Discussion in Atlanta on transnational council – today


Former Unity University President and founder Dr. Fisseha Eshetu will come to Atlanta to discuss the current state of affairs in Ethiopia and his involvement in the preparation to establish Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC) on Sunday, April 22, 2012.

Ethiopian Review editor Elias Kifle will join Dr Fisseha in the discussion.

You are cordially invited to participate in the the public meeting.

DATE: Sunday, April 22, 2012
TIME: 1:30 PM (Please arrive on time.)
LOCATION: Decatur Library, 215 Sycamore Street, Decatur, GA
For further info: (678) 369-3682 (ENTC) or EtNTCatlanta@gmail.com

24 comments on “Discussion in Atlanta on transnational council – today

    • Jawisaw on

      you can Afford it . LooL it is bettre for you to think inviting Dinner After we get rid Meles Zenawi

  1. Yobel on

    This is unbelievable to form a transitional gov without reaching the mass population of the Ethiopian community how would it be posible….you guys organizers or leaders you must post this kind of crucial issues with forwarding able to friends & contacts to flyers & random mailing to Ethiopians is a must and a proper duty.Ethiopia is not a company it’s a big nation,whether we like it or not what is true always shines and thrive. Let those who are in the wrong side squander .We should make this news spread in text email flyers & every communication method. All Ethiopians have this responsibility .Ethiopia is crying Ethiopia is bleeding ….Ethiopia needs each one of us to rid this parasite which is eating her alive. It’s not a call a feast it’s a call of citizenship ….it’s a call of a motherland ….it’s a call of humanity …it’s a call of justice ….it’s a call of culture & morality. Ethiopia will prevail by her strong & dedicated child’s.

    • Lela on

      It’s funny always that you don’t make your old brain work properly. You gonn’ srow the current gavernment of ethiopia while you eating Macdonal. What a stupite guys you are. Do you know how many galent fighters gave their life for this to happen. Learn first to enter poletics in Ethiopia, we are not talking about holywood here. Ethiopia, big huge country in Africa.

      • Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

        Dear lela
        what gallant fighters are you talking about? you mean the mercenaries who are in power.there is a lots of thing you don’t know,you are taking from inflated ego.you think they bet DERGU, no cos Ethiopian people give up from DURG. they did not think your TPLF mercenaries will be the worst thing in history. so pleas hold your horse.

        But you should be scared now you weak a sleeping giant…

        • Ezana from Toronto on

          Ere Jignaw:-) Are you part of this one too? How many transitional this transitional that were you part of in the past. Before one materializes to become a government in Ethiopia, another one of these transitional governments shows up somewhere sometimes, all in the USA. You guys watch too much American TV. It ain’t work like that in Africa, bro. First: you go into the mountains with guns. Score some victories, possibly a painful one on the government; then you ask for negotiations. Maybe Professor Efrem jumps in to broker a deal. Then, the government may consider even to listening to you, even to you,Jignaw Ethiopiawe. Oh, my bad, you are still here in America. You have no army, no victory and you want to take power from the government? We are not talking about any government; we are talking about an African government, one that has no intentions of giving up power as if it inherit it from his momma. This is just a brotherly advice: learn from OLF or ignore me and keep calling me Hodam Amhara. Damn, how could I be Hodam when I work out every single day. You know what, jegnaw, I got six-pack. I am not talking about beer.

          Good day

          Ezana from Toronto

    • Hirut on

      Thank you Yobel. I am dimayed just as you are on this one. I also feel this is a bit pompous to say the least. Who do this people think they are that they can form a government in exile and hope one day to jump into power if and when the opportunity arise. The 80 odd million of people in Ethiopia are expected to welcome that? What this also reveals we are just going in circles when it comes to power and governance in Ethiopia. In other words, gulicha bilewawetu wet ayatafetem new negeru.

      Replacing TPLF with another unelected and undemocratic lot is not going to change the fate of the people of Ethiopia. In fact it is going to make it worse, as we would have to wait yet again for them to feel their greedy belly first.

      The first point of any political party should be to show even now, what they can do differently to change our rotten politics. How can we install institutions that respects the right of citizen, education to the youth, health care, development of women and so on. These are the issues I want to hear discussed, not who is going to jump on power. That is no good to anyone in Ethiopia.

      • Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

        it is not about politics any more it is for the survival of a nation.
        what ever it is you decay es your self to be.there may not be any gulch by the time you wake up from your slumber.
        if you really are concern why don’t you be part of the solution,rather than con doming. be pare of it and lead.

        there are many educated full they think they know.

        • Hirut on


          In answer to your rather impolite comment, first of all how do you know that I am not trying to be the solution? so, one problem solved is we need to stop assuming anything. Secondly, “you said it is not about politics anymore but saving the nation” how do you save the nation without out politics? That is complete nonesense. Everything on this planet is part and product of politics including religion.

          There are two fundmental problems with Ethiopian politics. Basic lack of the understanding of politics,; which is often manfested in these forums. 2. All to often we are blinded with emotions hence humper genuine debate about issue as insult and abuse becomes the weapon of the weak. Just because some one say something we like to hear, it don’t mean they are going to do it or have the best intention. 2ndly We fail to priortise what is in urgent need. As far as I can see what Ethiopians first and for most need is their basic right to be uphold. The right to food, work, education and free speech. We need to ensure we get these fundamental necessities right first. Then, every citizen is in a postion to choose and decide what is best for them-That is called informed decision. They do not need exile individuals to tell them what is best for them. You are right there are many educated fools but I can assure you I am not one of them and I certainly know what I am talking about, do you?

      • Surafel on

        Dear Hirut,

        I totally understand your skepticism and frustration. When I heard about the Transitional Council, my first reaction was:Oh brother, yet another council in exile and we need it just as we need a bullet on the head. However, after attending one of the town hall meetings lead by Dr. Fisseha, my attitude towards the ENTC has changed and this is why:

        * ENTC is not a transitional government but a council whose sole purpose is to enable individual Ethiopians to empower themselves, that is to believe in themselves, that they are not as powerless as they think they are and they have it in them to bring about the necessary change in Ethiopia.

        * Dr. Fisseha is not going to negotiate power for himself or his associates by leveraging the council, rather the council is going to empower all Ethiopians so that they take their fate into their own hands and establish a freely elected representative government in Ethiopia.

        * This is a new concept. Our experience so far has been, there is a newly minted organization with a couple of individuals at the helm that will eventually morph into a political party with by laws and all nice sounding to-do lists and programs. The idea was that the individuals at the helm will have enough stature and fame and will somehow translate our dreams into reality. Well, we have seen how that worked out over the last twenty or so years. Dr. Fisseha’s concept is, instead of waiting for strong men to free us, let’s free ourselves instead, after all we were born free you know. And the first step to freedom is, each and everyone of us SHOULD STOP BEING AFRAID OF WOYANIE.

        * Believe it or not the best and most effective tool in Woyanie’s arsenal is our own fear. And they use it very effectively to the detriment of our people. If we are honest with ourselves, we all know individuals scared of attending protest rallies or political meetings because ..they have invested in a business, bought a house in Ethiopia or would like spend their vacation in Ethiopia in peace. And these are Ethiopians living in North America, Europe, Asia or Australia. A couple of days ago, I was horrified reading the comments on this blog, about boycotting Ethiopian Airlines. There was an individual musing that if we travel on a different airlines, Woyanie will know that we are boycotting EAL.

        * Like I said, this is a new paradigm and let’s not torpedo it from the outset. Let’s all get involved and let’s STOP BEING AFRAID OF WOYANIE. The difference between anyone of us and Eskinder Nega is, we are afraid of Woyanie and he is not. The difference between anyone of us and Reyot Alemu is, we are scared of Woyanie and she is not. Dr. Fisseha’s goal is to make all Ethiopians, both at home and abroad, at least half as brave as Reyot and Eskinder.



        • Thank you Surafel, now I do understand. It is true most of us are tied in fear. Did you realize that we create our own fear? yes we do this by thinking about negative outcomes to whatever it is that we want to do.

          If we can cause this feeling in oursef, it makes sense that we can also change it.

          How can we do this? well it has to be study comes up with a good guidance. Again Surafel, thank you for your explanation.

        • Andinet!!! on


          Fiseha himself is a coward who failed to have to voice the simplest of the concerns and miseries of the Ethiopian people. In fact he used to harras his staff at Unity who were active members of the opposition during his time as president of Unity College. He should first apologise for this. I can even give names of those he used to harras and intimidate; In one instance he even commissioned thugs to attack Dr Nigat Asfaw, now top official of Andinet party following a court case which he lost.

          Dear Surafel beleive me there is absolutely nothing new in Fiseha’s idea. He just always wants to be in the limelight. He could simply join the many civil society forums already doing that.

          If he has truly changed and wants to contribute to the freedom struggle he must learn how to work with others.

    • Anonymous on

      Jegnaw Ethiopiawe
      again you come on as if you are the best thing since slice bread.”I” Certainly know what i am talking about,do you?” that is your problem..
      knowing and doing are two different thing all i heir is talking.you see you want respect but you have no respect.you think you are holier than thaw.learn to relate with the poor down threaded every day people of Ethiopia.
      and i am not telling you this out of the thine air.have you seen a woman/a child reaped there is nothing you can do to save that child or to be evicted on your land over night.but if you have a chance to rescue that child,that little girls are you going to wait for some one to save them.that is where i am coming from when i said it is not about politic any more it the survival of a nation.
      so forgive me if I am not accepting your rhetoric.
      and one last ting,I,am a warrior i don’t like politics.I am a defender.
      I hope you know the deference between politics and a warrior is!!!

      • Hirut on

        Once again, you are making all sorts of assumption about me and making the whole argument personal. No need. Let us stick to the issue at hand which was ” transnational council”. Is is good, bad, helpful not helpful.This is the issue here, and that is where my comments resides on. So, how do you jump into defending women and children who are being raped? did you saving them? you say, you are a worrior. or your idea of worriorism is communicating irrelevant and unsubstatiated politics although you state you are not into politics while fully immersed by it.

        You accuse me of not relating to the poor.For your information, I am very much related to the poor cause I am one of them! but, I don’t pretend to be their solution,So, really who is on rethoric here? my dream and hope is for every Ethiopian is to be able to stand up for his or her own right and I have no doubt that day would come, no matter what!!!

        All I am saying is,In the mean time we have to think of pratical stuff that would lead into getting a lasting solution to our problem of governance. So to start with encourage and enable citizens in Ethiopia to form all sorts of civil societies by any means necessary. do they need financial and material assistance? That is when we come handy, mobilse to get that help for them which they will also appreciate, but tell them you are a transitional council, they will laugh at you.

        • Andassa on

          Hello to all patriotic Ethiopians.

          I also thought that the idea of a transitional council at this time was premature. But, after I read Prof. Alemayehu Gebremariam’s article “Ethiopia: The Bridge on the Road(map) to Democracy“, http://www.ethiopianreview.com/index/37501, I am convinced it is necessary. In a few words, the objective of a transitional council is ensuring whatever replaces the current rulers will be one that represents all people and one that accepts the peoples’ right to elect their government. The transitional council will make sure that one dictatorship is not replaced by another.

    • Waka on

      it is long over due of forming a transitional Govt as woyanne does not have not a single support except its cadres and security apparat and besides we have to fast our struggle of dismantling the shifta gang and the transitional govt work is to minimize the chaos after 20 years miserable administration of looter group (thieves)and the transitional wing will hunt down the woyanne actors around the globe like German nazi who has been scattered around the planet till the day to day ,well if you over estimate of woyannes might you are wrong and the expectation from the peoples like you would be atleast to be part of boycott and to look to other alternatives of helping your families home rathe than using the money transfer like western union or money gramm other wise you are helping those partasites as you call tnem against the Ethiopian peoples. That is the least that each freedom loving Ethiopian can do and respect those that sacrifise giving Ethiopian one way or another (Dr Fisseha is a very articulated gentleman as of Elias Kifle our hero.

      good day and good luck

      • ymb on

        While I am with you all on the need to have a new democratic government but I do not believe in some of your approachs to achieve this goal. More specialy trying to choke the economy by boycotting will hurt the people more than it will hurt the government. Example Zimbabwe. So much sanctions and boycotting by the international community but Mugabe still there while the people are suffering.

  2. yebbo on

    The transitional council is only a start.

    Any political institution starts life by the initiation of one, two or three determined people with a vision. The rest is history. The great Republical party in the US, as well as the Democratic party were formed by two individuals. Look now where these parties are.

    ALL WE NEED IS determined individuals who lead the people. The people need a rallying point, a body to organise the mass uprising, give direction and leadership.

    The blood sucker woyane are sitting in ADDIS NOT BECAUSE THE Ethiopian people chose them or love them. they are there because they took the place over by force, they came carrying their guns.

    THE PEOPLE HAVE SHOWN THEIR CHOICE DURING THE 2005 ELECTION. If there is a democratic election tomorrow in Ethiopia, the woyane will not get a single vote.

    The transitional council is an answer to the people’s cry for help. the people will rally behind any force that unites them to remove the ethno-fascist woyane junta.

  3. Andinet!!! on

    It is good start Dr. Fisseha. ….

    I heard you have been talking about the advantage of unity to remove blood sucker Woyane. But, in some of your speaking you look like undermining the bold sacrifice of strong Ethiopian like Dr. Birhanu Nega and General Kemal Gelchu that has been atleast the severe sleepless sickness of savage Meles, affecting his cereblum for his imbalance to shook briskly with his Hodader Cadres!!!.

    This undermining judgement has harmful effect for the union of all political parties in particular and for the union of the people of Ethiopia in general. Pls avoid the type of assumption that my option is the only right and best solution way of thinking and start the best of starts through listening the previous starters and collaborating with these real Ethiopians. Pls take that I am not a member of any political parties.

    V 4 the people of Ethiopia!!

  4. Londoner on

    who? Dr Fiseha Eshetu-thank God if he has really regreted and changed. He is most welcome. About two years ago he went out in public and told the nation to stay away from politics. Word by word what he said was, ” poletica ena electric beruku new; ene selepolitica ayagebagnm” he shocked us then. And now all what he is proposing is in the political program of Ginbot 7 and even Andinet. Why not join them and strengthen what is already there rather than reinventing the wheel; It’s also absolutely the same with the movement led by the respected and courageous Obang Meto.

    From what I know of him, Fiseha is good at seizing opportunities and he definitely thinks this is one. There are many excellent forums doing exactly what he is saying right now; so the best thing for Fiseha and all other freedom loving Ethiopians to join the existing initiatives.

    The number one priority now is how we can overthrow the racist Meles government. Before we can work out the formula for that it would be naive to talk about transitional council.

    A better idea would be to talk about transforming yourself, Dr Fiseha!

  5. Andinet!!! on


    Fiseha himself is a coward who failed to have to voice the simplest of the concerns and miseries of the Ethiopian people. In fact he used to harras his staff at Unity who were active members of the opposition during his time as president of Unity College. He should first apologise for this. I can even give names of those he used to harras and intimidate; In one instance he even commissioned thugs to attack Dr Nigat Asfaw, now top official of Andinet party following a court case which he lost.

    • Surafel on


      Thank you for your kind reply. Please understand that I have no first hand knowledge of Dr. Fisseha’s past political stands. However, what I have is testimonials from his former students that he is a brilliant educator and that in each of the classes at UU, there were at least five or six scholarship students, that is students from poor families with promising academic aptitude that were getting a free university education. I believe that is commendable and praiseworthy. But like you said, if there were staff abuses and/or intimidation because of individual political beliefs, he owes it to his future would be supporters like myself to explain the circumstances.

      We all know that Dr. Fisseha has been working as a private entrepreneur under the TPLF rule for a number of years, but that doesn’t make him a defacto collaborator or a TPLF cadre. After all, Ethiopians who live in Ethiopia need to work under the TPLF rule no matter what.



      • Anonymous on

        Dear Surafel

        I want you tp know that I have absolutely no interest neither in personal attack or divertinng attention from the bigger issue of fighting for the very existence of Ethiopia. But truth is truth! Anyone is welcome to the struggle for liberation and freedom of the Ethiopian people-even top Woyane ministers if they really join the popular struggle on time. and I am happy Fiseha has joined the struggle.

        But from what I know of him and from how he has now approached the struggle, I have a serious and terribly disturbing concern that his obsession with being in the limelight would hurt the alliances already started and strengthned with some an unprecedented courageous political decisions. I homestly hope that would not happen-and everyone including Fiseha would be able to work togather rather than establishing forums after forums.

        And above all we must learn to apologize especially for our actions that hurted, disappointed, or sometimes reversed the struggle for freedom of the Ethiopian people. There is noreason why anyone should not do that for a genuine coperation or alliances. That’s the problem for example with Seye Abrah, Tamirat Layne who declined to apologise in public.

        Victory for the Ethiopian People!

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