipients of huge erterian refuges cos it has nothing to do with our digenity ,hello bother stay calm ,come to the fact both countries are not any better than the other !pride of your independence -good ,pride of your apple and space industrious -good ,pride of 2000 km coast line -good ,pride of your exceptional leader-good ,pride of you jiganu -good .pride of 4.5 eriterian diaspora-good,pride of eri-tv -goood ……good and good .do not be decived ,do not reflacte what you have been told or you think it will jeopardize ethiopian feelings .we know who we are –poor poor people — is that makes you happey -go happy ,make some party ,dance ,but we are still poor ,you know way we are honest people .but proud .let me tell you one go enjoy your buisness ok ,be stay negative ,ignorant, hatred ,and perpetuate evil thought .at least ,if you think like this how many of you guys may be spoiled in toxics .that is not the way to next door ,if you cn’t help it stay in madot .com .please this is our page !since you do not have buisness with us we need nothing from you actually you do not have peeny. if you keep coming again iwill show some presence in madot .evil bay ,bay evil.

  9. Anonymous on

    me as a saudi is suprised i admit. i am actually saying aswell that the saudis should give a chance to the ethipioans

  10. fasil yiberta on

    thumbs up 4 ato kebadu belachew you did a good work,my brother we need people like you who are brave .

  11. Roha teshome on

    God Is great God willing I am praying for humanity for Ethiopian suffering every corner of Arab countrys prison because of just being poor remember we are just like you normal human being I think we the people created equal In gods eyes thank you and God bless you for bing nice to them !!

  12. ccAction on

    The source of Islam is located in Saudi Arabia. Ethiopia gave sanctuary to the first Moslems as they fled Mecca as refugees to Axum.

    It is sad to note that whereas Ethiopia has permitted thousands of mosques to be constructed in the country, not one Ethiopian Orthodox church is allowed to be established in Saudi Arabia.

    It is time that we demand a quid pro quo by threatening Saudi Arabia that Ethiopia will also apply the same policy unless it reciprocates.

    • ahmed on

      What do you talking about we Ethiopian Muslim build our mosque by struggle and sacrifice our blood
      Most of time the government doesn’t aloe mosque. If u try it u will get good punishment by
      ethio Muslim.

    • Gragn Ahmed on


  13. chalew on

    Very sad she colapsed under our watch though, from a distance.We need to be smart and stay engaged to avert any thing that may directed aginst the defenseless of Ethiopians.Mere blaming weyanes and its leadr is not asolution.Afer all he has opnly said if Ethiopians need representation they must go to the forest and fight for it.Until his removal we must be prepared to do every thing in our power
    to protect the weak among us.Elias, the following sources will be helpful if we ever come under attack again by the rich folks in the middle east.

    1-ACLJ(American Center for Law and Justice)The folowing is its mission.

    About ACLJ – The American Center for Law and Justice
    Led by Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow, the ACLJ focuses on constitutional and human rights law worldwide. Based in Washington, D.C., with affiliated offices in Israel, Russia, Kenya, France, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe, the ACLJ is pro-life and dedicated to the ideal that religious freedom and freedom of speech are inalienable, God-given rights for all people. The ACLJ engages legal, legislative, and cultural issues by implementing an effective strategy of advocacy, education, and litigation that includes representing clients before the Supreme Court of the United States and international tribunals around the globe.Its chief TVand Radio host to contact is


    Lines open Mon-Fri noon to 1pm EST

    2- Billy Grham evngelical ministry contct number

  14. Mekuria on

    Arabs are the most intolerant people on planet earth in their countries. Yet, when they think their religious rights are somehow touched in the Christian West, the Arabs make the loudest voice and cry wolf. For instance, they built more Mosques than ever before after September 11, 2001 in the USA. Call that the WORST form of double standard.

  15. ouyugaffaffa on

    By any measure,Saudi Arabia is hell on Earth;in particular,for women.In this devil’s land,demons control everything, including the life of women;women are living objects;they are just like commodities that can be bought and owned by Arab men.

    If a radical and permanent revolution is needed,it should be done in Saudi Arabia to completely change everything from the law that made an arab man the owner of women.We can not reach God in our prayers while in Saudi Arabia becaue God has abandoned the land of demons for the devil.

  16. Anonymous on

    If believing in God means to SHOW LOVE, TO CARE, TO BE MERCIFUL, TO SHOW KINDNESS AND COMPASSION FOR the less fortunate among us…I wonder, what kind of god these Arabs believe in!

  17. Anonymous on

    Selame WeKulekemu,
    Aselame AleKum,

    The historical Waldeba Monastery holy fathers are calling all Ethiopians especially the Orthodox Christians to come out and be their voice in defense of the ancient monastery from Sugar Lords. EFFORT is now bulldozing the ancient holdings of the monastery including sacred cemeteries to make profit disregarding human and environmental impact. The Sugar Lord Abay Tsehay was lying in public as if their project is not threatening the monastery. Why is this project was hidden from the public and all of a sudden bulldozers are ploughing the land ? It is like EFFORT book nobodies business.

    Join us in DC and NYC for protest rally this coming Monday March 26, 2012. For detail see the following websites., The organizers of this rally will be on radios this afternoon and tomorrow. Flyers will be distributed in all churches. All Ethiopians should join the battle to save Waldeba from Sugar Lords.

  18. Seife Micheal on

    My brothers and sisters who live in the western world, first of all we should focus primarly on saving our personal flesh and soul then it will be much easier to help the brothers and sisters abroad. This isue in Saudi Arabia is far more than religion. It is a stigma given to all or most Ethiopians.How does it originate is beyond my scope.

    However what I can witness as a weakness is the following: most of my friends including myself lost a lot of time investing our precious time on minimum wage jobs to help ourselves and others rather than going to school for a few years and educate ourselves that ultimately pay us a higher income and respect.I think,as a society we need to have a discussion forum how to excel in a new environment rather than being stuck in low income jobs. If some successful Ethipians in diaspora share their ideas, we should not be left behind and classfied as people who has a culture of working in low income jobs. Believe it or not, a white American woman in USA soil asked me “if there is a culture in Ethiopia that is related to working in a parking lot.” How sarcastic is that?

    If we are capeable of financing and educating one another, trust me no one has a ground to attack us. when they see us: working in a parking lot, cleaning hospitals, driving a taxi, it will be easy for them to unermine us. Imagine if the majority of us are working as: Medical doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, IT professional,Electrician, small bussiness owners etc. Do they have the same perception, I belive the answer will be no. Reasons: they do not see us in a low income jobs that traditionally linked to uneducated class, there will be enough time to socialize and take a day off to defend ourselves if attacked, law enforcement agencies consider us a good citizens rather than a burden/suspicious citizen etc…

    Thus,I believe to sacrifice a few years to educate ourselves and infilitrate into medium to high income jobs need to be our culture. This kind of culture ultimately will eradicate the stigma and open up a venue to convey our message “justice for our brutalized people” to a diversified audience. If we can do that as a society we win.

    By the way, it is just my opinion to tackle the problems we are facing in the world.

    peace and love!

      • Christians start genocide in world war 2, Christian make nuclear bomb, Christian use atomic bomb,
        Christian start the same sex marriage, Christian making unstable world by producing weapons, Christian
        Invade Muslim country, so Christian not good

  19. rishan on

    i called to their embassey in washegton dc,and they told me that they will deport them soon to Ethiopia.have never seen a wild person like arebes in this worled.We have to faight with them in all over the world .

  20. Action on

    My question to Ethiopian Muslims: which one do you love more: Arabs and Mecca or Ethiopia?

    • reaction on

      Good question. Ethiopians Muslims should choose Ethiopia than to be Arab slave in the name of religion.

  21. Development without freedom on

    Arab governments would not dare to treat western (American) citizens the way they have been treating Ethiopians because their governments defend their citizens.

  22. Afar ethiopia on

    If this chirstans came from russia or America, saudi government never insisted to prison.

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