Ethiopian woman in UAE died after falling from a tall building

SHARJAH, UAE (Khaleej Times) — An Ethiopian housemaid fell to death from the balcony of the 21st floor apartment of an Arab family in Al Majaz area of Sharjah on Friday evening.

The police were informed that a 23-year-old housemaid working for an Arab family had fallen to death, said Major Mohammed Saeed Al Shehhi, Director of the Media and Moral Guidance Department at Sharjah Police.

“A team from the Criminal Investigation Department and police rescue arrived the scene and found the woman already died. The corpse was first taken to the Kuwait Hospital but later it was transferred to the police forensic laboratory to help the investigations,” he said.

14 thoughts on “Ethiopian woman in UAE died after falling from a tall building

    • wedi yohannes on

      domaw amare say stand up TPLF. You are fooled by woyane for a life. how can you blame people in general? more over don’t you know it will take ages to win people but take few hr to remove that bald face pro Eretria Meles!
      One Ethiopia that respect every ethnics!

  1. Tezibt on

    What time is it? this isn’t zemene mesafint. People don’t fight against
    people. Few fat cats could do the fighting. By the way, Mr. Amare, are you from the misinformation department of woyane’s or shabia’s gov’t?

  2. Meharene on

    The worst may had happened to her because she tried to die by jumping from a tall building. Poverty is forcing our sisters to work under savage Arab animals.
    I had read somewhere most likely by a Moslem Darfuri that says “an Arab comes to your house only to kidnap your sister or daughter or to rob your land and cattle.”

    • Anonymous on

      don’t be stupid,this is not being from this tribe or nation,you will find such crule being where ever you go,during Mengstu time Ethiopians werenot as cheap as today.I wounder how Melese feels about our poor sister’s treatment in the middle east? can you imagine $4 to $8 billion dollar can do to our nation ethiopia,this is the estimated amount amount of wealth disappear with out any accountability,according to forigen you know that Ethioipia is mining substantial amount of gold year after year….. so please direct you anger where it’s supposed to be to tackel the main issue.

      • Anonymous on

        Hi Anonymous,
        I agree with you. I think every body knows that during mengistu’s time Ethiopian were not as cheap as today.He told us many times about TPLF main purpose but we did not listen to him.Now we are suffering. Meles does not care about his people but he only care about his politics and the money he steals from his people that he swore to lead and treat them fairly.I hated mengistu when he was on power because he took innocent young people to the war front. But,I know the reason now that all those innocent young people were killed to prevent meles from divide and rule principle and his distroying agenda. I am just wondering, Does meles care about Ethiopia?What will be the fate of Azeb and her children if they wake up the next day and they are not in power any more. Do they think they hide in foreign country and be safe? I do not think so.I think meles and Azeb should ask their witchcraft what will happen to them. I think they will get punished by the people that they caused them to suffer and died in the country as well as in the arab world.He stole the money that could prevent young people from going in the middle east to earn money to support their families.He could crate jobs in the country with the money he hide in a foreign country.

        I remembered during mengistu time his cousin attended public high school with me. He could send her in a private school or abroad but he did not. I do not think any high power TPLF members children attended public school. they stole more than enough money to send them abroad or private school. I am not against sending their children private school. I am against stolen public money to spend on their children in foreign country and their children spend money like they grow in their back yard.

        I remembered mengistu’s plan to high school graduates who did not go to university to work in weapon factory in ambo and street prostitute picked up by police to work in cotton pick up job in rural area. At least they were safe working in the country. But now thanks to meles that our women working in the middle east as maid and they forced to rape by their employer and they worked long hours as a result they committed sucide.

        Please,please, please, in the name of What ever you believe, save your people and do the right thing. I think nobody care how many years you will be on power as long as the people will be provided basic things affordable price. Now the price of basic things expensive to the people to afford. I think the price of floor and oil is much cheaper in the US and Canada than Ethiopia.In the US and Canada people get paid in dollars and they are still wating sales to save money but in Ethiopia people get paid less than 1hr minimum wage in US and Canada for the whole day and how do you expect them to afford buying floor or oil. You have to subsidize what Mengistu did when he was on power.

        Peace to ETHIOPIA and long live.

  3. Gezaee h. on

    Dear Alias,
    I have to be honest with you, although I differ with you in many issues of politics. Your love for your people is really impacting on me. You are the only person who post about Ethiopians citizens sufferring.

    The leba goverment is only interesting telling us you are a terrorist and also preaching about development. Even the suffering of Ethiopians and the rape of Ethiopians and the shipping of Ethiopians girls to Arabs to be raped, is growth and transformation.

    I raise my hat for you on this. You are doing a great job on this line. A responsible regime would ban this business after one incident, but the most cursed TPLF banda will never even talk about the citizen. It will only tells us how many Arabs took land for 100 years lease, and how many Indians, Americans, Chinese, Turkish, Pakistanis,… opened company in Ethiopia as if it is an achievement for Ethiopian?

    Dear Alia, why you do not reform and to drop the armed struggle and form a brand new civil movement that is all inclusive and that can save our country from a national disgrace. TPLF is disgraceful and a cursed organisation that enjoys selling Ethiopia and its people to the cheapest bidder.

    Guys, death, even famine, and dying with dignity is better than to be humiliated in the face of the planet. We are the most disgraced citizen on the planet. Although we sing about our unparalled history, we are a disgrace to our ancestors and we the most shameful citizen on the planet. I have admit this because that is how the people in the world see us. The most poor and retched citizen of the planet. I cannot live in the glory of the past of ancestors.

    I condmen TPLF for exposing the country to disgrace. Mele Zenawi what a Lucifer in real time? A cursed man on the planet who only love to chase money from a devil?

    Why are allowing this to happen day in and day out? the entire world is watching our people die? Is this not even worse than the famine we had? our people at least dying on thier home land. That is better than throwing myself in a foreign land from a skyscraper.

    TPLF = Devils, what a curse, what a cures on the 21 century. Tomorrow they will tell us they are shipping 1000s of teenages to the same end?

    Ere Gobeze, kezh yebelete wurdet min ale? mot ayshalim endie? I prefer to die honest. I detest TPLF. why do these people indulge in the suffering of their people? why? I cannot understand at all. Why is wickedness, greed, corruption,… seen as development and civilization? is this for what they tell us they struggled for? to humiliate Ethiopians?

    Shame to Meles Zenawi, the most shameless person I can imagine.

  4. Anonymous on

    Meles is to blame! Unless this devil possessed, heartless and hate-filled dictator and his tplf thugs removed from power, our country and Ethiopian people will continue to be treated badly and be killed a few people at a time in and outside of Ethiopia. I wonder, what in the world caused these inhumane group of people to be these much hateful and be courier criminals at that!

  5. aqawdu on

    Yes,yes;the enemy is eating our children alive;this is a sorrow and a huge cost on us as well as on our country.We can not stop the Arab sages from what they are doing to our children,but we can stop the enemy from eating the lives of our children by grabbing from the back of its neck and hit its head with a feast that can crush it life into millions of pieces.This is the only solution to the stopping of the suffering of our children.

  6. Hirut on

    Egzio, Egzio Egzio. Ethiopian Egzio belu. Everyday horror terrible horror is visiting our sisters in the middle East. How long is this going to continue? why has our life become so cheap, what is that is so different that makes us so immune to this daily horrors. We need to wake up and stand up and be counted.

  7. Wondimagegneh on

    These devil worshipers, inhuman criminal woyane tigres are doing
    all they can to eliminate Amhara from Ethiopia by killing, selling, :?
    sterilizing, starving and what not so that they can be on top of
    other ethnic group. As long as woyane is power the misury of Amhara
    will continue. Because of what ever Amharic speaking administrators
    did in the past the Amhara people are being blamed for it. Amhara
    still wears Gessa and Goat skin. Just because the Amhara loves Ethiopia
    and died for her the son’s of bandas who were enfluenced by their
    foregn masters are striving to reduce the Amhara population.
    Why do they hate Amhara? Is it power struggle, recognition or
    inferiority complex? What ever the reason these mafias must be
    eliminated. No evil person or government lasts long.

  8. soffi on

    Our, poor country, Ethiopia, never had the right ruler but Almighty Allah!!!. I have hope to see her developed without Bil gates or Al-amudi’s silent killing support.

  9. Mulu on

    Our neighbouring country Eritrea stopped Eritrean maid from going to Arab countries over ten years ago, but we don’t have a government that cares enough for its Citizens to take any action.

    Even Sudanese and Somalis in the Arab countries are hiring Ethiopian maids.

    Sorry but it is the reality.


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