Kamal Galchuu on the Asasa massacre in southern Ethiopia

STATEMENT by General Kamal Galchuu

Massacre by Wayyanne’s federal police at Asasa, Arsi Zone, Oromia is Wayyanne’s
continuation of war against Oromo people

The Oromo Liberation front shockingly learned that the Melese Zenewi’s Federal police
massacred innocent Oromo people in Asasa while they were attending Friday pray. We recall a week ago that Meles Zenewi told his parliament that there is al-Qaida in Arsi and Bale regions of oromia. This false accusation was a planned action to massacre Arsi Oromo people under the pretext of Islamic fundamentalism. Today’s killing in Asasa, Arsi Zone, Oromia, is the first step of the realization of Zenewi’s dream of massacring the people he fears for his power. Freedom of religion at least on paper is protected by wayyane constitution. killing innocent people because of their belief is even a violation of its own consitution. Killing innocent people while they were praying is the worst violation of human rights. Meles Zenewi should be brought before international court of justice for the crimes he has committed against innocent people.

In similar development, the wayyanne regime has instigated conflict between Oromo in Wollaga Zone of Oromia and Benishangul people. These people have been living peaceful for centuries. This is wayyane’s sinister plan to start war among Ethiopian people, and to shift the united Ethiopian people struggle against wayyanne regime. Wayyanne’s instigated conflict among Ethiopian people should be condemned by all Ethiopian.

Friday’s killing of oromos at Asasa while they were praying is egregious crime by wayyanne regime. This blatant violation of human rights and dangerous move should be condemned by all Oromo and Ethiopian people. All of us should stand together against killing of innocent people for any reasons. It should be known that Wayyanne is not hesitate to instigate religious war among Ethiopian people. We should rise up before things get out of hands and defeat this evil regime.

Therefore, we call upon all international community to condemn this innocent killing at Asasa, oromia, and work together to prevent more killing planned by wayyanne regime.

Oromo Liberation Front
General Kamal Galchuu

16 thoughts on “Kamal Galchuu on the Asasa massacre in southern Ethiopia

  1. Teklu on

    A Call to all Christians:
    It is time to join our Brothers and sisters of Ethiopian Muslims in their struggle for freedom to worship freely. We need to join them we need to bring out our TABOTS from every churches and fight with them. We are all Ethiopians we are one. TPLF with the help of Most Tigrians are destroying our country, our churchs, our mosques, our believes and most of all our freedom. “BEQA”
    “There is no peace with out freedom, There is no freedom with out a fight”

  2. peace on

    The OLF should be able to make a distinction between Weyane/TPLF/Meles vs the Amara or Abyssinia they resent. The reason what tPLF is doing is because by instigaing this killing, the Oromos will rise up through OLF against not TPLF/Meles but against Amara and Tigryans. As I have always said, if there are true Oromos who want peace with the rest of Ethiopia be it Amraa etc, they need to make their own party and get Oromos join the rest to fight TPLF regime. The OLF who is in bed with TPLF/extremists pro ethnic and muslims so far has been part of the problem in not acting for years against tPLF. They have been tricked that they will get their “ORomia”, in the mean caused the plight of many Oromos by being by-standers. It is time Oromos speak for themsleves without anyone’s help especially OLF which are agents that really support outside and TPLF and not ORomos. What they say they are helping is by poisoning the minds of innocent Oromos against Ethiopia and today, here is the result.

    • Orma on

      Oromos as not native to Ethiopia cant afford to have resentment against Amaras,the founders of our great country. Sure Oromos have been strong defenders of Ethiopia since they arrived in Ethiopia few centuries ago. But the fact remains that if they dont like anything in Ethiopia they are free to go back to … was it Somalia or Kenya and join their Orma brothers.

      • Garii on

        You are simply attention seeking woyyane cadre. who`s tribal name have alien meaning?Anyhow, You don`t deserve response.

      • Ahadu on

        It is not other than 20 years woyanne fefari lekamis trial of misinformation, woyanne is a devil cult not history writer is not at all capable of saying a word in Ethiopian issue ,Un like your ancestors oromo is a pillar and high role player as your ancestors sides with the enemy it is a patriotic oromoes that enables your fathers grand fathers life not to be miserable by colonial power Italy like that of the gujille woyanne the collection of traitors grand children being supported by the same colonials for hundred years over Ethiopia and its peoples .

      • Hi,

        I enjoyed reading the posting that you wrote and I agree with your comment.

        Thank you for the post.


    • Che . on

      I don’t think that you have a clear understanding of the concept about which you are trying to offer your blind critique, the worst of all is the fact that your language is terribly awful and can not get your message across the board. So, go to your primary level language school or even go through the entire primary level of education and get your certificate , which i think you dont have one and go thr. the secondary so that you will be able to read ,write and understand the historical account of the subject instead of messing it all with your crude and non-sense common sense! if you know what I mean.

  3. torr on

    KAMAL GECHU IS TELLING US THIS MASSACRE was DIRECTED AT OROMOS only. The massacre was directed at moslems of all ethnic background. there were oromo moslems, guraghie moslems, somali moslems, amhara moslems.

    Kemal Gelchu is said to have shaken off his ethnicist stand. what we can see from his statement is trying to separate the oromo from other ethnic groups. these people were killed by woyane simply because they were moslems demanding for moslem rights. Kemal Gelchu is trying to hijack the issue and to separate the oromo moslems from moslems of other ethnic groups.

  4. Garii on


    You are the one who want to make separation by targeting the truth and rational statement by Kamal Galchu( I doubt he can write english).What he said is , Meles is practcing what he has ochestrated to kill the Oromos. If that is not the case, ptotest rally was in many places like Finfinnee, Harar, Silxee, Desse. Why only shooting in Asasa? Moslems are in every part of country why only Arsii and Balee was accused as ALqaida cells?
    Don`t be woyanne tools by missing the point. If Melles crash Oromos first he may not have problem to do to others. That is the reason he target Oromos first. It is time for every body to resist Woyanne at this moment before he crash one and pass to others. No religne is spared under woyanne. Meles has weakened christian religne by killing and detaining prests, dividing and replacing” developmental and revolutionary preachers”. Woyyane religne and idealogy is Revolutinary democracy which is practically Authocratic rule.

    • torr on

      what I am saying is when moslems are attacked by the woyane we have to see the attack as one which is directed on moslems. we should not try to present it as an attack on oromo only, like Gelchu has done. this is an attack on all moslems who were at the mosque at the time. Moslems are fighting for their rights. so it should be reported for what it is. It should not be twisted over to make ones own political point.

      Likewise, when the woyane attacks amharas or oromos for their ethnicity, then we should present it as an attact directed on particular ethnic droups.

      Gelchu should have put more emphasis on the divisive politics of the fascist woyane junta who are pitting people against one another on the basis of relegious, ethnic and political backgrounds.

  5. zimta beka on

    Ethiopians Listen!
    we are running out of to save our country. Still we talking about Amhara, Oromo, Christian, Muslims… we, one by one are perishing unless you stand all together as people and a nation. Ethiopia is ours of all! Hurry up, Hurry up to rise up against this tribal junta. enough enough enough!!!!!

  6. It is unfortunate to hear the death of Muslims or Christians, for that matter. But,we need to knowledge the fact that Kamal Galtu is not an OLF but a Wayane Trojan horse, as history will judge this bewildered fake general.The so-called “Ginbot ” should watch-out from this principle-less perplexed ox.

  7. Ittu Aba Farda on

    I am beginning to start becoming very uneasy about this situation. If this crisis gets out of hand(The potential for this is there), nobody should be proud of it. I am, for the first time, very nervous just thinking where this emotionally charged protest may be heading. I have watched the answer that monkey face midget from Dedebit gave during his diatribe to the parliament. He is giving those minority extremists what they need. The main reason I am extremely uneasy is the possibility that some hideous extremists may try to stir up violence by way of violence which is the only way they know. The unemployment among the youth is said to be more than 50% and the cost of living has been beyond the reach of all ordinary people. Everyone over there is in a pissed off mood. I hope and pray to the Almighty,The Compassionate and the Merciful to look down upon us one more time so we can live in peace and harmony as we have done for many centuries. I call upon all my brothers and sisters who profess both religions to join me in my prayer. We cannot afford to be another Nigeria or Ivory Coast. Insha’Allah!!!!!

    • Waka on

      What are you trying to show us woyanne flag (devils)and cadres lies lies lies and lies these are some product of woyanne 20 liers and belly boys and girls ,woyanne will be history soon and these are some acters who will be taken accountable for misinforming the community after fulling their belly with looted Ethiopian money taken from the starving Ethiopian kids.

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