Dislodging Tyranny with Nonviolent Civil Resistance


Dictatorial Rule: Exercising absolute power.

Tyrannic Rule: Violating rule of law.

Fascistic Rule: Abusing the human rights of oppositions and perceived enemies.

To quote Gene Sharp, a researcher who has for many decades studied and written about the technique of nonviolent struggle:

The rulers of governments and political systems are not omnipotent (One having unlimited power or authority) nor do they possess self-generating power.

All dominating elites, Dictators, Tyrants, Fascists and all other Despotic Regimes depend for their sources of power upon the cooperation of the population and of the institutions of the society they would rule.

If people do not obey, rulers cannot rule

So we need not take over the State’s decision-making process (elections); we need not physically destroy the State’s coercive resources (violent resistance); instead we can win our freedom by striking at the heart of the State’s power, disrupting the patterns of cooperation and obedience on which it depends.

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