The Woyanne junta threatens Addis Ababa teachers

Teachers in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa are currently on strike after their request for wage increase was ignored. The Woyanne junta responded yesterday by sending out the following threatening letter. Why don’t teachers in other Ethiopian cities join them. Ethiopians in the Diaspora also need to stop their job for at least one day and hold a rally to show their solidarity with the Addis Ababa teachers.

4 thoughts on “The Woyanne junta threatens Addis Ababa teachers

  1. no to bullying on

    Here goes the woyane bully, threatening and crying foul to get the teachers to submit to its brutal dictatorship. Next the woyane devil is going to charge them of commiting terrorist act.
    this is the woyane democracy in action; submit to dictatorship or else your life..

    The people have reached to the point where they cannot stand the woyane bully and murderer any longer. No threat, imprisonment, torture or death is going to stop the inevitable. The momentum has been building up for years and years. the woyane ethno-fascist junta has to face the consequences of their untold crime against the people and the country.

  2. Ethiopie on

    read the foot note…..”Le lewt enisra!”… Eshi Woyanen lemelewot eyeseran new…

  3. I fully support the teachers demonstration and we have to raise our voice at this difficult time with them. zenawi and his puppet days are NUMBERED.

  4. Anonymous on

    Don’t touch My Knowledge Fathers. They Deserve way more than wage increase.

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