Woyanne foreign minister to sell his Dallas gas station

Berhane Gebrekirstos gas station in Dallas, TX

Woyanne minister of state for foreign affairs and dictator Meles Zenawi’s chief money launderer Berhane Gebrekristos is offering his Dallas, Texas, gas station for sale after running into problems, according to Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit sources.

The property, located on 6101 East Mockingbird Lane, Dallas TX 75214, is listed here for sale at $1,600,000.

Our sources informed us that Berhane Gebrekirstos hired a former TPLF member named Hailu Mesay to manage the gas station for him after he bought it a couple of years ago. Hailu’s name is registered as president of Mockingbird Skillman, Inc., a front corporation used by Berhane.

Before becoming president of Mockingbird Skillman, Inc., Hailu was struggling to pay his apartment rent, according to those who know him in Dallas.

When Berhane suspected that Hailu was siphoning off money from the gas station, he told him to come to Addis Ababa. When Hailu arrived in Addis Ababa, he was placed under arrest. We spoke with his wife a few weeks ago, who told us he is still in Addis Ababa and she doesn’t know if he comes back.

Berhane might have arrested Hailu only on suspicion. A gas station employee informed us that business is low and the station is not making money because of the Shell Gas Station right next to it.

Berhane’s ownership of this gas station demonstrates the sophisticated schemes that the Woyanne junta and its khat-addicted leader use to launder money out of Ethiopia.

45 thoughts on “Woyanne foreign minister to sell his Dallas gas station

  1. sami on

    ViVa, Elis. you got them the looters and what could you expect from meles-azebe and berhaun G/kiros????. This is the ethiopians money and nice investigation , and go ahead!!!

    Sooner or later it´s ethiopian money , we will takeover!!!

  2. damo on

    Good job. We need people like you. Expose those who used to eat beles and use stone as a soft paper who are now plundering our people.

  3. solomon on

    Elias would u take minutes and think what you are doing instead of killing your time modulating comments and injecting poisons among the Ethiopian people. what do you get in return of hate??? did not you learn something from your ansistors?? Amhara kings had created animosity among the ethiopian people..as a result the poor amhara people have been targeted since then…and seems now at its worst stage. poor Amharas are evacuating from South Ethiopia and I doubt if it stops there. you may curse woyane as usual but the underlying cause is not absolutely woyane, if you have the gut to swallow the truth. the root cause is your Amahara kings. in fact woyane is trying to create equality among the people. Amhara is no different. however it has been challenging as many peoples have had feeling of revenge.
    what I want to tell in here is that as a ‘journalist/politician’ why do not you think positive, being patient and long-sighted instead of repeating the same mistakes as your kings??? Hate will not take you any where.
    you will not have a gut to post this, but I just wrote it for you. I always feel to join the opposition camps openly but i feel sick when i see the attitude and intention of the oppositions. lets work for love. the outcome of hate is FAILURE ALWAYS. we don’t have to try it time and again. if we are not good from heart, the return will not be good at all. forget woyane and work for the betterment of ALL ETHIOPIANS…i give respect to long-sighted individuals!! ETHIOPIA PREVAILS!!!

    • Semu on

      Why don’t you talk about the ownership of the gas station and corruption. That is the issue at hand. It is not Tigray nor Amhara kilil or people that is being discussed here. Do not create diversion, please

    • Hana on

      Solomon you are such a nasty little termite. You will be washed down the drain when the flood of Ethiopian anger punishes your masters. I am surprised and do not agree with the fact that you got a chance to post such a stupid comment. You do not have a clue what other people are talking about. You go and kiss the TPLF’s ass but not the true sons and daughters of Ethiopia. I can not believe that individuals like you even sit in front of their computers to type this kind of garbage.
      Elias you are doing a great job. Tell us what we need to know and that is your job and that is your mission in your life. Don’t worry about what bandas are saying. A mist on a grass disappears when the sun shines. When the sun of freedom and democracy shines in Ethiopia Solomon and his masters run if they find a place to run to.

    • Abee on

      What you said and the reality on the ground is as far as East and West. You Tigrays blaim your natural Ordeal on the Noble Amahara people without realizing it you just have waken a sleeping Line. The truth is You Tigrayes will not live without committing a Crime you seems to have a natural disorder Obeying a law. You have a lawless nature and blaming others will not brush of your overwhelming Crime. If you think blaming Amhara for your gross crime will persuade the Ethiopian people you have thought wrong. The recent mass eviction of Amahara and the savage perpetrators are non other than Weyanne. There are more unseen Crimes has been committed against Amhara and Oromo people by Weyanne juntas. If you think TPLF is without a crime you have nothing to fear. If you think the way not to take responsibility is by blaming Amhara for your unmeasureble crime is you certainly undermine the wisdom of Ethiopian people. They have accurate assessment what went on in their country because they have lived through it!

    • weygud on

      Ato Solomon,

      If an Ethiopian official to you, it is okay to have business when he should be governing properly then you are psycho yourself. A government staff should exactly be doing what he should serve people, not profit. If that is okay with you then, I feel sorry for you and I hope you get governed by such people who step over you to profit instead of working for you. Ethiopians should always think better for themselves as a whole and wish everyone to be the best they can be that is why governments exist. You think otherwise.

    • Rule of Law on

      Ironically, you talked in length about “Amhara Kings” but what is the connection between Amhara Kings and the charges brought up against this corrupt TPLF official? Is it the Amhara kings’ fault that birhane gebrekirstos is running money laundering scheme outsourcing the poor country’s meager resource thousands of miles away? What’s your point? If you are a Tigrean, you are shaming us all with this type of pathetic statement which seems that you are condoning corruption. For now, birhane seems to be attempting to chew more than he can swallow however, let the looters keep looting; ultimately, they should know that there is this impending doomsday in which their loot is not going to save them how ever large they may have piled it up.

  4. Disgusted ! on

    I don’t want to sound morbid, but it sounds like the corrupt woyane minister was selling the blood of his Ethiopian victims at the gas station

  5. Anonymous on

    Berhane was busted too when he got his divorce that there was 20 million dollar and his x got a good chunk of money , this time is a gas station . million are displaced from their homes , starving and we have an official looting public money , a sad story.

  6. just wait gadafe wating him on sky believe me. l am a dremer. on

    Just wait gadafe wating on him in a cloud. Believe. Me I am

  7. wana on


    Knowing that these Weyanes are comfortably making money in the West while we are still here, how is it that we had no idea? Are we Ethiopians really dead even in the West? What a shame. We should have bankrupted the gas station by putting against the owner saying while children are starving this guy has gas station.

  8. Ittu Aba Farda on

    These thugs will keep looting and looting until it chokes them to death. They know the laws of the West very well(Thanks to their faceless lobbyists) and are using every loopholes in the laws of this country to amass wealth here after looting the coffers of Ethiopia. Exposing them such as how Brother Elias is doing is the right thing. We all owe to those destitute people in telling where their money is being stashed. I told you these individuals are sick. When they tell us that our people have joined the middle income people of the world, they are talking about Meles, his smelly concubine and their cabals. What the heck, one of them will join Forbes magazine’s billionaires list in a year or two. Mark my word!!! You wonna bet? You watch. Al Amoudi(Sheik Munafiq) was a billionaire already before he started sinking his rotting teeth into the flesh of our people. If you see anyone who has been struggling to make ends meet and all of a sudden you see him buying homes and upscale luxury item, you should question the situation. And report his ass to IRS. IRS is very serious about money laundering. They will frag his ass to jail and if he is not a citizen yet, he can kiss and good bye to USA. We should all be vigilant about this issue. Money laundering a serious crime that bleeds any economy. These thugs may be using their diplomatic status to funnel money out of Ethiopia. Once Al-Shabaab is gone and the weaker it gets, Meles and his cabals will be climbing higher on the tree. The higher they go up on a tree, the more their cactus raised asses will be exposed. And that is when they will be an easy target to pick.

    • weygud on

      I think the odds are with Alamdoudi and Meles/TPLF at the rate the West is going. If the threat for democracy and constitution in U.S continues, these criminals who “represent” Ethiopia will continue to exist in future and in fact for worse. What should we do? We should continue to campaign for Ethiopia and safety for U.s and Europe what ever happens.

  9. bubu on


    What is your point? You were all over Elias, but for nothing. Are you telling us that Berhane does not have gas station in the US? In that case you have to discredit Eliass’ account of the story with eveidence. Otherwise, please keep your big mouth shut. Berhane is a person who makes not more than 3 to 4k birr a month. No matter what he does, he cannot buy a gas station here in the US. Even me who makes about 5600 dollar/ month here in he US can’t buy a gas station. Where is Berhane and most of the TPLF bandits getting the money to call themsleves billioners and millioners? Aren’t they stealing from our moms and paps? Are u telling us to be quiet? You better keep quiet!

    • Rule of Law on

      Even though I drove by frequently along the skillman road where the gas station shown on this picture is located, I never stopped by to make a purchase for some reason. I am glad my money didn’t fall in to the hands of this corrupt man.

  10. Anonymous on

    i am realy worried about the future of our country ,they are robbing every thing,they make us to hate and killed each other …. WE have to be wake up and destroy this banda weyane from our country .

      • weygud on

        The fearless Elias, more power to you.

        Please continue to improve in your jouranlism and telling the TRUTH and standing for the right thing. Although Ethiopia’s situation is maddening, stay focused and try not to get emotions in the way or resentment because it is easy to get distracted on these. When ever, based on facts you tell story then you will always be protected even sometimes you may have to go along with the things you don’t agree. This is important because you are bring the truth for Ethiopians.

        God be with you.

    • Abee on

      You shameless pathetic Looters I guess you do not have any shame? I can assure you you’ll not enjoy your loots.

  11. TANGO on

    This is the tip of the iceberg, BANKS in ASIA, NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA and AFRICA are saving billion dollars for tplf which is looted from Ethiopia for the past 20 years.

  12. Nebro on

    No wonder if Berhane has multimillion dollar investment abroad. He was Ambassador for 20 years assigned in foreign service That was not because he was competent but he was woyane and money launderer for the party. He sucked the blood of the starving people of Ethiopia for 21 bloody years.
    The funny thing is that the Ambassador had been urging Ethiopians in the diaspora to to invest their hard won money in Ethiopia But the so called state minister has invested the money he looted abroad.

  13. #3 SOLOMON, you are ignorant woyane,it is tplf who put in its’ manifesto which says the AMHARS are the enemy of the tegrians. That is why woyane is working day and night to destroy the AMHARS all over the counrty.

  14. temu on

    Cannot one sell his own property in the USA? How ignorant are the so called diaspora haters?

    • Rule of Law on

      Ignorant are those who don’t see a problem when some one who lives in Ethiopia and earns less than 5000 Birr per month yet owns a multimillion dollar businesses. This is only in the US. I wonder what he owns in Dubai and else where. Eyasu Berhe took his loot to Dubai and became a millionaire over night but he was only dealt with when he started speaking against the godfather in a tone that’s not tolerated. What I mean is that looting is tolerated as long as you don’t disrespect the clan. So, “temu” may be you are one of them too… what a shame!

  15. koster on

    Elias keep it up. Fascist Meles and his parasites will not loot and terrorize the Ethiopian people indefinately. It is just a matter of time we have seen several tyrants ending up terribly and Meles will not be any different.

  16. Wndimu Mekonnen on

    Incredible! Ethiopia is branded as the poorest nation in the world, but Woyyanes have investment in billions abroad. These guys are probably the worst corrupt people in the entire planet. Thank you, Ethiopian Review.

  17. Anonymous on

    It is unfortunate that the US government don’t ask how people who come from the poorest countries in the world come to America and able to own millions of dollars worth of homes, condominiums and businesses.

  18. AMMANUEL on

    Sellam Elias kifle,
    You have brought an outstanding investigation, who the woyane nafia have what they did and even they are very cruel with their own worker (hodam wotader) . By the way there are many hodam and leba Woyane wodad in our area as well around the globe. We know who are they, we ahve their list every State and every town. we make sure these woyane (Gursha supporter eating to much.. but they will spiting very soon).

    Any way Who are the Wayane support group ? Please tell us if you know such scaldal like Elias report… who are these devils are they close to you, are they investor with Wayane’s account? Please tell againinform to the Ethiopianreview.com, Ginbot7.org and The Ethiopian Satelite tv (Esat.com)and Ecadforum as well The Ethiomedia.com. We will tell the world, how blood sucker they are with their own people..

    Way to go, Elias, bring more investigation report please. I thank you . God Bless Ethiopia. We shall win over the Dictator Wayane Mafia Government. Ammanuel

  19. BaleGariw on

    This is what is called Journalism digging out corruption exposing misused of public money. I do support the regime when they do good deeds, I also like good journalism exposing bad stuff. What i don’t like is hate for the sake of hate!. On the regime side they like to take credit for good deeds but not accept responsibility for bad deeds. Every Ethiopian knows corruption in Ethiopia right now worse than anytime before. From top to bottom starting with The Prime minster wife very greedy hyena. No matter what God has time for everyone.

  20. assfaw on

    I see the cadres are running their mouth to protect the money they themselves looted to keep what they have. Gas station and shopping center is the favorite. I know Denver, San Diego, Columbus, Ohio is a few places the cadres are hiding their loot. Hiring private investigator will get the evidence with all the supporting document. Hailu Mesay should be reported for the Attorney General.

    Time to go to work to get-rid of the criminal Woyanes

  21. okojz on

    Zinawian thieves assume that if arrest comes,it is only Zinawi and Azeb Gola who are absorbing the volcanic heat,and them would only be covered with the cool ash,which it can be shook off.The same silly assumption is running around in Zinawian’s cadres and pupy and butchlas narrow head;if the arrest comes,they too think would disaapear into millions ofholes which their eyes would discover,get into those holes and remain there until the volcano erruption settles down.It did not work for Mubarak;it did not work for Gadaffi,and it will not work Zinawi and Azeb Gola.

    Birhane G/kirstos,as a member of a crimefamily,has served well Zinawi in hiding stolen money in billions of dollar in varieties of international banks.Zinawi and Birhane G/kirstos are not room mates and shared the same bedroom;they do share the same crime record since both were involved in too many criminal activities.History reminds us one and many things,as the case and the situation unfolds during Nazi hunting campaign.Hitler was not captured immediately,as some of nazi generals were not hunted down on the campaign that was taken place allover the world.Just one by one,Nazi generals were taken into the hands of the hunters and were kept in prison for a trial.We don’t actually know who will be captured first;wheather Zinawi or Berhane G/kirstos,or Azeb Gola,or Barakat Simon or Halemariam Desalegne,or anyone of member of the crimefamily;it is just who comes first in the hunting hands of Ethiopians that the following stemps would be taken;therefore,Birhane G/kirstos wheather he likes it or not,first or second,he shall be taken into the hands of Ethiopians as per his fate decides.But,but no single robber will be escaped from the hunting campaign.

  22. hizhit on



    May be Berhine could be the first robber to sense the soon downfall of Zinawi’s regime;it could also be anticipated that Zinawi is in freaking mood to go nut and banana.Well,let’s cross our finger that every witch doctor says about Zinawi comes true to the opposite.The psychic read the lines on his forehead and palm and tarot and has told very scaryly what comes to him soon.No wonder Zinawi panic and made 22,000 citizens homeless.

    It is now twenty one years since the robbers came into our lands;too bad,they did not willingly leave this land that they are robbing and looting to its bone.Many years ago,Zinawi and his men were just bandits;then were part time con men,then became robbers,then mafia,then now multidimensional terrorists.

    This is why Zinawi,in his early days of criminal activities, he recruited naturally extremely dishonest and submissive,yet cruel individuals into his murderious organization promising them wealth of all forms while keeping all his close ashkers one step ahead of the law wherever they have business or property.Berhane G/medhin,by Zinawi’s measure and standard has been found acceptbly loyal and always found at Zinawi’s service.If not on monthly basis,quarterly,Zinawi would collect all his loyal individuals and would brief them on what they do or act when things likely turn into a bad situation or when Zinawi senses extremely suspcious situation moving in and around him.Berhane G/medhin has too many reasons for selling the gas station,but he will not tell people in the open;however,for any reason this mafia and robber selling his ill-gotten property for any amount is simply the indication that Zinawi’s prediction as what would happen to him and to his regime is scary and a signal giving his men to be on alert to move around their wealth and business.

    Yes,Zinawi is worse than a serial killer is on his victims.Zinawi’s involvement in crimes of all sorts unparallely dispecable,weird,and wicked.The only person close to his mastery of committing crime is his own woman,Azeb Gola,the redlady.While working in the red district,Azeb Gola used to do pick-pocketing on the side,but she was not a con woman,as this activity demands knowledge and special skill;but,when treating drank customers,she was a spear and a fork.Berhane G/medhin has always been quite an ashker to Azeb Gola too;when returning to his camp,he would not handshake Azeb Gola without a diamond and a lipstick on his other hand.For this,he has always been accepted as the all-time loyal ashker robber to the couple.

  23. Anonymous on



    • Stealing from the poor on

      The Anonymous UU,
      If you are really serious, it is a great start. Individuals who come from one of the poorest countries in the world, to come here and own multimillion dollar businesses, Residence Homes, Condos, Apartments should be reported and investigated by US government Organizations… FBI, IRS, INS, CIA and other private Organizations that give their money and time to help the poor people in African countries. The money that is intended to help to feed the starving and dying people, obviously, going in some of these soulless people’s pockets to get rotten rich.

  25. Girmay on

    Loosers,you talk day and night and you can do nothing. You know,you had your time this is our time and let me tell you one thing,we have already built our own Empire no body can stop us at lest for the coming 200 years.Bark like dog.

    • An empire built on robbery? Forget all the politic for a while. At least the Holly Bible says, “a thief will pay seven fold”. Do you think you could violate such an almighty law of our creator and servive so long? How do you get all the courage to belive that you are annointed to robe, loot, rape and kill? Your days are numbered. “you reap what you saw”

    • Melak on

      That is what you think ideot. When do people like you learn? your end result is going to be disastrus. For how long do you think you can get away with this? Sivilised people don’t try to pay back they do and think better than their prodecessors

  26. Tizibt on

    Girmay, you must be living in the moon! You think you will be living 200 years? We know you woyanes have built your own Empire with the money of the Ethiopian people. When one hears of building empires in the Western world, it does not mean with other people’s money, you moron!!

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