Ethiopia faces instability and genocidal violence – study

The U.S.-based Genocide Prevention Advisory Network lists Ethiopia as a country that is facing high risk of instability. Read the report here.

16 thoughts on “Ethiopia faces instability and genocidal violence – study

  1. Abiy on

    … A global “Stages of Genocide” analysis is prepared by Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch. …

    Do I know this guy?

  2. Wake up! on

    Thank you WEDI devils for your bravery in bringing Ethiopia back to 3000 years ago. We will have overwhelming task to clean your messes after you perish from the Amhara-Oromo territory.

  3. Devil advocate on

    MR Elias,

    You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

    We knew it all along. We told you so many times to accept our rule. If not, Rwanda event will be a child’s play compared to Ethiopian one.

    The story of ethnic cleansing of Amharas couple weeks ago doesn’t hold water if you read this report carefully. There is no mention of Amhara as a target in this report. It is true some Amharas were told to leave some areas from South. That was not ethnic cleansing but precautions for Amhars who may face genocide in the future. It is better for them escape alive today.

    • Waka on

      Woyanne genocide has already reached 20 years the difference is only it has been syatematic using the once who flee the country as a cover and mostly practised in a local manner ,that is why i always tell Ethiopians to isolate the woyanne sympetheisers and supporters in as i imagine does not take serious by many Ethiopians.We will see what will happen when the day comes that we confront these animals and that my assumption all the way was the truth there after if a single woyanne over come the the catastrophic event .

  4. natit on

    The woyane have committed numerous acts of genocide on the amhara, anuak, oromo, somali and afar in the last 20 years. All these atrocities are well documented and judgement day will come. there has been a coordinated campaign by the woyane junta who are paying americal lawyers millions of dollars to cover up their crimes. the blood of innocent victims of genocide cries for justice. it can not be brushed under a carpet of woyane lies and propaganda.

  5. Kuki on

    Technically the report is false. Ethiopia ALREADY is an unstable and genocidal country, thanks to Weyane. These reports usually think there is instability and genocide when it happens to their lackeys.

  6. Shetaye on

    We have been saying it all along that the TPLF government is a racist dictatorial system that came to power by force and staying in power by force. This type of government invites the public to get prepared to take it down by force and the outcome can not be determined to be good bad.

    The people have no trust and confidence in it and the earlier the change the better for all of us and also for those who are supporting it.

    According to this report and as we know the Tigres are supporting this government and before an all out violence starts it is essential for the Tigres to be united with other Ethiopians.

    Having said all that, I strongly object the part of the report that indicates the “targets by the government” as being the “Oromos and Anuak” People. The report excludes the epicenter of present day Ethiopian political, economic and military system. The discrimination of the Oromos and the Anuak people by the Tigrean dominated government started recently.

    The ideological basis and atom for the formation of the Woyane movement is the hate they all have against the Amhara people. This is the corner stone of their rise and it will be their nightmare for their downfall. Now and again, day out and day in, their main target has been the destruction of the Amhara social, economic and political structure before and after they came to power. Even though we all know that the previous governments specially the Mengistu government which killed thousands of Amharas did not represent the Amhara citizens, they formed and intensified their “struggle” by preaching anti-Amhara and anti-christian propaganda and diplomatic warfare with their Arab supporters, Shabia and Sudan as their trainers and base locations. Regardless of when the report was prepared it is important to include this simple and clear fact of present and past history of Ethiopian politics.

    It would be very ridiculous to argue what ethnic group I personally belong to but if we forget, ignore and continue to discriminate one ethnic group in the present day Ethiopia. We will never form a unity we all like to see, and we will never achieve democracy in the country. And now the problem is more complex that the form of the struggle has transformed into becoming religious. It is another sensitive issue in a very volatile region of Africa. We have to really be careful to not lead us to the state where Somalia is in. One corner of Somalia is living in relative calmness than the rest, is this what Tigray is going to be when the other parts fight?

    All Ethiopians that includes the people of Tigray led by the democratic and peace loving individuals should get together under one banner of unity and the name Ethiopia.

    We are going to hear and see some supporters of the TPLF to ignore this fact as well, but it does not matter what they say, because we all know that and they all know that they will not be here to stay for long. It is up to the rest of us to speed up to get together before things get out of control.

    • Gezaee H. on

      Dear Shetaye,

      I thought you were a balanced person and did not think you will swim in ethnic theory.

      Tigreans hate amharas is myopic and totally wrong. It is this type of unbalanced and biase that pushes every Tigreans away from sharing paradigms with every fellow Ethiopians.

      You do not know what the tigreans and including Eritreans went through. You were not there sister. During Haileslassie, 2 million Tigreans died recorded + unrecorded. Do you think this was a blessing for the Tigreans? What are you talking about Shetaye? Tigreans were not allowed even to work in thier region? do you know that? All the axum society who do gold, metal, silver, copper, brass, Nickel, Suphur,… smiths were banned from running their metallurgy foundries. They were denied land in their own province. Do you know this? they were denied to use their highly sophisticated metallurgy skills and they were given a name by Haileslassie, evil people with evil eyes who do an evil and satanic highly skills works? do you think making metal works like iron, gold, copper, silver ,… make you evil? there was no high school or even primary schools in the entire Tigray except one school in Adwa run my a foreign christian mission? and another one in Mekele run by catholic mission? What is wrong with you Shetaye? you need to read your history.

      Tigreans do love amhara to tell you the truth. I know this myself. Even with all the injustice, Tigreans were fighting TPLF for 17 years. It was not other Ethioians who held TPLF for 17 years fighting in Tigray. TPLF could not move or advance of out of Tigray for 17 years, not because of derg soldiers, but Tigreans themselves were fighting against TPLF. If TPLF had support from the beginning from all Tigreans, I do not believe derg could stay 17 years or TPLF could stay for 17 years in one province. Tigreans only supported it after Hawzien.

      But the problem people, we will tell you, but honestly you will never understand other problems except your own ethnic problem. This has become the big problem in Ethiopia. Everyone is after his ethnic never mind how you all pretend you are better than TPLF, but you are not.

      None of you even have an all inclusive idea leave alone an inclusive ideology. Everyone of you jump into ethnic. No reason, no ideology.

      Now you are all trying to use the islamic protest as way of advancing your goal to get to Arat kilo. But it will not get you there either. You have to have formula you can get to your destination by swimming in a season water stream. You forgot all of you not long islamist were burning churches and people alive in Ethiopia? was not about 8 months or so, 40 churches were burnt in Ethiopia? was it a year and have ago, Ethiopians christians were cut thier throats like goats by islamic extremists? you are all liers who have no stand or do not tell the truth than spewing your hate of woyane. The main reason woyane doing everything without any checking is because you have no stand except hatred. You can not campaign and mobilize people based on truth. You make a small bigger by mixing TPLF policies with Tigreans. Ordinary Tigreans does not dictate what Meles do? or he does not consult every Tigrean what he does? Meles is a dictator like every dictator/ why are the Tigreans a target because of one dictator? is it only Meles a Tigrean who is dictator on earth?

      Shetaye, clean yourselve for the tigrie theory. Please do, I am not saying you are bad, but you have to put yourselve in the Tigreans shoes. They have sacrificed their daughters and sons by default. So the support TPLF get is not by choice, but by default that is when you find in it there is no way you can know if it is right or wrong. You just follow it. This happens everywhere.

      Shetaye, do not want for somebody else to come with better idea, do it yourself sister if you are clean of ethnic, I will join you.

      • Anonymous on

        Response to Gezaee,
        These are some of the things you tried to point:
        1- “I thought you were a balanced person….swim in ethnic theory”
        As usual your comments jump from one issue to another one, now I am not balanced because I said we have to treat all ethnic groups equally. It is a fact in our country’s politics that there will not be unity when a government is targeting ethnic group after ethnic group. You are not going to change the fact that TPLF built its organization of separating Tigray and fighting the “Amhara governments”. I think you have assumed I have an Amhara ethnic background. However, All TPLF members are and should be Tigres from Tigray.

        I have not even mentioned a word that says Tigres hate Amharas, but TPLF, its leaders and supporters did and they still do.

        2- ” TPLF could not move out of Tigray because the people of the province were fighting it” Well Well, that is what you are saying but i find it impossible to be convinced with that theory. You could say majority of the people in the province do support the TPLF because they have no choice, they are afraid to confront it. Regardless of what you are stating you will have a hard time to sell that idea.
        So you are saying the TPLF is supported and its members are Oromos and Amharas? We will see how far you can get with that one.

        3- Regarding the shooting of the moslems, you think the people who are opposing their killing are trying to take power at Arat Kilo. You just threw any quality that is left in you out the window. I said it before and I say it now that killing innocent people is illegal whether it is the government, Oromos, Somalis, Amaras etc. That is the bottom line. And just because some of did bad to Amaras it does not mean we should say it is ok to kill them. We all know that 19 moslems were the September 11 attackers who killed thousands of people. America is not out killing innocent moslems because of those few terrorists.

        At the bottom of my comment this is what I said

        “All Ethiopians that includes the people of Tigray led by the democratic and peace loving individuals should get together under one banner of unity and the name Ethiopia”

        Does this comment make me sound i am interested to swim in ethnic politics?

        • Gezaee H. on


          You have alot of grievances like everyone else. Let me tell you sisterly from my heart. I am very very interested in solving Ethiopia problem. But I am also frustrated the majority of Ethiopians are myopic and aimless and this includes the TPLF leaders. The problem we have people make enemies and friends. There is no way you can bring a lasting peace in this way in a very diverse country sister. You can see even Somalia who have the least diverse cannot live in peace among themsleves.

          One can only solve problem by indentifying the problem and formulating the solution in real time. Blaming, blaming, crying, blaming, crying, grumbling, … does not solve any problem. Leave alone national problem of about 91 million people, even one cannot solve individual problem just by blaming, cursing, blaming, moaning, … day in and day out.

          I am just tired of hearing woyane, woyane, woyane, this word has been chewed everyday for the past 37 years. I have heard this word starting from the time of derg. From woyane Wonbdie upto day. Forgive me, I have lived in many countries and seen political parties and oppositions, but never ever saw the ugly politics of Ethiopia where hatred is eaten day in and day out like injera?

          I have been asking and still asking why you do not form a national civil movement that includes or accommodates every ethnic? but there is none. No one wanted to do that. Everyone wants to set up his ethnic factions. Decades come and go forming, storming but without norming and performing. Just waste of time only, blaming everything on woyane. Political parties dies, blame woyane. Political parties split blame woyane. Everything woyane, woyane, woyane, woyane?

          You have hard time to agree with me that Tigreans fought TPLF for 17 years. Yes, you do not agree because probably you even never heard a single shot of gun in your life during the 17 years. But I know how many family members I lost fighting on both sides. I know derg relying on Tigreans to flush out Woyane from Tigray. I saw Tigreans derg fighters killing woyane, their own brothers by guiding other soldiers to kill woyane. If Tigreans did not fight Woyane for 17 years, I strongly believe derg might have stated even 5 years. TPLF was stuck in Tigray for 17 years because the Tigreans were fighting on both sides. But I see now, it does not really matter, a Tigreans will be given any credit even if he or she fought agaist woyane.I see now those Tigreans and Eritreans who were fighting woyane and shabia were just fools according to you. But never mind, these will change anything now.

          About Muslims, Muslims must respect the law and respect other religions including thier own sects. They have no right to ban or attack an islamic sect. The government has responsibility to put under control any violence. I did not say Muslims have to be killed. no human being should be killed.

          All of you are condomning woyane not based on reason or because you loving muslims, but because everyone is trying to get a score by blaming woyane as usual. No reason, just based on hate and siding with anyone who hates woyane. This is narrow attitude that will never help Ethiopia.

          This hate attitude will never solve Ethiopian problem. Only people who respect each other and who stand together for the good of everyone will succeed. People who fostering hate, anarchism, hatred, conflict will never solve any problem. It is actually that attitude that brought Ethiopia to where it is today. It is lack of freedom, recognition of others for who they are that brought us derg, woyane, shabia, olf, …. if we were respecting each other and working together, we would not be where we are today. I would not have not left my beautiful country if there was justice,fairness, equality. But none of these existed in Ethiopia. But blame woyane ,woyane, woyane, …everything.

          About I guessed you are amhara? I did not even care or think about your ethnic Shetaye. I swear to you such think never cross my mind. I did not know what tribe you are or never thought even about it. You can see it yourself you are in it. You even think everyone thinks about ethnic? The only time I come across about ethnic is when I visit Ethiopian forums. Where I live ethnic, tribe or religion, race, colur is irrelevant. No one cares what religion you are and what ethnic or tribe you are. It is completely different world. We have no time here to think about ethnic or tribe or religion. Everyone is respected as human.

        • Shetaye on

          Gezaee, I don’t have any grievances as you might imagine.You fell in the same mud of assumptions like most people. You did not understand what i said and now you are even saying the “moslems have to obey the government’s order” in other words it is right to kill them.
          And another times you keep saying “we can’t bring peace with violence” I am not an advocate of violence, but i am not accepting any oppression of any one ethnic group in Ethiopia or any religious believers. I have read your comments few times you seem to advocate what the government is doing is right”to control situations”. Unfortunately, no body trusts what the government is doing so don’t blame if people accuse them of doing wrong things. It is impossible to defend the government of Ethiopia at this point of time. You can go ahead and do that but I won’t. Just because there was “massacres” in Eritrea and Tigray according to you , it does not mean we have to accept the massacre of others today. There were killings in Eritrea and Tigray before but i am hundred percent sure it is not because of who they are as “tigres”. You know that too. I do not support that either. The same thing is happening today by the TPLF government and that is why I don’t support it.

          If you do not care about other peoples’ ethnic background don’t tell people they are “swimming in ethnic theory” when they are not. I write about the illegality of discriminating a group of people based on their ethnic background, this does not make me I am in favor of ethnic division in Ethiopia. So that is why you did not understand or did not read what i said.

  7. Equality on

    The only thing that I get out of this report is that Ethiopia is under minority rule, the Tigreans. The report says “Genocidal alert”. But series of genocides have been happening across the country for the last 20+ years. We know these; they are documented facts. If we don’t get united and take actions against this minority rule, it will not be just a question of genocides but we may not see Ethiopia as a country; a failed state or another somalia. Let’s not rely on westerns’ report as we know the facts on the ground. Let’s not seek solutions from westerns’. Let’s get united & work together to solve our problems by ourselves. God be with us & Long live Ethiopia!!!

  8. vixim on

    Now they can add Amhara among the list of targeted ethnic groups along Oromo and Anuak.

    You have come a long way – Woyanes (can you remember where you were 20 years ago?). Now, you have succeeded in provoking the wrath of the Amharas, perhaps the end of your journey approaching fast.

    You, the Woyanes, perhaps thought you were going to be like the Amharas in Ethiopia (even without loosing your tribal scarring ). But it never occurred to you that, it took the Amharas almost a millennium to perfect the skills of administrating and governing such a diverse population.

    Soon you will have time to retire back to your bleak and rock mottled ancestral land and curse your own sons, daughters, brothers and sisters for loosing paradise for you. But for now, as the old Amharas used to say, you are like a bull in heat. And no amount of clubbing the horn is going to restrain your lust.

  9. Waka on


    I am in my middle 40 i have never seen an amhara rule for that matter except the language that connected us as a nation or a country
    have you ever been in the country sides like Gonder Gojjam or Ankober
    the country of Atse Minilik where you can not see a single house what
    woyanne practised is no comparable as all its west supported programm
    using Tegreans as its strong hold well in the reallity using them for its evil as tools with unfounded fairy tales and teret teret .

  10. Anonymous on

    It is true that the army leaders with Mengistu as a leader have killed many Tigreans and Eritreans but they have killed many non Tigrigna speaking people too,all Ethiopians in general expected the Tigreans from the north to be liberators of the whole nation regardless of who is who but from what we have seen for the last twenty one years,we Tireans who have always thought we are superior than the rest are ashamed beyond emagination,what Meles,Sebhat and the others have done is in the first and formost place is destroying Tigray but I blieve and love all Amara,Oromo and others that soon we will defeat these murderers and begin beeuilding our country,in the bible it says, it says a leaving dog is better than a dead lion,it needs every kind of people to make the world go around,in the famous album by robert Pulmer,with all respect to some few of the many,prof.Asrat,Tsgaye G.Medhin,artist Telahun Gesese and many martiers including my heroic ancle Zerabruk G.Eyesus Who were sloughtered by dranken derg soldiers near Dessie under the order of the derg governer of Wello.Above I said superior,if it is true and I feel it some times especially me because I am of the priest side,I think my Father got his diaconic title from the martier abune Petros,a geuss,thank you.

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