EOTC asks the U.N. to protect Waldeba Monastery

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Holy Synod in Exile appealed to the United Nations to help protect the historic Waldeba Monastery in Ethiopia. In a letter to U.N. Secretary General Ban ki-Moon, the EOTC wrote: “We hope that the United Nations, along with the rest of the international community, do not miss an opportunity to stand by the people of Ethiopia in their effort to preserve Waldeba Monastery, one of its oldest treasures, from eventual destruction.” Click here to read the full text.

27 thoughts on “EOTC asks the U.N. to protect Waldeba Monastery

  1. Asbeha on

    One thing Ethiopians dont mention in situations like this is that CIA or USA,UK and the other western powers that brought the woyanes to power (remember even with arab and shabia support the derg would have managed to defeat woyanes if there was not the american or western support) twenty one years ago knew exactly the nature of the thugs they wanted to take control of Ethiopia.

    Actually it is because of that nature of the thugs that the western powers offered support.
    What USA and co. did until may 1991 was not fighting communism as american officials often say,no what they did was using “fight against communism” as a cover or excuse to fight and destroy the country they always wished and planned to destroy.

    • Zeritu on

      Agree hundred percent. A country that talks about being free and defeat the colonizers was not liked by Europeans. In fact they agreed at the United Nations meeting(league of nations at that time) the invasion of Ethiopia by the Italians was ok. It was later on when Hitler threatened their own freedom they starting fighting the Italians, but the second world war started in Ethiopia.

      • Asbeha on

        America and its allies did not just brought the thugs to power, they are also protecting them with their highly advanced intelligence apparatus.
        Why do you guys think the Siye group lost and the Meles group won the power struggle within TPLF ten years ago ? It was because of the intelligence service that was provided to Meles group by those western powers.

        But when you listen to ESAT and other opposition broadcasters, that is not what they tell you.
        Some even have the nerve to go as far as saying Meles cheated the USA.
        We are also misled about the reason why the Americans and their allies support Meles.
        What they tell us is that it is because of “war on terror”.
        That was for example what someone from London said on ESAT.
        He said: “The only thin rope that connects Meles and the west is war on terror” or something like that.

        In reality factors like westernizing Ethiopia by force, destroying Ethiopian institutions like the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, corrupting the Ethiopian culture, humiliating Ethiopians, keeping Ethiopian nationalists in check, etc as well are important reasons why America and its allies are supporting the Meles regime.

    • You got that absolutely right!
      Never doubt that for a moment. What is troubling me is that how any human with all his senses is unable to recon that for the last 20 years,I mean it is not uncommon to hear some,even the educated one(here i mean the opposition),saying “The TPLF gang is ruling Ethiopia because Meles Zenawi is smart”,they(especially tplf supporters) even go as far as saying that he(Meles) is the smartest leader the country ever had.
      I say this to those of you who are knowingly or unknowingly misguiding other-that Meles and tplf are “cartoon characters” imposed on the Ethiopian people. A legit. question is why don’t Meles act as a real Ethiopian instead of a cartoon.? The answer is simple-he got no choice.If he choose not to serve the west unconditionally the consequence is, his FILE WITH THE GENOCIDE WATCH IN Dr. stanton office will get momentum and more will pop out.Hence unless Ethiopians boot out Meles by force,don’t expect him to give up his service to the west and face genocide charges.

      • Devil advocate on

        Melese is smart. He knows where the money is. The killing of Gadffi was not because of his unpopularity at home but because of his stands on the West. His stupidity dragged him down to the drain. However; Melse knew the irrelevance of his subjects from day on of his political ambition.

        • Anonymous on

          If it were all about knowing where the money is ,Hosein Mubarak would be an eternal leader.So,Mr.Devil advocate, your “prostitute” Meles ,who’s doing everything he could to get $$$,will have an end and limit.

        • Devil advocate on

          How do you compare Melese and Mubark? Mubark is a demented old man. Let alone Egypt, he can’t take care of himself any more. Melese on the other hand is still young, dynamic for another 20 yrs to rule. Melese achieved his objected if he should step down today. Under his rule, the ego of Ethiopians is deflated to the point of no recovery. Accept his rule, otherwise your fate is worse than Somalia.

    • Abesha on

      I do not get it, why are people trying my nick name my name has a meaning (Abesha), but the others ppl trying to copy my nick by leaving out a spelling in pretend it is me is very wrong.

    • peace on

      Don’t forget also, as Mengistu was also hated and the Ethiopian people didn’t know what to make of TPLF, the Derg members who worked secretly with TPLF, CIA or UK, etc, are the ones who were traitors. The only one who struggled against the tPLF coming in was Goshu Welde. Has anyone read and spread the video of Goshu Wolde? He was appealing to the U.S that TPLF was not good for Ethiopia nor the cecesssion of Eritrea, little do we know, the making of TPLF are; West, and Arabs and now East. So the traitors, the Dergs who worked secretly with the West. Today we would think we should learn from this, but I am sure the opposition parties, OLF, ONLF are also secretly working with the West against TPLF, so it goes …. we never learn from history. However, today, since there is no longer balance of power, as in Soviet Union, you can only turn to West for support for arms. Let us face it, that is why by making Ethiopia totally dependence on arms, other support, we know we can’t fight against TPLF without this support, there are no more other powerful countries such as Soviet union to get support. So it continues, if you want change, then there is nothing you can do without the collaboration of the West. For now, they are happy with TPLF Ethiopains will not get any help from the West until the time is up for tPLF.

      Can we indpendently do something? Sure. Egyptians have deomnstrated their unity against their dictator propped up by the West for centuries. The West pretende to quickly turn to people supporting them but it will not be for long. That is what we can do, we should do this mass arise both in Ethiopia and diaspora and let them kill, that is what we have to do. Unless such significant campaigning and mass arise, there won’t be any change. It doesn’t mean also anything better will come as we have become the oppostion and every Ethiopa has become under the control of West, Arab and East. So we have to have leaders who can strategically play, without aggression of course, if so he will be gone soon, but systematically play with all in order to benefit the Ethiopian people of all ethnic groups. By the way, the West will always support the minority so that only few can rise up against the mass because it is easy to control the resource and economically exploit.

    • peace on

      Is anyone noticing this, the complete extinction of Orthodox chrisitians all over the world? Take for example protestants and catholics, those from this christianity are not that threatened except the Orthodox christians. Why is that? It is because, Western faith is not Orthodox christians and are probably the least favorite christianity. Orthodox christians, unlike catholics and protestants, live with other faith also due to geogrpahy. For instance, you will see most Orthodox faith liven in proximity with Muslim nations due to their proximity indicating, there are other ancient christianity other than catholics and protestants. The Catholics and protestants have become Western civilizations so Orthodox are considered not important and collateral damage. Therefore, Orthodox is the least favored christianity because it is ancient and is believed it threatens Western civiliazaiton. Prove is there if you go back in history: the genocide of Armenians(orthodox) by Turkey muslims, Egyptian Orthodox extinction by Muslims, the genocide of Russian Orthodox after the killing of their Czar. I believe what the West considers its number one threat is Orthodox and Islam is a cover up. In fact, I can say this, Islam, Catholics and protestants and proabley Jews are working together for the extinction of Orthdox. Why are they so afraid of Orthdox christians? perhaps, the true teaching of christ and beyond, Orthodox faith might know about this? The reason could be of course, the West has always been in fear of Soviet Union which still had its Orthodox population and was succeeded by declaing war on Orthodox Russians, when communism and marxism was formed in Soviet Union. As a result, few and few Orthodox christians are living, in fact disappearing in mass. The oppression of the Greeks that is continuing today from Turkey and being targetted today by the West. The only country that was surviving and was on life support with Orthodox faith was Ethiopia. The coming for Mengistu strted again through communism then today under TPLF the exinction of Orthodx faith is disappearing vastly by allowing the spread of Evangelism and Wahabism all over Ethiopia. I believe Orthodox is a faith of Peace that is why it is not favored. I bleieve there is something powerful about Orthodox, that is why it is not favored. I don’t belive Orthoxo is against technology or Western civilization but it is see different than protestants or catholics.

  2. amanuel on

    Asbeha ,.west destroy ethiopia? ,.,ethiopia is doing great for ur information,.and who distroy eritrea and somalia YOU KKKKKK

    • Anonymous on

      amanuel, ante bilo amanuel, satan! if you want what KKK looks like, look in the mirror, you are looking at a Heartless bloodsucker pitiless woyane!

      • Neftegna on


        That is what Asbeha was talking, it is your stone head that can not take in information and process it. TPLF is succesful to some extent in destroying Ethiopia. Sh*****t, it is the unbreakable strength of those of the veteran Ethiopians like Amhara and Oromo burnig alive the TPLF (Tigrean Peoples for Looting and Fool).

  3. roon on

    This is a national treasure that has existed for centuries and even foreign invaders did not dare to touch it. those who invaded Ethiopia in the past, the British, Portugese , Italians, Arabs and others had the good sense to know that the monastery was something that should not be attacked. They sensed something different about the place. It is a place of worship and learning.

    Do the TPLF politbureau really believe that it is worth destroying a monastery 1000s of years old to grow sugar to make money for foreign ‘investors’.

  4. Neftegna on

    Ethiopian problem stems out of the stone head beggar race quest to destroy it.

  5. qnozzi on

    The Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Church acted timely and requested the world community and international organizations to come together and join hand-in-hand with millions of Ethiopians,not only to condemn Zinawi and his subordents,also to make them stop distroying holy places and monastaries.

    So, Ethiopians this is an urgent call for you and me,for it is just defending God,and saving churches,godly men,holy treasures,the believers, and the committed followers of chirstanity to the holiness of the lands as they were created by our dear lord,God.Amen.

    Back then,years ago,the enemy launched wars on everything and anything of Ethiopia;it was well planned and excuted to the detail.Our identity is permanet and can not be destroyed,but our being in many and form is our iedentity.It is the enemy that has no fixed identiy is we have been fighting against since the invasion.We will not stop the fight;we we will not stop the battle;we will not stop believing in God;we will protect and defend our religion,and we will crush the enemy to its complete defeat;yes,we will.

    We value our identity in God’s words and the teaching of the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Church.Only when we die we will close our eyes,but not while fighting against the enemy tooth and nail.

    May God take us to a victory.
    May we,all keep the faith keep the fight.
    Victory to all Ethiopians.

  6. Gezaee H. on

    It buffle me now most, Ethiopians are ignorant. They think you UN is an independent body and they crying to UN to save them? woy gude? did you ever see UN saving any people? UN is actually a criminal organisation that invest in bloodshed. They will make conflict in any country and watch until people kill each other. After everything is destroyed they will go in to the criss and do damage investigation. They will tell you this much people died. This much people were displaced and this much instrastructure destroyed. And we need this much money. The money is used to fund western interest. UN was established by President Trueman of the United State to advance united states interest for eternity. UN is funded 80% by American government and 15% by UK and the rest from the Eastern alliance. Leave alone to keep UN an Ethiopian interest? UN does not even keep the serve the interest of all the whites. UN serve the interest of the western alliance that USA, UK, France, Australia, Canada who are the winners of the second world war.

    Ethiopians who believe UN will help them are yewahoch and real Ethiopian fools in real time. Ethiopia never had fools in its history. We are now full of fools. I am surprised the exiled Orthodox followers has abandoned their faith in God and Now UN is their God which they are appealling to save them. Shame on you. Shame on you, shameful generation. What happened to the faith ? what happened to your God? you are shameful and I am asshamed to hear you are begging to be saved by your God USA, and UN? They will not save you honestly. They never saved any one yet. UN is against the existences of nations. UN advances USA interests. USA goes into any country in the name of UN: UNDP, UNEP, UNCF, UNWFP, UNGEF,UNFAO,… and take out every nations national secret and hand in to USA secret agency. This the purpose of why UN was established. UN also employs and attracts the most highly educated citizens of every nation and derain and disable the ability of those countries by controlling their educated citizen by enticing with high pay and alot fringe benefit.

    UN will not save your church, you have to save it yourself. That is my message.

    • Teklu on


      We know UN may not listen to our cry but,we just want to let them know Meles and his Gujeele bandas days are over if, they do not Stop destroying Ethiopia now. The out come might be uglee once the sleeping Lion is awake. It is “Joro Yalew yisma”. And then it will be UN who will take the responsibility by not acting now. Do not worry Gezaee, we will get our country and dignity back with or with out UN.
      Trust me the lion it just taking a nop not dead yet.

      • Gezaee H. on

        Woyane has no ear to hear. Woyane has no eyes to see. Woyanes eye, ear is Money or Almouldi. Do you believe Woyane can hear you? you are also Yewah. Yetegebe sew ayne ayaym or yetegebe sew gero aysemam. Woyanewoch ahun kurtie beltew, afer metegnatu restew, tegbew, betiebit tewetrew, ager bemeshet lay nachew. Woyanechow Twldachew Ethiopian mehonachew betam betam yasteykal. During Hailelssaie time, only 14 million dollar was stolen. During Woyane 20 billion dollar is stolen. It is not only that woyane made pay Ethiopia 50 bilion dollar to buy ports from Kenya, Djibouti, Sudan while our ports are sitting idle. Woyane malet Leboch malet ychalal. Acheberbariwoch and Kehadiwoch. Yewoyane Jero be kurtie sega seb( fat) tedfno mesmat aychlum ahun. Lisemu yemichlut jeroachew betiet sibesa bicha new.

        • Yeshi on

          good point Gezaee.
          But i don’t understand why we Ethiopians are not united and achieve good results. How come our fathers were easily united when they were facing invaders? What is the difference now?

          The political groups in and out of our country recently are being very competitive to form a government instead of having the people’s welfare at heart. Political parties in our land should be more concerned about the citizens’ trials and tribulations that they are facing every day. By doing that, not only the political party will contribute hugely to the integration of national unity, but it will also gain the trust of the citizens to elect the particular party to represent them as a nation. The particular party should also put their heart and soul into this as national unity is the backbone to our country’s freedom, stability and integrity.

          Majority of the people who write and comment on this site almost have the same outlook and they honestly sound that they want to see change in our country. So where is the problem? Do we have to have twenty issues we should agree upon? I don’t think so.

          It is essential for all the people to concentrate on an urgent matter.And I think a national unity with all people including the people of Tigray who have nothing to do with the TPLF and those who want to see the freedom of their country is an urgent issue for all of us.

          Unity is the antidote of what the Woyane Government is doing. While we are arguing over who is Tigre, Amhara or Oromo the county is loosing its identity every hour and every minute. So every Ethiopian association or political party, and the population in general should act on unity. The sooner this action is taken the better for our teachers, workers, women, farmers etc .The moment this action of unity is accepted in a form of organization and when the struggle focuses on that , peace will once again be in our beloved homeland and between our people. That is the moment that will destroy the TPLF plans, system of divide and rule, exploit and oppress, buy and sell, torture and kill.

          I like to end this by the famous quote of Woodrow Wilson” we can not be separated in interest or divided in purpose. We stand together until the end”

      • Gezaee H. on

        You can hardly an Ethiopian who thinks like you. Everyone is ready to kill other, there is no any line of thought that people reason. Almost the entire Ethiopian is poised to kill each other or to eliminate the other. The other is right, the other is not and other other is wrong but the other is right. It is a game against each other. There is no recognition of the other. The other is Amhara or Negghtegnea, the other is woyane, the other is olf, and other is the other, there is we , us, ours, it is them and we , they, we and we kill them the amhara. We kill them the oromo, we kill them, the tigrie, woyane,… it is unfortunate Ethiopia is a failed state much worse than Somalia. There is baby business in Somalia at least. There is no teenage girl rape and sex slave business in Somalia. There is no land sell in Somalia. It is better to be like Somalia than to have the most barbaric and racist TPLF selling our people, our land, our natural assets and even after landlocking our country. it is unfortunate we failed our nation and we handed it the most wicked human being on the planet, Meles Woyane who know nothing than begging and selling land, national assets and even babies and teenage girls for sex? Only a gang can do that? The Meles Foreign minister works with 200 human traffickers? Licensed by the criminal gang Meles Zenawi who sell baby girls for sex to make money for this growth and transformation plan? raping and selling your citizens is has become a sign of civilation for the wicked race of human being? child adoption has become development for the wicked human kind of Ethiopia? Selling land by removing people from their ancesral land has become development and progress? wye gude?

  7. Abee on

    @ Gezaee H. says: This is the first time I am wholeheartedly in agreement with You. I have nothing more to add You’ve said it Well in depth and length. Good for you! I knew that and I’m sure there are a lot of People by now who has a pretty good insight? If not they are doomed to believe a lie the devil will actually will save them. Those who would like to dig the truth would taping into this information age at your finger tips. Sadly Some peoples glee on tv 24/7 and programmed to think to and functioned a certain way. Alas!

  8. Treaty on

    I felt your burden, and I am let to say few points concerning the issue you have raised ;namely, why do we Ethiopians found it difficult to put public interest at the for front ,and in unison devise a strategic plan to remove TPLF criminal clique? Beside you noted that the majority of the rank and file on these forums wants to place the unity of our people and public interest a number one priority, if such is the case why then are we still unable to solve the national problem?

    First, of all I was one of those who frequent these forums thinking ideas shared on this message board will be used and perhaps after deliberations will be implemented. As the years went by many insightful commentators stop visiting these forums all together; in like manner I to I start to post once in awhile, because there is no fire in our heart, no resolve, and no conviction with many of us. To make matter worst the armed wing leadership of the opposition is out of touch with the rank and file.

    Each one of us may come up with what we may call a whole host of impediments that stands against the opposition, in particular, the armed wing wing oppostion that announced to topple weyane by force.

    One, In principle I support the notion of armed resistance; I also believe this was the best and tried strategy for the people of Ethiopia.However, the manner these organizations went about to conduct this cause, the alliance they relied upon, and the very little or no discussion they fostered with Ethiopians I strongly disagred with, and with others contend with at that time. It appears here in lays one of the major obstacles for the movement.
    Second, total reliance on on line communication to discuss the affairs of the opposition movement is a very poor medium in many ways. For instance, on line discussion is faceless therefore individuals are not required to be hold accountable,responsible,and it is very hard to assess their sincerity.Inother words the people’s movement must have an inter personal interaction forum if it ever wants to reache its intended goal. In turn such forums elicit members to be committed to the cause by sharing the burden that is due for each citizen.

    Third, personally I believe it has never been the office of Diaspora intellectuals and professionals to lead Ethiopia in to freedom.Neverthless,years ago when the question was first raised what strategy to follow in order to remove regime, it was quickly asserted by the leading opposition leaders from abroad that democratic reform as the sole strategy the country must follow. Still, there were those who still insist then armed struggle the best option and their views were discarded by the supporters of democratic means of struggle. It was at this moment that I believe the Diaspora politicians must have communicated to the Ethiopians at home that democratic means of struggle will be a given reality in the country. Then the domestic Ethiopians were expecting or they thought Diaspora leadership will deliver the promise without any problem.

    We know from past practice that it is the ordinary Ethiopians who provided leadership in time of national danger. Therefore the role change we just made for leadership, that is switching from ordinary folks to professors and doctors have cost us dearly. Bear in mind it is not my intention to pit Diaspora verses domestic Ethiopian oppostion.I am simply saying had we let the Ethiopian at home to come up with their own local leadership to lead the people to freedom was the most viable and right strategy. The Diaspora politicians could have helped in material and political support; in this matter we have the ‘cart before the horse’. Among other things, the above prevalent problems appear the reasons as to why we are not achieving our goals.

  9. vintisttis on

    First of all,everyone else is hurt because our common enemy is committing disgusting crimes.Our monasteries are occupied by the enemy and it is now distroying our values.We seek strength,we seek tranquility,we seek love and unity;we always will.We walk on God’s path to connect to our dear lord and to protect and preserve our spritual value and priceless national treasures.

    There are no images of trust in Zinawi;always him committing attrocities,and it is us who get hurt.We can list crimes committed by Zinawi and his cadres one by one,in cronological order.In the seventies,Zinawi’s group occupied communities and robbed banks and killed people;in 1991 occupied villages,cities,towns,and neighbourhoods and murdered people;in 2005 Zinawi ordered the shooting of citizens;mothers cried,and did not Zinawi stop there;more and more people shot dead,more and more farmlands lost and lives gone,and more and more lies.What next?

  10. peace on

    First off, we should rally look at ourselves. The privilege life we have in the West has really made us disconnected from Ethiopia. We also, can’t lead or participate with fear. As Roosevelt said, “the only thing you have to fear is fear itself”. We really have to recognize who we are and who our fellow Ethiopians are. This is the problem with not having unity. Second, how to have wisdom, that not searching for blame, revenge but really how to save Ethiopia and its traditions and culturies and religions while embracing development and technology. Development should not be imported but by being creative and innovative as well as learning from good model that worked outside. Develpment today means opening doors for outsiders to take over that unless outisders controlled and took over through the means of NgOs, etc, our own development is not considered development. Don’t get me wrong, the intention to be suspicious of outsiders is justified as it is what is happening today. There is no free lunch by the way. As long as equal benefit, I don’t oppose working together with outisde but history has always shown us, still happening today that the intention of outsiders is always the opposite but not to grow together. What TPLF and outside consider is the development of the land and not the people of Ethiopia. The development then will help the outside and TPLF. That is what the Weyane stooges want to tell us TPLF is progressing in developing Ethiopia but they don’t want to speak about the mass poverty, selling of our women and children, etc, the humans themselves.

    Ethiopian struggle is very insignificant therefore, you have to make it significant enough for the world to recognize. For instance by campaigning massivly around the world. We have been raised to be timid, to speak out, you will be considered outrageous and extremist therefore, silence is prefered.

  11. peace on

    Most of all, we need ALL of us need to start taking peace building and conflict transformation, buidling faith. These should not be used to make us passive but how to use this to transcend the community so that unity could be formed. ONly then we are able to do the unity, speak with one voice, each committe to campaign in every sector,etc. Yes, writing letter may not do anything as UN is itself the wing of globalization, but it shows significance. Again take example of the Egyptian uprising with one voice, one flag and do not be cheated in taking advice from anyone and move forward. There should be huge campaign in UN, huge campaign appealing to every politicians around the world, be participants of world, African and Ethiopian affairs. Whenever Ethiopia’s affair is discussed, Ethiopians should demand to be part of the debate. Every potential Ethiopian, that has great debate, speech, etc should be propped up to speak out for Ethiopia but without fear. He should not be exposed by himslef or herself. I am sorry to say, there is no one elequent speakers who speak out on Ethiopia. It is not about being elequency but those who really understand the plight of Ethiopians in their own way need to speak out. I am still encouraged by some refugees speaking out. When we campaging, it shouldn’t be because of hate but because it should be to protect Ethiopia and its people and adance democracy in our own way. Ethiopians of all ethnic groups , representatives should gather cultural and trational show and meetings to under stand our diversity and to understand the needs of each ethnic groups. We need to talk about this because this is where lack of Unity is standing. Identify Ethiopians who are really concerned for their ethnic groups but not fake ones who are being brainwashed by tPLF or outsiders. Because those people will always try to stifle our struggle and prolong the struggle.

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