Obama’s Atrocity Prevention Board ignores Ethiopia

The Atrocity Prevention Board that President Obama created held its first meeting on Monday. While the atrocities in Syria, Sudan, and other countries were highlighted at the meeting, there is no mention of the genocide, ethnic cleansing campaigns and other crimes against humanity in Ethiopia by the Woyanne junta. I would like every Ethiopian to ask him/herself: Why is it that Ethiopia is ignored? Below is a video of the White House Atrocity Prevention Board’s first meeting chaired by Samantha Power. – Elias Kifle

69 thoughts on “Obama’s Atrocity Prevention Board ignores Ethiopia

  1. Anonymous on

    The main issue I want to ask this people is what is atrocities and who has the power and the experience to define it?

    • Yigermal on

      Anonymous, atrocities are removing people in mass from where they live, killing or have them killed by throwing them in mass grave,attacking one ethnicity in particular is some of the ways to discrib it. As who can the power to defin it, don’t expect the west to do it for you as long as their interest is protected. This leaves you and me to have our interest to be protected our selves.

      • Abesha on

        Well it is very simple, the so called Ethiopian diaspora opposition, was exaggerating eveything, now for the Americans, or EU all the complains is falling in a deaf ear, its like Berre wolde story, now no matter how much you complain, all the lies that were fabricated starting 2005 election…have undermined the credibility of the diaspora opposition, therefore plz stop pointing finger to US, EU, etc… be responsible, learn from your mistake and correct them, then and donly then someone will hear you, first stop this Berre wolde propaganda.

  2. Fekadu on

    Among other things the simple answer to your inquiry, I think, is the fact many of the developed and the rising developing nations are in league by embracing Globalism and the new world order mantra. As a result Washington foreign policy is crafted based on the calculation which political party or configuration can serve the interest of multinational corporations or the very few elite. Of course, the main stream media would have us believe national interest. However it is clear that Washington’s foreign policy is dictated by interest groups, and lobbyists that populate the District of Colombia.

    Hence, it behooved upon us, if we want to succeed in liberating Ethiopia from the grip of TPLF illegitimate leadership, that we need to use a different strategy.Forisntance, we can actively participate in the national politics of our residence, and educate the general public about the violation of rights, the financial support of the western governments to the repressive regime. This is one way we can expose the double dealings of the Obama regime. There is no doubt in my mind he is another Clarence Thomas the docile child of Pappa Bush. Whether we like it or not our struggle is part of the larger struggle of the oppressed people of the world. There is popular discontent in this country and in this connection we might join the voices of freedom in the place of our residence if we want to see change. After all it is the general public that elect public officials to Washington. I believe if we actively participate, together with the general public, we can send uncompromising officials to Washington.Even if he is not electe Ron paul has made it clear if he holds office will drastically curtail foreign aid,engage nations with deplomacy,abolish the FED,and bring the lost jobs back home.

    • peace on

      I definitely agree. We keep talking about TPLF atrocities, what guarntee is there another will be the same with support of outsiders? So our job should be “follow the money”. TPLF would have been ousted in 2005, but thanks to the militray and finanacial aid it is getting. We have to work from the diaspora. There are many good hearted Westerners and even politicians of both republicans and democrats when it comes to Ethioipa. TPLF is making sure to stay longer, it is making itself very visible and important that is why they are not acting against tPLF.

  3. Aba Biya Aba Gobbu on

    The obama organization is paid by the woyane bandas in advance. USA/CIA shall never take up such questions against the house nigger. The Ethiopians must wake up and declare war on the woyane though the yankees will react. Arm struggle could wake up the usa and others.

    • sami on

      aba bya . you sit in ur nice room and filled ur belly with burger and taco and u want poor ppl. children want to die for you? if u want to fight go and do it,and free oromia too……dream

      • Kill the rat on

        you don’t know what a house nigger is? that is you and a people like you and your parasite leader Meless and co,,

        • Ezana From Toronto on

          A house..what? You have been calling yourself Semetic. Since when you become black? Now you call your semetic brother, Meles a house*****? Come on don’t bring that into your tribal politics, aiight my Negro Semetic brother!!

        • sami on

          kill rat
          am not house nigger but will let you when i become a nigga. till then like aba biya filled ur belly with burger and tacco and sing free oromomia for the next another 30 years.

      • Jegnaw on

        and you too my houseman ..”brother Meles” are you out your little self centered mind?
        What happened to you? you don’t have a Boone in your Spain.you are pathetic. in the past you wanted to be Amhara. now you are unity Semite.that is why I, call you house nigger.Know the difference.

        I am a three firmly connected to my roots and proud of it..you have none..

        • Ezana From Toronto on

          Jegnaw, I don’t know what to make out of your note. Can you please write it out in Geez alphabet? My brother, I really advise you to go get some education.

          Good day

          Ezana From Toronto

        • Jegnaw on

          don’t you ever call me i am your FN brother…i do not have boneless heartless, boot liking WOYANN brother.

  4. Abera M. on

    The politicians in the West are trying to look good by press releases. This is just another window dressing exercise. have you seen any one from those human rights problem areas? They are telling us they know what is better for us, if they ask people to take part, they might find the truth about Ethiopia and others.
    Maybe we have to push harder and remind them.

    • Aklilu abebe on

      The West loves dictators who do not care about the country, and people they rule by force, as long as they obey orders and wag their tails and do things to please their Western masters best interest. That is basically why Ethiopia is not included in the discussion. As long the dictator remains the West’s subservient lackey, mark my words he would be absolved from all crimes he committed now and in future. He will be taken care of in undisclosed location, with his family and enjoys life as long as he lives.That is why Ethiopians has to unite and do their own fight to get rid of this cancerous, and barbaric regime, before he destroys Ethiopian sovereignty, and territorial integrity to the highest bidder for cash, under the guise of investment.

  5. Anonymous on

    There is enough hypocrisy to go around in the western world. Ethiopia has conveniently been shelved. No wonder that according to the Ethiopian Synaxarium, hypocrisy is said to have come forth from the gentiles. In today’s (25-APR-2012) major newspaper, there is an article,Turkey Feels Sway of Reclusive Cleric in the U.S. about an expat Turkish man, Fethullah Gulen, who lives in Eastern Pennsylvania, U.S, but pretty much runs, and calls the shots in Turkey. His Gulenists movement in Turkey runs the police, the politicians including the prime minister Erdogan, the judiciary, the media…

    When Ahmet Sik was jailed last year on charges of plotting to overthrow the government, he had little doubt that a secretive movement linked to a reclusive imam living in the United States was behind his arrest. “If you touch them you get burned,” a gaunt and defiant Mr. Sik said in an interview in March at his apartment here, just days after being released from more than a year in jail. “Whether you are a journalist, an intellectual or a human rights activist, if you dare to criticize them you are accused of being a drug dealer or a terrorist.” Mr. Sik’s transgression, he said, was to write a book, “The Army of the Imam.” It chronicles how the followers of the imam, Fethullah Gulen, have proliferated within the police and the judiciary, working behind the scenes to become one of Turkey’s most powerful political forces — and, he contends, one of its most ruthless, smearing opponents and silencing dissenters. The case quickly became among the most prominent of dozens of prosecutions that critics say are being driven by the followers of Mr. Gulen, 70, a charismatic preacher who leads one of the most influential Islamic movements in the world, with millions of followers and schools in 140 countries. He has long advocated tolerance, peace and interfaith dialogue, drawing on the traditions of Sufism, a mystical strain of Islam generally viewed as being moderate. But the movement’s stealthy expansion of power — as well as its tactics and lack of transparency — is now drawing accusations that Mr. Gulen’s supporters are using their influence in Turkey’s courts and police and intelligence services to engage in witch hunts against opponents with the aim of creating a more conservative Islamic Turkey. Critics say the agenda is threatening the government’s democratic credentials just as Turkey steps forward as a regional power. “We are troubled by the secretive nature of the Gulen movement, all the smoke and mirrors,” said a senior American official, who requested anonymity to avoid breaching diplomatic protocol. “It is clear they want influence and power. We are concerned there is a hidden agenda to challenge secular Turkey and guide the country in a more Islamic direction.” The movement has strong affiliations or sympathy in powerful parts of Turkey’s news media, including the country’s largest daily newspaper, Zaman, and, Turkish analysts say, among at least several dozen members of its 550-seat Parliament, with support extending to the highest levels of government. With its extensive influence in the media and a small army of grass-roots supporters, the Gulen movement has provided indispensable support to the conservative, Islam-inspired government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Some officials and analysts suspect that some elements within the Gulen movement have served as a stalking-horse for the government, which has benefited, too, as the Gulen-affiliated media have attacked common opponents and backed trials that Mr. Erdogan has publicly supported. A culture of fear surrounding the so-called Gulenists, however exaggerated, is so endemic that few here will talk openly about them on the telephone, fearing that their conversations are being recorded and that there will be reprisals…. Mr. Gulen lives in self-imposed exile on a 25-acre haven in the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania. In 1999, he fled Turkey amid accusations of plotting to overthrow the secular government. Around that time, a taped sermon emerged in the media in which Mr. Gulen was heard advising his followers to “move within the arteries of the system, without anyone noticing your existence, until you reach all the power centers.” Mr. Gulen, who has preached openly against fundamentalism and terrorism, was embraced in Washington after Sept. 11, 2001, as a welcome face of moderate Islam, analysts say. His green card application shows that his request to remain in the United States was endorsed by a former official of the Central Intelligence Agency. His movement’s events have been attended by luminaries like former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright and Kofi Annan, the former United Nations secretary general. A 2009 cable by the United States ambassador to Turkey at the time, James F. Jeffrey, made public by WikiLeaks, noted that the Gulen movement was strong within the police force and in conflict with the military. It said that the assertion that the Turkish national police is controlled by Gulenists “is impossible to confirm, but we have found no one who disputes it.”
    The cable goes on to say that the Gulen-controlled media are supporting the investigation into Ergenekon and have helped put many opponents of the governing Justice and Development Party behind bars….

  6. Chicken on


    You ought to know that Obama made life and fortune by stomping Cyber P.O.W’s. I am one of them. She is in New York defrauding his ass and getting us more choked and forced to commit s*********.

    Her balck shadow was made of evil in Gijjaaammm.

  7. Asbeha on

    Lets be honest,
    USA and the other western countries are partners in crime with the Meles Zenawi regime or even worse they are the ones who give orders or the ones who hire the killer woyane thugs.

    • peace on

      don’t expect others stand up for your self. is there anything you do the past 20yrs to fight woyanne?

      • Asbeha on

        “don’t expect others stand up for your self”,
        I hate the above often said expression to excuse the western supporters of woyanes.
        The issue is not expecting them to stand for me or Ethiopians, the issue is for them not to continue providing the bullets and guns that the regime uses to kill and oppress our people.
        For so long you guys allowed the americans to feed you TWISTED languages and expressions without protesting.

        Oh I was involved in struggle both in cities and the woods part of the past 20 years. And i might return soon.

  8. Keld on

    They didn’t mention Ethiopia, because Ethiopia is the most democratic nation and blah …blah … … just kidding. Don’t be mad Elias!

  9. Elias on

    Not everyone is blind and pest like you, Elias.
    Ethiopia is going the right direction. We know you wanted her to follow the Somali path and disintegrate. That is not meant to be for the country that God loves. Despite your bad mouthing of the government, they are doing the best job possible to alleviate the country out of misery and distraction.
    You are one lunatic soul who never get tired of loosing.
    Long live Ethiopia and hell with chauvinism.
    Can I get Amen?

    • Aklilu abebe on

      I really don’t care what type of article you are posting on your web site. If I like it I will read ,if not I won’t . However I would like to commend you for your journalistic norm of behavior. You are the only person I know of, who do not throw in trash cans comments that talk nasty and use of offensive words against you .

      I admire you for giving individuals who rant about you, a space on your web site to post their feelings. You did such things out of the kindness of your heart and dedication to your profession as a true journalist. When it comes to journalism you stand out as the creme of the crop.

      If you want to, you could have gotten even with them by censoring their writings, or throwing their filthy comments in trash cans, instead you posted them on your web site.That is a trade mark of what a true journalist is supposed to do, whether he/she agrees with some one’s idea or not.

      Your web site is very democratic in nature compared to other web sites. Other web sites the first thing they do is jump into censorship before reading the whole content of the article. Yet they call themselves journalists. They don’t have a clue what journalism is all about.

      Your article also invoke discussion, to find out people’s opinion on the topic you posted. That is a good indication to measure the success or failure of your web site, So far your web site is the only one among those owned by Ethiopian-American that provide such a discussion forum. I wish and hope other web sites learn something from you that there is more to give and take, than only shoving articles down some one’s throat.

      Thank you for your time in providing a forum for discussion, maturity, and patience for treating everyone equally, in posting their filthy language as well.

    • Ezana From Toronto on

      Elias terrorist?

      I don’t believe that Mr. Elias wants Ethiopia to follow Somali’s path of disintegration. I think he is just a politician; as such he has his dreams like everyone else for the betterment of the country. Is he right or wrong, who are here to debate that. It is funny he is accusing you guys for being narrow nationalist who are taking Ethiopia into hell; and here you are accusing him of almost everything including terrorism. Elias terrorist? This is all because we, Ethiopians don’t have political culture in which we agree to disagree.

      As far as God loving Ethiopia: Jack, do you still believe in fairy tell that your mommy told you when you were younger than your son? What kind of God is that to love you in one hand and punish you with poverty, starvation, war etc in the other? That type of God is diluted and evil, and I don’t want to worship him/her/it.

      Good day

      Ezana From Toronto

  10. Qe Qa on

    Folks! If we mine our minds just a little bit while Sheik Al Amoudi is busy mining Gold and diamonds from under the other people’s land we will know the fact the USA firmly considers Meles and any other pro US master tyrants as trusted regional allies until and WHEN the people who claim to have been victimized rise up like Tsunami with out any prewarning and clean the political table ON THEIR OWN before the international and national tyrant supporters may even have the chnace to turn around before the waves overtake them just similar to that of Tunisia,Libya, Egypt, Yemen, etc.

    All of these chnanges wouldn’t have taken place at all if the US administration would have had any prior knowledge of the then forthcoming dynamic popular uprising that have brought a clear cut paradigm shift. In the case of Ethiopia, the momentum is lost while the foolish elites were divided, bickering and playing partisan power games shamefully claiming elite power and the so called rule of law because “uprings are only comfort zones for the thieves” as the eternal phrase monger totally devoid of pragimatism and people orientation Al Mariam keeps preaching steril liturgies.

    Dictator Meles does not even have basic university degree but he could outwit one dimensional narrow minded educated opposion elites and make the foreigners dance at his own fake drummings.

    Genuine unity/alliances and self reliant and determined united ressitance is the way. Remember that NOT even a single foreign government will ever come to save you at any time., while their trusted regional ally is firmly seating on the throne which is in the palace upon the hill very near sheik Al Aamoudi’s classy hotel.

    I wonder if the hotel and the palace are connected with an underground tunnel and several pipes connected to huge beer and whisky barrels flowing towards the palace from the hot hotel. ):

    That is why all the opposion groups must necessarily cut out of their traditional petty boundaries(boxes)where they normally sit and love to parrot instead forming new, strong and viable alternative broad based opposion force inorder to run over the tyranny and only through action appeal to the broader international public opinion so that sister foreign Minister requests an an audience to come to Addis Ababa inorder to make supportive public speach like in Tunisia, after the fact, whatever the expression, after the fact is suppose to mean.

  11. yonas on

    elias didn’t know at that time , that issyass had more whisky than blood on his body when he awrad him man of the year award.now will see all those hiden parasites in asmara where they will go….or shaibia will hand them to weyane one by one,

    • Anonymous on

      first you need to get informed befor u post such comment. PIA is a headache for foodaid addicted people. people who are, their policy based on aid is very dangerous because at the end you have no control of your oun desteny, and you end up given such comment about the only african hero who doesn’t allow his nation at mercy of western.yet the only nation know how to survive on its resource under the PIA leadership.

  12. Anonymous on

    we have to use our votes as Ethiopian American to be heard. so pleas start calling your representative.
    and if the Democrat don’t listen we will go to the Republican.our votes matter..

  13. Gonderiew on

    Brother Elias,

    The answer to your question is simple. They did not include Ethiopia in this forum because Ethiopia does not have OIL.

    • Anonymous on

      No ethiopia is one goverment away from chaos. In a startegic location of the world its in, the US would never let that happen.

  14. Anonymous on

    Unfortunately, Money talks around the world! In Meles’s case the 50 or 60 thousand dollars he pays a month for his PR firm, seems working for him. The most brutal dictator has the Ethiopian Treasury Department at his finger tips to do what ever his evil heart desires without any kind of accountability. Additionally, there is no doubt that, the foreign billionaire landowners, do their part to convince the Obama administration by hiring lobbyists to keep Meles in power. Isays, Meles and the rest of TPLF mafia group have worked for over thirty years making sure Amharas are seen and accepted the bad guys around the world. They have been working hard to make sure to put every crime that had been committed in Ethiopia on Amharas. The master of evil Isayas and Meles have convinced the rest of the world that Amharas are the worst people and never ever should be in power. It is very unfortunate, the mother of Democracy America believe the mass murderer Meles without investigating what is going on in Ethiopia and who is really committing the horrific crimes on innocent people and looting the country for the last twenty years. Ethiopians have tried to get Democracy by voting for the opposition of their choice, but America watched and do nothing while Meles gunning down countless number of Ethiopians around the country and incarcerated and tortured the opposition leaders. I’m afraid, not only OLF and ONLF, but the Obama administration and the rest of the world leaders have bought the lies Isayas and Meles manufactured to divide and rule the country. Everything is Disheartening, to say the least! Well, it looks like I’m staying home on election night, unless the Obama administration hears the cries of Ethiopians for help from common Ethiopians to the religious leaders and understand the sufferings of Ethiopians through out Ethiopia, who are being evicted, looted, tortured and killed with no valid reasons, except hate and greed itself! I hope and pray the Obama administration do something soon to stop the suffering of Ethiopians in the name of Democracy! So, far, I’m very disappointed, but still hopeful.

  15. koster on

    The US government talks of peace and democracy but in reality they support war and tyrany. Meles is a “friendly tyrant” and he will have the full support of the US/UK government as long as they promote their agenda whether millions of Ethiopians are languishing under woyane fascistic reign of terror or not. It is unfortunate but the reallity is that Mubarek was also a “friendly tyrant” until the Egyptian people said no to looting and killing for over 30 years.

  16. Samrawit on

    The worst enemy of us is ourselves. what kind of curse(execration)burdened upon us; why is that we beg our God given(natural) rights from someone(world leaders, or country…)??? TO begin with ARE WE HUMAN ENOUGH to stand,defend and protect our supernatural rights??? If we go over and ask ourselves this quations, the answer and the solution is right next to us, as simple as that.WE NEED NO BODY EXCEPT US.wake up, pls LET US WAKE UP!!!!

  17. Ezana From Toronto on

    Surprise, Obama is not with you!!

    Okay, let’s break this down. What is all this tumult over this new ‘falfala’ called Atrocity Prevention Board?

    Hurray hurray this is an election year! What are you going to do with your vote? What did you do with it four years ago? Did you vote for Obama? Likely you did, because you wanted to vote out Bush, Meles’ best friend. Are you going to do it again, if not him who else?

    It (Atrocity blab la) is designed to attract vote for Obama. From whom, you may ask: the answer maybe from those friends of victims, so called progressive class, humanitarians and alike. Aren’t you all that? Of course you are! Then you should consider voting for Obama!! No, No, No, you are not going to do that! Why not? Because this new felfela organization didn’t say Meles Zenawi killed 6 million Jewish. Bingo!! That is the reason.

    Why did not this ‘felfela’ organization mention such grandios atrocity against humanity? Well there are few reasons: 1. it never happened. It was just imagination of schizophrenic Ethiopian Diaspora. 2. It happened but it happened to be one of the many atrocities that did not make it into the introduction of Obama’s new ‘felfela’ and it will eventually be mentioned as those hard working ladies get paid. 3. It happened but Mr. Elias and sherikochu didn’t do their homework: it is called lobbying!!

    So whichever one of the three points you believe in, you need to use your vote. It is your country; it is your president, not mine. I am Canadian. You know Canada, the country just north of your boarder? I know you don’t like us. We don’t like you either. We cannot stand your ugly and arrogant face. You cannot even say Z, instead you say Zeeeeeee. Oh, those American, and their president. No I am not going to call your president Uncle Tom.

    Good day

    Ezana From Toronto

    • Kill the rat on

      what is your problem? not America i am sure but your little self center brain is your problem.houseboy…and we Are American and Ethiopian.eat your heart out..

      • Ezana From Toronto on

        Take it Mr. Semetic Negro. It was all supposed to be a joke, get treatment for your schizophrenic self.


        Ezana From Toronto

    • Ahadu on

      Toronto Ezana (Woyanne circus clown)

      It seems that you are the second line actor of woyanne circus in toronto canada (if it is true as not a single truth comes out of woyanne circle be it 5 years old to 90 years, has even prouced many liers from Ethiopia during its 20 years occupation that made possible by the Bush administration ,we Ethiopians can say Bush was part of the 15 years attrocity that has practised by woyanne . America is the powerful nation on earth specially after the end of the cold war and on his search of govt after the down fall of the military govt as all nationalist groups put as obstacle for its long time interest of their country they decided for woyanne after they understand that this group is surely an enemy and can be a real slave to do their dirty job (Destruction of Ethiopia)and they have supported him financially all the way from day one ,and it comes even more after they saw the rejection of the Ethiopian peoples that has never seen these group as govt rather city pirates occupying the nation as hostage by the help of the bigger pirate CIA and Britain and they turned blind eyes of the massacre over Ethiopian peoples so the relation between Bush;,Blair,Clinton ,Louis Michell, Sarkosy is like for hundred years master and slaves that can end up the next minute if the uprising of the Ethiopian peoples starts not days like Mubarak or Benali they are very much aware of the Ethiopian peoples hate the rats (their slaves like a hell)having said that we still vote for president Obama and took out the rat who is hiding in minilik palace by our own we might need the president there after a real democracy and the shifta ring justice we will show that we are absolutely different than in not less may be more civilized manner that woyanne has spoiled during its occupation its barbaric and animalistic behavier.

      • Ezana From Toronto on

        Ahadu, Yeah, yeah keep singling. You have been doing it since 91. I can see you passing it to your son. He will sing in your behalf after your death.

        Good day

        Ezana From Toronto

    • Helmi on

      Ezana kokoro ras woyanne

      you started eating kitfo rather than cactus and grass hooper you loot (are thief)that you can be proud of you kill you torture may be you feel you are a hero or a patriot but all this are barbaric and primitive but not for woyannes and that all falls over your your completely damaged self and would be tooo late for you and likes mark my word.

      • Ezana From Toronto on

        Helmi, eweee, are you one of those kitfo/tire-siga eaters? How can one eat that stuff. I would rather eat grass than eating Kifto. I guess it is a big deal for you to eat Kitfo. I cannot even stand people who eat it.

        If not agreeing with you make me Woyane, so be it. But you know I am going to do something that I usually don’t: let the readers judge who Ezana is. Here is one of my online articles criticizing the Woyane government:


        Look one of the three articles under: There is only one king maker

        Good day

        Ezana From Toronto

  18. Black Moses on

    Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya are the only countries in East Africa whose puppet dictatorial regimes are willing to sacrifice the lives of their own citizens in the invasion, occupation and destruction of other African nations on behalf of western governments. When during the 1980’s the western powers were arming and funding the Taliban in Afghanistan in a war they were fighting against the Russians occupying their country, the West knew all too well that the Taliban were savage beasts just like the genocidal woyane beasts terrorizing the Ethiopian people and destabilizing the Horn region. The reason was simple: Economic and strategic interests are of paramount importance for western powers when dealing with third world countries.

    We Africans need to stop deluding ourselves with the sweet sounding buzz words like democracy, human rights, free press…etc and expecting the West would like us to have them in our countries, despite all the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. If you want democracy, build one from ground up, tailor-cut to fit the needs of your people. Don’t buy it renovated. Because the imported version of a democracy is the root cause of all that ails the African continent today. It’s like placing a donkey rider in a pilot’s cabin and expecting him to take off. It’s not going to happen. But if you educate his child, may be one day he can become a pilot and take off.

    The problem most African countries are facing today is the pseudo-intellectuals possessing the West-knows-best mentality telling us we can skip the grueling task of building the foundation and put up a roof over our heads instead, that way outsiders looking in won’t be able to see the poverty, famine and starvation inside our home. They love to talk about democracy, but you’ll never hear them mention one single word about the prerequisites to have a genuine, functioning democracy. The sound of Social Justice, food security, self-sufficiency, etc is less appealing to them because it implies the hard work required to build the foundation of the house. They’re only interested in the compliments they love to hear from the west about how nice the roof looks from above.

    • peace on

      Makes sense. Since we imported Marxism too, the result was Mengistu’s killing spree. That is why I don’t understand why can’t we solve our differences and bring Ethiopia’s own type of development. Really, is shiny buidling development while our women are being enslaved in Arab countries? It is true the problem is the Ethiopian elites who adopted every foreign way and tryng to apply it on Ethiopians. Every nation is different in their own way. For instance the only way Ethiopia needed change after Selassie and Mengistu is, bring equality let every one apply their own region their own way based on majority of course, in decentralized way. The centralized government will be repgresentatives of those region who will over see the cheks and balance of each regions. The main thing also, form another committee, that will regulate every body from centralized to decentralized to make them accountable. If there is no accountability, no matter what some groups will eventually attempt to take over as dictators. that will be going back to square one. The role of the army also should be defined and trained and desciplined very well based on the integrity the country as well as accountabiltiy.

    • Desta on

      Black Moses,

      It is unfair to compare the regimes in Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya. The regimes of the latter two might be dictatorial, sure that of Uganda, but they are not traitors.

      The regime in Ethiopia is dictatorial but what is worse it is traitorous.
      I think you should be smart enough to understand that a regime that landlocks the country, divides the people under ethnic and religious lines and puts the different ethnic groups in homelands or bantustans does not have the best intentions to the country it governs.
      And the African countries who very well know that don’t give a damn that Ethiopia is led by such a regime.Many even support it.
      That is backstabbing because the country got into that situation also because of supporting ANC,Mau Mau,Angola,Mozambique and Zimbabwe during colonial times and helping to create the OAU, to mention few examples. By the way could you be Somali ?

      You can read below what a british official told to an Ethiopian one.

      “Don’t worry about you. Just ignore whichever international organization critisize you about human rights. That is part of PR for us to have a moral high ground. Your job is rather to keep these nationalists under control. We know them. They are very rough for us to deal with them. It is the method we used which worked. Same people by its own people, we call it here in Britain self destruction. We had enough problem instigated by Ethiopian nationalists before. The crises in the Southern Africa we face today is the result of them. Hit them on the head so that it works for all of us.”

      • Anonymous on


        If what British nationalist said is true what you quoted below, this definitely certifies that British especially is at war with us Ethiopians because we are “nationalists”. Why is it ok for England and other Western countries to protect and love their country and why not us? This should be on the headlines and not be ignored.

  19. solomon derzie on

    America lost its moral high ground long time ago,I am not surprised at all if Ethiopia is not on their agenda,Meles is their messenger to exploit our country and Africa as a whole.i wonder how long the so called supper powers were lying the world when the acuse the regim they dont like and invade them.I will never ever trust these liers specialy USA.what a banch of liers.shame on them.what a white lie !!!

  20. Oh no on

    You guys should be aware that the Ethiopian opposition in the diaspora is infiltrated not just by woyane and shabia agents but also american,british and other western countries agents. And those infiltrators are one main reason why the opposition has not been successful the last 21 years.
    It is a shock to find out the views of many so-called opposition leaders on ESAT and other broadcasters. Many of them are ready to lie to and mislead Ethiopians to the benefit of their american,british or other masters. Interviews on ESAT of Herman Cohen and John Markakis for example ended up misinforming the audience to the benefit of those interviewed americans.

    • Ezana from Toronto on

      Oh duh, you didn’t know that all this time? Let alon as organization, even every word you drop here as individual on ER is monitored. You may think you are hiding behind your IP address, you are wrong. There is a way to track exactly who posted, what, where how, when and why. So, don’t get paranoid..write as you wish as long as you don’t use anything that they consider to be Al-Qaeda material.

      Ezana From Toroto

      • Oh no on

        You might be afraid of America,but not me. That is why i talk about Ethiopian agents of the US,UK and other countries within the opposition in the diaspora.
        In particular we have to watch out ESAT.
        That interview by Herman Cohen only benefited America and disinformed Ethiopians. That American official dared to say unchallenged on ESAT that America intervened in the conflict Derg vs. Rebels to “end the war” and then “to ensure a soft landing in Addis”. They let him say that unchallenged. The fact is we all know that America was involved in the rebel war in Ethiopia at least since 1969 when CIA met Esayas in Kagnew base. Later in the 70s and 80s America was a main supporter of the Rebels.So what was that nonsense talk about helping to “end the war”, when that was a war that the Americans started in the first place ?
        I would not be surprised if ESAT is CIA financed, i dont trust it anyway.

        • Aklilu abebe on

          Aklilu replies to

          (OH NO SAYS)
          Any one can use your IP address and can pin point you exactly where your e- mail is coming from utilizing coordinate systems. Go on to the Internet and read on Geolocation, to have a feel for it.

          IN response to Herman Cohen this is what I have to say.
          I listened to Herman Cohen interview on ESAT hosted by journalist Abebe Gelaw few months ago. Mr Cohen who handed Ethiopia to the Woyane rebels on a silver platter responded, by saying that Meles turned 180 degrees on the promises he first made before taking over the throne. However even though the US government was very disappointed with the violation of human rights issues, and the system of government Meles is running, there is nothing the US government can do because of Ethiopia’s geopolitical location.

          In a layman’s term as long as he is obeying our orders, and do what we tell him to do for the best interest of US, we will pretend as if we did not hear any thing and see nothing what he is up to.

          Therefore it is up to the Ethiopians to take arms and overthrow this brutal dictator out of throne once and for all.

        • Oh no on

          @ Aklilu abebe wrote:
          “Mr Cohen who handed Ethiopia to the Woyane rebels on a silver platter responded, by saying that Meles turned 180 degrees on the promises he first made before taking over the throne. However even though the US government was very disappointed with the violation of human rights issues, and the system of government Meles is running, there is nothing the US government can do because of Ethiopia’s geopolitical location.”

          What a fool you are,or are you their agent? Do you really believe what he said ? “Meles turned 180 degrees”,what a joke!
          TPLF policy is known to all, let alone to that CIA, since 1976, and that is being implemented since 1991. And foget this “Ethiopia’s geopolitical location” nonsense. And who said a government that replaces him would not cooperate the same way in some fields ?
          I really suspect Abebe Gelaw and ESAT. He and the broadcaster allowed that man and the administration he worked for to appear like saints or humanitarians. “End the war”, “soft landing in Addis”,LOL !

      • Waka on

        Ezana Toronto laughable woyanne

        You guys (woyannes) are really weird me personally wont take you serious like a normal humanbeing which starts from your chief who is hiding himself in minilik palace ,he has been lying for the last 21 years in the capital which he takes hostage and during his jungle time with barabarso he has been betraying and killing his comrades with only lies so to say he is a born lier that reaches to its maximum after he starts wearing a suit with necktie and imagine that his survival depends only in a day to day life and suspects his own shadow and as the SMNE report before some days he makes three time meeting with his security ring leaders to make sure that they still do their jobs as he expects in a way (Gemgema ala melese zenawi) and gave a full general to one of his loyal jungle comrade as it is a piece of ambasha ,in a closer observation one can only laugh following your comedy had it not harm our country and peoples,me as a single citizen only wish to see this shifta only in ICC rather than saying or writing woyanne has done this and that ,woyanne has already out played all his cards now on its last which is religion that brings the comedy era to its end. I dont spend no time responding woyanne comments like yourself either you have blood in your hands and hiding some where in canada toronto kkkk or you are part of the 21 years looting that you would be taken accountable for traitor act and you will never stop till your last day as our last 21 years experience show us, my advice for you and likes is one and only one to look to the film Baghdad Ali the information minister during americas invasion over Iraq.

        i dont wish good day for criminals.

  21. grume on

    Obama has betrayed ethiopian americans from the beginning. The same story with George Bush and Bill Clintopn. All of them supported Meles Zenawii ! Most ethiopian americans voted for Obama and made huge funds raising hoping Obama would engage to bring justice and democracy in ethiopia. However, the result was the opposite. Bush, Bill clinton and Obama met with Meles about 10 times, shook hands dined together with Azaba mesfin etc..but Meles got even worse. Howmany times did ethiopian sdemonstrate infront of white house and state department? I dont think any nation had made so many demos like ethiopians.
    Hilary Clinton has accepted millions of donations from the Meles Lobby group in USA which is called DLA Piper. How come ethiopians dont have their own Lobby group? where are G7 and others?? Anyway, i dont think ethiopian amereicans would vote for obama again. Fact is Meles Zenawi is living in hiding in Minilik Palace. He was hiding inside a bullet proof glass when he made accepetance speech after is fake election. He knows he is hated. We have to wake up. dont beg the americans and westerners. The egyptians, tunisians, or Malians did it themselves, so get up and fight instead of waiting handout form USA.

  22. Mulugheta T. on

    Hello Elias Kifle the GREAT (Keep it up!)

    USA- stop helping Meles and his Woyanes:

    Without the huge help of the USA, the minority ethnic regime of Meles and co. would never exist even for one day. We, Ethiopians, will never forget how the US-Government helped Woyane to steal our vote and is still helping to its evil intention of ethnic cleansing. There will soon be a day in which the USA will be asked for all the murders and tortures of innocent Ethiopians. The cry for a true democracy is purposely not heard by consecutive US-administrations.
    On the one side, they demand democracies in Arab countries and deny just that to the Ethiopians. To me, this is a double standard which makes the USA herself to lose crediblity. Indeed, America has lost its role model to all young Africans. We want you to go out of our own affairs. Leave us alone and we know what is good for us. We are not your slaves. America has never done good to Africans. We will never forget that you (the CIA) killed Patrice Lumumba, Amilcar Cabral, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, etc. Their crime was that they stood for the right of Africans. You are still protecting murderers, dictators and corrupt leaders, like Meles and all the other stupid African leaders.
    Short strategical profits are harmful to the USA and it is time to look for the bigger picture.

    A Peaceful Ethiopia will prevail

  23. Mulualem on

    This says absolutely nothing about Obama except that the Ethiopian opposition needs to do more on the diplomatic front in the U.S. and elsewhere. USA cannot dictate Ethiopia’s future, only we can. Let’s put the blame where the blame lies. Scapegoating foreign leaders is not the answer that Ethiopians are hungry for.

  24. peace on

    What is sad is that, USA has always wished good for Ethiopia during Roosevelt. They never interfered. It was the British, Italians, especially the British who always wished bad for Ethiopia. Ironically they were also allies. There was love and hate relationship between Ethiopia and British. In reality, for Ethiopia, West was good because of our past great leaders. If you have leader who respect your country, outsiders respect you. However if your leader doesn’t then outside will always take advantage and therefore it is not their fault. The West will always take advantage even during in the past. OUr past leaders have always said no and sacrificed. Most of all our past leaders know diplomacy very well and not sub serviant. Why Ethiopia is in problem today? Because the TPLF knew, they are in the minority and sooner or later they will be hated in Ethiopia because they are naturally tribalist and therefore wanted to benefit their own ethnic groups. Therefore, by allowing outsiders to take over and divide and rule, only then can they challenge the Oromos and Amaras. That is why. Today TPLF/Tigray preferst outsiders than other ethnic group. The TPLF could have still played fairer in Ethioopia, but they got greedy and they are now gambling that if they get the full support with outsiders, even all the way Arab nations, then TPLF will rule forever. I believe if TPLF is attacked by Ethiopians, the whole Arabs and Africom, and drones will rain on Ethiopians. TPLF did and is doing quite well for themselves. OUtsiders got their wish. Arabs are getting what they wish, Islamization and Western got their wish neoliberalism and neocolonization on process starting from the oldest indpendent nation in Afria, Ethiopia. What else can they want?

    • Oh no! on

      Consider a diaspora Ethiopian who lies to fellow Ethiopians and mislead them to promote the interest of his host country not loyal to Ethiopia or even a traitor.

      Saying this : “If you have leader who respect your country, outsiders respect you. However if your leader doesn’t then outside will always take advantage and therefore it is not their fault.” is definitely misleading readers. Saying that is nonsense because we all know that it was the US that brought TPLF into existence and also to power.

  25. mack on

    syria,s.sudan…and others they start fighting they don’t seat and blame others on there fight. fox if we don’t start fighting the fight nobody come to fight for us they can help us if we start the fight.look ethiopia is one of the peacefull country in africa for others because no uprising,no demonstrration,nothing so why the west or anybody disturbe this peace.if we don’t stop blaming and start the real fight forget it no body will come and fight for us

  26. Anonymous on

    Meles and company have done their best to convince the US government and the rest of the world that, all the Ethiopians around the world who demonstrate against Meles and the TPLF regime, and those who ask asylum in different countries around the world are all the privileged Amharas who left Ethiopia after the fall of Emperor Hailesselassie and want to take the power back. The talented, the gifted, the well educated and all the elite Ethiopians from all walks of life and ethnicity who live around the world have to come together and work a lot harder and smarter than Meles to pull the cover off from the tyrant to show his lies, deceptions and the tactics the tyrant used to convince the US leaders and the rest of the world. Ethiopians must have all the facts of the despicable crimes Meles has committed and the looting he has done for the last twenty one years and every thing that has been coming out of the mouth of dictator Meles is a complete manufactured lies and deceptions just to stay in power indefinitely. United we stand, divided we fall!

  27. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Elias,

    I have commented on this web site about Barack Hussein Obama with convincing evidence that Obama’s heart is with the Arab Muslim nations not with the Christian countries such as Ethiopia, Serbia, Cyprus, East Timor, Greece, and many other Christian states that are suffering financially. In his heart, he doesn’t care about Ethiopia because he thinks Ethiopia is a Christian country, and his creation of The Atrocity Prevention Board is to help the Arab Muslim countries, such as Gaza Strip under the control of the terrorist Hamas. He has sent millions of dollars to these terrorist groups. He opened his Cairo speech by introducing himself to the Arab-Muslim students by saying: “Salam Alaikum” instead of saying good morning or good afternoon in English since English is the official language of the American people. Since he has been in the Oval Office, his main goal has been to please and to strengthen the Muslims and to sadden and to weaken the Christians. He has ridiculed the Christian Holy Bible, but he has stated publicly that Quran is a holy book. He helped the Libyan Muslims to overthrow their leader; however, he has refused to help the Ethiopian Christians to get rid of their oppressive leader.

    Obama has never denounced Boko Haram, an Islamist terrorist group, that has killed hundreds of Nigerian Christians; in fact, under Obama administration, one should not say Islamist terrorists; one has to say extremist elements. Emboldened by the Obama administration, many Islamist terrorists in Pakistan, India, Africa, Turkey, Egypt, and in many other Muslim countries have intensified the sufferings and the killings of innocent Christians. The threat the terrorist Muslims are sending to the Christian world in a daily basis is less deadening than the sever threat they are sending to the Jewish nations on hourly basis. For example, the Flotilla incident on May 2010 was the work of the Turkish Muslim Government and the Obama administration to let the Flotilla enter the Gaza Strip; however, the Israeli commandos stopped it from entering the Gaza Strip after some skirmishes with the ship crews.

    As I said few days ago, I am not interested in the Obama’s administration and in the Atrocity Prevention Board created for the purpose of spreading Islam and helping the Muslim communities to build more Mosques everywhere in the Christian world and to bring the non-Muslims into the Darul Islam ( the house of Islam). Therefore, I am not going to vote for him even though I am invited to have a lunch with him. I have declined the invitation with all my respect to him and to his family.

  28. Anonymous on

    Charles G. Taylor, former president of Liberia and the stylish war tycoon who ran his war from a different country by dealing diamonds across the continent was convicted today. It has been a six years, 13-months deliberation judicial process. Come sentencing day, however, he may only get 21 years. During the testimony, witness 064 testified that Taylor’s rebels beheaded her relatives, including her two children, and asked her to handle the basket of heads it contained – she refused. During Reagan and the senior Bush’s day, Charles Taylor worked for the C.I.A, who bailed him out from a massachusetts’ prison after he illegally pocketed $900.00. There is a parallel between Taylor, Mengistu, Meles and the C.I.A, but you can’t put your finger on it unless someone write an insider book on it. The atrocities are just one of the things they have in common. It looks like the C.I.A threw Liberia to the wolf (Charles Taylor) just as they would do Ethiopia to Meles.

    Ten years after the war ended, Sierra Leone is still struggling to rebuild. An estimated 50,000 people died, while countless others fled the country or took refuge in camps. A large portion of the nation’s young missed their educations. Unemployment, particularly among the young men who emerged from the war with few skills, is crushing. Electricity is scant, even in the capital. The country has returned to democracy, but many educated Sierra Leoneans remain abroad, literacy is low and some industries, like mining iron ore, are just starting up again.

    It the same in E T H I O P I A with out Charles Taylor.

  29. Koratu on

    Simple, we are the only ethiopians from the rest of africans who stood up against atrocity and stopped the colonization. so they love it when we suffer, we are always the enemy.

  30. kantinz on

    Upper middle class and above have already given Obama tumps-down;the economy is till hooked to feeding tubes;thanks to chinese doctors;so,what else is the option for obama? Don’t even think america’s economy will stand on its own feet before the middle of 2015.Forget obam! Get him someone replaced with.On the coming election, uh! Obama will definitely lose to republicans.That is it.

    Of course,we are serious and the go-get-it people,and interdependent Ethiopians,and we did design our struggle independent of who would be America’s presidents at anytime and in any year.So,does the obama’s presidency stop us from bringing change into Ethiopia? Not,at all.

    The most important issue is the existence of the enemy in Ethiopia,and its continuious risk to all of us and to our country that all we had taken a note and kept an on.We sure will break the enemy into pieces and present the millions pieces to obama as a gift;that is not bad.

  31. Assta B. Gettu on


    Thank you for the video; it is very touching and encouraging to see the two Christian and Muslim leaders expressing their sincere approach to the problem Ethiopia is facing, and their solution to this chronic problem is Christians’ and Muslims’ unity. I totally disagree!

    Ethiopia has always been a united Christian country and never asked the Ethiopian Muslims to go with her to defeat Gragn Muhammad; she had never asked the Ethiopian Muslims to go with her to Adwa to crush Fascist Italy. Why now Ethiopia wants the help of the Ethiopian Muslims to bring down Meles from his power? Does this mean the Ethiopian Christians cannot solve their own problems without the help of the Ethiopian Muslims who are already infiltrated, brainwashed, bribed, and motivated by the Saudi and the Egyptian Muslims?

    The problem of Ethiopia is the problem of the Ethiopian Christians, not the problem of the Ethiopian Muslims; therefore, the Ethiopian Christians are capable of solving their own Christian problems. They should not seek the help of the ungodly Ethiopian Muslims. The Ethiopian Muslims could not save the Ethiopian Christians, and it is a waste of time to ask the Ethiopian Muslims for help. The Holy Scripture is clear about a nation that could not help: “Moreover, our eyes failed, looking in vain for help; from our towers we watched for a nation that could not save us” (Lamentations 4:17).

    The Ethiopian Muslim nations, millions of them, are incapable of helping the Ethiopian Christians: they have never done it in the past, and they will never do it now unless it is in the name of Jihad for the cause of their Allah. I am certain the Ethiopian Christians feel bad when they are angling for help from other people who do not recognize the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross and his equality with the God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

    As Christians, the Ethiopian people should seek help from Jesus Christ only, not from those who don’t believe in him. Looking for help from non-Christians is like doubting the help that comes from our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Elijah the great prophet once said to Ahaziah, king of Samaria: “Is it because there is no God in Israel that you are going off to consult Baal-Zebub, the god of Ekron?” (2nd King 1:3)

    In the same way, is it because there is no God of the Christians in Ethiopia that the Ethiopian Christians should ask help from the Ethiopian Muslims whose god is different from the God of the Ethiopian Christians and from the God of Israel, the chosen people of God? It is very troubling and disturbing to see the Ethiopian Christians knocking at the doors of Muslim Ethiopians to join them to bring down Meles and his cadres from power. If the Ethiopian Christians put their faith in Jesus Christ as they did in the time of their great dilemma when they were fighting the Jihadist Gragn Muhammad and the Turkish mercenary soldiers, the could easily achieve their goals – to oust Dictator Meles from the Menelik palace without the assistance of the Ethiopian Muslims, our guests.

  32. Anonymous on

    Extremist Ethiopian like yourself are frightening, to say the least! Our religious fathers have came out and said, we have lived together with our Muslim brothers and sisters side by side for many generations and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church members should stand and protest when Woyanes burn the Muslims Mosques as Our Muslim brothers and sisters stood against the burning of Ethiopian Monasteries. It is Woyanes who burn the Ethiopian Orthodox Churches and blame it on Muslims to create division and mistrust between Ethiopians, why do you believe the courier criminal Woyanes to tell the truth?

  33. leku on

    Atoricty allowed to scrumble all east African to faciletate colonalism.until the nations davstated and ready made, sun rost human creation they never speak. they are busy more than the horn of African nations. they step nosless step fear of nations awake.specially the Ethiopian flag ,minilk is one of the colonalist enimes.woyane sporters many of them didn’t understand the race, they didn’t understand that they are sailing themselves.

    the external power only speak when the nations inter in to the reduses of power. they only speak when they are inforced ,that is power.now people are almost about it and they may speak as if they were not beaware of genocide

    So forgate Obamasupport aothrocity or not.he will come to you as you work hard not as you speak hard. because things are bussinses

  34. T.Gebregzi on

    When mr.Obama was elected I thought of the black revolution of the 1960s,he talked of John F kennedy and Martin Luther King but like it is written above not only Ethiopia but I do not think that he was a good president leave alon a revolutionary,we have to be ashmed, only stuped people like Meles must be happy,they have no dream to see a rich Ethiopia where brotherhood and peace rule.

    • Assta B. Gettu on

      The Muslim Brotherhood joined Hitler and destroyed many Jews in World War II. The Muslim Brotherhood assassinated the Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat. The Muslim Brotherhood over threw Mubarak of Egypt. To this murderer Muslim Brotherhood, Barack Hussein Obama gave 1.5 billion American taxpayers money, and this same Muslim Brotherhood will be in Tampa Florida to reelect Barack-Hussein Obama for the second term.

      Read the following short article, posted on May 4, 2012:

      “A Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) will hold a pro-Sharia Conference in Tampa, Florida on May 11 – 13, 2012. The Conference will be at the Hilton Hotel Airport 2225 North Lois Avenue, Tampa FL. ISNA is a cultural jihad organization that has been designated as an “un-indicted co-conspirator” in the federal terrorism financing case called – Holy land Foundation Trial. The Muslim Brotherhood is actively working to get President Obama re-elected. Join with many patriotic Americans as we stand against the Muslim Brotherhood in Florida.”

      America has never faced such a dark time in its entire history by bringing Barack Hussein Obama to the White House in 2008, and American Christianity, American democracy, and the American Constitution will be supplanted by the Muslim Brotherhood Islamic law – the Sharia law if Americans reelect Barack Hussein Obama for four more years.

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