Press conference on transitional council – Saturday 4 PM EST

The Ethiopian National Transitional Council Steering Committee will hold a press conference on Saturday, April 28, at 4 PM Washington DC time.

Dr Fisseha Eshetu, member of the steering committee, will present progress report and make a special announcement at the press confeence.

You are invited to listen to the press conference by calling the following number:

Dial: 805 399 1000
Code: 175-090#

Date/Time: Saturday, April 28, 2012, starting at 4 PM EST

18 thoughts on “Press conference on transitional council – Saturday 4 PM EST

  1. shambel on

    Dr Fisseha , what kind of Dr. is he?
    how old is he?

    i am not saying this because i support woyane, but he is just “Jil”!
    he is a curse for the title Dr. itself.
    he is clearly clueless.
    whatever he says makes NO sense at all.
    he left the plane field where he supposed to fight and now he is wasting our time here.

    • Aklilu abebe on

      reply to Shambel:

      Stop name calling ,It is very sad for you to try to denigrate the doctor’s educational credential, and calling him “Jil” (doofus) .BY the way do you know how many years it will take for someone to earn his or her PhD. At least it will take about 20 plus years of continuous education.

      You might have been confused the educational title of DR. Feseha’s compared to those of your Woyane bosses who are buying degrees from left to right without earning it. Your bosses from the moment they landed in Addis Ababa, they threw away their tattered cloth and switched them with three piece suit.

      I bet you, you do not call them “jil .Instead you might call them geniuses, when most of them were given questions and answers prior to taking the test, and yet they failed, for not being able to match the correct answers with the correct questions. It is a waste of Ethiopian money, for brain dead individuals to spend that type of cash on something they did not even know what they are getting for.

      I am not making this up to boil your blood. I am quoting from a book written by Tesfaye Gebreab titled “Yederasiw Mastawesha”. This author knows inside out about the Woyane secret. Read the book how those idiots have become the loughing stock of this generation.

      You have to give Dr. Feseha of the Unity University, the credit for holding the conference call for the betterment of the Ethiopian people as a whole. Shambel you know it is very easy to call someone names when you do not agree with him/her. On the contrary how do you feel if someone call you name out of the blues, when you are trying to do good things for the 80 plus million people. Think about that .

      I hope you listen to him with your heart and mind if you really care about Ethiopia. If you are someone from he northen tip of Ethiopia then butt out of Ethiopian politics, you do not belong here. You have enough of your own.

    • Abera on

      Shambel, you are a good example of some Ethiopians who like to talk and do negative. They never did anything positive in their lives other than eating and sleeping. If you have nothing else to do just sit back and look when others work for their country. You just posted a few words that sound childish and stupid so be quiet. Which time of yours is he wasting? What do you really do with your time that is more important?

      Dr. Fisseha is doing a great work for all of us including stupids like you. I think he knows there are some like you who just talk and when they talk it is all nonsense.

      Warning : Please don’t reply to argue what you said was right.

  2. Abdurahman M.Nur on


    • Jegnaw on

      man we have to control our Owen destiny not depend in any one.other than our self.

      Ethiopia,by Ethiopian,for Ethiopian!!!

  3. Aamre on

    If Tigreans and Eritreans are included in the Transitional Council , I am out. I will accept which exclude these two evil people. .Anything less than that means, there is something wrong.

    • Anonymous on

      how cold you make such racist statements Mr Aamre? You are both arrogant and ignorant to say the least; would you mind shutting up this big filthy mouth of yours? you really suck. I hope our Tigre and Eritrean brothers and sisters won’t listen to this stupid silly person.

      • Eyob on

        Yes, it is true.
        If one Tigrean or Eritrean is the member of the council, that is it. It will be spoiled. For the success of the council, it should be tigrean and Eritrean free. The rest of the people can live in peace. Remember , a glass of milk will be dangrous to drink if a drop of poison in it.

      • Anonymous on

        At amare,

        Please tell us your real name? you donot sound like amare….you are a sheep in wolf’s clothing…one of woyanne agents to create division and havoc…not any fool….

        • Tezibt on

          In any society, there are racists, ethnicists and retards. The same people claim to be religious and you can easily find them in mosques and churches. Society has not crafted a way of sifting the individuals who in the brink of losing their mental health but only the real ill ones. The AMare or the other Eyob guys could be woyane, shabia, oromo, amara, muslim, christian etc… That is because mental illness can attack with out discrimination. When i see people like these, i see that society has its work cut out for itself. Some of you get upset easily when you read comments from ill individuals and that i believe isnt right. We should search a way to help at least the people that we know with these personalities.

        • aberash on

          I would not go to the extent of excluding myself from the struggle like Amare, but we all have to understand and remember that during the student struggle against Feudalism and Derg the Eritreans and many from Tigray were working advancing their own agendas under the cover of student organizations that included non Tigrigna speakers. This was a real fact. Many Eritreans who are now even in the leadership of Shabia and TPLF were active members of the student movements. Unlike the other Ethiopians they were fighting for their own long term strategy.

          I am not and never been a supporter of EPRP, but this fact may have contributed to its downfall. They had a lot of choices to establish their base instead of being right under the nose of Shabia and Woyane.

  4. TITAN on

    Down with ethno-fascism of Tigre people liberation front,

    NO TO THE DIVISIVE AND HATEFUL POLITICS OF Tigre people liberation front




    Ethiopian unity and its territorial integrity is none negotiable,

    One man one vote!

    freedom, democray and justice for Ethiopian!

  5. Gezaee H. on

    Dr. Fisseha,

    There are 100s of organisations or factions or councils or so forth. You really need to come up with new and better idea than forming another factions. We cannot afford to keep on forming, storming, norming, but not performing. You are falling to the trap everyone is falling.

    Why cannot you just bring all the factions together and dissolve all of them and form a national party that can embrace every Ethiopian. Otherwise, you have to realize Ethiopians are tired of factions formaation and deformation. What is this council for ? why? what is makes it different from the rest? You are wasting your time again. You need to understand our people tired of all these factions asking money and asking many things, but never move forward a single step. The past 20 year is a litmus test for all these.

    You need be open, clear and have an open political discourse so so that we all can participate as citizen. Otherwise, individuals like you leave Ethiopia and form councils, factions,… etc, is not going to bring any change than making people fed up of factions of various type.

    You said, the council is not goverment? what is it then? what makes it different from G7, EPPF, EPRP, TPLF, OLF, ONLF,…ETC. why this organisation is being organized by you only? This is my opinion, you do not have to agree with me, but one things, we need one party and that has to be involve everyone than being steered by few people. If we do that we will unite and get quick solutions for our national problems. Otherwise, there is a saying in Tigrignea,” Edi zibzho gaet” means “Ethiopia eij yebezabat genfo huna tkeralech”

  6. Aamre on


    If you have such mentality, you do not really qualify for anything to tell you honestly. I know your anger and I understand but there is patriotic Tigreans and Eritreans whether you agree or not. I do understand your frusration because I share it and I do not blame you. But to say the entire Tigreans and Eritrean population are evil is wrong. I can agree with you TPLF and Shabia are evils, but not the ordinary people. You need to apologize for people who innocent Aamre.

  7. Ezana From Toronto on

    Transitional council?

    Transitional to what? I hope you are not talking about taking over Meles’ kingdom. Are you? If that is the case I will say you are full of fantasy. You need to wake up and smell the coffee, Ethiopian that is. For anyone to go in such a path, one has to have an amry somewhere in Ambo that is en route to Addis. Do you have such an army? As far as the the reality on ground, Meles and his TPLF run Ehadeg are here to stay for a long, long time. Lobbying is one option I see to shorten his grip of power, or you may consider terrorism, since you are being accused of it anyways. Allahu Akbar !!

    Good day

    Ezana From Toronto

  8. Shetaye on

    The problem with us all

    We tend to conclude that if that others ones before this one did not work then this one is not going to work.

    Our tradition is not open to forgive and forget. We get angry and fight over things they are not even worth fighting over.

    We do not admit our faults and apologize for the mistakes we made.

    We are not giving chances to people to prove their efforts.

    I think Dr. Fissha should be given the chance and cooperation. Like any other political process we have to judge organisations by their goals and programs in the short and long term. If a party or any civic organization drafts and provides its plans it is our responsibility to study and analyze them. Once we do that we support or we don’t, but we do not discourage.

    The first program of the ENTCSC says “represent the aspirations and demands of the Ethiopian People”. Once the demands and aspirations of the Ethiopian people are identified we should be looking into in what way it is going to represent the people.

    One writer asks how is this ENTCSC is different from others? We have to see first the nature of the organization. The others are parties or Fronts this one is not.

    i am open to support it as long as it stays on the path of the programs it presented to us.

    And the people who are commenting are not all supportive of the change we are all seeking to see in our country. People have various reasons, some of them are members of the TPLF or government officials. We don’t know.

    To me my most cup of tea I would be any organization whose first priority is unity of all the people under the umbrella of Equality, justice, the rule of law, freedom of speech, respect for human rights and dignity, the integrity of our country Ethiopia. I will support any organization that aims to achieving these.

    I strongly object any organization and/or individual that advances the disintegration of our country and people and the destruction of its culture and history. No compromise on these.

  9. Gezaee H. on

    I hope Dr. Fisseha’s party is not an ethnic party? hope so, otherwise, no matter what theory I hear, Gulcha bekeyaayree wete aytaftim new yemihonew. Good luck so

  10. Sami on

    The transitional council is facing resistance from Whisky-Woyane. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) announced that close to one thousand Ethiopians and the Ethiopian Diaspora participated in the discussion between the Government and Diaspora on April 24 at the Ethiopian Civil Service University in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia.

    This year’s event was held to coincide together with the Ethiopian Diaspora which came for the Easter Holiday as well as those engaged locally in development, trade and other professional activities.Not surprisingly, the source of Ethiopia’s inflation remains an issue of debate, for the administration continues to argue that the fiscal expansionary macroeconomic environment is hardly the source. Persuaded by his macroeconomic advisors – comprising of Newayab Gebrekirstos, Hashim Ahmed and Michael Merid – Meles has been on the record arguing that the source of inflation could be several, but mainly imported due to price escalation in the international market. He also blames the inefficiency of the market, which he sees is dominated by oligopolies who he blames for creating an artificial shortage of basic goods such as edible oil and sugar.

    It took the administration’s macroeconomic advisors more time to concede Ethiopia’s inflation is also monetary phenomenon. Meles zoomed last week the sources down to imported inflation, the uncompetitive market structure, and excessive broad money supply spiraling inflation, while he also mentioned inflationary expectations by market agents as another.

    But the Prime Minister and his macroeconomic team remain adamant in rejecting that the administration’s primary focus in supporting growth and the central bank’s inability to use monetary policies independent of the policy priorities of the political establishment is perhaps the main source.

    “Predominantly, the problem is an unwise monetary policy that is made subservient of the fiscal policy,” a macroeconomist, who requests anonymity, told Fortune.

    Mulugeta Kelil, Diaspora engagement affairs director general at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the forum will discuss the draft Diaspora policy document currently being prepared in consultation with Ethiopian Diaspora in 24 global cities with high concentration of Ethiopian expats as well as Diaspora living in Ethiopia.

    He also said a framework is being prepared under the Ethiopian Civil Service Ministry to deal with issues related to the Diaspora.

    The forum also hopes to analyze the Diaspora’s possible involvement in the Growth and Transformation plan. It is expected to be attended by officials from MoFA, Federal and regional level officials, government communication officials and relevant experts.

    The draft Diaspora policy document is currently in the process of being prepared to be tabled to MoFA’s board committee for discussion before being sent to the council of Ministers for final approval.

    Mulugeta also said the forum hopes to talk about the flow of remittances and corruption from the Diaspora as well as technical and financial help they can bring for the 6,000 Mega Watt Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD) construction.

    MoFA has so far announced that it had collected USD 7 million from the Ethiopian Diaspora for the construction of the GERD through bond sales, which it hopes to further strengthen through the newly formed Diaspora Renaissance Council whereby the prosperous and less fortunate Diaspora members can work together to contribute to the construction of GERD.

    Also to be discussed at the meeting are issues concerning lack of good governance and ethnic prioritization among dissporas in Addis Ababa and regional state cities for while investment is made by Ethiopian Diaspora as well as possible solutions, which are to be provided by both sides.

    Particular attention has been given by the ministry relating to investment from Diaspora members residing in North America, Europe and to a lesser extent from Southern Africa.

    Feisel Aliyi, Director of Diaspora participation and engagement directorate at MoFA, said one of the aims of the meeting it to formalize the budding relationship between the government and Ethiopian Diaspora, which so far has been done on an informal level.

    It was also announced by the ministry that in addition to collecting and strengthening information, it is establishing in Addis and regional state, capital cities offices to service and address Diaspora issues such as investment opportunities, educational prospects and other sectors.

    MoFA roughly estimates that around four million Ethiopians and people of Ethiopian origin reside outside of Ethiopia.

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