Lebanese man charged with the death of Alem Dechasa

BEIRUT (The Daily Star) — Beirut’s general prosecutor has charged Ali Mahfouz with contributing to and causing the suicide of Alem Dechasa-Desisa, the Ethiopian woman who allegedly committed suicide after a widely publicized beating outsider the gate of the Ethiopian consulate.

Mahfouz, killer of Alem DechasaA judicial source told The Daily Star that Mahfouz was charged Thursday, adding that he is not currently in custody.

A video released by LBCI earlier this month showed Dechasa-Desisa moaning as a man, later identified as Mahfouz, dragged and forced her into a car. Mahfouz reportedly owns her employment agency.

Another man helped Mahfouz, as others stood by. According to Ethiopia’s consul general in Lebanon, Asaminew Debelie Bonssa, the incident took place two weeks before it became public on March 8.

Doctors told Bonssa that Dechasa-Desisa hanged herself using strips of her bed sheets on March 15 while at to Pyschiatrique de la Croix Hospital, known as Deir al-Salib. Police took her to the hospital after the incident.

Mahfouz has told media outlets that Bonssa had previously attempted suicide.

17 thoughts on “Lebanese man charged with the death of Alem Dechasa

  1. Ahadu on

    One doesnot need sky rocketig science to simply see that these arab bastard is nothing than a street gangster,we Ethiopians are still mourning the death of our beautiful sister in front of the occupier woyanne consulate who does not care for the safety of Ethiopians and those who are working in the consulate except the poor guy who is trying to play innocence in the whole issue most probably the once who are looking at his back are illitrate dedebit cadres who are busy in looting their share as their boss gives them guidance so that he can save some for his security apparat in the country ,in every diplomatic post there is always a dedebit illitrate behind or under curtain

  2. Sir Thomas H on

    I am not justifying the death of Alem ,but don`t blame the government.The government has banned it officially and made it clear that no domestic worker should go to Lebanon.I am sure that Alem was cheated and fooled by some selfish and idiots who organize illegal trip to Lebanon.Believe it or not this Arab guy is not the only one who is responsible for the death of Alem,but there are Ethiopians at home who are involved in this kind of smuggling.I hope Alem `s death will be the last wake up call.I really feel sorry for her kids.Now the question will be on how we can help her kids.No more blaming game.It is too late.RIP Alem.

    • Anonymous on

      what did say ,dont blame goverment?are u serious,what an empty head u are?nobody wants to be slave of this bastard arebes.the only choice naw for majorety of ethiopian lady to live and support their family is migrating to areb countries.Blame is to small word for this goverment.There is nobody responseble for the abuse and deadth of our sisters in this arebic countries other than this goverment.Do u know how much money our prime minster has naw in bank of mallisia ,$42 million(it is dollar),but naw most of our peoples cant eat atleast once per day.The price of teff wen up to 1700 per kuntal ,every body is strarving in ethiopia ,except few weyane cadres .Death to weyane and all suppoters .Long live to Ethiopia!!!

  3. Ittu Aba Farda on

    In a such society where every thing is hinged upon sect and clan auspices, I don’t think there will a just ending to this crime. They will do something just for grand standing and toss the case away. You watch!!! This Eyal Al-Souk, that son of a thousand fathers deserves his ass thrown behind the slammer fr a long time just for what he did to this helpless country woman.

  4. Fekru on

    The Ethiopian Embassy representative are equally guilty of “contirbuting to and causing the suicide of Alem Dechasa” Witnessing the incident via several media outlets was the lowest point of my life for someone who have experienced and witnessed so much human suffering as so many of my generations.

    It is my hope that the diaspora communities, wherever we are, need to act quick to address the inhuman treatment that our young beautiful girls are going through.

    It should not be an Middle Eastern vs Ethiopian people; although it is suitable to satisfy our initial reaction, we need take this hideous act and change to a positive and a well organized effort to fight this atrocity. I’m not pro or against any political party here or abroad; I am, if i must, ID myself, Ethiopian who is, probably, repeating the some anger expressed by so many of my fellow citizens.

    Unless we, the silent majority, speak under one platform, this issue will become one more commidities to be sold, and recycled among the Ethiopian Community.

    RIP Alem.6

  5. Kidi on

    The Ethiopian consulate genral manager stated that our sister was dragged to her death while other stood by and watched. Was he refering himself? What was he doing? Isn’t his job requires him to stand for the well being of Ethiopian citizens in that country? He should also be charged with neglegence and incompitace. He is no different than that tug. We should demand for his removal from his position. Mot lewoyane and jelewochu!

  6. Anonymous on

    What a beautiful girl! My heart aches for her and her parents, siblings and the rest of her family. I still believe Alem didn’t commit suicide, but murdered by that soulless individual who acted as her slave owner. Until I hear the autopsy result from an outside independent medical examiner, I strongly believe this young vibrant beautiful girl was brutally murdered and possibly gang raped. May her soul rest in peace and may God give her parents and her family the strength to cope with her death. Let’s not forget, the heartless money hungry woyanes, who are shipping these young Ethiopian women to various places around the world, should also take responsibility for the deaths and the horrible things happening to our beautiful young Ethiopian girls.

  7. I am happy to see that bastard Arab face a criminal charges for his unspeakable behavior and crime. The Ethiopian consulate stuff members also must face a criminal chargesl. They seat and watched through the windows when this beautiful young Ethiopian drugged and beaten on the public by one stupid Arab in front of our own consulate. This is very shameful and ridiculous – This never happened in our history.

  8. Anonymous on

    First, may God rest our sister’s soul in peace.Next,it is a wake up call to all of us, Ethiopians, to stand against evil and seek justice for the victims. I think we need to learn from our African American brothers and sisters how they stood up and fought the brutal crimes waged against them for long time and still fighting with determination.
    They may have some difference among them but when it comes to injustice, everyone is in the same boat. I feel their pain and that is the only way to end brutality. I believe we should learn from their experience.

    It is my hope that Ethiopians who are familiar with the international law work with IT professionals to mobilize us to fight against the brutal crimes being committed on our sisters in the Arab world.Moreover, facilitating the legal migration to different countries according to their talent: plumber, Mason, Nany etc is an option.

    Peace and love to all.

  9. Mergassa on

    Now that the Ethiopian government is exporting women as indentured slaves to the Saudi rapist Arab country, who believes that women, in particular black women are to be abused and to be raped by their owners, since the teachings of mohamed instructed them that women are to be considered to be inferior than men, for sure, it is just going to be the tip of the iceberg of what it will come. I just wonder how much the cut will be by these ever expanding market the government is under taking. For sure, the Ethiopian Air Lines will make a hefty profit, which is owned by the overstatement, hence these profit is transferable to the government like anything else, like the sells of babies and the land to the highest bidder no question asked. Just wait and see.

  10. Tikur Anbessa on

    Fifty sixty years ago our father they went to Lebanon Beirut to pursue their education in a prestigious American university there. Today their daughter and son even grand kids are becoming servant in the middle east, what a shame is this lost generation of ours…..we are the void generation of Ethiopia……Nobody has come up with the issue of why Ethiopian are leaving their country really?.Do we really love our country?…….come on lets think about it…….

  11. Anonymous on

    Such a Lebanese dog as that of Mahfuzzz usually visit Europe for a summer holiday where they are famous for frequenting lap-dancing/strip clubs & massage parlours to satisfy their crazy sexual urges. We’ll lok for him & will cut his todgers off and smash his balls. We’ll see if this coward woman-beating rapist can handle someone of his own size. Mahfuzz is on a on the top of the ethio interpole WANTED list.
    We’ll spot & unmask him to smash his head-in even if he undergoes plastic surgery to hide his identity.
    Mahfuzzzz, just watch over your shoulder!

  12. Tezibt on

    While I have no love for the Arabs, it was an Arab man who recorded the abuse of Alem by those animals. Of course the government of Ethiopia has tried to stop any one from travelling for work to Lebanin but African leaders and their cronies are equally or more respnsible for the suffering of people who travel to those countries for work and abuse. I would say, lets look into our self carefully.

  13. Wey'Gud on

    Tikur Ambessa, you are right!.
    My Dad was a graduate of 1964 @the American University of Beruit. I rememeber my Dad got devastated seeing the beautiful city he did his degree at getting destroyed by a civil war there later in the 80’s. Now they made up and a relative peace is being enjoyed in Beruit but they have other things to destroy and that is the young Ethiopian ladies. It’s a double edged sword for them with Weyane reducing the girls into prostitute for it & the rest of the AU diplomats/dogs in Ethiopia while sending the rest to be Arab land as slaves and dead.

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