Muslim anger against Zenawi intensifies

Muslims outraged by heavy-handed government interference

Ethiopian Muslims angered by the heavy-handed interference of the government, staged one of the largest rallies following Friday prayers on April 27, 2012.  In a move that appears designed to attract Western money and support in the name of fighting extremism, the regime of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is inflaming a Muslim population that has largely been moderate and peaceful.  Lately, the regime seems to thrive on antagonizing every segment of the population.  Amharas are being illegally and cruelly evicted from southern Ethiopia, massive arrests and killings continue in Gambella, Afar and Oromo lands.

Please click on link below to see Frdiay’s demonstrations in Addis Ababa.

Muslim’s outraged by government interference


38 thoughts on “Muslim anger against Zenawi intensifies

  1. Mamo on

    I disagree with this statement Elias: “Zenawi is inflaming a Muslim population that has largely been moderate and peaceful.”

    The Muslim population is moderate and peaceful. There is absolutely no information to indicate the Muslim uprising has anything to do with being “non-peaceful” or “being extreme.”

    Their demand is strictly for the government to stop interfering in their affairs. Which is a legitimate demand. If the orthodox Christians made similar demands, it does not make the Christians unpeaceful or extreme.

    We need to be extra careful because it is very easy to misunderstand what is going on in Ethiopia. We should know what the Muslims are demanding. And we should be absolutely clear so that our readers do NOT have the wrong idea.

    • Ethiopian on

      Mamo, how did you understand Elias’ comment, he said the same thing you said. Go back and read it, he said, “the muslim population “largely moderate and peaceful” ” and being inflamed doesn’t mean unpeaceful but rather aggravated like everybody else.

      • Mamo on

        The way I (as a simple Ethiopian) understood was that Muslims, in contrast to how they used to be in the past, are now forced to be extreme or militant. Elias’ target audience might be more sophisticated Ethiopians who would understood it the way it was meant to be.

        TPLF has managed to get to here by exploiting these types of seemingly small misunderstandings. If you watched Meles Zenawi’s last speech where he skillfully incited hatred against the Amhara deportees by raising the inappropriate issue of “equality” you know where the power of TPLF propoganda lies.

        I recommend that we close EVERY POSSIBLE opportunity for TPLF propaganda victory. If issues are murky, let us make sure we clarify them so there is no chance for misunderstanding.

        The current Muslim issue can be EASILY misunderstood and end up both bloody and to TPLF’s advantage. This can be avoided by CAREFULLY selecting what word we use so that average-Ethiopian would ABSOLUTELY NO misunderstanding.

        I think my criticism boils down how an average Ethiopian might misunderstand an article targeted at a more educated kind of Ethiopian. I believe if articles, radio programs, tv programs were targeted at the average Ethiopians, there is a chance to defeat TPLF propaganda.

      • Gragn Ahmed on

        Try to understand Elias has poor command of English as every body knows by now. He tries to give you an Amharic English statement. Only one who understands Amharic knows what he wants to say. At any rate, he assumed that moderation of Ethiopian Muslims were due to the fact that there were no provocation form non Muslims. He also wrote that they are now being agitated to a degree that may force them to be violent. But what he really was trying to say was why would any one provoke a moderate person so that he gets inflamed? That is the irony Meles is going through. By that Elais acknowledged that there is no extremism in Ethiopia unless you want it to be there such as this provocative killing of innocent Muslims.

  2. Anonymous on

    Thanks Elias, you’re doing a great job informing Ethiopians around the world.
    Growing up in Addis as a Christian, most of our neighbors were Muslims and Christians and We grew up with together, for my family and I, religion was a non issue. Some of my parents business partners were Muslims. In memory of my best childhood friend, Aziza wherever you’re, my best wishes to you and your family. I take the mistreatment of you and your family very personal. The injustice and the bloodshed of our Ethiopian Muslim brothers and sisters at the hands of the brutal TPLF regime who are in the process of starting a religious war between Christians and Muslims, should be taken as a mistreatment and injustice for the Afars, the Amharas, the Guragaes, the Gambelas, the Kembatas, the Oromos and all the other Ethiopian ethnic groups. Ethiopian Muslims do not come from one ethnic group, they come from all ethnic groups, the same goes for Ethiopian Christians. When one of us get hurt, all of us should feel the hurt of all Ethiopians. As Martin Luther King said once: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to injustice everywhere.” The Ethiopian Christians should have also joined the protest of our Ethiopian Muslim brothers and sisters! The disgraced evil tyrant and his TPLF thugs hate everybody and everything Ethiopian, except the Ethiopians money and natural resources.

  3. dkamoza on

    The enemy that invaded Ethiopia with a lot of guns and bullets since 1991 is still refusing to leave our people and country alone.The war on Ethiopia that launched years ago is still a war on 80 million Ehtiopians.This is why Ethiopians came together and held hand-in-hand and began the fight against the enemy to completely free the entire population and the whole country from the grip of the blood sucking men and women of Zinawi.

    Our goal is to capture the crime boss,Zinawi and bring him to justice;when this criminal is arrested and sent to jail,the rest of criminal men and women who surround this cruel wanbadai,Zinawi will also be locked in jails.

  4. Gezaee H. on

    Woyane has to squash the barbaric extremists who are campaigning to burn our churches. Woyane must send them to Saudi Arabia. We do not need their terror.

    But the problem, it is Woyane which provided a breeding ground for terror because the money it begs and collects is poison. There is a saying in Tigrignea: Ktblie tblaie, woyane will be eaten by islam extremists when it try to eat from them. Woyane sleeps like a prostitute with arab Wahabisists, Woyane is trying to outsmart the Arabs. Giving land to Arab one of the Problem woyane is importing to Ethiopia. The Arabs Wahabits will marry 1000 of poor Ethiopians girls everyday and make Ethiopia an islam state in 10 years with no war, just by reproducing like coackroaches. Woyane is the cause of the problem. It is at odds with itself, it is burning Ethiopian churches and now I do not know what woyane wanted from the Wahabits? woyane probably wanted only thier money? Evil woyane Meles

    • Anonymous on

      Once again you are showing your true color of hateful woyane flag. Ethiopian Christians and Muslims have been living side by side for many generations after Graghan Mohammed era. No one is the biggest threat to Ethiopia and Ethiopians than Meles and the TPLF mafia group, who have been looting, selling our land, our small children and young Ethiopian women and throwing unknown number of innocent Ethiopians from journalists to teachers to businessmen in cold rat infested woyane prisons. It is the undisciplined despicable extremist Woyanes that have evicted Ethiopians from their homes and properties and burned Ethiopian Orthodox Monasteries, Churches, Muslim Mosques, Forests in Gambela and slaughtered the Gambelas who tried to stop the deforestation in Gambela and other places. Muslims and Christians not only have lived peacefully during the late Hailesellassie but also lived side by side peacefully during the other madman Mengestu regime. It is the heartless, bloodthirsty bloodsucker woyane regime who are doing everything evil under the sun to divide Ethiopians by ethnic group and religion to stay in power and loot and kill innocent Ethiopians in every province, period!
      After 22 years of human-rights abuse by tplf regime, Every Ethiopian knows the greatest threat to Ethiopia is not Islam or Orthodox religion, but the coldblooded evil dictator Meles and his tplf puppets who are determent to sell and dismantle the country, to loot and commit genocide!

      • Gragn Ahmed on

        Sad, this person I thought had some skull, but like all tigres he stinks.

    • Anonymous on


      who is trying to destroy churches in Ethiopia?… not the Ethiopian Muslim,it is rather your Woyanne from Tigerys.look what they are doing to waldeba and many other is burned by so call Woyannes, so don’t blame our MUSLIM are one sneaky woyanne.
      and why do our Muslim brothers need to be shipped to Saudi? Ethiopia belongs to christian and muslims, rather we should be shipping this WOYANNE/TPLF parasite whichever planet they cam from.

      • Anonymous on

        hi there

        It is true that weyane try to isolate our people by religion
        So we have to be one and single to overcome this unwanted government.
        Please let us united.
        All of us are equal and religion is quite personal.

  5. Michael on

    Let now time is ticking to rise up against the fascist regime. Our Ethiopian Muslims are making history for their generation. Every Ethiopian must protest with our Muslim brothers and sisters.
    Meles and his hodam croneies must go now. Christian and Muslim Ethiopians unite. Don’t listen the propaganda of the tyrant Meles and his Mejlis cadres. God Bless Ethiopia.

  6. Tenes on


    The vain of Ethiopia isnt the Ethiopian Muslim Community. They arent the ones relocating Ethnic Amharas, Gambelas, etc from their homes. They arent the ones selling our land to foreign corporations for personal gain. They arent the ones Imprisoning and killing on a political motive. They arent the ones clearing and selling a land once held in high regards by the Orthodox Church. They arent the ones playing the divide and conquer game.

    Please do your homework before coming in defense of this despotic regime. The enemy of Ethopia is not our Ethiopian Muslim community it is Woyanne itself and foreign powers that are ruling Ethiopia through proxy regimes.

    Please go and preach your divisive story at ayiga forum.

  7. Gezaee H. on


    You are an opportunists who is trying to exploit from havoc created by muslim extremists. I am neither aiga nor Elias nor Wahhabits advocate. I agree with you woyane is the problem itself which is giving the sacred land of Ethiopia to those barbaric extremists. There is no fear from me to tell the truth, they just burnt 40 churches 8 months ago in Ethiopia. If I were a leader, I would not give land to any foreign Arab Wahhabits like TPLF is doing. TPLF wanted only their money, not their religion. But TPLF is stupid because it does not know Islam is like an orange fruit with a worm inside it. The money TPLF is collecting by selling land to Arabs is an orange fruits with lethal worms inside. TPLF will try to eat the orange fruit it collected by selling land, but woyane will found later it has worm inside and woyane will try to throw the orange fruits. But the worm in orange fruits is contagious it will graft by itself into the indigeneous Ethiopian orange fruits. Woyane will try to eat the Ethiopians orange fruits but it will find out the Ethiopians orange fruits has already inside worms. Woyane will panick and try to cut the Ethiopian orange trees to clean its own mess. Woyane will be eaten by the when it tries to eat. It is like a rat. You prepare a trap and put a food on the trap. The rat comes to eat the food on the trap, but it get trapped in it. Woyane is a rat that will be trapped in its own greed. It is a matter of time, Woyane does not need to be removed by anyone, but its own hand, it will removed from the face of Ethiopia. It is collecting orange fruits from Arab, Europeans, Asians, … it will find worms in them and it will be hard to eat from the imported orange fruits and woyane will be done in the process. Greed kills, pride, ignorance and arrogance brings downfall. Woyane = muslim extremists. The muslims extremists are telling is they will burn Ethiopia into ashes in thier secret meetings. Woyane is doing the same. It is burning the Ethiopia orthodox churches and it is selling the land. For me woayane and the extremist muslims are a threat to my country. If God allows them, but I prey both woyane and the extremists will be wiped out from the face of Ethiopia so that genuine Ethiopians can live in peace.

  8. Tezibt on

    it is Amazing to see how we all do feel and comment on the issue of suppression on the muslim brotgers and sisters in Ethiopia and how we dont really see a comment from any muslim ethiopian. Is it because they do their stuff underground, or is it because they do not want to offend their christian brothers and sisters in the process or is it because they dont use muslim names when they comment. What ever the case the discipline is unusual for average ethiopian. I hope law is respected to keep us together and one country. It is the responsi ility of tplf to respect law.

  9. AntiIslam on

    You people are saying the govenment, woyane, should not interfere ? are you saying these sunni islam followers have to kill the Alhabsh sects? this is funny. The Alhabsh are humans who must be protected to practice their version of islam. Islam is not reserved for certain peoples only. Muslim has no right to ban better version of islam. Islam is firing on itself. Good muslims are running away from the religion because the religion is not only scaring christians, but many muslims are distancing themsleves from it. Why? 3000 people killed in America in one second in America in the name of islam? this is ultimate crime of islam in the 21 century. Muslim never protested against that barbaric act. Muslims were celebrating all over the world. Muslims you need to clean your religion from violence and burning people. Do not blame woyane, woyane did not tell you to burn the twin tower in USA. You did it for your Allah. If Allah allows you to burn people, you need to go into another planet to live in a burning fire or you need to burn yourself. No one is going to keep quiet until you put fire on people. You believe everything crime you do is right. But other humans are terriffied by your religion. YOo are the problem. Woyane has find away how to handle you because if you are allowed, everyone knows what you will do. People do not trust islam. It is satanic religion.

  10. Gezaee H. on

    Why the muslim never protests when Muslims kill people ? or burn churches? why now? they only protest when they are not allowed to commit crime? Hmmmm, why Allah allow burning christians? why? is Allah not the God created all human? Muslim came after human being and earth was created? how islam denies the existence of other human on earth? why? can anyone teach me about this? why Allah does not like white people? why Allah Allowed Bin Laden to kill 3000 people in a second? Why? Please I need someone, a genuine muslim to tell me about this? I need pure reason why Islam wanted the entire world to be only muslims? These has to be discussed in public openly. No hide and seek behind doors? No nicity outside, but planning to kill other humans in secret. I only wanted islam followers to reason out and teach us why is their religion deny other religions rights? Why they wanted to monopolize God as if it is only them who are created by God? I believe in democracy but islam and democracy are against each other. Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive cars even now in the 21 century? why? can any muslim tell me why God discriminates women?

  11. Anonymous on

    Isn’t the 21 years atrocities TPLF have committed on Ethiopia and Ethiopians enough for you not to trust and believe anything what woyanes say to be the facts? Woyanes do the crimes and shift the blame on others to get money from US to fight terrorism and put the money in their own bank accounts and they have become multimillionaires and billionaires while millions of Ethiopians are dying of starvation. According to Wiki-leaks, it is the TPLF regime that set a bomb in a taxi and killed innocent Ethiopians and blame it on Ethiopian extremists. But sensible Ethiopians know damn well that the Extremists are the TPLF themselves. Ethiopian Muslims are not the ones who have sold the Ethiopians land, Ethiopians Muslims are not the ones who have looted the country blind except Almoudi and a few of his buddies like Meles and the rest of TPLF, Ethiopian Muslims are not the ones who have evicted hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians and sold their land, Ethiopians Muslims are not the ones who have been burning the Ethiopian Orthodox Churches, Ethiopian Muslims are not the ones who have locked up tens of thousands of Ethiopian in filthy woyane prisons, Ethiopian Muslims are not the one who have gunned down innocent Ethiopians on the streets of Addis Ababa and other Ethiopian provinces. But Woyanes want gullible people like you to believe that the Ethiopian Muslims are the enemy and start a religious war to divide people by religion and ethnic group. Ethiopia is a country to Muslims as much as Ethiopian Christians. People like you and that Asta are an embarrassment to Ethiopian Christians.

  12. Gezaee H. on


    I have no problem with muslims, my problem is with the acts of terror I see. I do not need anything from Woyane,Last time 40 churches were burnt to ground by muslims in the South Ethiopia. This was reported by the Global Media Christian monitor based in Geneva. you cannot blame everything on woyane. We can agree woyane is an ugly political party. But I cannot agree blaming everything on Woyane. That is false. You cannot say everything is done by woyane because you hate woyane. This is good to anyone. Accusing woyane for their own wrong doings but not for others wrong doings.

    It is not Woyane which protesting, it is muslims. Why are they protesting? They do not want to see a rival islamic sect? I do believe it is good to have many islamic sects like in the christianity so that they know people can use the peaceful one and those who believe in killing people will be left out.

    I am christian, I do not follow my religion blindly. I apply reason and my brain on it. There are many things I do not follow in my religion. The same way,I am not going to accept or advocate violent islamic faith. Do not blame on us, you need to control your religion. People are scared of islam and me too. Why? it is their actions that scares me. It is not because I am against islam. I see them burning people alive in Nigeria and all over the world. I see them cutting the throat of Ethiopians by knives. Why I do not see good muslims protesting against such barbaric acts.

    I think some muslims wanted to us to keep quiet and accept the islam sword until it comes around our neck. Get your religion right. Stop scaring people and point fingers at us. I respect any religion that respect people but I will not pretend as if islam is a peaceful religion.

    I do agree Ethiopian muslims do not know all these things. I also had a positive understanding of islam before I went out of Ethiopia. The islam out Ethiopia is completely different. In Ethiopia, muslims does not even speak any single bad word. Never fight or quarrel or argue at all. They never even look at you. I used to eat with them and drink with them Tigrean muslims beer in their houses. I completely believe the Ethiopian muslims innocent. Howver, now they are cutting, copying, and pasting alien and violent Arab muslims.

    My advices to Ethiopians muslims is to protect themselves from the influence of Arabic radical islams before it is too late. Otherwise, there will never be peace. Look,Somalians are all muslims, but their religion is not helping to live together in peace. Where is then the good of islam? if Islam is better than other religion, why is islam now recognized a religion of terror? Do not blame, blame your own fellows for spoiling your religion. Let me tell you,I have many non-christain friends. People are scared of the religion called islam. Do not blame on me or other people. Blame your act. Get it right and stop scaring your fellow humans. Stop blaming or others, blame your own act.

    I do believe muslims have right to practice their religion like everybody else.But I do not agree with their attitude or doctrine that islam is the only true religion? that is a big hole in islam? they cannot live with other religions. This has not started today. They have been doing since the beginning. Mohammed himself killed many Arab tribes for his religion. Many Arab tribes disappeared from Suadi Arabia. They did the same in Turkey. The Ottoman conquered Turkey. They killed the entire population of Turkey by the sword those who refuse to accept islam and they only spared those who accepted islam by force. Today Turkey is an islamic state. The same happened in Persia. They conquered persia and put to the sword all those persians who refused to accept islam and spared those who accept islam by force. Today Persia( Iran ) is an islamic state. The Iranians used to have thier own religion. But islam ccould not accommodate that religion. That religion is now non-existent in Persia. It is scary when you come across Muslims who tell you the wanted to make this earth and an islamic nation where only muslisms are allowed to live on.

    I have a close friend who is muslim. His dream is to make Canada an islamic state. He migrated to Cananda by himself for better life. He nows say he is opppressed in Canada because Canada is not an islamic state? he wants to make Canada an islamic state. This is real and in real life. I asked why we cannot all of us build a nation that accommodates every human being? he said now. He told me islam does nto allow us to work with others but with muslim brothers only. This is real life experience. This is very dangerous. I am not biased and I know there are many innocent and God fearing muslims. But the general belief is not right. Muslims need to put their religion right than accusing others. People are scared. Governments are scared.

    • Anonymous on

      Yes, there are extremist Muslims like Taliban around the world. But out of 2 billion Muslims around the world, only a few percentage are extremists. Timothy McVeigh was who bombed Oklahoma City that killed over 150 people was a Christian and a member of some extremist group who consider themselves Christians. Members of White-Power group, the KKK, and the Skinheads are also extremists who hate Black Americans, Jews and all minorities.

      Your Muslim friend has the same right as Christians to convert people to his religion, as long as they agree with him and he doesn’t force his religion in their throats. The same goes for Evangelical Christians, their goal and purpose in life is to convert Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox Christians to Evangelical Christians. I came from many generations of Christianity, but my friend, so far in my lifetime, the people who have abused me, mistreated me, discriminated me, lied to, cheated by, talked and gossiped about is by people who call themselves Christians. Not all Christians who mention Jesus twenty times a day and read the Holy Bible three four times a day, are good Christians. And the same goes to Muslims who pray five times a day, are good Muslims. We all have times where we disagree with our Christian brothers and Sisters and also with our Muslims brothers and sisters, but that shouldn’t make us despise all Christians and Muslims.

  13. Jegnaw on

    “I do believe it is good to have many Islamic sect like in Christianity”
    Mr ,Gezaee you are fool of it like most woyannes.
    1st in christianity there is no sect only denomination 2ND there is no difference in it is believe the central thyme is Christ.
    3rd you are not even a muslim to talk a bout is like a person never been pregnant in her life but sh is teaching a person who is pregnant how to get pregnant. so speak what you know. not what you think you know..
    you are a lire woyanne nothing more..

    • Gezaee H. on

      Yes, I am woyane. What will you do? Woyane is kicking your arsehole. Jegnaw, you better call yourself feriw, lebaw, you are trying to fish a fish from a murky water. Trying to use islam to get to Arat kilo.

      I will fly to Arat kilo 2row to help Woyane. I will take over leadership from Meles.I will become a brand new TPLF leader. It is better to try to convince Woyane and to make change of policies than to write comments here. Doma ras feri. Woyanes are brave it is just they have bad policies. I am sure this words make your heart bleed and your mind crazy.

      I have heard these for 20 years. Woyane days counted;Woyane is gone and calling everyone woyane. Nothing new. These will actually work in favour of woyane. Because we will join woyane since can not work with Domas ras like Jgnaw( lekbasas).

      • Jegnaw on

        don’t get upset you don’t like the truth will know the truth and the truth will make free.
        back to your CUNTY hole were the likes of WOYANNE like Meles cam from. and don’t worry the days of the TPLF parasite doomsday are coming very soon to your neighborhood near you.
        don’t get too delusional get some medication you are in USA there are many different delusional medicine..

  14. Gragn Ahmed on

    Your attitude is scary. If educated Ethiopians are like you it is tragedy for us. First, you reported churchs destroyed by Muslims. But you cited it from evangelicals. Evangelicals are liars. So next time give us reliable source. Second, anonymous told you that weyane or cia plot most of these incidents. It is common knowledge in Nigeria and afghanistan. Islam never killed recklessly. Quran says “Donot transgress”. Mohammed , saw, was evicted from Mecca very savagely by Meccan christians. They even forced his followers to immigrate to Ethiopia twice. Mind you twice. They even chased to kill him, but he escaped hiding in spider wave covered small cave along with his closest disciple. Meccans were violent people. They were so ardent that they followed first Hijra people and tried to bribe the christian King of Axum.

    Meca Islam was very peace preaching. Muslims even prayed in very covert way. Things changed in Medina because Jews and christians and pagans of Qureish fought Islam. Preaching one God should not have been such problem for savage Arabs. But it forced the Prophet to fight for the cause of one God. Are you still convinced Islam preachs peace unless it is forced to? As to your Canada friend people interpret somewhat differently. Once in Medina the prophet did not force people to convert. He invited them as in Quran to reflect ” people of the Book I have my religion you have your religion”. But what was their response? Jews invited Mecca christians and pagans to hurt Islam.

    So, it is always Islam’s choice to discuss. In America there is plenty example where Mosques are invited by churchs to live next to each other. Don’t scare people by preaching fear. I can tell you pastor Jone burns Quran. He claims Quran is a criminal book. There are many Evangelicals who believe so. They believe they are the only true religion and Kingdom of God is jesus. Right now Evangelicals pose a grave threat to the world.Should I fear all christians? Islam lived in West Europe in Spain. Read about Muslim Spain. Christian lived inside Muslim Spain. Even Jews were in high posts. Read about Tariq ibn Yazid the warrior who conquered Spain. He never hurt innocent Christians.

    Should I fear the same for Ethiopians? It is to be remembered that all religious conflicts arise between Evangelicals and Muslims. Even in Ethiopia and Nigeria. Why? Why Muslims don’t fight orthodox christianity? Unlike Orthodox, Evangelicals force people to convert. Since Evangelicals are not allowed in the North of Ethiopia, they preach violently in the South where Islam is common. This causes a lot of provocation especially since government protects orthodox North but gives free access to pentes in the South Muslim. Hence, Muslims are aggravated in the South. Ethiopia should stand for all or should give Muslim South the same protection for South Muslims. Right now pentes are grave danger to peaceful Ethiopians.

    • Gezaee H. on

      Dear Gragn,

      I have to tell you brother Gragn. I lived my child-hood upto University tied up with muslims in Ethiopia. I loved muslims so much, there was time I was thinking become muslim because of that influence. I can still remember my child-hood friends and difficult to describe my feeling here I become too much emotion. I ate with them and lived with them. I can tell you muslim and christian in Ethiopia is completely different. For instance, Tigreans muslims and Tigreans christains you cannot separate them. If you see Woyane is made of muslims and orthodox christians. I have never heard any conflict. If you go to Tigray you see Tigreans muslims dancing with their fellows othodoxs and hitting the Kebero.

      But honestly, I have to tell you, islam out of Ethiopia is completely different. You will be surprised it is not like in Ethiopia. As an Ethiopian I would advise Ethiopians muslims to protect themselves from Arab influence. But at the same time, it is not the Ethiopian muslims fault, it is Woyanes fault now. They are inviting Arab wahabits to take land and the Wahabits have their own underground mission and will use thier money to corrupt the Ethiopians muslims. That is exactly what is happening now.Woyane is trying to clean its own Mess. I just sympathize with Ethiopians who have to bear all these because of woyanes greed for money. Meles would not mind collecting money even from Aliens.He is money money mindset is harming the country.

      He is not only importing dangerous Arab islamists. He is also selling the market to foreign coorporations. The onus is on woyane.

      • Jegnaw on

        dear Gezae,

        It is indeed emotional. Igrew up in christian majority area. My sister is from a christian woman. She married a christian weyane. She is Amara by the way. My father was well respected and loved by christians. Personally my family does not feel any discrimination. As you know Amara is all mixed religion although majority is christian. My family is dominantly Muslim but i have christian Amara. Al though Muslims go miles to reach out, the same kind of openess is not practiced by christian Amaras. Other than that we have “abelijs” of christian origin and I must say my family helps all those in need including christians. When in need christians visit our house. As a friend I helped those in need including christian friends. I love christian friends we had good and bad times and we cried together. But I suspect I was too naive as to why we are not fully accepted by christian friends. I thought it was personal or cultural. I am saying that until one of these days I visited the Ethiopian websites where I saw a lot of hate. When I went deep I saw real trouble in our coexistence. How did my friend christians really promoted this hate for Islam. What I am saying is that Islam as a religion is hated too much and I saw the Axum discrimination. I saw also the discrimination of “Mejli” which is not treated as equal to “synodos”. This has lately troubled me. Not because I am from Muslim family but rather as a citizen I feel that many Muslims don’t feel as equally represented. Does this not trouble you my friend. I love christians of Ethiopia when they get emotional but they are short of action. Why would not Ethiopians feel free to build their mosque as that of church, Why they have to go far away in the outskirts and less in demand area or useless or in accessable places? Why would not the streets are named after our Muslim citizens? Why not WE as a people unable to fully be entrusted with all preveliges? Have we not fought along with others? Have we not supported the country with economy?

        When you say Arab investment why you not also question western investment? I am against violent Islam but look at what Muslims are under, no help with their own government. They are under severe pressure from all sides.

        So, don’t hate any body including Arabs. Not all Arabs are bad and some of the land grabing should be fairly shared. But to ban investment I think may be wrong although I am no support of Weyane, in fact I am against it.
        Don’t be deceived. Faith is not politics. What we see in the news is not the true face of Islam.

        • Gezaee H. on

          Gragn, do u know the Ethiopian muslim beer? I used to drink the muslim beer all night with my friends. You never get drunk. I do not know the name in Amharic, but in Tigrignea, in Tigray and Eritrea our muslim families member brew a beer from a grain called Abaeke. Because Muslim in Eritrea and Tigray they do not drink Tela ( swa ) they tela is made from abeke. I just crave for it even now. But where can I get it now. The other things,when I was in a university. Ramadan, my friends will wake me up to eat with them. So Ramadan was not only holy time for my freinds, but for me too. It can not believe my friends can become militants unless there is somethign secret which I do not know about islam. Anyway, I think we have to stick to our roots than to religion. Both religions, christianity and Islam were imported from outside. We probably has to get rid of all the religion from Ethiopia and set up our own religion that is common to all of us based on our culture, norm, history, tradition than killing each other in the name of God. Or probably we have to make a new religion by putting the goods from both religions and throwing away the ones which makes hate each other. That will accommodate everyone.

          I am against discrimination or violence in any form no matter who does it in any form.

        • gragn ahmed on

          In Amharic it is called Abesh? or are you talking about “bubugn” some call it in Addis bukri???. If you ask someone they will make for you. There is gebse powder everywhere nowadays. My wife makes one I wish I was in Canada. At any rate, we can live together by looking into the future and discaring 20 th century ideas and some of the people who stick with it. As to Akrarinet, it is political rash to control the weak. If all of us unite we will fend off neo colonization. Other wise calling our own people akraris or tigre or that will send us into spins. I can share with you how we spend good times with christians and how I love “elbet and seljo”. It is still in my tongue the flavor and the taste of that spice during faskia. Our neighbors used to love us so much they used to bring us those things so we can enjoy them during their fast months. When I finished highschool my friend took me to Addis with him and we both enjoyed his uncle’s vast mansion, he wa top notch highly influencial Engineer. Me being from merchant family used to help my friend whose income was not that great from his families. But when I look back, it may be true that diaspora is infested with feudal era generation or that generation has changed. At the same time, Muslims did not complain of oppression at National level does not mean they were not oppressed. One has to Admit our politicians were rigid or were afraid of church not to give equal rights to all people of Ethiopia. At any rate, if we embrace democracy there will be no need to tamper with spirit. As a person religion is a good part of social fabric unless it is taken into political flavor. Let us pray that sanity will prevail. No religion wants constant war.

      • tezibt on

        Bismilah erahman Irahim
        Malikiyaumidin waiakenabudu waiakanatain
        Ihidinal siratalmustakim siratalazina kairimakdubi alehim
        waladalim Amen!

        This is what my best friend an Ethiopian muslim thought me and in those beautiful days of our life, I also thought him how to say christian prayers like abatachin hoy and emebete mariam stuff like that. When he came to my home he ate after saying Besimalah and when I went to his home I ate after saying Besimeab. We both know that we love our respective religions and it never crossed our minds to convert to one another’s religion. I used to try my best to learn to read the arabic letters that I bring from grocery stores that were wrappings of soap or sugar etc… It was pure respect and admiration to each other’s religion. Of course we may be breaking the church and mosque ethics but we have been to each other’s denominations. He has tried to fast the christian easter fasting with me and I have done the same with Ramadan fasting. I am strictly christian with no plan whats so ever to convert to ISLAM and the same with my friend. Our friendship is cemented with pure love and respect for each other and for each other’s faith. All it takes is love to take care of this issue. What I see in Ethiopia is the influence of both Islamic extreemism and christian extreemism imported from overseas as a result of poverty. “Poverty causes people to cling to religion and guns,” I quote this from Obamas speech during his first election probably in Pensilvania when he was talking about the type of people who later called themselves the “Tea party”. It embarasses me to even talk about religion this way. I can only do it out of frustration from hiding behind my computer. I would never talk about it in public because my experience about religion with my muslim friends completely yearada lij type. Born and raised in Addis, my experience was such a beautiful one. I can only say this is “ye fara chikichik. God tolerates all the garbage from us. And we can’t stand each other. We kill each other in the name of religion, in the name of ideology and so forth. How many people have been killed by Christians since Biblical times? How many people have been killed by Prophet Mohammed and followers ? Is it ethical to kill some one by sword if they refused to follow your religion ? Is it fair to kill innocent muslims just because of few knuckle heads did take the wrong measure ? As a christian, should I be hated by a muslim only because an extreme measure was taken by some knuckle head christian ? My friends, in this world it is not a christian or a muslim issue that is causing us problems. There are two types of people that god is willing to tolerate on planet earth. They are called good people and knuckle heads. The knuckle heads, they would kill anyways, wether you make them “yekebele likemenber”, Yederge kadre, ye betechristian astemari or sheik. The good people will save you wether you make them any of the above. After Christianity became legal in the Roman Empire in 315 , many pagan temples were burned by Christians. Many Pagan priests were slaughtered. Christian priests such as Mark of Arethusa were famous as temple destroyer. The world famous female philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria was torn to pieces with glass fragments by a hysterical Christian mob led by a Christian minister named Peter, in a church, in 415. I love my muslim friend to death and the hell with this quote if it is true. The Prophet said, ‘If a Muslim discards his religion, kill him. “Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends.” I have recently read similar if not identical quotes from christians, again I say the hell with that. We have only one choice and that is to respect, tolerate and love each other or go to hell.

  15. FreePress on


    Your passion for journalism is fueled not through your commitment for freedom of information but due to your deep hatred for the current Ethiopian ruling party. i am not asking you to love the ruling party or side with the government. But I have to tell you , Ethiopian Review is one of the most biased news source out there. You always blame the government of dividing people, but to me you are the one who actively took that role since 1991.

    By the way, I saw that you or your staff visited Asmara but I never heard anything from you about the dire situation there….repression, poverty, …….you know the stuff you are most interested in reporting?

    You represent free speech ?………i don’t think so……

    • Jegnaw on

      this is Ethiopian media.but if you want to know about Eritrea go to Eritrean media.
      and if you don’t like what Elias is doing you can start Ur Owen news service.

      so the problem is not Elias it is your Owen perception.

  16. Anonymous on

    Are there two Gazaees or just you talking on both sides of your mouths? One minute you put all the blames on Ethiopian Muslims and the second minute, you are so proud of what the coldblooded woyanes have done to Ethiopia and Ethiopians, you praise and support the ruthless, heartless criminal Woyanes who are responsible for the deaths of countless number of Ethiopians, selling the country’s land, selling small children for profit and young women as slaves, and over all for turning our country and the lives of millions of peace loving Ethiopians upside down and woyanes are determent to make Ethiopians live in Hell in their own country. Then in the third minute, you come to your senses and you put all the blames on Woyanes, who are you? do you even know yourself? If our Ethiopian Muslims were as despicable as you think of them to be, how come we never seen them burning Churches during Haileselassie’s administrations and during the bloodthirsty Mengestu regime? Surprise Gazaee, it is the couriier criminal woyanes who are burning the Ethiopian Churches to divide Ethiopians not live in peace with each other. The country Ethiopia is equally for Christians and Muslims. As I said before, extremist Ethiopians regardless they are Christian or Muslims, only bring division, miseries to the people and the country. The same God who created Christians and Muslims wants us to be kind with one other. On the other hand, the king of Evil Lucifer wants live for hate and wants us to kill each other and create divisions and distractions. May the merciful loving God/Allah direct and help us all to love one another!
    No matter where hate, distractions, killing happens, the source of that is SATAN.

  17. Anti-GezaeE on

    I have reason to believe that Gazaee is a well-placed Woyyane agent busy posting comments designed to confuse and neutralize regime opponents. Be warned !

    The INSA — the Woyyanec spy agency known as Information Network Securiy Agency — employs a lot of Gezaee’s. They sometimes appear to oppose their own masters. They are ruthless mercenaries willing to do the bidding of their bosses. Their job is to not only to infiltrate opponents, but also to confuse and creat infighting.

  18. Gezaee H. on

    yes, I am not only Woyane, I am the chief of staff of Woyane. I advice Meles Zenawi what to do. I have already passed your name and location to Arat kilo? I am highly skilled woyane I use data engineering to indentify your identity from this forum. You think you are hidden behind your PC,but you are not. you are blacklisted in Woyane’s wanted list. Whether you like it or not, Woyane will stay to kick your arse hole, Niftam, wrgat. No you are going to bleed by your inside and lose all your blood and die. Viva Woyane, Woyane Yashenfal, Woyane lezalem Yunure, tadia min large, Woyane new ketbalkugn layker bedmb woyane mohen alebgn ahun.

    Woyane , please do reforms, stop the selling of babies, girls, land, and other national assets,then I will join TPLF because just carrying the name woyane without contributing anything. I feel now I have to contribute to Woyane and I know I can reshape and reform and make Woyane more stronger than ever. People will shit on thier pants.

    • Anonymous on

      DUD,you need a strong unity psychotic medication now.or go commit your self to a psychiatric hospital before it is to late..
      you are not wright up there if you know what i mean..

  19. Hussein sheikabdi on

    Ethiopian dictotorship leader Meles zenawi his party i think go to eliminate muslim religion by importing ahbash(by introduce new religion by force) ethiopia muslim must be fight with abhash.until allah(sw)will give victory

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