A Nonviolent Civil Resistance Template to Remove the Enemy

In conflicts between a dictatorship, or other oppression, and a dominated population, it is necessary for the populace to determine whether they wish simply to condemn the oppression and protest against the system. Or, do they wish actually to end the oppression, and replace it with a system of greater freedom, democracy, and justice?

Many good people have assumed that if they denounce the oppression strongly enough, and protest long enough, the desired change will somehow happen. That assumption is an error… – Gene Sharp

The following is a proposed specific Template to Strategic Planning for Action to End  Tyranny (Enemy of the people) designed to fit the local conditions:

5 comments on “A Nonviolent Civil Resistance Template to Remove the Enemy

  1. Mulugheta T. on

    Hello Elias the GREAT (Keep it up!),

    Woyane’s ethnic cleansing policy will wipe out Amharas and Oromos step by step. Let us remove the snakes from the north before it is to late and they eliminate us totally. With a peaceful protest, we have reached nothing. It has rather led to an impasse. Only a violent means is the way that leads to our target. We must be ready to pay the price for it and there is no way around. Sacrifice is the price for liberation.
    Where is the diginity of our forefathers??????? ZERAF ZERAF YE ETHIOPIA ASHKER….

    A Peaceful Ethiopia will prevail

    • freedom on

      I will join you ethiopian brothers andd sisters. They are prepared and so shall we. I will lay down my life to.save Ethiopia from the enemy. It’s no secret no longer that TPLF wants to wipe out ethiopians. I will defend my ppl with homer till the end. When we get to the other side is What will settle up the score.

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