Meles Zenawi and the deconstruction of Ethiopia

By Messay Kebede

My customary readers may wonder why my political writings increasingly focus on psychological analyses to the detriment of socioeconomic forces. Is it because in my mind psychological factors prevail over socioeconomic conditions? The answer is no unless certain circumstances lend importance to the personality of political leaders. Such is the case when state power falls in the hands of megalomaniac dictators. Only objective socioeconomic and political conditions can create situations that call for a specific rule. However, depending on the personality of leaders, the direction of change imparted by objective factors can be diverted toward {www:idiosyncratic} goals. Especially, to the extent that revolutions and wars shatter established institutions, they have the nasty habit of favoring the rise to power of megalomaniac individuals. Once in power, such personalities hijack the social movement and use it to strengthen their power. Their absolute control of state power means that political and economic decisions are taken and implemented with the sole view of satisfying their idiosyncratic goals, chiefly their determination to retain the control of absolute power by all means. In this condition, the understanding of the psyche of dictators is crucial for political struggle. My assumption is that this is exactly the case with Meles’s rule of Ethiopia.

Many Ethiopians still wonder why Meles is uncontrollably seized with the desire to commit actions whose sole purpose is to offend Ethiopians or cripple the country. Among such actions are his routine assaults on Ethiopian nationalism together with his promotion of ethnic nationalisms, the ceding of Ethiopian territories to Sudan, the persistent determination to humiliate opposition leaders, an educational policy that values quantity and politicization over skill and professionalism, and the policy of leasing fertile lands to foreign firms at the expense of Ethiopian peasants and the national progress of agriculture. I will cite as yet another recent manifestation of his hatred of Ethiopia his support––assuming that he is not the initiator—to the decision not to erect a statue to Haile Selassie for his decisive contribution to the creation of African unity.

There is no doubt that some of the mentioned measures are designed to protect Meles’s power. For instance, leasing land to foreign firms provides him with the money he needs to keep his repressive apparatus satisfied, just as the ceding of territories to Sudan buys the friendship of a strategically important neighbor. Likewise, the promotion of ethnic division is how he implements the divide-and-rule strategy characteristic of all dictatorial regimes. However, these measures do not look very rational in that they further aggravate an already brewing discontent, and so can contribute to a brutal end of his regime.

In fact, the adoption of a nationalist position would have been a better way to protect Meles’s power. History teaches us that, to say in power, dictators utilize the divide-and-rule strategy in combination with a nationalist zeal, which gives them a popular support, even if it does not last. Given the resentment that it generates, one wonders whether the method of shielding power by ceding territories and leasing land to foreign companies is a smart choice.

On the other hand, there are acts not connected with power calculus that Meles commits just for the sheer purpose of upsetting Ethiopians. Thus, dismantling opposition forces is certainly a way of fighting for his power, but not the determination to humiliate their leaders by the imposition of degrading requests. Similarly, the characterization of the Ethiopian flag as a trash does not help him strengthen his power. Nor are his numerous demeaning statements, as when he said that the failure of his policy would mean that Ethiopia was not meant to be. His obvious complicity in the decision to deny Haile Selassie the honor of a statue is just a recent example of actions whose sole purpose is to offend Ethiopians.

All this brings us to the enigmatic question of knowing why Meles does not rule the country in the accustomed way of dictators, that is, as extremely jealous of his power, but also as an ardent defender of the national interest, even if his definition of national interest favors his own dictatorship. As already suggested, normal dictators want to be loved by the people they rule so as to give their power a popular basis. Given Meles’s obsession with power, how is then one to understand the undermining of his own popularity by such senseless anti-Ethiopian deeds?

One way of resolving the dilemma of a dictator who undermines his own popularity is to suggest that Meles has a deep hatred of Ethiopia and of whatever promotes the interests and well-being of its people. In a previous article posted on various Ethiopian websites and titled “Meles’s Shame and the Dead-End of Hatred,” I have tried to decipher the enigma of a dictator set on unpopularity by suggesting that the shame of his family’s close collaboration with the Italian colonial forces had evolved very early into a hatred of Ethiopia. Despising and damaging Ethiopia, notably through the diabolization of the architect of modern Ethiopia, namely, the Amhara elite, is his manner of removing the shame, the assumption being that there is really no betrayal if what is supposedly betrayed is worthless to begin with.

If Meles has such a deep hatred of Ethiopia, the question that comes to mind is why he is struggling to consolidate his power instead of simply destroying Ethiopia, for instance by encouraging secessionist groups and triggering bloody ethnic conflicts. Though my previous article raised the issue, it did not directly deal with it for the sake of brevity. The time has come to resolve the puzzle of Meles hanging to the state power of a country that he despises and even scoring some accomplishments, which of course either remain superficial or come with heavy social costs.

Undoubtedly, the key to the puzzle is Meles’s craving for power. Not only is he obsessed with power, but also his hatred finds no better way to vent itself than to keep Ethiopia on life support through his divisive and weakening policy. Indeed, what is more gratifying for a soul tormented with hatred than to prolong the agony of the object of his hatred as long as possible? In other words, his love for power occasionally overrides his hatred while also providing an outlet for it.

Here a restriction should be introduced, which emanates from the very contradictions of a tormented soul. As much as Meles wants to demean and hurt Ethiopia, his passion for power has grown into megalomania, mostly as a result of an easy victory against all his opponents. To his craving for power is now added the belief in his own grandeur and unique destiny. Yes, he hates Ethiopia, but he is also possessed with power and burns with the dream of becoming a great ruler, especially in the eyes of Westerners. So that, hatred and megalomania combine to inspire a deconstructive/constructive political project.

Let there be no misunderstanding. Meles is as committed as ever not to do anything that seems to promote Ethiopia because of the painful consequences on him. He has accordingly decided to erase Ethiopia as we know her and recreate another Ethiopia, this time of his own design. The deconstructive and constructive project thus solves, it is true temporarily, the contradiction between his hatred for the country and his love for power and megalomania: deconstruction satisfies his hatred; construction his megalomania. In effect, he is now promoting a project called Ethiopian renaissance, which he couples with the ideology of developmental state considered as the proven instrument to achieve prosperity.

What we need to understand here is that when Meles exhorts Ethiopians to “achieve the vision for Ethiopia’s Renaissance,” he means the Ethiopia a la Meles, that is, Ethiopia made suitable for his absolute rule and for the pillage by his cronies and party followers. The design excludes all those who fight for a democratic Ethiopia in which people endowed with real rights decide about what is best for them and achieve national unity as equal and free both in their individual capacities and ethnic belonging. Instead of Ethiopians realizing integrative unity and exercising sovereignty, Meles’s project sees them as puppets of a deconstructive project inspired by hatred and megalomania.

To clarify further Meles’s project of Ethiopian Renaissance, we can add that it is tantamount to a child playing with a new toy. Unfortunately, the parallel is misleading for even a child cares for his/her toy: he/she may mistreat the toy, but he/she will not allow others to do so. A better comparison would be land clearing by which you bulldoze whatever has grown naturally for the purpose of planting seeds of your own choice. We know the danger of land clearing when it ignores the conditions of the soil and the well-being of the local population, especially when the land is given to foreign interests. What used to be a fertile land can become barren if such cares are missing.

Since Ethiopia is the object of a resentful policy, Meles cannot provide the care necessary to transform Ethiopia into a flourishing and integrating country. Even if we assume that he is determined to eradicate poverty, the assumption remains far-fetched, not to say utterly unlikely, because whatever his dream of greatness leads him to want is immediately defeated by a forceful resurgence of his hatred. Thus, there is a constant oscillation between hatred and the dream of grandeur: no sooner is a project devised than it is spoiled by the hostility of hatred.

What is more, Meles does not have the people necessary to implement any serious policy of development. In order to strengthen his dictatorial power, he has surrounded himself with yes men, who are irremediably incompetent and profusely self-serving. He has no choice but to reward them by closing his eyes to the widespread use of illegal means of enrichment. Also, the failure of his economic policy together with his tendency to conspire against the nation can only intensify anger, thereby making him unable to mobilize people for any significant national project.

This is to say that the clearing of Ethiopia increasingly looks like a land devastated by the effect of toxic chemicals administered by a spiteful agronomist. Repressive means can help Meles stay in power for a while, but his attempt to reduce Ethiopia to something fashionable at will for the gratification of his tortured mind will never see the light of day. He will remain stuck with repressive methods because his hatred and his hunger for unlimited power always end up by defeating his dream of grandeur.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Since Ethiopia is the object of a resentful policy, Meles cannot provide the care necessary to transform Ethiopia into a flourishing and integrating country. Even if we assume that he is determined to eradicate poverty, the assumption remains far-fetched, not to say utterly unlikely, because whatever his dream of greatness leads him to want is immediately defeated by a forceful resurgence of his hatred. Thus, there is a constant oscillation between hatred and the dream of grandeur: no sooner is a project devised than it is spoiled by the hostility of hatred

    – MK

    O Assyrian, the rod of mine anger, and the staff in their hand is mine indignation.


  2. Prominent on

    There is no opposition fighting for Ethiopian cause in Eritrea as professor Muse Tegegne stated on Ethiomedia recently.No one should trust Shabia any more.Professor Muse seems to tell us that his organization EPPF is still operating some where inside Ethiopia….what is not clear from his video is that he hasn’t mentioned whether he is still leading it…May be on his next video he will have more to say about it.But I believe Prof.Muse is now some where in America or Europe and I hope all prominent Ethiopian websites , local radios in DC and all other states including ESAT TV should try to invite him on their show and an investigative report has to be made on his story.The pubic deserve to know the truth.

    • prominent
      professor Muse Tegegne is talking about Eppf and he said since 2008 there is no EPPF in eritrea. First of all eppf is still in Eritrea and eppf isnot the only oppositon group in eritrea so you cant say there is no oppostion according to muse he only mention eppf on his video. secondly Weyane is the one
      telling that they attacked ethiopian oppostion in eritrea it is not shaebia. Some Ethiopian opposition colonels are in jail since 2010 in eritrea not 2008.
      professor Muse Tegegne is confused he complained that shaebia didnt want Eppf to grow he he mention while shaebia is able to do that then he said shaebia is weak so contradiction.
      he run away because he is not only against shaebia he is against the people of eritrea.
      in his video he himself divided eritreans in 4 classes on his little education he thinks that he is smart enough to divide the people
      like what weyane is doing to ethiopia. What else was on his agenda
      and why he left time will tell.

      • Prominent on

        To jjj …what ever that means..,

        All I can say is that Prof.Muse seems reasonable person and he still cares about Ethiopia and there is no reason to believe other wise.He said it at the end of his video too…”EPPF HAS TO BE SUPPORTED.” was his last word.May be he will have more to say on his next video…whether he is still in it or not , we will see.I encourage ESAT and ER to find out the truth….please!!!

  3. peace on

    The fool OLF might like the “deconstruction” of Ethioipa but little do they know they themselves are being deconstructed even as we speak as they fully support this.

    It is good to understand Meles but I am afraid Meles may look like the driving force, there are TPLF agents behind him who really are doing the driving force who listen to their own agenda with Meles of course and the agenda of outsiders. I am afraid Ethiopia has become the guinnea pig to try how neoliberalism will work in a nation.

  4. Getu on

    Any Ethiopian who heard what has transpired in the last couple of days should be outrage..Those killed are Ethiopians.. meles will do any thing necessary to kill and destroy Ethiopia and the same time he will do any thing necessary to protect and help the Eritrean citizen and Eritrean life..We Ethiopians need to wake up and be outrage .The Eritrean government could careless what has happened in its soil, because those killed were not Eritreans..those killed were a misguided Ethiopians who trust these shabia government.he sold them out dont expect the shabia government will respond to these evil act .

  5. Berhanu on

    The minority TPLF regime is a pariah of the people in the Horn of Africa
    without exception. The Gambella people are being displaced from their villages
    in droves to accommodate millionaires in a land-grab that has become a daily
    global headline. Genocide-Watch has documented genocidal acts in Gambella and,
    the TPLF regime stands accused for crimes against humanity. The regime is accused by
    human rights organizations for genocide and massive displacement, torture,
    systemic suffocation of large populations in the Oganden. The people of Oromo
    have waged armed struggle for decades. The atrocities in all parts of Ethiopia
    are, well documented. In addition, Ethiopians are starving unnecessarily. Just
    in 2011 alone, the UN was seeking aid for over five million Ethiopians
    while the minority regime was purchasing arms from N.koria,ukraine and engaging in military
    adventures all over the region . What the
    regime of Meles Zenawi has done is on record and it is criminal by all standards.

  6. Nago on

    The War on Terror has dramatically
    changed its meaning particularly when the minority genocidal regime in
    Ethiopia, with the blessing and financing of the US, is manipulating, using and
    abusing it. For the minority regime of Meles Zenawi, terrorism and the war on
    terror has become a blessing giving him freedom to abuse the Ethiopian people
    and commit acts of aggression everywhere in the region in the name of fighting
    terror. In the past three years in particular, the extent to which Meles Zenawi
    has used terrorism in malice has become a shameful reminder of how flowed,
    misguided, brutal, inhuman and downright cruel Western policies are in the Horn
    of Africa. It is also a true reflection, how complicit Western-media and
    individuals that claim to be humanitarian are in pursuing these flawed

  7. Treaty on

    Your comment makes it clear you are an Ertrian.i have no broblem with an Eritiran with and will have a good relationship on humanitarian with any one of you.However,wehn it comes to issues concerning politics i have to tell you up front I have irrecouncilable difference with the leaders of Shabia and shibia’s political line. Therfore,I plea with you stayout of Ethiopian politics in this forum.Time and again we the people of Ethiopia with out any reason have been unjustly harmed by the ethinocentrist world view of the two cabal fronts.

    The twin fronts have same objective to weaken,the Ethiopian resistance against their policy and eventually to destroy every thing that we know Ethiopia.Largely due to the common agenda they have for us in the past they flooded many of their cadres in our own forums for Ethiopians to form a consensous to seek shelter in Asmara.All along while the two fronts privetely work together ,they often pretended as though they are enemies in public.As a result in the end we are made to count our dead at the hands of EPLF-TPLF leaders.This is not just astory but a fact.Please we Ethiopians with out the eterfrence from TPLF and Shabia agents will work out a solution to our problem.I have to leave you with.Ethiopia will never trust any more either Shabioa or weyane- they are our sworn enemies.They have no boundery for their hatered to words Ethiopians.There is no any incedence or historical parallel to draw to what they are doing to our people.They do so out of their own fear.

    • Almaz on

      Agree with you treaty. I am not ready to forgive Shabia for what it did to Ethiopia and Ethiopians even to its own people . Eritreans better smarten up and throw this dirty organization from their shoulders. I hate Shabia like i hate Sudan, Egypt, Iraq and now Lebanon with passion and Shabia should not even be around at all. no one hurt Ethiopia as much as Shabia did. There will never be no peace with Shabia they are like dogs that eats its own vomit. what are they any way? they are moslems, communists, christian evangelists, terrorists dictators and they are everything. They are bastards too. They want to invade Djibouti, Sudan Ethiopia and even Yemen. They are like a mad dog that wants to bite everything until it dies in a ditch.

        • Almaz on

          i know about the history of my country enough. I also know enough about Shabia.It has always been a terrorist organization and still is. Accusing Shabia will not be a solution for the problem of what we are facing but it is appropriate to tell you guys who are trying to preach to us, as if Shabia was and still is an angel. Who ever writes good things about Shabia must have forgotten what it did to Ethiopia. It is not me who want to talk about you it is you people who want to talk about us and you need to be told that your organization must disappear from the face of the earth it is not a good organization for peace, democracy and trusting neighborhood. politics is politics, and there could be organizations and individuals who see it beneficial to have a relationship with Shabi but as for me Shabia will always remain as an enemy of Ethiopia.

    • Treaty
      yes i am eritrean from africa. Remember most africans talk poletics it doesnt matter where what which country we just love to talk and love to know what is going on around the world and comment about it where ever so please dont even think about telling people to get out of such and such. You are talking about shaebia which is the government of Eritrea however you dont want me to talk about one ethiopian who is talking bad about eritrea and eritreans. I didnt say anything bad about Ethiopia because that is not my intention if I did i appologies.
      Everyone is in the same boat got hammered because of bad governments and wrong informations like prof musa. When i was naive i used to be like you I never liked when an Ethiopian is talking about Eritrea but i am mature now and I like to hear more ethiopians to talk about Eritrea
      and know their point of view at the end it helps me understand them and gives me a chance to tell them my side of story. According to you
      you thing eplf and tplf are friends I realy dont know where you get that unless you are prof musa and telling a lie. oops i talk to much sorry much respect.

      • hmmm on

        Enatwan tita amachiwan nafekech hone yanchi neger.
        First of all Ethiopia is suffering right now because Ethiopians in general dont take responsiblity and fight secondly weyane got the ball and they run the field as they wish. The current and the worst enemy of Ethiopia in the history of Ethiopia is Weyane.
        Almaz It is not shaebia
        – using the divide and rule method in Ethiopia
        – selling lands to investers while destroying the villages,farms,
        displacing the gambela people
        – commiting genoside in awassa,anuake,ogaden etc
        – selling ethiopian kids all over the world
        – torturing journalist, educated people, and others by calling them
        – at war with somalia, with eritrea and ethiopia is at war with itself
        etc etc etc
        Weyane is the one doing all this and more and Ethiopians know that and are working hard to end this regime.

        • Almaz on

          Ye leba ayne derek melso leb yadrik that is what you are doing. I keep telling you that you can not change my mind and you can not change what Shabia was and still is . It is an enemy of Ethiopia. The whole world knows it is a terrorist organization. It is in the United Nations’ file as a registered terrorist. We all know what you said about Weyane. What is the point of telling us now? Shabia was and is still interested in a weaker and divided Ethiopia. It trained, financed and armed Weyane to do what Weyane is doing now. I hope you are not trying to tell us Shabia is not happy because as you said Weyane is “using the divide and rule method in Ethiopia”. The only differences between Shabia and Weyane were that one wanted to liberate Eritrea and the other wanted to liberate Tigray from “colonial Ethiopia”. They became communists and they left it together, they became terrorists and they still are. The other difference is that the two dictators Meles and Esayas don’t like each other after sleeping together in the same bed for a long time.
          Shabia was the master and Weyane was the servant that was obeying to do things Shabia wanted.Shabia and Weyane never liked the unity of Ethiopia and they have killed many of our brothers and sisters who were fighting for democracy but united Ethiopia. I can keep on and on. A lot had been said. It is not that you don’t know but you are just doing your propaganda work under different names on Ethiopian Review site. However, our struggle is now to get rid of the servant Weyane. It is up to the Eritreans to get rid of their master dictator.

        • hmmm on

          You are just something else. You remind me when Mengistu was talking about Nakfa
          he said after he lost in a battle
          Nakfa gin min dinew
          kutkuat new min dinew
          I am not here to change your mind but dont think too much
          about Shaebia because shaebia is going to stay there forever no matter
          what you call them. Janihoy and Derg are the ones who created Shaebia and the rest is history. A lot of people died on the long ugly war between derg and shaebia.Eritrea became the grave yard of Eritreans and Ethiopians. Alamz you seem you want to repeat the ugly history again by spitting your hate and lie against shaebia.

  8. goodu on

    Terrorist #1 is Mebrahtu G/hiwot and #2 would be the rest of the weyane thugs. Let the record be clearer for all Ethiopians, Somalians, and Eritreans.

  9. Mulugheta T. on

    Appeal to Amharas and Oromos

    Hello Elias Kifle the Great (Keep it up!),

    Dear Elias, please start a campaign to call for the Amharas and Oromos to desert the army, which was never their own, before it is too late. We do not want our parents to wear black clothes again for their fallen children in a war which is not theirs. In fact, how many of us know that our mothers still do not know officially about the death of their fallen children in the war against Eritrea (1998-2000) who are above one hundred-fifty-thousand in number (unlike the propaganda machine of woyane wants us to believe). By contrast, as far as I am informed, the family of the fallen Eritreans get even monthly salaries.

    What I want to say is that THIS IS NOT OUR WAR; LET US DESERT THE ARMY; IT IS THE WAR OF THE ETHNOCENTRIC WOYANES (TPLF’s). Not doing this will unnecessarily prolong the life of the almost dead Woyane artificially, and, as a result, the suffering of our people. So let us kill the snakes from Tigray (Woyane) once and for all from within who have poisoned our society by creating a rift between our people in the guise of federalism. It is an open secret that Woyane is cutting Ethiopia into pieces in order to make his Tigray appear stronger than the other bigger ethnic groups (Amharas and Oromos). To avoid a further split, we, Ethiopians, have to be one and must keep our unity. Even Europe which is already a strong continent is becoming bigger and bigger, let alone Ethiopia which is living on almoses from the rest of the world.
    So my dear Ethiopians, we have brought enough shame upon our children by being humiliated by a minority beggar ethnic group. A regime which we, paradoxically, hate but accepted (out of fear). In fact, that the Tigrayan minority regime is still in power in Ethiopia says something about us, Amharas and Oromos. Guess what!!!! Cowards, Egoists, Passives ????
    And this curse must come to an end and the time is TODAY, not TOMORROW. BEKA!!!!!

    So again my appeal to you (Elias Kifle); please use your website to its utmost and call for a demostration of students, teachers, etc. And forget what Eritrea is doing since that will only irritate the Ethiopian people (your readers) and will weaken our focus on Woyane’s fall. This is the time for BEKA.
    As we all now, Woyane detained fearless and vocal people like Eskinder Nega (my idol) because he knew that Eskinder would call the Amharas and Oromos to desert the army. So to show Woyane that we all are Eskinders, why not we continue what he would do; agitating the people to distance themselves from the army and sabotaging everything what is Woyane.

    A peaceful Ethiopia will prevail.

  10. Guest1 on

    Where Dr Messay’s analysis goes wrong
    His article misses many points
    1. Meles is no different from other TPLF leaders except that he is their brain – economic and political policies in fact all policies comes from him. There is not one more thinker in TPLF other than Meles.
    2. Meles alone would never be able to do anything without the consent of his comrades save the petty squabble among them. At the end of the day all TPLF leadership would agree with whatever Meles says because they have the same ambition and desire.
    3. Meles alone is not responsible for whatever is happening in Ethiopia. All the leadership follow him. They all [deleted] together.
    4. Shabia and woyane war in 1998 was Meles’s unwanted war. He had to reject Shabia leaderhip in Ethiopia and most important defend Tigrayan rule in Ethiopia. Tigray first was what made him go to war.
    5. Dr Messay forgets whenever he wants that TPLF is a Tigre liberation front. TPLF was to liberate Tigray and establish the Great Tigray Republic away from Ethiopia. Becoming rulers of Ethiopia today is just a great bonus.
    6. Dr Messay whenever he wishes erases the fact that Ethiopian nationalism was completely deleted from TPLF’s manifesto some 40 years ago and it was arch enemy of Tigrayan liberation front that killed many of their people during their struggle for liberation.
    7. Meles is not a megalomaniac though he may want to be Tigray people’s most remembered hero. His dilemma rather headache is not between choosing personal fame and Ethiopian nationalism. His headache is his inability to be a Tigrayan hero. In fact he may never be unless he establishes the Great Tigray Republic.
    8. Dr Messay knowingly or unknowingly dismisses the fact that Meles is trying to build Tigray Tigrigni Empire. The rest of TPLF leadership is stuck with old formulae of the Great Tigray republic. Meles thinks further ahead of them and as time dictates follows his instinct and does what he thinks is good for TPLF and the future Tigray-Tigrigni people.
    9. The problem with Meles including his comrades is that he is unable to see that his plan can materialise without being harsh and rule by the gun and the fact that his plan may collapse totally if he continues to trample on basic human rights of Ethiopians.

    In conclusion Dr Messay including some Ethiopian Nationalists has been trying to make Ethiopian nationalists out of Meles and his comrades. Well, we say go on keep on trying but don’t try to make us see something that is not there.

  11. Ethiopia Negash on

    It is very unusual for political scientists trying to describe the mental state of a dictator.I have followed Mesay’s articles and they tend to examine the personality of Meles and it is absolutely ok to do that and they are good. Just one point i want to raise in regards to Dr.M. Kebede’s posting is about Nationalism vs Meles. i believe Meles is a nationalist. But unlike the other dictators we know of, he is a Tigrean nationalist, who believed and rose to power within his own organization by preaching hate against Ethiopia and specially the Amharas. From just few things i read, his own friends described that TPLF was not intended to be a secessionist organization when it started. But according to them it was later on people like Meles who brought up this policy along with Albanian Communism and eventually they won. It could be true or it is not. The fact of the matter is that even after they became rulers of the whole country they are pursuing benefiting Tigray, organizations of Tigray origin, the TPLF and other financial and social institutions. He will never allow the dismantling of the TPLF, because it is his source of existence. He still wants to keep Tigray for him and TPLF for a future hiding place. So he is a nationalist of a different nature. He can never be a nationalist that protects Ethiopia and as Dr. Mesay said he never liked or loved anything about Ethiopia, So why would he be a nationalist for the whole country? At least he is not pretending he is. Every day his action reveals that he is not a sort of person that is going to pass by doing good to Ethiopia.

    The other point I want to raise is something somewhat related to my carrier–science(health).
    Even though I am still working on the relationship between the venereal diseases Gonorrhea and Syphilis with that of the psychology of dictators( I don’t know about Meles unless his friends tell us ). We all know that Ethiopians hide or embarrassed to discuss Sexually Transmitted Diseases.But this problem that we all know it has affected millions of Ethiopians has to be brought up in the open to even use the lesson as educational tool to our young people. This two disease are one of the most horrible ones with serious health consequences.
    It is very clear nowadays that this diseases(STDs) are not only contracted directly but they can also be acquired meaning they can be inherited.
    It is very hard at this stage which one Gonorrhea or Syphilis has more destructive nature mentally as well as physically. What i mean by physically is that a person with one of this diseases has a tendency of getting ulcers that never heal, malignancy nature of diseases specially around the age of 40 and over, killer TB, organic degeneration, swelling and inflammation of the glands with a tendency to create ulceration etc. it is a long story but we leave it here.

    But the mental state of these people is the one i would like to know more. Again one of them would be the cause for mental diseases like insanity, fixed ideas, mood swings, hate, maliciousness, lying and being mischievous. One of them ( i have an idea but no conclusion yet) is responsible for destruction. As I said the destruction of the body and destruction nature of the person’s personality go hand in hand.

    So a person who was infected with or inherited( i should stress that a person born from an infected parent or parents) one of those diseases
    is characterized by deep chronic pessimism with occasional sudden impulsive violence directed at others even himself(suicide). The personalty is also marked by very rigid ideas. These ideas are not only about himself, but also about a situation. That is why they are usually aggravated by contradiction, are dictatorial and are not amenable to change. They are very suspicious and they think there is no other solution unless the enemy is destroyed. There is also a lack of confidence in facing the situation, a feeling that he may not be able to do it. This causes anxiety which becomes obvious when he actually confronted with the situation.
    It is also important to investigate the childhood upbringing of these people.

    Having said all that, we should understand that when i said dictators i am also including dictators at home. There are parents, husbands or wives who are dictators in their homes too. They want every one in their families to obey them and every thing they say is correct and if any one disobeys their rules there is a consequence to pay.
    When these people have power their cruelty gets worse to the point of no return.

    This is a very important issue that needs to be explained by many in the medical field. Why do people become dictators? Why do people kill? why do people kill themselves? so on and on.

      • E. Negash on

        It is hard to understand it. You have to unlearn what you learnt in school in order to comprehend things beyond what you see every day. Even if you are a science scholar your only choice is follow the text books most of the time.

        • E. Negash on

          then don’t be subservient, the very thing that make us human is we can transcend our difficulties,even our nature so be fully human!!!

    • Ahadu on

      ” i believe Meles is a nationalist. But unlike the other dictators we know of, he is a Tigrean nationalist,”

      Ethiopia Negash

      You are wrong this guy is a self centric traitor has manipulated the Tegreans only to stick in power and help him to do his assignment given by his enablers and all the way gives him advice and financial help and has made the tegrean as of Ethiopian nationalsts out of play and in a closer observation you can see a robbot on this person and only speaks what he has been told by his masters like jeffery sachs and Joseph stiglitz to say a few there are much more whom he accepted as long as they defend him with no precondition and now seems slowing time after time after seeing the Ethiopians bravery and could not achieve what they have been expecting

      • Anonymous on

        I do not quite understand what you are saying but Kahsay Berhe and Tesfay Atsfaha just wrote an article(see EthioMedia). They are saying exactly what Ethiopia Negash is saying here. They confirm that Meles and few of his friends were the ones that were leading the group of secessionist in order to liberate only “Tigray”. However, I differ from most of the ex-TPLF members what they are saying now is that their plan was not to separate Tigray. If that was the case why did they choose the name Tigray Peoples Liberation Front? does it not mean to liberate Tigray alone?

    • girma on

      @Ethiopia Negash,
      You definitely are a wacky wacho !! Stay in your science newspaper readings and don’t be mixing apples and oranges. By the way, your psych-101 classmates will be laughing at your haste to associate your readings to your immediate observation. It takes more and not just newspaper science to boldly talk about subjects that are remotely connected and need more depth.

      • Anonymous on

        mr. Girma, I think E.Negash is trying to explain the psychology of the origin of dictators. it is a related issue. By the way apples and oranges can also be mixed in science. When people hear a completely new theory, they accuse the person instead of discussing the idea from what ever point of view they are comfortable with. When the science of Earth rotating the Sun was told for the first time the scientists were called “wacky wacho”.So regular people are not used to new ideas.Even experts differ in opinion i don’t know what your expertise is.

      • E. Negash on

        the illiterate of the future are not those who can not read and write. They are those that can not learn, unlearn and relearn.Sometimes it is very wise and takes courage to admit ignorance otherwise it would be nice to keep quiet instead of insulting others.Just a few words to mr. Girma

  12. Anonymous on

    I agree with your analysis Prof. Messay, in large part. Yes, no one questions Meles’ insatiable appetite for power. Yes, I also agree to the notion of his hatred of Ethiopia at its highest form, whether that has to do with his family history or otherwise, I don’t know.

    My take, however, is his craving for power or the renaissance of Ethiopia in his own image all has to do with the fact that he despise all of us Ethiopians, especially the elite – because nobody stood up to him in a persistent and challenging way academically, politically, socially, economically, etc… One time opposition hoopla and fanfare don’t count. Whether we blog or write in the cyberspace doesn’t matter to him. What matters to him is when he sees or finds someone who really is brave, knowledgeable, and is determined to advance Ethiopianism at whatever cost, without fear. When Mr. Meles sees there is this person or group that galvanizes the Ethiopian people for all things that stand contrary to Meles’ hatred, then he will be shocked to the core.

    Trust me, in the 20+ years in power if there is anything Meles has convinced himself, it would be the fact that he knew very well that we are all cowards – only bunch of chatterboxes.

    I do remember a bumper sticker when Bush was re-elected that (if I recollect well) reads — “Don’t Blame me, I did not Elect Bush.” I think the message is clear. In our case, we have to blame ourselves. We let Meles ruin the country. We gave him the free ride.

    You know it’s like the bully in the neighborhood. Growing up, I’m sure we’re all experienced these self-proclaimed bullies who terrorize the kids and girls on the block until one day when one courageous boy stood up, fought back, and took down the bully and earned the respect. That is how I see it Prof.

    • Anonymous on

      Well written. “Nobody belittle you without your consent”Said one English leader. Yes…We made Meles play on our country….It is heart aching.

  13. hello on

    A very good article by Prof. Mesay K.
    keep on writing.
    All guys who have made comments on this article are foolish. Just try to comments about the article. Don’t float here and there.

  14. golafaaa on

    The word tortured is very descriptive. If,first Meles is truthful to himself and take a pause and ask himself to describe who he is,it is sure enough he will have great difficulties to describe himself as a person.Meles grew up without a role model in the house,he never had played with kids in good faith,just lived with great contement towards others, in the town;he was confined to a home where there was no one to provide him nurishment to make him grow normal,to learn building trust towards others and to lay foundation to build confident;there was bread winner,but there wasn’t a man in the house to water him and grow to fruition.He started out life with a believe pointing out finger at anyone surrounding him.As a result he punished and tortured himself without mercy.

    He was let out to the external world like nuclear submarine,perfect for destroying life,rather than explorer.The shell his neck supported was packed with toxic,actually came from a home hatred is a culture.

    Meles learned from his own mother about his grandfather’s role in the war against Ethiopians;he wasn’t an adult when he first got the information,rather,he was as little as 9 years-old, too fresh to absorb the story,but kept his feeling to himself through out his boyhood and took it into his heart very seriously and kept it permanently fixed in his mind and soul.That contempt and feeling fermented sour and transformed into hatred.

  15. Guest1 on


    why my message is not posted? I talked about Dr messay’s big mistakes and wrong analysis. Does that bother you? is there no freedom of speech?

  16. Tazabi on

    Hi “hello”, your generalization of all the comments as “foolish” is unwarranted. Most of the comments were actually relatively good or can be categorized as not that bad.

    But I have to say that you are right that there were a few comments who missed the point and were commenting on stuff that has no relation to the article. For example, what commentator: “Prominent” and “Treaty” were doing in their comments is try to divert the discussion to something the article has not raised at all, and in my opinion, were trying to lead the discussion to satisfy their own ulterior motives and push it go in that direction. Thus, that can be labeled as “foolish” or “deceptive”. Other than that, everyone seems to be discussing the issue on point.

    • hello on

      To Tazabi
      I totally agree with your comment but as you said I am annoyed by some guys who tried to divert the discussion here. You see they are following the woyane strategy “Diverting anything which tells their mistakes”. So at this time we should be active and must follow them and miss our target.

  17. Dear Ethiopians
    The only solution to avoid all the miserable lives of the majority Ethiopians is to overthrow this brutal and selfish weyanne regime who is suppressing its nation, exploiting resources for few weyanne leaders and pro-weyannes. All the wealth and resources are under control of a few racist groups. We are all in mess. No other country is in worse situation than Ethiopia. Weyanne has already cracked down the private business sector by favouring only his affiliates, swallowing the small and medium business sectors, monopolizing the market through his affiliated companies, killing consolidated and emerging businesses in large scale. We have now reached a situation not to start even a small business as there is no guarantee for future uncertainties because weyanne is putting intense pressure upon any business man other than his minor ethnic groups and cadres.
    We Ethiopians are now at peak time to say NO to avoid the burdens placed upon us by few robbers, we should stand in unity, fight these racist and self-centered weyanne giants and overthrow them not to comeback forever. Ethiopia should be led by an Ethiopian leader, who loves his country, stands for its nation, protects the interest of its nations. Meles is not an Ethiopian, does not stand for Ethiopian, he is in power not to bring good things but to suppress its nation, loot resources, enhance racism and hatred, sell lands to neighbours, enrich his few groups and impoverish 99% of the nation.
    Weyanne is telling us 11.2% economic growth in condition where people are not able to sustain by having shero once a day. It is a fabricated economic groth that Weyanne writes in Meles office and disclose it on the ETV. In fact few people (weyannes and their affiliates) are developed, living luxurious life, through unlimited favours by the regime, corruption and looting the nations resources withoout control. They are telling us developent in terms of their living standard.The minorities donot represent the nation. This is really high time for the Ethiopian nation to stand to-gether and crash weyanne through whatsoever ways of attacking the weyanne mafias and detroying their lives and properties. It is really apartheid which weyanne is practically undergoing – colonization by the minority of the same nationals. We should not bear it. Come on! Once the battle against weyanne mafis breaks out, it would be a huge explosion/tornade that weyanne would not escape to anywhere. Down to weyanne mafias. Long live Ethiopia.

    • Anonymous on

      Excellent opinion JMA. I agree fully. who ever controls the political power controls the economy. The same people who were accusing the Amharas as being exploiters and oppressors are doing worse in the name of Tigray. So what is the difference to the majority of the people, they are poorer than ever. They are under a very brutal dictatorship. They go to jail if they speak, they get killed if they demonstrate, they get cheated if they vote, they get denied if they ask. The problem is everywhere. Enough is enough.

  18. final thought on

    I agree with #11,
    we should leave that other staff
    and talk about this great article, because professor raised very interesting points ,
    professor you talked about some of his failed policies for example his economic policy etc. It is true that we gave 20 years for his policy to work, but ethiopia is even in more desprate times than ever
    Looking at the path our country is going,where do you see ethiopia in the next 5 years.
    you questioned his mental state ,But i disagree with that notion,
    and i questioned his ethiopiawinet, this man is stable ,shrewed,arrogant,disractive when it comes to ethiopia,
    When a leader of a country askes, what does axums history do for the rest of ethiopia , what does he mean? when he askes, what does the history of adwa going to do for the rest of ethiopia, What does he mean? may be pschologists can get involved and try to answer that, Is he thinking far ahead,know where he is taking ethiopia,
    to the slaughter house?

  19. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    I don’t know why, people still thinking if melees do this, and if melesse do that, Ethiopia will be this or that.. Melesse did not com to power to serve Ethiopia as hole or the interest of Ethiopia period.Melese cam to power under the banner of TPLF.Melesse did not com to save Ethiopia rather to dismantle it and to rap and destroy it..if there is still a believe TPLF WOYANE will be reformed to serve Ethiopia,We are really in la la la land..but instead we should put our awaking moment to destroy this EVEL TPLF WOYANE out of our land noting else mater!!!

  20. Chalew on

    Dr.Messay, it will not be out of place to say that you have a multifaceted knowledge in many areas of philosopy, psychology and political science.However; I tend to believe one has to leave the aspect of psychological analysis of any individual to our maker. It can be tempting to indulge in to the chasm of the human mind.However, in reality we profit nothing by endelving in speculative knowledge. I am a Christian who keeps a short account of my sins with my maker. I don’t believe any of us have access to what is taking place in the mind of another individual.

    In fact the Christian thinker and philosopher Emmanuelle Kant once said this, and I am paraphrasing.”Psychology can not be a science, because the human mind cannot directly objectively examine itself”. It appears he made this statement based on the analogy of the Christian scriptrues.And how sound is his statment.Because accurate knowledge of the motives and intentions of people is entirely Gods’ prerogative.

    I like to see us, rather focusing on Melese’s motives and intentions focusing on his policies and on those things we can prove. More importantly our focus needs to be how to form formidable coalition against his policy. Think about it our house is burning left and right for the last twenty years, and we seem to be content with the state of affairs. What does this speak about our commitment and sincerity?

    • Anonymous on

      well written. We waste our energy by analyzing what Meles says instead of finding the solution.

  21. ክHaileቤሩት ችግሩ ካጋጠማት አንዷ on

    One issue that affecting the Ethiopan people is the cost of food(Teff per100K.g is Aver.1500Birr), and Ethiopia has been hit harder by that harsh reality than many African countries. Last week, food inflation increased by 47.4% compared to February of last year. . This shows that Ethiopia has a serious food issue.

  22. muniqul on

    Yes,Meles is not alone;for one thing,he could or would never dare do anything without being sheltered by the men and the women around him.But then,fact is fact;there is no one around him coward a man like he is.His mouth talks tricks,lies, and decieves,but he has no a gut to stand out by himslef and do anything.

    Although we are good at recognizing the danger Meles and his group put Ethiopia in,we too well know we will continue to bear the cost as long as the system Meles and his group put in place is running.

    Though it is possible to break out of the trap that the gujoulyes put us in,it requires us to properly place a mechanism by which we can remove Meles and the system he built and ran with minimum cost.Fear is like a weapon it hurts badly both individually and collectively,but it can be defeated if and only if the agents that cause fear are contained.

  23. Desta on

    Professor Messay Kebede,
    allow me to remind you about an important detail.
    You forgot to mention the big elephant in the room or the handlers of Meles Zenawi.But you are not alone.This kind of behaviour is widespread due to limitations as a result of living in the USA.
    But the truth has to be told. It is the USA that created woyanes. Without US involvement their would be neither woyanes nor shabians.

    It really does not make sense to worry much why Meles hates Ethiopia. You have such individuals in every country, also in the USA. The point is such individuals dont get the opportunity to seize power in their respective countries. Imagine Louis Farrakhan or a Native American leader seizing power in the USA with the help of say China or Russia.

  24. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    i think all us we should go and understand historical facts about Ethiopia,what has been don to our country,who has been doing it,and why?and last who is the enemy of Ethiopia? personally we are the enemy of Ethiopia cos we are still looking for somebody else to rescue Ethiopia. but we are not willing to put the necessary effort energy to organise our self,we talk but never act,quake to point the finger on other,but never look at our self and point the finger on our self,and if we are still waiting for a higher power to COM AND RESCU US then really we are lost people…the answer is not out there it is rather in us.i just hope we find it soon before it is too late for us and ETHIOPIA!!!!

  25. ABC-HAHU on

    Ethiopian Mohammed Hassan of Brussels clearly spelled it out the damage that was causing and is causing without any ambiguity.

    Q. Is Meles the cause of the current many problems of Ethiopia?
    A. YES, for Dr. Messay and his advocates, it is Meles!!!
    A. NO, Meles is only a tool but the main sources and causes are outsiders.

    These diametrically two different understandings must clearly be identified in order to understand the causes and solutions, otherwise simplistic psychological analysis as is done by Dr. Messay and earlier by Dr. Tecola Hagos blurs the course of struggle and as if giving undue supernatural power to the person they hate most for his treatment to these individuals and colleagues.

    In this case Dr. Messay fails to address the causes and sources of the many problems of Ethiopia as his ardent advocate Dr. Tecola, in the process no clear cut solutions in sight. To the disappointment of Meles haters, one simple SOLUTION of removing Meles at the helm can not and will not be a solution of Ethiopia’s problems.

    What we need now is such as:-

    -Is a peaceful struggle a solution and can work?
    -Is by any means necessary struggle a solution?
    -Is armed struggle a solution?
    -Who should be the key players of the solutions?

    So long clarity is out of sight, word games does not mean a real struggle but illusion and divisions among contenders.


  26. said on

    Ethiopia’s Somali region is considered as war zone where government forces are fight the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), a rebel group fighting for the independence of Ogaden state.

    Resolve Ogaden Coalition accused the international community for paying little attention to end the crises in the oil-promising Ogaden region.

    “The Gashamo Massacre is yet another incident the world chooses to ignore, the genocide taking place in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia is by far the worst crisis taking place in Africa, far worse than Darfur, Somalia, Congo, and Northern Uganda” the group’s statement said.

    “The West chooses to ignore the crisis taking place in the Ogaden, simple because the Ethiopian regime led by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is an ally on the global war on terror,” it added.

    The ROC claimed there is no international humanitarian assistance delivered to the civilians affected by the conflict. During the two last years when the region was hit by a food shortage crisis, the Ethiopian government denied the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders from operating in the region.

    Ethiopia security forces in July last year arrested two Swedish journalists who crossed in to Ethiopia along with armed members of ONLF, a separatist movement blacklisted by Addis Ababa as a terrorist organisation. Last December an Ethiopian court passed sentences of 11 years to each after finding them guilty of backing the banned rebel group and for illegally entering the Horn of Africa state

    ROC urged the international community to pressure the Ethiopian government to immediately end the media blockade and to allow humanitarian and economic access to the region.

    Currently there are dozens of foreign oil firms hunting for oil in the restive region despite attacks and threats of attack from the Ogaden rebels.

  27. ABC-HAHU on

    Ethiopian Mohammed Hassan of Brussels clearly spelled it out the damage that was causing and is causing without any ambiguity.

    Q. Is Meles the cause of the current many problems of Ethiopia?
    A. YES, for Dr. Messay and his advocates, it is Meles!!!
    A. NO, Meles is only a tool but the main sources and causes are outsiders.

    These diametrically two different understandings must clearly be identified in order to understand the causes and solutions, otherwise simplistic psychological analysis as is done by Dr. Messay and earlier by Dr. Tecola Hagos blurs the course of struggle and as if giving undue supernatural power to the person they hate most for his treatment to these individuals and colleagues.

    In this case Dr. Messay fails to address the causes and sources of the many problems of Ethiopia as his ardent advocate Dr. Tecola, in the process no clear cut solutions in sight. To the disappointment of Meles haters, one simple SOLUTION of removing Meles at the helm can not and will not be a solution of Ethiopia’s problems.

    What we need now is such as:-

    -Is a peaceful struggle a solution and can work?
    -Is by any means necessary struggle a solution?
    -Is armed struggle a solution?
    -Who should be the key players of the solutions?

    So long clarity is out of sight, word games does not mean a real struggle but illusion and divisions among contenders.


  28. alemu on

    An exiled independent Ethiopian advocacy group alleged that pro-government armed forces have this week raided a number of villages in the ethnic-Somali dominated Ogaden region.

    In an email exchange, Resolve Ogaden Coalition (ROC) told Sudan Tribune that government sponsored “special police militias” attacked Gashamo district of the Dhagaxbuur region and burnt down entire villages of Galka-boodo-libaah, Dhoobo Guduud, Raqda and Adaada.

    The alleged raids, which the group said systematically targeted civilians, led to the death of 12 people and injured more than 27. It said hundreds also fled the attacks.

    The group called on the government in Addis Ababa to immediately disarm the Liyuu [Amharic word meaning special] Police militias and halt all hostilities and violence against the thousands of civilian population in the rebel active Ogaden region.

    Government officials are not immediately available for comment over the fresh allegations.

    The group further alleged that there was a similar attack on 12 February 2012 when the so called Liyuu Police opened fire on a local assembly organised by elders following the killing of a tribal elder and the district commissioner of Gunagado town.

    RSO claim that 16 people were killed 20 others were wounded, and over 100 people were arbitrarily arrested and transferred to a military prison in Jijiga region.

  29. Ghebrekidan on

    Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia and his henchmen, with the crimes his Kenyan counterparts – and the Sudanese before them – stand accused, there is more than ample evidence to suggest that he had committed war-crimes, crimes against humanity, and to some extent even genocide throughout Ethiopia. Reputable international organizations, such as The Human Rights Watch and others, have extensively documented these crimes.

    In a similar electoral related violence in 2005, the Ethiopian dictator Meles has ordered his troops to shoot the innocent civilians who protested against the election rigging. In the Ogaden, his troops kill, rape, torture, burn villages, and deny the media and NGOs to visit the area. All of this with impunity!

    If the ICC were to ever investigate Meles Zenawi and his lieutenants, it wouldn’t take them long to assemble against him a dossier containing one of the biggest crimes committed in recent times. But where is the political will to prosecute this reigning tyrant? As usual, political considerations trump concern for human rights in the elite power circles of the rulers of this world.

    A more telling example of this double-dealing and hypocrisy is the invitations Meles receives in the international arena in places such as the G8, the G 20, and more recently, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Sitting next to the South African president Jacob Zuma in Davos, Meles was lecturing the world on how he was ‘fundamentally transforming’ the Ethiopian economy. One wonders what interesting and sustainable economic ideas will Meles, who presides over a poor, famine stricken country, contribute to the Davos gathering.

    Why is this unreconstructed tyrant rubbed in our noses – those of us who are his victims? Where is the concern for Good Governance, Human Rights and the Rule of Law – which are flaunted elsewhere as prerequisite for aid – when it comes Ethiopia?

  30. Biniam on

    I see Megalomania in many Ethiopians so we can say it is normal. I guess it all comes from having a rich history or part of it maybe from the upbringing by parents to drive Ethiopian kids be all they can be and get them create the better Ethiopia they dream of. At this notion what Meles misses is that to make things better it don’t necessarily mean to destroy the good. There is this saying most WOYANE say “KALDEFERESE AYITERAM” meaning we have to dirty it up to make it spotless. How wrong their KALDEFERESE AYITERAM moto is had been seen in Ethiopia for the last twenty plus years. They dirtied up and they ask the rest of us to clean up after them like asking for the bond money to build dams . Who on earth in the right mind is going to give WOYANE money to build dam after seeing Gilgel Gibe II collapse in February 2010 just weeks after its official inauguration built at a cost of 373 million euros .The only thing Woyane is good at it is dirtying up , destroying and failing at any task.Why give more power to the destroyer? It is like giving Ethiopia’s destroyer a bulldozer. I rather see WOYANE continue destroying with a hammer rather than with a bulldozer. Woyane think the more damage they do to the country it will result in more people of Ethiopia will start geting up and geting mobilized to save their beloved country to the best of their ability. What Meles missed is Ethiopians rather get rid of the destroyer than constantly build what Woyane will constantly destroy. Why build what WOYANE will somehow embezzle and destroy the next day and ask to clean up their mess after them? It would be a waste of talent and time for most Ethiopians to continue cleaning up Woyanes mess. That is why knowledgeable people around him act like they are unable to hold any task and Meles is the only great one in Ethiopia which in turn builds his foolish inflated self esteem-Megalomania.

    • Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

      “KALDEFRESE AYTERAM”deferasus man new?adeferashus man new?tertu yetayew adeferashun matefat new ke Ethiopia!!!!

  31. nahome on

    በመጨረሻም መግለጫው የተባበሩት መንግስታት፣ ዩናይትድ ስቴትስ፣ የአውሮፓ ህብረት፣ የአፍሪካ ህብረትና ሌሎችም ሰላም ወዳድ ህዝቦች በኢትዮጵያ ያለውን ጦርነት ናፋቂ ስርዓት እንዲያወግዙና በሉዓላዊ ሀገር ላይ የሚደረግ ወረራን መታገስ እንደማይችሉ እንዲነግሩት ጠይቋል። is gibt 7 ethiopian

    • Desta on

      Is your question “is Ginbot 7 Ethiopian ?”

      That is a good question. I am against woyanes but i think it is wrong that Berhanu Nega and company allowed shabias to infest their institutions including ESAT. It is one thing to be against woyanes but it is quite another to be anti-Ethiopian. Berhanu Nega and company are allowing shabias to use ESAT to insult Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Not for the first time has Berhanu Nega proven himself to be an unreliable person who opens holes through which enemies enter to do harm Ethiopia.

      One just wonders if woyanes were tipped off by one of his people,probably shabia agents, about the so-called coup attempt by General Tefera Mamo and company few years ago.

  32. Anonymous on

    Why do I care about Meles’s mind anaylis/study???????? He is human and

    To Err is human. Why do We spend our precious time, energy, etc on

    someone who makes continuous Mistakes?????? He(ONE PERSON from 80

    MILLION PEOPLE) is Incapable of ruling the country. There are MANY who

    could Serve Her Dearly. We can not tolerate his wrong direction. How we

    showed a person is in the WRONG direction is not by writing/blogging

    about him day-in-day-out. It is not by talking tirelessly as well. IT

    IS BY going THE RIGHT direction. Going the RIGHT DIRECTION cost lives.

    Going the right direction needs scarification and that is why Every

    one of US is not in hurry to save our country. We choose the smooth

    way that comforts US. We Love Ourselves more than our

    Country. Meles is at least fulfilling his own ambition. What are we/I

    Fulfilling????????? Any of Us who says Meles hates Ethiopia, Hates

    Her too. Because He/She does not stand for Her when a danger is on her Way.

  33. dem lib 4 all on

    Some people do not differentiate a tree from forest. The question is how we could bring a change in Ethiopia with such mentality. The argument between two individual about who has to blame for the problems in Ethiopia and Eritrea has no foundation. Both dictators in these two countries have done the worst form of human right violation. They have both went to the furthest to weaken the spirit of the two countries’s people. I do not see any point to blame the innocent people of the two countries. To me the people of ethiopia and eritrea have nothing to do for the situation in these countries. st

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