Court ordered Al Amoudi thugs to stop using ESFNA

A U.S. court ordered Al Amoudi thugs to stop using the name Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA) and any reference to it. After the ESFNA board kicked out the Woyanne-Al Amoudi cadres and thugs from the organization, they had received $2 million from Al Amoudi to organize a soccer tournament in Washington DC using the name ESFNA. They offered each of the soccer players $2,000 if they play with them, but so far, except for a few hodams, most of the players and all of the ESFNA’s 29 teams are going to Dallas, Texas, in July. Read below the ESFNA press release for more details about the court order:


Ethiopian Soccer Federation in North America, ESFNA, was granted a temporary restraining order (TRO) against ESFNAONE. The Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) directs ESFNAONE and its, officers, agents, servants, employees, attorneys and other persons who are in active concert or participation with ESFNAONE, to cease and desist from using the name ESFNAONE., ESFNA or any variant thereof of, or the slogan “Bringing All Ethiopians Together” or any variant thereof, any domain name containing “ESFNA” or any variant thereof to hold, promote, or sponsor any soccer tournament to be held in July of 2012 during the {www:pendency} of this Order.

Additionally, ESFNAONE was ordered to notify all persons and business with which it has dealt in connection with its announced soccer tournament to be held July 1-7, 2012, that it has no connection with ESFNA. Further, ESFNAONE was ordered to publicly announce that it has no connection with ESFNA and that it has not previously sponsored any soccer tournament.

Finally, the parties were ordered to appear in court on April 27, 2012 for a hearing on a Preliminary Injunction.

Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA): Bringing Ethiopians Together

ESFNA prides itself in creating a unique stage where Ethiopians of all background, ethnicity, religion and political convictions can come together to celebrate our long enduring unique heritage and the diversity that has become our strength through the millenniums.

Founded in 1984, ESFNA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote the rich Ethiopian culture and heritage as well as build positive environment within Ethiopian-American communities in North America. Its mission is bringing Ethiopians together to network, support the business community, empower the young by providing scholarships and mentoring programs, primarily using soccer tournaments, other sports activities and cultural events as vehicles. ESFNA, by virtue of its status is non-political, non-religious and non-ethnic. We adhered to this position all along because we are legally expected to take such a stance.

ESFNA Public Relation

65 comments on “Court ordered Al Amoudi thugs to stop using ESFNA

  1. joro on

    God bless America!! this is a free and civilized country!! everybody is under the rule!

    • Brook Haile on

      Yes, Ended one Down!! and will be Next. This a Big Victory to Every single Ethiopian around the World that money Power doesn’t work in the U.S.A, Justice served Accordingly.


  2. Anonymous on

    Elias, I hope you release the names of the hodam Ethiopians who have sold their souls for $2000.00 and KNOWINGLY joined the soulless TPLF and Almoudi soccer team.

  3. B.Tufa on

    Congratulations To ESFNA, and all Ethiopians!! This is conscious and pride win over money and power in its ugliest form!!

  4. terfe on

    The junta TPLF and Alamoudi must be in a deep sorrow and depression, since they have never known a country where there is justice and the law is above all. Alamoudi knows Saudi Arabia where there is no rule of law and Ethiopia where there is dictatorship and the leaders that he bought with his money. United States is a free country and a leading democratic nation in the world. This is not Ethiopia where you bend the rules the way you want them.
    Alamoudi and his hodam followers should know that there will be a law that will punish them in Ethiopia. Of-course Alamoudi will go to Saudi until he dies and follows the news what is happening to his servants Meles, Berket, and all the TPLF bandas.Go to hell TPLF.

  5. sami on

    Victory one, God bless ethiopia and ethiopians!!
    so we have to continue and deserve our victory!!!

    Long live ethiopia and ethiopians!!1

  6. Anonymous on

    The British descended into the Rupert Murdoch swamp currently because they gaged righteous causes like your’s (Al-Amoudin vs. Ethiopian Review) where the rich accuser easily had his way. The problem with Ethiopians is mostly ignorance. For 20 years, many have been covetous and admirer of Al-Amoudin’s wealth. Many volunteered as prostitutes and subservient to him. A real Christian would not accept a million dollar if you beg him because such worldly possession is simply not his lot (“Blessed are the poor” – Luke). We certainly have come a long way. The blame must therefore fall on all those who have been clamoring for his handouts. Our society in general: the church, school, media, family, community – failed.

    • Ahadu on

      The problem with Ethiopians is mostly ignorance. For 20 years, many have been covetous and admirer of Al-Amoudin’s wealth. Many volunteered as prostitutes subservient to him

      Mr anonymous it seems that you are on drug and lives in the fantasy world to start your comment by saying the problem with Ethiopians which are you refering about ? as far as i know the Arab tujar is only seen as woyanne looting machine since the start and all the other shows are only to cheat those who are easy to go along like Solomon Tekalegn and the fake ESFNA 1 which are very much hated by Ethiopians and be seen as traitors or belly boys and can you imagine what would happen to these sumhumans when Ethiopia prevails at last ? or you might be one of DLA piper appointee who does not have no clue about Ethiopians as long as your monthly allowance flows which is stolen from starving Ethiopian kids.

  7. Berhan on

    It is only right to meet these fascists and murderers on the battle field with bullets and tanks, not on a soccer field. No soccer with fascists and murderers.

  8. Ethiopian on

    Simply great. God bless America, British court ordered Elias to pay Al Amoudi violating Elias’ right of free speech while the US court ordered AL Amoudi and his entire entourage to know their limits regardless of Al Amoudi’s billions.

  9. Haqq on

    Kudos to those real fighters and shame on those traitors and HODAMS their day is numbering.
    Keep up the fight, God willing we shall win.

    Happy Ethiopian Easter

    Allah the Almighty bless Ethiopia

  10. Ittu Aba Farda on

    This is music to my ears and I am moved by it.

    Woyanes think they are let loose on unarmed and peace loving people back home and our diaspora to do whatever they want. This will tell them once again that they have failed in having everyone in their pockets by all means necessary. They forgot that no matter how poor and destitute our people are but they have children who are so courageous and heroic enough to stand up to this bully and his jemala child molester. They have looked at this midget and his financier eye to eye and told them bug off!!! Beat it!!! Get the steppin!!! I am inflating with pride now!!! I am proud of you ESFNA!!! I am singing to you my heritage Ittu War Song having your esteemed association in it!!!
    Brother Elias!!! What can I say about you? How can I thank you? You could have accepted some bread crumbs as some of these sellouts a long time ago and bow to this ugly midget from Dedebit but you decided to stand up to him and kept exposing his evils. That shows how you are raised. Hats off to you brother!!!

    You must have hit these stinking Woyanes right on their cactus sniffing nose. They are stinking the whole neighborhood with their dragon breath. Just reading through most of their comments, one can discover that they are suffering from a variety of ailments, inferiority complex being one of them. We can all and rightfully so expect that one of the cardinals of a democratic governance is transparency. Do Woyane stooges expect me and millions others to believe that unfettered transparency exists in Meles’ Ethiopia? Have they made EFFORT’s finances available and verified by independent auditors? President Obama today released his family’s tax returns for the last 12 years. Will Meles and his entourage make their finances for the last 21 years public? Ethnic politics share attributes of those ethnic based underworld societies. It is just like a crime family. You are not supposed to talk about family business with others outside the family. To such narrow minded mad men doing wrongs to others outside their ethnicity is not considered a sin or crime. That is why when I hear groups calling themselves liberation this and liberation that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I don’t want to be liberated alone when my neighbor is not. I want to be liberated together with everyone around me. Otherwise it will be temporary one and it will not take too long before my own liberators turns their trained guns against me. You don’t want me to give you examples about that. If you do I can give you tons of samples to prove that to you. They have transitioned from munching cactus to choosing between filet mignon and rib roast. That is why they have become so murderous. They have been moving everything up north that you can hear a pin drop in whole Tigray. The problem there is indigestion. Go figure!!!!

    • peace on

      The so called Liberation fronts have demonstrated to us: it benefits the few where under the name of ethnicity they enrich themselves under the backs of others. If they liberate themselves by standing on their foot, then fine and dandy. Their hipocracy is staggering. They didn’t do their homework enough that without studying the economy of their region, they raise arms for secession. Mind you, until this day there is no party merely to bring justice for their people, what they are demanding is beyond that and that is secession that will create devestation to the region. They think they are immune to it but they are not. That is why the idea of secession did not come from those brainwashed Liberation Fronts. The idea came from outside and Shaebia to push their agenda.

  11. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    little victory will bring more and bigger victory for Ethiopian!!!!

  12. Stoned Peter on

    TPLF has lost this week the Ethiopian side scored two when TPLF led Tigrean republic lost with zero point. The first score on the Ethiopian side was the winning of Eskendir being an award winner second they lost in the USA court. So that must be the sign of starting of their ending. Elias please tell for ESNA or for the legitmate Ethiopian north American soccer association to bring a reverse claim for the damage these idiots brought to the real organization, financially as well as social damage including the spent money to defend these idiots work that will bring another blow to these idiots. Because they will not have left over money take all the money they brought from the bastard so people like them will learn for the future they are not living in TPLF led Ethiopia rather they live in the greatest land of USA so please take all the money they got from there bastard master it will be good if they are bankrapted for good. I want see them begging in the streets of DC saying please buy me lunch. Anyway I do not think if they have they money at this moment they might have used for their drink and eating habits.

  13. Alula Yemesker on

    You think this is a victory? You done all bad things and this is the last resort you have? Shintam hula.
    Woyane is real man with double pants. You on the other hand sold your soul and pants for hamburger.

    Woyane does not dance at every bit; rather woyane thinks 10 times before doing one strike in your ass. When it does, it is so effective you even forget your mother’s name.
    So, please band over to Woyane and suck it till you vomit.

    • Anonymous on

      Every time, every word that comes out from you is Evil that takes pride in human misery. I doubt it, but if there are some Ethiopians out there, who do not know how woyanes talk and act, Alula Yemesker is one example that explains the mind of evil woyanes. May the loving God that give justice in his own timetable, give you, Meles and the rest of TPLF thugs what you deserve.

    • Ethiopian on

      Yegna Alula, you re a symbolic woyane, tesadabi, tenkolegna ena achberbari. First, please do yourself a favor and get rid off the name Alula, that’s too heavy for you. He was a military general who got in trouble with his own King for acting so quick to defend Ethiopia when he attacked the Italians the minute they set a foot on our land. He was a patriotic Ethiopian whose skeleton in the grave is suffering because of you people who are destroying the very country he died for. You are the Shintam one with a Shintam leader Meles who prohibits birds not to fly around when he departs from his palace to the Airport. May his departure be forever. You might feel you ‘re too strong to fail, but that’s your weakness, you have never been as strong as Mengistu, but he failed too. For God’s sake, even the Roman Empire failed and we all know what happens to people who have sticked with a regime that oppressed its people, a regime slotted to face a destructive failure. You will face justice not only in this life but even in the after life for the life of millions who directly and indirectly affected by you. May God raise His Hands of punishment upon you.

    • Desasa on

      Ya Alula, you are ashamed of your own real name and chose a real hero’s name. That is ok because that is what bandas do. Your father sold all other heroes to fascist Italy because he was washing their feet and allowed your mom to sleep with them in “respect of a white guest”. Now thanks to Shabia and thanks to all Ethiopians who refused to fight for Derg you guys came to power. You drunk so much blood and even if you are forced out of your power you have no where to hide. Unless you go back to Italy and this time give them yourself because your mom is not around. So mr. Banda, you said Woyane thinks ten times? Thinks with what? All other people think with their brains. Woyane does not have any. So how does he think?
      You just sit and eat your ambasha until you are thrown in the garbage with rats. Even Gadaffi ruled longer than Woyane, but did you see what happened to him. One slap on one cheek, one bullet hole in the back of his head and he was gone. That is how dictators end up. And you guys think you are going to be there for ever, it must be a nice dream until we wake you up.

    • peace on

      Alula was a great Tigrayan leader who defeated Italians among the rest of Ethiopians. He didn’t say my ethnic this my ethnic that. The problem with you is even though I agree with emancipating your people, TPLF has always been the bad news for ethiopia. If you claim to liberate yourself then why no liberate yourself and why bleed the rest of Ethiopian people. This indicates TPLF by its first inception was flawed. Since that is a failure you unjustifiably are bleeding Ethiopia in every way possible. Because you have done so bad and now fear is buidling up so by anymeans to save yourself you will have to increase your crimes in hopes to dominate without challenge that is driven by fear and also intoxicated by wealth and power. This is psychological mind that creates cycle of violence and TPLF trapped itself in this. Yet, the Ethiopian people we know have been forgiving, this is only to protect the few greedy TPLFites that are afraid of justice in case this happens. Tigrayans have also put themselves in danger with their other brothers and sisters by taking lands from Gonder and Wollo, this by default you are setting yourself for enemies thus it is forsure Tigrayans have to accept this by creating enemies. Because of this Tigrayans are now staunch supporters even the majority for the protection of tPLF to protect them. This is dangerous even for long term. The development states TPLF is setting is getting rid of any threat coming from the rest of Ethiopia to protect Tigray. Which to bring the Oromos and Amaras, especially Amara’s population at 6%? Really? TPLF has to do genocide to do this. But secretly also forcing them into slavery to Arab countries, or kicking them out of the country where most are dying in ocean before reaching ashore. I hope the Amaras and Oromos organize to stop this, not necessarity against Tigrayns because they are ignorant, but to force them to come to their senses because the Amaras will not stand and watch their pop reduce. Ironically, due to TPLF’s secrecy, they are slowly doing this depopulation but they sometimes get exposed as what we have seen the story of Alem Dechasa.

  14. jimpqul on

    That day is very near;the day on which Al Amoudi is sent back to where he was incubated and hatched out.This is the victory for all of us to tell the enemy’s agent Al Amoudi better he knows Ethiopians who they are what they can do to whomever is coming in their way.Oh,ya! The final blow on Al Amoudi is approaching like a sprkling lightening to strike on the head.Message has been sent to him to live our farmers and children alone,just alone,or else comes something on him from every conrner of the lands he is now distroying and contaminating.Leave,leave our country and stay where you should stay,this is a message in short words.

    • Belay on

      I would also say to the Saudi Arabian Sheik Alamoudi – LEAVE! LEAVE! OUR COUNTRY ETHIOPIA WE DON’T NEED YOU!

  15. Why? on

    What’s wrong with us as a people and as nation? Why are we heartless and thriving off our humiliation? Why we don’t have concern when hundreds of thousands thrown in prison? Why are we silent when famine is running rampant? Why are we allowing these ruthless and barbaric thugs to rule? Why are we indifference when hundreds of peaceful demonstrators indiscriminately massacred? Why is it possible to fight among each other, when we are all labeled terrorists? Why are we waiting for the complete extermination and inhalation of each other from the face of the earth?

    The worst embracing and dysfunctional Human beings.

    • peace on

      I agree. Amazingly the story of Alem Dechasa did not even move the diaspora. If you are in diaspora, you have less to fear but the silence is staggering. This is really worrisome for the future of Ethiopia. I believe the most of the mainstream diaspora want others to sacrifice so that they can go back and say ha Ethiopia still exists and i can go have my vacation! I was truly shocked that the diaspora is not affected by Alem Dechas’s story, or the 45000 women who will be shipped for slavery soon! I would expect the diaspora to quickly gather information send this to international community to stop this slavery. Ethiopians (diaspora) have so much great case to challenge TPLF but they chose not to. I understand not everyone passion is the same. Some would like to solve the case professionally, some are passionate. By taking every issue that is devastating to Ethiopia we can challenge in professional manner to ask TPLF to stop this. We should always give peace and negotation a chance before throwing temper tantrum. sometimes our reaction because of love for our country could get Ethiopia in danger because TPLF and Alamoudi do revenge on Ethiopia in order to retaliate from our emotions. That is why Diaspora must be vigilant and active but not by attacking but demanding to stop and sending letters, etc. Then when there is no response we can take our case to international community, then the final option will be strong campaign against what is happening, such as boycott, so on.

  16. Anonymous on

    Congratulations All My Ethiopian Brothers and Sisters! God Bless Ethiopia and the USA!

  17. zimita on

    This is just a temporary restraint order.Hold your temporary jubilee for now but you got be ready for a long time depression too.This is not a place where one is forced to participate in any event that he or she is not comfortable with.Esfana can not and will not bring all Ethiopian together any more .It has been politicized since the organization choses Birtukan an honer of guest.It should stay away from any politicaly inolving individuals.We could honor and celeberate the honerable Birtukan who genuniley devoted in changing Ethiopian politics to a better and democratic ways.But not in Esfana.At the same time those individuals who contribute a lot for Esfana should be given a respect if not admired and honored.But That is not what happen to Sheik Alamoudi who has no vested intersest other than helping Esfana.Just because he was assumed to be advocater of the ethiopian government he was butchered by all kinds of words.Speaking honestly I have never seen the governments politics influencing the event held by esfana annualy.We all go there watch soccer,partying and having fun with our beloved ethiopins brother and sisters.
    Trust me if esfana losses thier case at court they will come up with a different name and will rally lots of people behind them and will have thier own event any day and place.
    The ugliness of daiaspora politics is not going to stop at ESFANA iT IS poisoning churches,individual businesses and private lifes.
    So please lets stand up and say enough is enough.
    Happy Easter

    • peace on

      But that is what you don’t get. ESFNA is the HARD WORK of the Ethiopian diaspora not Ethiopian government! ESFNA can do what ever it wants with its organization of course with the agreement of Ethiopians in the diaspora in the democratic society of USA. This is not Ethioipa! So how can you say ESFNA should not chose Birtucan as guest in the U.S? This deal is between Birtucan and ESFNA not Ethiopian government. ESFNA is BELONGS to the Ethiopians in the diaspora. What ever the decision should be by voting of Ethiopians in the diaspora. Why does TPLF puts its nose where it doesn’t belong unless it is paranoid? It is paranoid even outside of Ethiopia. But I give them two thumps up that they are suceeding big time which indicates the weakness of the diaspora that even in the democratice society, we still want to be enslaved by TPLF which we have left behind. It is nobody’s fault but our own for TPLF illegally control us in the diaspora. Shame on us is all I can say.

  18. HG19 on

    It’s an Easter Present!!!!

    Justice won!!!!
    VIVA Ethiopians!!!

  19. Aariam Aaron on

    Happy Easter Elias first and this is my happy day from you.Thanks and god blees Ethiopia from Weyane evil.

  20. Kebede on

    I am not going to Dallas or Washington DC. I rather send the money to the needy than spend it at this soccer fiasco.

    • Why? Is it because woyanes are evicted from the Ethiopian Soccer Team? Ethiopians beware! Woyanes will do everything under the sun to destroy the new and the real Ethiopian Soccer Federation.

  21. Wey'Gud on

    The beginning of the end of the weyane and time its evil tentacles get chopped off wherever it raises its ugly & stunk-up heads.

  22. abraham alem on

    All of you that are against the Ethiopian unity are talking a lot. Weyane is the best that happened to Ethiopia in a long time and all Weyane needs to bring you back to support him is just start a war with Eritrea and you will forget all the complaints you have against weyane and be ready to support weyane. So we know you Amharas, just keep bluffffffing.

    • Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

      the best thing to whom? if you are WOYANNE I, am sure you are and looting Ethiopia boon dray then yes it is the best thing to happen to you from KUNTY LEKAME to controlling 85 million people,and enslaving our women and selling our land,yes that is the best thing to you and to your kind and tplf…but it want last when that day comes I, don’t want to be you and your likes.
      and about Amahara you should ask your ancestors thy will tell you a lots more than me cos i don’t have the time or the patient to tell you even if i do you would not understand it so it is west of my time…

      Cort order, Ethiopians are the winners.

  23. Semere Haile on

    Way to go, yes Amhara only talks from the comfort of U.S.A, they never fight, never fought in the history of Ethiopia. So I say keep bluffing Amhara, but know this Ethiopia will be ruled by tigrayans forever or there will be no Ethiopia as you know it.

    Long live TPLF.

    • Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

      you are not Ethiopian why are you taking in this forum.
      why don’t you go to dedebit or at least igaforum and express your TPLF pride but not for long… oh Amahara, go and ask your grand mom or your grand father they will tell you.and pleas com and tell us.we will like to know what you have learn about Amahara…

      Long live Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • peace on

      Wow, this shows, the whole TPLF Tigrayans supporting even Alamoudi, oh yes, it is about TPLF after all. I am not even Amara, even I know about the heorism of Amaras, do you? Go to international museums and libraries and you will see the war they fought against invaders. So it is ego then that burns you with jealousy that to be recognized as Amaras. But you lost your chance of ruling properly, even better than Amaras when you crawled in Addis Ababa. For many years Ethiopians gave you a chance yet, you lost and now you fEAR is driving you to destroy Ethiopia because you have failed. To think that you can rule as 20% of the population out of 70% of amras and Oromos is a joke. Go read many evidence of the heroism of ORomos and Amaras, you can’t destory what the international community knows. Shame on you and your ignorance.

  24. Eyob Gebre on

    Long live TPLF. Amhara please shut up and appreciate what weyane did for you. You guys are only talks. Amhara never fight but are tigers on paper and lions in a theater. So keep your mouth shut and be led by Tigrans forevvvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrr.

  25. Gezaee H. on

    Good news; It is not good to attempt to manipulate the entire nation from within and out using Wohabism money from Saudi Arabia. Ethiopians must know, muslim or christian, Al-mouldi is funded by Arab King to bribe every Ethiopians to become Muslim. I do not mind if Ethiopians choose to become Mulsims by choice? but to make every Ethiopians by throwing or bribing with Wohabism money is nasueating. It is bad TPLF ended up becoming an agent of Islam Wohabism. Very bad, it is good they lost it all. They made many Ethiopians suffer, home is not enough and went out of Ethiopia to do their dirty bribing and corrupting job. Anything that is based on solicitation by bribery is destined to fail.

    Bravo those who stood for their rights.

  26. Hamza on

    This is very catastrophic for the TPLF/ Alamudi totalitarian regime. Long live Ethiopia!!!

  27. abraham alem:

    We know that Amhara teach you how to eat and wear cloths soon you will pay the price and you go back to the jangle. kektfo wede belese

  28. Anonymous on

    The day Al-Amoudi controlled St. George soccer team, very symbolic, the day he forrayed into the heart and soul of Ethiopian sport, all this incredible development should have been expected. Al-Amoudin, Al-Queda and the Wuhabist are totally different from the indeginious peaceful Ethiopian muslims. What did you expect from the snake when you sang his name for over two decades. Someone who knew Al-Amoudi during the last days of Dergue era, when he ran his company, said that he would spit in his drink and dared his subordinates to sip from it. Some did. This bit of good news about ESFNA is the result of this last cycle of fasting of Tinsaye where Christ vanquished the devil. If you pray, help your needy wegen, fast more and make peace with fellow Ethiopian and neighbours, the fat cat, err zendo, woeyane, barbaric Arabs, metetenga Hindus would be gone soon in a spectatular way.

    • peace on

      We don’t get. The main orchestrator of this Muslim expansion, Foreign land grabbing, selling women and orphans to Arab countries and West, begging the Western Evengelists for the conversion of Ethiopians into Evangelism unnaturally, begging for the conversion of Ethiopians into Wahabism Islam, etc. is all the work of TPLF. Why do you think that because they are in desperate situation, unless they divide the people in pieces of slices and eventually to civil war and disintegration, the TPLF will not survive. That is why TPLF is opening every door for outside to destroy Ethiopia because of fear and what will happen to them if they lose control. It is very obvious.

  29. Anonymous on

    Happy Easter to all peace loving Ethiopians who live in and outside of Ethiopia!
    May the Loving God destroy subhuman morons like #16, #24, #27, #28 and the rest of heartless woyanes who don’t have an ounce of care or respect for human life and who also believe Democracy is not possible without bloodshed. May you all rot in Hell for eternity!

  30. Ittu Aba Farda on

    To all my Christian brothers and sisters!!!
    I would like to use this platform to wish you all a Happy Holiday!!! Christ(Isa) is all divine to us all who we are eagerly awaiting his 2nd coming on the Day of Judgment. I believe religion is one that helps us live in peace and harmony. I see myself first of all as a proud Ethiopian with an Oromo heritage who happens to profess the religion of Islam. Let’s use this opportunity to pray humbly asking the Almighty to reign on all evil hatching forces so our people will live in peace and harmony!!! We have demonstrated for centuries in that we have lived in peace until some foreign trouble makers used scabs right among us to divide us into senseless blood-letting. Those scabs have saddened The Almighty and his rage is (will be) upon them!!!

    Happy Holiday!!!!

    • Asmarino on

      Brother ITTU ABA what a heartfelt yet simple message to humanity.I am Eritrean we have accepted Islam & Christianity centuries ago willingly with all our hearts not only do we accept & respect each other religion more than that we celebrate each other religion for the simple reason happiness of your fellow country man is your happiness because you belong to the same household(COUNTRY).PEACE & LOVE from Eritrean

    • peace on

      Kudos to you Ittu,

      You sure are one of a kind. The so called Jawar of OLF and some but not all are traitors of Ethiopia or their Oromo brothers and sisters. They are collaborating to betray Ethiopa and their Oromo people. I am still dumb founded why the mainstream Oromos who want to live in peace and harmony along with other ethnic groups are not forming their own moderate party to work with the rest of Ethiopia. Of course such idea maybe detrimental for OLF and TPLF and outsiders because this indicates democracy. Don’t get me wrong, Amaras also hide behind the mainstream Ethiopian think business as usual. I will say it is their delusional. They should come out and open their eyes and understand what Ethiopia is after all and build coalition with Oromos. Most of all, these two groups must be leaders to bring Tigrayans to open their eyes and come with the rest of Ethiopians. Even Oromos and Amaras must be even the bigger person to forgive TPLF but of course it has to be dismantled at the same time and let democracy rule. That is why the Amaras and Oromos must assure this to Tigrayans or TPLFites because I believe such atrocities that TPLF are doing on Amaras and Oromos are due to fear for what will happen to them if they are weakened. However, at the same time, the Amaras and Oromos must not be fooled for the second time after 1991 by trusting the TPLF or OLF. Their demand should be, everyone is welcome but OLF and TPLF and ONLF should be dismantled.

      • Ittu Aba Farda on

        I am beginning to the light in that long-lived tunnel where harmonious and peace-loving people like me are being heeded across the spectrum in our community. I believe there was oppression of ethnic identity and culture in Ethiopia before and it has been satisfactorily done away with since 1974. I believe that the absence of human and democratic rights back home is shared by all nationalities and it can only won only when the struggle is waged under one multi-national organization. This is can take a form of united front or a cohesive party. When we see our brothers and sisters of the Afar are being mistreated of evicted from their land we should all be united in standing against such acts. When I, an Oromo hears that poor Amhara families are brutally evicted from their homes and farms the lived on for several years, I should not look the other way by saying “These Amharas are my former tormentors and oppressors” because they are not my enemies by any stretch of imagination. The regime is tormenting us all. I am not free until my neighbor is also free. I can’t enjoy my meal knowing my neighbor and his children are going to bed hungry. That is why I was encouraged to see Kemal Gelchu condemning the recent eviction of poor Amhara families from Gura Ferda. Our peoples have intermingled with each other culturally by way of songs, marriage, economy and all other ways of daily lives for centuries that they have become vital organs to each other. One, no matter how big or small, can not survive without the other. This is the cardinal truth. Any alternatives will only lead to destruction and mayhem beyond description. Those who pursue the road to liberate this or that nationality alone are dominion seekers who are in the business carving out a territory so they can loot and shoot at will. I can give you all perfect examples. That is why I have opted to live in peace and harmony with people like you and Brother Elias even though I may not be that fluent in your language or you may not also speak my Oromiffa al all. There a lot more to gain in unity than what we can lose in disunity. If I am wrong in this then so be it. Some people may say I am a dreamer. So what? What a nice and achievable dream!!!!!

        • Thanks for answering some of my questions. This is a new beginning/era to start and find the middle ground to work together.

          “What’s wrong with us as a people and as nation? Why are we heartless and thriving off our humiliation? Why we don’t have concern when hundreds of thousands thrown in prison? Why are we silent when famine is running rampant? Why are we allowing these ruthless and barbaric thugs to rule? Why are we indifference when hundreds of peaceful demonstrators indiscriminately massacred? Why is it possible to fight among each other, when we are all labeled terrorists? Why are we waiting for the complete extermination and inhalation of each other from the face of the earth?”

          We all have to live in peace and harmony with each other

  31. goffzic on

    Can you all imagine how Al Amoudi behaves and reacts when this criminal is ordered to stand for a trial on charges that will be laid against him in the court when free freedom comes in Ehiopia?

    What the sons and the daughters of Ethiopia achieved a victory over Al Amoudi and his filthy agents is commendable and will encourage other Ethiopians to further intesfy the struggle against the enemy in every corner.Al Amoudi is a walky-talky of Zinawi’s regime as others,Jamal and his likes are to Al Amoudi.

    This,hitting the enemy with justice head-on is a combined force exerted by Ethiopians that now crippled the stealing hands of Al Amoud’s extensions.On a largescale, charges brought on Al Amoudi are outstanding and shall remain active until the court is adjourned.

  32. ourffifa on

    Bless Ethiopians for saving ESFNA.Al Amoudi failed! Cheers!

    Thanks for all Ethiopians who have been making efforts in saving the bridge that was built to connect millions of Ethiopians to Ethiopians,living and working allover the world and accross the globe through tradition,culture,sports,history,and etertainment and friendship.We are not content with the victory gained over Al Amoudi and his Agents who attempted to disconnect global Ethiopians from homeland Ethiopians.

    Zinawi failed, too because the tools he used to destroy the bridge broke.Such distructive motive and desire by the key players,Zinawi,Al Amoudi to destroy everything and anything of Ethiopians and Ethiopia is one among from the many plans.45,000 little and young girls and women of different ages have been picked up from villages,churces,towns,schools,cities,and playgrounds and have been shipped out to customers in Saudi Arabia for consumtions.The who is who in this illegal business from Saudi side,Al Amoudi and from the cruel regime side,Zinawi will benefit millions of dollars whereas Ethiopians will bear the huge cost;of course,Zinawi and Al Amoudi will pay the price.Ethiopians,keep the fight keep the faith.

  33. Anonymous on

    The former radio personality Negussie of Washington, D.C area, Solomon Tekaleng (musician), Endale Tufer (one of the origional founders of ESFNA), Henok and Abegaz (musicians), Mulugeta Asrate-Kassa (a diplomat in Ireland) are just a few of the sell outs who accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars each from either Al-Amoudin or TPLF. The modus operandi started way back when Al-Amoudi enticed the likes of Tilahun Gessese. Each one of these people owe the Ethiopian people the full amount plus interest for accepting a looted, bloody and money that was taken away from the starving and needy. Al-Amoudi and TPLF have snake agents in every cities of the world. If Al-Amoudi were to visit your city and throw a party there, his agent would fill the guest list with Woeyanes, Hodams, Eritreans and those who could care less about the plight of the country. Watch out for certain radio and press personalities; they are squatters waiting to be noticed and bought by Al-Amoudin/TPLF. ER must publish the names from all cities.

    • peace on

      How we are being fooled is that Alamoudi profits from source of Ethiopia, that belongs to Ethiopians while creating poverty and destitution in Ethiopia. At the same time, he get credit for it when he supports few Ethiopians. It is good marketing for himself. Ethiopoians who support him are acutally insulting themselves by praising him making themselves dependent on this guy who claims to be Ethiopian which he still have to show proof of citizenship. For Ethiopians who support him, this is embarssing for you. You could have generated your own wealth by creating job (for diaspora as well) without expoliting your land and your people. You demonstrated yourselves as one lazy and slave by not standing for yourself not just making yourself prosper but also the country prosper and expect this guy who just appeared to feed you and look for a hand out. Especially TPLF who is incompetent totally rely on Alamoudi.

  34. peace on

    First we should say VIVA for U.S. However, let us not be too hasty and rest. I am sure they are scheming the next step and watch for the hawks Piper groups. Dviding the Ethiopian people in diaspora is shame. If Alamoudi cared since he controlled the Soccer federation in Ethiopia, Ethiopia should have passed for African cup because they could train very well since Alamoudi has money and can maintain the teams of Ethiopa strong. However, Ethiopian team players are the worst than they ever been before or even under Mengistu. This tells you, Alamoudi is not serious about Ethiopia nor he cares. The never he had that now he wants to control ESFNA?

  35. Anonymous on

    Ethiopiayaye nuri. There is nothing bigger than accepting One’s mistakes and learning not to repeat again. It is easier to point finger at someone. However….have ONE tried to tell them the right things when they did wrong in the first place? Even when writing comments. Let us teach each other and break some foreign habits.

    Peace and Good health for all of us.

  36. Mesfin Felleke on

    Elias: You call yourself a journalist or a writer of any sort when you are incapable of decifering facts from fiction. Your readers are as morones are you are. It took me one second of reading to figure out how idiotic you are and are wasting the opportunity to use this incredible medium of outreach to teach the public.

    Thank you.

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