ESAT event in Atlanta with Tamagn Beyene (video)

Artiste Tamagn Beyene in Atlanta

23 thoughts on “ESAT event in Atlanta with Tamagn Beyene (video)

  1. Addisu on

    It is very moving to see Tamagn speaking to Ethiopians. My father told me he used to know Tamagn very well in Ethiopia, specially at the Stadium “Gra Kinf”. He remembers him leading a protest against the Nigerian National soccer team after the humiliation of Ethiopian players in Nigeria. The Nigerian fans threw bread at Ethiopian players to insult all Ethiopians. Ethiopian fans threw eggs and stones at them when they came to Ethiopia. So my father is not surprised to see Tamagn being such an advocate and one of the great Ethiopians, he loved his country even before Woyane. And his friends at the time were from all Ethnic groups my father remembers all of them by name. God bless you Tamagn, we will see a free Ethiopia soon.

  2. Saba on

    If there is any one that is out there who claims that the TPLF is a democratic Ethiopian group you should be ashamed of yourself. Tamagn is just a great Ethiopian who can really kill that junta racist Tigre government with a speech like this one. This government should not even be in power for one day. They killed innocent Ethiopians, they robbed the country, they made us landlocked with any port, they gave our lands to outsiders, they tortured our brothers and sisters, they humiliated and disgraced our country our leaders and our people.

    They are the enemies of the country.
    They are here to destroy Ethiopia.
    They are here to destroy the Amharas, the Oromos, the somalis.

    Journalists, Writers, artists, students, farmers, teachers, moslems and every Ethiopian is under a gunpoint oppression and fear.

    There is no freedom, no democracy, no rule of law in our country.

    I honestly believe this racist government will be gone soon before it is too late.

    Bravo Tamagn. Bravo ESAT. Bravo the children of Ethiopia.

  3. Jegnaw on

    To my Ethiopian brothers and sister Tamang is doing his part.
    What are we doing our self, are we doing our part?DER BIABER ANBESA YASER.let us not just admire Taming let us be moved by his word by truth to do. let us challenge our self am i doing enough to help Ethiopia?

    To start boycott any woyanne and woyanne owned business hire in the USA and isolate any tplf in your churches and in your social circle….

  4. Tees a on

    Well, If you do not know Tamegn’s father , gerazimach Beyene was a well known patriot Aribegna in Gondar so yejegina Lij Jegina new. He is not a hodam kind of amehara

  5. Gezaee H. on

    Dear Saba,

    If we have to judge people for their credence? then Tamagn might have now become a good person, but he has his own history behind. He used to be the fan of hulum wede tor ginbar during derg time. He used to campaign for war in Tigray and Eritrea. I never heard Tamagn asking for democracy and for the right of the people in Tigray and Eritrea when derg was bombing them day in and day out for 17 and 30 years respectively.

    Who is Tamagn now to point finger? We need to be honest if we want to serve our country and our people. If Tamagn has to be given a second chance, then every body has to be given a second chance? this may include Mengistu Hailemariam himself should be given a second chance. It is only if we are all good and honest citizen that Ethiopia can benefit and every Ethiopian can live in peace.

    During his prime ages, Tamagn was a war monger like every body else. I only heard Tamagn becoming democract after leaving Ethiopia and after TPLF controlled Ethiopia.

    I do not hate any Ethiopian. But I do believe in all fairness and every body has to be given a second chance. I know now Tamagn does alot of campaign against the present government but I wished he did the same in his prime ages too.

    Tamagn, we know you very well. You were my neighbour in addis and you were a war mongering icon in addis. What surprises me, now you are too pure and the way you condemn people is as if you did not nothing in the past to foster war in Ethiopia.

    Brother Tamagn, you are not a special person. You are an Ethiopian like every body else. Put the others people in your shoes too? do not you think Tamagn? you believed in the war you were mongering as a youth, you must understand there young Ethiopians who support the current regime as you did and you have to consider that also.

    I am tired of we know it all Ethiopian attitude, criminalizing, defaming everyone who design aling with them. I do oppose the regime in Ethiopia, but I am tired of hypocractic and lier Ethiopians call me Woyane while I have never been woyane even one day in my life but people like Tamagn and many others are still icons? We can not have Ethiopias of liers.

    • Anonymous on

      Gezaee, This is a very balanced comment, because you did not bring the eritreans as you used to do before in all your writings. I hope you will continue to comment and also see eritreans as friends and not as enemies of ethiopians and be a tool of woyane hate propaganda. Ethiopians and eritreans has to work together if we need peace in our region and end the suffering of our people. Peace!

      • Gezaee H. on

        You are wrong completely. I never hate or say any bad thing about Eritrean. I have no Ethiopian friends, all my cordial friends are Eritreans. We need our ports has nothing to do with hate against Eritrean or Eritrea. When I say we have to use our ports do not translate it as if I am antiEritrean. Woyane= shabia the same. If shabia cannot work with TPLF, I hardly believe shabia can work with anyone else.

        Woyane + shabia has to go and our people must live in peace. We do not need border or war. We are tired.

        • Anonymous on

          I taught you were Ethiopian, now you are not Ethiopian. what are you what is Ethiopia to you? or Ethiopia is your TIGRAY cash cow “I,don’t have Ethiopian friend” what dos that mean?
          Dud you are in the wrong forum take your sorry A.s back to dedebit no body want to listen to you mambo Jambo.

        • Anonymous on

          please respect the eritrean people don’t even try to say our port which ports ?ethiopia never has a port and it will never will. be a man and accept the reallty and focus on issue that ethiopia possece and it’s affair.leave the eritrean along and lets try to learn 101 the fact of the truth of history

        • Anonymous on

          1. Ato Gezaee, there is an Amharic saying for your stand ‘Alsheshum Zor Alu’. In your answer to a comment by Kassa, you wrote “You cannot kill the entire Eritrean and Tigrean population to keep unity. And that kill for unity led us to lose our people and our land, our ports”. So Mr. Gezaee, is it right to kill the entire Eritrean people because “we have to use our ports”? What is the difference between you and Haile Sellasie or Derg? You criticize Haile Sellasie and Mengistu for wanting the whole Eritrea and you think it is ok to fight for a port. Why would your Eritreans friend will agree to give you a port that they died for it? If you have true Eritreans ‘cordial friends’ I am sure none of them will agree with you to hand Eritrean ports because you wanted to have it and I am sure they will sacrifice whatever it might cost again. By the way Eritreans did not deny Ethiopians to use their ports. In fact they had offered them for Ethiopia to use them for free. But it is Woyane that decided not to use them and opted to use Djibouti instead by paying excessive port fee that triggered hyperinflation in the country. Mr. Dezaee you know exactly the history of and geography of Ethiopia and Eritrea, but you are here commenting to create confusion and enmity between the two people. You are like your leader Legese or Meles who eat with ‘two knives’.
          “Woyane= shabia the same. If shabia cannot work with TPLF, I hardly believe shabia can work with anyone else. Woyane + shabia has to go and our people must live in peace. We do not need border or war. We are tired”. Who is not cooperating here and who is druming for war? Shabia helped TPLF, EPRP, OLF during their independence struggles. Then TPLF betrayed them and declared war on Shabia. Once TPLF was Albanian Communist and today it is ultra Capitalists because the Capitalists have more money than poor Eritrea. Even today Shabia helps TPDM, Ogaden etc. and stands for ‘Self Determination and ‘Land for the Tiller’ while TPLF is killing them and auctioning their land. Never equate Shabia and TPLF, they are like day and night, and I am sure you know it. If Mr. Tamagne say that, I can understand it, because he may have a limited knowledge of the history of these two groups, and by profession he is an Azmari, entertainer and he has to sing who ever paid him or buy him a drink, so he may have been with Derg, EPRDF and now with Kinijit, but there is no excuse for you to act like him and still claim as intellectual.Peace

        • Anonymous on


          I did not say kill the entire Eritrean. I do not understand why people from Eritrea read opposite of everything. Ethiopia has to use its natural ports has nothing to do with killing Eritrean.

          Ethiopia has to use its natural ports whether Eritreans like it or not. These has nothing to do with killing or fighting or war. These a historical right of Ethiopian to use their own ports. Ethiopians do not need to ask anyone. We do not need even permission from anyone. We are waiting for the death of Meles Zenawi. We will go and use our ports after his death with no need for any war. I do not believe Eritreans can fight with 91 million people. They have to yield with no war and if they do they will get what they want. They can have their Eritrea but we have a right to use our ports. These is not negoitiable. I did not condemn derg for wanting to unite Ethiopia. I did not condemn Hailelsssie for uniting the people. I condemn for the bad things they did. I never pro TPLF or shabia. I do believe TPLF and shabia are evils which has to removed and both people has to live a normal life like everywhere else. I do not believe killing anyone. However I do not believe Eritreans has to be babysat by Ethiiopians. They can given a corridor of their size along the redsea, but not the entire red sea. Eritreans will never have the entire red sea forever. They will have it only until the day Meles dies. It will be over after that. Death to Meles Zenawi.

        • Gezaee H. on


          My Ethiopianness is not in your hand. You have no right to take it away from me.If you are Ethiopian we have equal right. There is nothing wrong saying I do not have Ethiopian friends. I have no Ethiopian friends this includes even Tigreans. All my friends are Eritreans and foreign citizens . I have no single Ethiiopian friend at the moment. You can not change my friends now. I am also happy because I find Ethiopians more racist and ethnicist than any human on the planetI come across. They bother you asking you from which ethnic are you? from which region are you? I am sickof question, I happy to stay away for now. If you want to take away my citizenship? then take it and put it into your pocket and have it. I get nothing from it except embarrassment wherever I go, are you Ethiopian? yes, ohhh, people are dying in that country in millions? shame, shame, it is poor country? I get nothing than this disgraceful comment whereve I can have my citizenship and have it and you can sell it if gives you money.Taking away the citizenship of citizens is the character of every stupid Ethiopians.

        • Anonymous on

          Mr Gezaee H, you seem conveniently to forget some parts of your history. Your natural port or Red Sea was SOLD for liras to Italians colonizers by your grand fathers not leased. Eritreans bought it back with their precious bloods after a century of sacrifices of three generations. You claimed that Eritreans cannot fight 90 million Ethiopians! If past generation of 3 millions Eritreans fought 50 millions of Derg army then, why do you think the present generation of 6 million would not fight 90 millions of Gezaee army? Do the Math

          Let me help you with your history, Ethiopia leased Djibouti for 99 years, I believe you can claim legally as your natural port, because leased property must be returned to the owner at the end of the lease. The only problem with that you have to fight France and now U.S.A. Can you handle that?

  6. Anonymous on

    The man reads for the crowd a list of so many Ethiopian educated nationals who prefered to live in exile and wine and dine in five stars hotels arround the world talking about freedom while their people are living as refugees and prisoners in thier own country and arround the globe. It took only five years for Haile Selassie and a handful of intelectuals like Lorenzo Tazaz, Zerai Derres, Moges Asgedom, Ras Desta, Ras Abebe, Belay Zeleke and Abraham Deboch who were ready to give their lives to the dignity of their people. They were able to mobilize Ethiopians inside the country and support arround the world for thier cause, at a time when communications was vertually immposible, to uproot Italian power from their country. Today Ethiopian intelectuals are singing and writing 20 years of oppression and still counting, with cellphone,internet, television, radio etc in their finger tips. It seems there is no end in site to the suffering of Ethiopia people. Too many talks and no commitment. What is wrong with this picture? ‘ande igir berbere menkil akitwachihu, akatlo, akatlo yefejachehu?

  7. proud of this man. every Ethiopian will remember him and salute him forever for his strength. god bless him.

  8. Kasa on

    I can not believe what I am reading. I can not even express my anger towards you. You are absolutely wrong. And you have a different mission here. I have read few of the comments you have posted and people have slammed you against the wall because of this kind of pathetic comments you are making.

    If Tamagn did what he did as you are saying,he had supported our troops The troops who were fighting for the unity and freedom of the country. Tigray was fighting for the liberation of one province under the banner and leadership of Albanian style communists the TPLF. We do know now that these communists were the ones who got their own people bombed. They were the ones who took money by cheating Aid organizations. TPLF worked hand in hand with the enemies of Ethiopia Shabia, Sudan and all the other Arab countries.From what i know he had never supported the killing of innocent civilians. He had friends from Eritrea, Tigray etc. At the stadium in Addis he was openly against the military soccer teams. supporting teams from Eritrea. Even some people were saying the area where he and his friends were sitting was known for being anti-Derg.

    So don’t bring this lousy argument of yours by saying you were his neighbor. Where would that be? Tell us where Tamagn lived.

    The stupidest comment you made and that puts you as the most ridiculous writer in this site is what you said about Mengistu Haile Mariam. How dare you compare our hero son of Ethiopia Tamagn to this dictator? And who are you calling lier? Congratulations, you just became friend of Meles by not liking what Tamagn is doing.

    Just wondering, every time you are on this site your comments are so annoying full of pretends. You keep saying you hate the TPLF and Meles and you preach we should try to remove them peacefully and many other things that don’t even make sense. We do not know if you are a TPLF member or not but don’t blame us for saying you are because of your arguments that don’t add up. You criticize the government but you also condemn the opposition. Some of us are not even organized but we try to to voice our opinion by reasonably agreeing with the majority.

    But you must have taken this comment writing thing as your job.

  9. Gezaee H. on

    Look, I said, Tamagn might have grown up now and become very good person now. But what I am saying. I know him very well. I do not need anyone to teach me about Tamagn. You cannot bomb people in the name of unity. Unity with out respecting human life has no meaning. You can not kill the entire Eritrean and Tigrean population to keep unity. And that kill for unity led us to lose our people and our land, our ports. What I am saying, people like Tamagn must be good go between than fostering hatred. As Tamagn has been allying with derg war campaign, he must understand there are young Ethiopians who find themselves working with the current government because they found themselves in such enviromment. And people stop discriminating supporters for just being supporters.

    I am just remind him to put those who support the regime in his shoes of young age when he found himself in derg and did not know what is good and bad,and was supporting the war whether it was for unity, it does no matter because no one is entitled to kill people. There was no democracy talk when the entire north of Ethiopia was under constant bombing raid. No one opposed when Eritreans were bulldozed alive in their house which now led them to hate Ethiopia to extreme.

    I respect him so I am just saying he has to balance his rhetorics with his own history and reducing criminalizing others as if he he is a perfect. That is all.

  10. comedian on

    How comes you didnt mention atleast one Eritrean who died for Ethiopia
    while you mentioning a lot of other heros. However you mention about Eritrean land. Red sea belongs for Eritrea and it will remain like that forever unless you want to repeat the ugly war again which destroyed a lot of Eritreans and Ethiopians. You bring Haile sellasie about him working for african unity but you forgot to mention that jani hide the Wolo drought and Janihoy also created the problem between Ethiopians and Eritreans. Tamagn you keep mentioning about
    Eritrea but never mention Eritreans or are you like baba janihoy
    and mengistu both of them said We need Eritrea not Eritrean people.
    You are not different than weyanes to twist things around you said general hayelom was fighting against ethiopian soliders who were fighting to expand ethiopian border upto redsea. First weyane started because their people were oppresed by Derg junta remember that. General hayelom won and kicked derg out while you were dancing like a little child.
    Tamagn you said
    your first job is as a comedian, secand job gossiping about weyane
    the 3rd one you dont mention but you are appliying is war against Eritrea and you call yourself human right activist.

    • Abee on

      Nobody gives a damn about you Arterans I don’t even know why you guys still all up in our space crowded here and every goddam where. Can you show me where Artera was located pre-Italian invasion? There was no country called Aretera. My recored and History tells me Ethiopia defeated the enemy your masters more than once. Ethiopia always has a GOD given sea. You Artreans are a creation of Italian and Arabs with your cousins Weyanne to trouble Ethiopian.

  11. tizebt on

    I’M with Gezae
    Where was Tamagn when Derg was killing young ppl in Gondar, Dessie, Jimma, Addis Ababa? Where the hell was he when Derg sell dead bodies for $150.00? Is there any government in Ethiopia kill more ppl than Derg? Where the hell was he? He didn”t condemn Derg’s facism! He didn’t use his talent against Derg! These kinds of ppl makes me angry when they shouting about human rights. Why they are very angry at Woyane while they are having a comfortable life here in America? It is just a way of making money from the hard working ppl in USA. Thy just appear in town hall meeting to tell people what they want to here. Nothing else, always the same thing, nothing new. “YEMOGN ZEFEN, HULGIZE ABEBAYE” They love the publicity, the power, the fame. Nothing important. It is very boring. I never see any leader figure here in the US, no charisma.just..hate…hate and hate only. No one did good for our country, no one have a new political approach to shake Woyane. All politicians know about is distruction, do not build, do not invest, destroy this-distroy that, arab spring…I’m tired of these languages. Tamagn, he finally beg Isayas…he kneel down for him…what a shame!
    This is for the other guy who said Assab is not Ethiopia port. Listen you bastard Italian slave! If it is not for Meles, You will never see the port you claim is yours. You know what, we are not taliking about it now. There will be a time we will take over Assab. If it is for Meles, the mighty Ethiopians never backed out during the 1998 war before chase you dump you to the Red Sea. Iwish Elias post my opinion and I have more discussion with you…but I know Elias will not post this because he is also anti democracy and supporter of Isayas. Finally, soon or later, Woyane will be gone; not by the diaspora politicians live abroad with sweet life but by politicians within Ethiopia who see and taste the cruelty of Woyane everyday.

    • Anonymous on

      Wow, wow, tizebt,

      how can you go to free Assab from idependent Eritrea when you couldn’t win back your Merkato market from TPLF Zebenyoch ? You have forgotten the tests at Naqfa and Algena during the ” Red Star Campain ” of Derg ? If it is for Tamagn, he knows that Eritrea has gone for ever. But he is out there for trying to tame the ” Wild OLF ” to put a saddle with stirrup on it for riding into Menelik’s Palace.

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