Press conference on Ethiopian National Transitional Council

Invitation to press conference on Ethiopian National Transitional Council

The Ethiopian National Transitional Council Steering Committee will hold a press conference with members of the Ethiopian media on Saturday, March 24, at 3 PM EST.

Everyone is invited to attend the press conference, which will be broadcast live via teleconference, video and audio stream.

Call: (712) 432-0900
Code: 551780#

Live Video Stream: USTREAM.TV:


Ethiopian National Transitional Council
Steering Committee

21 thoughts on “Press conference on Ethiopian National Transitional Council

  1. Ethio on

    first we have to stand togther to rid woyane, this is the second phase. before this we saw a lot of transitional govermant but all are dead. let us push all oppostion group to stand and foucse only one thing that is woyane. how elecet the national transitinal the people who lived in Ethiopia or Dispore? if you guys say the dispore that is wrong. why i am fight woyane and secrfiy my life for Masrash or Dr. fisha. pls . foucse to fight woyane the next is easy.

  2. Tammirat on

    Many Ethiopians like high sounding Organizations high sounding names and even higher sounding titles but when it comes to the real practical actions on the ground and sustainably doing the right think together for the greater good and justice for all none of them are insight to make the extra sustained push. And often times you find the cart before the horse but not the horse before the cart as is normal. And the again, often the efforts are not for the greater national good and social transformation but rather to revenge some elements within the dictatorial system. But really I would like to be proven wrong!

    • Anonymous on

      “A journey of one thousand miles starts with one step”. Let us form all kineds of organizations which will create awareness about the sinister tactics of the tribal government in Ethiopia. The most important thing now and here is just to stand together to get rid of a click destined to dismember the beloved nation and its people. Creat awareness and peoples’ organizations in any form anywhere: the aim is to get awareness about the divisional tactics of the corrupted and nepotistic gangs in Addis.

  3. aberash on

    This is a great news to all Ethiopians. ENTC we will support you all the time.
    – practice democracy internally
    – create a strong international relationship with all countries specially those who support woyann in order to cut its throat
    – dismantle the woyane controlled army
    – organize students demonstration in Ethiopia
    – call for workers and teachers to strike
    – call upon all opposition groups under one umbrella the unity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians
    – dismantle ethnically based territorial division of the country
    – give Ethiopians their lands and homes back that were sold to foreigners
    – protect the economy from falling ind deep crisis

    Ethiopia and Ethiopians will be free soon

  4. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    Well brothers and sisters and mother Ethiopia count me in!!!!
    this is our time don’t stand on the side line and wait for some one to do the move…you move ,i move ,we move it is really very simple let the love of Ethiopia be the guiding force!!!!

    • Al-Amudin on

      hehehe Jegnaw Ethiopiawi, you are so funny……as your name implies,I rather expected you to say I move, you move and we move. You are even scared to put yourself first in written, where are you going to hide when it really happens.

  5. Anonymous on

    I hope this wont be another “ye embuay cab”. These so called oposition are all no defferent than the Weyanes. As long as every politian is after the top seat in the government, there will be no good result what so ever. That is why Kinijit crumbled. If you involve the youth, the women and all the ethnisities, and work for one man one vote agenda, with God’s help, you may be the ones.

    May the all mighty be with you.

    Ye Addis lij.

  6. Desta on

    To be prepared is always good and we should support that.

    I have one critic, that is the country of the council, namely USA.
    USA could be probably regarded as safe for opposition groups from Ethiopia until 1991.
    But with the installation of a US puppet regime in Ethiopia in 1991 things changed dramatically.
    One can not be opposed to a US puppet regime and have its main base in the US.
    That is like Frenchmen and Spaniards who are opposed to the fascist regime in their countries go to Germany during the nazi era in the early 1940s to do opposition work.
    How seriously could we take those people ?

    Well the point is there will be big credibility problem if that council is based in the USA. Many people would think that it is infested with CIA agents.

    • Yigermal on

      Desta your point is well taken but you need to know something, the good old USA does not want a toothless opposition. Now the council will have a lot of support with the Diaspora and back home too and then the US will be supporting it. But to say anyone who is working for his/ her country is a sale out, that goes for meles zenaw trust me.

      • Desta on

        Lets hope the best, prepare for the worst and have armed people on the ground in Ethiopia.
        There is hardly any other country on the planet so good for using the attack and run tactic to fight the woyane enemy like Ethiopia with her so many mountains,hills and valleys. It is probably not by accident that the guerrilla warfare tactic was invented in Ethiopia by Belay Zeleke during the second Italian invasion.

  7. Hillu Iluu on

    If the proposed ETNC is going to be based outside Ethiopia, I would make these nominations:
    1. Meles Zenawi, President and prime minister
    2. Azeb Mesfin, VP and minister of finance
    3. Current TPLF as cabinet, cabinet of ETNC
    4. Current Wayane parliament, to play same role for ETNC.

    Please support my nominations…and we will get rid of TPLF easily.

    Is’nt that cool?

  8. Leyu on

    I wonder how long we keep on creating new ensembles. The people behind ENTC are naive and politically child. I participated in their Tele Conference today, I just laughed on most of their answers. Dr. Feseha and Masresha have to do a lot of homework and participate in existing political organizations or civic orgs before they think anything big. Many previous transitional ideas like this one have failed. Why would we believe this one will be successful? Dr. Fesseha and Masresha must show us their ability and loyalty to follow before they assume any kind of leadership task. Today, they kept on blaming the proliferation of political parties and their inability to work together. Well, wouldn’t ENTC be one too many? The problem is that everyone wants to be a leader. Compared to some of the very skilled and gifted politicians we already have, the ENTC brains looks like nothing. Please sack your ego and join the already flourishing OLF and G7 wagon-To me this is working together. Anything else you do is aggravating the very problem you claim to solve!

    • Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

      “I wonder how long we keep on creating new ensembles” my answer to that is until we get it wright and woyane and there bandas are out of power…don’t lose hope..a man without hope is as good as dead…

  9. Seife Micheal on

    Here you go again another group calling itself “Ethiopian National Transitional Council.”

    Why is it hard for people to join the existing political parties and ask room for correction or change if there exists any difference. Is a new politacal group necessary? while others showing unity among them. Is it a form of distraction from the main agenda of unification for a better Ethiopia. I do not quite get it.If one can do bussiness for a long period in Addis, what is new now to be against the ruling party?

    Let us assume it was a hard time while running the bussiness but is there any claim doing any good for poor Ethiopians while generating millions from the bussiness: such as building hospitals and schools,giving scholarship for the low income people, providing potable
    water for the rural people etc

    Is there one claim as a rich Ethiopian to help a victim of our young sisters who have been exposed to sex trade in our soil, in the capital of the nation in Addiss.If there exits any good lets hear it then we will join the group for a better Ethiopia. Otherswise, it will be the same all.

    By the way, it has been a while from the last election when the world
    witnessed animosity of the ruling party against its own citizens.What happened now, all of a sudden to become a patriot and forming a new group? If the struggle is for a better Ethiopia, please try to
    apply integration than defferentiation for the existing problems.

    It will be good for us, as Ethiopians to be under one umbrella and fight for justice and freedom in Ethiopia.

    Peace and love!

  10. Eritreawi on

    All the Ethiopian diaspora cowards love making noise and creating “parties”, “entities” “organizations” 8000 miles away safely in US. None of these cowards is ready to go back to Ethiopia where eighty million are suffering by a minority junta.

    The ignorance of the so called leaders and their follower in the diaspora is astounding. Melles gets his orders directly from the US embassy in Addis, he is serving US interest at the expense of the Ethiopian people. While the US state department is teaching and grooming his replacements i.e. Siye Abraha and Birtukan Mideksa at Harvard University in Boston to be the next puppets in power after Melles.

    I urge the rank and file Ethiopians in the diaspora to urge the so called leaders to get off their butts and go to Ethiopia to fight the Tigray Mafia on the ground in Ethiopia. Otherwise the people of Ethiopia will not allow you to get back once they liberate themselves through blood and sweat.

    • the mountain man on

      In response to Eritreawi.

      The same thing goes for you. Regardless, whether you are in or out of Eritrea, you have the same problem as do Ethiopians regarding their brutal dictators. Your leader, one of the worst dictators on earth is in intensive care unit (ICU ), and every Eritrean wishes he dies. So what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for his son to take over his father’s rein of terror, and continue terrorizing innocent Eritreans, or are you going to take arms and make sure a democratically elect person becomes in charge of running Eritrea? Come on you have your own problem to worry about, save your breathe, Ethiopians know how to tackle their own affair

  11. Yigermal on

    Go get them Dr Fesiha, unlike other Diaspora leaders you were not building a hotel but an institution.

    God bless you.

  12. D. XX on

    It is excellent ideas and I will support the Ethiopian National Transitional Council.

    I strongly, believe the ENTC, can be very effective party, and it will bring changes to Ethiopia very soon. We must support the new ENTC if we want change in our country this is very important. Believe me it is very true.

    Let’s work together for a change!
    Thank you
    Dr. XX

  13. AbiyEthiopiawe SegawiWemenfesawi on

    Well Dr Fsha Eshetu ,I am in;count me if you want me!!!!Everybody,
    this is our time don’t stand on the side line and wait for some one to do the move…you move ,I move ,we move it is really very simple let the love of Ethiopia be the guiding force!!!!

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